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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:09/25/2005 10:10:33Copy HTML

Hey guys I just posted a reply to a topic about peoples choice of attire while walking to and from the beach. This post is extending that topic to nude beaches.Back last year I paid a visit to a resort that had a nude section of a beach which was totally visible from the hotel/appartment balconies above the beach and all the bars/shops along the promenade on the other side of the road to the beach.Have any of you guys been to this type of nude beach and if so what did you wear back and fourth your accomodation to the beach?I just wore a sarong which is semi-transparent but still gives the impression of you are concerned about covering up not to offend but I was just wondering what your opinions are on going to and from the beach naked, because people would see you naked on the beach so what would be the point in dressing up just to cross the road so to speak?Luv Sarah xxx
Spr String #1

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/26/2005 09:12:18Copy HTML

id say it depends on how far you had to walk.

crossing a road full of traffic i would think one should cover up a little, best not cause an accident.
if its just out the back entrance of the hotel and onto the beach, unless its a hi rise where you will be taking the lift down id rekon you could get away with going nude from your front door.

sounds like your sarong idea is fine, it could double as a towel.
ian-r #2

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:10/17/2005 12:54:26Copy HTML

Hi Sarah, that sounds interesting.  Which resort was it and I'll have to go!?

I've not been away yet this year unfortunately.  But earlier this summer one weekend I decided to try out a UK nudist beach, Morfa which is in Wales.   Not knowing the place I walked from the carpark fully dressed before finding the nude section.  Then I stripped to my tiny mesh horizon t-back for a while before going nude.  I don't know why it's called horizon, it's more of a tube...    

Next time I visit Morfa I'll strip down to a thong/g as soon as I hit the beach.  So love to walk the beach in a mesh thong.

On your hols did you wear one of your fantastic thongs om the beach or just bare it all?

616 #3

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:10/21/2005 04:42:55Copy HTML

 Guess this is relevent. 

 Last week I have been going to the local nude beach.On the Thursdy I got a bit braver, when returning to the car I had a shower just in my thong, the shower was like the ones u find at any beach , out in the open with a short shower for washing sand off your feet, I was located directly outside the surf club next to the observation tower,. It was scary  to strip off to my thong. The Surf lifesaving club  was a non-nude area 50m from the shoreline  with a cafe' but no-one cared. When i got to the car I was changing/walking around in my thong also and no-one commented which was an awesome thrill because 2 young women walked by and a car drove past. It was really confidence inspiring. I get butterflies just thinking about it, standing there with nothing to hide. I would love to be able to walk from the beach to the shower and then to my car in just a thong and a hat!

yogabutt #4

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:10/21/2005 08:43:00Copy HTML

I never wear more than a thong when going from the parking lot to Gunnison beach at Sandy Hook, NJ.  I figure it's legal so why not?  95% of the people there are going to the nude beach anyway. I've showered in my thong many many times in full view of non-thonged beachgoers with no apparent issues.  I'm sure they either don't notice, don't care, like it but are silent, or don't like it and are silent. 

It's funny to me that the showers "belonging" to our nude beach aren't meant for nude use, so you really can't get the sand out properly.  I don't know why everyone doesn't wear a thong or g-string at the shower as the minimum to avoid the sandy drive home...

thongbutt1 #5

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:10/22/2005 12:39:55Copy HTML

whenever i go to the beach, whether it's thong-friendly or nude, i will usually wear a thong or g-string swimsuit from the parking lot into the beach area. done it at haulover, southbeach, and ft. desoto.  i figure if it's that wild on the beach, then why not wear it in the parking lot?
DavyJ #6

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/19/2006 11:33:17Copy HTML

Hi Yogabutt, I also have had some encounters with the showers at Gunnison.  One time I didn't have any swimsuit with me, and a long drive ahead, so I just showered in my underwear, which attracted a lot of attention - more than I expected as this is a nude beach, afterall.

PS, I have heard that the rangers will ticket you if they catch you nude in the parking lot, so be careful.

lauren1 #7

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/22/2006 05:01:46Copy HTML

I love this idea, as its my fantasy to spend the whole day in a tiny string like a micro-minimus, even from leaving the house, driving down to the beach and then walking down across the dunes and along the shore to my usual place on the beach. I've walked most of my local beach topless and in a string and have crossed the quiet parts of the dunes with so little on. I'm determined that this summer I'll do the job properly and go there and back just in my micro g-string...just hope there are no traffic jams! 
yogabutt #8

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/22/2006 06:54:13Copy HTML

DavyJ, thanks - I have no intention of being nude in the parking lot.  It's more like Lauren1's comment - I'll leave my house in a thong, drive (1hr) to the beach, walk to the sand, and reverse at the end...  Nice feeling!


lauren1 #9

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/22/2006 09:11:19Copy HTML

Maybe its the old nude vs. thongs debate, but I think doing the home - drive - park - walk - beach trip nude just wouldnt do anything for me. I love the thrill of thonging and the faux innocence that you can get away with. Its like "So what, I am wearing a bikini !!"  even when its clearly just a few cm of thing fabric covering less than the bare essentials. I try to be as casual as possible even though inside I'm often trembling!

God, I cant wait for summer!

sol_y_mar #10

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/23/2006 12:56:02Copy HTML

I agree Lauren, the idea of just wearing a thong and seeing what response you get is a great thrill. Of course sunning in Miami beach most people dont even think twice when they see someone parading in a thong, or less
616 #11

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/23/2006 09:19:59Copy HTML

I guess either Im not daring/confident enough to walk to and from the car because the nude beach ends and there is a 100m of ordinary beach, then the parking lot is recessed 150m away from the beach past a surf club and cafe. I would love to though.
clds #12

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/23/2006 08:51:00Copy HTML

Well Lauren I couldn't agree more. It's not the wearing of the thong that makes one feel excited, it's what you do in it. Although I'm not into the tiniest of thongs like you are, I do love to wear them all summer long. Especially on hols I try to nothing more for the greater part of the day. Since we always go out camping, that means walking around the campsite in it, laying around at the pool, transferring to the beach... In the last case I'm getting out on the street, where the real fun begins. The further the campsite is situated from the beach, the hotter it gets. Following to that I like to take long strawls along the beach, doing a bit of sightseeing or boulevardshopping. Just trying how far can you go without really getting into probs. The worst I got into uptill now was a spanish policeofficer telling me to cover up on the local market, but since I had nothing to do so he just directed me back to the beach...
Tyr1957 #13

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/25/2006 11:40:35Copy HTML

Hi clds,

It seems, that we are sharing the same interest. I too like the combination of camping and thonging tremendously. The social limits for this kind of activities are a lot wider for women than men, but that won't stop me. Is your husband thonging too?

clds #14

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/27/2006 02:14:06Copy HTML

Well I aint got no husband, but my bf does... Not as frequently as I though, and he most certainly doesn't wear them on streets or campsites like I do (I'm sad to say). You share my interest you say, tell me more about your adventures please...
Tyr1957 #15

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:03/27/2006 04:09:19Copy HTML

A couple of years ago I was camping with my tent at a camping site by the North Sea. It was 30 centigrades for 4 days, and I was strolling the campsite and the beach almost exclusively with thong. A couple of times I was even shopping (un)dressed like that. Some people (probably many) were checking me out, and I noticed that at least some of the women were approving with my "show". I really would like to have eyes in my neck, when I'm doing this on my own. Returning to my tent from the beach on the fourth day, I passed - again - a neighbour camper. When I was right in front of his caravan, his three big dogs started barking like hell. They were all tied up and were therefore no real threat to me.  Right beside the dogs their owner was sitting with a big smile on his face. I had no doubt, that it was his way of showing me his disapproval and probably scare me. Experiences like that makes me "give it a second thought", before I out my thonging at a campsite again.

I have been a beach thonger for the last 15 years. For the last 3 years I have been thonging in the local indoor swimming bath. I have only once - a couple of months ago - seen another thonger (male) in the swimming bath. The female reaction extend from curiousity, approval, none caring, disapproval and finding me ridiculous. The general male reaction seems to be none caring or disapproval. In particular many young men are disapproving, probably because they take me for being gay, which I'm not.

This summer I'm planning to go to Spain, of course camping - I tend to be more brave abroad. I hope to have a female companion with me.

clds #16

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:04/04/2006 08:20:29Copy HTML

Well I'm glad you're not getting to put off by those reactions. After fifteen years I'd say keep on thonging!!
Endo_Rowe #17

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:04/06/2006 01:34:15Copy HTML

Not only does our nude beach require a 20 minute walk through a public trail, but there is the occasionl religious group protesting at the gates. Since the beach has been a debated topic for many years, dressing immodestly for that walk would just be adding fuel to the fire.
jerbare #18

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:04/06/2006 05:46:12Copy HTML

Well it sounds as if your beach Is mazio and you are talking about the infamos Ralf Ordahl. I have always wanted to come over to wis and check out the beach but it is a 12 hour drive.
Endo_Rowe #19

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:04/06/2006 04:17:18Copy HTML

Wow. You certainly hit that one right on the head.
sheer1delight #20

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:04/20/2006 09:58:17Copy HTML


I hope you fulfill your  wish to sport your smallest gear at the earliest opportunity. Today the sun is shining and as I look out the window at the blue sky of a beautiful sprng day I hope you are brave enough and consider undertaking your drive and walk as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing of your exploits in the car and at the seaside. I always like to read of UK based Wicked Weasel wearers -all the more so if they wear them in the UK!!!!! Be careful and don't cause any motoring accidents. Good luck.

NudeNArizona #21

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/01/2018 01:36:09Copy HTML

When I first went to a nude beach I would wear my normal street clothes to include a G-string underneath. Then after time I wore less and locked my clothes in the car with my valuables. Then when I took my gf now wife for the first time she wore a sheer mesh tank top that barely passed her waist with nothing underneath. I ask her why she wore it and she said “I want to be nude and without any other options I have no chance to chicken out” this was her first time going nude in public. Even though I had been going nude for years what she said made sense. Afterward I changed to wearing a sarong around my waist or even a baggie. She on the other hand has wore a single string and topless or a fishnet sarong and on some beaches that require a longer walk through a more secluded area we have walked nude once away from the parking area. She enjoys the looks on people’s faces as we pass on the trail since the trail leads to the nude beach everyone walking it is going to be nude or are going to look at nude people
JayByrd #22

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/01/2018 06:30:31Copy HTML

I've worn a thong or g-string from the parking lot to beach at both Haulover in FL and Hippy Hallow in Austin TX. No big deal in either place.
mbannon #23

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/01/2018 08:55:17Copy HTML

I haven't been to Gunnison Beach in New Jersey for over a decade. When I did go however, my last few trips from the main parking lot to the beach were in a Speedo thong, which I still own. Since wearing a thong seemed to be legal anywhere on Sandy Hook, and Gunnison the most popular destination, I had few concerns. Also, the only possible non-friendly thong place would be actually crossing the two lane road between the lot and the beachhouse/boardwalk which leads to the beach. I figured no one driving past would be concerned long enough to make a complaint. Apparently none did. Besides, once at the beach the thong comes off anyway, leaving the authorities to search for me exactly how? I had one or two surprised or curious glances between the lot and boardwalk, but no comments or trouble.
32189 #24

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/02/2018 02:51:44Copy HTML

I walk in my thong from parking lot to nude beach area. Then I strip off my thong as soon as I arrive at nude beach. When going back to my car i stay nude for as long as I can. After I cannot be nude anymore then I slip my thong back on and walk the rest of the way only wearing that. Plenty of people have seen me wearing my thong and there has not been any comments. Just exchange of smiles and pleasantries as we walk by each other.
yogabutt #25

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/03/2018 12:28:01Copy HTML

Once last year the Gunnison beach parking lot was closed at sandy Hook nj, so I wore only a thong all the way from the north beach lot to the beach. It was fun. No worries. No comments.
minimalist75 #26

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/10/2018 07:43:39Copy HTML

I usually wear just gym shorts, sometimes just a swimbrief, never both. The parking lot is across the main park road from the beach and ths clothing option area doesn't start until you are past some fairly low dunes.

What surprises me is that the majority of men wear shirs in addition to shorts for the walk from the parking lot to the beach.Why wear more than necessary if you are going to take it all off?

On the ohther extreme I have occasionally seen men make the walk in just a thong, or wrap a towel around their waist and have no clothing as such for the walk.

gw32 #27

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/11/2018 04:55:09Copy HTML

Nude as long as I can at the beach I go to. Often just a thong from the car, sometimes just shorts. On the way back nude until the last possible moment of propriety, then either thong, wrap a towel over nude, or shorts. Depends on the company and the day.
sailor250 #28

Re:Walking to and from the nude beach

Date Posted:09/13/2018 08:37:17Copy HTML

I've been going to a beach where after the parking lot you walk through a clothed area that's families in the afternoon, vacant in the morning then more liberal clothing optional several minutes walk away and then Clo-Op and nude for 1/2 hr walk. I rarely see anyone walking out to the Clo-Op section in small suits- what's the reason to walk around with all your clothes on ? I'm usually in a thong or G string from the parking lot until it's Clo-Op then I'm coming out of my suit- sometimes one part at a time until I stop and strip off. I've seen some others practicing this last part, usually girls doff their tops, pull down their tops and guys cocks hang out of leg holes of their suits. Had an opposite issue occur last week. I'm out in the nude section and put on a exposure suit and went for a swim. I get back to my towel and first one then two nude guys come by and try to chat me up. One middle aged guy in two cockrings just wouldn't leave. He must have gotten frustrated and went back to his beach chair, dressed in shorts and shirt and started walking back toward the parking lot. I wanted a change of scenery so I started back that way a while later. So I come to a girl alone sitting back from the water on a towel with an OPT peeled down now no one is around for maybe 150 yard. BUT about 10 yards from her head was - you guessed it -- lurker fully dressed sitting in his chair oogling this topless girl! She had given him some dirty looks as I came near. I walked past about 30 yards put down my stuff and went for a swim. At this point he gets up and leaves. I get out of the water and she's now nude running down to the water. I don't know if she put on her suit when he came around or he was inhibiting her. I didn't want to bother to ask her- she might not have liked that either. She laid on her towel on her stomach taking "nudies" over her shoulder and "selfies" with her face in view and I think texting her friends. --So anyway this was a case of someone walking OUT with too many clothes on!
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