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Date Posted:06/15/2013 09:35:01Copy HTML

This morning I left the house with intentions of wearing a g-string at either Caspersen or Manasota beach. However I didn't check the radar when I left and when I got to the beaches it was raining. However it looked nicer just a little bit to the south so I set the GPS to find Warm Mineral Springs in North Port, FL. The roughly 1.5 acre natural spring is advertised to contain 51 essential minerals and have a constant 87* temperature all year (today it felt a few degrees cooler but no biggy).

The spring is co-owned by Sarasota County (where thongs are legal) and the city of North Port (don't know of any city nudity ordinances). However since this was spur of the moment decision I wasn't aware of any facility rules and all I had to wear was either a g-string or my basketball shorts that I was wearing for cover. So I figured I'd play it by ear, see if there were any rules posted and check out the clientèle to see if they were intolerant rednecks.

Upon arrival they had the rules posted, nothing regarding appropriate swimwear (no coolers, kids under 10 must remain in kids section, etc.). So far so good, now time to check out the patrons. Once I entered the main area I was absolutely floored ... roughly 85% of the people there were from Russia, Ukraine or some other Eastern bloc nation!! Unbelievable. So off went the shorts and I enjoyed the spring in my g-string. Granted, I didn't go parading around the whole facility like that, but I did go in & out of the water a couple of times to & from my chair. The first time I went in I heard one of the few that did speak English remark "look he's not wearing any clothes!" But then someone else in a Russian accent said "it's OK". Nonetheless, the lifeguard didn't say anything and the aqua-massage therapist didn't say anything either.

As for the other patrons there was no minimal swimwear to be seen or any topless women. In fact, overall the swimwear was ultra conservative which was surprising considering the number of foreigners. In fact, some men & women wore a man's dress shirt in the water over their bathing suits! That said, I did notice a handful of speedos on guys and I did see a mother strip her daughter each time she got in & out of the water to change clothes. With the high number of Russians I wasn't really worried about wearing a g-string since they tend to be very tolerant people in that regard; however my next visit I'm probably going to be better off wearing a conservative thong instead.

I just sent an email to the facility to inquire about the status of thong swimwear even though it's after the fact. I'll post the result when I get the reply. After doing quick research apparently today was no fluke regarding the number of Russian patrons. Most of the reviews I saw made mention that 90% of the patrons were Russian. Many have immigrated to the North Port area for the sole purpose of being around this mineral spring since they believe in its therapeutic effects (I think it's BS, but it's a fun experience otherwise). There are also many Russian tourists that visit this area also specifically for the mineral spring.

Now the bad news. First there are not too many pretty women there (I saw maybe 3 or 4 that would qualify). The patrons were also very old on average. Also there is a contract squabble going on between Sarasota County and the city of North Port and as a result the facility will close (either temporarily or permanently) on June 30th. Nobody seems to know what will happen to the future of this place later this month.
lindros #1

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:06/16/2013 08:23:25Copy HTML

Well I went back to Warm Mineral Springs again today; however this time instead of wearing a g-string I wore a standard Skinz swim thong. I had zero issues. I was also more visible today spending more time out of the water and even got to sun my buns a few times no complaints. I would say that today 90-95% of the patrons were Russian or other foreigners who are usually tolerant. This place is going to be closing (at least temporarily) on June 30th, so I'll be spending more time here than the area beaches the next couple weeks.

The one drawback was I received an email back from them which said "We do not allow thong bathing suits, we are a family establishment". Well, that's sort of comical, there were very few kids there and the young ones are quarantined to a small section on the corner of the lake. I kind of expected that response, figuring the email would come from someone who wasn't familiar with county/state laws, I only emailed them out of curiosity just to see their response. After double checking there's nothing written on any of their literature, web site, or posted rules on a sign which prohibits thongs, so I'll continue wearing them until they make a protest in person. I doubt any of the patrons would complain.
SteveandCandy #2

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:06/17/2013 12:26:56Copy HTML

An interesting place to go and thong:) We prefer the Gulf beaches but to each his own. I would like to add some information about the springs. Sarasota county has been trying to work out an agreement with the City of North Port to keep the current lease holder month to month until they sort out their differences. Which may not be until NP has new city elections:( SRQ county offered to buy out NP half of the springs, but only if NP de-annexed the springs so that they would be fully under county authority. Florida has thousands upon thousands of springs, small and large and Warm Mineral Springs is the ONLY warm/hot spring in the entire state! It only makes sense for it to be owned municipally, there is another unique spring in North Port, Little Salt Spring, owned by the University of Miami, it is where the oldest wooden human artifact ever found in North America was located, I believe it was carbon dated to over 20,000 years old and it is wood:) Little Salt Spring is not open to the public, for obvious reasons.
Happy Thonging
Steve and Candy
lindros #3

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:06/17/2013 01:30:20Copy HTML

Thanks for the info. I prefer the Gulf beaches too, but it looks like June 30th this place will be closed so I figure will try to thong here the next couple weeks because the beaches will always be around plus I like being around the Russian culture. The current operator, Cypress Landing, refuses to manage the facility any more once their contract expires June 30. Meanwhile the city of North Port wants to turn the place into park lands and Sarasota county wants to develop around the property (hotels, etc..) to bring in more tourism dollars. Sarasota offered to buy out North Port's half ownership but offered less than market value. So it's like 3 big babies fighting for toys.
lindros #4

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:06/20/2013 12:01:51Copy HTML

Went to the spring again today wearing a conservative thong, no issues. A Russian lady sitting nearby wore a sexy string bikini and rolled it up into a thong. Will be there tomorrow and give the g-string a try. Unfortunately today the day got cut short by thunderstorms that formed inland. However it was sunny at the beach so I drove over to Manasota beach and spent a few hours there (see today's report in the beaches forum).
lindros #5

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:06/21/2013 01:28:55Copy HTML

Had a great day today at the Spring. Instead of the conservative thong I broke out the more risqué g-string and had no issues. Got a lot of looks though getting out of the lake, lol, but nobody cared. Around 1pm a thunderstorm popped up so I had a light lunch in the café and then by 2pm was able to get back in the water. There there weren't as many people left ... so ... once I got in the water I slipped off the g-string, tied it to the post of the entry ramp and did a little skinny dipping! Then after the place closed I headed over to Manasota Beach for a couple more hours of sun & relaxation. Overall a great day!
tanwood #6

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/17/2014 06:29:37Copy HTML

 Warm Mineral Springs is open again while the haggling continues. I spent one day there toward the end of July, wearing a very brief g-string.
As Lindros stated, 90 to 95% were from Russia or the Ukraine. I did hear a few comments as I walked down the ramp to the springs and again
when as I was getting out. Nothing negative and no comment from the life guard.
lindros #7

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/19/2014 01:29:51Copy HTML

Tanwood:  thanks for the report from the Springs. I've only been there once since the re-opening and was tentative to wear a minimal suit with the new management & lifeguards, but after seeing your report I may head back later this week.

Out of curiosity did you spend all the time in the water or did you also lay out to get a tan? If you did lay out where did you set up, in front of the springs or on the other side? Did the lifeguard see you in the g-string?
tanwood #8

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/19/2014 05:16:08Copy HTML

 lindros: I did spend all my time in the water, roughly 2 1/2 hours, and did not lay out to sunbathe. I was going to do that on my next visit, but
did not make it back. The night before I stayed at a local motel and met a family originally from the Ukraine. The man and his son and daughter
were going back and forth from hot tub to the pool. I was in a g-string with towel wrapped around me, and after a while, dropped the towel, and
got into the pool. Eventually, the man came back to the pool soon followed by the kids. We had a pleasant conversation and I mentioned that I was hesitant to get into the pool because of my skimpy bathing attire. He smiled and said that was not an issue in the Ukraine. Nevertheless, I could
still detect a little amusement at my g-string. I stayed at the motel for a week, and several times (early morning & late afternoon) went for a brief
swim and nothing was ever said to me. I would like to hear about your next visit.

P. S.----Yes, life guard did see me in g-string. I went to the far side of the spring on the grassy bank. I did have one lady, an American, go out of
her way to engage in a conversation. When I brought up the reaction to my bathing suit, she said it shouldn't be a concern, she has seen all kinds
there. She has a season pass.
lindros #9

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/20/2014 01:36:22Copy HTML

Tanwood:  Thanks for all the great info. I'll be there for sure either Thursday or Friday. BTW, was the motel that you stayed at the Warm Mineral Springs motel on Tamiami, it's the small mom & pop motel about 1/2 mile from the springs, or did you stay somewhere else?
tanwood #10

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/20/2014 03:12:34Copy HTML

 Lindros: That's the one. Let me know how it goes for you. I may be back to the area in October. Tanwood
lindros #11

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/23/2014 10:39:30Copy HTML

Tanwood:  Went to Warm Mineral Springs today. Stayed about 4 hours overall. Minimal swimwear not an issue, didn't hear any laughs or odd comments when getting out of the lake. I set up on the opposite side of the lake at the top of the slope. Tanned both sides for about 20 minutes each and then left. Though I love hanging around the Russian culture, there's absolutely no eye candy. It also gets boring quick going in circles around the lake, and laying out on the grass today I had spiders and other bugs crawling over me even though I was on the blankets. So it'll probably be my last visit there.
tanwood #12

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/24/2014 03:16:30Copy HTML

 Lindros: I agree....absolutely no eye candy. I enjoyed talking to the man from the Ukraine at the motel one evening, but they seemed to be a little stand
offish at the Mineral Springs. He said they had been in Buffalo, NY for about 14 years, so two of his kids were probably born in NY, and I think
there was an older son that was in the 18 -20 year old range. When I am in the area I spend most of my time at Caspersen. I introduced myself to you
one time when you set up near the steps. I went straight to the middle of the Mineral Springs and did not do the circle. I may or may not go again.
If you stay at the motel, they will give you a wrist band and you can get in the Springs for $12.
lindros #13

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/24/2014 05:30:43Copy HTML

If you go in the middle it's simple to take off the g-string, wrap it around the wrist and skinny dip. The water is darker there so nobody can tell what you're wearing. If I go again I'll bring a lounge chair to lay out & keep the creepy crawlers away.

Questions about the motel, do you know if they enforce the 9pm closing time for the swimming pool? Do they put a lock on the gate? Did the manager come out to the pool for routine checks? Were most of the guests here foreigners or Americans? I wonder what the skinny dip potential is here.
tanwood #14

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/24/2014 07:35:33Copy HTML

 If someone is in the pool after 9PM, I don't think they will chase you out, but they do put a lock on the gate
as soon as everyone is gone. I think a caretaker might stay in the room on the end (opposite the office). Most of
the guests were foreigners, but the ratio may change in the January thru March time period, not sure. In my limited
time there, I did not see anyone checking, although they do come out and turn on some lights around the courtyard.

I did skinnydip some while in the middle of the Springs. Didn't try, but I think I could get away with it at
the motel.

On another matter, have you found a good alternative to the loss of Ocean Palm Motel at Haulover?
mrmartini1999 #15

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/25/2014 08:46:12Copy HTML

 I stayed at that hotel this past Dec and the owner promptly closed the pool on time even though it was being used. 
tanwood #16

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/26/2014 02:01:02Copy HTML

 mrmartini1999: During your stay at Warm Mineral Springs Motel, did you wear a thong in the pool? If so, what was the reaction of other
guests (if any)? Did you also go to the Mineral Springs? Thanks....Tanwood
mrmartini1999 #17

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/27/2014 01:12:08Copy HTML

 No, I wore narrow front pouch and narrow side bikini. No issue with that but I wasn't getting a good vibe I'd be able to wear a thong. Back in Dec the Spring was still closed. It didn't reopen until late May or early June. I've not been down recently to try it out. I had sent a note to the county asking if thongs were permissible and they said yes. Was planning to go on my next trip. 
941forfun #18

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/29/2018 01:57:12Copy HTML

Does anyone still go thonging at warm mineral springs. Me and my girl would like to meet someone else to thong with there
lindros #19

Re:Warm Mineral Springs, North Port FL

Date Posted:08/30/2018 02:59:56Copy HTML

Haven’t been to the springs since they closed then reopened. Had no issue wearing a string there. However I was the only one in minimal swimwear. You’d think the largely euro/Russian community would wear more skimpy suits but it was just the opposite sometimes even wearing full shirts!

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