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Date Posted:06/02/2007 07:07:06Copy HTML

In a week or two I am going off on holiday. I have bought a bright pink thong to wear on the beach, as the colour is a greatest contrast against tanned skin.

Will everyone just assume i am gay, which i am not, and even then should I let that put me off wearing it?

I have other thongs I'm taking with me, so its not really a problem, it's just this pink one is just my current favourite.
Beachlover492000 #1

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:09/28/2003 10:57:33Copy HTML

Wearing pink? Many thongers avoid that color. You really made it a challenge!

angelboia #2

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:09/29/2003 04:45:07Copy HTML

I think hot pink looks good on me, it ccmplements my skin tone. Muted colors don't look so good on me. I have an olive skin tone.

Beachlover492000 #3

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:09/30/2003 10:38:35Copy HTML

I agree with you that light colors look great against dark or tanned skin. I prefer yellow or white, but I?e had some experience with pink also.


I?e worn a pink g-string too, but my suit upped the ante by several degrees over anything I have worn. In 1999 Koala came out with suit called the Mangina. It broke many of the rules for men? g-strings because it minimized and trivialized the size of your manhood and divided your testicles into two pouches so that they resembled the lips of a vagina.


The first Manginas were black, but the next year Koala marketed a pink satin version, which was a total gender bender or crusher, depending upon your point of view. The color was only the first challenge to wearing this suit. The second was that you new found cleavage was glaringly apparent to even the most casual of glances. The suit was great dare and wonderful conversation piece, especially for me as straight but slightly crazy man. Some of my female and male friends really admired it, but none of the guys had the balls to get one, which made me feel very unique and special.


Koala has stopped making this suit and don? have any more in stock. Several people have contacted them about it after reading my prior posts and have not been able buy them. The suit was multilevel dare that most men would never accept, but then again it can be fun to be radically different. 

tan_lines #4

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/02/2007 07:18:39Copy HTML

I think pink is great. I'm straight and married and when my wife and I went on holidays overseas I sported a very narrow sided, wonderfully cut pink bikini that nobody ever questioned. I loved this suit but for some reason the pool chemicals destroyed it faster than any other suit. Maybe I swam in a pool that was over treated?

When I purchased the suit, I too wondered if it would give the wrong impression but I soon "got over it" and just loved the way the color and fit flattered my tan body. I say "go for it." 

abczyxabczyx #5

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/03/2007 09:28:06Copy HTML

I do not see a problem with wearing a pink thong. 
bmicro #6

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/04/2007 07:51:42Copy HTML

Wear what you feel good in. Others will accept you (or not) based on their openness or prejudice and I doubt that color is a big issue.
Thonglicious #7

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/06/2007 02:31:47Copy HTML

NIc, I just picked up a pink bikini for that very reason.  I'm a Black male and I found that pink and lemon yield the most contrast on me.  Wear it with confidence my friend!


wackymac #8

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/08/2007 12:17:42Copy HTML

Last summer, when my wife and I went to Bremen, Germany,  I wore a bright pink 1 1/2" side bikini to about 4 or 5 swimming pools that we visited while we were there.  Got a couple of looks but no big deal.
ThongLoverOBX #9

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/10/2007 10:43:14Copy HTML

Hey nicinathong... I don't know how it is in the UK, but here in America there seems to be an unfair stereotype of men who wear thongs as being "gay". So it's not really a question of color but just the fact that a man would wear one. But pink is a color that has been typically associated with females, so I think that wearing a pink thong wouldn't help what others think about you. But I would ask myself how much do I really care about what others think? I personally believe that if you like the pink thong then you should wear it and say to hell with what onlookers may think or say. People have been socially conditioned to think particular things and they are probably going to think them regardless of reason or facts. So have fun at the beach and don't worry about what others may think of you.
rickl454 #10

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/13/2007 07:20:24Copy HTML


Thanks for an excellent post. I have a Dore g-string in fuchsia on order and was having second thoughts but you are right. The hell with anybody else if they don't like it. I only hope my tan likes it.

Ex_Member #11

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/14/2007 02:00:08Copy HTML

If you like the color and it looks good on you...go for it!

I'm not much on pink, but I have a few "baby" blue thongs both for swim and underwear and I really like the color even though some might consider it less than macho on the color scale.
nicinathong #12

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/16/2007 02:14:08Copy HTML

yeah i think i will wear it. its just the real vibrant colour that i like i guess. its a real nice contrast. ive worn it around the house a few times with the good weather we are having here and it does look good.

i will try it, and whatever people think of me wearing it, i shall just have to accept i guess as i know who i am and im comfortable enough to want to wear it
jn9195 #13

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/16/2007 10:24:27Copy HTML

Never. I won't even wear a pink shirt.
Popeye1 #14

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:06/16/2007 08:44:36Copy HTML

 I guess I don't understand why you would care if somebody thinks your gay because of your thong color. It shouldn't be news that probably 99% of the people who see a man in a thong are going to think you're gay. If you're going to wear a thong in public you can't worry about what the small minds think. By the way, pink looks good on a tanned body, male or female. Have fun. Peace Popeye

Beachlover492000 #15

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:08/29/2007 10:20:29Copy HTML

Koala introduced a pink suit this summer called the Prostitute. It's a tighter fitting (which is saying alot), double strap variation of the Secret Wish suit they introduced about a year and a half ago.

The suit really intrigued me when I read about it in their ads, but the thought of wearing pink made me pause. It's not that I have worn pink before. Back in the early 2000s I wore a suit called the Pink Satin Mangina and had lots of fun with it. It was a great conversation starter. Still I guess being away from something for a while had changed my attitude.

I bought the suit and after one false start I got up the courage to wear it to the beach. I've heard a could of comments from beach friends like "pretty in pink" and raised eyebrow or two, but overall it's been fun. I guess if you have the courage to wear a micro g-sting in public, wearing a pink one does not make that much of a difference. And yes, pink does look better beside a good tan than black.

beachfolks #16

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:08/30/2007 07:17:53Copy HTML

Is it a Flourescent pink so you can be easily found on the beach or picked out of a crowd???
or is it too small to be visible?

There are lots of pink fish lures. --Just so you don't lure a shark.

We'll be at DeSoto looking for your pink thong in October.
abczyxabczyx #17

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:08/30/2007 09:28:53Copy HTML

Wear the pink thong with confidence and no one will care.
jdstring67 #18

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:08/31/2007 08:05:06Copy HTML

I can't see what the big deal is to be honest. Pink in general is a really popular colour when it comes to men's clothing today, be it pink t-shirts, pink ties or pink shirts. Considering a lot of men wear vibrant yellow, orange and red swimsuits, I can't see the big deal with pink.

Mind you some narrow minded people will always find something to poke fun at. I remember being out shopping with one of my friends a few years ago and some loutish layabout started mouthing off about what a "poof" I was for wearing a pink T-shirt. Needless to say I turned around and saw he was wearing his grandfather's sunday best - his attire looked more suitable for a man at least 20 years older and was a nasty shade of brown. I remarked that at least my T-shirt reflected my age and that it wouldn't get mistaken for a pile of dog faeces. It got the point across anyway!

stanpuppy #19

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:09/01/2007 05:06:43Copy HTML

I dont see the big deal at all.  I have two of them, I usually wear them when my wife is wearing one of her 2 pink wicked weasels.  One is a dubio, the other is koala.  they are different shades so they match either her baby pink WW or her hot pink WW.  Pink is my wifes favorite color, so i have no problem wearing it to please her
JM_Runs #20

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:09/06/2007 11:45:03Copy HTML

I thing an unlined pink thong would be asome.

String King

rickl454 #21

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:09/08/2007 10:02:13Copy HTML

Well I finally got up the nerve to wear my Dore fuschia VLC g-string at the beach. It was so late in the season and the spot was very isolated that I didn't think anything of it. Later I got an e-mail from a beach acquaintance who saw me. He commented on the color - he said it was 'pink' and looked good against my tan. Whatever, but I will be wearing it again and the hell what anybody thinks.
lovemythong #22

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/28/2008 01:53:56Copy HTML

I have several pink thongs and g-strings, all in either patterns or various shades of pink.  I never think twice about wearing them , the most important thing is how good you feel wearing them, if someone has a problem with that, then its their problem not yours......you go for it !
rickl454 #23

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/29/2008 10:49:44Copy HTML

On a recent trip to St Martin I saw several men in pink thongs (three if I remember correctly).  Two were with women, one of whom had a matching thong herself.  Another was a chiseled bodybuilder with a deep tan and the last was a black guy.  There was absolutely no problem with any of these guys, in each case the pink looked good against a deep tan and especially good with a trained and athletic physique.  Bottom line: go to the gym, get the tan and enjoy the freedom to wear whatever you like.
tarponthonger #24

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/29/2008 11:05:39Copy HTML

I have some lime green thongs, that look good when you have a dark tan
rickl454 #25

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/29/2008 11:26:38Copy HTML

tarpon - lime green is going to be one of this year's colors for me.  I have a Dore VLC g-string in lime green and a matching Dore bikini (almost a thong).  I'll wear the bikini for the walk down to the thonging area of the beach, probably about half way down will strip it off to walk the rest of the way in the g-string.  Tanned from head to toe with the only tanlines being from my ankle chain. 
Beachlover492000 #26

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/29/2008 05:01:54Copy HTML

Last, Monday, Memorial Day, I dug out a classic Koala suit called the Pink Satin Mangina and wore it to the beach for the first time in years. The suit is almost "postage stamp" small, and it is designed to reshape the male package into a camel toe look. The suit is really radical, and it is quite daring even by Koala standards. Koala stopped offering the Pink Satin Mangina the year after they introduced it. I added pink anklets, toe rings and sparkle sun tan lotion, and my entire body was shaved smooth to complete the look. The beach was really crowded, and I'm sure most people who don't know me figured that I was gay. But I had so much fun and so proud I had the guts to do it, I didn't care. I'm looking forward to doing it again on Saturday. And oh yes, pink looks great against a deep, dark tan.
JM_Runs #27

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/29/2008 06:19:19Copy HTML

The original question was, if wearing a pink thong, "will everyone just assume I am gay?"
Many people see a man in a thong and assume they are gay,
a few people may do not jump to this conclusion and look for other clues.
Ah! the thong is 'pink', that clinches it.

So yes, most people, seeing a single guy in a pink thong will assume you are gay. But then who cares?
Well apparently you do because you asked the question.

So while I agree that a pink thong can look good on a well tanned guy, so can quite a few other colors. Colors which will not instantly be associated with being gay.

If you are looking to project the image that you are a straight man in a thong, then I suggest you don't wear pink and if possible try to have a women accompanying you.

Beachlover492000 #28

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/30/2008 12:34:45Copy HTML

If you are looking for colors that really set off a good tan, I'd go with yellow or white. As has been said before, pink works too, but the other two colors are more masculine. The main thing to be concerned about with light colors is that they can become transparent when wet. For that reason it's a good idea to look for thicker fabrics, but not too thick, since light weight suits are the best.
Ex_Member #29

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/30/2008 01:00:46Copy HTML

I'd vote for orange as the best color to set off a good tan, and unlike yellow or white, there's no see-thru issue to deal with.  I'd never wear pink, I've never owned a pink suit, never worn a pink shirt, either.  That said, my wife commented the other day while we were in Bermuda, and I'd raised the issue of pink shirts jokingly, that they would be fine there, though best not at home in New England.  I know she's always uptight about my being perceived as gay in any way, so I suppose that's progress, as is her acceptance of my thonging/stringing.  Still doubt I'll buy a pink shirt, though!  
abczyxabczyx #30

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/30/2008 04:50:29Copy HTML

Wearing a pink thong will not make people perceive you as being gay.  Your lack of confidence will.  Therefore, wear the pink thong with confidence and you will inspire others to do the same.

I have worn pink thongs without a problem.
itanng #31

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/30/2008 05:37:58Copy HTML

Somewhere (probably here) it was once said about what other people think:

1 man in a thong -- gay
2 men in thongs -- gay couple
man and woman in thongs -- heaven

Personally, when people want to talk, if the topic comes up, I let them know I'm straight.  I talk to alot of couples and alot of moms with their kids.

As for color, I think solid black and solid white are underwear colors, and a thong is just too close to underwear to readily be perceived differently, so I avoid those colors.

My favorite is royal blue.  Bold colors like dark blue, green, jade, sunburst (orange and yellows) are all colors that I'd wear.  Light colors tend to get transparent and I avoid them.

My $0.02.
wackymac #32

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/31/2008 02:07:17Copy HTML

Didn't wear a thong but went to deep water aerobics class last night wearing a pink 2" high side bikini (womens).  It matched my pink toenails. Had a  couple of comments about it. One guy kept saying that it was my wife's suit.  The teacher thought it was neat.    There were about 50 people in the pool.  Going to wear it again on Tuesday.
underguy1 #33

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/22/2009 07:51:19Copy HTML

Go for it I say. I love pink and have several hot pink thongs, rios and boy short type swimwear and underwear. On a good tan it's a real head turner.
stanpuppy #34

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/22/2009 10:36:12Copy HTML

I just bought the most rockin pink thong ever.  Muscleskins has a custom fabric called UA pink (it is the material they use to make under armour athletic equipment).  I had a custom MPX Thong made. Size large +1/2, standard pouch.  The thing fits like a glove.  You can see the outline of my unit completely when it is dry but it is transparent when wet so obviously, it is not for a public beach....but I may use it at a gunnison beach where nudity is legal... ...opening day is just around the corner!
DoreFan #35

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/23/2009 08:56:43Copy HTML

One of my favorite old thongs is pink. I don't remember who made it, but it's a very narrow front that holds your equipment at the 12:00 position. Inside, there's a sheath that holds your equipment up front and centered. The only problem with it is it's harder to go use the men's room with it on since you have to fish your equipment out of the sheath and then back in when you're done.I had an old g/f that really liked the pink on me. 
nicksthong #36

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/24/2009 01:06:41Copy HTML

Pink thongs are the best, some 20% of my thong underwear are pink- great thong color.
For fans of pink thongs:
try purple too!
Ex_Member #37

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/24/2009 10:17:05Copy HTML

I like the purple too, nicksthong!
I have a magenta/pink type colour thong that is really vibrant, and looks good against a tan. I tend to go for a lot of royal/mid blue swimwear thongs. Most strong colours will highlight against tanned skin, and look good.
John Howard #38

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/24/2009 10:36:16Copy HTML

Never had a pink thong, I have a pink rio that to be honest, have not worn for quite some time.
I think pink is a colour that catches lots of attention, and wearing a thong itself already attracts enough attention.  Must be the mother of all the tests for any thonger's courage.
However I think that pink looks very good next to a dark tan. 
I do own a few purple thongs though.
I think purple must be one of the best colours for a thong in a male, they look fantastic.

John Howard
rickl454 #39

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/24/2009 02:17:58Copy HTML

I've worn a fuschia Dore VLC g-string on the beach.  I was a little hesitant at first but it does look good with a Caribbean tan.  Especially later in the summer on New England beaches.  And who cares what others may think.  If you spend your life caring what others may think you will never enjoy anything life has to offer.
adware1977 #40

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/24/2009 03:07:50Copy HTML

Green and Black thong, really brings out the darkness in a tan. And I like to see women in lime green.
skimpythong #41

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/28/2009 05:09:15Copy HTML

I have a couple hot pink thongs and they are among my favorites.  I like flashy stuff that grabs attention, and if you're wearing a thong, might as well make it as flashy as possible. 
tnline #42

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/31/2009 08:51:41Copy HTML

I think that pink has become a very popular color for mens thongs with most of the manufacturers offering simple thongs through the most daring styles in pink.  Be confident in what you wer regardless of the color.
barklee #43

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/01/2009 11:18:53Copy HTML

I just ordered a skinz "spartan suit" which is a "y back" g string with a very narrow front. The front is white and the "y back" is hot pink. I thought the same thing you did (i am straight) but thought further and just the fact that I am wearing a g string was probably enough to have people think I'm gay.

That's their "deal" and really the color of your suit is not going to change someone mind. Wear it with confindence, and have fun. We only live once and it really dosen't matter what closed minded people think.

Besides a gay person is no less a person than a straight person. "Dressing gay" is a sterotype... Give us some feed back when you get a chance.
JM_Runs #44

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/02/2009 03:48:43Copy HTML

 Well maybe I am just a little over the hill, and maybe I am deluding my self, but when I am out in a thong I hope people just think "There is a man in a thong" and not "That man must be gay."  Over the years I have been working towards trying to change that stereotype.

In my town colors are extensively used as advertising signals.  A rainbow flag over a store means it is gay owned or gay friendly, and other colored symbols, like a pink triangle, violet Lambda ro blue and black striped flag carry other open messages that even the school kids know. Around here there is no need for a secret bandanna or hanky code, stores and people use gay or other colors in public advertisements that are not intended in any way to be covert or secret.

As a straight guy I have found it frustrating that people assume you must be gay if you wear a thong.  This is something I have just had to live with as part of wearing a thong in public.  But I don't wear pink or purple thongs on the beach just because I still would like to believe that some people think "man in a thong" and not "gay man in a thong" which will happen with a pink thong.

The problem is, t if you go to the beach in a bright pink thong then people are going to nudge each other and say "Flaming gay man in a thong".  This only goes to reinforce the stereotype.

I my opinion we should not discriminate against gays.  I encourage the trend to 'main stream' and for them to become active and open members of our community. Last night I nominated one of my gay neighbors to a position on our residents association. This trend of being part of the community without having to hid their identity is good for all of us.

Wearing a thong is not about being gay or straight. It is not about being a man or a women.  It's about going to the beach and wearing a swimsuit that allows you to get the sun on your buns.

We have to fight against the stereotype that labels anyone in a thong as a hoe, a queer, or a pervert. For that reason I stay away from thong colors that are linked in many peoples brains to sexual ordination and other inappropriate associations.  There are so many colors, cuts and patterns of thongs to choose from, (Trust me I have more than a few dozen), so avoiding the two colors that in my town have sexual connotations is not exactly difficult.  That's why you see me at the beach in all sorts of different thongs, but not pink or bright purple.

On my way out of the restaurant where we held or residents association meeting I stopped by to say good night to the city and county commissioners for my district, who were dining together down stairs.
He asked me if I was OK because he had not seem me out running in the last few weeks . (Foot injury so I’m taking time off).   When my city and county commissioners know that I run down the beach in a thong, (and bike past the end of their road in a thong), and they are nice enough to ask after me when they have not seen me out thonging for a few weeks, I know we are getting some where positive.
tanga #45

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/02/2009 04:00:21Copy HTML

I agree 100% with the previous post, very eloquently put.
Ex_Member #46

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/02/2009 04:44:48Copy HTML

 This goes beyond just the wearing of thongs, pink or otherwise. I wear a minimal cut bikini to the local pool (I doubt they'd allow thongs...haven't tried) and I'm the only male wearing less than a pair of boardshorts which I think you might as well wear a pair of pants to swim in. I get the usual looks, side-ways glances and more than occasional stares from people. Of course nobody says anything to me but I'm sure I don't go unnoticed.

Now, do they think I'm gay because of my swimwear? possibly Or do they think I'm gay because I'm very fit and well-groomed (no beer-gut combined with a hairy back/belly) that's a possibility as well. Unfortunately, if you don't fit the "approved" stereotype of a heterosexual male (out-of-shape, poor grooming habits, blank-look on the face, and completely uninterested in his wife while he's checking out the 15 yr.old lifeguard)...people (women and men) will more than likely think you're "gay".

I say let them think that. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's a little funny when a guy does approach me and starts a conversation only to realize that I'm not homosexual. It's like false advertising I think.

I'm there (pool or beach) to get a great tan and I'm not going to accomplish that wearing a pair of boardshorts. Is my swimsuit a bit provocative...sure...that's one of the reasons I like it. If people want to think I'm the gay guy in the bikini...that's cool. As long as they're saying..."You know...the gay guy in the bikini with a nice tan..."

I guess what I'm getting at is who cares what anybody else thinks about a pink, purple, or polka-dotted thong/bikini. I'd wear pink and wouldn't think twice about it. People are going to think what they want to think and there's nothing I can do, or care to do, about it.

barklee #47

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/03/2009 02:27:21Copy HTML

I totally agree joseph40. Your last paragraph expressed exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you!
pkthong #48

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/04/2009 01:50:24Copy HTML

Although tis reply is ot it is still relevant. On our trip to Cozumel last week(see Mexico/Carribbean section) I wanted to wear a skinz standard rio one day in electric blue. Until that point I had been wearing the same model of suit but in dark blue. Although my kids loved the baby blue color my wife thought that it was too attention seeking and requested that I not wear it but wear the dark one instead and i obliged.  I guess the color of the suit does draw attention(my wife said that the darker one drew quite enough). I did not feel terribly uncomfortable during our stay sure I got some strange looks,etc. I was not comfortable enough to walk to the bar and such w/o covering up with a towel as I was when we were in Punta cana. I don't know if my beloved wife is embarrassed about being with"that guy" or feels that unless she is right by my side that people will think that I am gay.   If she was ok with the electric blue rio I still don't think that I would have worn a pink one.
Ex_Member #49

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/04/2009 03:19:35Copy HTML

Back in history, pink was originally considered a masculine color.

I don't think I'd wear one but just because there's certain colors that don't appeal to me (pink, bright yellow, neon green).    I love baby blue though and have some swim thongs and underwear in that color that I really like and look great against a dark tan.

stanpuppy #50

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/21/2009 02:00:39Copy HTML

I wore one this weekend to Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook.  Muscleskins MPX with the narrow pouch (standard length) in size L+1/2.  The lifeguards loved it.  Oddly enough my wife was not crazy about the color.  I got it to match her wicked weasels, but this trip she wore a black malibu strings teardrop g-string.  Here is a link to one of my flickr pictures

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