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stanpuppy #51

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/14/2009 02:36:28Copy HTML

I have a neon pink muscleskins MPX


Honestly, I dont see what the big deal is with color.  Lets face it...the MPX is a pretty extreme suit independent of color. Personally I find suits that are nude/brown/bronze in color to be more risque, as it appears from a distance that you are totally nude.  Pink is just another color.

For women...it is one of my wifes favorite colors.  She has 6 wicked weasel g-string suits in variations of pink.
kai028 #52

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/14/2009 07:38:38Copy HTML

 Color isn't important. Stanpuppy, you look fine in pink. I'm sure you'd look fine in any color!
ozarkG #53

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/14/2009 10:25:45Copy HTML

   I say wear what ever color you want. I have a coulpe of underware thongs that my wife has bleached, and so they are a "pinkish" shade. But I think the color looks good on me. I'm Latino with naturally darker skin tone. So it's a good contrast. Men wear pink shirts and such, I'm not big on pink slacks, but what ever. Wear what ever color you want. Thongs are "shocking" enough to moct people, unfortunately, color isn't going to make a differance.
ithongit #54

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/16/2009 10:11:31Copy HTML

Let's face it -- women can wear pink thongs almost anytime or anyplace thongs are accepted without judgement.  On men, pink can be a good color for some men based on their skin tone, tan level and other issues (such as wear they are being worn).  Pink also is a broad color range and can be very light pastel or very red or any of dozens of other tones.  Pink thongs of the right color, on a confident man with the right skin tone and tan level at the right location can look really hot!  Yes, Randy has a couple of "pink" thongs which he digs out from time to time and usually gets admiring glances from the women or positive comments.

288988 #55

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/16/2009 11:30:57Copy HTML

Pink is a good color if you have a dark tan, and aqua blue and lime green are good
stanpuppy #56

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/16/2009 02:17:38Copy HTML

Women are lucky, they can wear any color and not be judged.  Men not only have the "oh my god...he's wearing a thong" thing to deal with, on top of that we have color issues as well.
John Howard #57

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/17/2009 06:01:02Copy HTML

I have mixed feelings about this topic.
On one hand, I would respect any man wearing a pink swimsuit, weather speedos, rios, or thongs.
It takes some courage for men to wear such a colour, obviously only men who are really confident can apply.
But that's me, and perhaps most thongers in this board, who usually are open minded people.

However that's not the way how the majority of people would see the same scenario.
I agree, just wearing a thong is enough 'challenge', now wearing a pink thong, could in some environments fire back, I think.

Middle age is making me a bit more conservative, and I avoid wearing very bright coloured swimwear.  Besides I think solid traditional colours look much better on me.
I would put pink last in the list of bright colours that I would wear.
I have no problems at all with red, I have plenty of red thongs and my wife prefers me to wear red bathers.
purple, yellow, orange, lime green, and pink, in that order, are non solid colours.

I don't think I would wear a pink thong, though....

John Howard

7423080 #58

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/17/2009 01:29:33Copy HTML

My girlfriend picked out the colors she wanted me to get when I ordered some new Tendenze suits the other day for our upcoming trip to Punta Cana.  The first one was pink, then ice blue and then yellow.  I said "pink" and she said oh yes, that I would look great in pink.  I then reminded her that all the colors are pretty light shades and will be somewhat seethru dry and real obvious wet.  She said I know, I'll shave you real good. so, whom am I to question?????
stanpuppy #59

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/17/2009 01:31:56Copy HTML

You touched on the only downside to pink thongs (IMHO).  If they are unlined, like my muscleskins are, they can be fairly sheer.  My MPX is really for Clothing optional beaches, so no big deal.   If I was doing Sobe, i might have to think twice about pink (or yellow, or white)
DoreFan #60

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/17/2009 06:34:40Copy HTML

My pink thongs aren't very translucent at all. Maybe it depends on the material the suit is made of. I really like the contrast of a pink thong against my tan. I have suits in light, medium, and dark pink, and they all look good. My yellow and white thongs (and net thongs of course) are much more see thru when wet. 
n2thongsngs #61

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/17/2009 10:04:50Copy HTML

 I just got a pair of Tulio Pink Bikinis and yes they are sheer, when wet.  I love the look and have received many compliments.  I have a few pink thongs and have found that they get lots of compliments.  When I see a confidant man in a pink thong, there is nothing better.  
20897 #62

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/18/2009 11:22:46Copy HTML

I have a couple of pink thongs from dore that I have not worn for a year or so. The color does contrast with my dark tan quite well though. I don't notice them being any more translucent than other light colors even when wet.
stanpuppy #63

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:12/30/2009 12:44:35Copy HTML

I have gotten alot of comments lately about my pink thong.  I am thinking i am going to order a coral one (off pink) from muscleskins.  My hot pink is an MPX...i think i will go with the MP for coral, so i can wear it on the public beaches of the jersey shore this summer
stanpuppy #64

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/11/2010 10:08:36Copy HTML

I just got the muscleskins poser in the "pink stars" fabric (now discontinued).  It totally rocks!!! cant wait till  summer to wear it on the beach
OS777 #65

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/22/2010 04:41:33Copy HTML

 I have purchased and worn pink thongs for many years.  No big deal!  It looks great on me and I am age 58 in great shape.  My N2N speedo is pink and white.  My pink thong is NU Parr of Arizona.  Too many people are too too worried about what others 'may' think of them.  My suggestion.  Live for yourself, not for the approval of an idiot or the flocks of sheep who would rather run off a cliff together than think for themselves.
One of my pink thongs is from Nu-Parr in Phoenix, Arizona.  I was visiting their store one day and found it on sale.  A later pink thong I bid on auction from Jovana (London towne) on her UK eBay store.  That is an outstanding fit.  By the way I wore my Nu-Parr pink thong for about 4 miles down a public beach at Canaveral National Seashore in New Smyrna Beach, Florida (just south of Daytona Beach) on Florida's east coast.  I walked past a few people and never gave it a thought what they thought of me.  I was in a hurry to get a few hours at the clothing optional south end of the beach.  My newest, Jovana thong, is an outstanding fit! 
stanpuppy #66

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/23/2010 01:59:52Copy HTML

Right on OS777.  Truth be told...if you are a guy wearing a thong on a public beach, you are probably going to get the same reaction from others (regardless of what color the thong is)
JM_Runs #67

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/23/2010 01:13:33Copy HTML

OS777, I can't agree more !!! I suggest that we need to be happy and not worry what the the rest of the flock thinks. 
thongornude #68

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/23/2010 02:03:30Copy HTML

Pink used to be considered a regal, masculine color a few hundred years ago.   I think it looks good with a tan, although I don't have any pink thongs.  I like the coral color from Muscleskins better than a neon/bright pink, I might get one of those next time I order from them.
JM_Runs #69

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/23/2010 06:22:52Copy HTML

 I am not sure pink was considered regal, I think you are confusing this with indigo and dark purple.
XChip #70

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/24/2010 01:42:02Copy HTML

 Purple came from some tiny shellfish over near the eastern Mediterranean, and was hard to come by, if I'm remembering what I learned in 6th grade in 1952.
odie77301 #71

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/24/2010 04:18:17Copy HTML

 I can't wait till summer to get here so I can take pics at the beach with my pink thongs.
Sunson #72

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:02/24/2010 02:00:49Copy HTML

I don´t have pink thongs, but I would buy them if I had chance to. Propobly I wouldn´t wear them in public, but just because I don´t have enough courage - not because they´re gay or for women only. I have few pink T-shirts, so why not thongs? I guess pink thong would look awesome combined with dark tan.
JM_Runs #73

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/04/2010 03:23:59Copy HTML

 i have a cpl pink thongs and gstrings. its no big deal. it is just another color. i used to be that way about pink until my aunt had breast cancer. then i started looking at women in pink thongs and found it to be a real turn on. so i decided what the hell? and just bought a cpl for myself. i like them.
JM_Runs #74

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/05/2010 04:54:04Copy HTML

For men, minimal swimwear in dark colors is always better for several reasons:  (1) better at concealing the "package" and (2) it makes it clear to everyone that you're not nude.  (3) Hardly anybody sells anything in pink for men anymore.  A few years back, I do remember it being "in fashion" for men to wear pastel colored shirts, some kind of pink-looking.  I was never particularly fond of that trend.  Now, the trend in men's shirts is horizontal stripes.  I'm not too fond of that one either.  What the clothing industry fails to realize is they only screw themselves with this winner-take-all approach where virtually everyone seeks and copies a leader, while those non-compliant products are quickly sold off at a fraction of their original price.  As far as men's swimwear goes, I don't know what the dominant trend is right now other than big, baggy shorts, same as last year, but slightly different patterns so the really "cool dudes" can distinguish themselves from the "losers" still wearing what they bought last year.  I've not seen any men's bored shorts in pink, so I don't think very many makers of more minimal styles would use pink either.
JM_Runs #75

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/05/2010 09:03:09Copy HTML

 Pink looks great on a guy. I've got two pink materials for my hand-made strings & thongs. One is a hot pink that looks awesome against a tan, and the other is a see thru mesh fabric that is sort of a hot pink tye dye look. Both are great summer colors I don't have any issues wearing either. They're definitely head turners. See my profile for examples.
12 wheels #76

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/07/2010 06:46:44Copy HTML

The way I see it, if you're out there in a thong, color really doesn't matter. Just wear what you want to - people will be making comments about your choice of swimwear whether it's pink or dark blue. Wearing pink doesn't make you gay - it really does look good against certain skin tones. My GF has said how she liked guys wearing pink shirts.

When I go out and wear minimal swimwear, I'm with my GF - so nobody can accuse me of being gay. I usually go to less-crowded beaches when wearing thongs anyway. So if I should ever want to wear a pink thong, then why not? Especially if my GF likes the way that it looks on me, even better!

The thongs I currently own are in the more traditional masculine colors. However, I'm getting ready to get myself a few new bikinis and thongs - but this time I want to get them in some bright colors, maybe a colorful pattern. I like the idea of wearing a bikini or thong with a feminine color like yellow, coral, baby blue, pink, etc - but no floral patterns. Why restrict your color choices? Have fun trying different colors & see what looks good on you - you never know what you'll like best.
itanng #77

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/08/2010 07:49:03Copy HTML

Hey, nospam_TN:
> so I don't think very many makers of more minimal styles would use pink either.

Hot pink is one of the color choices for many suits at MarcOuest.Com.  KoalaSwim.com also has suits in pink.  And I think I've seen pink in Dore's suits.
jt_0918 #78

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/08/2010 09:59:47Copy HTML

I have a couple pink thongs, one skinz stuffit thong, a muscleskins poser, and a koalaswim.  I like the way it makes my tan seem darker, plus, once your in something so skimpy, judgments will be made by the narrow minded regardless. I may order a muscleskins one sided thong in pink too. Just my 2 cents.
Thong Kong #79

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/20/2010 04:46:26Copy HTML

 I'm pale as hell, straight, married, and I think my pink thong looks pretty good on me.
thong_jock #80

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/20/2010 05:33:10Copy HTML

 I wore a pink Tendenze thong recently at thongers weekend in Palm Springs and really liked the way it looked. I have a couple pics of me in it on my profile. I agree that if you're a guy and going to wear a thong, color doesn't matter much, people are going to be more impacted by the brevity of your swimsuit. I personally prefer darker colors so the thong stand out more. Thong Kong,hope u post more pics of u in your thongs!
7423080 #81

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/20/2010 10:33:19Copy HTML

last fall I was ordering some suits from tendenze and printed out the fabric colors available.  She picked the pink first, then baby blue and a light yellow.  I told her that the light colors are likely to be quite see thru but she said thats fine and would keep me well trimmed.  As it turns out, we went to punta cana and perfered me to wear the pink suit, or if it was still wet, the baby blue suit.  The baby blue suit is pretty much see thru even when dry and totally see thru when wet.  the pink suit shows all the details dry and very little left to the imagination when wet.  She thought that i looked better in the pink one so thats what i wore most of the time. we would be at the beach, the pool, the pool bar with me wearing my suits without any coverup or towel around and never heard a word out of anyone.  A number of times she would get me excited on purpose and then say "would you go get me a drink?" just so she could see me grt up with a hardon walking about the resort until it went down.  all of the suits are tendenze's mega skin suits which are super thin, super stretchey and very revealing.  If she likes it, so do I, and we are both happy.
kiwi_thonger27 #82

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:07/21/2010 12:52:15Copy HTML

 Not swimwear, but I`m wearing a pink thong now and reckon they are so sexy. However on the beach i usually just wear one of the following colours; black, colbolt, white.
worcesterthong #83

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:08/09/2010 02:39:31Copy HTML

I bought a tendenze pink g string and also one from olaf benz.They look really sexy on my boyfriend and me too. Unfortunately do not know how to compress my pictures so can put only a few at a time. the pink is not totally see through but leaves a little to the imagination.well thats the fun of it being an exhibitionist but not quite.i normally like to wear light colors because i like to b seen but also covered.the joe synder light colored ones r great for see and not see.
JM_Runs #84

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:09/21/2010 01:48:51Copy HTML

Body Aware used to sell some silk pink string thongs.  I still have a pair or two.  They are revealing and feel good on.  I wear around the house, to bed, outdoors, etc.  Newspaper  delivery guy has seen me in them a number of times.  ;)
sailor123 #85

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:09/21/2010 05:16:19Copy HTML

I  made a pink thong and like it a whole lot. Got one comment on the beach about it-"that is really bright".  Not a see through. I show it in my images.
I did get another comment form the beach patrol, " put something on that covers up a little more" ----- ugh.
JM_Runs #86

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/14/2011 10:55:01Copy HTML

One of my favourite swimsuits is a bright pink g-string from Tendenze (see profile). Getting the tan to match it can be quite a challenge where I live, but that's all part of the fun, as is any potential sexual disorientation in the minds of others!
JM_Runs #87

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/15/2011 01:10:25Copy HTML

I wore my pink Skinz g most often last year and again started this season at the Fort in my pink gstring. I am going to order some custom suits again this season from Skinz, nice thing about being close to the Store is I can go in and show the girls the pattern and added features I want to my suit. Last years suit was more of  a dark pink, this year I am going to get a bright, light colored pink and even a baby blue to match.  With my dark skin pink looks great on me!  I know this because many females and males have told me.
nicksthong #88

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/15/2011 08:04:41Copy HTML

Now; my wife loves my bikinis and thongs, she encourages me to wear whatever I want, and regularly tells me she loves how I look- BUT, for all of the lycra, silk, lace, and satin bikinis and thongs that I have and wear, she loves to tease me about a hot pink cotton thong that I love to wear.

Gatico #89

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/18/2011 03:46:56Copy HTML

I know I'm a bit late weighing here, however, since I am now in the midst of throwing all my suits that have perished from pool chlorine, sun tan oil or beach abuse, and buying new ones, I feel I need to add in a post. There is the really narrow-minded stereotype that exists mostly in the US that a thong or skimpy suit at the pool or the beach means right out loud "I'm gay". The US is probably the only place that narrow-minded view exists and I would like to think our culture is moving away from such stereotypes.

Consequently, the color thing is really about what you like and what looks good in the mirror (or from your friends) I wear a lot of pink because it works with my skin color. And besides, I like it and think it looks sexy. I describe my sexual preference to people I meet as "if it feels good-  I do it". That sort of perspective gives me a lot of fun options at beach house weekends and pool parties, yet I never think that stuffing my XXX into a pink sock or skimpy thong causes anyone to make a conclusion about my preference until they ask LOL.

Go for whatever color you like!!!
tanga #90

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/18/2011 03:25:19Copy HTML

I've worn various shades of pink underwear in the past but never swimwear.  Hot pink just for the sheer shock value is great in my opinion.  Maybe it's time to give it a go as swimwear.

Personally though, I think ladies look nicer in pink.

As said though many times, wear whatever style and colour makes you feel comfortable.
njthonger #91

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/18/2011 04:20:53Copy HTML

Enjoy wearing pink myself, uually the "hot" pink color but also like the lighter tone. Usually wait for later in the season when I have a darker tan.
abczyxabczyx #92

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:03/18/2011 11:26:00Copy HTML

 I've worn pink thongs and g-strings and briefs.  Just another color.
tanlines2thin #93

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/29/2011 11:35:01Copy HTML

i am so tempted to hit the beach in pink, today, eventhough even i am subject to feelings of feeling slightly uncomfortable when being seen in pink, and nobody likes a buzz kill.  on the other hand, pink is so daring-do that when i do man-up and go out in pink i know i am at the top of my show-off, show-all style and confidence.

once, i was sun-worshipping in my dore slide-string pink g when a half-dozen wanna-be jocks came up the beach tossing the football, and i could hear them coming a mile away. when they got close up they kinda veered my way until they realized i wasn't a babe sunning topless.  oh, yeah, the buzz kill was on them and they were so dumbfounded that they never made a single misplaced macho wisecrack, either coming or going.

oh, yeah, i'm in pink, today!
odie77301 #94

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/29/2011 12:22:31Copy HTML

 I'm going to wear my new pink  skinz roman g string tomorrow at  Galveston TX. I'll post some new pics as soon as I can. If any body wants to join me I'll be in a hot pink g string  with a tent cabanna. I'm going to need some help snapping pics.. Can't wait...
JM_Runs #95

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:04/29/2011 07:39:39Copy HTML

Although I wouldn't say that pink is my favourite colour, I do have a pink thong from Fireboy which is my thong of choice when sunbathing. It's actually quite a deep pink, and has just the right amount of lycra to provide a snug fit and plenty of support up front. The back is brief and nicely shaped for a tan-line.
wackymac #96

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:05/01/2011 12:07:55Copy HTML

Although I don't have a pink thong I do have 3 pink bikinis that I wear (one at a time) to the pool in our "over 55" gated community.  I wear them when I play water volleyball.
bikinicouple #97

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/09/2012 02:50:54Copy HTML

A pink thong solidifies one's confidence and ego!  Nothing like wearing a hot pink N2N Maverick G with a C-Ring on a crowded beach!  I did that on the last day of my honeymoon in the Caribbean.  My wife told me I should go for it because I might not have many chances.  We met up with a a group of girls we met and it turned out it was a public holiday and the beach was packed.  Everyone was cool, my wife (she was wearing a tiny-tiny Microkitten G-string) and we got lots of positive comments and we posed for many many pictures!  Those photos are out there somewhere.... :-)
underwater #98

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/09/2012 03:17:36Copy HTML

I don't have a pink suit yet but I do have a neon orange thong from Musleskins that always is a winner.
stanpuppy #99

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/09/2012 07:54:51Copy HTML

Honestly, I dont think that color matters at all.  If you are a man, and are wearing a thong, you will stand out....color is immaterial.  I have worn a pink thong on many occasions...the response was exactly the same as when I have worn red, orange, black, blue, etc......
steampowered #100

Re:Wearing a pink thong

Date Posted:10/09/2012 10:11:15Copy HTML

For me, colour is probably just as important as type of suit. i don't like all colours, the same way i don't like all types of thongs/strings.

pink is in that category for me. i don't think it's particularly different to any other colour, but i just probably wouldn't wear it. same with yellow, purple and anything too "baby" coloured or overly bright and neon. i guess it's just not the look i'm going for.
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