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Date Posted:06/18/2003 02:52:52Copy HTML

I remember someone writing about how they were kind of questioning wearing a thong to the doctor's office. 
I have a doctor's appointment later today so I am going to wear my thong.
I don't care who sees me because I wear them 24/7 now,  it's just underwear. I'll post back later with how it went.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/18/2003 08:47:50Copy HTML

I wear thongs 24/7 now, and by that I mean they are my ONLY underwear! I've worn them to doctors, chiropractors, masssages, skin cancer check-ups, everywhere. In all that time nobody has made any comments at all about my choice of underwear.

In some ways it's good, and in anotherway it's...kinda disapointing...if you know what I mean. The exhibisionist, I guess!

thongfreak #2

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/21/2003 05:31:06Copy HTML

I've worn a thong to my doctor, but she knew about it for a couple of years anyway. She's comfortable with it, (actually QUITE comfortable with it) and so am I, so there's no problem.
JM_Runs #3

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/22/2003 02:34:39Copy HTML

Reply to : thongfreak

I've worn a thong to my doctor, but she knew about it for a couple of years anyway. She's comfortable with it, (actually QUITE comfortable with it) and so am I, so there's no problem.
Well, i went to the doctor's office wearing my calvin klein tech thong and they didn't even have  to really give me a checkup so i didn't care if they saw my thong or not. Still wear them all the time though so i wouldn't doubt if anyone else saw them in public.
azcraig #4

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/06/2003 07:09:44Copy HTML

Went to the Chiropractor last week to get my low back worked on. I had on shorts, t-shirt and breifs for underwear. After my adjustment they put me in a room to hook me up to a electrical muscle relaxer thing. When the nurse came in and she asked me to undo my shorts and lie on my stomach. As she hooked up the electrical connectors to my lower back and upper buttocks she pulled my breifs down slightly and said "So you must have a pool" (noticing my tan lines). I told her "yeah, that is where I spend my weekends."  She then asked "so do you always wear a thong around your pool?" I told her that all I wore around my pool or anyone elses, or at the lake or beach, wheather I am doing yardwork or washing the car or whatever, all I wear is very small swimsuits. She said, "even doing yardwork, like in the front yard?" I told her yeah basically I get up in the mornings on the weekends, put on my swimsuit, what there is of it, and that is about all I will wear. Wow, she said, where do you live and what do your neighbors say?. I told her where I lived and sais that most of my neighbors are fine with it.  She told me I know where that is, there is a lot of traffic on that street. I said yeah, but the passers by have gotten used to it too as I only get a few honks and comments anymore. She said well I can tell by your tan that you spend a lot of time outside and I go by there on my way to my cousins house I'll have to look for you. I told her to honk as she geos by and she said OK I will. I then told her that last year I even painted the eves of the house in my swimsuit and that this weekend I was gong to recoat the elastimer roof on my carport. She asked me when I was going to do that and I told her porabaly on the 4th in the afternoon because the directions say to apply in the heat of the day. She told me that she tought they were going over to her cousins on Firday and she would look for me doing my roof in my thong. As I was leaving the office she said have a nice holiday weekend out by your pool but it it supposed to be very hot this weekend so be careful up on that roof and don't get overheated. I told her I know, I'll dress for it. She laughed and said "Oh yeah huh?" I did my roof a few honked, some stopped, but don't know if one of the honkers was her.  Point is I didn't wear my thong to the doctor but had the same effect. The truth is I don't really wear thongs but my swimsuits are so small everyone calls them thongs. Same difference I guess
Ex_Member #5

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/10/2003 08:50:56Copy HTML

well, it looks like another trip to the doctor because i had an accident at work and now i have to go for a ct-scan. it's only of my face but i am wondering if i will have to wear a jonnie and if i do i will definitely be wearing a thong or g-string there.
teeback269 #6

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/05/2004 06:04:42Copy HTML

Had to go to the doctor last week for my usual checkups, and while there I asked her if she could check my skin all over for signs of skin cancer. I totally forgot I was not wearing my usual bikinis (which she has seen many times) but just a g-string. Anyway it is only when she said to me "strip off down to your briefs" that I remembered. She got me to lie down on the table on my back, and she started to check my skin from my toes to the top of my head. She then asked me to turn around and lie on my belly. All she said when she saw my g-string is "different style from your usual bikini". A good thing, she notice a mole quite near my crack, which would have been missed if I had worn my bikini. So as from now on, it will be g-strings all the time when I go for my medicals.
JM_Runs #7

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/17/2004 10:35:51Copy HTML

that was luck. it was also quite funny that i too went to my doctor the other day and wore only a g-string. it kinda sucked going to and from the doctor's office though. the -10 degree windchill was making my ass cold.
My-nice-ass #8

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/12/2004 03:21:52Copy HTML

My last thong experience( a week ago) :  I'm just 40 years old and keep myself fit by working out on a regular basis.  I also lay out at our pool, or tan in a booth always wearing only a Dore low cut thong, so I have a very obvious "thong" tan line. 

My wife has been on me that I really need to have a physical and insisted, so she booked an appointment with our "women" family doctor ( this was a new doctor that my wife had seen but I had not, as of yet).  So I get to the doctors office and I'm kind of nervous, don't really like doctors and the fact that she may notice that I wear a thong. 

They call my name and in to the room I go.  The fairly attractive female 22 year old assistant says "Please remove all of your clothes and cover  yourself with this and have a seat on the end of the table".  She had handed me a paper towel the size of a small bath towel and walked out of the room closing the door.  I disrobed and sat there waiting for the doctor.  The door opens and it is the 22 year old female assistant again.  She said she needed to take all the vital sign stuff prior to the doctor coming in.  As she is putting on the BP cuff she says "You sure are tan, you must go to the beach often".  I told her I loved the sun and enjoyed my time laying out.  So she finishes her stuff and leaves saying, "The doctor will be in shortly".  

2 min later the women doctor along with the same assistant walks in.  She introduces herself and explains that it is their office policy to always have an assistant in the room while she sees any male patient.  She chit chats about my activities, habits, when I last had a physical, the usual stuff to make me feel comfortable.  She says "I can see you are in the sun quite a bit, are you wearing sunscreen"?  "Yes I try to be careful", was my reply.  Doc then says, "Ok, lets check your back first, if you'll hand Karen ( the assistant) your towel and please lay on the table stomach down. 

I hand her the towel and lay down now completely nude as she had asked.  She takes about two min. examining my entire back from neck to foot.  Doc and the assistant obviously see that I wear a thong but says nothing about the thong tan line but asks, "So what beach do you go to"?  I tell her, and she says "Really, I sometimes walk there after work".  I had never seen her or noticed her there before.  She then asks me to roll over and lay on my back so she can examine my abdomin.  I roll over and lay there.  I am completely shaved and have no pubic hair whatsoever.  The two women professionals get a big eyeful.  As she is feeling my abdomin she asks,  " Any reason you are shaving your pubic area"?  I tell her, "I keep it that way because I perfer to being smooth and that it would look bad hanging out of my suit".  She nods and says "I can see your suit doesn't cover much". 

I bet I lay on my back for 5 min with both women staring at me the whole time.  She has me stand up and does the cough thing staring directly at my smooth area, but says nothing more about being shaved.  She finishes and tells me to have a seat again on the table.  I'm still completely nude, She grabs her clip board and starts asking questions....whats your diet like, how often do you exercise, family history, any alergies, alergic to any drugs, she's writing as I'm answering, then asks "Underwear, boxers or briefs"?  "Niether", I said.  "You don't wear underwear"?, Doc replys.   "I wear thong underwear", I tell her.  She nods, keeps joting down notes, and finishes after a few more questions.  She tells me "Go ahead and get dressed, Karen is going to draw some blood now". 

I jump up and walk to my clothes on the chair.  Both women are still in the room readying syringes.  I'm trying to get dressed standing there with my back to them, in my burgandy Dore thong when the assistant says, "When did you last have a tetanus shot"?  "4 years ago".  I really can't believe I am in the doctors office standing there in only a thong talking to a 22 year old women.  Doc then walks out with a big smile, saying "Have a nice day, we will call you in 2-3 days with your results, but let's make sure I see you once a year for a physical". 

As I was leaving the office I just thought...I bet I gave those two women something to talk about!  True story and a mile mark for me!  Anyone else had a similar Doc experience?

wr1944 #9

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/13/2004 02:35:58Copy HTML

I had a similar experience, only a little bizar.
In the mid 80's I was on holiday near St. Tropez, France. I had bought a few strings from HOM. At that time the strings were just accepted as not so extreme on the beaches around St. Tropez.
After a few days I had collected some suntan and courage to make long walks on the beach. At some place there was a little pier and hidden under the sand an old damaged piece of steel wire rope was waiting for a victim. I stumbled over the rope and fell with my thigh on some torn out steel wires from the rusty rope.
It hurted like hell and I was bleeding like a pig. I could hardly walk.
Some Frenchman saw me, tried to stop the bleeding with an old sheet and offered me to escort me to the nearest hospital in his old van. I accepted this of course. I had left all my stuff on the beach and the only thing on me were a string and sunglases.
That hospital was a small outfit, run by nuns. When I was lying on the table with four nuns around me, the sheet was removed and all the nuns were holding their breath when my string surfaced. Because of the pain only then I realized I wore only a string. At first I was in a state of panic, but after a while I relaxed and started to enjoy the attention they gave me and their unconcealed gazes. Then I realized they must have seen naked men by the dozen, so the string did the trick.
As far as I could see, all were quite young. When they were finished cleaning and stitching, there were about 20 nuns around my table, twittering like chicken.
After a few minutes a door opened and an old nun,wrinkled and almost 2 meter high entered the room and with a thundering voice she chased every nun away.
After an inspection of my bandages, I was dismissed with her comment to try to wear something decent when going to a hospital next time. She gave me a note for the hospital in the center of St. Tropez for a check after a few days and she told me that I was not welcome anymore unless it was life-threatening.
When we drove through the gate, I could see faces behind almost every window of the building.
As a result, my nice tanline was ruined for the season and the marks of the wounds are still visible as small white spots on my tan.
My-nice-ass #10

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/17/2004 08:30:33Copy HTML


On Sunday I decided to go to the beach.  I picked out a Dore low cut and narrow Chartruese (lime) thong to wear.  I always go to nearly the same spot.  I had been there an hour or so reading my book and sunning in my thong.  I look towards the water and it looks as if it is my female doctor walking up the shore in walking shorts and a conservative bikini top. 

I get up and walk towards the water.  It is her so when I'm 10 feet from her and the water I say "Hello Dr. Smith".  She looks at me and says hello but I can tell she seems as if she does not know who I am.  I tell her my name and remind her that I just saw her for a physical last week.  She smiles and says "Sure I remember, guess I should have recognized you from your swimsuit".  We talked for maybe 5 min. all the while she mantained her professional doctor patient type reserveness.  She then says "Gotta go....but have to tell you, that suit looks great on you and I love the color".  ....Off she went as I told her "Have a nice day".

dayne #11

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/04/2004 02:22:26Copy HTML

I had to be seen by a new dermatologist for the same reason as you.

To make sure I wouldn't be late after working out , I  decided to find the new office first then go home and change.  By the time I located the stupid place, I had to go in wearing my work out clothes.  The look she gave me when she saw the black jock strap I had on gave me the impression she thought what I was wearing was a bit odd for the occasion  After I explained why I had not had not gone home and changed she laughed and said others had problems finding the place as well.  She then seemed to relax in her over all attitude but was still very professional and clinical in everything she did.


JM_Runs #12

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/06/2004 11:55:17Copy HTML

I've decided that I'm not going to be a wishy washy thong wearer. Why be embarrassed by wearing them? So I had a dermatology appointment today to get a few small spots on my body zapped with a laser. Nurse took me to the exam room and gave me a gown and left. I undressed, except for undies, and put the gown on. Not tied well in back because it would have to come off anyway. Nurse came back and I mentioned the gown not being tied all the way since it would have to come off, as she said, "are you wearing undeshorts?". "Yes," I replied.Dr. (older male) came in and zapped on my scalp, then bicep, then the gown was pulled down to keep my undies just barely covered. Then he moved to upper thigh. Then last was back. I sat up, gown around my waist, thong back facing nurse and Dr. There were no comments or pauses. He just kept working. We talked about the treatment. I felt a little nervous, but not much. The doc and I discussed laser hair removal when he was done, still with my down in my lap. He left. Nurse was filling out paperwork and talking with me. I stood up and got my pants off the chair, put them on, put on my shirt, etc. while we talk. I tried to be a little quick about getting the pants on, but I really didn't need to. She seemed comfortable with everything, never stopped talking as I got up and dressed. We chatted for a few more minutes and I left.Thongs are just underwear. Don't be shy or embarrassed. I think with more time in situations like this I'll feel even more at ease.
Ryan Booth #13

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/07/2004 01:40:16Copy HTML

I think you've got to remember that you are dealing with professional healthcare personnel. Noticing what underwear you are wearing isn't going to get a reaction out of them. They see people nude all the time. As professionals it's part of their job and you won't be able to tell what they are thinking. Most normal people would stop and stare if they saw someone nude. These guys on the otherhand can't stare or give a facial expression as to what they are thinking otherwise it wouldn't do anything other than to create a bad patient relationship.
JM_Runs #14

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/07/2004 02:55:48Copy HTML

But how many men in thongs do they see? If I was expecting anyone to say anything, or gasp, it would have been the nurse. 
JM_Runs #15

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/07/2004 11:58:44Copy HTML

I know I've posted this info before, either here or the old board, but I always wear my thongs to the Doctor, Physio, Massages, or anything like that where you know you will have to strip down. They are generally absolute professionals about it ie, say nothing. The closest thing I've ever had to a reaction that I could detect was when I was at an aromatherapy massage. A 40-ish woman was doind the massage, and I was laying on my stomach. She had a towel over my mid-area, and when she went to raise it up to do my upper leg, she was pushing where the seam af a pair of jocks would have been. She seemed a little mystified as to why she couldn't fel it, then the penny dropped, and she continued as normal. Later when she lowered the waist band from the top, she hooked her fingers under it , I'm pretty sure, to confirm what she thought she had felt before. It was fairly obvious that was what she was doing. Said nothing though.

The last time I visited the skin care specialist, I wasn't given a robe, just asked to strip to my jocks in the doctor's consultation room. There I was in a red lycra thong and nothing else. If a nurse etc waked in, they'd see my all as well! The Doc said nothing though!

modelnude4u #16

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/13/2004 09:59:42Copy HTML

I have a Drs appt coming up soon, and it will be the first time I've worn a thong to the Doctor.  I've been wearing thongs for several years, but I've also not been to the doctor for several years, so the opportunity has never come up.  I do wear thongs all the time, and have worn them to massages, but I strip down completely anyway there.  I do have very definitely thong tan lines, so they certainly know once they get to that point.  I did have an interesting conversation with the one girl, although I did start it on purpose.  When she got to uncovering the first half of my butt, I waited to see if there was any reaction, and when there wasn't, I started in by asking what percentage of her clients had been male vs. female.  Then went on to ask if she had ever seen a set of tan lines like mine.  She admitted that she had not, but that she liked them quite a bit.  Said she wished her boyfriend would be that open minded. 

It really does come down to the setting and the presentation in most cases.  If I was creeping around her appartment complex shaking it about or something, I'd be a pervert, but in this controlled situation, I just have different taste in underwear.


JM_Runs #17

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/15/2004 03:00:53Copy HTML

i just recently went to the doctors office myself. all i own are thongs w/ the exception of a few pairs of boxers for when i'm sick or going upstairs. This time i wore a gstring to the doctors. nothing was said or mentioned, i'm sure they must have patients who wear similar styles of underwear like this every day so it just doesn't bother me to wear a thong anywhere anymore except in front of my parents b/c i have a 12 yo stepsister living here
dayne #18

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/16/2004 08:31:25Copy HTML

I had a new experience.  I was going to have a full body check for skin cancer and knew that everything had to come off so went commando.  The difference this time, ffrom previous checks, is that my current doctor is openly gay.  He just gave me a towel to cover the genitals and removed that as necessary-no big deal.  In the past with hetereosexual doctors it was a major thing to not remove underwear until the last possible moment and the just pull them down for a quick cursory exam.  I am openly bisexual and wonder how much this affected the situation.  One particular doctor a lot I think.  They are just human beings withe their own fears and prejudices.  Stil, I wish now that I had had the gumption to wear a thong back then.  It might have been interesting. 

KathrynG #19

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/18/2004 10:58:40Copy HTML

Again I dont know whether my experience would be any help as I am female and the concerns on this board seem to be related to men wearing thongs. the one thing I can say is that I dont own anything else besides thong underwear/swimwear so I have no choice when going to the doctor/gynocologist/masseuse but they dont seem bothered about what you are wearing as they are proffessional people. the one thing that may help though is, away from the norm I have my genitals and nipples pierced and when I go for a smear test or massage etc. the doctor/masseus does not say anything or give bad looks they just get on with their jobs.

hope this helps

JM_Runs #20

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/20/2004 09:23:57Copy HTML


Your experiences are always welcome and do help, as you can read elsewhere on the board, we appreciate the input from women who are under - represented on the forum.

A female's veiws are always welcome here!

MichThonger #21

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/04/2004 09:30:59Copy HTML

I usually switch between boxer briefs and thongs, depending on my mood. I decided to go to get a massage a few days ago and the therapist suggested to "leave on your underwear." Usually, I have worn nothing, but I had no choice that day. It was an interesting experience, as she searched for the back of my underwear. She finally lifted up the sheet to see it for herself. I was a bit nervous, at first, but enjoyed the experience.
teeback269 #22

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/16/2004 07:22:14Copy HTML

Spent the whole weekend on the beach lying in the sun wearing only my HOM g-string, now I have that fantastic tan line.

I am due for a doctor appointment next saturday for a full skin check, so she is bound to notice that tan line. The last time I had a skin check I was wearing my bikini as underwear, when she saw my tan line she said you must be sunbathing in something different. Maybe this time I will wear my g-string, but I don't know if I will be game enough. What do members of the board think?


JM_Runs #23

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/18/2004 03:04:09Copy HTML

Wear what you would wear any day of the week. Let this day be no different.
thongfreak #24

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/18/2004 07:55:07Copy HTML

I had a dentist appointment recently and wore a pair of yoga pants. The back of the pants had slipped below my thong waist band and when I leaned over to spit in the minature toilet bowl, the hygenist got an eyeful. I laid back in the chair, and to my surprise, she was grinning from ear to ear. She then went back to using that 4 foot buffer on my teeth, but first leaned over, and whispered, "nice thong".

It was such an unexpected compliment, I replied with "I'm completely shaved too". And obviously, those yoga pants leave nothing to the imagination in the front area when a guy is wearing them.

She simply grinned and she went back to rattling my freakin brains with that polishing tool.

Last thing I heard her say under her breath when I departed the room was "good God, wow".

northernlights_se #25

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/19/2004 07:07:01Copy HTML

Reply to : Sun4Bare

Wear what you would wear any day of the week. Let this day be no different.
I agree! Teeback, wear what you usually do!

And thongfreak, your dentists hygienist seems to be a nice and straightforward woman!

MarcoUSA #26

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/16/2005 09:37:01Copy HTML

I was always careful about were my thongs were going to be seen. About 12yrs ago, my wife and I were celebrating our 1yr wedding aniversary in Cape  Cod, Ma.  After a day of bike ride and hiking around (28miles in 95degrees), we got back to our room and cleaned up before dinner. I put on a pair of red lace and lycra thongs, then got dressed.

Minutes later I was waking up in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Heat Stroke/exhaustion. At the hospital I was put into a paper gown. Not sure how I got in it. Wife says she wasn't there for that part, but she did comment on being able to see the red thru the gown. Also with no rooms that night, I was like this in the hall for many hours. The nurses were all freindly !!! LOL

So wearing a thong to my regular Doc is no longer a big deal to me.

Marco (If it feels good, wear it)

tinyolafs #27

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/16/2005 11:16:45Copy HTML

I'm a thong-only guy when it comes to underwear, and I don't feel the need to change that just because I have a medical appointment...  I have regular sexual health check ups and there has never been a negative comment or sideways glance from the staff - as an earlier contributor to this thread said, these people are professionals and frankly, they've seen it all before!

Actually a thong prefenece comes in handy on the offchance that you have to have an intramuscular injection in the buttock - no dropping your drawers and exposing your dangly bits, they can get all the access they need:-))


tallman38 #28

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/17/2005 05:16:38Copy HTML

Everytime that I go to the doctors I just get undressed completely and put on the gown, or whatever you call it, that they give to you.  There is never an opportunity for the nurse or doctor to see my thong.  I always wear thongs when I go.

Thongfreak - that was a great story about the hygenist.  There have been times when I wish I could show my thong a little bit to see what a particular woman would say.  I love your comeback about being completely shaved too!!  Quick thinking!  I wish I could have seen the look on her face.  Have you had many instances where someone saw your thong?  And made a comment or gave a look?? 

Curious as to expriences others have had when their thongs have been exposed - on purpose or not.


steelfan3838 #29

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/19/2005 10:20:27Copy HTML

next time i go to the doctor i am going to wear my thong.  they never give me a robe or whatever so the doctor will see my thong.  it will be my first time wearing a thong to the doctor.
1Monte #30

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/20/2005 02:03:30Copy HTML

I've worn thongs to my Chiropractor, a woman. Went in to see her about a hip problem, and she adjusted me and applied heat to the sides of my hip--so had to drop my pants and lower my thong a little. She didn't say anything, but made it a point to raise my thong straps herself, which I though was odd. Then she had the receptionist, a massage therapist, come in after suggesting a massage. I thought it odd that she, too, reached down my pants and got "tangled" in my straps. A very invigorating experience, one of my favorite visits!

redraider55 #31

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/21/2005 11:20:09Copy HTML

The flu hit my family last week and my wife took our kids to the pediatrician and get them on tamiflu (anti-viral).  She also called our doctor to get her and I on tamiflu, as well.  Our doctor wasn't going to prescribe me anything because I haven't been to her office since 2003.  Duh!  I haven't been sick.  So, my wife cut a deal.  Our doctor would prescribe me the tamiflu if go in for a physical after the flu has worked it's way out.  Well, next week I have an appointment and I only wear g-strings for underwear.  I'll let y'all know how it goes.
shaved4ts #32

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/24/2005 04:44:56Copy HTML

I had two experiences during the last few weeks .... one good ... the other was neither good or bad I guess.

The first took place at my doc's office.  I too had never worn a thong to the doc but had no choice really this day.  I was at work when my wife called and said she heard a message left on our voicemail service fromthe previous day reminding me of my checkup.  Since it was too late to go home and change and drive all the way back (d0oc office about 45 mins away from home), and it would have been difficult to explain why I was coming home to change from a thong when my wife doesn't know I wear them ... I just went on in.  I was nervous about what would be said.  The nurse called me into a room and gave me a gown to change into.  I stripped to my thongs and sat with the gown around me.  She came back in and went to the cabinet behind me get something out of the drawer.  As I sat with my back to her she must have seen the back of my thongs when she turned to leave b/c she immediately lit up with a smile and blushed as she left.  Wasn't long and another (this time older early 50's) nurse came in and went through the same mannerisms. I assume the younger nurse told the older nurse and she just had to find out for herself.  I know I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it.  The doc did the examine w/o a word and I left.  So it was a kinda bland (THANK GOODNESS) experience for me! 

The second came when I went to Belk's on Monday during lunch to find some slacks for work.  I found a pair and went in the dressing room to try them on.  When I stepped out to look at them in the mirror, a sales clerk (early 20's young lady) asked the usual "Are you finding everything okay?"  I asked if they had the pants in a size smaller in the waist.  She lifted my shirttail to check the size.  As she did she said, "Hold your shirt up for a second and let me see if perhaps we can have those altered."  I did and the waist - front/back/and sides - of my black thong were visible.  Any guy that has been fitted for pants has had this I'm sure - the "reach -2-fingers-in-the-waistband-of-the-pants" check. She reached in the back and pulled them tight.  Next thing she said to me was "Sorry, I don't think we will be able to take them in that much but you have a VERY nice thong!  I REALLY like it!"  I told her thanks and that it was one of the most comfortable ones I had.  (Wish I would have had a better come back like above "yeah and I'm completely shaved too!"  HAHA!)  Anyway, we found a pair that fit just right and she kept commenting on how liked the way they fit in the rear and showed nothing but "smoothness - no lines."  As I wrote my check out she said, "Be sure to come back some time and show me some of the other thongs you have!  I would love to check the "fit" of those!"   I about dropped my teeth outta my head!  I must say that was the first really POSITIVE comment(s) I have ever gotten about them!   Made me feel GREAT! 

Wish I knew my wife would love them as much!!!!! 


tallman38 #33

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/25/2005 01:42:09Copy HTML


Congratulations!  Sounds like a great experience.  I would love to have an experience like that!  I'd be back buying more pants pretty quickly if that happened to me.  It's just great to get some positive feedback, especially from a young woman.  Did you ask her if she wears thongs also?

Let us know if you go back and if you get some more comments.  Glad you had a positive experience.


shaved4ts #34

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/25/2005 11:02:40Copy HTML


Yeah it was great to actually get some positive feedback. I really enjoy thonging but just worry about the negative responses that I possibly could get. This was DEFINITELY a boost in the right direction.

I didn't come out and ask her if she wore them but she made mention while she was checking the waist of them that they felt "alot like the ones I have one." She laughed that her beau was okay with them on her but not him - said she didn't think that was "fair!" HAHA!
AVBW21 #35

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/27/2005 04:39:08Copy HTML

shaved4ts, great experience! U mentioned u had a black thong on, I want to know more about the thong u were wearing, to see why it was so attractive,

 or perhaps i'll get one in order to amaze the young shopkeepers here!


shaved4ts #36

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/28/2005 01:31:01Copy HTML

It was a black Mansilk thong I have. I like it b/c the strap running down the back is pretty thin and it sits up high on my waist while cutting down LOW in the front. Since it holds my "equipment" up and out, I noticed once I got back in the dressing room how visible the bulge was in the front! HAHA!!!
tangamen #37

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/28/2005 04:24:16Copy HTML

I am a Doctor, a neurologist.

Is very interesting to know what you think when a doctor discovers your thong.

We are use to see people in thong more than you supoused. It? common to see women in thongs in the clinical exam and is increasing the number of men.

We are proffesionals but we are not like stones. When I find a thonger in my clinical exploration I get a inside smile and said to myself  "this is one of us".

My first patient in thong was a young caribbean girl. I were going to do a lumbar puncture when she get undress with a tiny dark thong. She looks great but I didn? say a word. I wanted to be very profesional.

Later on I think  that you can talk with your pacients about everything and be a good profesional. So, why not talk about their thongs?. A few years ago I was in my clinic with a guy. He removed shirt and pants for an exam and got only with a light orange gstring. I get very impressed but I think he did? notice. Without thinking I wander it with a "nice gstring". He smile and say a praud "thak you". He was about 30, muscled and good looking. Do you think some one of you could not say anything?. We started talking and I tell him I use to wear thongs but never gstrings. He also prefer thongs but for that time he was trying something different. It was fany because talking about thongs made the relation with my patient more relaxed and now he has more confidence on me.

I think you have to be natural with your thong either at the beach, pool or at the doctors clinic. No matter what people think about. Usually people is more open than we spect and of course doctors. Be a thonger everywhere.

Keep thonging

iluvem #38

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/04/2005 10:22:05Copy HTML

these people are profetionals and would be sued if they made a bad coment. They are trained to keep a strait face, other people would freak out on you. try pulling your thong out of your jeans in a normal high school, you wont get good reactions, even the guys who want to wear them will feel peer presure to ridicule you.
shaved4ts #39

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/16/2005 11:49:04Copy HTML

I had another experience at with the medical profession and a thong last night ... this one was not by choice though. :- ) I stepped on a rusty nail in the yard late yesterday afternoon and it went through my boot and into my foot (almost all the way out the top). I struggled through the rest of my task and went inside to see how bad it was. It was after hours and the doc's office was closed so the only choice I had was the ER. I went b/c who knows when the last tetnus shot I got was?!?!? Once I got in a room the doc came in and examined my foot and then left for the nurse to finish out the visit. As she left to get the shot she told me to decide "your shoulder or your hip." When she got back she told me that I would be sore from the shot for a couple of days in either site. She said most have less soreness in their hip. I was nervous - not from the shot but b/c I was wearing a thong. I'm 27 and the nurse was probably in her mid- late 30's. I had on about 3 layers of clothes to remove (was in the mid 20's here and drizzling). Finally I got down to my thong and TINYOLAFS - you are right, it was much better than having to drop the underwear and expose it ALL! She gave me the shot and other than the customary "you okay?" she just said, "I wish my husband was that open minded." And that was that!

Seems like more and more women respond with a "I wish my ____ was more open minded" or "would wear them" than a negative response! That's great news for all of us here!
redraider55 #40

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/19/2005 04:48:58Copy HTML

I finally had my physical today with my doctor (female).  I got the lecture about not visiting them in over two years.  The nurse asked me to change into the gown and wait for the doc. Under the gown, I had a black Frederick's of Hollywood g-string on.  I only wear g-strings for underwear.  I was expecting some sort of comment, but the doctor said nothing about my g-string nor my faded thong tanline.  She was all business, but pleasurable. Since I'm in really good health and in my 30's, I didn't get the "pleasure" of the prostate exam.   *I'll leave that business for my wife. ;-)
jthong #41

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/19/2005 08:58:31Copy HTML

As my job requires me to sit at a desk in front of a computer the whole day, my back gets quite tense and I have a few problems with it. Every now and then I treat myself to a massage at a beauty salon which has massage service by professional physiotherapists. I went last week and there was a new physiotherapist who had never attended me before. As thongs are the only kind of underwear I got, I naturally go there in a thong, even though I try not to wear my most revealing models. I should add that the salon is dedicated to men exclusively and I don't want to come across as making some sort of sexual advances. However, I believe I caught one short surprised look on the therapist's face when I stripped down to my thong in front of him. But he did't say a thing and seemed cool with it. I lay down on the bench, he started working on my back and began with the normal chit chat. I did not really feel like talking, so our conversation wasn't very fluent. Out of the context he commented that he doesn't like to wear thongs. I only replied that they are the only underwear I have. He told me that he had two black thongs but that he can't get used to wearing them because the strap is bothering him. I really did not feel like talking so I did not really reply. A while later he came back to the topic and told me again that he owned two balck ones but hardly wears them and that he prefers boxer briefs.

In the end I think I should have talked about this subject to him more and I should have made another comment, especially because he brought it up twice. Well, I guess he was cool with it because he's gay, the place where he works is mainly frequented by gay customers and he for sure has seen a lot wilder things a work.

clean_n_smooth #42

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/19/2005 09:36:45Copy HTML


Where at in Germany is this salon? I'm in the Frankfurt area and have been looking for a good massage place. Also is the price more then 25 Euro's? I've found a good sauna that has massage but sometimes the price is a little much. Thanks

billthong #43

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/27/2005 10:01:40Copy HTML

I am going to see the Doctor this afternoon. I managed to avoid an injection last time. She also commented that my Anti-Tetanus is due as well. I will report later on. Only hope that the nurse is a little older than last time.Thye usually have student nurses who are only just out of college.
koordje #44

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/28/2005 12:31:26Copy HTML

Why be shy about wearing thongs to the doctor? Doctors usually have seen more then that. After all, in my case, not wearing one would be hilarious for both of us, because when stipping down some oversized underwear, a lovely tan line in the form of my thong would become visible and so, the doctor would notice it anyway.
imathonglover #45

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/29/2005 02:46:44Copy HTML

I am in the same situation as koordje. Although I have not worn a thong to the doctor's office in the past, to not wear one now would be silly since I now have a pretty obvious thong tanline. They are going to know one way or the other, so why not just offer them easier access to the buttock area without any obstruction. Afterall, we are talking about people that are supposed to be professionals and I am sure that they have seen more than you realize.
billthong #46

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/29/2005 04:23:29Copy HTML

Went to the doctor and had the injection - nothing to worry about (must have been in and out in 10 minutes) - the doctor sent me to the nurses room. She explained what the injection was (hay fever) and that it may be a little sore for a while afterwards. The nurse asked me to lower my trousers and lay on the couch while she was preparing the injection. Then she said I will need to pull your underwear down a little - this goes in the top of your buttock. Then she came over to the couch and she said are you wearing a thong - nothing to pull down, keep still this might sting a little and then jabbed the needle in - OUCH!!! - that did hurt. She just stuck a plaster on the injection and that was it. Before I left she reminded me that I am coming back in a weeks time for my Anti-Tetanus injection.
imathonglover #47

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/30/2005 12:41:39Copy HTML

Realizing that she is a professional and at the time never really gave it a second thought, I have to wonder though ... did she later think about the rarity of seeing a man in a thong or did it not cross her mind ever again? Any board members in the medical field willing to give their input?

matchingthongs #48

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/30/2005 05:47:39Copy HTML

Guilty of being from medical field (ex). Most medics are human, but my experience draws a blank. Remember, a large percenage of patients tend to be of advancing years and thongs for senior citizens are rare

I haven't discussed this with colleagues either, so I can't help there either. Seriously, I don't think any doctor, nurse or therapist is likely to judge you on your choice of underwear (the state of it maybe!).
beachfolks #49

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/01/2005 05:25:07Copy HTML

No expressions on the thongs, but a lot of compliments on my all-over tan when I recently had a proceedure done at the local hospital.
steelfan3838 #50

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/14/2005 08:15:26Copy HTML

i am going to the doctor for a physical on thursday, i am going to wear a thong and i think that i will trim up my pubic hair a little. i will let you know how it goes
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