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tigerthong #51

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/14/2005 09:18:29Copy HTML

I am going to the doctor today will wear a thong. I am having trouble with my arms, don't think he will probably have cause to see me in my thong. However, it is good to know that others have had positive experiences with professionals. 


steelfan3838 #52

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/21/2005 11:33:37Copy HTML

had my physical thursday. the doctor didnt even see the thong
showoffmark #53

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/29/2005 12:02:03Copy HTML

have recently had to go to a urologist. neither the nurse (female) nor doctor (male) could have possibly cared less. for dr i had to strip it off almost immediately. cool professionalism  
hempnot #54

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/30/2005 04:40:24Copy HTML

i've worn my thong to the salon to get a massage before and it wasn't a big deal. my x-gf and i went in for a couples message and we both wore thongs. and after the message a hot tub was awaiting us. while the therapist was filling the tub, we both stripped down to our thongs and got no reactions.
even if i were to go to the DR. with or without my thong on. i have a very clear thong tanline. so no matter what, everyone would know i wear thongs. over the wears i've grown more acustom to thonging and dont really care what others think.
keep on thonging
cehilo #55

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/15/2005 11:31:02Copy HTML

i havent been to the doctor in six yeras so it really has not been a problem for me!. anyway i usually get massages. ive never worn a thong for one, i think that i will try to get the same therapist for a couple of times and after a while ill try to tell her somehow that i like thongs and ask her if she has any problems with me wearing a thong for the massage!.

i just dont have the courage to just go there wearing a thong and take the risk. i keep thinking that she may get out of the booth and tell everybody what im wearing taking my underwear an a harrasment on her!. it would be so embarrassing. i would like to know how a couple of people reacts to me wearing a thong. since i have never used them in public, only my wife and some close friends know that i do.

showoffmark #56

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/16/2005 01:34:25Copy HTML

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Most of the time people are naked beneath the towel or sheet when they receive a massage. If you are wearing underwear for modesty's sake a thong is certainly sufficient. If you are wearing it hoping for a reaction, I would bet she will say nothing unless you bring it up. Massage therapists are selling a service. They would not have too many clients if they deliberately embarassed their clientelle.


Relax and enjoy the massage.

korky71 #57

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/10/2005 08:10:59Copy HTML

Well thanks to all that posted on this topic, I braved it today when I went to see my Chiropractor and put on a black Hom Fredy thong. In the past I have always pulled out a pair of boxers, but thought what the hell. I did start by putting on a Skinswear black thong, but thought it was a bit see through so opted for the HOM. I was a bit nervous at what reaction I would get from the lady. You have to take your clothes off in a small changing room outside her room, then she shouts you in when she has finished with the other patient. I am sitting there in my thong and gown waiting. I got called in and as normal asked how I am and to take my gown off and place it on the table, then sit down. I got no reaction at all, and thought it was great, I am sure she thought it made a nice change, she even left the room at one point to fetch my shoes (to see if I needed insoles) and left the door open, me lying on the couch. (she said you just lie there and relax) She then had me walking around the room in my thong and shoes with and without insoles. I will now always wear thongs to the doctor etc, as someone said on this message board, its only underwear and I am sure many women wear thongs at such times so why shouldn't men.

Hope this post encourages more men and women not to worry about their choice of underwear.



sebastianspencer #58

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/17/2005 11:47:40Copy HTML

I've worn a thong to my doctor appointments on more than one occcasion, and have never heard any comments from the doctors or nurses.  And only once have I worn underwear for a massage (underwear required for that salon; the others assumed you undressed to your comfort level), and as I was expecting to get naked for it, I didn't worry about my thong.  The massage therapist didn't say anything about it and neither did I.
cehilo #59

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/26/2005 01:07:20Copy HTML

yesterday i finally had the nerve to do it and received my massage while wearing only a thong.

I told her that i were wearing one before i got undressed and asked her if she would find that unappropiate. She just told me not to worry about that, and that i was there to relax and not to get stressed by such a minor thing.

here we do not use towels on top to cover anything during a massage, so half of the time i was lying on my stomach and she had a very clear and close view of my thong!. I felt great about it!.

What i liked the most is that normally when she was massaging my legs she went up until she touched the fabric. well she did the same thing now so she massaged my glutes and i really enjoyed that.

Ill keep going with her everyweek and i will wear thongs from now on during her sessions, maybe with some more confidence built she will make me a coment on my underwear choice

Hola #60

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/29/2005 02:34:20Copy HTML

I recently had to start going to my chiropractor again. I have been to him in the past, but never wore a thong. So I decided to wear one this time. The pain was in my lower back, so I knew he would have to pull my sweats down a little.I was very nervous. When he did he didn't make not one coment and continued as if everything was normal. Now I wear a thong every time and don't have to worry about remarks being made. It sure was a confidence booster.
cehilo #61

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/02/2005 02:34:16Copy HTML

Yesterday i went again to get a massage and i wore only a black cotton thong, great conversation with the girl but no comments about my underwear. She now does massage my legs all the way up and my buttocks too!!!. Next week ill go with some boxer briefs to see if she asks me about my thongs
shaved4ts #62

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/03/2005 07:16:36Copy HTML

I have a doc appt next week and don't plan on wearing anything other than my thongs (as far as underwear goes).  I thought about it this morning in the shower(yep, i'm one of those that does all my htinking in the shower) that I'm gonna as my doc how common/uncommon is it to see male patients in thongs.  We have a good relationship so I don't think that will be something that won't be answered.  Will let y'all know what i find out!
shaved4ts #63

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/08/2005 09:31:27Copy HTML

Went to the doc yesterday and like i said I wore my thong.  (white Life thong from wal-mart).  It was my urologist so of course the doc asked me to drop them.  After performing the normal exam, front and back, I got off the table and began to pull my underwear up and put my pants on and the doc asked me about my job.  After a few minutes of small talk I asked him about the thongs.  "As you can tell I wear thongs and have for some time now.  I understand that it may be a growing thing among guys.  Just outta curiousity, do you see many guys wearing them in your office?"  He told me that he has seen more in the last year than ever before.  "it's not uncommon in women at all but is beome more common in men."  he told me that it wasn't like he would see 5/6 a day but maybe a couple or 3, 4 a week.  Said he has even seen some tanlines on both guys and girls that were thongs! 

Told him, "Sorry, but my lines are string bikinis!" 

Good news - it seems to be catching on ... at least around my hometown area (about 45 mins from where i live now!)  Hopefully it will continue and come to a town near you soon!  :- )

DoreFan #64

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/09/2006 02:28:17Copy HTML

I've worn thongs (even micro thongs) in front of my chiropractor, massage therapist, and doctors many times. Thongs are all I own. I don't even own briefs anymore. One time I went to a dermatologist to get some moles checked, and she asked me to undress while she stood in front of me. I got down to a micro thong and she had checked me out completely with it on. Then she asked me to take it off to check the moles on my groin.

I regularly get adjustments done from my massage therapist with only a thong on. No problems there.

As mentioned by someone else, I had a shot with my thongs on before too. The nurses had me lower my pants and then asked me to bend over a table as they jabbed me in the butt.


sailhoopsbare #65

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/10/2006 03:10:04Copy HTML

I go to a practice where there are 3 or 4 doctors and 3 or 4 nurs practioners.  Last time I went, there was a new female doc that I saw, I went for a persugery checkup, minor outpatient surgery, this week in fact.  I was tolld to take my clothes except for underware and put on a gown.  The doc came in, asked a few questions then did the abdomen exam, where they push on different place.  I was wearing a black Hom g string, she kind of gave a curious look but she couldn't have known it was a g string anyway.  At this point, I don't really care anymore what they might think.  I hope they are more concerned with whatever medical condition I'm there for than what kind of underware I wear.

Fubarmiller #66

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/26/2006 03:25:04Copy HTML

I used to have to see the chiro 3 times a week...  All I own is thongs...  Normally I don't wear anything under my shorts (Which I wear year round) but when ever I go to the Chiro I always put a thong on to keep the boys from peeking out when I get adjusted...


Also when I am done with getting adjusted I get to us an electric therapy machine...  They normally put the pads on my lower back/upper buttocks...  About 2" Below my waist line...  Never once has any of them said anythign about the thong...  Have gotten comments on color of them though...

sailhoopsbare #67

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/26/2006 09:20:20Copy HTML

Occassionally, I go to an accupressurist (at least I think that's what he's called).  Anyway, he requires that clients wear something, women must wear underpants and bra and guys must wear underware.  I wear a thong or g string and he's fine with it.  Incidentally, this guy does not give a soothing massage, in fact he works your body hard, not to the point of pain, but you're usually sore afterwards. I injured my left shoulder a number of times in different ways, I also work in front of computer terminal most days and frequently end up with tightness, pain, restricted mobility on that side. AFter I go to him, it feels great.  The guy is Korean and it's almost like Mr. Miagi (sp?) in Karate Kid. 
skelly24 #68

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/01/2006 09:50:27Copy HTML

I recently went to the doctor to get an allergy shot.  I actually thought about wearing boxers, but was told the shot went in the arm.  I wore a thong, and sure enough...

I was nervous but the nurse didn't seem to care.


BigEasy #69

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/07/2006 07:50:08Copy HTML

Hey guys, my opinion is this "whats the big deal?"

I've worn thongs as underwear for years now and as swimwear for a little bit less buy my view is that it is my choice of underwear so why should I worry about it. After all if I see some guy in a jock strap at the changing rooms I don't think he's a weirdo any more than I do of seeing a guy put CK boxers on or a woman wearing lace knickers. Its everyones choice.

I know that thongs are a touchy subject but I think its because everyone treats them as such. If everyone's memory could be erased then there would be no problems with anything. I know its hard to think like that as male thongs have been stereotyped but its the way it should be in my opinion.

With regards to this post then I wear thongs wherever I go, I just put them on in the morning regardless of where I'm going. I want to be comfortable and thongs are what I feel comfortable in. This morning I got up and got dressed with a thong underneath and then started the day without worrying what I'm wearing.

I think I've seen on here somewhere before that people have just as much right to like or not like the particular shirt you have on that day as they have to what underwear. You can't please everyone all of the time so just go for it.

trapking #70

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/20/2006 11:04:30Copy HTML

Funny you should post today.  I was going to bring up the same topic. I wear thong underwear every day, and have for the past 4 years.   As the day progressed I was feeling worse and worse and I suspected I was coming down with strep throat as my wife was diagnosed with it this morning.

I called the doc to see if I could forgo the appointment and just get a prescription as they often do in the same houshould, but they wanted to see me.  A few questions and look down my throat confirmed my hunch, I have strep.

I have not been given pennicillin for a long time and never thought about getting a shot in the behind.  I was given a choice between driving 10 miles to the pharmacy to take 4 horse pills a day for 10 days which seemed like a pain or a shot.  With a little hesitation about my thong I took the shot.

I was a little nervous / excited (non sexually) about the nurse finding out I wear thongs but it went without a hitch.  It was probably easier for her because my underwear were not in the way, and I did not have to take them down.  I live in a small community so I know the nurse, her kids etc etc.  In the end I was glad I proudly showed my red thong.

I golf with the Doc, so I was glad he did not give the shot.  I guess I felt more confortable with the female.

Beachlover492000 #71

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/21/2006 12:07:00Copy HTML

My experience is a little different and not as much fun.

I have a "perminent" thong on my butt which consists of my g-string tan line, which is shaped like a "V." I have also been shaving my body for the past year. So when I go to the doctor, I don't have any options or than to "face the music." It would take me a month to "recover" from my shaved body, and four months or so to diminish my tan because I live in Florida. So I am rather "trapped."

The doctor has seen me naked (DRAT! no pretty nurses) and of course he's been after me for getting too much sun. He said "Oh my" when he saw my shaved body and near all-over tan. For him ANY sun is too much!

sailhoopsbare #72

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/21/2006 07:07:20Copy HTML

I had to have some surgery done not too long ago.  Not long before the preop visit to the surgeon I had been waxed smooth.  Anyway, I had to go to his office, take my clothes off and he did the usual stomach punching and probing, of course he had to remove the paper sheet I was wearing, he did appear to look for an extra second but said nothing one way or the other.  I was a little embarassed because I hadn't planned any doctor visit but it didn't really matter anyway.
Male thong wearer #73

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/09/2006 09:15:48Copy HTML

About a year ago I ended up at the after hours urgent clinic with food poisoning. I wasn't thinking in advance about it since I was sick, but after diagnosing it was food poisoning, they gave me a shot to stop the vomiting. A nurse in her mid 30's probably came in and told me she would be giving me a shot and it would have to be applied in the rear. It was at that point that I realized what was about to happen, but nothing I could do about it. I got up off the table and removed my pants as she had her back turned to me preparing the syringe. As she turned around, she noticed my thong and said since you are wearing a thong, just bend over the table for me honey. The shot itself burned, but she was as gentle as she could be and very cool about my thong. She commented I had very nice buttocks and how easy my thong made her job. Very good experience now that I think about it.
billthong #74

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/11/2006 05:07:59Copy HTML

I am going to India with a friend, Ramit, to stay with his family. He sorted out the details and advised that we needed some injections - that a doctor friend of his from University would give us. We saw his friend after her afternoon surgery - explained where we were going and she just got the jabs ready. After one in each arm she produced another two jabs (one for each of us) and said "guess where these go?" no need to guess! Ramit went first; he had to drop his trousers and bend over the couch, which he did revaling a pair of blue 'Next' boxers. The doctor pulled down his boxers and warned him this would hurt and jabbed him "ouch!" Then it was my turn - no hiding - I just dropped my trousers to reveal a black Calvin Klein thong. The doctor didn't even comment just warned the jab would hurt and jabbed me "ouch!". When we were outisde Ramit asked how often I wore thongs - I said everyday - we went shopping for our trip later on and he bought a pack of "Thomas Nash" thongs from Debenhams. By the time we went to India about 6 weeks later he mentioned that he wore thongs nearly all the time.

Sometimes people just need to see that someone else like a friend is wearing them before they try.

shaved_thong_lover #75

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/23/2006 12:00:18Copy HTML

I am a doctor and I am an avid thonger as well.  I have to say that it is awkward when a woman is wearing a thong when I examine them.  All my patients wear a gown when I first examine them and of course it must be awkward for them to meet their physician in a gown for the first time.  That being said, if a person is wearing regular underwear I don't think twice about it and they don't seem to act differently.  However, when a patient is wearing a thong under their gown and I need to examine them is becomes awkward for both the patient and myself.  They often feel embarassed and or try to shy away from the exam which then keeps me form doing my job. Often these patients are young women and I have a nurse with me during the exam anyways for obvious reasons.  Honestly, even though I am a thong wearer, it can be distracting, and I have often felt embarassed myself thus shortening the interview.  This obviously is not in the best interest of the patient. 

Anyone who looks up my profile will know that I am an extreme thonger and love to wear them at the beaches and pools, however, even so... I, of all people know that it is one's own choice to wear what they want, but, as a physician honestly it can be a hinderence to good medical care... If possible, one should try not to wear thongs to their doctor in my opinion.  Again I am not trying to dictate what anyone should wear or not wear (given my avid thonging myself) but from a physician's standpoint it can, I think be a small hinderence to adequate care... I know crazy as it sounds that a THONG could hinder adequate medical care, and I know everyone reading this is saying that I must be a terrible doctor for saying that a type of underwear should matter... I am just saying that myself and many of my collegues are distracted by it... Just my opinion...

7423080 #76

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/25/2006 12:29:07Copy HTML

it seems almost past tense to question wearing a thong to the doctor.  if thats what you wear for underwear why would you wear something different no mattter where you may be going.  i wear thongs all the time and a gstring on occasions so wearing a thong would be natural for me but i doubt i would wear a gstring since i seldom use them in daily life
Male thong wearer #77

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/26/2006 09:01:43Copy HTML

I can't see wearing anything other than a thong to the doctor either, since thongs are all I wear. If I am comfortable enough showing up for an exam in a thong then the doctor(male or female) should be professional enough to handle the situation. Doctors see human anatomy all the time, what should be the difference if a person is wearing a thong? I don't think you are a terrible doctor for expressing your perspective and its nice to have someones perspective who is a real doctor, I just don't really agree with your view.

My chiropractor knows I wear thongs, and she has never had a problem with it. I just don't see what the big deal is about guys wearing thongs. It seems like every woman alive wears them now.
shaved_thong_lover #78

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/26/2006 10:23:18Copy HTML

My comment about thongs on my patients goes for both men and women.  It is not just men, well in fact, I have never had a male patient that wore a thong to the office.  However, I can say that any time a patient comes in to see me or one of my collegues in a thong it sparks a conversation.  Never anything bad, just that it is distracting.  In any case, just the opinion of a physician.

Male thong wearer #79

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/27/2006 08:37:53Copy HTML

I understand what you are saying and I am not trying to be critical of you. I just don't see how a patients(male or female) underwear should be a distraction for a professional. Are you trying to say it would be less distracting if a patient was wearing no underwear versus wearing a thong?
JM_Runs #80

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/31/2006 11:37:16Copy HTML

My consultation today was not exactly doctor-patient, yet did involve dealing with a professional, a personal trainer at my health club that I may hire to help me work on some mid-section problems before the vacation and summer thong season arrives.  She was a sweet young thing, and very professional.  I was impressed with her credentials.  I was very honest in explaining what I sought, that at 62, my aging body needed a little help, since I loved to go to the beach, pursued an overall tan because I hated tanlines, was not a nudist, and therefore wore g-strings, which left me rather exposed.  I was headed out for a run afterwards, and would normally have been wearing my spandex shorts, but chose split-sided nylon running shorts this time to facilitate show-and-tell.  I always cut out the liner and wear a thong underneath, this time a navy HOM Fredy string to match the shorts.  The body fat check takes calipers to the chest, arm and thigh, so I pulled off my tank top to facilitate.  Then I said I wanted to show her the problem areas I hoped she might help me address, and since the shorts came nearly up to my navel, way higher than a g-string, and I felt it important for her to see the total abs package, love handles, and flab circling around to the rear of my mid-section, I simply dropped the shorts, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, figuring my nonchalance would overcome any consternation she might feel at such exposure.  All went well, she never batted an eye, and we went on with our animated conversation.  Then I turned around and grabbed my butt to demonstrate the bottom wrinkles and general sag that concerned me, and we discussed the role aging was playing, but that proper exercises and toning would probably help.  Job done, so I pulled the shorts back up.  I think this worked so well because I explained very clearly my specific vain needs, contrasting them with the work I'd done with other personal trainers in pursuit of my passion for triathlon, such as swim stroke analysis, running form analysis, core strengthening, etc.  There was no bullshit, wearing my thong and dropping my drawers made sense under the circumstances.  Still, it was fun!  And I didn't feel hesitant or embarassed, so I think my confidence level is really progressing nicely.  I'm so psyched for our Bermuda vacation coming up in mid-May, where I plan to thong/string at the hotel pool frequently, and not just early morning when no one's around.  Since the Hamilton Princess is on the harbor, but has no beach, the pools are it for sunning and swimming.  Of course I get over to the south shore beaches a lot, too.  Renting a motor scooter makes it so easy.  I'm thinking about trying thonging at Horseshoe Bay, the prettiest and busiest beach on the island.  We'll see if my resolve holds up!  
Male thong wearer #81

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:05/14/2006 05:21:04Copy HTML

About a year ago I ended up at the after hours urgent clinic with food poisoning. I wasn't thinking in advance about it since I was sick, but after diagnosing it was food poisoning, they gave me a shot to stop the vomiting. A nurse in her mid 30's probably came in and told me she would be giving me a shot and it would have to be applied in the rear. It was at that point that I realized what was about to happen, but nothing I could do about it. I got up off the table and removed my pants as she had her back turned to me preparing the syringe. As she turned around, she noticed my thong and said since you are wearing a thong, just bend over the table for me honey. The shot itself burned, but she was as gentle as she could be and very cool about my thong. She commented I had very nice buttocks and how easy my thong made her job. Very good experience now that I think about it.
Spr String #82

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:05/16/2006 04:31:13Copy HTML

going through the army physical exam i was instructed to remove my clothes down to my underware, the indian doctor showed the slightest, almost inperceptable signs of discomfort but continued.
i ended up having to do pushups, situps, walk heel to toe and duck waddle (coordination tests) in just my thong.

must've looked mighty rediculous, but i was unfazed.
mark_issac #83

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:05/22/2006 02:16:59Copy HTML

yeh i had a similar experience recently!

wore a black thong to the doctors, the nurse who saw me was in her mid 30s i reckon. had to get an injection too. she didnt say anything or look any different when seeing my thong, guess she had to act professional?

was fun though, don't get to show my thong off often!

billthong #84

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:05/22/2006 10:12:19Copy HTML

I have posted on this subject before. The last jab I received was for a trip with Ramit an Indian friend of mine. We went to see a doctor ftriend of his and had about three jabs each including one in our backside. I thought we would be asked to leave the room while the other had their jabs but we just took of our shirts which I didn't think was too bad. Then doctor said we each had to have one injection in our bums. Not wearing his shirt Ramit just lowered his trousers and revealed a pair of blue boxers which the doctor just pulled down enough the give him the jab. I had put my shirt back on and then had to bend over the couch hoping the tail of my shirt would cover everything. The doctor just lifted up my shirt and jabbed me with out a word. All she and Ramit would have seen would have been a blue Calvin Klein waistband of my black thong.
shaved_thong_lover #85

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/03/2006 02:37:00Copy HTML

Here is my problem... others reading this may remember my previous posts... I am a doctor.  Anyways, this week I knocked on my exam room door as always and the patient said come in.  When I entered, a female patient about 30 was sitting on the exam table in nothing but a gstring... ie. no top or gown that my nurse gave her.  ie. ON PURPOSE.

Now, given thather first questions for me were about narcotic pain medications, you can imagine the reasons she was there.  in any case, immediately when I saw this I handed her the gown that she left on the desk and I stated, " I am so sorry guess I must have mis heard you and came in while you were changing, please put this an and I will return in a moment.  I then left the room and returned after seeing another patient, this time I returned with my nurse.  I actually was afraid that some sort of sexual harassment issue could come up... funny given that I am a thong wearing bisexual physician.  Anyways, when my nurse and I entered the patient again was only in her thong.  At that poin my nurse took over.

Needless to say, that was not the first time something like that has happened... those are the reasons that thongs make doctors uncomfortable.

Actually, I would say that more than 50% of my female patients under 30 are wearing a thong or gstring under their gown, and that doesn't bother me as much, but when a patient tries to use it for personal gain, it leads to distraction and discomfort for me and my staff which then leads to decreased care in the future... and by the way, I wear thongs or gstrings everyday so I'm not biased againt them.

sailor250 #86

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/06/2006 11:40:51Copy HTML

Yesterday in a newspaper, I can't remember which one- I read a few- there was a cartoon in the cartoon section--yeah I know I'm supposed to be reading the other sections- that had a scruffy guy at the doctor's office.  The doctor was standing there facing the other way and said "OK take off your pants and sit at the end of the examining table"  The next frame said "But if you're wearing eurocut underwear or a thong leave your pants on"  The last frame had him sitting there with his pants on!
showoffmark #87

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/07/2006 02:41:51Copy HTML

I still find it odd we worry about what underwear we wear. Unless you are trying to provoke a reaction from your Doctor it makes no sense. I had one Doctor who I forwarned and he laughed and said, "plenty of people don't wear underwear. don't worry." I did worry about reactions at one time and I think I would have liked positive reinforcement but I realize that is not the Doctor's role. He/she may give you positive reinforcement for wathcing your diet and excersize but fashion choices? They are too busy thinking about real problems.


JM_Runs #88

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/09/2006 11:41:40Copy HTML

Went for an epidural cortizone injection in the lumbar region this week for an extruded disc.  Stripped to underwear -- a black Calvin Klien microfiber thong -- and pulled on loose pajamas and that silly open-in-the-back top.  On the table, the doc pulled the underwear and PJ's about halfway down my butt in order to clean the area for the needles.  "Wicked tan!", he commented, as the nurses looked on.  The thong tanlines over my g-string-enabled overall base tan was quite obvious.  I explained we'd had a great vacation in Bermuda in mid-May, and one nurse enthused it was her favorite place.  All-in-all, a fun, natural experience, with no embarassment.  After the procedure, one of the nurses escorted me out to my waiting wife, as I wasn't allowed to drive myself home.  Heck, I'm fit, no pain, she drove me to work for a normal, active day. 
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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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I forgot I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor yesterday after my vasectomy a month ago and showed up at his office with my ergo-wear X3D white thong. I was more than a little nervous when the nurse told me to remove my pants and lay down on the examining table. She told me to pull my thong down and she didnt seem to care or notice what I was wearing. She finished my exam, which was fairly uncomfortable in nature, and I stood up and pulled up my thong. Again, I didnt think she even noticed.

Whether she really didnt notice or was just being a professional, I feel very comfortable going back in my thong.
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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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I had similar experience with my doctor as others had reported. i had not counted on getting a shot when I went. i thought i was just going to get a prescription, but she wanted to give me a shot, in the butt. I loosened my belt (standing), and she went to pull down waistband for the shot, and just kind of said "oh", and moved the thong strap up, and gave me my shot.

it was pretty much a non issue.

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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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Within the past year I went in for a vasectomy(the kind they put you under for). Accompanied by my wife I didn't give it much thought but had worn a black microfiber thong for comfort after the procedure. During undressing I had placed my thong in my jeans pocket. When I awoke in the recovery room I was wearing my thong under my hospital gown. When I asked my wife about it she said she had been moved rooms and a nurse took my clothes to the recovery room. I wonder what the 50+ year old nurses thought when they had to put a thong on me following the procedure. I love it.
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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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I am 30 yr old male and straight. I wear thongs and boxers depending on where I'm going. I have so many thongs at thousands of dollars since male thongs arent cheap. I usually wear white and black thongs from skinz, male power, prevail sport, and abc.  I like the classic thong design no g-strings. Well one day I was having lower back pain, so I went to the doctor.  I had on a white thong from male power which is a very sexy but traditional thong, shorts and sandles. I usually look like I'm going to the beach. I have a dark tan and about 6'2 in. tall. I'm called a pretty boy often. I shock many of the girls I date when I tell them I wear thongs. But I dont care, I tell them how it is, which is I will always wear whats comfortable to me, if they dont like it oh well, get over it. It's always a dare to wear a thong to the dr. office because you dont know if you will have to undress or not. And once you leave the house it's over you have to go through with it. I thought well what if they want to take x rays? I will be wearing only a gown and my thong. I know they wont be disappointed with my body but what will they think of my thong? I didnt care that day, so their I was sitting in the waiting room and my name was called. My thong wasnt really on my mind but I kinda hoped that some nurse would get a chance to see it. I always wonder what peoples reaction would be to see me in my thongs. I often wear white shorts or grey that when wearing a thong you can see the lines of it through clothing.  I think it's sexy to show it off sometimes. Back to the dr. visit. I was told that I would be receiving a pain shot in my buttocks. Its funny because the nurse who took me to the room wasnt the nurse that gave me the shot. Typically the nurse that takes you to the room is your nurse for the visit. But I seen this cute little nurse as I walked past her in the hallway and all the sudden she walks in with the needle. I was like YES!!!! I was asked to lower my shorts just enough to expose the right upper butt cheak. But then she said and put both hands on the table and relax. Well I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall all the way to the ground, fully exposing my white thong and tan butt. She didnt say anything about my thong. But how was I supposed to hold my shorts up and put both hands on the table?? I didnt mind letting her see though as you could prob. tell. It seems as if she was glowing though after she gave me the shot and we talked about future appointments. I have had similar incidents at my gym. Thong on.
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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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I find it so encouraging that so many of you get (positive) comments from your doctors, massage therapists and chiropractors. I've worn thongs and g-strings in front of my female chiropractors and massage therapists for years and have never gotten any comments. As far as my thongs and g-strings go, they are of the micro variety - mostly Dores, so they expose quite a bit. Not as bad as Koalas, which I don't own any of, but still, more exposure than your department store variety. A couple of times, things kinda 'grew' out of my micro thong so part of me was sticking up the top of the pouch. (Hey I don't have control over some things!    My massage therapists didn't say a thing though. They were all professionals, maybe too professional! After reading your comments, I think it'd be kinda interesting to talk to them about thonging.

Another time while I was being massaged, my massage therapist accidentally undid the snap on my thong's waistband and the pouch opened up to fully expose me. So here I was exposed to her and it started getting hard. I was afraid she'd be offended but she didn't say anything. I think she said 'oops or sorry' or some thing like that. Anyways after a bit she did up the snap again, but by then the pouch didn't cover all of me. She just continued massaging me with my little head exposed.

Actually I did get one comment one time. I was wearing a Dore suspender suit with a push out pouch. When I undressed down to it in front of her, she said something like 'I like your thing!'. She said thing and not thong, but I assumed that's what she was talking about. I ain't too quick so I didn't have any quick come back. I think I just said something like 'thanks'.

One thing that I have never done though is to wear my really racy g-strings in front of them. Some of my g-strings leave nothing to the imagination and I'd be afraid of offending them by wearing these. Has anyone ever worn any exposure suits in front of a chiro or massage therapist?

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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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While I am glad you are enjoying your thongs, I think you may inadvertantly put your massage therapist into a bad position if you continue pushing the exposure envelope in a suggestive manner. Are you covered by a towel or sheet? Are you hoping something sexual will occur? Are you hoping for comments about your thongs?

When I get a massage I am usually naked with a sheet or towel covering my butt or groin. A massage raises my body temperature so I dislike towels or sheets up to my neck which are then strategically draped. In any event, I too have inadvertantly become aroused and  I ignore it as does the therapist. I am simply feeling wonderfully relaxed at that point.

I have spoken to massage therapists outside of getting a massage and they have stories about having to ask clients to leave when they become too excited and start making advances. They also have no interest in a fellow getting arroused as they realize it is usually an uncontrolled response to the massage. If you are enjoying your massage and this is a legitimate masseuse, don't get carried away. If you want a date aske her out afterward but don't start things off by treating her like a hooker. 

As for yout thongs, I thought the point of this thread was we go about our regular business in our thongs even when this business involves stripping down in front of someone else and how they react. It isn't about how to "Get a reaction" or how to "Provoke comments or conversation regarding thongs".

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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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I'm not sure where you get the impression that I'm trying to get a reaction. If I inadvertantly gave that impression, I apologize. I even stated in my post that I don't wear my racier thongs because I'm afraid of offending them, even though I wear these on a normal day when I don't get a massage. I have on occasions had to change out of my racier thongs into a regular Dore after I remember I have an appointment on that day.

To try and answer your questions, my massage therapist does part of the massage on me when I'm in my thong and she does not cover me in a sheet. She then has me undress completely in front of her for the rest of the massage and covers me in a sheet.

And to be clear, I have no interest in asking her out for a date even though she is a very nice person!

I too am getting on in my years and don't have an arousal problem as often as I used to. But it does happen once in a while. In fact my probem is quite the apposite with that part of me not working as often as I would like it to.


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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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I have been going to a young woman dermatologist twice a year for several years.  Usually the nurse hands me a robe and says to strip down to my underware and put the robe on. Usually I have on a skinmp brief bikini (victorias secret body by victoria).  Last year I asked the nurse if I really needed the robe and she said no not if I was warm enough.  The last visit this year I decided to wear a thong.  She came in and I was wearing my thong. She examened me as usual and had no problem at all.   From now on I will not worry about it when I go see her.
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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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I don't think the Docs or nurses really care what you wear.  My expereinces have been with a female nurse giving me a pennicillin shot in the rear.  Then the thong was easier because I did not have to drop my underwear.  I normally wear thongs and did not expect to have to get a shot when I went to the office right from work.  Given the choice between a pill for a week or one shot I took the shot.  I was a little nervous but it was easy. My next time came when I won a series of body wraps.  I know the technician pretty well as she is the owner of the salon and I have been getting my hair cut there for quite a while.  I knew I would be stripping down, so I wore a rio bikini for the wrap.  I brought a thong to wear after I cleaned up from the wrap.  What I had not thought about was she would be coming back in to do measurments after the wrap.  So there I stood in the middle of the room in my thong waiting nervously for her to come back in.  She is a older (55 or so) lady, she said nice thong, if you got them you may as well wear them.Now that I am braver and have lost some weight so I feel more confident, I wore a thong to my physical last month.  My normal Doc is a man but though work we can get a better deal if we go to the nurse practicioner for simple things.  She did not comment on my thong but did ask me if I shave all the time or if I was having a procedure.Life is short, wear what you want.
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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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I went to a dermatologist today to see about having broken blood vessels in my chin removed and while there asked about a dark mole on my back.  So, he proceeds to check out my back,, no problems, then my arms, and face, and then says, lover your pants so I can check your legs.  I'm wearing a HOM Freddy and am almost completely smooth, so there I was standing on a stool about 1 foot high and him going over my legs to see if there were any moles to be concerned with.  there was a nurse or attendant in the room as well, a young black woman.  Neither of them even indicated anything one way or another.  I was totally at ease the whole time.  After the girl left, I even asked if he would check something on my scrotum and he did, again no indication of surprise at my being smooth.It was sort of liberating to be comfortable about wearing a g string and being smooth!
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Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

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A number of years ago (approx. 1990 / 91) I got a letter from the blood service asking me to report to my doctor as they had detected a yellowing of my plasma when I had donated blood. After seeing my GP I was referred for further tests at my local hospital. I expected these would entail blood samples and little else. However when I was called in to see the Dr. (a woman in her 40's) I was asked to strip down to my underwear, which made me a little nervous as all I had on was very brief tanga-style undies with narrow waistband. As you can imagine these were a very brief style then (men's thongs were very rare in those days - loose boxers being the norm).Anyhow I stripped down behind a curtain and stepped out to find that the doc. had been joined by a younger (again female) nurse. There were definite shared glances before they started the poking and prodding!I wouldn't be in the slightest perturbed these days, and have been for all sorts of consults and procedures (including both a hernia repair and vasectomy) in thong underwear & completely shaved since then (they told me I needn't have shaved everything when I went for the vasectomy - to which I explained that I hadn't shaved any more than usual!) but at the time I was about 20 and had only just started to wear skimpier styles. Quite daunting!
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