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scthngbttm #101

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/09/2008 03:13:01Copy HTML

I only had one experience with this. Sometimes I wear a thong and sometimes briefs. This day I happened to have on a thong, and went to the doctor because I wasn't feeling well. The doctor, a woman, decided instead of a prescription, she was just going to give me a shot - in the hip. She asked me to lower my pants and underwear. I lowered my pants, and she glanced at the thong waistband, which I pulled up and out of the way. She said "now thats convenient," gave me the shot, and I was on my way. Nothing else was said about it.

While thongs wearing may be part of our lives - I disagree with wearing one to a doctor's office out of some sexual interest - i.e. "im going to wear this just to see if ___ gets a kick out of it, or because it will arouse YOU to know someone else (who happens to be a captive audience), is looking. If it's what you wear ALL THE TIME, thats one thing, but if you a part-timer, and ordinarily would NOT wear a thong to a doctor, just to do it to "see what kind of kicks" you can get, in my opinion, is wrong. You are forcing a professional into participating in your own kinkiness.
If its only part of your "breaking out" into thong wearing all the time, i.e. lets see what this person, who HAS to remain professional, thinks, is one thing - but to go beyond that into some sexual thing, is a little much.
and thats all i have to say about that... :P~~~~
skoolgirl #102

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/17/2008 01:02:07Copy HTML

I wear my thong everywhere now!!! My boyfriend now is a doctor!!! Never thought it would happen between us but that's actually how we met and he said that he tried to be professional but he couldn't help himself!! He had to have me!!
chris0721 #103

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/18/2008 10:33:41Copy HTML

I have worn my thong to the doctor, dermatologist, massage therapist, waxing salon/spa....it doesn't make any difference....be yourself...be confident and don't worry...be happy...most of the professional don't care...they see all kinds of stuff.
barefootthong #104

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/06/2008 05:26:33Copy HTML

I went to the dermotoligst the other day. I went into the checkup room for a full body check. As I did the last time, I put on my thong for the exam. I was sitting there waiting for the doctor (young lady) and when she came in she had another very pretty young girl with her. I did not expect it but took it in stride. She checked my face then had me stand up. My back was to the other girl at first. They both checked me out very good and no one seemed to mind I had on a thong. I may ask them next time if they see very many men in thongs. 
BeachBum413 #105

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/16/2008 02:49:59Copy HTML

I have had several interesting experiences over the last few weeks. The first was with a procedure that I had to have done on my left leg. I had to have several ultrasounds on the leg. I generally wear thongs but decided for the 1st one that I wouldn't. When they did the ultrasound and shoved my underwear up out of the way so that they could follow the vein and managed to get the cream use all over. I decided that the next time it was the thong or nothing. The next time I asked the girl doing it if she minded if I took my underwear off and she said no that it actually made things easier.  When I had the actual procedure I was told to strip and they gave me a hospital gown to put on. When I got on the table an in position I was exposed from the waist down. Since I'm shaved I was pretty well exposed. No one said anything and I had the procedure. When I went back for the final ultrasound I had the same nurse and I didn't hesitate to strip down. We had just retuned from 2 weeks at a nude resort in the Caribbean so I was pretty tan. She asked me about it and we got to talking and it turned out that she was a nudist also. She also said that she wished more folks were as open as I was and that being shaved because it made things a lot easier.

My second experience happened yesterday. Once again I had too have an ultrasound on the other leg due to some as yet unexplained knee problems. This time I didn't hesitate to wear my thong. It was at a different hospital but after my last experience I didn't care. I went in and stripped as I have done before. This time the technician has a trainee with her. She asked what other thing that I had had done and I told her about an old hydrocele and the earlier leg ultrasounds. She did the procedure and then asked if I minded being a guinea pig so that she could show the trainee some things. She said that since I was shaved it would make things easier to show the trainee. I said since I was there and had the time I didn't mind. She then uncovered me and followed veins up onto my belly and down the other leg. She then asked if she could do my  testicles and I said I didn't mind.  It was an interesting and enjoyable experience. As the technician said "Body parts is body parts and we all have them." She thanked me for allowing her to show the trainee some things that she didn’t see every day and that I had been a good patient. All in all it was an interesting experience. I have learned that we should just do as we always do and the medical community has seen it all. Basically they don’t care what you wear or how you look. They are real professionals and see this sort of thing every day.
redraider55 #106

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/14/2008 08:29:17Copy HTML

At my wife's insistence, I scheduled a physical with our  PCP.  After visiting with the nurse, and then the doctor, I was asked to strip down to my underwear. Since I only wear g-strings, I asked for a "gown". I figured it wouldn't be as surprising with the gown. He didn't seem to hesitate with the exam. He pulled aside the pouch for the "cough", and pulled aside the back string for the prostate exam. Not a big deal. Nearing the end of the exam, there was a knock on the door. An administrative assistant opened the door when he said "Yes?" to tell him that he had an important phone call. I wished I hadn't asked for the gown because I'm she would've had a sight to see.   As it turned out, it wasn't an important phone call. He chatted with another doctor about how his 16 yr old daughter finally climbed her last 14-er over the weekend. A 14-er in Colorado is a mountain peak over 14,000 ft. No wonder my physical took so long...
bajaflyer #107

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/31/2008 09:04:17Copy HTML

   When I first met my current doctor it was because of a rash break out i got all over my body because of work. He is in his late thirties I suppose and wasnt all that interested in having me dis-robe or even pull my pant leg up for him to see the rash, or what was left of it. He is a nice guy, I was just surprised at his reaction of not wanting to examine me.  A few visits later for soar throats and stuff came the big show.  I got a skin infection that caused very tender skin wounds. The first one I got was in my groin, just left of "center". There was no avoiding it this time. I was comfortable with revealing what I wore, I was just waiting for his reaction.  That day, first the nurse got an eye full of my thong, and all things personal, no comment. Then the doctors turn, again no comment. I think he said something about easier exams, but I was in a lot of pain. No comment on me being shaved either.  The bigest reaction I got was from an older doctor in the group,mid to late fifties i guess. I wound up seeing all the doctors in the group over this for follow up exams. The oldest doctor checked my wound, didnt say anything about my thong, but said "..that's really gonna itch later.." refering to my shaving, when I said "I dont itch any more, it's a regular thing.", he just about feel out of the exam room door. I thaught the old guy was going to have a heart attack, I was trying to keep from laughing.  So now everyone in that doctors office know about me. But they've been very profesional, I havent noticed any wierd glances or anything.   I expected to hear something, as it turns out, my wife delivered the baby of the nurse that was with him the first time I had a full examination, she is a nurse as well.
ljv #108

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/19/2008 06:50:25Copy HTML

I have gotten a Brazilian several times and have always worn a thong to the appointment but never got any sort of reaction.  Yesterday I got waxed.  I wore a pretty standard thong, a blue Joe Snyder thong.  This time however I had a distinct thong tan line because I laid out quite a bit this past summer. 
As we were talking, she asked me, "So do you where speedo type swimsuit?"  At this point in time she hadn't seen the tanlines in back, only in front. 
I replied, "Yeah, sometimes.  I sometimes where shorts, or speedos, or thongs.  It just depends on where I am."
She asked, "Now where do you where thongs?" 
I said, "When I go down to Mexico, Playa Del Carmen or Tulum. My backyard, or San Onofre State Beach.  We are heading up to L.A. this weekend so I'll probably try to go to Venice Beach and wear one." 

At San Onofre we don't go to the nude section as my wife doesn't like it.  We go to the textile part.  We go there because  textile part is a lot less crowded than other San Diego county beaches.  And because we both are still self-conscious, it works out for us.

 Now I had to turn around for her to do my crack in which she now saw the back of my tan lines.  Then I asked, "Do have many male clients that wear thongs?"  
"Oh yeah." she replied, "Actually it is becoming increasingly popular here in America.  Men are becoming more aware and concerned with their image.  More and more are getting brazilians.  In Europe, thongs have always been popular the people their are not affected by someone showing skin, it normal.  I don't see what all the fuss is about, We all pretty much the same parts.  Why people are fuss over it, I don't understand it." 

That was all the conversation for this topic.  Thought that was a pretty positive experience with acceptance of thongs.
GymThongGuy #109

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/15/2008 05:16:46Copy HTML

Been fighting some bronchitis and went for a doc appointment today when she told me she wanted to put me on steroids starting with a shot. Well I hadn't anticipated that and depending on the mood I might have adjusted my underwear choice to briefs. I thong 99% of the time. Alas, I was about to bare my tush in a Rips Y-back thong. The nurse said she'd give it to me in my hip and to drop trou and bend over the exam table. I did as instructed thinking that, well, there's plenty of real estate back there that wasn't covered, but she surprised me by pulling down the elastic waistband and giving me the shot there. As if a half inch lower simply wouldn't do. She never said a word but she was a bit grumpy...but she was that way before she knew my underwear choice. I didn't care in the least as I figure I'm too old to be embarassed by these things. It's just underwear but at the same time I found my own reaction liberating. Of course I'm ill so I'm willing to forego a lot to get better. And in case you are wondering, I'm 33.
DoreFan #110

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/19/2009 03:08:39Copy HTML

I had to go to the doctor again recently to get my heart checked. She asked me to remove my shirt while she stepped out of the room. Just as she left, she also asked me to remove my pants to check a rash near my groin. I had just undressed down to my g-string when the door opened. I had my back to the door at the time, so she would have had a full on view of the g-string. She quickly closed the door as I got up on the table.

She checked my heart first with just a sheet covering my lap, so my waistband were visible from the side and back. When she checked my groin, I had to remove the sheet and my g-string while she watched. She was cool and did not comment at all about the g-string or the fact I was completely shaved.
JM_Runs #111

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/19/2009 04:44:45Copy HTML

 I went to get my prostate gland checked. I wore my g-string as always. I didn't care what the Doctor thought. Once I got there I found out it was woman Doctor, I felt a little nervous. But once the pants were done I didn't worry about it anymore. Then when she rubbed in the front, I think she was glad they were shaved instead of  having someones hair down there touch her hands and arms. Ever since that experience I have had no problems wearing my G-strings to the doctors no matter what the occasion or Doctor.
stanpuppy #112

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/21/2009 12:30:15Copy HTML

I have a dermatoligists appt coming up in a couple weeks.  As i dont wear underwear, i seriously doubt i will put any on for the appt.  If i do deciede to however, it will probably be a DKNY sport thong.  Will let you know how it goes
John Howard #113

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/22/2009 03:31:42Copy HTML

Dermatologist  appointment....
something so important for us sun lovers.  How often do you have an appointment with your dermatologist to see if skin cancer related issue have occurrred in your skin, Stanpuppy?
I definitely should include this within my agenda.

John Howard
stanpuppy #114

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:02/25/2009 07:36:49Copy HTML

Got back from the dermatologist today. Very interesting.  WHen i got there, the nurse told me to take off everything except my underwear.  As stated above, i decieded not to do anything special just for the Dr, so i wore none.  As it turns out the physicians assistant came in to do the skin check.  She was adorable.  Very cute with brown curly hair.  As she was checking me, she asked me to stand up so she could do the back.  She opened the gown and saw my (no tanlines) butt.  Was very professional and continued with the exam.  The reason i made the appt was because i recently found a little bump in a very sensitive spot.  It was between my upper upper thigh and my scrotal sack.  I told her about it and she asked me to lay back so she could take a look.  I pulled the exam robe up and she saw everything, included my hairless public region.  She said that they could excise the bump very painlessly in about 5 min.  I approved and she went and got a (another rather cute) nurse.  Togeather they worked on me for about 5 - 10 min with me laying on my back holding myself to keep things out of their way.  The entire time they were completely professional, made no mention of anything and acted like i was the same as every other patient they have ever seen.  This is the way medical professionals are supposed to be.

As far as you question about timing JH.  THis is my first visit in a long time, but i am going to start making annual visits (unless something comes up that requires more frequency.)

Actually, they do laser hair removal at this office, so i guess i am surprised they did not mention it to me as on option.
JM_Runs #115

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/08/2009 09:45:14Copy HTML

I am thinking of getting a check up on my ass because I get these rash/pimples on my ass. I am gonna wear a g-string to the doctors so that it would be easier for the doc to see.  I hope the doctor is a female.
zaam #116

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/09/2009 04:29:41Copy HTML

Well I went to the doctor a few days ago and my expierence was very negative.  First of all I went for a physical.  I have not had one in a long time.  So, of course I wore a thong that I had purchased from Prevail Sport.  One of the nurses told me to enter a room and take off all of my clothes except my underwear.  Bingo! Just what I was hoping she would tell me.  I was so hoping it would be a female doctor.  To my dismay it was an older Asian male doctor.  Okay I thought maybe I'll get a female one next time?  Besides this guy seems mature and professional enough?  Well, the moment he entered the room there I was sitting on the table waiting to be examined.  I could tell by the expression on his face that he had a problem with my choice of underwear.  Yet, he played the professional card to the letter until the end of the examination. 
That ignorant, unprofessional, bastard,  had the audacity to ask me if I had any rectal problems?  I mean to ask such a thing as if to say "I know this guy is a homosexual let me see if he will cut the bull and tell me why he is really here."  I told him no. 
I should have gotten in his s**t  how I really felt about the comment.  I mean this bastard didn't even have the courage to look me in the face and the question.  He asked me this question with his back turned.  Still, this wasn't even the icing on the cake.  I asked this FAKE doctor what I normally ask any doctor that I visit for a physical.  I ask him for some Viagra mainly to see if the s**t really works?  A lot of guys swear that half a pill is all you need to kill some p**sy?  So, me being the horny loving husband that I am ask this bastard to prescribe me some.  Now by the way the wifey says that I don't need it. 
Anyway, do you know what came said out of his mouth next?  He told me first of all no.  He also stated that if I wanted to delay ejaculation that I should focus more on foreplay and make sure that my wife orgasm first.  He further went on to say that a woman can have multiply orgasms and a man can (keyword): ONLY have ONE orgasm.  What nonsense!!!!  I myself can have up to 3 orgasms.  On a good day 4. 
You know I will return to this doctor and question him on these two comments.  I promise you after I finish the conversation he may not accept the truth; but one thing for sure his ignorant, unprofessional ass will know how to act from that day forward. Peace!
JM_Runs #117

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/09/2009 12:53:49Copy HTML

Kiwoo1992, I've worn both a thong and a g-string for my dermatologist full-body checks these past two years.  Worked fine, as she could see all she needed to, and I didn't have to remove them since I assured her I had no skin problems on my genitals.  May need to remove them this year to have her remove a small growth whose sight bothers me when I'm at the beach in my g-string.  Her only comment once was inquiring if I wore this style of underwear all the time when I asked what might be causing the scaliness I had toward the top of my cleavage.  She suggested back strap irritation, and to use Lubriderm on the area.  I wear the same underwear to my annual physicals with my long-time primary care physician.  Never a comment.  You may feel a 'rush' wearing your g-string to the doctor.  That's fine, enjoy it (don't get too excited!), little adventures like this make living fun, and hurt no one.  You're likely to find the transaction, as I have, completely professional.  Just keep your cool as a mature person, even as you're lovin' it.  
JM_Runs #118

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/09/2009 02:54:11Copy HTML

In reply to zaam,

I think the doctor was very professional.  It is common for people who have an embarrassing problem to just go in for a 'physical'.  It is a good doctor who opens up the channel for the patent to disclose other problems.  Men of your age, 38, do start to have urinary and prostrate problems, and a through physical should include questions to elicit an admission that a patent might be otherwise too embarrassed to bring up.

You seem to have reacted very negatively to his question, as if it was an insult to your heterosexual manhood. You are also anoyed that he turned away while asking the question.   I do not think he was turning away from you to show you disrespect, he was giving you a little privacy so you would not feel more embarrised or blush when being asked an personal question.

You may have been looking and acting nervous, when wearing a thong in front of a male doctor you probably were.  (Sorry your fantasy of flashing a female doc did not work out).  Therefore, seeing you discomfort, he may have thought that you had something more you wanted to disclose.  He asked you directly, probably thinking that you were too embarrassed to bring the subject up.  He was giving you the opportunity to expound, or bring up a related issue without beating around the bush and wasting time.

Personally I don't think he thought you were necessarily gay. I think he thought you were getting near 40 when it is normal to ask men, during a physical, about such bodily functions.  Especially when they come into the doctor but otherwise appear completely healthy.

Even if he did think you might be gay or bi-sexual that's not the point.  He will treat or refer you, what ever your condition.  If he wanted to avoid dealing with a possibly of 'a gay mans problem' he would have avoided asking the question.

You assume he asked this question because he suspected you were gay.  Well if you go around wearing a thong you have to understand that some people may think you are, it comes with the territory.

I understand that you may feel a little touchy about even the idea that someone else might think you are gay, simply because you come from an African-American community where anything associated with being gay is stigmatized.  But that's no reason to call hm all sorts of names and suggest he is a fake. 

You are displaying  an irrational and immature anger about a perceived slight, that was in the privacy of a private consulting room.  I suspect you have no idea of what real embarrassment is. Just wait until you are out on the beach in a thong and some red-neck walks over, gets in your face and loudly calls you a FAG in front of everyone else, including your girlfriend and her teenage daughters. No that’s uncomfortable.
Not only do you insult him and swear at him, you seem especially irrate that he would not prescribe controlled drugs for recreational use.  That does not make him unprofessional, it shows he was being very professional.  Too many doctors are prescribing drugs just because the subject asks for them.  They have seen them on TV or their friends talk about them and they want to try them out for fun, like you do.  This is not what prescription drugs are for!

When an apparently healthy person walks into a doctor’s office the doctor has a medical duty to help the person talk about what really brought them to his door. In your case it seems that it was to flash a female doc for fun, and to score some prescription drugs for recreational use. Having been thwarted in both, your rant seems incredibly selfish and very immature.

You are going to get the surprise of you life when in a few years your doctor asks you to strip down nude, lay on your side and 'just relax' while he sticks his finger up your bum to feel your prostate.  Welcome to the indignities of getting older.
rickl454 #119

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/09/2009 03:19:20Copy HTML

My last two primary care physicians have been female.  Both have looked, prodded and poked me thoroughly as any good doctor needs to do.  Both gave me the option of referral to a male doctor for certain examinations but I declined.  A doctor, whether male or female, is a doctor first.  Smart and trained to a degree beyond the comprehension of most of the rest of us.   A frank and honest interaction between doctor and patient is at the core of the medical profession.  If the physician is going to provide a high level of care to the patient he/she needs to be free to practice their profession - regardless of gender issues.  Whatever your problem they have seen it all before. 
swflaguy #120

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/09/2009 05:35:31Copy HTML

 In reply to Zaam

I think you're really over reacting. If you were offended let it go and / or find a new doctor. I would not encourage you to get confrontational with the doctor. It won't accomplish anything and if you get nasty, the may ask you to find another practice and not come back. Let it go and chill out.

That's my 2 cents worth.
zaam #121

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/10/2009 04:26:53Copy HTML

Greetings: Everyone,

     Jm, Jm,  I'll have you know that I acted very positive and professional as I always do in real life.  However, on the internet I along with everyone else can "let out some steam."  I thought it was  best to do that here than to do that at the doctor's office.  So no negativity on my part just my feelings on the matter.  After all I could have mis-judged the situation?  I will find out on the next visit.  You like always have made valid points.  Still, you seem to get technical about someone giving you one side of the story; while at the same time see the other person or (persons) point of view.  How or why do you do that?  Be advised I am not accusing you of taking sides.  It's just a peculiar thing that I have noticed on several of your post. "You may have been looking and acting nervous, when wearing a thong in front of a male doctor you probably were."  Wrong. I was very calm, cool, and collected.  You are right about the female doc thing.  Yet it didn't happen and it was no biggie then or now.  I'm sure there will come another time?  My primary reason for going anyway was for a long over due physical.  The fact that I was looking for a female doctor would just have been the icing on the cake.  " You assume he asked this question because he suspected you were gay.  Well if you go around wearing a thong you have to understand that some people may think you are, it comes with the territory."  I agree with you whole heartedly on this statement.  I don't like it; yet it is true in some cases.  "I understand that you may feel a little touchy about even the idea that someone else might think you are gay, simply because you come from an African-American community where anything associated with being gay is stigmatized."  I am Afrikan-American.  Still, what are you trying to say here?  Are you saying that some or all Afrikan-Americans are "touchy" when it comes to homosexuality?  That just isn't the truth.  Maybe you are stigmatizing an "entire" community based on assumptions or a few case studies that you conducted?  I don't know.  What I do know is you that should have kept that to yourself.
"I suspect you have no idea of what real embarrassment is."  Wrong. Been there done that. "Just wait until you are out on the beach in a thong and some red-neck walks over, gets in your face and loudly calls you a FAG in front of everyone else, including your girlfriend and her teenage daughters. No that’s uncomfortable."  You know Jm I hope that this does not happen.  It won't matter who the person is I pray to GOD that he allows this person to think twice before he does that very terrible mistake.  Now that's all I can say on that scenario.  I hope not for me; but for his sake that GOD bestows favors on this character?  Oh, I am married by the way.  "Not only do you insult him and swear at him, you seem especially irrate that he would not prescribe controlled drugs for recreational use.  That does not make him unprofessional, it shows he was being very professional."  No sir yo have this all wrong.  Maybe the word I should have used was un-informed.  I say this because I noticed by the certifications on his wall that he had been practicing medicine for over 25 years.  So, when he came out of his mouth that a man can only have 1 orgasm and no more I was appauled and I still think the same way.  I take it upon him to be knowledgeable and current in his profession.  It was clear by his statement that he was not.  I did not expect him to discuss Vulcan physiology.  I didn't however, expect him to tell me that falsehood.  Yes I really expected him to know better.  Now I know that just isn't the case with this doctor.  The next time I go to see him I'll have correct information just to pass on to him.  There is an old Afrikan proverb that states: "Each One Teach One."  "
You are going to get the surprise of you life when in a few years your doctor asks you to strip down nude, lay on your side and 'just relax' while he sticks his finger up your bum to feel your prostate.  Welcome to the indignities of getting older."  No I wont.  I promise myself that I will personally have a female doctor to conduct this very normal procedure.

Thank you for reading these words. 
JM_Runs #122

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/10/2009 03:00:08Copy HTML

Thank you for your compliment that I tend to look at both sides of the situation. It suppose it helps that I was not there but have been in similar situations in my life. I am often interested in not just what other people do but how they think and why they may think that way.

I know that you have posted that you are African-American, which shows you have courage becuase there are fewer African-American's who wear thongs than there are African-American's in the population, even though they often have a skin tone that often looks much better in the thongs. I think it's common knowledge that in many parts of the African-American community there is more homophobia than in the general population.  Which makes your courage to wear thongs a little rare.

While I see many thongs on Fort Lauderdale beach, mostly on women but some on men too, I see almost none on African-American men, and this is on a beach that is basically both gay and thong friendly. 

I suspect that elsewhere, the number of African-American men who dare to wear a thong in public is even less. This does not mean that all young black men feel compelled to be either hip-hop or members of the church, it just means that the presure for them to conform, from peers, parents and employers is higher. It is just tougher growing up black in the USA, there is a lot of presure from everyone. 

You are right in that it is possible for a man to have an orgasm with an ejaculation, and then not to lose it but  continue on to have another.  However, for most young men it is not common, and it gets a lot less likely as you age..... Unless the man is under the influence of devices or drugs that prevent the the natural wilting after orgasm.  Either way, it is the correct procedure for a clinician to advise of ways to have a healthy and regarding sex life without resorting to pharmaceutical support.

I am glad to hear you maintained your professional attitude at the doctors.  Maybe the beach would be a more comfortable place for you to wear your thongs in public.  You can find a place and layout in the sun, or in the shade of a palm tree and watch the girls walk by.
zaam #123

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:04/10/2009 09:39:48Copy HTML

No shade for me.  I am too mature for that kind of behavior.  As for the beach me and my wife will be enjoying one another.  Happliy thonging together.  Ha, Ha,Ha
shoyupoke #124

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/07/2009 07:52:54Copy HTML

I've been to the clinic twice this year to donate bone marrow (for research purposes).  The first time, I was escorted into the exam room by a nurse (Eastern European background, I would guess), who asked me to loosen my pants and lay belly down on the table.  (They take the bone marrow from the back of the hip bone - where the label on the jeans usually is). She pulled down my pants and noticed my thong tanlines.  She asked, oh my, where have you been in the sun?  I answered - Hawaii, and we started having a nice conversation about Hawaii and cruises.  She was smiling the whole time and I kept seeing her checking out my tanlines.  The doctor came in and continued the conversation about cruises and was professional throughout.

The second time, I met the same nurse in the exam room.  This time I was wearing a thong under shorts.  I could tell she recognized me.  We chatted about what I do at my day job and the same doctor came in for the extraction, still very professional during the session.  When the doctor was done, the nurse helped me by pulling up on my thong and then my shorts.  The nurse said smiling, come back and see us again on my way out.
I felt very comfortable in both appointments.  I'm not sure how often they see thongs, but I appreciate how the doctor and the nurse were non-judgemental during my sessions.
stanpuppy #125

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/14/2009 04:31:56Copy HTML

I dont normally wear underwear,but if I do have an appointment where i know I am going to disrobe, I will put on a thong (usually a Calvin Klein Steel thong).  Nobody has ever made a big deal out of it, it is usually treated just as boxers or any other style.  I remember once (after I had my vasectomy) I had to specifically wear underwear to hold the ice in place.  As I was putting on my thong, the urologist said "those are really good underwear for this purpose".

Oddly enough, whenever my wife knows she is going to have to disrobe, she changes from her teardrop g-strings to conventional thongs.  I always laugh, but she is just more comfortable that way.
ozarkG #126

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/14/2009 10:32:04Copy HTML

   I'm going to have to find a new doctor. I been going out of my insurance network, can't afford that any more. So I'll have to find some one new. Male or female I don't care. Who ever is recomended and taking new patients. I won't be changing my underware for visits. The sooner they know the "real" me, the better. That way there's no "surprise".  We'll see what happens.
6242 #127

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/31/2009 01:35:52Copy HTML

 I would be more concerned about the doctor's opinion: re: PSA, mammogram, cholesterol. Nobody ever died because they wore a thong!
6242 #128

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/25/2009 01:17:02Copy HTML

I am seeing my doctor next Monday. What thong should I wear? Conservative: Joe Boxer, Liberal: Clever (real tiny).
darksmooth #129

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/25/2009 04:15:38Copy HTML

I had to go to the doctor last week.  I wear thongs 90% of the time, but for some reason had boxer briefs on that day.  Had I known I was going to get a shot in the hip, I would have certainly worn a thong.  But fortunately, I had maintained a brilliant thong tan line from laying out wearing my Skinz thongs as recently as two weeks ago.  The nurse asked me to pull down my shorts.  All she said was, "wow, I can't find any fat back here" as she tried to find a good spot to administer the shot.  I loved knowing my thong tan lines I've worked so hard for were on display.  I got home and pulled down my pants to remove the bandaid and my wife said "Oooh, the nurse got to see that you wear a thong.  I'll bet she was turned on".  I don't know about that, but I liked that my wife seemed supportive of the situation.
samos #130

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/15/2010 09:16:51Copy HTML

This is about my daughter's classmate Monica. My daughter and Monica are 14 years old.  A few weeks ago the whole class had to participate in medical exam. All the girls had to strip naked before a doctor, nurses and 2 female teachers.  As part of the process each girl was given an injection into the buttocks.

All girls stripped completely, but Monica kept her black thong bikini on (actually it was black set - bra and thong bottom). She refused to undress completely before others. Monica is very curvy for her age and she also very proud of herself. The doctor said that he understood the desire not show her nakedness, and her wearing a thong would not a problem for examination or injection.

Monica mocked the other girls becuase they must be fully undressed because they have children's underwear, which can not be kept on during the medical exam, but she did not have to be nude because, because she had her thong bikini, of which she was very proud. Monica is reportedly very selfish and cocky.

At this point, some girls started to fuss. They did not like the double standard and they felt humiliated.  The female teachers readily agreed, they said that thong underwear is just not appropriate for a girl of this age.  So Monica had to take off of her thong bikini, though she resisted and cried. In the end Monica had to be nude like all the other girls and have the same Medical exam.

What do you think is suitable age for wearing thong bikini?

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288988 #131

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/16/2010 03:03:56Copy HTML

If a 14 year old girl has the figure for a thong bikini, then tough to the others. Wear what you please.
JM_Runs #132

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/16/2010 04:21:17Copy HTML

 I think samos may be from the Czech Republic where they have a national health service. 
Sunson #133

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/16/2010 08:43:39Copy HTML

According to the 14yo daughter - I guess if she likes to wear thong, let her wear it. It´s normal underwear (if it´s not made of latex ot leather). I saw few times very young girls (some with their parent) I guess, also 14, buying thong in C&A, so I guess - no problemo.

As far as a thongs to the doctor - I wore once, but I didn´t know I will have to undress. He said "remove your pants and underwear" - I felt I was red on my face, cause I wasn´t ready to show my butt to a male. So i put my pants with my thongs down. But in the same second, I realized, I have thongs tanlines... (fail), so I tried to cover them with my Tshirt, but I don´t think, he didn´t see it. The doctor was professional, but wasn´t nice. I mean, he wasn´t rude, but he was just... robo-doctor - did what he had to do - no chit-chat or something...

Next month I´ll go to the skindoctor - I wish it will be female doctor;=)
stanpuppy #134

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/16/2010 10:12:34Copy HTML

I think you are overthinking this sunsson.  According to most of my friends who are doctors, they dont give a damn about your underwear or your tanlines.  They have 15 patients waiting to see him after you, they want to treat you and get you out the door.  If you were Eva Longoria, it might (and i stress MIGHT) be a different story, but your not. 
XChip #135

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/17/2010 02:38:35Copy HTML

 I'm in my late  60's, too old to be worrying about this stuff.  My doctor sees the metal in my nips and in my dick--in fact, we converse about it.  Thongs or g-strings--I want him to know me, and that's part of it.  His nurse sees only the nips, and we converse about that too.    Why not?
288988 #136

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/17/2010 12:48:24Copy HTML

I went to a pain specialist for a bad hip, and the female doctor said that my choice of thong actually made it easier to put the cortisone shot in my tailbone.
JM_Runs #137

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:05/18/2010 04:32:29Copy HTML

My wife works for a private practice office.  She told me today that for the first time she heard of one of her male patients wearing a thong.  Another employee was working in a patient room with the patient and came out and told all of the employees there that her patient had a thong on.  All the employees whom are female mind you acted like it was the most disgusting thing they had ever seen.  My wife played along with them.  She came home and told me about the situation and i told her big deal you've seen me walk around the house for the past couple of years with them on.  She agreed and then we spoke about how close minded her co workers are.  Im glad there are other thongers out there representing!
OS777 #138

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:05/18/2010 05:33:49Copy HTML

OS777 #139

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:05/18/2010 05:46:05Copy HTML

mrmartini1999 #140

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:05/18/2010 10:57:52Copy HTML

Whenever I've gone to the Dr's I've always worn a thong.  He's never questioned it or made an issue of it.  I've been seeing him for 10yrs and it's never been an issue.  Likewise, I shave/trim the bits and pieces so he's seen me bushy to smooth and its not an issue.  He's in my age group so I think he's more accustomed and accepting of social changes.  He knows I'm gay, in a relationship, and wanting kids.  He's reaaly been great about all of it.    
rayers16 #141

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/26/2010 09:52:34Copy HTML

Great Comments!!  Just started back visiting the board today after having several surgeries.  One year ago I had to have four major surgeries to reconstruct my foot after a tendon in my foot had degenerated. The surgeries were very painful, doctors used nerve blocks on the lower half of my body and also on my leg.  While getting me ready for surgery, had several good comments about my tan and thong tan line from both doctors and nurses at every surgery.  Even while in the hospital, not a day went by that a different person commented on my tan.  It has been over a year now, the four long scars have healed great, and are hardly noticeable after getting my tan back.   Even today during my followup doctor visit I still get comments on my tan and tan lines.  Hope that others have had great comments also.
SlidingG #142

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:03/18/2011 02:30:28Copy HTML

Hey Rayers16, I got a good comment once from the orthopedic surgeon treating a lower disc problem, and another time from the urologist taking a prostate biopsy.  They lightened up otherwise grim situations.

But those were exceptions, for I rarely sport tan lines, preferring an overall tan instead.  That's usually gained wearing tan-thru g-strings, and occasionally visiting c/o beaches far from home on vacation ("not near home, buster", says my wife).  It's hard to think the guys at my health club don't notice, probably presuming I'm a nudist, but true to form as taciturn New England yankees, they never say a thing.  (What would Calvin Coolidge say?  You get the idea.)  

That's too bad, I'd love to launch into fun conversations while sitting nude in the steam room and sauna, or bikini-clad in the coed whirlpool.  The closest I got once was asking a guy who surfs regularly in Barbados whether wearing thongs there was acceptable.  He thought they would be, and I did, without incident.  Just this week, judging by his fresh tanlines, I noted he's strictly a boardies guy.  No surprise there.  Then shortly his pretty young wife joined me in the whirlpool, where I greeted her with "that looks like a Barbados tan", and we had a good chat.  All the while I wondered what the lines under her one-piece might reveal -- hmmmm . . . . far from home . . . .     
Sunson #143

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/19/2011 08:40:32Copy HTML

Two weeks ago  I went to the doctor. I was expecting, I might undrees, therefore I wore tight boxers.But the doctor said, I need to take some pills and now I get one shot (needle) to my butt.So I went to the laboratory and waited with inpacienty, and then young (like 25yo) and nice female doctor (i guess she was just a helper - not doctor) came in and told me to put my pants down. I am pretty sure she saw my thong tanlines while doing this shot.Good feeling though. Of corse no comment or anything.One week later, I visited again (to check my health) and she didn´t want my insurance card (did she remember me? lol)...
JM_Runs #144

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/19/2011 08:18:48Copy HTML

Great story, Sunson. I think the nurse remembered you because she probably had not seen a patient with a thong tan before you appeared. And I think it's unlikely that she will ever see a patient, other than you, with a thong tan.
bryger #145

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/07/2011 02:37:37Copy HTML

All I ever wear are thongs. Doctor visit or not. My main doc has never blinked. Perhaps the first time he might have I don't know. He would have two choices, thong or nothing. I think he'd rather the thong. lol.
DoreFan #146

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/04/2011 09:38:31Copy HTML

I just started seeing a physiotherapist for some pains I have in my butt and groin areas. She turned out to be a very sweet young lady which was a nice surprise. She had me change out of my jeans into some thin nylon shorts to do some stretches. I had a Dore very narrow push out pouch thong on and whenever I lay flat on my back, it produced a very noticeable bulge thru the thin material. She definitely noticed because I caught her eyes looking at it a couple of times. She then brought me into a private room to use an ultrasound machine on my butt and groin. When she did my butt, she pulled down the back of the shorts and pressed the wand on my butt. When she was about to use the ultrasound machine on my groin, she started rolling up the legs of the shorts to try and reach underneath with the wand. This was awkward since she couldn't see what she was doing, so I offered to remove the shorts, saying I wasn't that shy. She turned and grinned, a slightly shy look on her face. So I removed the shorts and she was able to use the ultrasound wand on my groin and legs much easier now. Her eyes would have had to be in the vicinity of my bulging groin as she moved the wand around. She actually bumped the wand against my bulge a couple of times during the process. I was curious as to how many of her patients wore thongs, but I was afraid of asking.

JM_Runs #147

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/05/2011 05:11:15Copy HTML

I went to my doctor today to get an annual physical. This year was the first time I was shaved and had a thong tanline. I have been going to him for many years.  I was wondering if he was going to comment on my tanline or shaved pubic area but he didn't say a thing. Just normal conversation but I am sure he doesn't come across that too often.
JM_Runs #148

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/05/2011 07:38:30Copy HTML

 Well not exactly a Dr.'s appt. but I went in for my first MRI and found out I had to strip down to my underwear and put on a hospital gown. I had not thought about having to strip before my appt and had on a fishnet G-string, so when I had the gown on and was laying on the MRI table the gown came just past my grion area and from the end of the table the tech had a full view of my fishnet G-string
stanpuppy #149

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/18/2012 08:37:27Copy HTML

My last doctors appointment was about a month ago.  I recently changed doctors offices and I had never met my new doctor before.  I did know she was a female, that was about it.   WHen she showed up, I was in shock.  She was stunning.  She looked like Heather Locklears younger sister.   I dont normally wear underwear, but since I had a doctors appt, I decided it might be a good idea to put some on.  I had no idea if she was going to examine me undressed or not.  Anyway, I wore a white cotton Papi thong.    It would have been real interesting to see how Dr Hottie would have reacted if she would have seen it.  Anyway...the point is moot as she did rountine tests (BP, temperature, weight etc.) and took blood for lab work.  Next year I turn 50.  My PSA test should be interesting...LoL
SlidingG #150

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/19/2012 03:07:31Copy HTML

Your PSA will be just one more test done on the blood that is drawn, and won't go near your thong.  If your PSA is heightened, she may send you to a urologist for a biopsy, so that might involve your thong, though more likely just your tan lines after undressing in a cubicle.  (My obvious overall tan was noted and commented on at one such procedure.)  A digital exam of your prostate normally accompanies a PSA test, so that will involve your thong!  

It does for me every year, though my doctor, a neighbor and fellow runner, is no hottie, alas, just a real nice guy I've known for years.  Now my dermatologist -- that's another story, Stanpuppy.  My Dr Hottie, on seeing my overall tan during annual full-body checks, knowingly admonishes me on using plenty of sunscreen.  We do have fun, wink, wink.  Then she sees my wife next in our back-to-back appointments.  I've got to believe their sessions are more sedate.
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