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shaved4ts #201

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/12/2013 12:17:51Copy HTML

Had a scheduled apt yesterday with Urologist.  After getting a call from the office that I would have to see his new PA vs. him, I contacted a friend (and still "FB") to see if she knew the PA since she is in the med field.  No luck.  Since she and I often dare each other to do different things, I thought I would take advantage of the moment.  I asked her what type of u/w should I wear to my visit to see the new doc?  I gave her the options: a) boxers/boxer briefs, b) nylon male briefs, c) cotton male string bikini briefs, d) cotton male thong, e) mesh G-string, f) nothing, OR g) black Vic Sec "PINK" thong.  I was surprised she chose the G-string.  (Just knew she would say the VS thong.)  I did as I was told, provided her with a pic from the office b-room as proof, and took a hard swallow from nerves.  When the nurse put me in the room she told me to take off my pants "you can leave on your u/w" and get on the table & drape the sheet over your lower half.  After what seems like FOREVER - spent trying not to get a hard on - the doc came in.  The PA was  SHE!!!!  My heart sank.  I'm straight & married but I wasn't expecting this!  Not to mention she was rather attractive!  After the intro's and prelim questions, she began the exam.  She pulled the sheet back exposing me in my mesh G and began poking/probing.  She then asked me to stand so she could exam my testicle/pen!s, after she pulled my G down a little.  When she was finished she pulled it back up in place and asked me to get on the table on my side.  Next came the prostate exam ... UGH! After gloving up and covering her fingers (she used two - WHAT?!?!), she pulled the strap of my G to the side and inserted.  After pulling out, she held the string there while she cleaned me up and the put it back in place.  "Those make that easy" she said as we both laughed.  As she typed in her laptop she told me I could put my pants back on.  As I walked over to get them from the chair in the corner, she said, "Those G-strings provide little support and since you like minimal coverage you may want to try a thong or a jock strap.  I hear they are both comfortable too."  I told her I had some thongs and usually wore those.  After my apt I called my FB, told her of the experience, and she got hot just re-living it with me!  I think I'm going to like this new PA --- I give her "two fingers up!"  LOL 
DoreFan #202

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/12/2013 08:08:39Copy HTML

@shaved4ts: Why did your heart sink when you found out the PA was a she? I would have jumped for joy ;-) I wish there were more female urologists.

 Did you mean she inserted two fingers for the prostate exam? If so, that's very unusual. And it was nice of her to clean up the lube for you. Usually they just give you a box of kleenex and tell you to do it yourself.
shaved4ts #203

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/15/2013 09:08:50Copy HTML

@DoreFan:  I guess it sank b/c I was just not expecting her.  :)   My normal doc is a male and I didn't know the PA was a woman.  The name the receptionist told me when she called the day before to tell me was a little ambiguous.  I'm the kinda guy that if I had time to prepare it's better than springing it on me.  LOLYeah she inserted two fingers.  There was nothing sexual at all about how she conducted the exam - although I wish there had been.  :- (   I thought it was a little unusual too but nothing was said about it.  I must admit, I'm only going off of what it felt like as I couldn't see.  Oh I know!  The doc I usually see typically has me stand, conduct his frontal exam and then has me turn around and put my elbows on the table.  When he is done with the prostate exam, he does just that ... hand me a box of Kleenex while he removes his glove.  Now you know why I was caught off by the exam being performed while I was laying on my side AND the cleaning up.  Figured she is young and new ... won't be long and she will adopt the ways of the other doc.  HAHA! 
argiethonger #204

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/17/2013 06:17:48Copy HTML

Many dudes here recalled seeing a doctor mainly because of a penis and rectal exams...

I went to doctors many times this year, probably 10 times: traumatologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist... even to a dentist!

Even though there wasn't even a chance to ask to get naked, I chose not to wear a thong for those visits. I hate going to the doctors, so I was trying to ease the bad situation.

JM_Runs #205

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/17/2013 10:17:13Copy HTML

 This past week I went to the Dr. to have an X-ray of my hand done and after the X-ray the nurse came in to give me a shot for the pain in my fractured hand, and went she went to give me the shot of Toridol she told me to pull my pants down so she could give me the shot in the Glutes. This was a total surprise I had not expected that, and I did have a G-string on at the time and it is obvious when she gave me the shot, but she made no comment.
shaved4ts #206

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:07/31/2014 10:33:39Copy HTML

 Old thread but thought I would share... Went to doc yesterday and lower back was part of the problem.  Doc performed his assessment and then had me do some exercises to finish up.  In my shorts and no shirt, I did as I was instructed in front of the doc, his nurse, and my wife.  It wasn't until I squatted down like a catcher that my navy blue thong made an appearance over my waistband.  I wasn't 100% sure it could be seen but felt like it.  When he finished I put my shirt back on and the nurse carried me to have some x-rays.  The x-ray tech asked me to get on the table and drop my shorts down to my ankles ... while she covered me with a paper sheet (phew!).  Admittedly I was disappointed that she wouldn't even get a glimpse but took it in stride.  We made small talk while she took the different views and moved me in various positions.  I rolled on my sides and even had to lay on my stomach for one - that was a new one for me.  A couple of them she had to "take them again because (she) didn't like how they turned out."  It wasn't until we were in the last couple that I realized that you could see dark blue thong even through the thing paper sheet!!!!!  Draping me it was slightly visible but she kept pressing it close to me and I know that made it more visible.  The epitome of it came when I discovered I was on FULL display when she would turn the "alignment beam" .... not sure what it's really called ... on to line me up and ensure the pic was going to be of the right place.  The light was so bright in the dark room that there was no way she could have missed it!  Light plus pulling the sheet close on my sides to tighten it = SURPRISE!!!!!  :)   She was very professional and didn't say a word but I couldn't help but wonder what was going through her head.  When we got in the car I told my wife what happened and we got a good laugh.  She told me she couldn't believe I wore a thong to the doc and was embarrassed for me when it popped out.  She did say that while I was out getting my x-ray though, the doc had left the room and the nurse (who is a friend) passed back through to get her laptop and made a comment about how long it may take for the x-rays.  She then said, "I could really tell he lost weight when he bent down during his exercises.  Those shorts are too big for him now!"  Wife said she didn't know what to say and before she could respond the nurse said, "but it looked like his underwear fit well!!!"  She said they shared a good laugh as she left out again.  Ugh - why couldn't something be said TO ME about them???    LOL
beachlion #207

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/02/2014 05:01:09Copy HTML

 Recently I thought I had a tick just below my belly button. I do a lot of hiking in the woods and I had removed some ticks from my legs now and then  so this one was apparently looking for a warmer spot. I could not remove this one so I went to the doctor. She is a lady in her 50s with quite some humor. She had not the right equipment for this so she improvised with a scalpel and a hypodermic needle. It was an ingrown hair and it took some effort to get it out. I had lowered my jeans just enough to uncover the spot. A little was visible of my thong and after the follicle was removed she said that there was not much fabric in my underwear. I said that the next time I will wear something even smaller.
thongmom #208

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/02/2016 07:28:31Copy HTML

 Started seeing a new chiropractor. They have you undress to your underwear for the first visit. I happened to be wearing a thong and a tank top with a built-in bra. I figured the doctor wouldn't mind, so I undressed to my thong. He looked a tiny bit surprised when he came in, but finished my exam and did an adjustment.
rock_pile #209

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/16/2016 09:51:18Copy HTML

 I don't have much to add to this but one of my daughters is a nurse and nursing supervisor at a famous hospital.  Doctors and nurses really don't care what underwear you wear, so long as you're clean and behave like a civilized person.  And please get an annual physical.  The doctor will usually find *something* to be concerned with.  At least you'll know... 
gottesmd #210

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:06/22/2016 08:12:40Copy HTML

I just came out of my dr appt. Inspired by this thread, I just scheduled a dermatologist appt so I could try it out. I was thrilled to hear the nurse say "put on the robe but leave the opening in the front and leave your underwear on". Yes. I had worn a low-cut n2n cotton black thong. Full length mirror was in there, too! She comes in and we chit chat. She is super nice and we are always friendly. I am straight and we spoke about our kids. She asked me if I would mind if I took off the robe and I shed it and stood up. I thought I would pop a boner but didn't because it seemed so normal. She didn't even acknowledge it! We had an entire full body exam with me only in my black thong! And I was facing the full length mirror the whole time! So hot. Then she had me sit in a chair so she could look at my scalp. I did so with my thong ONLY on! She said I was good to go and we chit chatted while I put my slacks on loosely so she would still see the thong straps as I got dressed in front of her. All in all, thrilling but not nearly as sexy as I thought it'd be.
ithongit #211

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/14/2017 06:33:28Copy HTML

 A few years ago, I took my Mom to the Cleveland Clinic for some tests.  We went to one of the main cafeterias for lunch, and set up outside the door in the hallway was a folding table and some people giving flu shots to the employees.  I don't know if this was a one-day or longer thing, or if participation was required or not.  All I knew was that they checked the person's ID, put it in the computer, and gave the shot.  Most of the employees appeared to be either going to lunch or coming from lunch when they stopped at the table to get their shots.

  It was lunchtime and the cafeteria was very busy with both employees and guests.  The stampede to get lunch was as bad as what we had at our high school cafeteria, and a line had developed in the halway.  Anyway, the line went out and past the flu-shot table, which had a shorter line with only a couple of people in it.  As we waited for lunch, we watched several employees get their shots.  Then a good looking female nurse wearing scrubs came along to get her shot.  As they prepared the needle, she pulled her pants down and said she wanted the shot in her butt.  The man giving the shots ask 'which side' and then swabbed an area on her ass with antiseptic and proceeded very business like to give the young lady her shot.  She stood there with her pants bunched around her feet and was wearing thong underwear.  At least 50 people were watching as she got her shot in her bottom, and while a few smiled, nobody seemed to care.  But then the next person, a man came up and ask if he could have his shot in the same place as the last employee.  The guy giving the shots said "sure" and the man getting the shot proceeded to drop his pants too.  Like the lady before him, he was wearing thong underwear.   

I was surprised that these people were getting their shots in the butt, because I hadn't seen this before.  Last fall, I got my flu shot at the local CVS pharmacy.  They had signs all over the store that said "get your flu shots while you shop".  For some reason, when I read this, I thought of a shopper being chassed around the store by an employee with a hypo needle.  But they had an area set up near the pharmacy where they gave the shots.  I ask if I could get mine in my butt, and the lady said she would have to check with the pharmacists, but she came back and said it would be okay.  They had a little portable curtain they moved in front of us, and I was disappointed since I wanted to show off my buns in the store, just like the people at the Cleveland Clinic.

I found out the reason for using your butt instead of your arm is 1) there is more muscles there and the shot may not hurt as much when being given.  2) some people get a sore spot around the area of the shot that can last for a few days.  People who use their arms a lot might want to get the shot in the butts to move the sore location.  There also might be less pain here -- again because the muscles are larger and the substances from the shot spread out more quickly to a larger area.

njbob1949 #212

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/14/2017 03:15:10Copy HTML

 Traci,I already got my flu shot in CVS, but it was in the arm. I'll remember your story for next year. Bob

Nuwalket #213

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/14/2017 05:54:44Copy HTML

 I have already mentioned elsewhere the fact that it was a surprise to me the number of Emergency Department nurses that wear wearing thongs the last time we had a family member there. After consideration it makes perfect sense to the wife (ex-RN) and myself (ex-medic) as it presents less clothing to deal with being contaminated. As for the flu shots, why didn't I think of that? I always got my shot in the right arm thinking the soreness would work out with use as I'm right handed. And was it odd? No, most health care professionals have seen it all and are kind of immune to seeing the human body. Was it smart? As I said I never thought of it but will get them there from now on!
Matt37 #214

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/14/2017 09:50:31Copy HTML

99% of the time I am wearing underwear, I am wearing a thong. So I wore one to my new dermatologist the other day to have my "skin checkup." The little tech there told me to get undressed but leave my underwear on and to put one of those paper gowns on. So I did all of that and the doctor came in and began her exam. I have a dark tan (I live in Florida, FFS!), so I already knew she wasn't going to be happy with that. She went over the front of my body and when she got to the back and down to my butt, she hesitated and said, "Your little tush should be white!" I thought I was gonna lose it. lol Other than that, no comments on the thong or my thong tanline. But that little tush comment was cute.
jackk #215

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/21/2017 09:37:07Copy HTML

I went to see a new dermatologist last week. My previous doctor moved and had recommended the new one. After the assistant took me back and filled out the chart, the doctor came in and introduced herself.

We chatted for a bit. Then she told me she'd give me a minute to undress to my underwear. I stripped to the thong I was wearing and sat back on the exam table. She came back in with the assistant and started to examine my skin while the assistant took notes.

While I was laying on my stomach and she was checking the back of my legs, she said, "Thanks for wearing your thong today. It makes this so much easier."

I sat up on the exam table. She said she wanted to finish up with a genital exam and asked if I was comfortable with the assistant staying in the room. I said that I was. She had me take off my thong and get onto the table face down with my hips raised. She checked between my cheeks and legs. Then she had me turn over and lay on my back while she did a thorough exam of my genitals. I sat up when she was done.

She asked if I ever used tanning beds (I barely get tan, but had a faint one this summer). I said no. She said she was only asking because she'd noticed that I had a thong tan line. I told her that I wear them to the beach. She seemed a little surprised, but told me to make sure I was enjoying the sun in moderation. She didn't find anything of concern, so she told me to come back for my regular checkup and said goodbye.

The assistant made small talk while she finished filling out my chart. She asked me what beaches I like to visit. I told her a couple of my favorites. She asked, "Do a lot of your friends wear skimpy swimwear?" I replied that it was mixed adding that some wear nothing when we go to the nude beach in Seattle. She said she'd heard about it, but had never visited.

The chart was done, so she said goodbye adding that I could get dressed. I'd been kind of oblivious to the fact that I was still nude while we'd been talking. I put on my clothes and left.
kiyoothong #216

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/21/2017 11:09:49Copy HTML

I have some pimple scars on my butt, so I went to the dermatologist today to see if I could get them removed. I wore a black thong to my appointment and luckily my appointment was with a female doctor. I knew that I was going to strip down, so I threw on some trackpants to my appointment.
I was greeted by this lady in her 50s. Once we were in her room, I told her that I have pimple scars on my butt. She asked me to take off my pants. After seeing my butt, she told me everything about her treatment plan. Then once she was done explaining, she took me to another room where I was asked to stand in front of a camera. Then the doctor started taking photos of my butt. 
Before leaving, I asked if I could get the photos that she had taken. I'll have them by email tomorrow, and I'll probably post them on Instagram.

Oh, and to tell you about my treatment, I am getting Vbeam laser treatment with a blanchisse lightening cream that I apply at home. And unfortunately, my doctor didnt say anything about my thong. 

hunnger #217

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/22/2017 01:19:04Copy HTML

My middle-aged, female dermatologist was so flustered and offended by the fact I was wearing a thong that she refused to see me when my next appointment came up?! 
John Howard #218

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/22/2017 01:42:52Copy HTML

Sorry to hear that hunnger,  very unprofessional attitude from your dermatologist.
 My GP is a man, same as the specialist I see once a year for my skin check.You guys are lucky,  you got mostly 'shes' as doctors and some even got thumbs up from them about your thongs or tan lines.
Yeah, quite boring for me to be seen by a male professional rather than by a woman.   
By the way, my doctors obviously know I wear thongs, and they could not give a rat's ass about it.

packiest #219

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/22/2017 02:10:30Copy HTML

 My male dermatologist blushed about it a little bit, but otherwise no issue.
NudeNArizona #220

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/23/2017 08:44:21Copy HTML

 This past year when i went into see my general practitioner for my annual check-up while we discussed my general health I mentioned that I had been having issues with my left shoulder, and since I had already had surgery on my right and when they did that they had to remove part of my collar bone because of arthritis he immediately called down to the MRI dept to see when he could schedule me for an MRI. Luck having it they had a cancellation that morning and could see me in 30 minutes. So we finished up my exam and I when to the MRI area and when I checked in they told me that I had to remove everything except my underwear and put on a robe in the changing room. Having not expected having an MRI that day I had on a very brief black fishnet G-string under my clothing.

So after removing my clothes and leaving the G-string on I put on the robe which barely came past my waist exposing my butt to the rear and the fishnet G-string in front. A few minutes later they called me into the room for my MRI and the female technician seeing my backside first commented that I could keep my underwear on as long as they didn't contain metal, then when i turned around she smiled and said NEVER MIND I see you did!
tobias5711 #221

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:08/29/2017 12:28:50Copy HTML

I went to new doctor today for muscle relaxers- was in wreck 3 weeks ago and chiropractor suggested going.  Doctor ordered new essays. I also had a hernia repair problem so he checked me. I was wearing mesh bikini style underwear- not totally visible unless you look hard. I was naked was it down in no time- He looked and noticed my g-string tan-lines but did not comment. He was very professional. I went straight to hospital to have ex-rays. The woman technician  notice I had on a shirt with a zipper. She told me I would need to take it off and wear a robe. While she went to get it I took of my shirt and I told her I didn't need a robe. Wish I had a picture of her face when she noticed I had already removed my shirt. She acted like she had never had a guy not want to cover up. I think she was going to leave to give me privacy to change. She was stunned, but she took my ex-rays without comment. She had to adjust my torso several times with her hands. I didn't watch her. I wonder how she would react if she saw me in my g-string at lake
jackk #222

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/27/2017 02:41:18Copy HTML

I saw my GP for my annual exam last week. As usual, I wore a thong to the appointment. (Words aren't exact, just the best that I can remember.)

I've seen this doctor for years, but the assistant that took me back was new. She led me to an exam room and updated my chart. Then she took my blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. "Do you want to get undressed before you hop on the scale," she asked me.

"May as well," I replied. The weather's been cooling off, and I was wearing pants and a sweater. I went to the chair by the wall and started to undress, placing my folded clothes on the chair.

As I folded my pants she said, "Cute thong." She let out an embarrassed laugh then added, "Sorry, it's not often I see guys wearing such skimpy underwear."

"Mostly boxers?" I said setting them down.

"Older guys in worn out tighty-whities," she replied. "I really do think they're cute, though. I wear them every day myself."

I stepped up onto the scale. "I swim in thongs too," I said as she took my weight. I turned around for her to check my height.

"Fun," she said. "Most guys wouldn't even wear a speedo."

I sat back down on the exam table. "The doctor should be in shortly," she said. She went out, closing the door behind her.

The doctor arrived a few minutes later. She made some small talk then checked my chart. "Alright, you know the drill," she said looking up at me. "Underwear off, please."

I stood up and pulled them down, putting them on the rest of my clothes. Then I got back on the exam table. The doctor conducted the exam, finding nothing of concern.

"Since it's been a while, I want to do a quick EKG," said the doctor. I agreed. She stepped out of the room.

Maybe 15 seconds after she'd closed the door, the assistant came in with the machine. "Oh, sorry. I should've given you a minute. Do you want a sec to put something on?"

"Doesn't seem to be much need," I joked. "You've already seen everything."

She laughed and pushed the machine over. The assistant hooked up the leads and ran the test. She made small talk as it printed the results. "Okay, you're all done," she said. "The doctor will be back in a minute."

When she left, I got up and got dressed. The doctor came in to tell me that everything was fine. I thanked her and left.
BaltoBob #223

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/29/2017 03:50:59Copy HTML

 jackk, Are you in the US? My current doctor has never asked my to take off my shirt. The one I had 2 years before asked me to remove my shirt 1 time and gave me a gown (didn't use it). My cardiologist always has the tech do an EKG, but they always ask me to put my shirt back on before the Dr comes in.  
Ronniejohn46 #224

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/29/2017 09:32:57Copy HTML

 It seems that today even doctors are afraid of law suits for alleged improprieties.  There's no such thing as a complete physical as one receives just enough hands-on inspection to justify charging the insurance company for the exam. I guess we are in the age whereby our doctors can determine your health by merely looking at your fully clothed body. 
One has to be quite educated and assertive about their own health...the doctors aren't going to help. Thank heaven for the Internet and Google. 
BaltoBob #225

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/29/2017 04:26:55Copy HTML

 This summer I wore sandals to my doctor. She gave me a referal to a podiatrist for toenail fungus I've had for most of my life. Now, I had told her about it months before when she asked about my feet due to diabetes. Hard to examine feet through shoes and socks.
sandrhymes #226

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/30/2017 03:48:16Copy HTML

Funny BB! :-)
I also had the toenail fungus scourge for many years and went through 3 rounds of the drugs at different times over about a 20 year period trying to get rid of it (along with trying numerous home remedies).  The doctors scare you a little telling you how difficult the fungus is to get rid of, how toxic the drug is and requiring blood tests along the way to monitor for any adverse health effects.  After the first 2 rounds, I would be clear of the fungus for a short time, then it would come back.  It's too bad, but it was not until I tried to kill the fungus for the 3rd time that the doctor gave me the most important advice (I don't know where the previous 2 guys had stuck their heads. In all of the websites I read about treatment options and how difficult the fungus is to treat successfully, I had never seen this advice mentioned).  You need to do this no matter what method of treatment you choose - drugs, laser or one of the myriad useless home remedies.
I had never thought of that before either - probably should have (nor did the other docs, or they just neglected to mention it).  Don't try to get by applying a fungus spray to your footwear, don't try soaking your footwear in a chlorine solution. I freaked out throwing away what was probably 2 or 3 thousand dollars of footwear, but am so glad I did - just close your eyes, take a deep breath and do it.  Have been fungus free now for over 5 years.
Hope this helps anyone out there trying to get rid of this stuff.
SolarOne #227

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:10/31/2017 01:01:33Copy HTML

If I had an issue, my immediate thought was the shoes would reinfect as I read this posts. So I'd try a diluted vinegar soak(or you can use any acid), then rinse with boiling water to the inside of the shoe. I can smell real low concentrations of mold, so vinegar is my best friend as a rinse after washing. I'd also soak my toes in apple cider vinegar after cutting the nails short.
jackk #228

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/01/2017 01:26:04Copy HTML

BaltoBob, Yes, this is in the U.S.

I've had experiences at the doctor like what you describe where the doctor makes every effort to keep you as clothed as possible, even when it's not convenient.

Generally speaking, I don't go back to doctors that are uncomfortable with the human body. Some doctors, like my GP, have me get undressed at the start. Others may ask me to "undress to my comfort level."
Ronniejohn46 #229

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/01/2017 08:59:58Copy HTML

I agree with you. American society is loathe to view the unclad human body.  We are so happy to file a lawsuit over the simplest thing no wonder doctors are afraid of performing a thorough job when they examine their patients. 
Its even gotten to the point that one rarely sees the doctor. Nurse Practioners and PAs carry most of the load. And, even if you are able to secure an appointment with the doctor they think nothing of cancelling thereby sending you to the back of the line in getting another appointment.  Of course, you can always see an NP or PA. 
rock_pile #230

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/04/2017 06:01:12Copy HTML

There is nothing wrong with seeing a NP or a PA for most routine things.  However, you and your insurance will pay the same fee.  IF your doctor cavalierly reschedules they don't take their patients seriously.  Time for a new doctor.  If you want to share your feeling on the issue look in your local tax rolls for the doctor's residence.  The mail runs six days a week and his staff can't screen messages sent to the doctor's residence. 
I've written previous doctors who habitually make me wait hours past my appointment.  Most of us have other things to do other than wait hours for maybe five minutes with a doctor.  Sorry for the rant.
Ronniejohn46 #231

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/04/2017 08:51:36Copy HTML

 Thanks for your thoughts, rock...pile. I am, indeed, thinking about returning to a doctor who kept his appointments  and took the time to give me a good physical, i.e actually examining me and not my clothing.  When I go to the doctor I want to see the doctor.  No doubt NPs and PAs are highly qualified. But, when I have seen one of them I have to wait for three to six months for a follow-up appointment with the MD.  It's not to my liking.  
So, how does one find a physician who isn't afraid to give a thorough exam to a patient, who isn't afraid to be in a room without a medical assistant chaperone in attendance, without being afraid to check over everything. When I go to see my dermatologist I point out only areas of concern  on my torso because I am uncomfortable going farther in the presence of a  young 20-something assistant acting as a  scribe. I'm probably cheating myself for not being more proactive, but, I think that clothed exams are now the norm.
BaltoBob #232

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/05/2017 05:57:06Copy HTML

 I think the future is video/telephone appts. The reason I left my last doctor was although she hadn't seen me in a year, insiisted on a telephone appt that lasted about 2 mins.
sailor250 #233

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/05/2017 05:30:01Copy HTML

 About the shoes above- vinegar will ruin any shoes.  They sell these things called Steri Shoe which is a UV light system.  I use them to keep gym shoes clean and odor free- it's also made to kill fungus- costs about one or two pairs of shoes.
jackk #234

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/06/2017 08:04:20Copy HTML

Ronniejoh46, it sounds like the discomfort with getting undressed is coming from you rather than your doctor. If the assistant makes you uncomfortable, you could always ask your doctor to conduct the exam without another person in the room.

From my experience, the standard at the dermatologist is to undress completely - socks, underwear, everything. The best way to signal to your doctor that you want a complete exam is to get undressed.
tiggerix #235

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/06/2017 10:59:08Copy HTML

 "The best way to signal to your doctor that you want a complete exam is to get undressed"  

Or you could just ask?
Ronniejohn46 #236

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/06/2017 11:07:21Copy HTML

 Your are both quite correct. I should have been more assertive on my last visit. I have considered addressing the issue to him and will do so during a follow-up to a scalp treatment this week. 
Thanks for your inputs. 
JayByrd #237

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:11/06/2017 09:09:20Copy HTML

I'm generally in good health and only see the doc for my annual. It was always a case strip and put this paper gown on with the opening to the back. Finally one year I asked the doc if the gown was for my comfort or hers. She said it was for me as she sees body parts all day.. it's part of her job. Told her I was a nudist and art model so I was comfortable in my skin.  And that those gowns actuallt made me more uncomfortable.. Pull down here, open there, lift up.. etc.  Just made me feel dirty.

That was the last visit I ever had to wear one of those god-awful paper gowns. That first visit she said she was glad I was relaxed about it as it made her job much easier.  In later visits the nurse always tossed a gown my way and I told them I went nude for the exam. I guess i said it enough because my chat now says gown not required.

The same thing with my dermatologist. No gowns there either.
teeback269 #238

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/29/2017 07:37:20Copy HTML

My GP (a woman around 40) has asked me to come for a full skin examination for melanoma.
Years ago she told me I should always be wearing cotton underwear. She has seen me in a very brief cotton underwear and said that was fine.
I am male and wear g-strings at the beach and have a well defined T shaped tan line on my bottom.
For my coming examination should I be wearing cotton underwear or the lycra g-string I wear on the beach and explain why I am wearing them?
Advices please. Thank you all.

ioannis #239

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/29/2017 10:07:52Copy HTML

 I thing that is better to wear a nice cotton brief .She will notice your tanline in any case , so if she want to make a comment,  she will.There are a lot of posts here about wearing thong underwear to doctors and their polite reactions.But its not something i will ever going to do.As i mention before even mine thong tanline is so promident that anyone who see them , easily can understand my bathing suit choice.
tzh000 #240

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/29/2017 12:06:29Copy HTML

 It's only a doctor, for heavens sake. Wear what you normally wear. I sunbake nude so I need to strip right off for a proper skin check. Neither nudity nor my freeballing has fazed doctors (male or female), although the glans ring and ball weights have caused comments about heavy metal and airport security.
I've never had any comments in the past about g-strings - doctors didn't even blink.

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/29/2017 03:21:07Copy HTML

That's my experience as well. Doctors won't bat an eye at seeing a string or thong. One even explicitly approved of me going commando. It gives the boys some air which is fully wholesome.
njbob1949 #242

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/29/2017 04:42:08Copy HTML

 I agree, doctors do not care what type of underwear their patient wears. One time, I went to my doctor (a woman) and she examined me down below. It was in August and I had a nice thong tanline. Her comment was "I see you like to go to the beach." She was also a beach person and the conversation evolved into talking about specific beaches nearby. Perhaps I should have asked her about her own tanline. Meanwhile, she was doing the examination and I passed.
JayByrd #243

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/29/2017 08:03:47Copy HTML

I sun nude when I can, and also go nude when my dermatologist examines me. I prefer it as she's not uncovering this, that, or the other thing to examine my skin. She also said it's less awkward that way as long as I'm comfortable.
hotbunz1969 #244

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:12/30/2017 01:07:16Copy HTML

 So here’s a funny one for you all. 

You know how we all say doctors have seen it all and don’t care about peoples choice of underwear or the style of tan lines they might have, well, from an experience I had late last week at my doctors I’m not so sure that is 100% true.

As I’m currently back in the country of my birth I thought I’d take the opportunity to go and see my doctor, have a quick checkup sort of thing but most importantly have the one men of a certain age should have on a fairly regular basis. So I turn up on the day expecting to see my usual doctor of 25 odd years, only to be told in my absence he has now retired so I would be seeing his replacement. When my name is called I enter what was his old consulting room and am met by not one but two ladies. One is older at about 40 and reasonably attractive the other is about 25 and drop dead gorgeous!!!!The older one introduces her self as my new doctor then introduces the other girl as a 4 year med student doing her rotation and asks if it would be  OK with me for her to observe our consultation. Knowing what I was primarily in there for I thought in for a penny in for a pound, what does it matter if 2 people see my arse or just one so I happy agreed she could watch. 

After a bit of chatting, updating of notes and having my blood pressure taken the doc say to me “right then, strip off to your underwear and sit on that bed, I’ll explain the procedure. As neither lady moved it was clear I was to disrobe in front of them, so dutifully did so, I was wearing a white Joe Snyder standard thong which neither of them batted an eyelid at, I sat on the bed, listened to the docs explanation then did as I was told, bent over the bed and dropped my thong.  

Removing it had exposed my extremely prominent one-sided thong tan line and on seeing it I swear the doctor had to catch her breath.....

“Well,” she said turning to the med student, “you don’t see tan lines like that every day now do you, I’ve certainly never seen anything quite as unique as those before, have you? ” To which the med student replied, “no I haven’t either, and they’re so well defined too” 

I had a little chuckle to myself but just kept quiet in preparation for what was about to come” 

Absolutely nothing more was said on the subject and once my exam was over I thanked them both and bid my fair wells. 

So there you have it, sometimes it seems doctors haven’t seen it all! 
BigEasy #245

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/05/2018 11:15:28Copy HTML

 In short, doctors have seen it all. 
The last time I saw the doctor was for a tetanus injection and he explained it had to go in the butt etc. so I just pulled down my jeans. He said underwear too but when I turned around he just acknowledged by saying "ah ok, that's fine" and carried on.
No issues
packiest #246

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:01/06/2018 05:28:25Copy HTML

 Two dr encounters this week. Skin check with the dermatologist first. They’ve seen me in a thong before. First time they seemed a bit surprised but unfazed the last two times. Had to go to an urgent care for an apparent allergic reaction. Needed a shot of steroids in the butt for that. Pulled my pants and underwear down for that, but figured she still saw. No reaction from what I could tell. 
They might notice it, but they see a lot. Hardly anything for them to make a big deal about.
tobias5711 #247

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/20/2018 12:25:18Copy HTML

Last Thursday, I had an appointment with my dermatologist for a full body scan. The asked me to take off everything except my underwear. I had on a small D/A thong with very thin straps. The nurse gave me a paper covering to use for modesty. This was the second time going to this doctor and we had talked about mutual friends the first time and his new son. As soon as he started my examine I removed the paper sheet. We talked the entire time about our families. He moved the waist straps around as he examined me. I thought this funny since they are only 1/8 inch wide. He gives a very thorough examine. Neither the doctor or nurse said anything about my g-string and both were very professional. This wasn't the first time wearing one to a doctor. I think it makes the doctor's job easier and they seem to be more relaxed and I get a better exam since I am so comfortable being naked around them.
Felsen #248

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/24/2018 02:55:50Copy HTML

Several years ago, I needed to get an RX from a urologist. I was at work so checked the internet for one near me. I figured I'd just go in get the prescription and leave. I was able to make an appointment for the next day. So when I got ready for work that morning I put on a Hom G string, which I would frequently wear. So I go the office fill,out the typical insurance forms and am ushered into the exam room. No mention of taking my clothes off. So the doc comes in and it is a very pretty young woman. I explained what I needed and she said no problem, then says while you're here I'd like to give you an exam. I had not expected this and was pretty nervous. So I take my pants off and she does the typical urologist exam. I'm standing in front of her, she pulls my g string down and checks my cock and scrotum, then tells me to turn around and lean on the exam table. She lubes up,her finger and does a prostate check. At first I was embarrassed, thinking she would think I was odd, then when she was doing the front exam I started getting hard. Putting her finger in my butt took care of that. After I wiped off the lube and pulled my pants up, she wrote out the prescription,and told me to come back in a year!
LoveMyThongs #249

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/28/2018 05:01:23Copy HTML

Thongs are what I wear so I don’t make much of it really. My physician knows me well so she doesn’t note it but my dermatologist is on me about my tan lines. When I go there tho the nurse who does the prep is always new so she gets a bit of a surprise

Martylouie #250

Re:Wearing a thong to the doctor

Date Posted:09/28/2018 12:28:03Copy HTML

My dermatologist calls me his retirement plan. For the record, I have only had 1 thing that looked suspicious, and the biopsy removed it all.
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