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Date Posted:05/05/2017 10:36:50Copy HTML

I want to get the nerve to go to the beach in a thong
String_guy #1

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/05/2017 10:50:02Copy HTML

 Do it for you and not for what others may think. You dont want to get old and look back at the opportunities you passed up!! Remember, confidence is key. As long as you look like youve done it before, no one will know different. Enjoy it while you can!
J_R_365 #2

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/07/2017 01:03:07Copy HTML

 Do it. Five minutes later, you'll wonder why you waited so long.
Martylouie #3

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/07/2017 01:35:00Copy HTML

 I hope I'm never too old to go to the beach in a thong or nude.  But it depends 
teeback269 #4

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/07/2017 09:07:16Copy HTML

 You are never too old. I am 74 and still walk two blocks to the beach in my 6mm side swimmers, then at the beach I change into a g-string. I have never had a bad comment.
32189 #5

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/07/2017 01:59:44Copy HTML

It certainly takes time to get used to thonging on the beach and, I know it is hard to believe from your vantage point,  most people are not going to care.  As I look back I realize that my own fears were the biggest factor. And that is understandable as it is a new thing.  So give it a try.  Know that it will be scary but also know that you are doing what you want to do.  The key is to be confident as that usually eases those around you.  Have fun!  Let us know it goes.  

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/07/2017 09:22:17Copy HTML

Just do it. Chances are you'll only regret you waited this long to give it a try. Pretty soon you'll grow accustomed and even feel comfortable when wearing just a thong or g and probably will try to expand your thonging terrain. Keep pushing the envelope: it's such fun!
cmp304 #7

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/08/2017 03:07:34Copy HTML

Go for it!  Some things you can do to that might make it easier is make sure that your beach allows thongs.  That way there is nothing to worry about.  Select a thong that is comfortable to wear and stays in place.  This will let you relax and not be constantly checking and appearing nervous.  I like to get there and pick my spot early so others can choose whether or not they want to set up near me.  Finally, once there and in your thong, try not to cover back up.  A thong is nothing more than a type of swimsuit so do whatever you would normally do in a swimsuit!  Have fun.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/08/2017 05:55:02Copy HTML

I agree with cmp304, but I'd add this:  First, pick a beach that doesn't just allow thongs, it's known to be accepting of them -- like SoBe in Florida or Marina del Rey in California.  Second, pick a day when the beach isn't going to be crowded, particularly with groups of teens.  Third, to make your first time more comfortable, set up your stuff first while wearing regular shorts -- then take them off and just lay out on your stomach, facing away from the beach walkers, and read a book.  Get absorbed in your book while the world goes by, OUT OF YOUR SIGHT.  If they're out of sight, they're not on your mind.  Your rear end is showing while you're on your stomach, so once you realize nobody is saying anything, your fear tends to dissipate.  Turn over on your back and face the world for a while.  Once you see that nothing changes, you're ready to take a dip in the ocean and then go back and do whatever.  If you aren't out attracting attention, you won't get unwanted attention.  I went through this myself and that has been my experience at both SoBe and MDR beaches.  By now I wear my thong from the car and walk the whole beach -- which is another leap of faith -- and after you can do that, you're home free.
Mary0826 #9

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/09/2017 06:43:10Copy HTML

I have talked with people about what they did on their first day thonging in public.  There seems to be two different approaches.  The most popular is to first thong at a place where you are very unlikely to be know.  This way, if someone harasses you (which probably won't happen) it won't be in front of others who know you.  If there are other thongers, fine.

Second is to go someplace where you can be alone.  If you find that hardly anyone uses a certain beach between 8:00 and 9:30 AM, you might thong during that time period.  As time progresses, try to stay first when a few other people show up, then do the same when even more get there.  If nobody complains, keep staying longer until the beach is filled up.  Part of your initial reason for acceptance is you were there first.  It is hard to believe when you think about it, but most people will give the first person more leeway than a person who shows up after the beach is crowded.

No matter when you go, if you go locally, try to go with some friends, and strip down in their presence.  The more people in your group, the better off you will be.  You can tell them the truth outright that you want them to come with you because you want to wear a thong and want them for supports.  Another thing you can do is gradually transition to thongs.  This would involve some expenses since you need to wear progressively smaller swimwer as the visits go by.  Start with skimpier board shorts, or buy a vintage swimsuit that is cut smaller at a second hand store or on E-bay.  Then move on to a Speedo suit.  Next would be an even skimpier Speedo, and then something like a Rio.  Eventually, go to the thong or G-sting.  You can stop at any time, or sit at one level for a while until you and your friends are comfortable with your swimwear choices.

You might also decide to go cold turkey.    With the right friends -- peope who are non-judgemental, you can strip down to your thong, and while they might kid you a little about it, in a few minutes, they will forget about you being in a thong, and you now are in an accepting group -- a place others will see and realize that it is not you, but both you and your friends who accept thonging -- even if your friends don't wear thongs too.

Another way to hit the beach with friends is a little sneaky and a little devious, but I know one guy who did this his first time.  Either get into some type situation were you are dared to wear a thong on the beach or bet someone and agree to wear a thong on the beach if you loose.  In either case, make sure the dare or bet requires you to thong for the entire day.  Once you have done whatever it is that makes you wear the thong on the beach, you can act like you have to do it and again, you might get some ribbing at first, it won't last long and your excuse that you are on a dare or paying off a bet will make your thonging okay.  The next time you go to the beach, spend some time in your normal beachwear, then tell the others how nice it was getting sun on you buns and how nice the water felt on them as you swam or whatever, and that it felt good and say you want to spend a little more time in a thong and change into one.  Most of the ribbing will have happened the first day, and once you declare your preference for thong swimwear, you can wear your thongs more and more with your friends.

I also know a guy who told people he had picked up his brother's thong by mistake and since he wore long Levi's, he couldn't wear them swimming so he would have to wear the thong instead. 

The first time can be a nervous occasion.  You probably will enjoy it in some ways, but also not get over the nervousness entirely -- perhaps forever.  A year from now you might panic if a police man or ranger walks right up to you, but then you find out they wanted to discuss something else.  You might panic if you are out with your buns up, and some biker-like people come along and approach you.  You might get nervous when someone complains and gets on their cell phone.  But each time you wear your thong and each day you add some time to your good days in a thong, you will feel more at ease.  And there will be some especially good days.  You will get some nice compliments, perhaps even have a member of the opposite sex want to lay out near you.  If you are a guy, you may influence a lady or two to take her top off (I have hear a lot of guys say this happens).  Thonging is just like anything else.  If you decide to change your own brake shoes, the first time you do it, you will be unfamiliar with the process, perhaps even making a mistake or two and having to back up and try again.  But as you go wheel to wheel, you gain confidence and soon you are pretty proficient at what you are doing.  A couple of years later when you need to work on your brakes again, you will start the job with a lot more confidence and knowledge.  Even if you changed cars, and the brakes are not exactly the same, you know you can figure out what to do.  This is like going to another beach -- things will be different, but you will have confidence when you start in a new place.

I think you would be a fool to start thonging in a place where thongs are illegal, and not much smarter to go someplace where thongs, even if legal, are not commonly worn.  You need a legal and thong tolerant, if not thong friendly beach.  Additional thongers, even if not with you, will still be supporting you just by sharing the beach with you.  You are not the only thonger on the beach.  This makes it more acceptable to most other people.  Another thing that can help is to talk about thongs with the lifeguards if the place you go has them.  If the lifeguards are cool with thongers, then lay out as close to the lifeguard station as you can.  Passersby will hardly even challenge you because you are thonging very close to the lifeguard, who does not have any issues with you.  They also probably would not want to challenge you when you are so close to the lifeguard since the lifeguard could report the incident to others who represent the law.
Ex_Member #10

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/11/2017 05:08:21Copy HTML

 The only regrets I have to wearing things to the beach are not starting sooner and not doing my research.  Had I found this community sooner in life, I would have been more knowledgeable and more comfortable earlier.  I have only been wearing thongs to the beach since my local nude beach changed policy.  Before that, I always enjoyed a nice tan, always wore less than others and have always been an exhibitionost at heart.
NCThonger #11

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:05/12/2017 02:15:52Copy HTML

 Very well said Mary. Your thoughts are spot on!
bc145 #12

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/14/2017 04:22:05Copy HTML

I just wore my navy joe snyder thong to the beach for the first time today. I did make sure I was at a more secluded area of the beach(pretty much private), but there were still a few people that walked by on occasion. It was great, I simply set up, removed the swim shorts and grabbed my book and enjoyed the afternoon sun. Of course I was nervous, also bit excited each time someone came pass, but I just acted like it was no big deal, and of course it wasn't. Would I do it on a more crowded beach? probably not as my girlfriend isn't so into it and I would be a bit too self conscious, but who knows maybe in the future, baby steps. If you are wanting to try it, I say go for it.
Beachlover492000 #13

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/14/2017 12:55:46Copy HTML

 The comments by Mary0826 are exactly right. You need to find a beach were thongs are legal and accepted and then go for it! Even if they are legal at certain beach, being the only one, especially if you are a male is a hastle. When I was living a Massachusetts I knew of beach were it was legal, but "young the townies" were a pain. Every time a woman tried to wear a thong on the beach they were start harassing her. It was disgusting. My opinion was "Shut up and enjoy the view!" I can't imagine what it would have been like if I had been foolish enough to try it. Finding thong legal and friendly beach is not easy in some areas. Check out the recommendations on this site. It's worked for me.
modelnude4u #14

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/15/2017 11:03:05Copy HTML

 Knowing that you're truly legal makes all the difference!  You may still be worried about what someone might say (although they almost never do), but as long as it's legal, the confidence level is way higher.  With the law on your side, you can easily defend yourself IF someone actually does give you crap.
tobias5711 #15

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/16/2017 12:04:31Copy HTML

 very true modelnude 4, if you know you are legal - makes a world of difference- in your confidence
NudeNArizona #16

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/17/2017 10:42:39Copy HTML

 Wearing my first thong on the beach was an ALL-IN type of approach.  My gf and I had recently purchased her a G-string for our up-coming beach visit.  So as not to be going back on my idea whe she suggested I wear one with her I had no choice. Also, since where we were going we knew thongs were legal on the beach there was no reason to worry about those issues. When we packed for the trip we intentionally did not bring any other swimwear which I thought would help us.  We also had been going to a tanning salon so we were not obvious as first timers wearing G-strings
modelnude4u #17

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/18/2017 02:57:10Copy HTML

 Not giving yourself a way out is a good strategy, and always leads to extra fun/energy for me.  Walking in a thong with your shorts in your hand, is WAY different from that same walk, with the shorts somewhere you can't get to them! 
NudeNArizona #18

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/18/2017 04:51:43Copy HTML

 modelnude4u, it is different I agree, and since she was more comfortable showing off when we left the room to go to the beach she only wore her white G-string and this encouraged me to do the same, and back in the late 80's this wasn't an issue also being a couple was an advantage. This incident also led to our decision to shave our pubes because the first trip to the water and we got our suits wet everything was visible thru the fabric and since she had very dark hair it showed thru the fabric. We literally came out of the water and went back to the room and both shaved everything and went back on the beach a short while later.
32189 #19

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/18/2017 05:32:16Copy HTML

There is most definitely something to be said between walking in a thong with cover up in hand verses walking in a thong with no cover up nearby.  But it does take time to get there.  It's all baby steps.  
NudeNArizona #20

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:06/19/2017 09:19:33Copy HTML


I kind of look at the cover-up as "training wheels"

Also, once you realize most people don't care and the ones who are complaining will complain as long as you are legal it isn't an issue
LoveMyThongs #21

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:09/01/2018 11:03:40Copy HTML

Once you start wearing them in public it feels good and then once you get the tan lines, ur in. It takes a few times but it’s just a way smaller suit than u normally wear. I went all in freshmen year in college and never looked back. I think back to my first tan lines and how contrasted they were and my gf loved them. So did my first bf!
blick #22

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:09/23/2018 10:06:08Copy HTML

I remember my first time wearing thongs on a beach two years ago. I was stressed a little bit but this thrill was also paradoxically exciting. It was during my holiday trip to Indonesia. Me and my wife stayed on Gili Trawangan. I chose the "no return" option - put joe snyder thongs on and set off to neighbour island, as it was less crowded by turists. We found a remote spot and the right moment came - to take the clothes off and leave only thongs on my bum :) Few days later I decided to break next psychological barrier and wore thongs on more crowded beach, and it went surprisingly well. Of course there was This time we went to one of few places that were available to sunbath. We had to rent sunbeds that were only max 30-40 cm from one another because of very limited space there. I was lying next to some young good-looking chicks wearing bikinis. Of course the anxiety reached higher level in these circumstances but luckily I took my earphones and started to listen an audiobook so I was able to direct my thoughts on something else, and I also wouldn't hear any potential giggles. I think it was some kind of breakining point beause after some time, then I was lying bum up, I saw that the girls next to me took their tops off and sunbathed topless and one of them was just turning to tan her back, she looked at me and started to fold her bikini to also tan her cheeks. In my other post on thongboard I wrote that I like this thrill and find thongwearing exciting. During my next holidays, I came up with an idea to set mysefl some challenges to both boost my confidence, and keep the thrill alive. As I got used to sunbath in thongs on crowded beaches, now it was the time to go across the beach and go swimming and so on. I follow the small steps method. Once I feel confident at some point then I try to push the boundry a little bit further adding next elements of normal beachlife. Two days ago I completed my last challenge which was going along the beach wearing thongs and go i.e. to a beachbar for drinks and started some interaction :) I felt really good and confident standing in a queue among ladies in cheeky swimwear as the only guy in thongs. We shared a few smiles with girls, their boyfriends/husbands acted normally, some of them only looked at me for a while, no negative comments. In next couple of days I'll try to find a courage to put on gstrings, which I wanted for quite long time and which I find sexier than thongs. I thinks I'll do all the same steps as I did with JS thongs. So I can say that all stars from the begining :)
NudeNArizona #23

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:09/25/2018 07:46:58Copy HTML

Blick, I say go for it with the G-string! The reason I say this is that personally on a more populated beach most non-thong wearers don't really distinguish between a thong or a G-string and I have personally found that I am more accepted in these situations wearing a G-string over a thong because if someone asks about my choice of swimwear I always let them know nude is my first choice but if nude isn't possible a G-string permits me with the best option for minimal tan lines where a thong with it's wider straps don't provide the maximum tanning experience.
kiyoothong #24

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:09/28/2018 03:35:15Copy HTML

It helps if you have company. If you don't, look for another thonger on the beach. Always safety in numbers.
navythong #25

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:09/28/2018 06:05:22Copy HTML

I took the 'gradually transition to thongs' method. I never wore board shorts but only speedo's, so that was one step less to take. Every time a bought a new swimsuit it was somewhat smaller then the previous suit. The side width decreased from 1,5" to about 1/2". At that time there was no internet, so I searched the swim-suit racks in regular shops. Later I searched for suits which had narrower pouches and rio backs. At a certain moment about 15 years ago I got more and more interested in thongs. It took quite some time before I gave it a try. I bought a DORE lined, moderate cut thong with 1/2" sides in navy. After wearing it a few times I was certain I would buy more of those tiny suits! The next one was also a moderate cut one, but unlined. I never bought a lined suit again; unlined felt so much better. A few years later I started buying moderate push-outs thongs, also from DORE. After discovering Muscleskins' web-site, I wanted to have a poser thong. Finally I decided to order one, just to try out if I liked it. I remember when I unboxed it, I said to myself: I will never fit in such a tiny suit! But the fit was perfect, very small but everything I wanted to be covered was covered. From that time on I almost never wore a suit bigger then a poser thong. When going for a swim I put a rio suit over my thong. Every year I got a bit more confident when wearing my posers. Now I not only wear them to the beach, but every now and then also when working in the garden.
blick #26

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:09/29/2018 12:25:55Copy HTML

I finnaly did my first gstring sunbathing on a public beach. The only comment I heard was by some couple walking along the beach 'I thought he's naked'. Nothing negative. It really feels like you have nothing on you. I was wearing DA gstrings. The only thing I did not feel confortable was the pouch. From time to time I had to check if everything is on its place. When I find the cut that will suit me and will not be a so called 'pistol' or 'cocksock' then I think g strings will be my regular beach outfit. Cheers!
LoveMyThongs #27

Re:Wearing my first thong to the beach

Date Posted:10/12/2018 10:36:59Copy HTML

I was thinking of this post yesterday as I went to blacks beach in San Diego. It was warm enough and when it is I prefer to be in a shirt, sometimes not, and my thong to walk from my car down the trail. It so normal and while I’m in a skimpy thong and I know it, it’s natural and I’m not showing off so much as I see it as my style of choice vs shorts or a speedo. But those first few times are nervy but when you break that barrier and start to get comfortable, it’s the best. It’s lame it’s nervy since it’s still “taboo” in the states. My wife said she wasn’t nervous at all her first time at 16 in the 80’s because girls wear essentially outdoor underwear for bathing suits anyway. I’ll be in a thong as long as I go to the beach. Coupled with the tan lines, it’s a fabulous combo
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