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Date Posted:04/11/2005 03:23:45Copy HTML

I run about 5 miles on the beach. People have often shot pictures of me as I run by in a thong. Some times I have been stopped, and asked to pose with a group of girls. I often wondered if some of the pictures would wind up on the net.

I ran into the following site http://www.webshots.com/
Put in your search key words, and then when the first six pictures come up select "See all photo results".
Some of the comments are positive and some are negative. You have to remember that most of the posts are from young collage age people. Most of the pictures of thonged men running on the beach are NOT me! You would not catch me running in a white thong, or with socks and shoes! That's NOT me in the group, that's not me riding the bike.

Funny thing is I often do ride by just that bit of wall, but it's not me because it's not my bike. I did find a couple of me, shot at such a distance.

I can only tell it's me because of the location and what I am, or am not, wearing. I'm a quick beach runner so the pictures on that site are of me disappearing into the distance. There is also one of me by the shower after running.

In all of them I am just a midget in the background. It seems that, when the subject is more than 30 feet away, cheep digital are no better than bad instamatics.

If looking to see if you appear in other peoples pictures is vanity, I'm guilty. But I was realy just looking to see if any of the thousand of pictures I see people take of me ever end up on the web. Turns out a few do, but never has any one of them been close enough for someone to actualy identify me as the person in the picture.

I am glad to see that the captions on my pictures are surprise or delight, rather than some of the negative comments on some other pictures of men in thongs. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the captions people give the pictures.

Take a look, you may find one of you on your local beach, but probably not, and probably not something you can be identified from unless you recognize the backround and what you were wearing. If you are in a thong on a public beach some one is probably taking your picture. As an old aunt of mine, who lives in Jamaca says, "If we are not colorful, then who the hell did the tourists come to see?" But if they do take your picture it probalby won't end up on the web and even if it does, it is highly unlikley that you will be in anyway recognizable by others.
Ryan Booth #1

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/13/2005 02:40:04Copy HTML

Thats not a bad site. At least it's nice to see guys wearing thongs on beaches that have other people on them. While the comments aren't favourable the photos that show a guy in a thong with girls stood around seem to show everyone having a good time and a laugh. What red blooded male wouldn't want a flock of women around him?
JM_Runs #2

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/13/2005 05:38:25Copy HTML

Several people have asked me what shots are of me. Not being the camera operator, or the poster of the pictures, it's difficult to find pictures of your self. But.. I am sure the two that come up are me. Most others from Lauderdale are not, except one that comes up under a search for "G string lauderdale". Also the picture titled "thong man running on the beach" pulls up another one me and a lot that are not . There is one of me at the shower, but I have lost it. Another one listed as "thong jogger", yet another listed as g-string lauderdale, although that last one makes me look like a complete spaz, no the other picture of me is not me.

That makes about 7 sneaky shots people have taken of me. You can only search on the captions and since most people don't seem to add captions, I suspect there a few more on this website.

Shots X the number of picture sites X size of the ... well you get the picture, there must be a bunch more out there.

UPDATE:  Jan 2006 - I notice that most of the shots have now expired or vanished.  Three still exist, not good ones but still there.





If I did not help identifying myself in these pictures no one else would have been able to.  Even I had to look carefully and use the backgrounds for clues to figure out if it was me.  This shows that even if a picture of you turns up in the web, of you in a thong on the beach,  it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to identify you.

John Howard #3

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/13/2005 09:46:59Copy HTML


Glad to know that the guy running on a thong with black shoes and white socks is not you.   This person must not have any good friends who could tell him how bad this combination looks.

I reckon I could find your shots, are you wearing a white baseball cup?  if that's you, you are in very good shape, no wonder after so many miles ran every morning at the beach.

I noticed an obvious bitchy-negative comment on most of the shots showing men wearing a thong.  Even in the ones where the guys seem to be very fit and muscular, there's almost always some ridicule tone comment.   Now, regarding the gentleman posing with the girls, I admire his courage, but to be honest he looks pathetic, not just his g-string (not a thong) is ugly, his body looks all soft like a jellyfish, no muscular definition, whatsoever.  On top of that he is fat, but the amazing thing is that he seems to be so proud of how he looks.  No wonder why these girls are laughing at him.

However it would be interesting to search for "thong woman" instead of "thong man", and see what the comments are.  I'm certain the comments would not be as negative as for the men's.   There is this trend from some women, to permanently try to ridicule men and how they look.  "Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house", some people say.    At least all these gentlemen in the "thong man" section, are on the beach, where you are supossed to be semi-naked. 

What about all those big fat cowes, women with no shape or waist, wearing low rise jeans on the streets, supermarkets, petrol stations, everywhere!!  and soooo proud of their revolting fat around their waist.   I wonder if these are the same women who criticise us men wearing speedos or thongs on the beach.

John Howard

italthonger #4

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/19/2005 07:41:27Copy HTML

Webshots.com is an excellent website with a lot of pictures of people thonged in different situation. I like a lot expecially those on the beach scenery. Anyone could suggest other similar website with a lot of pictures of thonged people (women and men too) laying on the beaches?
JM_Runs #5

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/19/2005 09:24:03Copy HTML

Well there are a lot of shots there. Thong Beach pulls up 411 hits and Thong Guy gives even more, 500+. So that's quite a few to be looking through. Once you have done, try Thong Boy.

I notice that Thong Guy brings up mostly positive comments, more positive comments than a search on Thong Man. Thong Boy gives even more positive comments. Intresting that some one that may be disaproved is called Man, and Guy or Boy if approved of. Or maybe women say Guy or Boy, and men, when taking about other men, use man.
clubthongs #6

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/20/2005 01:27:55Copy HTML

Interesting that when I did a search for "thong guy" I found a random photo of myself that I had never seen before!
JM_Runs #7

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/26/2005 01:59:13Copy HTML

Note for people who assume that others will think they are gay, just because they wear a thong.

Looking at webshots I see more than a dozen pictures that other people have taken of me. Some of the searches that pulled up pictures are listed above.

It occurred to me that we could test peoples assumptions by seeing if they had listed any men in thongs as gay.

Since I run and thong on Fort Lauderdale beach I first searched for Gay Lauderdale. No pictures of men thongs on the beach, not at all, not me, Not Anybody. Of all the pictures of men in thongs on Lauderdale beach, none had the word gay in the caption.

So I tried the more general searches g-string gay and string gay, still no men in thongs on any beaches. But the winner was Gay Thong. This time, in all the shots that came up, there was one, only one, picture of a man in a thong on a beach. Hay, that might be me...no they say it's from Miami's south beach, so unlikely. But still, only one hit.

Of all the thousands of thong pictures, and all the hundreds of pictures of men in thongs, only this one picture of a guy in a thong at a beach, mentions the words 'gay' and 'thong' in the same caption. Interesting. (If you want to find this picture quickly, try 'gay beach thong'.)

In a database that has 17,000 pictures, Only one picture of a man in a thong at the beach - has the worlds gay & thong in the caption.

Goes to show, people may be looking at you with interest, or amusement, but they are NOT automatically categorizing you as gay.

Ryan Booth #8

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/28/2005 12:23:24Copy HTML

JM that's a very good observation. Although in the UK more often than not when kids say "that looks gay" or "he must be gay" they use the word as a derogatory name rather than using the word to describe the person's sexuality.
JM_Runs #9

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/30/2005 09:26:17Copy HTML

Reply to Ryan, regarding the use of  "That's gay" in the speech of people under 25.

Some words and expressions do not translate well.  For example, I have for years being trying to explain the subtlety of the expressions "Sod it' or S"Sod off" to Americans.  Just substituting the F word does not work when it's used in the non-aggressive way, as in I am turning my back and not dealing with this, or this person,  for they or it, no longer appear on my radar screen.

I agree.  In today's speach the comment "That's gay" means, as close as I can get to it, 'Wet'.  It is a dismissive comment.

Something the speaker would not want, or think to do.  A bit limp, as in noodle type limp, not wrist type limp. (Not that noodle).

Also used to dismiss the current subject of conversation and move on to something more interesting.

JM_Runs #10

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:04/30/2005 10:39:32Copy HTML

OK, on webshots, try Topless south beach or the words Thong south beach in your searches. Then try the same with Topless Miami or Thong Miami or G-String Miami.  The comblinations some times bring up some of the same pictures, but each brings up new ones not found in the other searches.

JM_Runs #11

Re:Webshots - Your photo showing up on the web ?

Date Posted:08/16/2012 08:30:09Copy HTML

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