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Date Posted:11/13/2016 05:52:03Copy HTML

any men or woman tried the wedgie fit jeans by Levi's? Seems like a thong or g would be the only option unless you went commando. I'm interested to hear thoughts on these. Also what size should I get? Are they flexible jeans or stiff denim? 
Sybok #1

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/13/2016 10:16:56Copy HTML

 I haven't heard of these. Is there a link?
tangathong #2

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/14/2016 12:13:36Copy HTML

 http://s2.r29static.com//bin/entry/5eb/x,80/1540788/image.jpgThey seem to be exactly what a thong wearer would love in a jean. But not sure if they would work on a guy. Wondered what anybody's thoughts are 
tangathong #3

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/16/2016 09:47:35Copy HTML

 Found a place that sells them they only make for women. Anyone tried these?men or women? I'm a size men's size34.  6'2" and can't find a size for me. Anyone know a jean that is comparable for men.  I also like the jeans I see some Hispanic girls wearing and looking hot as hell, the ones  that have no pockets in the back, anyone know where to buy these?
JM_Runs #4

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/17/2016 05:07:18Copy HTML

It seems many manufactures are making jeans, both with and without pockets, with lots of spandex so they are stretchy, comfortable, and fit more body types.  Unfortunately most of these are marketed to teens and women.  The men's product lines have not caught up.

More of these seem to be marketed to younger women through the Juniors department, often at a lot less cost than adult jeans.  There is an overlap between the waist sizes of the larger juniors and the women's. 

Women's juniors are sized in odd numbers and the regular women's are sized in even numbers. Most stores stock Juniors up to size 13. In the USA a 13 converts to about 33 to 34 in men's pants. However sizing in both women and Junior is notoriously inconsistent, and pants made in other countries use different numbers, so you absolutely have to try the fit before buying.   (US 13 does not equal UK 13)

At 6'2" you may be a little tall to take advantage of many of the stretch jeans from the juniors department, unless you can find them in a long leg. However some of the regular women stretch pants in 12 or 14 with a long leg will probably fit fine.

Just recently I found some very stretchy black size 11/13 jeans for $6 each at TJ Max. They fit like a glove, and have working rear pockets and belt loops.  I am 5'8" and 32 to 33. If anything they might be slightly on the long side, but that is better than short.

I suggest shopping for jeans at discount store like TJ Max or Marshals where there is no distinct segregation between men's and women's departments but just racks of cloths and shared fitting rooms.  This way you may feel more comfortable when pulling jeans off the juniors rack. Go try on half a dozen stretch jeans and leggings, jeggings or what ever they call them today. 

Ones with functioning rear pockets provide a place to put a wallet, and it so your pants can pass as "jeans" rather than tights, if you care about that.

I find the ones with real belt loops helps too, because with stretch skinny pants there is a tendency for the pants to work down.
tangathong #5

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/17/2016 08:05:10Copy HTML

 Thank you!
Ex_Member #6

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/17/2016 09:27:01Copy HTML

Dunno about the "wedgie" aspect but Expressmen carries blue jeans for men that are both tight and have a good deal of stretch to them.  My wife bought me two pairs and they fit well -- tight enough that I have to pull down the legs every time I stand up (I did have to order them in my size; they had 34 waist in stock but not the 34 or 36 length I need -- no charge for delivery if you order in-store).  The tight jeans were HER idea, mind you -- but I went along with her wishes because these are "manly" style jeans with full pockets and zippers.  I had seen Jackson Browne in concert wearing a very similar pair of tight jeans in a concert and figured if they were good enough for him, they'd be good enough for me.
John Howard #7

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/18/2016 09:04:49Copy HTML

 I used to be skeptic about stretch jeans;  until now that I embraced them.   Since I lost almost 12 kilos following a strict diet to get rid of fat, I realised that at 78 kilos I also lost some muscle mass.  Slowly I have gained back weight but basically muscle and a bit of fat. However I was blessed by nature for having a very small wais, and muscular legs.  Combined with hard gym workouts, I  developed a relative impressive body compared to my peers.  One day  I realised that my clothes style was  completely wrong.  You  tend to be a sheep and follow what mainstream bodybuilders wear:  baggy pants, baggy shirts,  (which sometimes is just a cover up for  not  well developed legs ans quite a bit of fat in middle section).....Anyway I opened  my eyes and as I  was in great need to replace most of my clothes due to my new low fat body,  I ventured with stretch jeans.   I also gradually replaced my baggy business shirts for really super tailored super slim shirts.  
The result?  I believe I look my best ever.   I regret having hidden a well trained body under baggy shirts and baggy jeans for so long.  I shop my stretch jeans at ASOS, I am slowly getting rid of the old jeans, and I tell  you man, stretch jeans rock!!!    Besides the looks,  I do turn heads wherever I go,  man is true, ladies cant help to look at  your crotch.  It's true, some of my stretch  jeans create a bit of bulge. 
But almost as good as the looks, is the comfort stretch jeans give.  They follow your movement, they are soft and stretchy when you sit down, stand up (you are right faceless I also need to accomodate mine up and down),  and unless I wore a belt, I would be giving the biggest peep show of male whale tail.   
My businesss shirts from ASOS are also great;  they have a bit of spandex, and make me look even slimmer from the  waist.
In conclusion, I'm glad I opened my eyes;  what was the point of training so hard at the gym, wearing thong underwear and thongs at the beach, and then wearing baggy jeans and shirts that were made for inactive overweight people, or just because the bodybuilders brotheroods' fashion said so.
I also realised of something;  perhaps Mackback is right,  sometimes the most negative comments that you hear about your style of clothing come from females who wish they had  (1) a fraction of your fit body and (2) the courage and confidence .... to pull it off.
I'm old enough to not be afraid of standing out from the crowd.  And I love it.
J_R_365 #8

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/18/2016 06:03:16Copy HTML

I also started wearing tighter jeans after I lost weight. I still have some very stubborn "Love handles" above my hips, though. This is right where most of my jeans ride if I wear them "Wedgie style" (which I really like to do), and they just won't stay there. It's not a problem for jeans that ride above or below the handles, so I got a couple of low-rise women's jeans, and they stay put.

One thing I find about wearing close-fitting clothing is the fit needs to be more exact to look properly awesome. A nice dose of Spandex helps things hug nicely, but it's no substitute for proper fit.  I think women have the advantage here, as their wider hips help keep the jeans from riding down as much.

But sometimes they do, which can be nice, too.

2xist #9

Re:Wedgie fit Levi's

Date Posted:11/19/2016 02:38:36Copy HTML

 Try try the Rufskin Hendrix super stretch skinny jeans or the diesel stretch skinny.  Both incredibly awesome fit, feel and look! 
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