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Date Posted:12/30/2004 04:05:04Copy HTML

So, does anyone have any information on Sweden? Any thonging possibilities there? Any nude beaches? I don't know anything about Sweden other than where it is.ANY other information about Sweden would be GREATLY appreciated! I have just been offered a chance to visit sometime in 2005, possibly from four to six months. A friend of mine is going and I've been invited to tag along.
sebastianspencer #1

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:12/30/2004 10:46:19Copy HTML

I was in Sweden a few years ago.  We went to the beach only a couple times, somewhere north of Stockholm (I think that's where we went.)  I didn't see any thongs (on men or women) and only a couple guys in speedos at all.  Most wore boxer style shorts (not long boardies tho).

Elsewhere could be different, and that could be dependent on time of year, the weather, etc.

You could contact the US Embassy in Stockholm, who may have information on beaches near where you're visiting and the "local custom" and laws.

northernlights_se #2

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:12/30/2004 11:27:37Copy HTML

Nude beaches are reasonably common in Sweden, both official nude beaches and unofficial nude beaches. However, my feeling is that the naturist society in Sweden is decreasing in size, unfortunately.

It is not very often you see people in thongs nowadays, neither among women or among men. 15 years ago or so,  thong swimwear were very popular among women. (How come this change in fashion, see another thread where I ask this question.)

There are no laws in Sweden against thongs or nude bathing or sunning. Each case is judged whether there is a case of offensive behaviour. But people are usually very accepting.

Although I'm not an expert on these questions, if you tell me where in Sweden you will be staying, maybe I can give you some advice.


jn9195 #3

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:01/01/2005 06:17:56Copy HTML

Gothenburg, Sweden

northernlights_se #4

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:01/02/2005 05:35:04Copy HTML

For nude beaches, as a start you could try these links:



For thonging:  If you don't act offensive, it should be OK almost everywhere.

Lycrafool #5

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:08/16/2018 11:20:05Copy HTML

This goes out especially to all the Swedes on this board, men and women! (others may also contribute :) I have been wearing thongs on and off for at least 15 years, and generally thongs on men has been a laughing matter. People are really open minded in general, but sometimes I feel it's just in theory, and I get the feeling that there is some secret fashion police that would throw you in jail and humiliate you if they saw you in a thong. I believe though, it may be changing gradually, at least under the surface, looking at the number of web-shops that sell a variety of thongs in Sweden. Someone is buying them, right? To my question: Have any of you Swedes here had the guts to wear a thong in public in Sweden? Where was it? Did you see any reactions? I personally would love to wear them on beaches and swimming pools, but I'm afraid there would be lots of turning heads and giggles. That's not the attention I seek, if any at all. I have worn a thong on secluded beaches with no or a few people, but they are hard to find (I live in Jönköping). I usually wear them when I get massage, much to the masseuses delight, because of better accessibility than boxers provide, during the treatment. Once though, I asked the staff of Asia SPA in Varberg if wearing a thong in the pools was acceptable, and they said yes. No surprise, no one else was wearing one, but I mustered the courage to wear one in the morning when the pools were not so crowded. Walking between the pools, you are supposed to wear a sort of robe, so there's not much flaunting really. There was only one woman there and she didn't seem to care. It felt so deliberating! There's a big difference with one or a few staring (they usually look once and then don't bother), to having twenty people staring, for some reason. So, any experiences from you Swedes, or other people who have tried thonging in Sweden?

BarelyCovered #6

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:08/18/2018 12:27:50Copy HTML

Swede here. Thonged in Sweden twice. When I thonged it was on places with very few to none people around. Both times with female company and both on the beach (Öland + Skanör). People staring is the last thing I want but I know for sure I would stare aswell. Guys wearing thongs is a very rare sight every where! :)
Lycrafool #7

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:08/18/2018 07:48:43Copy HTML

Cool @BarelyCovered, was that your girlfriend? Kind of envious that you seem to share your thonging with someone. It’s hard to find anyone who would understand this thong business, hence the excistense of this forum I guess. I’m hoping to find a nude beach not too far away. I’ve tried thonging on one once, and it felt easier to show your bum and choice of underwear/swimwear there. Too far away though. Let’s hear more stories from Sweden!
BarelyCovered #8

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:08/19/2018 06:16:26Copy HTML

I thonged one time with GF and one time with my mum and sister. A fun thing is that none of my gf have had any problems of me wearing thongs. But then again none of them as comment on them either, saying the like or not. Woman seems more accepting. I think thoning in company with someone is a great "protection" beacuse your are not the lonely strange dude in a thong. @lycrafool have you worn briefs/bikinis in public as a first step?
Lycrafool #9

Re:What about SWEDEN???

Date Posted:08/19/2018 02:05:41Copy HTML

Yes @BarelyCovered, I began to tan in a tiny boxer brief like ten years ago. I remember once a teenage girl playing with her friends not too far away shouted “thank you very much!” as I left :D Too surprised to come up with a comeback! I also went swimming laps in a tight small speedo kind of swimwear I bought on e-bay. It was a bit skimpier than regular speedos. It felt safe in that context, but I wouldn’t want to be caught by someone I knew. Today I use a square cut swimming trunk or a tiny boxer brief made of spandex. Wow, you have an understanding family! Did they also wear thongs? How did you come out as a thong lover to them?
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