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Date Posted:09/03/2003 04:00:46Copy HTML

Summer is drawing to a close for the poor people who live up north. So it? time to ask what was your best day, or funny moment , to do with thronging this summer?My best days were probably when I realized I was missed. As you know I normally try to get out to run on the beach, in a thong,three mornings a week. I had been off from running for a couple of months due to injury. The week I was back on the beach a number of people stopped to greet me. Several people said, Welcome back! Where have you been? We have missed you.I may have been feeling uncomfortable with my unfit and unnatural feeling running, as I was comeing back from a long break, but the comments that week cheered me up a lot.Funniest comments were probably when running with the local running group on aThursday evening. It? a very casual, we break into small groups goingoff at different speeds. (No I was not in a thong, just running togs like the rest of the group.)A small group of about six of us passed a fast walking group of older ladies. As we went by I said "Good Evening Ladies." There was an excited whoop from behind us. In a loud voice one of the ladies exclaimed "Do you know who that was?! Don? you know who that is?"By this time we were getting out of ear shot and a couple of the people in the group were wondering what the older ladies were excited about. I knew what the women? comments were probably about me but I turned to one of the almost famous ladies running by me and said, "Your fame is spreading."I guessed that one of the women is a regular who walks on the beach in the morning. I think one of the lades recognized my distinctive accent and funny running gate. She has probably been telling her friends about seeing me in the mornings.When our group ran back by them on the return leg the all the women smiled and waved. I thin the rest of the running group are still a little mystified as to why we were famous that night.What are your funny or humorous moments from this summer ?
wr1944 #1

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:09/05/2003 02:19:31Copy HTML

This year I was having my private holiday (my wife hates small swimwear) in the south of France, near Cap d Agde. When walking the beach in my Very Low Cut Dore thong, I met a girl from my company.
She was very surprised to see me in that outfit, because I have a rather conservative image at work. Her first reaction was:"Oh, that is a nice change". Because she is one of the main gossipers, that story would go around the company like wildfire.
The next day, I was walking in the same outfit in the direction of the nude section of the beach. Suddenly I saw the same girl, lying on the beach in company of a good looking guy, both naked.
I knew she was married but not with this man. I only could say:"Oh, that is a nice change".
I do not think there will be any gossiping about my dressing habits.
tbacktom #2

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:09/05/2003 02:27:52Copy HTML

Here's a humorous moment from early summer that comes to mind.

I was out of town on business, and staying at a hotel.  After a long day of work, I worked out in the hotel's minimal excercise room and went for about a 2 or 3 mile run.  Then, to really relax I ordered a coulple of beers from room service and changed into a thong.  I took the beers down to the poolside hot tub.  It was just about sundown, and the warm water and alcohol really got me feeling good and  relaxed.  After the first beer was finished, a couple of attractive 40ish women came out to the pool. They removed their shorts and t-shirts to reveal their fairly conservative bikinis.  They tested the water in the pool then looked over at me relaxing in the hot tub.  Instead of going in the pool they came over to me and asked if they could join me.  I said "yes" of course.  Because of the whirlpool jets bubbling up the water, they could not tell that I was wearing a light green, unlined thong.  They got in and we introduced ourselves and discussed what we were all doing in town, how long we were staying, and the usual small talk.  The second beer went down quickly, and really got me feeling slightly buzzed.  Sitting there talking to them, and knowing that if I stood up they would see my semi-sheer when wet thong, got me a bit aroused and trying to think of an excuse to stand up.  Then, the timer controlling the jets ran out and the water stopped bubbling.  The women still didn't realize I was wearing a thong and continued making small talk.  The timer was located on a post about 10 feet away fron the hot tub.  So, I asked them if I should go reset the timer.....  I stood up and you would not have believed the looks on their faces!  Their eyes scanned down my body and locked onto my wet semi-sheer thong clinging tightly to my partially erect manhood.  As I stepped up and out of the hot tub giving them an eye full of my bare ass, they both broke out in supressed snickers.  I reset the timer and turned around.  One of them said, I didn't know you were wearing one of THOSE.  I took my time getting back in the water, and the conversation immediately changed.  They both started asking me all sorts of questions about my bathing suit, and I loved it.  They asked if I always wore them, what it felt like, if people stared at me, if I had thong tan lines, and on and on.  They kept saying they didn't think men should wear thongs, but they kept right on asking me about it and even asked me to stand up again once.  I think they would have sat there all night talking to me about my thong, but eventually the beers had gone full cycle and I had to go to the bathroom.  There was not one by the pool so I just excused myself and dried off.  Then went back to my room, walking the whole way in my thong and sandals only.



Slinggirl #3

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:09/05/2003 10:29:22Copy HTML

Defineitly the time my girlfriend and I were waering slings on the sundeck at Pier 66 Hotel in Wildwood Crest, a few young boys kept coming up to take a peak. We never let on that we knew what they were doing, but had a few laughs.
Bengeltje #4

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:09/16/2003 12:17:27Copy HTML

This summer I had to fix the roof at my mother-in-law. Because it was hot (over 30?Celcius), I dressed only in a short.

This short was yellow and high cut on the sides and had nothing under it. As the day got hotter, I pulled my short like a thong. I didn't care who saw me, it was just to hot.

The second day I decided to wear a string, since it stayed so hot. So I took a black string from the closet. My wife said, 'are you going to wear that to work with'. I said 'yes' and she didn't reply on it. So I undressed at my mother-in-law, she looked surprissed seeing my string. But I wanted to see it. So all day long I kept running thru the house in my string.

The third day I took another, more revealing string. As she was used to seeing it, I didn't bother. In the evening, as the work was done, I asked my mother-in-law to clean my legs and butt from the sticky stuff from the roof.  She did it with pleasure. She cleaned my legs, the inner side up to my crotch and my butt. I loved it, but the only thing she didn't clean, was covered.

beachfolks #5

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:09/16/2003 01:08:14Copy HTML

Benge- Good way to get a great tan, and the best thing is that you won't be asked to repair the roof again.
kernow34 #6

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:09/19/2003 11:03:45Copy HTML

We've just a had a few days of decent sunshine this last week, here in the southwest of England and I decided to ly in the sun a while on several of the late afternoons, to reduce this year's pasty look. (No foreign holiday this year, and little chance to get a tan!).

I took this as an opportunity to wear one of my two Dore thongs for the first time, as I was going to lay down on a sunbed at the bottom of the garden beyond direct view of the house. My wife had never yet seen either of the two Dore thongs.

Of course, eventually my wife decided to see where I was, and on seeing me lying there in this minimal pouch thong - its a very low cut push-up thong in "Millenium" mesh - remarked, "Is that intended to keep the sun off your "rude-bits"?!

The joke is that in fact it does the opposite! The mesh acts like these "tan-through" fabrics, as I found when I lay on my front, I could feel the heat of the sun on my balls, so it was definitely getting through the mesh!


lauren1 #7

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:01/01/2004 09:42:08Copy HTML

I took my summer holiday to Fuerteventura this year, and thought it would be nice to walk along the 10 mile beach at Jandia. Its dead quiet and topless / thongs / nudism are quite acceptable. I asked the couple next to me to look after my gear and set off down the beach with just my purse and car keys. Oh, and of course my g string - its one I've made myself with very narrow strings (side and back) and only enough cover at the front for...well, you can guess (its about 2 cm wide only)

It was baking hot and I sort of lost track of time and before I knew it I had covered may 3 or 4 miles and was getting really dehydrated. I had no choice but to head to the beach bar of a bottle of ice cold water, and of course everyone at the bar was fully clothed! No one said anything to me, just a few smiles and nods, excpet the German bar owner who let me have the water for free! 

Now if only I had the nerve to wear my G more often...   


nicthong #8

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:01/04/2004 06:50:24Copy HTML

Krissy (aka Lauren1) - it's a shame we didn't meet as my best thonging moment was also taking a beach walk on Fuerteventura! (I was at the north end of Jandia at Costa Calma... but possibly a little earlier in the year). I went with a non-thonging friend and on one of the better days for weather my friend decided to go for a walk on the beach. I guess she didn't expect me to go as well given I was wearing a very low cut, string-sided thong but I asked if she'd mind the company and off we set. I was a little self-conscious about the attention as I definitely had the smallest swimwear on the beach but I do remember exchanging mutually-approving glances with a cute, topless blonde that was walking the opposite direction. My only regret is that we didn't stop to chat to each other... Other than that, there was no particularly memorable events from the walk... but the whole experience was very liberating and I loved being able to walk along the water's edge with the sun beating down in nothing more than a tiny thong and baseball cap!
azcraig #9

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:01/29/2004 03:39:17Copy HTML

In reflecting back on '03 I'm not sure if they were embarrassing, but more uncomfortable, and there were 2 times when I felt that way. In the origial "enjoying the Arizona sun post on 7-15 I wrote about having the smallest swimsuit in my own backyard party, and on 9-12 I wrote about a party at somebodies house in North Phoenix. I felt a little out of place at both of those. But the most memorable day was for the car (van) wash that I posted on 9-22. Everybody had so much fun with that I plan to have another car wash this summer
c-ring #10

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:01/26/2005 11:19:32Copy HTML

I have quite a few actually, but one of my most memorable was wearing a backless jock sock/thong to a massage and having the massage therapist catch a view and tell me that my thong broke!

let's share stories.

Rhodesthong #11

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:02/06/2005 02:05:49Copy HTML

This didn't actually happen this summer, but it is a little funny, and also may serve as useful advice.

About two years ago I went to Greece and wore a thong on the beach for the first time. The day after my first time I was much more confident, got to my sun lounger and immediately removed my shorts to reveal my black Hom swim thong. I didn't see the point in covering myself in sun tan lotion before going for a swim so I headed straight for the water and swam about for a while. When I came out I wanted to wash the sea water off me, so I took a deep breath and walked up the beach to the shower which was right next to a large group of Brit guys carefully getting drunk. I showered off with my back to them and turned around. They were all staring at me gobsmacked. My first instinct was to scarper fast, but then for some reason I felt a huge wave of confidence come over me. I figured I was already stood in front of them with nothing but a thin strap of lycra in between my cheeks, so I slowly turned off the shower, picked one of the guys at random, and stared at him. It worked. He immediately started looking down at his feet, so I started on another. Quickly they all turned around and went back to drinking, whilst I walked confidently back to my sun lounger to dry off.

Shortly after this two really hot girls came over and put their towels out next to my sun lounger and lay on the sand right next to me, when there were clearly sun loungers available. This really upset the drunk guys and I never saw them at that beach again!
backstrap357 #12

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:02/19/2005 09:53:38Copy HTML

Sorry I have to go back a couple of years for this one but it is good.

I went to Eden Park in Cincinnati, OH to study one afternoon in May. As I was scoping my spot out I walked past a lovely young woman lying on her back but I could plainly see there were nothing but strings holding the small amount of fabric on to her front.

I picked a spot about fifteen yards away from her but as she was so nice looking studying my book was out of the question. From whatching her body language I could tell she was a little self conscience. Thong swimwear was still a pretty new concept at this time and what she was wearing would be considered skimpy even today. So she would pull on  boring bikini bottom when she wanted to walk around and play with her dog.

To the funny part. While she was lying on her blanket she had just gotten enough nerve to role over on her stomach when her dog got free and started chasing another dog. The girl didn't have time to pull on her bikini, she just got up and started chasing her dog. During the chase on of her breasts fell out of her small top. Just then a man started up a conversation with her and talked to her for about five minutes before telling  her about her breast. The look on her face and the blush on her cheeks was fantastic. Though I give her credit, she adjusted her top, went back to her towel,  and continued sunnying herself.  

Sarah_Thomas #13

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:06/26/2005 10:40:32Copy HTML

Hey guys, just seen this thread and some of them really made me laugh. Just thought I'd give you one of my funniest happenings.

My story goes back last year when I went on a girls holiday with 4 mates to the costa del sol. We all wear thongs to the beach and one day we decided to stay for the day. We got up pretty early made some sandwiches etc. and packed it all in a cool box along with a few bottles of the spanish plonk. A few hours went by fairly quickly and it was time for food so we all had a bite to eat and got our way through quite a bit of wine so it was time to relax. After an hour or so I noticed that one of the girls who was wearing a tie side thong bikini had fallen asleep stomach down so I (in my childish semi-drunken state lol) thought it would be funny to untie her bikini. With a bit of help from my friend lying the other side of her we untied both sides of her thong and hid the strings between her legs to it looked like she was nude and we all had a giggle at her.

As if this wasn't funny enough....

After our initial giggle we just laid down to sun ourselves and the mix of wine and sun tired us and we fell asleep and forgot about our poor friend lying bare-assed on the beach lol. The next thing we know we were woke up by the sound of voices, it was the voices of the life guard talking to our poor friend who had turned over in her sleep and was now totally naked front up on the beach in all her glory which we thought was hilarious.

All in all we had a good laugh and the life guard explained that she had a similar thing done to her bikini top with her mates not long before.


John Howard #14

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:02/28/2008 10:45:04Copy HTML

This happened to me last week on the beach.Went at lunch time to sunbake and have a swim at Port Melbourne beach, quite a nice hot day unlike the cool autumnish days we are having lately.   I read a book while sunbaking and before going back to work I decided to have a walk along the beach , approx 100 metres, then go in the water and swim back paralell to the beach to my initial spot. When came backfrom the water and went back to pick up my towel and bag and go to have a shower, there was this older guy (mid sixties) standing up in his old speedos, who said to me in this heavy southern european accent "nice tan, do you come here everyday?", to which I answered "not every day, only when it's warm enough"...I couldn't help to think that this guy who suddenly turned up wanted to hit on me.  Anyway, I couldn't care cause I was picking up my things to go.   Then this guy said "could you, please?" and he was showing me his sun tan lotion.   He wanted me to pour suntan lotion on his back.I couldn't contain my laughter, he really made me laugh.   I admired his confidence,  and thought this guy when young must have been so forward and confident, if he still is at his age.  Anyway, I replied I couldn't because I was leaving.And left me thinking what should I have said if I was not leaving at that moment.   It would have been a bit uncomfortable to get rid of him as he placed his towel very close to mine.  And what should I have responded to the suntan lotion proposition....Perhaps my line should be "sorry mate, I don't know you so I don't think I can pour suntan lotion on your back"....I must admit however, I wouldn't mind at all if he was an attractive lady...John Howard
stringueur #15

Re:What are your best, funny or humorous moments from this summers thonging?

Date Posted:03/20/2019 04:29:18Copy HTML

a few years ago I was on the beach with my wife and children. I saw a family coming up. The man was looking for the best place. He forced his wife to cross the entire beach in order to land right next to me. I was sure he had seen me, and my thong. I was lying on my stomach. So my thong was obvious. But i realized that, from afar, he thought that i was a girl. As he had seen a thong from afar, he thought it was a girl ! And his wife was not very happy to go next a "girl" with a thong just because her husband wanted to look closely. When they was just next to me, they understood that i was a man. So, the man was immediately looking for an other place. But, at this moment, his wife took her revenge. Their eyes were telling to her husband "you wanted to put your towel next this thonger, we will stay here". And she said him to stay here ! So, they spent all the end of the afternnon just next to me. The man was not happy and was looking elsewhere. The woman, who had her revenge, was looking closely at my buns and was giving me some smiles all the time. I did her day..
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