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Date Posted:08/16/2003 12:17:53Copy HTML

If you are a guy, and you have worn a g-string or any type of very brief swimwear in public for an extended period of time, you get a lot of comments. Some are positive, some are negative, some are crass and some are amusing. Here are some of the comments that I have heard over the years, which date back to the 1970s:

From a man at a Jamaican resort: "My wife wants pictures of you." (I was wearing a g-sting by the pool.) "Could you give me three shots from the front, side and back?"

From an older lady at a New Jersey Playboy resort/hotel: "My husband has been taking pictures of the bunnies all week-end. Could I take a picture of you?"

From a man at the same resort: "Do you work here? I thought since they hired the bunnies for guys, maybe they hired you for the girls.!" (I would have loved to have been paid to tan myself by the pool all day for a salary.)

From a lady in all seriousness: "I know I've seen you at the Golden Banana!" (A local strip club that sometimes featured male dancers.) "Does the Golden Banana make you wear that when you go out in the sun so that you will look better when you are naked?"

Conversation between two ladies: "You can talk to him, but he won't understand a word you're saying. I think he's French."

From a lady: "How can you be so casual about IT?" (I was wearing an ultra tiny Koala g-string.) "If I was wearing THAT I'd be a nervous wreck!"

From a bride and groom wearing a gown and tuxedo who had just been married at a Jamaican resort: "Could you pose with us for some pictures? and No, don't put anything on, we want you just the way you are." (I was wearing a g-sting by the pool.)

From an older couple at the beach: "I know I've seen you on television. Come on tell us the shows that you have been on & Oh come on! & You just don't want to tell us, is that it?"

Fom a lady at Playboy Club: "How often do you get propositioned?"  I have to admit that I found it to be one of the most sincere compliments of all.
Txthong #1

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/16/2003 01:15:45Copy HTML

  I heard a girl say as I walked by , " He has a better butt than I do. " 

  I once had a girl ask if she could take a picture with her kissing my butt. She handed her camera to the guy she was with and he took the pic.

 That  was at  a pool behind a club in Lewisville Texas.

  At the snack shop, in the pavillion at Stewart Beach, on Galveston Island, a girl that worked there said , " Wow, you are brave. "

  I was wearing a string thong from Skinz, and had oil all over my body.

  I was at a pool party in the Village Country Club, in Dallas a few years ago, and a girl leaned over and smacked me on the butt, and said, " Sunnin your buns? "   She was very good looking, and after that, the people around me seemed more accepting of my attire.

 I wore a slingshot down at South Padre Island, and a girl in a souvineer shop, asked me if I would hang around so her friend that would be there in 15 minutes could see me. Two girls that were in there shopping, left and then came back a few minutes later with five more girls.

They all wanted a picture with me.

nadathing #2

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/21/2004 09:01:56Copy HTML

I have received a mix of comments. A few of the usual negative type, and those in locations and at times where brief string bikinis (what I was wearing) on men were not anticipated at all. Got a few teen girl giggles in those situations too.

More recently, I?e had a number of people walk close past me laying on the beach in a resort area when I was wearing a Dore bikini or thong. In those situations I had people set up near me even though it was obvious what I was wearing was very brief. No comments or looks that I noticed from them. Nobody left right away either.

Once I was walking back to my room and as I was approaching the elevator with my Dore 4?back bikini in view and heard some comments about ?old the elevator,?which didn? happen. I was photographed from a distance on that one, but I can? imagine their picture showed much. Younger crowd again.

I?e had a few people smile when they saw me and point me out to their companions, but I?e no idea what they thought about it. Of course there? probably a lot more of that I don? notice. When I do, it? obvious what they are doing, but I don? think they know I know. I find that amusing.

I had one occasion about two and a half years ago where I set up close to a young couple or they set up close to me. (Can? recall which way it occurred.) The guy said to me ?here do you buy those? She said I should have one like that.? I told them. (Dore.) I think his asking embarrassed her from her manner. Whether she was joking to him or serious I don? know. Nor do I know if he was serious or calling her ?luff?if that? what it was.

Years back I had another regular at a pool where I did laps regularly ask where they could be bought. I typically wore in 1?wide speedo styles or Parr No-Tie Nadas at that time. Some female friend(s) of his wanted to get something for a guy as a present (a joke I think) and he asked me.

The crowd that knows me sees my in the 1?and 2?wide speedo styles or years ago in a triangle style bikini and on occasion I?e received a comment in a positive vein from one of the women, usually when they see me for the first time. That could have been because they liked what they saw or were using the pleasant way of talking to people that women tend to use (more than men anyway.)

A few years ago, apparently I was photographed by somebody whom I had met in the group I was with and apparently said she was going to post my picture on the internet. Gee wiz! It was just a 2?wide speedo style! What? the big deal? That girl didn? ask permission or tell me her intention and I?e never seen it anywhere. I wouldn? know about this at all if another member of the group hadn? mentioned it later on.
Beachlover492000 #3

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/21/2004 12:08:18Copy HTML

One tact that women have used with me a couple of times has been to walk up, look me over and then say, "Could keep an eye on my bag while I'm gone?" How do they know I won't steal the stuff? I don't know, but it was a way for them to get closer for look, and I guess feel like they were not being obvious about it.
nadathing #4

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/22/2004 08:11:17Copy HTML

Well they could use that tact with me anyday! Be a good way to engage them in conversation at both ends of their trip, especialy if they are similarly attired.
nicthong #5

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/23/2004 04:19:50Copy HTML

"If you are a guy, and you have worn a g-string or any type of very brief swimwear in public for an extended period of time, you get a lot of comments."

Although I guess this is some people's experience, it hasn't been mine. Whenever I go on holiday I wear the smallest of thongs all week and quite publicly; however, I've received/heard hardly any comments.

The only ones I can remember are a guy in his late teens pointing my suit out to his friends ("look at that guy's suit!") as I made my way to the beach shower in Majorca, a couple of girls in their 20s telling me "you must have a lot of courage to wear that" when we struck up conversation on a beach in Ibiza, and a couple of (not very subtle) Spanish teenage guys laughing at my thong on a beach in Fuerteventura.

The best response I've received though was, like Beachlover, non-verbal: I was walking down the beach in Fuerteventura at the water's edge in a navy very low cut thong (there's a photo on the home page of the dore_swimwear Yahoo! group) and I passed a very cute topless girl in her 20s, walking the other way. Almost everyone at the resort was German so I didn't even try to start a conversation. Instead we just looked each other up and down and smiled a smile of mutual approval to each other as we passed. A great experience!

JM_Runs #6

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/19/2004 04:30:02Copy HTML

I had a great experience today, all topped off with a nice little compliment!

I left my car in just a thong and sunglasses, no more, and walked over to one of my favourite beaches. There were a fair few stingers on the high tide mark, so I opted for a walk. I crossed the rocks that divide the beach in half, and walked naked along the nude section of the beach. When I got back to the clothed section, I put my thong back on and walked the entire length of that side of the beach and back. As I went to walk back over the sandhills to my car, a couple I noticed had decided not to take on the stingers either, and were walking back in front of me. They walked a little slower than me, so I passed them about half way back. I said hello as I passed, as did the couple. When I was passed and the realised what I was wearing, i heared the woman say to her partner "oh, that's a nice little surprise, isn't it?"

I returned to my car, and while I was standing having a drink and cooling off (still in just thong and sunglasses), they passed by and stopped to chat. They said the stingers were a risk but still wanted a swim. I suggested they follow me to a protected little beach (that I also often go to) as I was going there for the same reason and it would be OK for swimming there. They agreed, and off we went (Still in just my thong)

We got to the other beach, and I went straight down with just my thong on and carrying a towel. Before I left the beach they thanked me, and although she did not mention my thong again, she kept looking between it and me with a beaming smile.

I felt pretty good about myself!

nadathing #7

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/22/2004 05:01:32Copy HTML

Reply to : Thongmad
Interesting story. So what are "stingers"? I think you are referring to what I would call "jelly fish"
JM_Runs #8

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/22/2004 02:51:44Copy HTML

We call them 'Blue Bottles'

Ask any Aussie who's ever been to the beach and their face will screw up in pain at the memory of the little devils!

They are in the jellyfish family, and have a clear 'bubble'  that floats on the surface of the water. Their body is like deep blue jelly, and the stinging tail is also blue which drifts out behind them for up to 5 metres (15 feet). On the east coast you will see them lining the tide mark on the sand  of an afternoon when the North-Easter has been blowing for a few hours in the warmer seasons. Very nasty stings which can cause temporary paralysis, and swelling, which is dangerous for those who get extreme reactions, especially if it is in the neck area.

clubthongs #9

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/24/2004 11:29:48Copy HTML

I was recently in Las Vegas and despite the cold weather was able to wear thongs to the hot tubs at both Luxor and Key Largo.  At the Luxor on women approached me and asked if I was a male dancer with on the shows.  Made my day!
redraider55 #10

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/06/2004 07:03:04Copy HTML

I've only received a few comments (verbal and nonverbal) during my recent public thong wearing days.

While boating with my Mother-in-law on Lake Buchanen, a few ladies/teenagers walked their dog by our stretch of the beach.  Later on the same day, a boat drove past us with 2 couples. The women were standing and waving and then raising their beer cans in cheer.  The guys only smiled and raised their beers as well.  I raised my beer in return and took a drink.

At Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) this past summer, there was middle-aged couple fishing next to us.  When the lady saw me in my thong, she sent her husband into their camper to change into a bikini.  A lot of passing cars slowed down by our set up.  My wife noticed a carful of guys stop and stare.

At Mustand Island, one Suburban stopped and honked at me. When I turned to look, they waved, and I waved back.  Also, a teenage girl walking with her friends loudly exclaimed, "Ohmigod!" when she saw me. I ignored her.

But, the greatest compliment that I've received was from my mother-in-law.  She absolutely loved my thong and complemented my thong tanline. She called me Hercules all day, and kept telling her husband (wife's step-dad) that he needs to wear one.  My M-I-L wanted a picture, but I told her that she had to be in it with me.

JM_Runs #11

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/06/2004 09:10:18Copy HTML

I run on the beach three mornings a week.  I get lots of waves and 'Good Mornings". My day is lit up by very cute smiles from some of the regular female beach runners.

Sometimes people ask me if they can take my picture.  Most don't ask, they just do it when they think I am not looking. Its often amusing to see them dive for the camera as I run by. Even a slow runner is moving quite quickly so I will probably be just a receding dot in the picture by the time they have found it, opened it and pointed it my way.  (I have seen some of the shots people have posted on sites like webshots,  it's me, disapearing into the distance.)

More often I notice some one taking a picture of their other half, or the rest of their group. I will often stop and ask if they want a group picture, with all of them in it.  It's amazing how grateful they are for this simple gesture. It's a good way to be a good will ambassador.

A few years ago I regularly ran the almost deserted Southern loop, to the port and back. Almost no one there to care what thong I was wearing.  As I added mileage I had to run repeats on the south end or run the north end too. So I got accustom to thong running by the main strip where the road runs close to the beach. Now I normally do the north loop, all the main beach, even when I am only going out for a few miles.  Along the main strip there are always people, both on the sand and excercising along the side walk behind the beach.

The path of my regular run is along the flat sand on the top of the beach.  I run at about 8:30 to 9:30. At that time there are a number of people on the sand, but there are more exercising along the sidewalk.  Some ignore me, but most of the regulars at least smile and some wave.  Most of the girls, especially if alone or in pairs, are very friendly.   It's generally the guys I don't know, who are stuck up.  When it comes to guys it helps if I can run faster than they can.  A funny way to win thong respect, but it works.

Now and again I get negative remarks from a builder in a passing work truck. This is not un-common but considering the amount of construction going on along the beach, I am surprised that I don't get more negative comments from the rednecks on the construction sites.  It almost never happens.

I do get occasional snarky sniggers from a group of boys or mixed teens.  I have learned to have a very thick skin for stupid comments from teens. What do they know?  I just ignore them, and mostly, they just ignore me.   It's always refreshing when the girls in a mixed teen group say nice things.  Girls in a group, with out boys, normally smile and some wave, but they all nudge their friends to make sure no one missed me.

Some days I get a honk from a passing car.  I count those as positive.  It is of course, entirely possible they were not honking at me at all. There are plenty of other stupid drivers or discombobulated pedestrians to honk at.

We tend to take sounds personally when other people may not even aware of us. Some times I hear people laughing as I go by. Once upon a time I took that as a comment about me.  Now I realize that most of the time they have not even seen me, they are laughing about something their group, or their kids were doing.  It's all to easy to be too self conscious.

There is a regular group of beach bums who sleep on the beach. Mostly made-up of the same people. In the past I have had some negative comments from them, but lately they give me a friendly acknowledgment. Recently there was a rude comment from one of the group, must have been a new person.  As I ran passed I was amused to here one of the regulars telling them off.

Most mornings I see the various members of the beach service staff, setting up the chairs and umbrellas.  We exchange good mornings as I run by.  There is one who expects it and, if I do not say good morning to acknowledge him, will call out after me for ignoring him.  

Last Monday I was walking out of the coffee shop and a man in a mixed group piped up loudly asking if he could take a picture of me. I said no problem. He later explained, after some of his party had left, that he was not trying to embarrass me, but it was to embarrass his visiting sister in law who told him he would not do it.

I also have had people come up to me and talk about running or getting fit, or local elections, or the dogs on the sidewalk, etc. I know a lot of the regulars at the beach and we often end up talking for hours.  A couple of days ago two snow birds, who are friends and winter regulars, called me over to their table, and introduced me to their daughter as the thong man.  My wearing thongs is old hat that it rarely comes up, and I am a little surprised when it does.

Some times I get reports from other regulars who tell me of conversations they over heard.  A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend was across the street from where I normally stretch after running. She listened in as the waitresses and the girl who works in the bikini store talked about me.  While talking a smoke break they were standing outside and apparently admiring the suit of the day. One said "I like that one but prefer the yellow one." That lead to my girlfiend inquiring why the girl likes the yellow one better. I had always thought the girl from the shop unfriendly and oblivious.  Funny,  you never know who your real fans are.

The only time a comment has gotten any where near a nasty situation was last summer when I was a the beach with two 15 year old girls. We were on the side walk when a guy walked up and said very loudly and aggressively said "Fucking Faggot", then said it again, and turned and left. -- One of the teens went after him.  I had to use loud and stern instructions for her to come back. She did not understand why I let him get a way with it.  --  I had to point out that he made his comments so every one around could hear. "It made you think he is a total jerk, right?" She agreed. "Ok then, most people who heard his comments will also assume he is a total jerk.   We need do nothing more, he has defined him self."

For the next few minutes we were all still a bit antagonized by his rudeness.  We talked it out.  It was a good lesson about in not getting into fights, about not rising to the bait and walking away from idiots.  There will always be idiots.  The refreshing news is that on this beach,  they seem to be few and far between.

nicthong #12

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/06/2004 08:09:58Copy HTML

JM - I just wanted to say I think you deserve the honoured title of Thong Ambassador. Your attitude is always great and I have a great deal of respect for the way you deal with various situations. I think most of us here have a lot to learn from you! Much respect! - Nic
Kinistretcher #13

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/18/2004 02:43:53Copy HTML

I find that women, unlike men, are normally very coy when it comes to checking out a man's body. I mean they are usually not so blatant as men. However, when I wear a skimpy bikini on the beach, that seems to change. I guess they think if I am bold enough to wear a tiny bikini in public, I must be wanting the attention. I like to walk on the beach and have seen women staring mesermized, slack jawed,  at my er, ah, suit as I walk past, never looking up at my face. This is just one example of the positive responses, mostly nonverbal, I have received while wearing bikinis on the beach. I do enjoy the attention I receive from women.
teeback269 #14

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/18/2004 05:51:42Copy HTML

Every morning (in summer at least) I cycle down to the pools wearing just a string bikini and most women I meet have always be very friendly and give me a big smile. I say most because a few of them look at me in a very disaproving way, these I just ignore, as to the ones who approve I always give them a big smile back and say good morning.

As to the men I meet most just refuse to look at me. I have notice that these who look are all wearing beard!  isn't that strange?

I have had a few tourist (mainly japanese) taking a picture of me, and one the newspaper people were there doing an article on early morning people using the pool. They took a photo but never published it. I guess the editor thougjht it was maybe a bit too daring!

The only bad comment I have ever had was form a car driver of yelled at me "Put some pants on" I just kept pedalling totally  ignoring him.

As for the police they always give me a big smile and most police women wave at me. Guess they must know me by now.


corn587 #15

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/31/2004 02:57:37Copy HTML

I recently visited the beach at Philipsburg, St. Maarten.   (I'm sure most of you know, this is on the more conservative Dutch side of the island.)

I wore a 1" brief and found a spot where I could be alone.    Since there was no one within twenty meters, I decided to lift the back up as much as possible.

A few minutes later, here comes a local!  Fully clothed, he was standing over me, harassing me.   "Are you gay?  Are you gay?"  He asked this repeatedly.  I had my headphones on and at first ignored him, thinking he was selling something.    When I took my headset off, I could hear him more clearly.  Then he started saying, "Man, you are GAY!  You are gay!"     A few minutes earlier an older couple (woman topless for short time  for photo by husband) had planted themselves nearby. They seemed to be enjoying the fact that the local man had harassed me.   The man was whispering to the wife and pointing at me.  

 All I could think to say to the local was, "Are YOU gay?"   I wouldn't have said anything to him, yet he simply would not stop his verbal assault.      A while after I asked if HE was gay, he moved on.

I felt pretty silly.  People had starting moving into my little area by that point.....and they were really looking.   I was forced to go back to the hotel.   I think I was the only one on the very crowded beach who was wearing a brief type suit.    Mostly people looked away from me.....as if they would catch something from me.

Besides ignoring these idiots, what's the best way to reply to rude comments?  Any ideas out there?   I feel like I should be able to wear what I want if I spend a few thousand on a holiday.    After all, I don't care what anyone else wears or does.


jn9195 #16

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/01/2005 06:32:50Copy HTML

I recently posted a couple of compliments that I received last month in Miami.

However, sometimes it is more about what they do than what they say.

When you are on an uncrowded beach and you are the only person (no girls either) in a g-string or thong and people set up very close to you.  That is a great feeling of acceptance.  It's happened to me many times in 2004.   Even a family with a couple of girls in their early teens set up right next to me (about 10 feet away).  However, once in Dec. 04, a family saw me -- I turned over when they started to setup so they'd know I was in a thong, and moved farther down the beach. (I didn't want them to have to move after dragging all of their stuff out -- this has happened too).

I've had girls, families, and guys set up very near me when there was plently of other sand free of people.

Like I said, it's a great feeling of acceptance and actually makes me more comfortable.   I've had guys make comments as they walked by and laughed.  I guess it would be hard for a couple of guys to do that without looking like jerks when a family or even a couple of other guys in shorts or boardshorts are just a few feet from me.

JM_Runs #17

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/01/2005 06:43:57Copy HTML

Reply to corn587,   RE:  Philipsburg, St. Maarten

In the islands, and St Marten, most beaches are very layed back.  But in town the locals expect proper dress: It's visiting their Capital.  Most of the beaches on St Martin are very liberal, a lot are nude. 

Philipsburg beach is diffrent. This bit of beach is right infront of' front street'  and is  considered by locals to be part of the town, not really viewed as a beach.  Locals might just as well walk down this beach when on their way to the bank as take front street.  That beach is part of 'town' for them.  This may help explain how locals view the world. 

That said, it sounds like the person was a total jerk.  I am surprised that a 'local' said that to you.  My guess its that he probably was not a local.

My tendency is to ignore idiots with stupid comments. Generally, what comes out of their mouths brands them as the idiot. They don't need any more help from me.

When some one is directly harassing you, and does not leave, the best thing is to tell them in no uncertain terms to go away.   This is, afterall, what you want them to do.  Since they have started a dialog you are free to express your opinion.

I would not get into any discussion about swimmer or your rights or any thing else defensive.  Just say "Go away, I am not interested in you." Keep any debate on the subject where you have the best moral high ground, the fact that he is a worm and should GO AWAY. If this gets heated people will take your side because harassing people is universally unpopular.

For random comments, when you pass by or they pass you, ignore them.  You can be proactive and defuse a meeting situation by greeting people with a smile, and a friendly good morning, as you approach.  If you say good morning they are programed to say good morning back.

For people who think it's there job to get in your face,   don't let them win by driving you off.   First stand up, get up and face them.  Most people are less comfortable saying impolite things to someone who is standing up and facing them.

Face them squarely and look in their eyes. This shows them you are dealing with them, and they need to justify them selves.  Don't fold your arms, that's defensive body language.

If they are not making any sense, or are just repeating the same line, say loudly "Are you on drugs? are you OK?" This changes the conversation from you, to what is 'wrong' with them.

Follow up with "Have you been drinking". Keep the subject on their behavior.  Make your comments loud enough so bystanders can heir.  The problem person should feel a need to defend their behavior, or just make an exit.

In recent years I have had only had one incident  where some one deliberately went out of their way to confront me. This was about six months ago. I was on the sidewalk by the beach, and we had just arrived and were locking up the bikes. A young man of maybe 22 came up.  In a lowed and very hostile way, loudly called me a flaming fag, and a few other rude things before quickly walking off.  With me were two 15 year old girls.  One of them verbally lit into him and wanted to go after him to 'start something'.  I thaught she was about to attempt to fight him.  I had to use strong words to call her back.

After her anger had subsided, I explained to her that there was probably nothing we could have done to change his mind.  More importantly, what he had just said, and the venom with which he said it, made him look like a total jerk. There was nothing we needed to add that could make him look like more of a jerk. 

The spectators that had overheard the exchange were visibly shocked at his verbal attack.  I think they were safely on our side. Since he had walked away there was nothing to be gained by chasing him down or having an argument . Arguing with idiots is a waste of time, unless there is something they have, that you need.

It turned out to be a good day for a lesson. The lesson was that strength of character is not shown by who you beat up, but by the mosquitoes you ignore: Or something philosophical like that.

Most of the time comments are positive.  Today there was a big collage open water swimming race finishing on the beach where I setup and start my run.  Lots of young people and no negitive comments from them.  Further up the beach there were lots of teens, because its sunny and school is out.  From them there were a few snikkers from some groups of teen boys, but there were far more smiles and poisitive comments from the girls or mixed groups.  One lot even asked me to be in their group picture.  

Regarding Beaches on St Martin, try this link  http://tristatesunclub.com/STMARTINARTICLE.htm

corn587 #18

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/01/2005 01:26:39Copy HTML

Trust me, the guy at Philipsburg was a local.   Still can't figure out what he was doing out on the beach, fully clothed on such a hot day.   Walking right down the middle of the beach.  

Yeah, I suppose he could have been offended that I was right on the beach so near their town.    I hadn't thought of that.    However, you'd think they could lighten up just a bit,  considering there were topless women on the same beach, not far away from my position.    Topless women in thongs okay; men in thongs not okay.   Something is wrong with that picture, Philipsburg.   When we offensive, liberal, thong-wearing tourists decide to stop visiting, their culture will be restored......hope it makes them happy. 

gsj #19

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/01/2005 06:46:02Copy HTML

My experience in Cyprus, wearing a minimal g-string is  that not a lot of obvious notice is apparent.

I have had a few sniggers from giggly schoolchildren, and as ever ignoring them does the trick.

The only comment once made was from the watersports organiser who commented if I was wearing too little, he was wearing too much. I agreed!


JM_Runs #20

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/07/2005 04:00:07Copy HTML

While in Target shopping for underwear that can stand up to the cold winter better than thongs, I had a chance to overhear 2 sets of customers talk about the men's thongs on the racks. It was about 10 days before Christmas.

Teenage daughter and father - She says, "Look, thong underwear. Are these for boys?" Dad looks, "Yep." She replies, "They look like girls underwear."

Nest came two women with a teenager. They were shopping for someone on their list. I heard, "Thongs." "Really? Oh, that's gross."

Meanwhile I'm standing there, wearing thong underwear. I didn't say anything. Overall not a real positive experience.

JM_Runs #21

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/07/2005 06:09:42Copy HTML

Reply to Sun4Bare,
It seems you are way to sensitive. You are worried about comments you heard from people you dont know who were not commenting about you, they were commenting about inanimate objects. I suspect the comments would have been quite diffrent if the teens had not had their parents in tow.
JM_Runs #22

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/09/2005 03:04:33Copy HTML

Not sensitive. They weren't talking about me, but about thongs. It was the second group of people that got me downhearted. It was an older woman that said, "gross." Too bad she didn't say, "I think they look great." That's what I mean by not a positive experience. We can only conjecture about what the conversation would have been if the groups were differently populated, but the comments still stand in the negative category as I see it.
Corby Killian #23

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/10/2005 06:13:52Copy HTML

Sure, it may have been a negative comment but YOU wear them, and YOU like them and that's all that matters and who cares what flaky teenagers think, and the 2 women were probably gay!
KathrynG #24

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/10/2005 05:33:05Copy HTML

I know I'm not a guy but these are the experiences that I've had while tanning in minimal swimwear:

The reactions that I've had on the beach or around the pool have always been pretty positive, there is always going to be teh select few who chose to be cruel and ignorant by putting you down and being abusive. I've only found the bad comments to be in the past though while I was younger. For example I started wearing thong bikinis to the beach/pool when I was about 14 and I used to have comments off others calling me a slut (not to my face but talking to each other) or guys thinking I'm an easy target and trying it on, but as I've got older the comments have gotten less and less and as has been posted in this thread I've even had a few people ask if they can have their photos taken with me. Mainly though people either smile or say hello and just leave you alone.

The one comment that I have had and that stuck in my mind is one when I was on holidays in spain a couple of years ago when I was about 17 or 18. I was at a water park in the south of spain with my friend and her family and as always I was on my sun lounger tanning myself wearing a WW 456 lace bikini bottom (I've always tanned topless, but I didn't have the piercings back then) and a guy (maybe 25/28)  came past a few times on the way back and forth the bar and at the last time he passed I was lying on my stomach, he stopped by and asked (in a jokingly way) "are you planning on going on any of the slides today?" when I asked him why he said "well if you are could you let me know and I'll queue behind you" he then laughed and said told me i looked great, and have a nice time for the rest of the day and then went back to what he was doing.

That is the one that stuck in my mind and I remember feeling great for the rest of the day that day after he had the bottle himself to give me a compliment.

nicthong #25

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/10/2005 06:36:00Copy HTML

Kat - It doesn't matter that you're not a guy contributing to this thread - it's good just to hear your experiences and to know that actually girls appreciate the compliments... I don't think I'd have the courage to tell a girl they looked great for fear they'd think I was just trying to hit on them... but your comments have made me reconsider that. Thanks! - Nic

(Apologies to those who might not like the fact that I'm not actually adding my personal experience to the thread at this point. For your reference, I made an earlier reply - see above - and have nothing further to add to that just yet).

c-ring #26

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/11/2005 09:53:13Copy HTML

Having worn thongs and g-strings in public for the past 15+ years (I'm 35). I've had many varied responses from people.  From the usual snickers from younger girls, to rude comments from ignorant young men, but the good comments vastly outnumber the bad.

The most positive comments have come from women of all ages, who have typically stated that its nice to see a man wearing as little as women do or are "expected" to wear.  I've found thongs worn by men are becoming increasingly more accepted over the past few years, even at many beaches in the US.

Once story I'll share was from 1997, when my wife and I and another male/female couple were sunning ouselves on a beach on the US east coast, all wearing thongs, when 3 very "large" women walked by and commented "how tacky"! My friends girlfriend sat up, topless, and yelled back "you wish you looked this good"!  Too funny.

Pomegranates #27

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/13/2005 07:39:43Copy HTML

I've received my share of comments -- or if not made directly to me, made (apparently) so that I could hear. Men and women react differently - men most often negatively, women positively. 

A guy playing frisbee near me made a comment to his friend to "be careful not to throw near the gay guy." (I'm straight, but I guess my being shaved from head to foot and wearing a skimpola was a signal to him.) A businessman walking by me in a park, to his colleague, "It takes all kinds." A middle-aged man, in amazement to his adult son, "He's hardly wearing anything at all!" 

When women comment, its usually a friendly remark..."great day for some sun!" or a hello and a smile.  A 20something woman said to her girl friend, "THAT'S interesting." Another gave a "Hmm!" to her friend. Once a really lovely woman in a business suit walked by me in a park and said "You look good!" Great ego boost.  Another time a woman approached my girlfriend and me in the airport in our home city as we waited for our luggage.  She asked if we enjoyed our trip to the island.  We first were a little puzzled, then she said she had stayed at the same resort as us and noticed us on the beach.  (We both wore thongs.)  "It looked like you were having a great time," she said with a slight wink. 

Perhaps oddly, I get different reaction to my thonging when I dress in 12 o'clock mode. A jogger furrowed his brow in shock and made sure I saw the look on his face of melodramatic disgust.  Another time beautiful young woman was sunning near me while I laid on my stomach sunning my buns.  I noticed her looking over a number of times.  As I flipped over from back to front, her mouth literally dropped open and her eyes went wide.  When she realized I had noticed her reaction, she made her expression go flat and became reabsorbed in her book. 


bunsqld #28

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/17/2005 06:31:55Copy HTML

One of the most positive experiences I have had occured a few years ago while I was tanning myself in a black thong on a fairly busy beach. I had pretty much been there all-day, and it had been fairly uneventful until mid-afternoon when a group of about 5 20-something girls passed by close behind me, while I was on my stomach. Lots of people had passed by during the day, so I didn't really pay them any more attention than anyone else at first. However, they all came to a complete stop behind me, and I heard one comment to the others, 'Wow that is a great sight!'. But then another one piped up, 'But you wouldn't want to go out with him, would you?'. Then finally the comment that made my day. 'Oh I don't know about that!'.

They then proceeded to park themselves close by and a little above my position, so they could continue to observe for the rest of the afternoon. A while later, when I had to go, I dressed, and as I walked past them I received a huge smile from the girl who had presumably made the final comment earlier. I returned the smile, but not being single didn't pursue the matter further. Still it certainly made my day.
tbaxga #29

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/17/2005 11:21:25Copy HTML

I've had many similar comments to those already mentioned, but the one I'll always remember was from a woman I met one morning while I was out for a run on the beach in Ft Lauderdale early one morning, and wearing a thong. She was sipping coffee and photographing the sunrise. She asked me if I had seen any seagulls down the beach - I think as an ice breaker to start a conversation. We talked for about half an hour, and I caught her stealing glances at my thong...finally, she got up the nerve to ask me if she could take my photo. I said I thought she'd never ask. Then, she told me: "You look the way an in-shape guy on the beach should look, and you're wearing the kind of bathing suit more guys should wear."

Corby Killian #30

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/18/2005 12:47:59Copy HTML

It is a big power trip, and a feeling of superiority when men make negative comments about other men sunning in a thong when he's by himself. But, when he's w/ a women, or a group that is not afraid to be seen w/ him, then they don't have too much to say because there is strength in numbers. That is my experience anyway.
JM_Runs #31

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/04/2005 07:25:03Copy HTML

I think there was a thread already about this, but anyway.

I was at a friend of mine. There had to sleep three or four men in one room, because we were two or three guests apart from the roommates. On the next day I had to get up very early, for i would travel. I got up and started putting on my clothes. I had to move through the room only i my thong. One of the men had seen me that morning and after several weeks he told me I look very sexy in a thong.

Another friend of mine was very surprized seeing me in such a clothing. He said I looked very unusual.


Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/29/2005 11:35:31Copy HTML

One time i was wearing a really tiny thong that was sheer and a guy in his twentys came along wearing those awful dork shorts and asked if I was gay. I told him yes and he took off faster than the road runner. I had to laugh how paranoid he was.
mrever_ready #33

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/30/2005 05:02:08Copy HTML

That's too funny, Canuder........I don't know what I would have said, but what you said was priceless.  The beach goers (is that a word ?) here in Ottawa are very conservative and I don't hear too many comments, but it is nice when the ladies take a look.  When we were on vacation in Florida,  on the way home on our last day, we stopped in at Daytona Beach and enjoyed the sun in our thongs.  My wife and I were just laying there, watching the cars go by, when a young babe stopped and took out her cell phone and took my pic.  That made my vacation !   I think I floated all the way home on the long drive back to our winterwonderland.
nicthong #34

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/06/2005 07:43:10Copy HTML

I just responded to a news item about David Beckham (UK footballer/soccer player) wearing a speedo and quoted a comment I found on a message board that said: "That's just wrong, it's no different from his wife wearing stiletto walking on the beach." Personally I find this comment totally ridiculous:  to suggest that wearing swimwear on the beach is even comparable to walking on the beach in stilettos shows more about the person who said it than the person being commented on.

However, this isn't the first time I've come across this attitude. As I've shared elsewhere, I had a friend tell me it was "wrong" for men to wear running tights (yes, even for running!), I've had a number of friends tell me it's "wrong" for men to wear speedos (presumably suggesting that men's speedos are therefore made for someone other than men?!), I've been told it's "wrong" to wear thongs for tanning (even on a sunbed!), and my new housemate told me just yesterday that a previous (male) housemate of his wore tight shirts, saying "that's just wrong". How is it 'wrong' to wear running tights for running, swimwear for swimming, thongs for tanning or even just a tight shirt? I find it both ridiculous and sad that a young 'open minded' generation feels so ready to make such judgements that are beyond simple logic.

What ridiculous comments have the rest of you heard?


JM_Runs #35

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/18/2005 06:28:27Copy HTML

Yesterday it was slow and hot at the beach.  After running I shower and stretch.  While I was at the shower a fat and over dressed young man waked by.  As he passed me he said, in a loud voice, "My girlfriend has panties like that."  

I thought, what an jerk. 

He continued walking, but turned to shout over his shoulder "MY GIRLFRIEND HAS PANTIES LIKE THAT!" 

I glanced over at the man, only to see him just about walk into an older lady, who gave him a very stern and disapproving look. 

I hope he felt small.  

As she passed me she gave a warm smile, that I took to mean "Ignore the idiot".

chasnsx #36

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/23/2005 08:22:47Copy HTML

That young man probably never had a girlfriend in his life, and he probably came to the beach to leer at the women in bikinis.


hotrod1 #37

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/23/2005 10:59:22Copy HTML


You should have told him jokingly, in a loud voice, "They were, his girlfriends panties"!
JM_Runs #38

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/23/2005 12:43:23Copy HTML

Maybe the stupidity just stuns me, or maybe I, like most people, only think of the smart retort after the target has wondered off. 

That reminds me, at the end of the British Virgin Island of Tortola is a tiny island by the airport.  On this rock there once lived a man, his wife, their kids, a dog and a donkey called Chocolate.  The island was just big enough for a large building with a large room, a small kitchen and some tiny rooms for sleeping.  In the large room they served dinner for the yachts anchored in the bay.  In my youth the owner was a friend of mine, his name is Tony Snell.  He was an entertainer who had spent years in Africa before settling in the BVI.  A singer and teller of wild stories.  His little kingdom on the rock is called "The Last Resort."   The small launch that he used to get to the shore was called "The Fast Retort". 


c-ring #39

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/29/2005 03:11:45Copy HTML

I travel quite alot for business; usually 2 day trips with an overnight in a hotel.  I figured since I'll probbaly never stay at the same hotel twice that I'd start wearing thongs to the hotel pools for a quick swim.  Opinions and comments (or lack thereof) certainly differ by region.  In the northeast US, usually no comments. In the south, women usually just stare or run. In the cities, some women will start a conversation.  Very interesting.

As expected, black thongs get much less reponse or notice than micro g-strings.

My best comment so far was from a women in a hotel in Philly, who, when asked, said she was lingering around the pool to watch my butt

Jazz Skirt #40

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/01/2005 04:29:00Copy HTML

Reading this fascinating thread, I am seeing parallels with my experiences.  I am a 64-year-old man who wears skirts and kilts everywhere, all the time.  My very supportive wife makes many of my skirts, and she likes me to wear the ones that blow in the wind!  She will attest that, even when we are out together, people seem not even to notice her as they comment about my skirts (just as they are comment about your brief swim attire!).  Apparently I look mean and dangerous, because I am 5'10" and 286 pounds (well distributed, no sagging gut), and I seem to have inherited my father's very intimidating facial expressions that make anyone feel assaulted!

Having said that, I tell you, no one---not even teenage boys in groups, who are apparently the most rude---gives me any bullshit about my skirt wearing.  But what I really wanted to point out, as I read your many comments above, is that the most common compliments I have received are from very good-looking females, usually over age 30.  Those women are quite self-confident, and therefore approach me as no one else does, ignoring my wife at my side, and bubbling all over about how sexy I appear.

I realize you guys aren't interested in wearing skirts, but I see the exact thing happening to you in your g-strings that's happening to me in my skirts.  The bravest women are the beautiful ones who are old enough to stop being afraid of men, and my wife will tell you, we hear from them every time we go out.  Everyone else is silent, so I don't know what they think, unless facial expressions are obvious. 

I laughed to hear of the guy who got the hell out of there when one of you said you were gay!  I see men who absolutely will not look at me, and even one who would not enter a public restroom until after I had left it!  (Apparently "gayness" rubs off, or gets into the air or on door handles.)  I used to own a jazz festival, and most men would not buy my pink jazz shirts!  I used to entertain cruise passengers,  and many of the old men absolutely would not wear their ID badge on the string provided them because it looked like a necklace.  We enlightened men are never going to convince these guys that skirts or g-strings are cool for men.  So heck, why bother...  At least, looking like a big, mean machine allows me to avoid the insults.  (Admittedly, I'd look better, though, in a g-string if I were lighter weight.)


dayne #41

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/03/2005 11:05:46Copy HTML

You say your wife likes when you where you kilts (skirts) in the wind.  What do you wear under them-thongs, nothing, etc?

Glad to see a posting like yours from a man secure in his masuclinity.  You can be yourself, and others can do the same.  The two of you sound like people that  most people on this board could enjoy having as friends.

dayne #42

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/03/2005 11:24:32Copy HTML

I was reading past replies on this subject.

Has anyone ever asked,  "Why do you ask?",  when somone has asked you if your gay?   

JM_Runs #43

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/03/2005 09:56:58Copy HTML

I (26 yo male) was wearing a thong in Jones Beach (Long Island, NY). I heard the following comments:

* While I was walking from the water to my towel, a girl in her 20's with a bunch of guys who were just walking along the beach said "nice *ss".

* I was laying face forward, one of two girls in their 20's said "hey hottie, nice underwear" in a flirty tone, as they were walking. Flattering.

- MR
JM_Runs #44

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/05/2005 04:19:53Copy HTML

To the above posted question: Has anyone ever asked, "Why do you ask?", when someone has asked you if your gay?

Yes, people have asked me, and I assumed they wanted to know, so I told them. Often the question is followed up by "Then why do you wear a thong?" and I tell them the answer to that too. If asked honestly, I don't mind answering the questions.

Most people who have had the confidence to ask me that question were women. Not many guys have the confidence to sidle up to a another guy and ask "Are you gay."

That said, some times the question is not asked in a normal tone of voice, but occasionally by a guy, in a raised and hostile manner, as in "Are You GAY or Something!!" Depending if their tone of voice has question marks or exclamation marks at the end, will depend if I answer or ignore them.

I am never thinking fast enough to come up with witty replies until long after the conversation has ended. Not sure I even need to come up with a witty reply to this one. But if I could do a convincing southern accent I might try "No I'm just a southern red-neck, just like you!"

Popeye1 #45

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/23/2005 07:46:17Copy HTML

Olive and I have worn thongs for quite a few years and have heard surprisingly few negative comments. The most we usually get are a few nervous giggles. We did get one comment that stuck with me. on the beach at Fort Zack in Key west, two guys walked by and one, looking at me, said to the other "now there's a flamer". We both thought that was funny enough for me to get a tattoo of a flame on my butt cheek. now i really am a flamer.

If you're going to wear thongs in public, you can't worry about what others think and say. if you wait for another man to wear a thong first you'll wait a long time, so hold your head up, take the good advice from JM, and act like you belong there. Popeye

Beachlover492000 #46

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/23/2005 11:33:23Copy HTML

You are right, Popeye. I wear my suits to please me. If someone else enjoys it, that's great, but what others think is far from the most important thing for me. Once I made the commitment to wear a g-string in public it got a lot easier. You have to pick your shots and stay out of the "family areas," but the more time I do it, the easier it gets. I don't mind being the only person wearing a g-string. The most important thing is make sure that it's legal..

Tanned Bum #47

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/24/2005 10:18:50Copy HTML

I'm like most, I've heard bascially the same comments as the rest.

Here is are that I heard from my friends many times.

 We went to the beach with two couples one  I didn't know too well, so I wore a Skinz rio bikini. My friend's wife noticed right off it wasn't my thong bikini. She said " Are you feeling alright, why are you wearing that modest  suit today. We were expecting a thong as usual"

Went Jet skiing and was asked by my male friend "Why no thong today"

Was heading to the beach with my wife and asked another friend' s wife if she and wanted to join us. She said she couldn't make it.  I asked her if my swimsuit bothered her   She said The speedo/thong thing works for you and keep on wearing it, I have work I have to do today at home"

We were playing poker 10 people half guys and girls. Talked about crashing a pool party down the street. 1 guy (I only knew from poker nights) said" ya we can all wear thongs and jump in the pool" My best friend said in front of everyone " Bill wears a thong" I think I spit my beer across the room after that.

Another poker night a girl was making  run for ice cream " do you want some ice cream?"  Me " no thanks"  She said"  Ya we wouldn't want that thong getting too tight now would we,  BTW  which I'm waiting to see"

So I guess these are true friends who  expect you be yourself.

gsj #48

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/25/2005 02:08:12Copy HTML

How I agree with Beachlover! I wear what I wear to please me. I really don't worry about what others may think - that's their business. I also agree that the more often you don a micro suit the easier it becomes. For me it is the norm.
mrever_ready #49

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/01/2005 03:08:48Copy HTML

It wasn't really a comment about myself, but a comment made by someone about men in thongs generally.    The other day I was in a swingers chat room and somehow the topic got onto thongs.    All my friends there know that I'm an avid thong wearer (a few of our profile pics show us off in our thongs) and so I put in my two cents worth, saying that I loved wearing thongs.   

Then the comments starting coming in saying that men should not wear thongs at all.   I asked one chick if she thought women looked good in thongs.    She said yes, so then I asked her about why she thinks that men shouldn't wear them.   All she said to me was .... "Even Italian men don't look good in thongs".    I started laughing about that comment, thinking to myself ..... even Italian men......that still makes me laugh.   

What I found so incredible was the double standard and nonacceptance with so called liberal minded people (at least I thought swingers were forward thinking).    I guess I was wrong to think that.    Their double standard was interesting, to say the least.    I've always said that everyone is different, no better than anyone else, to be more open and accepting of all.    I guess I still have a lot of people to convert, lol.

JM_Runs #50

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/05/2006 09:29:38Copy HTML

I was at Spa 88 (www.spa88.com) yesterday, wearing a thong as usual.

In jacuzzi, I got up while there were two college-age girls to swim in pool. As I got out, I faintly heard "Oh my god". They never talked to me at all throughout the night.

When I went back to the jacuzzi, there was a man and his mistress. I entered in their direction so all they could see was that I was wearing a bikini. I talked with them for a little bit until the timer had to be reset. Immediately, the girl said that it was my duty to get out of the jacuzzi and restart the timer. Afterwards (after seeing I was wearing a thong), the girl asked for my name and started talking to me more. A while later, the girl made a random comment that there a "polynesian hunk wearing a g-string". I was really flattered. Didn't know compliments work on me too. Too bad she was with a guy there.

- MR1
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