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ohiothonger #101

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/09/2008 01:46:13Copy HTML

My travel plans took me back past the lake where I encountered the young woman who came back to thong with me.  I wore a different thong but with the same cut as before.  I was disappointed to not see my friend, but a few minutes later she came back with her parents, and this time she was wearing her tiny G-string with cut-offs as a cover up.  When she saw me, she said goodbye to her parents, and came over to lay with me again.  Her top came off immediately, as did her shorts.  We talked and I learned she had been indeed too shy to wear this swimsuit in public before, but used it to tan in at her house.  She told me her mom didn't see anything wrong with it, but her dad at first thought it was too skimpy.  He wasn't too keen on her going topfree either, but she had done this a few times before when other women at the beach were going topfree, and he was getting used to the idea. 

She said her dad especially was impressed by me.  (I didn't get this first hand but from what she had told me.)  He had never seen a man in a thong before, and may not have even know they made men's thong swimwear.  He had always thought of thongs as a women-only type outfit.  He was surprised that I was so casual about wearing my thong -- acting no different than any other man on the beach.  He also was impressed that none of the other beach goers seemed to mind, or even take serious notice, of my thong wearing.  Everyone, was taking my exposed buns in stride, and this helped him decide that maybe it wouldn't be so bad if his daughter tried out her thong too.  A few times he had let his daughter sunbath in the yard in her g-string when a boyfriend came along.  He didn't like the fact that the guys were all over her and didn't like the looks of lust they had on their faces, and assumed all the men on the beach would do the same, rather than it being the lust of a boyfriend.

She admitted that she wanted to talk more with me and to lay out with a fellow thonger so bad to see how people reacted to her minimal swimwear.  That is why she came back a few days earlier when I was there the first time.  I told her to keep thonging, and that some day she might be able to encourage some shy young man to change into minimal swimwear too.  We exchanged phone numbers, so when I get back to the area, I will have someone to beach with and I told her about this forum and she says she will join and her first post will be about her first time thonging -- this time from her side of the story.
ithongit #102

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/09/2008 04:26:21Copy HTML

Keep up the good image for thonging, OHIOTHONGER.  If you convert three or four people a season towards thonging, and they convert three or four more the next season, etc.  We will get more acceptance and eventually we won't be so scarce anymore.
bajaflyer #103

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/31/2008 04:34:30Copy HTML

  Had a small moment yesterday.  I had gone fourwheeling in my jeep with a co-worker and his daughter, and a new friend i met thru my wife, her co-workers husband. On the way out to the trails there is a low water crossing across a small creek. On the way out we saw three younger girls, late teens/early twenties, stopping there in thier bikini's. On the way back a few hours later there were about thirty people or so, all having a good time in the water. The new friend with us had to get back home, but my co-worker and I decided to come back with his daughter, who had gone with us, and the rest of my family, wife and two daughters. My son had gone wheeling with us, so I had to go back to the house to get the rest. 
  While I wasnt going to just thong it and bare all, I put some "dork" shorts on over my thong undies. Since this wasnt the small community pool that doesnt allow thong or T-backs, I wasnt concered with mine showing. I was sitting on the concrete "bridge" at the water crossing, the water was only a couple of inches deep crossing the bridge, and only a foot or two deep in the deeper parts of the creek there. My co-worker, Tony, had come back with his daughter, about 12 or 13, and his fiance. I had just met his fiance about a half hour earlier when we stopped on our way back from the fourwheeling trip.  They brought chairs to sit.  We had to park about 200 feet away, "No Parking" with in that distance of the low water crossing, and we brought my wifes mini-van, which I cant stand by the way.  I keep all my key rings, one for jeep, one for truck, and one for the van which has a remote, on big "D"ring clip. So as not to ruin the remotes, I only brought the van key on the D ring, which I had hooke to my thong strap. So between playing with the kids and sitting down my thong had ridden up further and was in full view from the side and back. A few other trucks and people on atv's had driven by, slowly, on the bridge, I'm sure they all got a good look, but heard no comments.  Tony and his fiance were sitting in thier chairs on my right side, my wife was on my left, they had full views. I heard his fiance whisper something to him, as she turned away, and Tony said "I told you so".  We stayed about another half hour, it started to get cold. We said our good by's and maybe tomorrow we'd come back
   My thongs have been common knowledge at work pretty much since I started there, over three years ago. So I'm sure Tony had told his fiance, which apparantly she didnt believe. So with in a half hour of meeting her she saw. We'll see what she thinks when I talk to Tony, either today or Teusday back at work. It will be interesting to see what his daughter thinks as well. Mind you, we are in the middle of the "Bible belt" here in the mid-west.

Party/thong on:)
tbck1000 #104

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/05/2008 04:13:53Copy HTML

Again, wearing my skinz low rio a few days ago on a beach along a major Tampa thoroughfare... my back was to the road most of the time.  I heard a horn honk and thought nothing of it, then another. I looked and a woman in a passing car waved.  The rest of the afternoon at least a dozen cars honked.  I quit looking back at them, but it felt really nice.  Then, after sunset as I walked back to my car, I got a big smile and a long lingering look from two women strolling by.  It was a very ego-boosting day.
JM_Runs #105

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/01/2008 02:36:37Copy HTML

 I get catcalls from younger guys, but  from women mostly smiles.  sometimes young girls make sure to sit near me and stare, and mumble to each other.once while walking the beach in a t-shirt and skimpy thong/almost g-string had a creepy guy walk up to me and ask if i had any suit on - he must have thought i was gay.....i think if you look comfortable with what you are doing, people look at you positively......
modelnude4u #106

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/02/2008 11:58:16Copy HTML

 I've always been quite open at the gym.  I've got very clear thong tan lines, and don't hide them or my underwear when changing.  Yesterday, I was in the sauna nude (with a small towel over the important parts) and this guy I had seen before came in.  I apologized for my state of undress and he said "I wouldn't care if you were naked" 
He made a couple of comments about it being too hot for clothes, then ducked out.  He was back a minute later nude.
He just kept looking at me more than he should have, and I decided it was time to go get in the shower and get out of there.
Of course, on the way out, he got a good look at the tan lines.

When I got back out of the shower, he was sitting on the bench by my locker, obviously waiting for me. He brought up the tan lines, saying he had never seen them on a guy before. Fair enough, I've only seen a handful in my life as well.  I kept trying to blow him off (sorry about the choice of words) and get dressed and get out of there, but he was almost clingy.
I'm very not gay, but to each his own. I really felt like I now know how some girls feel when a guy hits on them and just won't take a hint!
JM_Runs #107

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/19/2008 01:37:10Copy HTML

I have never heard directly comments on my thongs.

In FRANCE, it is not politically correct to make comments directly to someone you don't know.

Sometimes, I heard somme young men (teenagers between 14-18 y.o.) to make comments on my thong, but they spoke with each other and not to me. Generally, the comments are simply "eyh, have you seen the man in thong ?".

Few times, i heard also "he is gay", but not often.
One time, i was laying near a little lake. I have chosen a very closed place, protected by little trees. So it was very difficult to see me. However, 4 young men (north african men) walked very closed to me. I think they have seen my thong and wanted to see the buns very closed believing I was a woman. So, they walked only 2 meters at my foot. I heard some noise, i retruned (i was on the stomach) ans see they was watching to my buns.
One of them told me : "But, you are a man ?". He was very surprised. I answered YES. They have gone away immédiatly and made comments that I was a gay...

It was not ther firts time and the last time I noticed that men came very closed to me to watch my buns, and took a little time to understand that I am a man and not a woman.
It is funny.
rickl454 #108

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/19/2008 03:54:54Copy HTML

I go to the gym at least four days a week, keep my weight under control and tan very easily.  A few days in the Carribean sun has me looking like I am a permanent resident of that part of the world.

While visiting Orient Beach on St Martin I make it a point to walk the beach during the day in a miniscule g-string, a Dore VLC or it's equivalent.   On cruise ship days especially the beach is infested with Hawaiian shirtrd, dork short wearing, black socked, street shoed  middle agers who look like they never missed a shipboard buffet for the entire cruise.  Every now and then someone makes a "clever" comment between hits on his fourth or fifth Caribe in the last hour. 

I am beyond caring what anybody, especially those idiots, think (assuming they actually think at all).  One of the benefits of reaching maturity, no matter how many years that may take, it the relization that the opnion of others really don't matter.  Do what you like, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody it's nobody's business.
norton1977 #109

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/19/2008 04:18:28Copy HTML

I have heard the traditional ewwwwwwwwww, to thats a nice butt, not many men can wear a thong, but you can, to put your clothes back on this is not europe. And that comes from the boys in those dork shorts.
thonglife #110

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/21/2008 02:55:50Copy HTML

Our second day on South Beach, wife and I in thongs, she was also topless - group of young adults walked by and 1 girl said "Wow, that GUY is wearing a thong." A guy with them responded "Well, this is South Beach."
pkthong #111

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/10/2009 05:43:09Copy HTML

 On a vacation in Playa Del Carmen we stayed at The Royal Hideaway. Nice resort mostly American clientel. I was wearing a blue JS capri and I walked by a group of twenty somethings from the midwest. Heard one of the guys say "I could never wear that." one of the girls in the group said "Hey we are in Mexico".
osceola89 #112

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/09/2009 03:53:31Copy HTML

Having worn a G-strings since 1988 in South Florida, Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach, Pompano Beach, Miami Beach.

One man at the old Bootleggers comment was that I was putting the girls to shame.  I have had numerous pictures taken and have worn them in many bars in Hollywood Beach including McGowens, Toucans and the old Bours while many pictures have been taken.

I get more compliments when I am wearing g-strings.  I have had many ask me if I was French.  I use to Rollerblade in my thong in the early 90's in Ft Lauderdale when the Thong Hot Dog vendors were around and some of the girls commented that my ass was better then their and the owner said jokely that he should hire me.
sailor250 #113

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/25/2009 12:34:19Copy HTML

I had an interesting thing happen to me recently on South Beach. We were staying at an Ocean Drive hotel and after an afternoon on the beach my wife wanted to call it a day at about 3pm but I wanted to get some more sun, so she went back to the room and I was going to the rooftop pool.  Since we didn't have to go through the lobby to our room I was wearing a towel over my G string to and from the hotel. 

So I went up to the rooftop pool which was pretty crowded.  I dropped my towel walked over and hopped in the pool.  I got a "woo" from a woman about 40 in the pool in a bikini. One guy said "look at that ass" Anyway it turned out I started talking to these two couples standing in the pool.  They then asked about my suit- it was a Dore VLT g string.  The woman said I had to be brave to wear that.  They were tourists from it turns out a somewhat conservative part of New England.  She was wearing a bare bottom bikini which she showed me by hopping onto the side of the pool.  The husbands were talking to me about the usual Red Sox- Yankees stuff everyone brings up.  The guys were saying that "whatever makes you happy" about my suit.  One of the guy's had two teenage sons come by and check in with them. 

When I said I had to leave the one woman said to the other- we've got to get pictures of your suit!  The husbands just laughed.  So I get on the ladder to get out of the pool and the two women get their cameras.  I climb out and they say "stop" and take some pictures standing there.  Then the one said turn around so I do then turn back and see they are now sitting there with their cameras very close.  They are laughing and snapping away while I don't know whether to back up or say stop- they are bobbing around to get every angle- must have taken 20 pictures each.  Then I said OK and put on my towel and left.

The funny part comes the next day when I did the same thing- came to the pool after the beach alone.  So I walk in and the first woman says Hey Thong Guy and the husband greets me by name.  The woman says "we got lots of good pictures of you yesterday- we were looking at them last night". The second wife is there and smiling real big and making faces.  They offered me a drink which I declined. After a minute I walk over to a lounger and drop my towel- I'm wearing a different but just as small G string and walk over to take a dip in the pool.  There were alot of guys and women in bikinis at the pool, but no thongs and I had'nt seen topless at the pool this stay. 

So while I'm in the pool I look over and see that there's this teenage girl with the woman and her husband on chairs looking at me.  I climb out of the pool and go to my lounger which is across from where they were.  A couple of girls sitting next to me start to talk to me.  Then the husband comes over and addresses me by name then motions like he wants to sit down on the edge of my chair.  So I move over.

He then says" you know you really shouldn't be walking around here in that- my teenage daughter is over there and I don't want her to see you and I'm offended"   Well on Southbeach I thought this is funny then it took about 15 sec. for me to figure it out.  Since they were there first I said OK and put on my towel and left to go to the balcony.

Well what was going on-  the women went wild taking my picture not only as a novelty or oddity of swimwear but were oogling the pictures that night and probably showed the husbands the explicit views they took- maybe even showed the daughter which made the father mad- but anyway he didn't like his wife or daughter having me around. 

Anyone else experience someone taking pictures that later got them or you in a tussel?
pkthong #114

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/29/2009 06:26:45Copy HTML

   People are so weird! If you were not the only thonging male he may not have said anything. When you stick out like a sore thumb you do have to take the good with the bad. Having said that you were in Sobe so you probably could have told him to take a flying leap.   So what did you do after his condemning remarks?   When we were in Punta Cana last year there were many people from the USA. There was one very big family from some part of New England. They had about 10 kids in their party with a few teenaged girls. I noticed their fathers (I presumed) did give me that look of disapproval but they did not bother to say anything probably because there were many guys in bikinis(mine was the smallest, but not a thong) and I fit in better than they did in their boardies.
Morena123 #115

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/18/2009 04:37:32Copy HTML

These are the comments that i've had... its my first year wearing them

At the beach:
Oooh, she got a thong on!!!  (some kids)
"I like your suit" (a man who teaches curfing)
"You look kind of tan, where are you from?"
"You look so cute in your bikini, I wish i could wear that too but I dont have the body anymore" (A Lady)
Girls a few feet away mumbling stuff..
There was a guy and girl near me, and they were speaking another language. I gather that they were talking about Americans and thongs and how they think its not very common to see ladies wear them to the beach.

At the club.. when u can see the tan lines
"Where are you from"
"Ooh, she's got the little thing" (talking about the thong tanline)

i think tanlines are cool! i luv em
mr_exhibitionist #116

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/18/2009 05:08:52Copy HTML

 i have heard all types of comments from thonging in 9 years .... one lady at lake mead in  las vegas said that i looked beautiful thinking that i was gay, at south beach on 8th st while heading to the water a latin girl in a thong said WOW that dark guy in a thong has a bigger ass than me which i found that comment hilarious, another time in deauville, france, there was a family of americans at the beach and the guy said to his wife, i tell you honey these europeans, if they could find a piece of rag to use from the floor they would & they'll sew it up and use it as a bathing suit.
JM_Runs #117

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/18/2009 06:18:55Copy HTML

 I often get good comments but today's was a very good one.  I was running in a little light blue thong.  On the beach a fully dressed young preppy couple were taking pictures of each other. 

I stopped and asked them if they wanted a picture of them together.  They said yes please and I took a couple of pictures of them with their camera. 

When I handed the camera back to the guy the women said "I LOVE your thong, that's really nice."  I would guess the couple were about half my age. 
thongexpert #118

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/19/2009 01:52:08Copy HTML

Few years back at Sobe, I was thonging and 3 girls set up near me.  They were all young and Latin, and one went topless, but they did not thong :(  How, strange.....topless and no thong, hehe....They commented they liked my butt a lot, and liked my thong.

Another time at Sobe, couple must have been talking about me even after they walked by, and was throwing football later.  I heard them say throw it to the thong guy, but they didn't.  I wouldn't have minded trying that in a thong.

Not a comment, but a lady purposely asked me (I was laying down) to take a picture of her, and I realized that another person was taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.  It was OK, I was flattered.
SlidingG #119

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/20/2009 12:49:48Copy HTML

Thongexpert, customs vary from place to place.  I was struck by how many women on the c/o beaches of St. Bart's were topless while wearing bikini bottoms, but no thongs or g-strings in sight.  On islands more oriented toward British tradition, the women might be in g-strings, but were not topless. 
JM_Runs #120

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/28/2009 05:38:52Copy HTML

As usual, I was doing morning exercise, running along the beach in a thong, when I passed close to some young people sitting on the beach. I pass close to many groups of people but this one was a little diffrent.  They were not dressed in swimsuits as is normal for the beach but in young punk style street cloths. As approached one of them started to swear at me, calling me a fag, then threw a sneaker at me as I went passed. 

My normal course of action when some red-neck kid heckles me is to pretend the worm does not exist, but throwing something is a bit much.  I stopped, picked up the shoe, (which had not hit me) and turned to face them.  Fully prepared to take them on.

They were sitting in a knot. There were at least three young men and a couple of girls. The young man who had thrown the shoe was still swearing at me and starting to stand up.  He looked rather belligerent and I considered that he might be drunk.  I did not really want a fight, so I gave them a long  'look what the cat dragged in' sort of disapproving scowl,  then returned to my run.  I ran off at a moderate pace - but carrying the shoe with me, thinking that will teach you not to throw things, I have your shoe now.

Shortly I heard one them calling after me, saying that the shoe belonged to his 'kid sister'.  I looked back and he was running after me.  It was not the same guy who threw the shoe. 

I considered that he might catch me, then decided I was not going to let him force me to accelerate for that may suggest I am scared of them.  I looked down the beach but the next two life guard stations did not have their windows opened up yet, so the life guards had not arrived. I started to consider my next move.

He was still chasing me, asking for the shoe back.  I decided that since they had thrown the shoe away I should put it in the garbage, or at least threaten too.  I swerved to the left up the beach towards the sidewalk, where the garbage cans were. 

As luck would have it, the garbage truck that empties the cans was coming down the road, not more than a couple of hundred feet back.  I jumped up on the wall and turned to the man who was chasing and said "I should throw it in the garbage truck!"

He came to a stop and said he did not throw the shoe, that it belonged to his kid sister, and that he was sorry, could he have his kid sister's shoe back?  He looked rather sorry and sheepish.

I smiled at him, told him to tell his friend that he was an asshole,  and give the shoe back.
He said he would tell him.   Excitement over, I continued on my run.
  --  --  --  --  --

About 20 minutes later I was on my way back down the beach.  I considered running along by the water when going past that group, just to increase the distance between me and them. 

Before I got there I saw a life guard who was obviously waiting to flag me down.  With him was another older man, dressed in long pants and street cloths.  This was at least two life guard stations before the group that had been the problem so I briefly wondered if the unknown man was complaining about me.

When I got up to them the lifeguard asked me if there had been a problem earlier. The other man was saying "It was the two men who are waking along over there".  I figured he was talking about the young punks who had thrown the shoe.

I explained to the lifeguard that it was not a serious problem, one had been rude but it was sorted out, not an issue.  I think the other man had reported the incident to the life guards. (It probably was a spectacle)  Still, I assured the life guard that no harm was done and I was not going to make an issue out of it. 

The lifeguard was friendly and for about 15 minutes we talked about racing and some local triathlons before I left to continue my return run. Before I knew it I was running past the same group. this time not a peep out of them. That was much better. 
NE_OH_thonger #121

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/29/2009 05:46:09Copy HTML

I actually just had such an experience. On Saturday, I had gone to my favorite local beach (Mosquito Lake State Park). There were a fair number of people already there, but I found a spot on the end where I was away from them (Since I am usually the only male not in board shorts, leave alone in a thong). I set up and started to lay out. At some point, I didn't see when, a guy and his five kids set up on the beach. There is a small kiosk on the beach which sells water, candy, sunscreen, etc. I was on one side of the kiosk. they were on the other. I'd estimate that there was probably about 50 or so feet between us. I had been on the beach for about 45 min, and had rolled onto my side where my buns were towards them (I had already been face up, face down, and on the other side). I hear the guy yelling, "Cover up your ass!" I looked over, assessed the situation, and decided that it would be in my best interest to pack up for the day, rather than attempt to reason with him. I pulled on my cover-up, and started to pack my things. While I was doing so, he must have made a comment which I didn't hear, as his kids came over and started asking, "Are you a faggot?" I am Gay, but I wasn't going to grace that question with a response other than telling them that it isn't very polite to use that term. They persisted in harassing me right up until I left the beach. I had to drive by the end of the beach on my way out of the park. As I passed by, the kids started to yell "pedophile." I have been thonging on that beach for six summers, and this was the first time that I have had a negative reaction from anyone there. and the first time that I have felt the need to leave a beach, rather than ignoring the comment. In retrospect, I think I shouldn't have left, but I made the call on the feeling of unsafeness I had at the time. With a little cooperation from the weather, I'll be back out there in a few days.
PS. JMRuns, I love your response to the shoe-tosser. I hope that it will mean more undisturbed runs for you in future
143741 #122

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/29/2009 11:41:56Copy HTML

I had a experience last week, at a somewhat private location. At the most 15-29 people swim at this location, so I got there early, and some have seen my thong, but this women and kids were not rude, but stared often. Well finally when I turned to tan the cheeks the grandma said this enough. She came up to me , and said that this is disgusting, with the kids, well the kids are maybe 5-6 year olds. I calmly told her that the rules in the state, are that you must cover the privates, and she said well could you move a little bit away form the beach area, and I said no problem, no trouble. Another experience here the next day, started out not good, but eventually ok I was there early, and was in the water, when a mother and grandma, came to the swim area, now there is a smallslide , that was too far out for the 3 year old boy, and the mother wanted him to get use to the water, but too far out. I walked out of the water, and got the stare down, but I said that this was not a permanent slide, so i went , and pulled it in, and the lady said you made a 3 year old very happy, and she told her mother, after a comment, but its still a thong, to leave it be.
JM_Runs #123

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/29/2009 02:20:37Copy HTML

Reply to NE_OH_thonger Sorry to hear about your experience.  We each have to make up our own mind in such situations. It also depends on where you live and what the local red-neck population is like. 

Personally I try very hard not to give any quarter to them. I won't let them change what I am doing or let them run me off.  If I get a comment like that I just ignore the comment and try not to flinch or change my actions. The other day I continued on my run because that was what I was already doing, not because they made me. If I had been laying out on the beach I would not have moved.  There have been times when somebody said something when I was about to leave and that made me stay! Just so they did not think I moved in response to what they have said.  I think if I leave then it's an acknowledgment that what they said was right. So I don't so they will not have a victory and not be emboldened to do it again.

I am glad that in retrospect you decided you think you should not have left.  It is difficult when people attempt to menace you like that. It might give you more confidence if you have a plan B for situations like that. Maybe if there are lifeguards, and you feel the need to move, then move over to a spot right by the lifeguard.  That way if they continue to menace you the lifeguard will intervene or call the police to deal with them.

I am often surprised how others want to jump in and intervene on my behalf, often with a lot more righteous indignation against the perpetrators than I am feeling. For example in the shoe incident, for me it was over in about 60 seconds, after the second man apologized and I gave the shoe back. Over, done, on with my run with a rather self satisfied smile on my face. - - -  But someone else who witnessed it felt the need to followup on my behalf.  They had identified the people, waited for the life guards to setup, then walked  several hundred yards down the beach to talk to one.  They were still there, waiting with the lifeguard, when I came back south about 30 minutes later. This is not unusual.  People get very annoyed when jerks like this are rude and often take it personally even when it's not directed against them.

You may want to try an old trick I used when I felt the beach was not thong friendly,  I would ask others if they minded if I laid out with them, explaining that I did not want the gays to assume I was wanting to be cruised. My experience is that when thonging with a group of women or a women with her kids it totally defuses what ever it is in red-necks minds. I don't think I have ever had anybody say or do anything, other than a dirty look, when I have been laying out with a women.

In reply to 143741, when asked to "move a little bit away form the beach area" I think the right answer is to invite them to move to one end and maybe if it's a small venue you move to the other. You shouldn't have had to move without them doing something in return. I am glad that you worked it out the next day by befriending them and helping with the slide. It is amazing how easily a smile and friendly word disarm hostile words.

I find the biggest problem is staying calm and not reacting instinctively when such incidents happen. Often they come out of left field with little notice. Automatically we feel threatened, our hart's start pumping, we get a rush of adrenaline, the hairs on the back of our necks may bristle and our fight or flight instinct kicks in.

There is a good book that has been around for many years called "Dinosaur Brains - Dealing with all the impossible people at work".  It is an old book but it's is spot on about how we have to fight hard to use our brains to overcome our instinctive reactions to challenges from other people. I found it difficult to read that book. Took me several tries because my mind is going "I'm not the problem, it's them!"  Took me a long time to figure out it was my reaction that was the only thing I could control. I had to work on hard so their stupidity did not spur the wrong reactions in me.  Maturity and age probably help too.

Each time we deal with an incident like this we become more experienced, less scared that the sky is falling.  In time this leads us to be more confident, less scared. That experience leads to confidence. Maybe that's why the men you see thonging with confidence are often older.
143741 #124

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/29/2009 02:40:21Copy HTML

JM Thanks for the advice:  I should of told you, that this beach is very small, so me moving on either side is not a problem, but the sun angle is the key, so I will continue to monitor the situation. And I will stay in the same area on a larger beach, because I am a morning person, and i believe the first one there, should not have to move.
The Swan #125

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/29/2009 06:17:51Copy HTML

Recently I was laying out, buns up under a shade tree and away from the beach. I wanted to sleep and not worry about burning so  I thought the tree would be a good location. I woke up to the sound of someone setting up about six away from me and under the tree. I raised up and saw two young man setting up for a day at the park with coolers ,blankets and such. When I looked at the youngest man, early-twenties I guess, he said, "What's up?". I can have a very deep voice and replied, "Not much. This is it." I then looked at the other guy at realized he might be the father of the young guy. I layed my head back down and statred to return to sleep. I next hear a woman's voice screaming "What are you doing?" "Get that stuff out there!" "What are you thinking?" I hear the young one say, "I wanted to give Kelley something to look at." Then every one had a good laugh. I looked up and smiled, as I could hardly keep from laughing and saw about 8 folks in the bunch. It looked like Mom was the one who was screaming. I was guessing Kelley was the young one's older sister. I layed my head back down and waited to hear what was going to happen next.

They gathered their stuff and while walking away I heard one of them saying "gay ass MF'er". I thought none of that's not true and I still have the tree. Yee Ha!
dehubewa #126

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/11/2009 05:18:46Copy HTML

i was at sandy point state park on june 19 2009, it was very sunny and warm,and i was all set to wear my new  white g string on the beach. i was there for about one hour and a older man was walking around just looking for a place to set his chair up to sun him self. he walked over to me and asked if he could set next to me ,because he saw what i was wearing,he wanted to show off his new thong and he had some fear people may say some thing to him about what he was wearing.i told him no one would say any thing to him,this is a open beach all the time.he took his shirt and shorts off
and i must say he did look very good,he had on a yellow thong ,which was very low cut,and did not cover very much at all. he did ask me how he looked, and i said great. we talked for a long time,he than asked me if he could take some pictures of me by the water and rocks,i asked him what for and what he was going to do with them,he told me .you have such a great body i would like to show my wife and keep them just to have for him self.i said ok .as i walked to the water he asked me to slip my g string just down a little more, i could not take it down any more with out showing my private parts,i told him just to take the pictures and i was not going to pose nude for him,there are to many people around.he took his pictures and later left. never was him again.
Sharon73 #127

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/15/2009 02:07:35Copy HTML

I hear 'nice 'a s s' a lot
143741 #128

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/15/2009 11:06:51Copy HTML

Well Sharon    If that is the comment you get, then that is a positive one. As males we get the whispers, like is that man gay or straight, or ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. If I get a nice butt comment, and I am being honest, it comes from a overweight women.
JM_Runs #129

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/15/2009 01:24:12Copy HTML

As a man, I often get the "nice ass" comment, from both women and men. 
Mostly it is a positive comment but sometimes a man may be using it sarcastically, it is tough to tell.
JM_Runs #130

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/15/2009 04:10:41Copy HTML

 the guys at assateague beach are masculine in appearance.  but a couple weeks ago a frail looking guy with white rimmed sunglasses, pierced nipples, etc. was there and trying hard to make contact with me.   he told me "you have a great body."   
SlidingG #131

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/15/2009 05:00:07Copy HTML

One weekday at East Beach late in the season, with very few regular folks around, a few of us guys were able to hang out nude for a while.  One very pleasant bi-guy told me he thought I was 'well hung'.  That was a first, and since it was clear he wasn't putting the make on me, I took it as a compliment.  Would rather hear it from a woman, but coed nude situations never happen to me, alas.  
JM_Runs #132

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/15/2009 05:02:32Copy HTML

Reply to JamieTG:  Now you know what it feels like when a man says "You have a great body" or "nice ass" to a women. 

They are no less offensive when said by a man to a women, but the difference is most women learn to brush off these sorts of comments when they are still teenagers.

The answer is to do what a teenage girl would do in the same situation, give the man a withering and dismissive look, and if that was not enough, followed by a sarcastic comment.
OS777 #133

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/17/2010 06:27:33Copy HTML

Sipper #134

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/24/2010 07:50:42Copy HTML

 I can't ever recall having a female, a stranger be less than pleased to see me in a thong or g-string.  I'm not beef cakes, but I do work out, so I think that it is just the eye candy of seeing a male skimpily clad.  However, away from the beach when fully clothed and with women who are also clothed,  they seem to be disgusted at men 'in speedos'. I cannot figure it out. Granted, they are not the same women, but at the beach I think that women--even fully clothed ones--seem happy to see men in g-strings.  This is so even if they have a scowling husband with them--they just seem to keep their eyes on you even though they have to strain their eyeballs out to the furthest corner of their eyes. I am pleased to provide the service.
Has anyone gotten a negative reaction from a woman when they see you in your thong or g-string?  

beachfolks #135

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/24/2010 09:59:36Copy HTML

 Last fall I was walking in a mens rio back swimsuit at Redington beach North of Madira Beach and encountered a middle aged man who stopped and yelled lots of obcenities at me regarding my relatively conservative swimsuit. "It should be illegal, I should be prosecuted- children are around and shouldn't see anyone dressed like you" etc. Middle of the day and he seemed to be sober. Fortunately he passed by, I walked on, and I never encountered him again although I frequently walk the same beach in a micro string or a Skinz Roman, and meet women sunning or walking in micro suits.

Lots of people have of wierd feelings regarding other peoples swimwear and some troublemakers are not afraid to express them.
JM_Runs #136

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/24/2010 10:59:08Copy HTML

You can't please all the people all the time. This is especial true with anything the least bit con traversal, like religion, politics or swimsuits. So you have to expect some idiots to be stupid, that's what idiots do. 

On the other hand there people who do like to see a man in a thong.  Last Wednesday, after doing my beach run, I was standing by a table at the coffee shop talking to fiends, when I was approached by a tourist couple. 
He asked if his wife could pose with me, telling us something like they had walked by the corner twice and he would get no rest until his wife got a picture with me. 
When I said yes he took a picture of his wife with me, much to the amusement of my friends. The picture was from the front side of both of us, of wife and I. Probably had the other side previously.

tbck1000 #137

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/24/2010 11:13:46Copy HTML

 Sipper:  I have had the same experience.  When I discuss the idea of men in speedos/bikinis/thongs with women away from the actual situation, they almost always say it's disgusting or avoid the topic with a joke.  But when I'm on the beach in a thong, women seem to appreciate it.  They may or may not find it attractive, but as a few women have told me; men expect women to wear minimal swimwear and look good, so it's nice for the tables to be turned and have men show it off for the women.
Beachfolks: I've had a couple of incidents like that.  The ironic thing is that the borderline violent behavior is much more disturbing to the people around than a skimpy bathing suit.  Most people really don't give a crap if a guy or gal is wearing a tiny swimsuit and minding their own business.
beachfolks #138

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/25/2010 02:30:57Copy HTML

 Some years ago my wife had the same thing while just sunning alone on Anna Maria beach. A religious(?) couple came up just out of the blue and started preaching and telling her her very normal bikini swimsuit was too skimpy and not in accordance with God's principles and she would go to hell for wearing it. They really laid a guilt trip on her and made her feel very bad but had left before I came back. She has pretty much gotten over it over time, but there sure are some wierdos around.

I agree these nuts are far more dangerous than people in a skimpy suit.
Sipper #139

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/25/2010 03:27:37Copy HTML

 Beach folks:  I haven't had that provocative of an experience; however on two occasions I have received wolf whistles.  One was from a young (20s) slightly overweight kid in dork shorts (there wasn't a surfboard in sight so he didn't have to worry about a rash on this thighs, so why wear so much fabric.  Oh well, you know).  The other whistle was very muted from a Hispanic guy in his 40s.  I barely heard him and when I looked his way, he looked down at the sand.
To me, it is stupid to wear anything when swimming or sunning.  The law says we cannot be nude, so how could skimpy swim wear/sun wear not be the logical choice?  As the song says:  "God is great, beer is good, people are crazy".  And thats that.
12 wheels #140

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/25/2010 03:32:18Copy HTML

@ tbck1000 - I totally agree with what you said about mens vs. womens swimsuits, and how men (and society in general) expect women to wear minimal swimear & encourages it, but on the other hand will berate a man for doing the same. That's quite a double standard - I guess is comes from the outdated stereotype that only gay guys would wear something skimpy - very untrue. A lot of us straight guys would like to wear minimal swimwear without having to worry about being harrassed for it.

I also liked reading what you said about the comments you heard from some women, that "it's nice for the tables to be turned and have men show it off for the women". That's exactly my attitude when wearing a bikini or thong. I figure if the girls are encouraged to show off for the guys, then why not give them something to look at in return? Not to mention that bikinis & thongs are much more comfortable than wearing swim trunks or dork shorts - if more guys would try it, they'd discover this too & probably make the switch. This year I started wearing bikinis a lot more - so now whenever I have to wear regular swim trunks, it feels like wearing a burlap sack.
JM_Runs #141

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/27/2010 12:17:15Copy HTML

This past week I was out to the Fort and spent a good amount of time walking and enjoying the low tide which was nice. I had the opportunity to speak to several women who were out shelling.  Several of them made nice comments about my gstring and I could tell they were being honest. Whats funny was one time last week I was in my chair with umbrella next to the waters edge when a dad and his two older teenage daughters walked slowly by (shelling) it seemed the dad saw me and made a comment to his girls about me. Well all that did was make the girls want to see me because everytime dad was looking away the girls were trying to get in a peek. All I did was sit and soak up the rays in my chair but the girls kept looking my way and then later one of them walked back on her own and she looked and even sent over a smile. I could tell she approved.  Sorry Dad!
IotaTheta #142

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/27/2010 10:55:11Copy HTML

Today I went to one of the local beaches after visiting my fiance's grandparents.  When we parked, we walked up to the public restrooms where we were going to change into our swimsuits.  I went into the mens and began to get changed I took off my shirt when another guy walked in wearing only a speedo.  I didn't think anything of it.  I pulled out my Aussiebum swimsuit layed it on the counter and then took off my shorts.  So at this point I am standing in the middle of the restroom in nothing but an N2N waistband thong.  I fold up my shirt and shorts and put them in my bag.  I pull off my thong, put it in the bag and then put on my Aussiebum swimsuit.  The guy walked up to wash his hands and while he was washing his hands commented that he had the same thong.  I responed by telling him it was one of my favorites, he agreed it was one of his.  He said goodbye and I didn't see him the rest of the day. 
Endo_Rowe #143

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/27/2010 11:42:14Copy HTML

 Here's a strange contradiction. I moved to Florida a few months ago, and I've been making use of the beach as much as possible. I use the same spot, which gets a bit of traffic, perhaps one or two people every five minutes. While wearing a thong and lying down, I've had so many people giggle, make comments (can never make all of it out), and stop dead in their tracks.

I've spent the past two days naked except for my shirt between my legs, just barely covering the goods/crack and nothing else. I haven't heard a single comment or seen anyone give more than a glance.

How is it that being nearly completely nude is accepted, or at least tolerated, while a thong which actually provides more coverage, makes me an object of ridicule? It's a rhetorical question, but no less ridiculous.
beachfolks #144

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/28/2010 06:04:14Copy HTML

 Where in Florida are you thonging?
bryn515000 #145

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/28/2010 10:27:28Copy HTML

My wife and I spent a week at Orient Beach in St Martin the first week of June. We chose to go there because everyone says that thongs on men and women are not only accepted but prevalent. Maybe for women but all week I saw maybe two other men wearing a thong. That's ok with me, I went there to get all the sun I could.

We stayed in the middle of Orient Beach and walked south, about a half mile every day to our favorite beach bar, me wearing a Joe Snyder g-string and her topless with a sheer WW bottom (new pics on profile). We layed on the beach, went into the bars almost naked with nothing but positive comments. The fourth day we were walking the beach when some guy in the water started whistling at me (or us). I ignored him, but after about the fourth whistle, my wife stopped, faced him and his obese wife and flipped him off. Well, the guy got pissed and came charging out of the water like he was going to make battle. It took him a while because he weighed about 260 lbs and had dork shorts about halfway to his ankles.

The beach was pretty crowded, people everywhere. The guy, about 30 or so (I'm 60) told me I better get my 'old lady' under control. I said, or what? Nothing came of it, like all bullies, they back down when confronted.

I did tell him he should read a book called "The Ugly American" because it was all about him. The rest of the day was uneventful, except for drinks, food, nap, drinks food, etc.
thongman8 #146

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/28/2010 01:02:25Copy HTML

 Friday I was at the pool in my local YMCA.  I was wearing a brief pair of Jokey men's underwear that looks like a Speedo.  No too small, but def not big either.  I've worn it there lots of times. 

When I got to the pool and removed my towel, one lady actually did a double take looking at me.  On her second look, she lingered long enough to let me know she was looking at my suit.  The best part is that she was smiling.  The pool was not crowded at all as she and two other ladies were taking a life-safety course being taught by a woman.  The life-guard was female too.  She was sitting at the opposite end of the pool.

I jumped in, and swam to the end near the LG.  I stopped and asked about the class, she actually moved so she could see me better.  It was funny, while we were talking, i could have swore she was opening her legs for me to look at her crotch.  Isn't it interesting how open women become when you show a little skin?

I ended up at the other end of the pool where they were putting on the class.  I was only in about 3' of water so I could use the rope to help stretch my legs.  One of the women, came over and asked if I was stretching.  (duh!!)  Well, i was polite and said that I had been cramping and she showed me a few stretches to do all the while looking at my butt as I stretched. 

It was a great experience.  Three of the four ladies said something to me in a flirty manner while I was there.  One even asked me if I would be a drowning dummy for them to practice on!  Of course I said yes but the instructor soon said that "no, we can get by using this silly float instead"  but, I could tell she wanted me to do it.  I think all it would have taken was for me to say, no, really, its no problem and I'm sure she would have welcomed my help.

That was the YMCA and no one even batted an eye that I was wearing underwear in the pool.  They do look like Speedos though.
undercover20 #147

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/28/2010 03:17:49Copy HTML

 I went swimming once again at 24 Hour Fitness in San Diego and I was wearing my Joe Snyder white pinstripe bulge thong (this is becoming an everyday thing) and I just wanted to make sure my swimwear was okay with a couple of these ladies. One was like "it is pretty frilly" and I'm thinking not really, and the other was like "It's a pretty interesting bathing suit, but if you're comfortable with it, then go ahead" and I asked a third lady and she was like "What bathing suit?" I showed her and I laughed, lol and I swam away.
ioannis #148

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/07/2010 01:12:54Copy HTML

    Hallo again !! yes as you can see i made many posts today but i am in a hotel and i am boring to death!!
    besides, i had  a long period in which i didn't make any post....
    Well as i said to the previus post me , my gf ,my best friend and his wife arranged to go out on saturday night in our thong's undernith....
   So the Saturday came at last and we all get dressed for the night.We desided to go to night-club and have fun...
   I was wearing a tight lowrise jean with a short tight t-shirt which was ended right up to the waistband of my jean...
 my gf and Paul's wife were wearing a extremely short mini skirt, so mini that  somebody easily could see the lower part of their cheeks and of course it was obvious what they were wearing undernith !!!!
  Paul, also  was wearing a tight low rise jean with a tight t-shirt which ended slighlty above his jean waistband....
  Anyway, we enter to the club and ok we had a good time there drinking and dancing and believe me, me and paul many times we flashed our thongs as we moved around....
  When the music programm stopped playing foreing songs, as is customary in Greece the dj started to play greek songs...
   During these songs the male or female is dancing and his/her company kneel down ---i hope that i found the correct word,, i mean that we  stand to our knee's---- and giving a big clap...
 Well our girl's wanted to dance so me and paul knee down and start claping...
 As you can understand our thong's were in public view !!!!
 While we were claping a middle age lady came between us , she approached our ear's and said loydly and briskly   """ your thong's are shown as you are bended and they look GREATTTT ON YOU !!!!! """"..
   Well that was her comment and i have to say that Paul and me enjoyed it a lot !!
islandguy #149

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/07/2010 08:47:14Copy HTML

To celebrate Independence Day, I wore an American flag g-string bathing suit last Sunday at the Cape Cod National Seashore.  When walking to and from the restrooms I received several approving comments from women.  The most notable were:
1) from an attractive young woman who asked me to pose arm-in-arm for a picture to be taken by her boyfriend.  She said that she loved my bathing suit and commented that most men didn't have the confidence to wear that kind of suit.
2) from a woman among a small group of female friends who gave me a thumbs-up and said "that's the way to show the flag."

I didn't hear any disapproving comments all day.  Perhaps one reason is that it's politically correct to be patriotic these days!
JM_Runs #150

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/13/2010 02:50:17Copy HTML

I start my run is across from the Swimming Haul of Fame, which is the local pool complex and lifeguard headquarters. During the summer there are several youth groups, like the junior lifeguards, who have camps based at the pool and use the same section of beach in the mornings.

On the first day of camp a couple of the teen boys are likely to make rude comments but after the first day or so they stop. I suspect their group leaders tell them to pipe down or maybe they just notice the lifeguards, who see me every week, pay no attention to me so they don't either.

As well as seeing me when I go out and return from runs, we all use the same showers. When they come off the beach I am often showering, or stretching by the shower, or nearby drinking coffee with friends, so they quickly get accustomed to seeing me around the beach. This year I have had a few cheers from the teen age girls when I run by.

Yesterday, while I was returning from my run I noticed the usual packs of teens on the beach as normal, but in addition there was another large group in the water closer to Las Olas.  This new group was quite large, about fifity.  As I approched there were a couple of hoots from what sound like teenage boys, but then someone started to cheer and the girls joined in clapping and cheering. They got really bostrius, it was like the finish of a marathon.  I gave them a wave and continued running down to where I normally finish.  It was nice, although a little embarrassing, to be given such a warm reception at the end of my run.

I don't know who the group was, but I am guessing it was a visiting team that were staying at the Marriott hotel across the street.
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