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flthongbutt #151

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/10/2010 12:15:24Copy HTML

lol, haven't been on this board in a while... now i'm remembering some of my thong stories....here's some of the comments i've heard.... most are hilarious....

younger women: " oh my god, that guys in a thong!"

nothing much from the younger  type guys... the redneck types don't come around, thank god...

old guys " why don't you turn over for me?"... lol

it's all pretty funny...

m6636 #152

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/11/2010 05:21:28Copy HTML

I was at the local russian bath in my thong last week and an older women who was relaxing in the pool made an impromptu comment "nice butt" and told me that I looked good in my thong. This women, who was older and somewhat large, then remarked that she wished she had cute butt. 
It was rather nice getting such a comment. I thanked her and then made small talk for several minutes.
SlidingG #153

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/11/2010 05:16:02Copy HTML

I was relaxing at East Beach in RI last Friday wearing practically nothing, as usual. Folks near pole #09 were fairly well spread out.  Anyone could tell I was close to naked, but I wasn't getting in their faces. 

After a bit, from a couple set up nearby, a pretty young bikini-clad lass came over to chat, ostensibly wanting to know about my beach umbrella.  She'd seen one like it on an earlier visit and wondered if they could be rented there.  I'm sure she knew better -- this is an undeveloped 3-mile nature preserve beach.  But I think she got to see what she came over to see. 

Her only comment during several minutes of conversation that was even remotely related to my state of dress being the bland observation that I appear to enjoy tanning.  Sure do, miss! My single bad health habit. 

As I look back, I'm amazed how cool I handled it.  There was no escape.  I guess my goal became proving to her in conversation that I'm a thoroughly normal guy, I just happen to enjoy getting close to an overall tan.  And at the same time I enjoyed my view of her. She was really good looking. 

I later thought that we were both enjoying a beach where one can wear as much or a little as one likes, knowing everyone respects, or at least tolerates, each others' choices.  What makes this beach different from St. Bart's or Vancouver is that wearing nothing isn't an option, unless one chooses to take a chance by flouting the law and sunning nude.  The few who do are usually hidden behind windscreens. 

This young lass' beau was wearing boardies and a tank top.  I wonder what her report back to him sounded like -- "No honey, no umbrellas for rent", or, "you wouldn't believe what I saw over there!"         
leo40 #154

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/11/2010 10:52:46Copy HTML

Really made my day.  I made like I didn't hear.  She: "Oooohh!  Look at the HUNK!"    He: "Remember, look but don't touch."
eje255 #155

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/13/2010 02:55:19Copy HTML

 Just finished a trip to Misquamicut Beach, RI.  Wore my Skinz string bikini.  It's been years since I've been out on the beach in less than board shorts, so I was a bit apprehensive.  Set up with the family who is used to seeing me in the bikini, and were next to a foursome of much older folks in their 70's/80's.  Dropped my short-shorts and the gasp from one of the older gents was pretty loud, followed by him prodding his wife to look at me, "Look at that, he's got nothing on!".  After an hour, they left.  Crowded beach, but nobody else even glanced my way as I took care of the kids or went for a dip.  Later in the afternoon, a group of twentysomething guys had a great time with the point-and-laugh, but that was short lived when the girlfriends showed up.  Finally, a trio of women befriended my wife, and in no time flat they wanted me over to sit on their towel.  Up and down I went with the kids and the towel, and they made no bones about how they enjoyed the scenery.  As I left, with shirt on, they wanted a final shirt-lift-peek before I put my shorts back on.  All in all, very comfortable day, even though I was the only guy in something other than pants.  And they liked the short-shorts, too.
football143741 #156

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/13/2010 11:29:29Copy HTML

Yesterday I was at a small beach, and it was already 85 at 10 am, and last weekend they had a picnic for all the locals, and for the people who own summer cottages on the lake. Well I was tanning in a conserative speedo thong, when the city employees came to take away the extra picnic tables from the pavillion area and boat launch area, when the two said put your clothes back on "there are little kids here". I did not respond, and then one lady told them, and they were with family members, camping at the camp area, to tell the workers to mind there own business, and get some work done, thats your job. I stayed for a little longer, as I did not want them to call the sheriff, even though this being wisconsin, it is legal.
abczyxabczyx #157

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/13/2010 09:01:37Copy HTML

 I have been to quite a few beaches lately and have not heard any comments.
sexmex82 #158

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/25/2010 05:01:12Copy HTML

As I was thonging face down on my beach blanket, I heard the voices of two boys (speaking in Spanish), around 9-10 yrs. old, saying (in translation):

"WOW! Look at that guy's suit!"
"Oh, s**t, his a** is all out!

"Hey, I'd like to do that!"


"Cause then I could tell all my frinds to kiss my a**!"
sarasotajt #159

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/03/2010 09:31:28Copy HTML

 While tanning at Lido Beach this afternoon I set up between some other folks along the shoreline. It was a perfect day with a cloudless sky.
As the lady next to me was leaving, she introduced herself as "Bubbles" and said I had the nicest tan on the beach, and "everything was in the right place, looking good". Then she started the "don't I know you?" line.
I thanked her for her compliment, told her I was married, and was a bit of a naturist...hence the g-string suit.
Her parting remark was "well, you look fabulous".

It is nice to hear a compliment occasionally. Usually it is just the smart-alec comments from the guys.

mack_back #160

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/05/2010 03:32:04Copy HTML

I noticed a older couple trying to find a place on the beach to camp out. They finally picked a spot about 30 feet across from me, with others staggered between me and them.
As i got up to cool off in the water they began a slow process of sorted and laying out towels etc.. I came out of the water and moved in front of my towel standing listening to my Mp3 player. As i was turning around trying to get my body dry from the sun at the same time was facing the older couple. Then everyone heard a women loudly say something which turned everyone's heads towards her. I wasn't looking at her directly just my front of my body. The reaction she sent out isn't easy to describe only it was directed at me. As i turned my eyes forward looking at her sound she made Ow-Woo-Wow it was a shock surprised sound then a lower tone of disbelief.

I looked behind me see if it was some boat catching fire or some nude guy with a big wang strutting but found everything normal as usual. So i kinda knew she was directing her verbal noise towards me.  Then i looked at her husband behind getting undressed which i seen as pity for the older women and why she reacted as she did to me. Then she put her head down reading a book.
BaltoBob #161

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/11/2010 12:53:05Copy HTML

When I went shopping the other day, this woman yells "BUSTED!!". It was only 7 AM and my Super Wal-mart was pretty empty. It took me a second but, I guess she figured out I was wearing girls shorts.  Hell, I bought them in that store! The Op "notch" shorts are in my Images. 

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/11/2010 11:24:15Copy HTML

Friday I was wearing my red thong at Mirage pool in Las Vegas, NV.  Two hot ladies came up to me and asked for a photo of the three of us together.  Then they set up their belonings next to me and we hung out together.  I had a great time and I made two new friends.
sarasotajt #163

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/24/2010 12:05:53Copy HTML

 Over the past week I've been to various Sarasota area beaches three times. On two occasions, young women have walked out of their way to come up to me and tell me that they really liked my thong swimsuit. One said she though it was "really cool". I thanked her for the kind comment and explained that most of what I hear is mocking catcalls and rude comments from young men. She said "don't pay attention to them, they're just backwards-a$$". I laughed, again said thanks, and went on my way for a walk down the sparsely populated beach.

thongguy2c #164

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/26/2010 02:20:36Copy HTML

 I was at the local nude beach, in my blue thong speedo. As I was going for a walk, I passed a father and his 4 kids. He was naked, the kids were not. One of the little girls said, "Look at that boy! Look at that boy! He is wearing girl underwear! He is a boy. It goes up his butt!" The father corrected her on the fact that men do wear thongs. I thought that it was very funny when she said it, and I had to share.
dondonna #165

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/11/2011 10:26:04Copy HTML

Well, I've been thonging for over 20 years and have heard many comments similar to what people on here have heard.  Thankfully, there were way more compliments and positive comments than the vile, negative ones for me.  Some of the negative ones were:

- (no words spoken) A guy looking at me with disgust.  I was at a clothing optional beach wearing a bright pink tiger striped thong.  It was more like a g-string with a tiny triangle in the back and string sides.  I couldn't believe he looked at me that way because he was nude!  What was he thinking?- This time I was at a park adjacent to a beach.  On warm sunny days, people gather here to sun.  I settled in an area of the park near the sidewalk wearing a pretty skimpy blue bikini.  A lot of people pass through this area as it is in a touristy part of the city.  I had just returned from a short walk because I thought I saw a friend of mine in the park.  As I was getting close to my towel, three young women was walking my way.  One immediately said, "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"  One of her friends then told me to "put some clothes on" and "don't be walking around naked!"  I just ignored them, and as they were walking away, one of them again yelled, "Put some clothes on!"

Fortunately, I've had many more positive experiences.

- My first time thonging in public was at a beach.  I spent the day sunning and got pretty comfortable doing it.  It was a beach with a clothing optional section.  At the end of the day, I opted to walk back to my car with just a cut off tee and my neon orange thong.  I noticed a two girls laying on the beach fully clothed for whatever reason.  They were facing each other, and I could see the one of them looking at me as approached.  I was accustomed to wearing a bikini in public so I wasn't uncomfortable at all.  Besides, I enjoyed that she was checking me out.  I knew she didn't know I had a thong on.  As I passed them, she looked away.  I'm assuming this part - her friend, who had her back to me the whole time, said, "Oooo.  Look!"  I didn't turn around, but enjoyed the moment and continued to walk.  They said something else I couldn't really hear, but it didn't sound negative.

- Another time at the same beach, I was sunbathing nude.  It was about 3PM when a couple settled about 5 feet behind me.  They weren't prepared for the beach because they had no beach gear.  They just sat in the sand talking.  I knew they had a pretty good view of my backside - how could they not?  I eventually rolled over and revealed my treasures.  Their conversation suddenly stopped.  There were lots of other nude sunbathers around, but none at that moment were smoothies and wearing a ring.  I lay there for several minutes before taking a stroll to the water and then back.  In another half hour, I gathered my things to leave.  In that time, they barely said a word.  lol.  Feeling sort of daring and really exhibitionistic now, I folded my towel and put my things back into my back while I was still nude.  I then put on my purple thong by Gazelle and a cut off tee shirt, grabbed my bag and started for my car.  As I was walking away, I heard the guy say something to his wife/girlfriend.  I couldn't make it out, but her response was, "What?  That's nice!"

- The last event I'll share for now was also at the beach.  I wore a red swim thong to sun in that day.  I remember we were in the middle of a warm trend.  I laid out all day darkening my tan.  I also use oil to keep my skin hydrated while I sun in this extreme heat.  The sight of oil on tanned skin looks really hot to me whether it's on me or someone else.  Anyway, this girl in a dark red crushed velvet thong was sunning about 20 feet from me.  The first thing I noticed was her thong was actually a really nice pair of underwear as opposed to swimwear, but who cares.  She was really pretty.  She had a long light scarf around her shoulders which draped down to cover her breasts.  Essentially, she was topless.  It was hours before she got rid of the scarf.  I just laid there and admired her.  I also noticed that she was checking me out on occassion too.  On a couple of occassions, she put on a really tight cropped workout top and took off for a walk.  She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on.  Each time she returned, she would remove her top and sun in her thong again.  I decided to take a walk to the water and on my return stop by and say "hi".  She returned my greeting, and I asked if she was enjoying the sun - I had to make some kind of small talk.  I eventually complimented her on her thong and how great she looked in it.  She in turn returned the compliment and told me she thought it was great that I had the confidence to wear a thong myself.  I told her I'd been thonging for few years now and felt pretty comfortable doing it.  The whole time we were talking, I was standing over her with her looking up at the bright sun.  She asked if I would like to join her.  Obviously, I accepted and brought my stuff over.  We spent the nest couple of hours talking, and we took a couple of walks on the beach together.  Someone she knew saw her and came over.  It didn't appear to be a big deal that she was topless.  They immediately started talking it up, so I felt it was time for me to leave the two girls alone.  I was introduced, and then I thanked her for her company and left.  I put all my stuff into my bag and headed to the parking lot.  I was so hot, I decided I'd just go in my thong.  The friend made the comment, "Damn!  That guy has a hot ass.  Who is that?"  I was feeling really good at that point, but I think I blushed too.  While I was at my car putting my bag in the trunk and getting my shorts and shirt out, a young couple who parked next to me came up to get into their pick up.  The guy made some sort of comment and they both laughed.  I wasn't paying attention, but I'm sure it was about my thong.  As they backed out, I made eye contact with the girl who smiled and looked at me appreciatively.  I returned the smile as they drove off.

Overall, I have found that women are much more likely to pay a guy in a thong a compliment while a men will generally make negative comments, but one never knows what to expect.  There are idiots on both sides.
John Howard #166

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/12/2011 09:50:44Copy HTML

Very few times I recall hearing negative comments of me wearing a thong on the beach.One of those times I was wearing a bright pink Andreas Cahling string bikini.   It standed out too much.That was the time when I used to wear any colour even the bright pinks, orange, lime, etc.Now I only wear darker colours, including red.  And never had any problems at all with negative comments (at least that I heard).I think that bright colours could sometimes stand out too much and draw too much attention on a man wearing a thong.Therefore the probabilities of negative comments increase.

underwater #167

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/12/2011 12:24:56Copy HTML

On our last visit to Orient beach I found that the beer on the "clothed" side of the beach was a lot cheaper than on the nude side so when I wanted another, I put on my g string and walked over to get one. On one of my walks, I passed a group of women standing around talking. As I passed I saw one of them with a camera trying to take my picture.
I stopped and walked back a few feet and asked if she would like a picture with me. She said that would be great. As we stood waiting for her friend to take the second shot, she said how hot I looked in the g and I laughed and walked back to the nude section.

On my next trip for a beer, we waved to each other and I heard her say to her friends " damn he's married".
setanta01 #168

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/14/2011 12:53:03Copy HTML

I've worn micro thongs in Spain, The Canry Islans and here in The UK. Generally women are fine, sometimes interested although once or twice guys in groups will poke fun. 
JM_Runs #169

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/09/2012 06:01:22Copy HTML

Last week I had an unusual incident when a couple come up to me on the sidewalk. They were fully dressed, over dressed considering it was 95 degrees and they were at the beach.  The women told me my swimsuit was not approprate on this part of the beach and I should go down to a different part of the beach.  She said they had overheard the young people say they did not like my suit. (I love that when people ascribe their own feelings to others to give them legitimacy.) 

She said I should look around and see that other people were wearing, and conform to dress like 95% of the other people. Without saying where, she said I should go to the part of the beach where 'that' was more accepted. I was not sure if 'that' was a reference to my swimsuit or her assumptions about my sexual ordination.

I am never as cool at handling these sort of confrontations as I hope I would be.  They tend to push the dinosaur buttons in my brain and I tend to get flustered ,a bit angry, defensive and a little tongue tied.

In this case, since she did not seem to know the name or place of the beach where 'that' might be more accepted, I said I had lived here thirty years and asked how long they had lived here.  Maybe not the best opening line but I was caught off guard. The man said they had lived in 'Florida' that long, which I took as an admission they did not live here, or had not lived here long, but were from some place in Central or North Florida.

When they saw I was neither swayed or intimidated by their forceful argument for conformity they left in a huff.

Later I wondered if most men were wearing speedos and the women wearing thongs, if they would feel the need to conform and wear them too? Na, the you must conform rule only apples to other people, not to the daleks themselves.

I had ridden my bike to the beach in a thong and on the way stopped to talk with a neighbor about his young kids who were doing bicycle jumps on a low plywood ramp.  While were talking, while his kids were playing, his wife came out and asked if I would like some mangoes from their tree. On the way to the beach I stopped at a yard sale. Although wearing a long tank top I was clearly wearing a thong, yet the people were very friendly. When I bought some items they put them aside for me to pick up on my way back from the beach. Later while running on the beach I got lots of smiles, a few thumbs up and a few cheers.  Half way thorough my run I met a women who started the conversation with a comment on how much she liked my thong little red thong. We spent some time talking about other things like fishing and boating. Later I was greeted by name and a friendly smile at the coffee shop. On my way home I went by the yard sale and picked up my stuff, but lingered talking long enough to discuss carers in teaching fourth grade, molecular biology and insurance investigation. 

Only the over dressed daleks on the beach had a problem with my thong.

In future I must practice my reply - "I bet you don't say that to all the girls in thongs." 
Grabeach #170

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/09/2012 08:51:27Copy HTML

I've found there are three types of negative comments that may occur.

The first is what I call the official type, such as a lifeguard acting on a complaint about my g-string or if I stop at a shop when cycling to the beach in 25mm side 'speedos' and the proprietor feels it is not in keeping with the shop's image. Not common, but it happens. In both examples the request to wear something more conservative are always polite and professional. Sometimes even apologetic. I will always readily comply with their request.

The second typically comes from a mid teen to early 20s male, probably to impress his mates. Usually loud and lacking in originality, they quickly move on.

Third are some older males who seem to have difficulty with anyone who has different ideas to them.  As JM says, they often pertain to represent 'others'.  A line often used is "There are children present", accompanied by a complete inability to realise that the kids are off having fun and don't give a hoot about what I'm wearing. They are prepared to argue, but only if 'argue' does not include listening to anything I have to say! You can't win with these types as they also can't handle being ignored. A set of headphones can be useful. I will definitely never comply with their demands.

Surprisingly, I have yet to have a polite informed discussion with someone who doesn't like what I am wearing. On second thoughts, maybe not so surprising, reasonable people will just leave me alone.
lindros #171

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/09/2012 11:49:28Copy HTML

JM: How about the old "I've been at this beach nearly every day for the past 30 years and you're the first person to complain about my suit, maybe you should try to be as tolerant & care-free as 95% of the people on this beach".

If they are very overweight and try to use their kids as an excuse to complain then you can be real nasty and say "I'm sure the fact that you're 50 pounds overweight will do more harm to your kid than him/her seeing me wear a small swimsuit."

Or to be less nasty but drive the point home you can say "Hey, I don't like looking at fat people on the beach as that sends a bad message for kids, but it's not illegal to be overweight and I think it certainly would be extremely rude to tell them that they should go to another part of the beach. If you don't like my swimsuit and you think it's illegal then call the police."
JM_Runs #172

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/25/2013 05:46:46Copy HTML

Most days I hear a lot of good mornings and other general greetings but yesterday while running down the beach I heard "You Are Late!"

Which took me a bit by surprise until he followed up with a smile and "You normally run in the mornings." By this time we had passed so I just returned a friendly thumbs up.
JM_Runs #173

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/26/2013 05:21:48Copy HTML

 While at public beaches and hotel pools I have heard many positive comments, but most common is usually "I admire you courage to wear a thong, I wish I had that much self confidence" or "If you got the body go for it" surprisingly these comments are either from older women or couples.
JM_Runs #174

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/26/2013 03:41:59Copy HTML

 Yes I frequently get the "I admire your courage" and  "I wish I looked as good as you" comments, the latter normally from men. 
stanpuppy #175

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/26/2013 04:16:49Copy HTML

Mako, JM and BMicro are so fortunate to live in sunny places where minimal clothing is commonplace.   Some day Michelle and I will invite you up to NJ.  I think you will be surprised to see how the gist of the comments shifts regarding your minimal swimwear...LoL
JM_Runs #176

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/26/2013 08:32:48Copy HTML

 Here is a contribution....  "Only you scrawny ass guys can pull off that look.."
I howled when I heard that! Nothing could be further from the truth about that. I've seen muscle heads, gym rats and some pretty thick guys pull off wearing a thong and looking great.  There is no one body type that is the "best."  But there is nothing wrong with what you prefer to look at.
I have a compact rear end and it is my humble opinion you need to have a nice round meaty ass to really rock a thong. But - no pun intended - that is just my opinion.
bodimuscle #177

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/08/2013 03:21:32Copy HTML

New to the board and have really enjoyed reading about all of your comments and experiences. I've worn thongs to the beach regularly for the last 20 years or so, and my experiences are the same as everyone else on here. Very few negative comments that really didn't make much sense, and lots and lots of great compliments and positive feedback. I've always heard that women in particular don't like men in bikinis or thongs, but my experience has been a lot different.
I've been hit on, propositioned and approached more when I'm wearing one my thongs (skinzwear has been my go to suits) than any other type of suit that I've worn. I'm in my mid-40s and still compete every now and then in bodybuilding, so I've kept in great shape and carry way more than the average muscle build. That probably helps. I've just learned to accept the stares as unspoken approval and complimentary.
In my experience, I've gotten most of the great compliments on the size and shape of my legs, from women and men alike. I agree with SixFive that there is no one body type that will rock a thong, but obviously I think the more athletic and muscular a guy is, the more likely he can pull it off. Even so, I've seen some really hot guys on the beach in thongs that wouldn't look nearly as good in board shorts or baggy suits; the thongs allowed their bodies to look more "complete" and symmetrical.
It really is funny to read that so many of you have experienced walkers and gawkers going out of their way along the beach to get a closer look. For something supposedly so revolting, they sure put themselves up for some self punishment!! I took notice of this over the years, that women and men would often practically walk right over the top of where I was laying out. I've never been an exhibitionist per se, I don't usually walk down the beach with my ass bared or plunk down in the middle of a crowd, but I too have noticed that I can find a wide open area and soon folks will be set up nearby, much closer than you would expect when the beach isn't crowded. All in all, I've had great experiences and made some really nice beach friends. Glad to hear so many of you have also had good experiences.
Happy Thonging!!
thenextthong #178

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:03/28/2013 08:15:35Copy HTML

I was just thinking about this recently, and came to the realization that a particular group from who I cop A LOT of negative comments from - in fact the vast majority - are obese teenage boys who suffer from delayed puberty.

I'm sure many of you know the ones. Their mothers stuffed their 'little dumplings' full of quarter pounders, supermarket roast chickens, soy products packed with estrogen mimicking compounds all throughout their childhood; and now, not only are they dangerously overweight for their age, their testicles are having a little trouble developing.

So - OBVIOUSLY - they have body issues, which they see fit to compensate for by taking it out on others. I couldn't care less what those pudgy little freaks have to say, it's mainly how they say it - in that annoying, high-pitched girly voice.

What they SHOULD be doing (or even better, what their parents should be making them do) is driving straight past Mickey D's, buying some fresh produce, NOT microwavable or frozen crap, eating a balanced diet, and getting some exercise. I would recommend family biking or swimming, (it's okay tubby, you can wear a rashie, in fact, please do, if you want to bitch about what I'm wearing, I don't want to see your b*tch tits) but if they expect to live into their thirties I say get straight into a boot camp.

But none of that is likely to happen any time soon. It's so much easier temporarily relieving your misery by insulting others.
Grabeach #179

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:03/28/2013 08:17:56Copy HTML

While teen males are the group who will most likely comment, I wouldn't say obese ones are particulary prevalent - not around Sydney anyway. The main thing the commentators have in common seems to be swimwear that comes down to there knees while managing to show an inch or two of underwear at the top. By the way, I had to Google Mickey Ds as I'd never heard the term before. Must be getting old.
On a more positive note, overheard a really nice comment only yesterday. On the way home from the city I stopped for a quick swim at a meshed bay pool. As I entered the water wearing a minimal g-string, I waved to a lady who I had spoken to once before. She was talking to a couple of others. Don't know what they said, but I heard my aquaintance reply, "He's just a friendly guy who wears what he likes".
New2thongin #180

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/02/2013 06:23:47Copy HTML

Hello all, New to the board and somewhat new to thonging.  I have only been in my backyard and in a friends pool in a thong.  I have had one bad experience and two positive experiences.

My negative experience was "close to home" it came from the woman I had been dating. I was in my backyard catching some sun in my thong, and she had stopped by tottally unanounced. Around the corner of the house she came with a friend in toe. She stopped on a dime when she saw me in the lounge chair in my thong. Butt up! She tottally flipped out and said something to the affect of: I knew it, you are gay, that is so disgusting. She stormed off saying that we are through. I rolled over and fumbled for my shorts to chase her down, her friend was still standing there smiling at me. She told me to let her cool off, she winked at me and said I like your suit, you look good.

So I figured well, not such a big loss, and went back to working on my tan.  About 2 hours later the friend texted me, you have a smokin hot ass. So that made me smile. I later called the woman I had been dating and confirmed that we were through.

The next day the friend texted me: Wanna come over for a swim. I replied sure, as long as you know who won't show up. She confirmed that she wouldn't. I said ok, what time. She said 2pm and please wear it.  So I showed up and we were sitting on the deck drinking a couple beers talking, when she finally stopped and said, are you gonna take those shorts off or not, and when are you gonna get that thing wet. She liked it better wet.
JM_Runs #181

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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Sometimes it helps to have a mental shield or teflon coating prepared before going out, so that any adverse comment just rolls off without worry. The following quote, often miss-attributed to Dr. Seuss, appears in various forms, has been around for at least 100 years.  Here are some variations:

  1. Do what you want to do, say what you want to say, because those who matter don’t mind, and those who do mind don’t matter.
  2. Say what you want and be who you are, because those who matter don’t mind, and those who matter don’t mind.
  3. Always do what you want, and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.
  4. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Sometimes we forget the lessons we teach our kids are priceless we too should follow.  When thonging it might be expressed as: 
     Be who you are and wear what you want, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

You might adopt this as a personal mantra.

nospam_TN1 #182

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/20/2013 04:50:06Copy HTML

As a straight male with no interest in other men, I must admit I feel a sense of guilt when I draw the attention of gay guys, as if I've somehow mislead them.  That applies both in person and on social networking types of sites.  However, I also recognize that of the 3 times I've had gay "hookup" notes left on my car, only one involved them seeing me in a thong.  For the others, I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time (wearing baggy shorts) and only there to run.  I think it just boils down to the fact that a large percentage of men, gay or straight, are just naturally agressive, even to the point of humiliating themselves or being complete jackasses.

As for the attention issue, a woman in public in a thong will certainly get it, but for a man in a thong or brief in the mainland USA, it's almost as if you're in a mime suit because so many people lose all tact and respect.  I say this because I was in a triathlon a few days ago, doing the whole thing in a basic swim brief and running much of the race along side of a female of my own age and in similar shape wearing a competition two piece type swimsuit.  She came out of the water slower than me, but biked and ran faster, so was about 1 minute ahead at the end.  I got heckled even by some volunteers.  She did not.  They ignored her, but not me.  Towards the end, I ran past a group of spectators holding up a "run naked" sign, obviously intended as a joke for someone else (becuase I did not know them).  I heard them snickering also.  I did not really know how to react -- just kept my head down and ignored it.  I honestly don't know whether it's best to ignore, play along, give them the finger, or punch them.  I ended up 2nd in my age group (missed 1st by 1 second) and I'm in good shape, but still get heckled by both athletes and spectators over my choice of swimwear, which is simply swim briefs sold on triathlon sites about 5 years ago.
JM_Runs #183

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/20/2013 06:30:06Copy HTML

As a straight male with no interest in other men, I must admit I don't think I have ever feel a sense of guilt when I draw the attention of gay guys.  Some gays are so forward it is unbelievable, as in "You look fit, can I suck your ....". I guess that is an acceptable greeting somewhere, but not with me.  Other gays are so shy and careful I completely miss their attempt to pick me up, which one of my old girlfriends found hilarious.

Mostly gay guys are like straight guys, in-artful and often annoying.  When I was younger I did not know how to react and deal with them so their attempts to hit on me made me very uncomfortable. Now I am more mature, and just thank them for the complement and tell them I am not interested.

As I get older I find my reaction to most incidents where I am heckled is to simply smile and give a big thumbs up.  This seems to turn it around on a dime.  Maybe people are just looking for a little entertainment, and it is laughing at you, or with you, but it can be your choice.

If I had seen the "run naked" sign I would have wished I had my "Run Naked" hat on so I could point at it.  (It is a BaySix brand running hat but I don't wear it during races, I prefer an older all mesh hat.)  I have worn it when managing races. If I saw that sign I would have grinned widely and pointed at my speedos. Well maybe that would be my intention, in reality at that point in a tri, with a competitor that close, I would not have been a pretty sight. In finish line pictures I look knackered. Sorry you missed first by only a second.

I think you will find that the people who make comments about you running by in a speedo, will make comments about the way the next guy's nipples bleed, the guy after that breaths funny, the guy after that runs flat footed.

If I am heckled when running on the beach I try very hard not to get annoyed, even though some times it can be VERY ANNOYING.  Hold your head up, smile, look them in the eye. It is easy to heckle someone when their back is turned, not at all easy when they look you in the eye.

Give them that shit eating smile that says, I am having a good day, dam fast for my age group, and in all probability you mouth breathers can't even swim.

I did enjoy times when I was running at about the same pace as some of the women, and could run with them for a bit.  If there was a head wind the smarter short ones would duck in behind me.  No drafting on the bike, but it is fine on the run, so I would invite them as I passed them.  I would say "Tuck in behind and make a train."

Sometimes, when overtaking people in my age group, I would calm my breathing when coming up behind, so passing looked effortless. This is something you can practice.  If you really want to freak them out, breath deep and quiet a few times just before passing,  and say "Good Morning" as you blow by.  You may be dying, but if you appear to have air to spare they won't chase you down.  I hate finishing sprints because I am not a good sprinter, so I plan to pass them, if I can, well before the line.  I try to pass them fast enough and far enough away from the line that they think they cant stay with me at that pace until the line.  What they don't know is I have no intention of keeping that pace up, but will just long enough to make sure they have not latched on.

During Spring Break this year some days I was running much later than usual. This meant I was running through large crowds of collage kids. Quite a few were well on their way to being drunk.  I ran right through the crowds.  I held my head up. I smiled a lot. I ignored the stupid comments like "What the Fuck", and to all others, when there were whoops and hollas, I gave a wide smile, a thumbs up and sometimes a friendly wave.
It was the young guys who were most vocal, which is to be expected, but they were also the most positive when I showed I was not scared and responded back positively.. Putting your head down and looking away might work for barking dogs but not for young men.

Good luck with the tri's.  I suggest you make friends with as many people at the races as you can. The more people see you acting confidently, and the more they see other people treeing you normally, the more acceptable you become.

The funny thing is I have met a number of nice women who let their guard down around me, because at first they thought I was gay. Friends first, lovers later.

At races I made sure that my car had a full set of bike tools, pump, several sets of spare goggles, sunblock, extra tubes, etc. This was for me and my girlfriend, but I made sure others knew and that they could ask for help if they had a problem. If I saw anyone having difficulty I would offer assistance. If I see two people taking pre-race pictures of each other, I would volunteer to take one of the both of them together. My attitude was, this is our chosen sport, and I will do my best to be helpful, share tools and make fiends.

While it is normal for a bit of quiet and contemplation before the start, some people arrive, register, rack, compete and leave with their game face on throughout, then wonder why they have no friends. 

I took care of transition for a tri a few weeks ago. A race down on my home beach. Running security during bike racking or sending people back to get body marked does not win you friends. But when they see things are well managed and their bikes are safe this is good. If the run-in, bike-out, dismount, bike-in, run-out are equally well managed, in a fair and friendly way, they start to respect you. When they as they came to remove their bikes after the race I checked race number wrist bands to bike numbers, but also was friendly and asked them about their race, and if they had a good time. At that point many people thanked me for being so through. Some just hung around where I was running the bike pickup security and talked. A couple of women racers and I exchanged phone numbers.

During the day, as I helped with the race, I looked a number of people in the eyes and said  "My name is James and if you have a problem come see me." I said this a lot. I did explain a few rules and solve a few problems. As a result I did make a few friends.

I recommend volunteering at a few races. Some of the most valuable volunteers are people who race, or have raced. They can anticipate the problems and fix things on the fly. One of the ways to become respected in your local tri community is not just placing in your age group, but being a very visible volunteer too. 
Heck, I wondered around the event the day before the race in a singlet and thong. Some young women volunteering at registration noticed and nudged each other, but nobody said anything to me, and the next day they were all perfectly friendly because we were part of the same team. (I did wear shorts when volunteering next day).
lindros #184

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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While laying out at Caspersen a few days ago I heard one guy walking by say to his wife "looks like he's going for an all-over tan, must be a dancer".
Trigger66 #185

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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 I was at the local marina swimming pool one gorgeous sunny day a few years  back. As it is a family place I wasn't wearing a thong but I did have on a fairly skimpy bikini-style bottom for maximum sun exposure, as well as about a quart of tanning oil ;-). I had jumped in the pool to cool off when a family showed up with several children, including an 8-10 year old girl. As they were getting situated in chairs on the opposite side of the pool, which was fairly small, I got out to get some more sun. As I climbed out of the pool and walked to my chair, I heard this loud gasp and the little girl practically shouted out "Look at that man!!!". It was pretty quiet after that, I just smiled and went back to my chair. I didn't hear much more after that, but it was pretty funny.
nospam_TN1 #186

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/21/2013 03:37:12Copy HTML

This triathlon I did is one of those pool-based ones where you seed yourself according to swim speed.  I went fairly early, and did not ever see the guy who beat me by 1 second until I met him at the awards ceremony.  By that time, I'd long since showered and was wearing shorts and sweatshirt because it was cold.  The BS I deal with seldom comes from people in the race, but more likely the spectators. 
JM_Runs #187

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/21/2013 04:29:25Copy HTML

I have never done a pool based tri, never even seen one. Must be weird, not knowing who is behind or in front. Not that one ever does, unless you lead the swim. Even so, I find it is nice to catch and pass people marked with the same age group. I don't do tris these days but when I did I almost allays wore just a micro Speedo. The sprint tri on my beach a month ago had the swim, bike and run all up and down the beach and beach road.  Spectators only needed to swivel their heads. That would have been a good race for compeeting in a Speedo or smaller.

Talking of pools, I do admire the young divers who, while not wearing thongs, often wear very small tight micro speedos. (Nothing extra to create ripples).  When there is a big dive competition in town some teams change to shorts before going out on the beach, others just come in competition gear, and then do things like back flips or slack line tricks. They ain't hiding. Once one team sets the trend of wearing comp-suits on the beach, the other teams follow during the succeeding days. 

A few months ago we had a stage setup by the beach and the divers were trying to get people to come buy tickets to see the competition. So they were up on stage, being effervescent, doing tricks and generally trying to drum up a crowed. Good to see young lads showing confidence in micro Speedos. Next time, if it is warm enough, maybe you can go get your award while still in Speedo. Set a good example. There is nothing quite like the little grin one gets when going to collect ones gong.

I notice many people start to emulate and dress like the people who are faster than them. Slower people quietly check out fast peoples bikes, legs and any gear that might bring them an advantage. People tend to dress like their heroes. That is probably why so many now wear ITU style tri suits even though they are not competing in international pro events that require them. If someone won Hawaii in a thong half the field would be wearing them the following year. A brand of bento box, rear bottle holder, or wheel-set goes in and out of fashion depending on it's use by winners. Which is kind of funny because they are often selecting gear based on what they get sponsored or comped.

JM_Runs #188

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/21/2013 11:56:16Copy HTML

 Last year, i did a triathlon with my tri-suits and a thong under my tri suits.
Normally, i wear a speedo under my tri suits but this time, i decided to change for a thong.
I haven't heard any comments even if the thong was very visible (tri suits is a little see through).
However, as i am used to finish under the 20th position (at the global ranking), there are few people who want to make any coments...

One time, at the end of the summer, i was thonging on the beach, with my wife and my three children, the younger was baby (8 months old).
The beach was quiet. I noticed very young children (5 or 6) turning around us... i found it amazing because i was sure this children wanted to see my baby (the baby are always very attractive). So, this children was very closed of us, their parents was watching at them... when suddenly, i heard one the girl telling to her friends : "it is a thong...".  At this time, i understood that it wasn't my baby who was attractive but my swimwear.
after that, the afternoon was very quiet, the children continued to play in an other place.
In fact, many people are indifferent to the thong. they are only a little surprised at first and after few minutes, they continue their life as if you wear a normal speedo.

The most funny is to not hear any comments. When i am on the beach with wife and children, the adults closed to me speak with me about my childrens whereas i tan in thong. It is impossible they don't see my buns but for them, there is no problems.
bbyrne78 #189

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/12/2013 05:40:58Copy HTML

The reality is that unless you are wearing a thong at your local beach and that the only people that frequent your beach are locals, the odds of ever seeing someone who has made a comment about your choice is really slim. I have stayed at resorts for days at a time wearing nothing but WW and similar bikinis and other than at breakfast and at the pool you'll never hear from or see these people ever again, so why worry about it?
The first time I wore a WW 809 one piece was at a resort in Vanuatu. I had spoken to a nice French couple at the pool while our rooms were being prepared. Later, I changed into my surfing bikini to hang out at the pool, the French lady had also changed into a very brief thong bikini, we chatted again for while and went for a dip in the pool.
The next day, feeling like I had a better handle on the feeling around the resort, I wore my 809, which as everyone knows is very transparent. The French couple were there and said some very nice things, while another australian couple gave me the stink eye. I saw them one more time at breakfast e next day and then they flew out. I never saw or heard from them again.
darksmooth #190

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/18/2013 08:16:43Copy HTML

JM, I've rarely had comments made that required a witty reply.  I have had a couple of women quote the same line to me while I was wearing my super short cutoffs.  One was in line in a convenience store, the other in Walmart as we were visiting in line.  Both women used the phrase "If you've got it, flaunt it" after commenting on my legs.  I never thought much about that phrase prior to that.  But it was very encouraging having that phrase directed toward me.
lindros #191

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/18/2013 10:02:46Copy HTML

I've thought of a good comeback line, but haven't had to use it yet, for the case where someone is giving me a hard time wearing a thong. This is how the conversation would go:

Complainer:  this is a family beach with children around ...

Comeback:  that's ok, the kids are allowed to wear thongs too!
mack_back #192

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/18/2013 10:05:14Copy HTML

 Funny one i heard two guys hanging out girl watching at the beach..

That girl looks hot, to bad she is my sister...
Another one pertaining to me on my speedo like swimwear at the pool...
He is showing to way to much,  or not covered up enough, can anyone do something about him... Other women respond, "he has a lot to show, hard to hide something that large"... giggles follow...
DoreFan #193

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/19/2013 06:53:49Copy HTML

"I like your thang!"What my massage therapist said to me when she saw me in a Dore suspender thong with a push out pouch.
kohler1977 #194

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/04/2013 06:56:06Copy HTML

How about this quote from a female , can I put the dollar bills in your strap
briankay #195

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/06/2013 03:40:45Copy HTML

I haven't heard any comments for a long time.  Might be an indication people don't care one way or the other anymore.  That, overall, would be a good thing.
leo40 #196

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/08/2013 12:07:38Copy HTML

I swim laps five days a week at a "family" pool, where thongs wouldn't fly at all, but my bikinis are OK.  The favorable comments from the ladies are mostly about the leopardskin print on my three inch brief, which is not nearly as scanty than my larger collection of plain black bikinis. "Me Tarzan."
String_guy #197

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/10/2013 03:19:14Copy HTML

Last year, laying on the beach at Sandy Pt in Maryland. face down. two city folks came walking by me with fishing gear headed to the jetty. They were deep in some conversation when they saw me, they both got totally quiet. As they got past me one chuckled and said, "white people be crazy"........The funny thing is, I was prepared for worse.... 
bmicro #198

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/11/2013 09:15:51Copy HTML

One time I was laying out in a Dubio suspender thong, yellow, big hole fabric and a topless woman came up to me and told me that "you look great in that suit, it is SOOO South Beach". She and her friend (also topless) asked for some pictures with me (see my Flickr site).
Another time I was returning to my place after a walk in a very narrow crochet G-string and a girl that was laying near me came running up and announced "you are my favorite man on the beach, what a wonderful suit to wear". She also asked me for a picture.
Most of the "friends" pictures have been prefaced with similar types of comments. The positive comments outnumber the negative ones by well over 20 to 1.
hotbunz1969 #199

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/21/2013 07:40:30Copy HTML

I was out on site and had to change out of my jeans into my work trousers, I didn't have  any underwear on and as I changed the lad that works for me caught sight of my rather tanned bum and very prominent 1/2 thong tan line is reaction was......
"I was that little brown bum and thong tanline........ You look like a Swedish porn star!!!"  

Yep, I can live with that!!  
sprockettooth #200

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:06/22/2013 04:39:18Copy HTML

Beach- Galveston Texas: wearing a thong... butt to the sun.  A 1/2 ton pick-up stopped right between me and the water front.
My heart started to race - Texas rednecks?
A 23ish girl popped out of the passengers door.  She wasted no time, taking a knee right next to my ass.
She asked where I was from, pinched my butt, winked, and dashed back into the truck.
The diver, a young man, gave me the thumbs up and drove on down the beach.
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