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seohioguy #201

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/11/2013 09:17:41Copy HTML

It was a good day at East Fork. The beach was small because the water was up. Quite a few guys in Speedo's, only one in a thong (me :)Minimal amount of comments, the only direct one was from a young boy (10 or so)walking by pointing out everybody on the beach. You could hear him coming a mile away, saying things like "mom, that girl's not wearing a bra" and then when he came around past me he said it again, and then said "Oh! Mom that's a guy, that's a guy!" (I was laying face down)Another mother with her kids walked by and she said to them "let's go over there with all the other kids." (mostly sunners towards the beach end)A little bit later as the beach got more crowded a few more groups, moms with kids mostly, set up within 15 or so feet. That caused me to feel that today it's almost commonplace.
ohiothonger #202

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/13/2013 01:08:48Copy HTML

 Yesterday, I was laying out at an Ohio state park and a mother with a small boy, came along.  I was sunning my buns, so she knew what I was wearing, but she proceeded to set up very near me.  As they set down their things, the boy said something like "Look Mom, that man is wearing a swimsuit with a bare bottom.  Is that a thong swimsuit?"  She said it was.  Then he ask, "Why do people wear thongs?"  She smiled at me and told him "Oh that is just a new type swimsuit."  The boy thought about the answer for a while then ask, "If it is new, will I have to wear a thong when I grow up?"  The mom replied that nobody would make him wear a swimsuit like that, but she expected that by the time he was older, there would be many older boys and men and may older girls and women wearing thongs and that he would want to wear the same type swimsuit like the other people were wearing.

Later the mother and I talked.  She said she believed everything she told the boy about thongs.  She really thinks thongs will be coming back (although she was young and thought the look was "new" and that thongs were making a first-time appearance).  She said there had seen a big change in thongs at the beach this year.  She said she comes to the beach two or three times a week weather permitting.  In past years, she might have seen three or four thongs all season -- mostly on men.  This year, hardly a day goes by when she doesn't see at least one man in a thong, and sometimes there are more.  She said more women were wearing thongs too, and that more women, both those in thongs and those in bikinis were going topfree too.  I ask her how she explained going topfree to her son, and she said she simply told him that some women preferred to take their shirts off at the beach, just like most men do.  She said she also told him when they saw some men swimming in rash guards that some men like wearing a top at the beach, just like most women do.  She said just because most women wear a top does not mean that there is anything wrong with taking their top off, and likewise, just because most men do not wear shirts, there is nothing wrong with a man wearing a shirt at the beach if he wants to.  She said she used the same analogy with men in thongs.  Just because most men do not expose their bottoms, does not mean that there is anything wrong with a man who wears a thongs and doe.  She says she told him that many people are only comfortable doing what most of the others are doing, but that sometimes it is alright to do something different.

She said that men's bikini's were also more popular this year, but thongs were probably outnumbering speedos.  So according to her, most men wear board shorts, a few wear speedos, and a few wear thongs, but there are more thonging men than men in bikini type swimwear, and thong sighting were an almost daily occurrence vs. a once a month occurrence like in past years.

She told me that her son, had been told in kindergarten that people who wear thong swimsuits were "bad" (even though they were not told what a thong was).  She said the teacher told the kids to go home and ask their parents what a thong was!  She said this obviously was to force parents to discuss thongs with their children, and she suspected that most parents would not ask why they wanted to know what a thong was, but would give their children some explanation, and the teacher's comment that thongs were "bad" would be reinforced without the parent's even saying the same thing.  Her son assumed that a thong was any minimal underwear and he didn't know what a thong swimsuit was.  She told her son that thong swimwear would be made like her underwear.  She told him that the teacher was not right about thong swimwear being "bad".  That only a few people who wore thong swimsuits were bad.  She said that it wasn't the thong that made them bad -- that they were just bad people and sometimes bad people wear thongs, but that most people who wear thong swimsuits are good people.  She told him to ask her if he ever saw someone at the beach who he thought was wearing a thong, which is why he ask about my swimsuit.  She says she wants to let him learn that people who expose their buns on the beach (and women who go topfree) are not bad people like their kindergarten teacher tried to teach them.

For her own swimwear, she had a very conservative bikini.
thong_jock #203

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/13/2013 03:09:25Copy HTML

 Very smart Mom. And whoever told her son that in Kindergarten is completely ignorant.
32189 #204

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/13/2013 03:46:45Copy HTML

What a great response from that lady.  I absolutely enjoyed reading what she said.  That is excellent. 
SlidingG #205

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/13/2013 04:51:17Copy HTML

Best of all, the lady was wearing what she liked.  And presumably her son was, too.  My mantra is, 'freedom of choice, with mutual respect', and her attitudes and behavior epitomize that.  I predict the lad grows into a healthy young man, open-minded with regard to others, regardless of what he chooses to wear himself.  We need more 'live-and-let-live' types like that positive family team.
jfish #206

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/15/2013 04:43:02Copy HTML

i was in cancun earlier this year. it was our first day at the beach so i tested the waters with a rio back bikini.  i couple of ladies set up next to my wife and I.  I got up to go jump in the water and I hear one lady say " muy bonito!"  I pretended not to hear but when i came back to lay down my wife tells me that they stared at me the whole time... kinda nice. 
seohioguy #207

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/15/2013 09:05:34Copy HTML

Well, East fork today; a beautiful sunny afternoon, quite hot in the 90s and humid. I got undressed and walked from the car with towel hand down to and across half the beach. I wore the 3 inch back (not quite a thong). I walked along the top as opposed to down by the water, and I heard a plethora of comments. Many were obviously quite loud, and intended to be heard. All types ranging from one woman stating to her nearby boyfriend "hey hun, I'll buy you a pair like that... Over there. No, I'm completely serious, you'll wear it, yes to the beach." and "that's nice to see once in a while"Other comments were "not an area for kids" "he's over there laying down" "dang man that guy's wearing a thong" "can you believe that, awful" "I have to get a picture of that, and post it on Facebook tonight with a caption of what not to wear to a beach!" <-again a loud and intended to be heard from a woman.A group of male teens "whoa, that moth** is wearing a damn thong" and giggles...There was still yet quite a few passers-by that you could hear whispering and making comments, and a few (rudely) taking photos. Seriously people, I believe that if you're going to take a photo you should turn the volume down on your camera phone. I was simply just trying to get a little relaxing nap.A couple of guys walked over and over tossing a ball, and as I turned over one said to the other "uh, I'm finished, let's go." interestingly enough it seemed like a lot of people still just didn't have a comment, either in their actions or words, or at least they kept their comments to themselves. All in all probably a dozen comments that were heard 2/3 negative and 1/3 positive. I sure hope there's hope for East fork, because I do enjoy it over there.After almost an hour I was finished, I had to go anyway, it was sweltering hot, and I really didn't feel like getting up going to the water and having a bunch more photos. Stood up, brushed off, threw the towel over my shoulder, and let it drape down my back. I did not hold it out or anything, but it did cover a little more than my suit. (Often times I, as many people, and just throw a towel over the shoulder anyway, so it was normal.)It would be much appreciated if people just stared and had positive comments, just acted normal, kept negative comments to themselves, or at the very least could just understand that it's a beach!.. And they should sun their bum...
shape1 #208

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/16/2013 01:06:04Copy HTML

I don't wear thongs at beaches anymore.  I am just too far gone with my physical shape.  I admire you though for admiring your own physique.  If I guy or girl wears a thong at a beach, (Caesers Creek) or otherwise then I could care less. 
JM_Runs #209

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/17/2013 11:10:58Copy HTML

 Running North I passed a mixed group of adults and teens.  They looked a little rough and were drinking from red cups.  A couple of the teen boys were running 'football sprints' to raucous encouragement from the adults.

Coming back South one stepped out in my direction. He was a muscled guy with tattoos who would not be out of place in a biker bar. In a loud voice, "EXCUSE ME SIR"... EXCUSE ME..."
Uh Oh, I thought... what now?

"Would you mind stopping because a couple of the women would like a picture with you? 
So I stopped and had my picture taken with my arms around two buxom Latin women.

Later one of the waitresses in the coffee shop said "Do you know some customers come just to see you?"  It was news to me.  Most times I don't hear anything unless someone makes a fuss, so I more expected her to say "Some customers don't want to see you in a thong", rather than some customers come to see me.  It is probably untrue, but still nice to hear. 

Still got to lose some pounds so accumulated this spring, so that was good motivation.
mack_back #210

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/18/2013 01:05:12Copy HTML

 Jm_runs why the negative thinking? You should have confidence and people will pay lining up to see you run on the beach....
Only recent comments when i put on my thong to leave the clothing optional beach, in front of a couple guys and cute college wearing one piece  swimsuit female.. The women said to the two guys he is probably gay...Another comment at the gym pool after showering couple old men talking about me wearing a thong.. One said, i don't mind him wearing it, me too but it maybe unhygenic sitting near the whirlpool and sauna.. Who knows what you can catch...

JM_Runs #211

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/18/2013 02:18:38Copy HTML

Unlike some people, I don't expect all comments to be negative, but large tattooed boisterous adults who appear to be drinking beer at 10am on a very hot day do seem to be the sort who are more likely to make a rude remark, and the way he hailed me fit that pattern.
It was therefore a pleasant surprise to be asked to join with the hot babes for a photo.

Same thing with the waitress. She has been pleasant enough, but never been terribly friendly or complementary, so I was surprised when out of the blue she came up to me and said some customers come to the coffee shop just to see me. A bit of an ego boost, although I doubt it is true.

Actually, on Friday, I was hoping to see one of the other waitresses. I was carrying a printed list of internet thong vendors for her, because she wanted to get one for her boyfriend, but she was not working that day. 

I don't expect ALL interactions to be positive, but find most are. Even the ones where I might have had good reason to be a little apprehensive, like the two I mentioned from yesterday.  I don't know if having a friendly smile helps.

It is a bit of  a shame your experiences are not nearly as nice as mine.   There again, I would not consider a women saying "he is probably gay" a terrible thing. Many people may think that.  It does not bother me if they do. People who know me know I am not. I have learned that it is unwise to sleep with anyone I don't know and with whom I don't already have a good friendship. So if people I don't know don't, don't know I am straight, it makes no difference to me, I am not running for political office.

I am slowly coming to believe that you are attracting all the negative comments in the universe, and that leaves clear air for me. You are doing a very good job. Thank you. Such a good job I can't recall any recent negative comments during the last few months, with one exception, from one of the female life guards, who apologized later. Keep up the good work.

I guess the two men in your pool would not like me either: From me they might catch a case of contagious enthusiasm.
mack_back #212

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/18/2013 04:01:13Copy HTML

JM_Runs just breaking your balls relax...
Your right i must absorb the universe negative vibe, no joke..
As for gay remark just tired of a conservative dressed female assuming something i'm not... If she wore something skimpy or was sunning nude i would be watching her like an eagle.... Usually will assume any time i put on a thong people will react which shows me how narrow minded they really are. How many times we on this forum said clothes don't make someone gay..Just like you i tend to expect people saying or assuming the worst when wearing who knows what... 

Have theory about how women treat me and they fall into three categories.
One is older rio topless women i seen smiling upon me as she walked from the water to her towel. This genuine happy smile was that she admired me even though she was together with her husband. If i talked to her i know she only would say nice things. Only gave her a smile nod back as i looked upon her direction..

Second is the three or group of females all ages that suddenly notice me walking along nude towards the garbage bin to throw out my eaten apple at the nude beach. These particular three women were laying out side by side on there stomach and as dominoes fall these girls nudged each other. Either way their looks were creepy and not like the first example of the nice female smiling at me, only these females were grinning towards laughter as i passed bye. Only tried to ignore them making me feel uncomfortable...

Lastly is a good looking female who has no problem having a boyfriend but isn't a super model either but very attractive like  Salma Hayek. These women sometimes are in a group and she is the most attractive of all. The other females look at me and can't get enough while she feels i'm terrible looking for a prototypical male to be taken seriously or adored. Sometimes she is so fed up with me getting attention from others who may like what they see, her anger usually is to pick on me, on the littlest physical trait flaw she can comment on. When she is in a group and the rest of the females want to come across to get a closer look she is the only female not to look down upon me smiling as her friends do seeing me laying on my back nude on a towel. Yet this attractive female will lift her head high not to even hint of showing anyone she wants to look upon me or cares.  Yet she finds me repulsive or disgusting for a male to be looking so polished or buff. Yet whenever i see someone like that my female friends tell me the attractive women is jealous that i get attention and do it well which angers the diva...

While the categories are not set in stone i did see today while laying on my towel a very attractive tanned asian female topless in a narrow bikini bottom with surprising big breasts. While she was with her hubby/boyfriend i observed them most of the afternoon about 100 feet away while  they did not noticing me. They decided to leave and began to pack up getting dressed and folding their blanket and umbrella while with another couple as well. Returning back to my beach towel after dropping off my apple in the garbage bin i seen the reaction from the attractive asian female when she noticed me about 50 feet away. Observing her demeanour all afternoon happy, smiling enjoying herself not bothered with other peoples reactions towards her... Then her smile turned to shock once i was walking back. She definitely noticed me while standing away from the group which  had their backs to me. She looked stunned, surprised looking at me seriously as though she never seen a shaved, nude, tanned and toned guy before. Didn't want to stare upon her any more but did see the group of people she was with turn around saying to the asian, "what's the matter", intrigued what or why her shocked reaction was about... While the group looked upon me saying, oh! Didn't want to look at them all but after i walked passed i did hear a tiny bit of giggling maybe from the two women...

JM_Runs #213

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/19/2013 03:15:00Copy HTML

 “You can tell how smart somebody is by what they laugh at.” ~ Tina Fey
bbyrne78 #214

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/05/2013 09:20:34Copy HTML

The best thing anyone has ever said to me was "you must work really hard to wear that".

Something that simple made me feel so great. I make sure I say that at whenever I am complimenting someone.
mack_back #215

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/05/2013 02:07:30Copy HTML

Nice to know some people do speak out complimenting other thong wearers.. 
Almost always none tells me or speaks up admiring my courage to wear a thong to my gym pool.. Usually nothing is mentioned rather then shocked stares is all i expect to get as a reaction be it positive or negative depending on the person seeing me...What is surpising to me that i get really ignored for wearing a thong at the pool or some don't notice.. Funny sometimes when talking pleasantly to older women standing in the shallow end for a long period of time then she looked down upon me first noticing my thong in total shock.. Her expression was pleasant calling me a gentlemen earlier but once noticing my bare buns she undoubtably would have not entered into a conversation knowing i was wearing a thong.. She felt confused looking at me strangely as though she got tricked or not realizing it in the beginning only assuming i was covered from the front but not my backside... Our conversation was agreeable on many topics and polite but since seeing my backside she keeps her distance all awhile a close long time female friend who introduced us had big grin and discussion with the old lady after i left who knew all to well what i wear which never comes up to discussion... My female friend will never complain on my swimwear and seen a lot up close through the years so seeing me in a thong not surprising, she didn't blink intially.. In truth i suppose she wouldn't complain seeing me nude swimming and rather enjoy it, only because of her secret infatuation with my body which she never compliments.. Using my entire body to tease or be flirtatous towards my female friend and her responding back mimicking groping me but having enough self control to stop short goes unsaid, only friendly slaps telling me i'm very bad boy to tease her, knowing her lust towards my body..

Recently had group of males hanging around the pool - sauna and they were grinning to each other, supposedly because of my thong i was wearing swimming in the pool.. Although i wasn't prevy to what was being said, did overhear a man walk out expressing to the group in the sauna as he held the door ajar... Saying to the men in the sauna, " to be exposing ones bare ass for everyone to see, you know something is seriously wrong with that person!"..  As he walked out on the pool deck into the locker room i stared upon him wanting to tell him off.. As he looked upon me with a stern face knowing i heard him loud and clear, he seamed that he didn't care..  He looked like christoph waltz with the beard almost wanted to make a joke of him with the likeness but just ignored it without making it an issue...

TennStud #216

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/05/2013 03:13:17Copy HTML

I agree with you. I prefer to think that people behave that way is that it may be the first time they have seen a male in a thong and therefore don't know how to react. So .... their first response is a defense mechanism  of shock and mock. If males in thongs become more of an everyday occurrence it becomes more acceptable and acceptable and hopefully, more wide spread
DavyJ #217

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/15/2013 03:33:19Copy HTML

People's reactions to me are: 

Women by themselves will almost always compliment me.  And I am definitely not a well hung twenty or thirty-something.  When I get negative reactions from women it is usually from a group, either women, men, or mixed.  It usually is clear that this is mostly a "group" mentality sort of thing.  People have this idea that they should object to an older man in a thong, so in a large group, each person wants to be the one to object first and/or loudest.  Regardless of their personal opinion, they somehow think their objections make them look "cool" to the rest of the group.

Men are much less likely to compliment, but they are also much more likely to ignore, as men usually don't have strong opinions about other people's clothing.  The worst are the beer drinkers, regardless of gender.

Younger women react the most favorably of any specific group.  Not clear why, maybe because their guys are wearing the longest, often ugliest swimwear of any guys.

Occasionally a guy will compliment me, but its almost always a guy with a girlfriend, so maybe his real motivation is to impress her.  Hard to tell.

Many times women, regardless of age will want their picture taken with me.  I usually oblige, and as soon as one gets in the picture, all the others want in as well (group mentality).  Last summer, by the time the designated camera man was ready, there must have been 8 or 9 women in the picture, all the way from age 50+ down to 7 or 8.
Sharon73 #218

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/22/2013 01:03:42Copy HTML

 I've heard nice ass a few times
mack_back #219

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/24/2013 04:41:43Copy HTML

I have a womens opinion comments asked by a fitness trainer that i overheard at the gym.. The young female has a boyfriend and explained on her trip to Barbados wore a bikini...Lol.... She isn't fat or obease maybe little untoned.. Her boyfriend was surprised she wore a bikini but she explained he added that compared to other females walking the beach she looked better then all of them... For a long time this young female felt self consious to wear a tank top to workout... So wearing a bikini for her was a leap of faith or risk she decided too take...The trainer asked her about the boyfriend should of worn a speedo with her bikini together.. She explained that her boyfriend isn't the speedo type guy but she wouldn't approve of him anyway wearing a banana hammock as she put it... She knew i was listening and began to preferace it by saying, it maybe okay if the guy had a  chiseled body and european but it's not something she wants or anyone to wear..
Goes to show you and me young 29 year old female can't bothered seeing a male in a speedo. Although I felt sorry for her hangups but couldn't imagine her seeing a male like myself in a thong no less then my tiny bikini speedos... Yet through listening to her story almost made me laugh about wearing such daring bikini on the beach no less.. Can you believe a bikini no doubt it probably was more conservative then any of my tiny bikini bottoms i wear to rhe pool.. Such a prude at a young age makes my eyes roll upon her... Although i knew seeing me workout in tights her demeanor was to laugh upon my attire but trying to be polite and her sufferings of body issues shut her true thoughts of my appearance... 
flthongbutt #220

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/24/2013 01:54:23Copy HTML

what i usually hear is "great  tan" and "how do you do that", meaning i guess what i use to get tan... i also hear "wow, you're in really good shape, do you run"?... that s one i usually get whether im at the beach or not...
JM_Runs #221

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/25/2013 04:53:12Copy HTML

 You have a really nice ass!!! SHHHH as she holds her finger to her lips.... then winks and walks away turns and gives me a thumbs up :) All the while I am tanning my bunns on a hot day at Sunset Beach. Oh she first walk by to use the ladies room...
thonglife #222

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/25/2013 05:56:28Copy HTML

Over the past two summers, I've had both girls and guys come up to me and offer a compliment like "nice suit" or "you look great" but nothing else that I've overheard, negative or positive. 
Last summer, during my first visit ever to a nude resort in VA, I had only been by the pool for 10 minutes when a naked girl walked up to me and said hi, that she noticed my wedding band and wanted to know if I was really married because she liked what she saw. I told her I was. She then said she liked my body and had never seen a guy with a thong tanline before so she assumed I was gay. I told her I liked to wear as little as I could at the beach and thongs are perfect for it and that I was not gay. She basically shrugged and then continued on about how she liked my c@#k etc.  I asked her if she ever wore thong swimwear. She said no but she'd consider it. 
osceola89 #223

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/11/2013 01:30:21Copy HTML

 A few of the comments I have heard:  at Bootleggers in Ft Lauderdale,  wearing my G-string inside bar.  Older man and wife said I was putting the girls to shame, another comment from Bikini girl to girl wearing a Thong, now that is a thong, pointing to my spaghetti G-string, Sitting on bar stool in Hollywood beach bar, I turned around and she that is your real ass, I though it was one of those Thong bar stools.  Another comment, do you have a string back there.  Nice butt floss.  you are flossing today.Sitting on bar stool, girl said are you worried about getting you nice butt dirty on that stoolAmong 15 or so bar patrons, girl comments you are very brave to be showing complete ass.Girl in Daisy Dukes said she though she would be showing the most butt but she guesss wrong

I am thinking of many more

bbyrne78 #224

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/14/2013 08:58:01Copy HTML

Today I took the opportunity to look after my nephew and nieces at my local beach. After enjoying over an hour of them running around throwing flying discs, tennis balls and wahu soccer balls at each other, it was time to eat. What I didn't notice was a bunch of guys setting up near me. Generally everyone is pretty polite and friendly, but I had a bad feeling about this one. I didn't recognise them and they were drinking before noon - not a good sign.
I was wearing a Luli Fama thong. I quickly packed our stuff up and was about to throw on my cover up, when I heard "give us a photo!" Where one of the guys had pulled out his phone. I got a little scared because I was alone with little kids. I chucked all my stuff into my bag and grabbed the kids and walked quickly to the car park. But before I was out of ear shot "f#&king sl%t !"
In front of kids! In the car park I noticed some Queensland plates on a couple of utes I didn't recognise.
Stay classy Queensland!!!
John Howard #225

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/14/2013 12:54:53Copy HTML

There's something about such individuals that tells you that they are potential trouble, perhaps their body language let alone indulging on their sad habit of having booze so early ... Always be alert and trust your intuition, 9 out of 10 your judgement will be spot on;  to move quickly away and avoid eye contact or engaging on any kind of conversation with them would have been worse, I hope these imbeciles didn't spoil your day Bren, 
PS don't take it against all QLD's, scumbags belong everywhere, u should see the ones down South!
JM_Runs #226

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/14/2013 05:27:33Copy HTML

I don't know if it makes a diffrence if you are a man or women.  I suspect they would make a man in a thong feel even more uncomfortable. 

I tend to avoid confrontation at all cost. So there was a time when such red neck behavior would have caused me to move too. Sometimes I still use my running as a defense, running past I am gone as quickly as I came, barely long enough for them to get of a whoop.

However, over time I have become a lot more confident, less intimidated by red-necks. I find that showing no fear along with an open smile defuses and confuses.  If I ignore them and avoid eye contact they can continue to make comments to ridicule me, but if I am looking at there way and smiling it seems to complexly defuse the situation. Sometimes they even turn friendly. A bit like when you stand up to a barking dog, when it stops barking and comes over to lick your hand. A number of times they have then said something like "I admire your confidence" or "You are brave to wear that." 

Smile and wave, it makes them beat a hasty retreat.  If it don't at least it draws a line in the sand, like, "Deal with it because I don't care what rude people like you think." 

Yesterday, as I ran down the beach two young girls jumped up from their towels to greet me.  (Sorry when you get to my age it is difficult to tell if they are 17 or 23). They asked if I remembered them?  Sorry no.  They said did I not remember they took a picture with me when they were last here?  Did not remember that either. (I often get asked to pose in pictures with random pretty girls).  They said they emailed the last one, and asked for a new picture, which some nice random dude offered to take.  Having done the pictures I said good by and ran on.

When I returned there was a rowdy group of young men on the beach just before the two girls. The lads were throwing a football around, calling out to the girls and obviously trying to impress them. The young men gave a couple of hoots as I ran passed, (not sure if they were positive or negative), but I bet they were surprised when the two girls jumped up and with a shouts of joy gave me high-fives as I ran past.

Just remember most groups of men want to impress young women. If you win the women's approval the men will fall in to line.
JM_Runs #227

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/14/2013 07:29:08Copy HTML

Quote JM_Runs "Just remember most groups of men want to impress young women. If you win the women's approval the men will fall in to line. "

This one piece of advice most thongers should know, women are the door to male thongers to be more confident if they approve everyone else will follow along. 
Grabeach #228

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/14/2013 09:29:53Copy HTML

In my 40 years (started at 17) experience of wearing g-strings at beaches, I’ve generally found that people are more tolerant than you would expect. Hence even if I suspect there may be an issue (eg. noisy group of mid teen boys arriving), I’ll ignore them and usually discover they ignore me.

However I make one exception. If a group comprising only similar age males turn up carrying a huge esky full of booze, then I won’t even wait for the inevitable comments, I will leave immediately. Experience has shown that at best they will be overly noisy and leave their rubbish strewn around, and at worst, as the blood alcohol levels increase, they can become physical. By this I mean behaviour such as going out of their way to run past right next to me ‘accidentally’ spraying me with sand. And this was early 20s, not 10 year olds. Rare, I admit, but it has happened. Remember we are covering about 4,000 beach visits. With a large sample size, you will find extreme behaviour. I won't stay at a beach if I'm not enjoying it. Ten minute later I can be somewhere else. Fortunately it never happened when I took my kids to the beach, as it obviously is a lot more inconvenient to shift them and all the associated gear elsewhere.

Bren's comment about not recognizing the cars is also interesting. One thing I've noticed is that I’ve never come across an obnoxious group a second time; I suspect they are invariably not regular beachgoers. More likely to be in the "I can't have fun if I'm sober" category who inflict themselves on a different environment every week.
bbyrne78 #229

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/14/2013 10:43:08Copy HTML

I live about 100m from the beach, I work at the beach and I think I have probably 1000's of beach visits. I can pretty much count the times on two hands when I have felt threatened or scared. This was my local beach and I would think that if there were a bunch of regulars there I doubt they would have said anything or done anything.

The response is overwhelmingly positive and supportive, otherwise, I doubt I would have continued to wear thong bikinis. Getting the stink-eye (more common from women than men) and behind the back sniggering is all part of the process of wearing a thong in public but fairly uncommon these days.

What I have noticed is the increased consumption of alcohol at the beach. Maybe 10 years ago, there was some drinking but nothing got out of hand. However recently, there have been many instances where beachgoers have drunk themselves into a stupor and have either gotten hurt or worse hurt others.

Grabeach is spot on when it comes to the "I can't have fun if I am sober", my local beaches get overrun by highschoolers or the young tradies from the Gold Coast about this time of year...

Love Bren

32189 #230

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/15/2013 08:14:25Copy HTML

More recently a guy called out, "sexy", as he drove by in his car.  I could not tell if it was positive or negative but it seemed friendly enough.  I prefer comments from girls but I suppose more guys than girls will say something.  Another time I was walking in my thong and a girl gave a smile as she approached.  Again, hard to tell what she was trying to communicate but her body language along with the smile seemed to be that of a positive nature.
DesertThong #231

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:12/26/2013 08:31:49Copy HTML

Most negative from a guy (while walking the beach): Don't you know we have kids here.Most sarcastic from a late teen boy (with two girls): Wow, I got to get me one of those.Where can I get one?
Most positive from a lady: You really know how to rock that thong.Most positive from a guy: I wish I had the balls to wear that.Most interesting from a lady: Where's your wife?Most controversial from a lady: I want to trade bottoms with you.I generally consider a request for pictures with a lady or ladies to be a complimentary comment, especially since I'm on the heavy side.
ChingChing #232

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/11/2014 05:27:03Copy HTML

 A couple sit 1.5 meter near me which the lady was with her black rio bikini bottom. The guy talked to her that he long time haven't seen a guy in a thong and when they come past me and both had a really look and said 'it is so so hot'.  I don't know he mean the weather or...... 
Sybok #233

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/12/2014 09:42:32Copy HTML

 Did they just assume you were married DesertThong?
DoreFan #234

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/28/2014 09:11:26Copy HTML

"I like your thang!"  ..... What my massage therapist said when she saw me in a thong suspender suit.
JM_Runs #235

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:02/28/2014 10:52:52Copy HTML

I get a few shouts of "Nice Thong", and lots of smiles, cheers, waves, thumbs up and even the odd woof-whistle.  Got all of them on my run today, and it was not a busy beach day.
But today was unusual that on my way North there were a couple of cute young women (maybe 20-22) who shouted "Do you remember us?".  On the way back they jumped up to give me high fives and I stopped to talk. Met them before when they were on vacation a month or two ago. They are staying at a condo and have bicycles with lights, so I invited them out to join the CM ride tonight, followed by after the ride icecream and beer at the Sandbar.
RapidBlue #236

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:03/27/2014 04:26:11Copy HTML

 Last summer I was at a local lake in one of my Rio back suits. I had a couple of young girls (16 a17 years old) walk past me and stop to talk with a pair of 40 something women about my "thong" and it was disgusting. The 40 year old women found and excuse to walk by a short time later. They smiled at me and said "nice" and "great buns." 
DesertThong #237

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:04/02/2014 03:31:59Copy HTML

Reply to Sybok: I think it was the wedding ring that gave it away...wife was in the casino - I was at the Venus pool (Caesars in Vegas). I enjoy the scenery at the pool and smile at people and they sometimes talk to me. I have also been asked occasionally to have pictures taken.
116213 #238

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/06/2014 08:28:07Copy HTML

 I was at a provincial park by my home the other day in my skinz skinny side thong. A couple that had set up close to me walked by and the wife said to me. "wow I don't even have underwear that small, good for you" and they both smiled. I actually ended up spending the rest of the day swimming and exploring on the rocks with them.
pikeman #239

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/08/2014 03:05:46Copy HTML

 I was rinsing off in a beach shower and an attractive middle-aged woman in a very brief bikini walked up and was waiting. I left the water running and smiled at her. As she stepped in to the shower She said she liked the thong and wished her husband was in shape enough to wear one! I thanked her for the compliment!
BorisVI #240

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/08/2014 04:50:06Copy HTML

I don't engage anyone when I'm on the beach and I only go to mainstream, not clothing optional, beaches. When I find my secluded spot if someone sets up nearby that's fine but I don't initiate any conversation. When interaction has occurred it has typically been a pleasant hello or "beautiful day" type comment. They have either pretended not to notice the thong, didn't care or thought it wasn't a topic open for discussion. Unlike so many members, I have avoided the gasps of horror, expressions of disgust as well as the thumbs up and compliments from beautiful women in their own thongs. I think you have somewhat of a choice whether you make going to the beach a communal experience. I don't.
mack_back #241

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/31/2014 03:40:49Copy HTML

Laying out nude on my towel at the clothing optional beach today. Wasn't paying attention to groups walking passed. Suddenly heard a woman as she walked passed me few feet away, say, "look,  oh my god! He's nude, He's not wearing his thong". 
Had to be their, with her tone of voice say those words made me laugh, as i looked upon the group of people. Think the woman recognized me from walking along the beach in a thong before. Most of the time 90% i'm nude at the beach while 10% in a thong. Just funny hearing someone shocked seeing me nude on c/o beach which most people are as well. While almost shocked not seeing me in a thong is new found realization. Most average people would say Oh my god! He's wearing a thong not board shorts. Just humorous at what people expect out you and realize something different, although to be fair i did wear a chrome gland ring, bling bling very eye catching in the sumshine.
lindros #242

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/01/2014 12:49:41Copy HTML

Was at South Beach last week. One of the days I set up in front of the beach loungers owned by the Delano wearing a g-string. I was half-way between the chairs and the water. After about an hour I took a quick dip in the ocean and in that time the chair attendant happened to set up 4 people from New Jersey in the loungers directly behind my blanket. When I got out and laid down the attendant went back to the people and apologized for setting them up right in front of a guy wearing a g-string and he would gladly move them to other chairs. They took it in stride, one of the women said "oh it's Miami, no problem". However, the thing that gets me is that all around me and all around them on the lounge chairs were women wearing thongs and sunbathing topless, yet the attendant didn't apologize for them. Why single out a guy? Really frustrating the double standard.
32189 #243

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/01/2014 01:26:33Copy HTML

That is a totally frustrating and aggravating double standard!  I feel your pain.  That is lame.  Guys who wanna wear thongs and g strings just are not given the same courtesy as women who choose to.  It is a tough battle and I realize that I men who wear thongs are in the minority.  I wish that it were not that way but sadly it is at this time.  I hope someday that will change.  
mack_back #244

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/01/2014 03:31:04Copy HTML

Lindros what's the problem. None said you should leave or put on anything did they? What you wrote the Jersey shore didn't mind looking upon your body. 
It's sort of like people going to a clothing optional beach setting up their towels. Then a dude shows up right on top or little too close and all afternoon their starring upon his package. Sometimes people just move away for more pleasant surroundings. It is very normal for people to sit nearby someone they enjoy looking upon or none at all but the sand and sea. 

Noticed recently a latino couple setup just in front of my towel or just nearby at the beach. Woman was laying on her chest nude on her phone looking upon me standing overlooking the water. She never said anything but was relieved when i laid down. For whatever reason people don't want to be leared at  or gawked upon. Most people want space and not be confined around people in close quarters unless it's impossible. Then you choose your best bet around people you find easy on the eyes. Doubt you had any problems looking at the woman surrounding eye candy? 
Relax enjoy your day. If you are offended just talk to the staff and tell your story. Best you can get is a sorry and a fresh towel. 

What bugs me is when individual jock purposely tossed a football behind his back nearly hitting me in the head riding on my bicycle in the park outside the beach.. He probably noticed me on the beach and was bitter hated me for whatever reason. If it indeed hit me i would of taken my bike lock and pummuled him to no end, was in a angry mood that afternoon. No time  for being meek or waiting for apology. I just didn't care for any immature behavior that day. Just goes to show you how easy guys like that get shot or stabbed, their just asking for it. If you go to lurk at a clothing optional beach and don't like what you seen then mind your business and don't start something that we both would regret.

Labor day weekend isn't over yet and their already couple murders, stabbings,  brawls, thefts on the beach in my parts. Guess their's one last day hope i'm not a victim or perpatrator. Better off staying home then battling cars running me off the road or not letting me pass in attempt to relax on the beach. Ya right, relax...
JM_Runs #245

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/30/2014 06:56:40Copy HTML

Today I ran 4 miles on the beach, stopping now and again at the showers for a cool down and drink of fresh water.  On a week day in the off season there were not many people when I set off, but quite a few more when I ran back down the beach around 11am.  

Along with the usual happy smiles and friendly waves today three different women said "Awesome !" and one said "Awesome Body".  Awesome is not a usual greeting so at my age that makes this morning an Awesome day. 
johny_b #246

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:10/02/2014 12:59:34Copy HTML

i had a lady at the beach once say, i love your suit, she was like 40ish or so, i was wearing a neon green mesh thong that was see thru,i thanked her.

another time i was out in my front yard, weeding my flowerbed in my black speedo thong and these girls in a truck came around the corner, seem me and stopped. they asked if i was wearing a thong, i was proud to tell them yes i was, when they drove away they were hooting and honking the horn.

a few days after the girls in the truck, a couple older ladies like around 50ish seen me in my light purple tiedye thong, backed up to ask if i could do some garding at there places, i made a few bucks gardening for those ladies.

at the local pool one time wearing my pink coral hologram thong, an english lady say, ive only seen one of those on a man on the internet. she smiled and winked at me. i took that as a compliment.

i even had my mom give me a compliment me one day this summer when i was sunbathing on the backyard deck wearing an n2n hibicus thong with a very narrow front, she said, don't you think you should shave if your wearing that bathing suit. i forgot to shave that day, totally not thinking.

today one of the lifeguards at the local pool who is a girl that knows me well from seeing me there quite often, her compliment was about my bathing suit. i wore a black bikini. here is what she said to me, i like that black bikini swimsuit your wearing but me and the other girls were betting on which thong you were wearing today johny, i guess we all lost but still get a reward because you always come here.
Sharon73 #247

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:10/19/2014 10:23:50Copy HTML

 The most common comment I get is 'nice ass' or 'nice buns'.  That happens a lot either after I walk by them or they walk by me when I am laying on my stomach.  I don't mind it at all - it's a compliment to me
thonglife #248

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/04/2015 03:25:12Copy HTML

This past spring and summer, I started working from home and regularly went to our pool during the day to tan and swim. I regularly wore bikini suits, and occasionally thongs. Most of my suits are either 1/2" or 1" sides and I would wedge the bikinis into a thong when I was laying on my stomach. Funny comment I overheard this past summer from a young girl to her mother regarding me - "that man is wearing his underwear."  The mother, a lady my age responded - "no, that is his swimming suit" then she looked my way and we exchanged smiles.
mack_back #249

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/07/2015 07:29:53Copy HTML

Was walking on my gym pool deck while aqua class was in session. The instructor always found me wearing thongs not appropriate or skimpy swimwear distracting to her class. I believed she thought i purposely strutted around the pool just to be admired about my obvious bulge. She the instructor actually yelled out one time while i showered and walked back to the locker room oh sir, excuse me sir, sir! While i just ignored her calls and her class was in session. While in reality i just used the sauna and whirlpool facilities coincidently at the same time they began their class. Did understand and notice most of the woman were distracted by me and focused their attention on my body rather paying attention upon the instructor. Reason the instructor is angry with me walking along in a thong or skimpy swimwear.
Knowing this i decided to be more modest not wearing thongs but tiny bikini briefs which up front maybe less modest cut then my thongs. So many times walking non shallot not paying attention to the woman in the pool or the instructor, she the instructor always giving me a once look over, seeing what swimwear i'm wearing. 

Recently i was walking into the sauna wearing a red bikini brief i often was seen in before. Although i did notice corner of my eye a woman in the pool staring upon me with a big grin. The instructor on the pool deck beside me commented to the woman with the stare saying sarcastically, "What, you never seen him here before", then the woman and others began to laugh in the pool and the instructor turned her back to all of them to look me over. While i just ignored the comments, pretending i did not care or aknowledge her. Only because i knew my swimwear choice or timing was not to the instructors benefit or liking, seeing her first impressions when i wore a thong to the pool. Didn't want to be perceived i was intentionally their to be ogled or watched or eyeballing the hot instructor in tight leggings as many older males try to make smart comments to her friendly demeanour.

While i was spending time in the dry sauna looking upon the pool with the big glass windows i noticed the instructor time after time as she walked the length of the pool deck, back and forth during the class. The instructor would  always  turn her head looking into the sauna where i was only one sitting. Even when i was leaving the instructor would eyeball me when i showered cooling down from the sauna on the pool deck. Didn't want to be obvious being ogled but had my back towards her turning side to side never giving them a chance to see my front side or bulge. More i hid it from her the more she looked, while finally finishing i turned around facing the pool letting the class see and also the instructor.  
To this day i know my swimwear is not to everyones liking aspecially the instructor who at first never gave me a stare only went along her business ignoring what i wore, yet aware of me. While she being very friendly with males in dork shorts not participating in the class session making jokes to her or teasing comments while she never giving me a hello or friendly smile. 
Now the tables are being turned i don't acknowledge  the instructor while she tends to stare upon me taking glances figuring i'm not paying attention or out to get with her.  

J_R_365 #250

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:01/08/2015 06:18:32Copy HTML

 Last summer I mixed it up with high, low, and detachable waistbands, trying to keep tan lines to a minimum. It worked. After summer ended, my doctor and a masseuse both told me, "Gee, you have a good tan. I mean, a REAL good tan" when they saw me naked.
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