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JM_Runs #301

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/24/2016 08:35:42Copy HTML

 Recently, after I have started to thong more regularly at my community pool in our townhouse complex, I have heard some casual comments that are always complementary and tolerant.  Some of you know High School / Teenage Boys to be the least tolerant by experience, mine is the same.  This last week, while at the community pool, there are some areas that are visible from the elevated walkway outside the pool.  A group of teens, boys and girls, made some comments hat went something like this:-is that dude naked?-no silly it's a g-string.-I could never wear that.-you don't have the ass for it.-or the balls.
Grabeach #302

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/05/2016 08:53:13Copy HTML

Strong winds here yesterday, so I went to a sheltered ocean rock pool (Malabar). No room beside the pool itself as many had the same idea, so I set my lounge up on a nearby area of flat rock. This was adjacent to the path from the car park and also happened to be about two metres from a woman sunbathing in a bikini.

Some time later the woman received a phone call. I wasn't paying much attention until I heard, "There's a guy in a g-string." .......... "Nobody cares." .......... "I'm going to." After a few more not relevant remarks, she put her phone down, and took her top off.

The colour of the newly exposed skin indicated she rarely (had never?) sunned topless, so I was quite pleased that I may have facilitated her choosing to do so in a very public setting.
capnscallywags #303

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/06/2016 10:31:26Copy HTML

 When I lived in on the beach in Hollywood, Florida, I'd overhear mostly positive comments. A couple from Montreal complained to the life guard that their kids could see me, and he told them to go back to Canada because they'd see much worse if they stayed there. I caught a few people saying that they'd wished that they brought their thongs, because they thought it was only legal on South Beach. Pretty much everyone that talked to me had positive things to say or at least neutral things about having to wear sunblock (I am very pale).
ithongit #304

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/09/2016 05:44:49Copy HTML

 I found your visitors from Montreal to be backwards from what I have experienced with Canadians in North Carolina.  There is a significant number of Canadians, mostly from Ontario or Quebec, perhaps 10% or more in the areas from Avon southward.  These are the women and men who wear thongs and the women who go topfree more often, and these are also the ones who don't seem to have any issues when they see others dressing the same way.  I can not say I have seen many in very extreme swimwear -- see through or microscopic -- but I have seen dozens of them, from young teen boys and girls to elderly grandparent types in more conservative thongs.

These Canadians tell me that they go to the Outer Banks because it is the closest place for them to drive to where it is warm and the beaches nice.  I imagine that more of those in Florida fly in.  I wonder if the reason for the reaction is because of economics or the differences in the type of people who fly on vacations vs those who drive and spend many hours in transist.  I have not spent much time in Florida, but I was always under the impression that South Beach and other popular tourist destinations were commonly frequented by Canadians.  I am under the impression that the big

I have also been noticing a strong anti-thong philosophy in the Western Canadian Provinces.  I have not seen this as bad in Eastern Provinces, but I think Canadians in general are becoming more conservative, at least with regards to swimwear.  They seem to be about 15-20 years behind the USA in this area.  Men now regularly wear long loose board shorts while as little as 10 years ago, a Speedo was more the norm.  So as women's suits in the US become more "Cheeky" and the board shorts are starting to shorten and while thongs are still not as common on men as they used to be, it seems a man can now wear Speedos or tight swimwear and even be accepted in general in as little as a thong.  If the 15 Years Behind rule on swimwear applies to Canada, it will get worse up there until the late 2020's or maybe even the 2030's, when acceptance will open up again.
Nuwalket #305

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:11/12/2016 02:34:36Copy HTML

 Now that it seems that winter has arrived I will be able to spend more time on the computer and less time doing those other things in life. Now I have a chance to look back and write down some of those things that happened. So lets start with my second girlfriend after the divorce. To say she was adventurous would be an understatement. She was  the first woman I'd ever been with that was totally shaved down there. she also bought me my first speedo type suit, a size or two too small. It not only did not cover my butt but barely contained my package due to the fact she kept telling me things to keep me semi-aroused! Also her bikini left little to the imagination also as the top of her crack was exposed along with a noticeable camel toe. And besides her nipples were very prominent through the bra top which I later found out she had removed the lining. The comments that day ranged from "Get a room", Nice asses!' and "You two have some guts to wear that!".Plus all the women that went out of their way to walk past us enroute to the restroom/concession area. And my girlfriend was quick to point it out too!
I got two more of that type from her; one in a bronze color that almost matched my tan and a bright yellow with no rear lining. With the bronze one a group of kids made the comment that' "Look that guy is naked!" which prompted a visit from a lifeguard. I was a little discreet with the yellow one wearing it on more deserted beaches. it did have a front lining but the back was transparent when wet!
It was soon after that that I stated dating a woman who kind of picked me up in a bar. Her pick up line to me was, "Always stand by the bar and show off that nice ass of yours!". So when things got hot and heavy she was thrilled to see that I was wearing a thong under my jeans and she mentioned the fact that I had guts to dress that way.
Once I'd married my wife she had no problem with me wearing as little as I could get away with on the beach. In fact when my son from the previous marriage joined us he also wanted to go minimal; as did her daughter from her marriage. On a trip to Florida one spring we took a trip to Miami where I found my first thong. The wife had no problem with me wearing it on the beach where we were staying but thought it best to keep it hidden from our teenagers when we returned home. I remember her showing pictures to friends who commented on my skimpy attire. One even said she 'd like to see a picture from the back to which the wife answered, there is no back and there are no pictures because we thought the photo place would not develop them. A few drinks later I was asked to "model" my swimwear and with an approving nod from the wife I did. I got some nice complements from the women plus told the their other half doesn't have the buns for that! Or they wouldn't dare go on a beach in a bikini let alone a thong.
At this age it was nice to find the area at Fort DeSoto where I got the courage (at this age) to go back to thonging. Although I do spend a lot of time outdoor nude the wife kind of got a kick out of the tan lines from last winter in Florida. 
tobias5711 #306

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/09/2017 11:25:28Copy HTML

Today I was out again at Lake Lanier, Ga. outside Atlanta.  I wore a small pink cover male thong to and from my car. Going to the lake I had on a muscle tank top but when returning - I wore just my pink thong and my things in a backpack on my back. I have done this several times this year. Today as I was getting ready to pack up my things, 2 boats with college age guys and a few hot girls pulled up in the cove next to mine. They had already seen me walking on waters edge.

I decided that why should I cover up- since they had already seen me. As I got close, 4 dogs ran up to me, the black one was pretty loud.  A young man ran up to me and his hot girl friend who was wearing a very tiny bikini followed (both top and bottom were extremely small- a good portion of her ass was showing- while technically not a thong it didn't cover much). They were both very  friendly assuring me he would not bite. I told them I was okay and took my time walking thru the 20 guys.  No one made any negative comments- just smiles.  I passed another 20 kids. As I was almost to the car- I thought I was safe.  lol- Around 20 more guys passed me. One gave me a thumbs up and yelled  HELL YEAH!.  Attitudes seem to have changed. No negative comments and tons of smiles and a few omg and giggles.
JM_Runs #307

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/10/2017 07:04:18Copy HTML

 Still thonging regularly when the sun comes out at my townhouse complex pool.  Had some long time neighbors come to the pool that I see regularly while we are each walking our dogs but I had not crossed paths with them at the pool.  I was wearing my new Male Power Thong.  We exchanged greetings and I asked if they were uncomfortable or offended by my minimal coverage suit.  If so, I would cover up a bit.  The gentleman replied, "oh, not at all.  Looks good."  The lady replied, "we've been to Europe  so we've seen more than that."  Then she asked me to show her the back again.  I just walked away laughing literally out loud.   

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/10/2017 09:41:39Copy HTML

I used to have something in between a rio back and a thong. In practice it was more like the latter as the rear fabric would play hide and seek after wearing it a couple of minutes. One day I was returning from the beach and was followed by a mother and her little daughter, some 8 years old. The girl commented on my buns being bare and thought that pretty weird. Her mother turned out to be quite relaxed about it and answered that this was the way she supposed I liked to dress and that it was OK.
The place we were camping then was packed with police officers. We got really friendly with many of them and they must have all seen how skimpy my swimming suit was as I would wear it almost around the clock. I never got any comment.
Then a few years later as I had moved on to transparent g-strings I had this experience. (I posted it before in the section "Most extreme thong...").
I had worn my sheer white g-string ever so often on the beach but not that many times in areas thick with families. One day on holiday we were touring and found a swimming pool with a play ground right next to it. We first went for a swim and then the girls (mother and two daughters) went on to the play ground. I was to follow shortly. You must know this play ground was also accessible from the street, so there were quite a lot of people fully dressed (holiday standards).As I was to enter the play ground I hesitated for a moment if I should venture there in my now wet and therefore totally sheer string. I decided to have some fun and give it a try. In the shortest of times I ran into a couple. On seeing me, she put on a big smile, made him look at me and after a few OMG's and pointing her finger in his belly she said to him quite clearly: Oh I wish you could wear one like those and would dare to do so in public!
When I found wife and kids my wife realized what I had been wearing and scolded me for behaving indecently. She had to laugh though when I told her what I had been up to but sticked to her opinion about wearing my string.
J_R_365 #309

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/10/2017 01:03:52Copy HTML

 It's still too early in the year to go to the beach here in Chicago, but I've been fake-baking a base in advance of the season. The other day, after a session, I was chatting with the attendant, and said I had tried to keep my arms raised,to tan the sides of my torso. I said I  always went for an even tan, but certain areas were always difficult to get sunned at the beach, particularly the (as I call it), the "Under-Butt Crescent".

The attendant said, "Well, you'll be wearing a suit,so you wont have worry about that. Unless you wear a Speedo . . ."

I replied, "Well  . . . I usually wear a thong or g-string to the beach."

Her face lit up. "Oh, really! Wow, that's great! Good for you!" Maybe I've added another fan :-)

Her response made me wonder how many women in the general public are tired of seeing all those bored shorts on guys.

Nuwalket #310

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/10/2017 02:26:45Copy HTML

 I have really been coming to the conclusion that a vast majority of the public either would want, tolerate of could care less about anyone's choice of swimwear. In act I bet as long as genitals as covered it would only be a small section (with a loud voice) that care about exposed breasts or buttocks on the beach. 
With all the medical testing I have done lately quite a few members of that community have seen the tan line and thong underwear and have either been positive or want to know where I go to get that tan. First, I can't believe that it still shows from last summer and second, that it's noticed. It is preaching to the choir here but I sure wish more males would get the courage to go minimal.
Martylouie #311

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/10/2017 08:11:49Copy HTML

 Nuwalket, I'm a tad surprised the medical folks didn't scold you about the dangers of too much sun!
pkthong #312

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/11/2017 03:06:32Copy HTML

 Was recently at a resort about an hour south of cancun with my family.My wife and I were at the adult pool(18 and up) most of the time. I was the only dude in anything less than boardies. I wore several rios and got plenty of stares etc. One day I wore a g under my shorts and layed out for a short while. My wife was apprehensive as usual, she said she heard someone walk by and say"no he's not". I went and changed shortly after. I suppose that if there were other guys wearing at least Speedos she may have not felt so marginalized.
Nuwalket #313

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/11/2017 04:05:08Copy HTML

 Martylouie, I have been warned by some in the medical field but considering what they were suspecting and trying to diagnose skin damage was the least of worries. But I should add a disclaimer in a way. Over the years I've either been married to or have a tendency to date medical people. First, they are on the most part accepting of body shapes and sizes and second, depending on the stress level they are more apt to want to relax and unwind!
tobias5711 #314

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/12/2017 01:54:37Copy HTML

 After my recent post "HELL YEAH!", I went out to the lake two more times. Both times I had guys talk with me or give me positive comments. Sometimes they were with other guys and sometimes with their girlfriends. I began to think. (haha) It seems like with me- more guys talk to me or have positive comments. I do get positive comments from girls and women, but lately it seems to me, the men are more open to an older guy wearing a thong than the women. Maybe, its the recent politically correct thing to be more accepting  of men who they consider gay( most still believe only gay men wear thongs- which isn't true- very few gay men do) or women still feel sexually threatened by a guy in a thong.I walk around when at the lake, I don't go to the most crowded areas and don't set up around families, if I have to pass a family - I don't try to hide. Yesterday I was walking around the end of an Island and very rarely see anyone on land there. I young couple were behind a large rock and I didn't see them until their two yappie small dogs started barking at me. The guy ran up and got the dogs. We started talking about the dogs and what a nice day it was to be out. I said yeah I wanted to get some sun.  Later as they left, they passed me as I was standing between two trees. He was extremely friendly and smiled when he kidded me about wanting to get some sun. So my question is- do others find more guys speak to you when in a thong or do more women speak and make positive comments?
Martylouie #315

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/12/2017 11:36:55Copy HTML

 Nuwalker , while talking to my GP we got on to the topic of my all over tan (kind of difficult to hide during a prostate exam). Turns out he too likes to go nude at the beach.  So I just got the warnings to wear sunscreen. 
azcraig #316

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/12/2017 11:48:26Copy HTML

 I was at a Burger King getting lunch wearing very short cut off jeans (like always). Like a 1 inch inseam cut kind of high on the sides. While there I heard some kid say "I see London I see France, I see butt cheeks from short pants".  His female companion then said "yeah but I wish I had that tan".

ithongit #317

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/14/2017 09:24:01Copy HTML

I agree that comments about male thongers are more friendly and less judgmental.  In the past, we would often set up and have young families, sometimes women with kids and other times just women come up to Randy when he was laying out alone.  They often set up really close which I assumed was because they either liked to look or felt that being in a thong, he was not a true potential problem (hitting on the women, etc.) 

We also frequently had two or more young men set up nearby, but rarely a single young man.  In all cases, the conversation would always turn to thonging.

In the past few years, and even more this year, Randy has had members of both sexes make positive comments and sometimes discuss the pros and cons of wearing thongs -- even when he is just passing by.  Each time I hear about these encounters I think "maybe people in general are realizing that a man in a thong is not a weirdo or a problem in general.  If anything, everyone seems to be friendlier than they were just a few years ago.  I think this creates a circular effect.  People see others accepting men (especially) in thongs.  This makes them feel more comfortable in addressing the thongers directly.  Then other people are more likely to talk or give positive comments. This causes those watching to feel more at ease, and when they treat thongers better, others see and the circle continues.  The fact that thongs and near-thongs are popular on women does not hurt either, except it is more of a spiral with the build-up of accepting people getting more and more as time passes.

It will be interesting to see if the renewed acceptance of thongs on both men and women will make people want to wear thongs too -- expanding the number of thongers.  It has been a long time since I have seen such wide-spread acceptance of thong swimwear and hope the trend continues. 

Same goes for topfree beach use by women -- more acceptance.  The reports that children are being instructed that thongs and topfreedom is normal and some people prefer is also something I have seen, and children who do not ask this question, generally, just seem to be perfectly comfortable with the thongers and topfree women they meet.
Mary0826 #318

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/15/2017 07:22:13Copy HTML

 Looking at the timeline of when thongs were introduced, became mainstream, and eventually lost most of their popularity may help in understanding why thongs might be more acceptable not than in the past.  However, other factors -- like extreme women's cheeky swimwear, or the extremely long popularity of board shorts probably has something to do with it too.  First the historical timeline.  Thongs were introduced in the mid 1970's and people who wore them were accepted by most.  Other fashions popular during this time were also extreme compared to 10 years earlier.  They included mini and even micro skirts, short cut-offs and other shorts on both men and women, braless looks on women, etc.  Thong reached the height of their popularity around 1985 to maybe 1990.  Many traditional brick and mortar stores sold them outright for men and women along with other swimwear.  Men could chose a thong, a Speedo racing type suit, minimal swim shorts with inseams of a couple of inches or "old man" swimwear which were loose fitting, mid-thigh length swimsuits.  At this time, fashions were generally more athletic in nature.  Short running shorts and "bike pants" which never saw a bicycle but clung like a second skin were perfectly acceptable. These were more like what we now call leggings and most provided minimal support.  These ranged from inseams from a few inches to ankle lengths and were worn by both sexes. Men's tank tops often had extremely cut-out necks and arms and many shirts worn by both sexes had abbreviated backs which uncovered a lot of skin.  T-shirts of mesh and cropped off to make scrimmage shirts were also popular.  Women started wearing sports bras alone or with the muscle exposing shirts men were wearing.  All these fashions were extreme and again pushed the limits of 10 years before.  By the turn of the century, thongs were almost lost.  Tops for both men and women were more conservative, men's swimwear had changed to board shorts, women reverted to traditional bikini designs and one piece suits that would have not even turned a head in the late 1950's or early 1960's.  Sports shorts on men also lengthened, sometime to the point of falling past the knees, while even women's shorts often hung to between the thighs and knees.  Now, let's look at the ages of people who now are living, compared to these fashions and specifically thong swimwear.  People up to 25 years old are too young to have ever experienced thongs as being popular, or were too young (10 year old or less) to understand what they were seeing.  People 25 to 35 years old were young and at that age when they could be easily influenced and they were lucky enough to be young and living in the golden age of thongs.  People from 35 to 45 also lived in the golden age of thongs, but were college aged or a little older.  These people might have even worn thongs during their height of popularity, and even if not, probably had friends or relative who wore thongs and they didn't see anything wrong with them. People 45 to 55 also saw the thong revolution, but were parents of young children at the time and may have believed that this "new" fashion was inappropriate for their kids to see.  Some of these people wore thongs as older individuals, but most considered it something for the youth.   However, since that time, they might realize that thongs were not all that bad, and seen not only that thongers were not scary people, as some believed, but that their children were never tramatized by thongs people wore or what they exposed. People 55 to 65 are the ones who were preaching against thongs in the late 1990's and early 2000's. They too have had time to re-think things, although they are probably the group who are most set in their ways. Above 65, and you are getting into kids born during or before WW II. These kids were in college or even older when the Beatles came out, and sex sceens started to sneak into the movies. They had heard from their parents and older people about the limits placed on freedoms by various leaders at the time, and may have seen or remembered the likes of Joesph McCarthy. They were the first to question athority, and saw and understood that some people wanted to do something different, regardless if it was religion, the arts, or fashions. The younger ones in this group might have been to Woodstock. All but the oldest experimented with non-traditional hair styles (like long hair on men) and many were there during the time recreational drugs started to take off. With regards to thong wearing, they saw little or nothing wrong with it. It was just an experiment, an attempt to be differnent from the last generation, or a way to express yourself.

So in conclusion, the those 25 or younger have no sense of how popular thongs were, but also nothing specific against thongs. They may have been shielded from thong wearers by over-protective parents, but now realize how silly that was.  From 25 to 45 we have people who experienced the golden age of thongs as spectators, or very young users. They were subject to few complaints and general acceptance. From 45 to 55 are the people  who may have worn thongs as youth, or at least know people who wore them.  They know that thongs do not dictate if a person is good or bad, and that thongs are basically just a fashion choice.  Those in the 55 to 65 age range are the ones who often believed thongs were practically the work of the Devil, and many (unfortunately) have never changed their opinions. But some have seen over the years or now realize that thong swimwear really didn't mess anyone -- except themselves -- up. Over 65 and most people are cool with thongs.  They have been though a lot in their lives, and have seen other fashions come and go.  Most have never had serious reservations against thong swimwear, and some may have actually worn thongs during the first 25 years thongs were available.

Besides the ages of people and what they grew up with, it is interesting to note that thongs gained their popularity after more and more suggestive clothing became popular.  There was a more conservative period between around 1990 to 2010 or so and this reversed the suggestiveness of both men's and women's clothing in general.  But since then, the women have been showing more and more, and this has also propelled a market where cheeky swimwear is now acceptable.  Men's shorts have been getting shorter, "gangster" pants have virtually disappeared, and young men in general seem to be more buff than they have been in a decade or more.  Hopefully, men are not too far behind the women in embracing the thong look for their sex too.
Grabeach #319

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/15/2017 09:47:43Copy HTML

Probably the longest post I've read!

Quite applicable to Australia FEMALE thong wearing as well, though I think the 25 year old dividing line is more in the region of 30 to 35. I emphasized female thong wearing because MALE thong wearing has only ever been on the fringes at best, hence it is impossible to draw any historical conclusions there.

I was most interested in your observation that other "suggestive" clothing pre-empted briefer swimwear. I remember commenting here a few years ago that when picking my son up after midnight from a part-time job in a beach side centre, that I was amazed by the amount of leg and breast on display, in contrast to the conservative swimwear being worn by the same age group on the beach itself. Since then things have changed, though more towards briefer bottoms than removing tops, this being the opposite of what occurred here a generation ago.
ithongit #320

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:05/16/2017 02:57:17Copy HTML

 I think Mary has presented some good evidence, in some ways almost scholarly, even if some of the dates might be a bit off, about how thongs might be perceived by different generations.  Unfortunately she failed to tie it all together with a simple conclusion.  I believe what she is trying to say is that the majority of people either have no experiences with wearing thongs and therefore no real feelings about them one way of the other, were involved with thonging in the past and can see nothing wrong with wearing a thong, or saw the last time thongs had some popularity and saw nothing wrong then, and still simply don't care one way or the other.  A minority of people -- maybe 15-20% from what her statistics imply, don't like thongs and might be likely to complain about them.  This leaves 75-80% of people potentially accepting of thongs as swimwear.  We just have to insure we don't alienate this majority by inappropriate behavior or in other ways.

Her connection to thong swimwear and skimpier and more suggestive clothing for general wearing is interesting, but she has failed to develop this theory as well as the thong acceptance by age groups theory she has posted.

We have so many posts about why people don't like thongs, why they stopped being worn, etc.  It is nice to see a new theory that presents the hope that maybe as time goes by, more and more people might be accepting of thong swimwear.

briankay #321

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/18/2017 04:36:45Copy HTML

I heard a guy call to his friend "Josh Josh". That it was about me wasn't apparent until the responce.
"That's an everyday occurrence."

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/18/2017 01:06:21Copy HTML

 I've had women say that they admire my confidence to wear a thong at the pool.
JM_Runs #323

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:07/22/2017 07:03:50Copy HTML

 It's the fashion cycle, Traci. Maybe one or two generations from now the majority of ppl will be wearing thongs in public. Split side running shorts are making a come back all be it slowly.
jackk #324

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/21/2017 09:58:43Copy HTML

One of my favorites this summer was when I was wearing my thong at the gym pool. I'd finished swimming laps and went over to the hot tub. It was occupied by a couple and their young daughter.

The kid kinda watched me as I entered. After I sat down, she said, "My mom has a swimsuit just like yours. She wore it in the hot tub with my dad when we were on vacation." The parents looked embarrassed. I just replied, "Oh? That's nice."

She continued, "My dad was naked, but my mom was wearing a suit just like yours. You could see her butt." At this point the parents hushed her and apologized. I told them not to worry about it.

They left a few minutes later. I finished my own soak and went to change. I ran into the dad in the locker room. He joked, "Apparently she wasn't as asleep as we'd thought."
bmicro #325

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/21/2017 12:45:18Copy HTML

 A few weeks ago I was on the beach in a SWIC stocking baggie with a gold waist chain. While taking a few pictures, I spotted a lovely lady in a brief thong looking at me and taking selfies. She then started to run towards me and asked me to take her picture with her phone. Then she told me, in broken English and Spanish (she was from Columbia and I understand some some Spanish), that she thought that my suit was awesome and that I looked great in it. She then asked if she could have a picture with me and I readily agreed. I also asked if we could take a picture with my camera as well.The beach boy nearby offered to take the pictures. Unfortunately, he screwed up with my camera and didn’t get any good pictures. After that we exchanged compliments on each other’s suits and she told me that she wished that more men would be confident enough to wear similar suits. 
Thong_wearer #326

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:08/21/2017 03:31:12Copy HTML

 I was paddling out in my kayak in the river yesterday to do a little tanning and fishing. I had slipped off my shorts and only wearing a hot pink js bulge thong. A guy came flying up to me on a jet ski and yelled something. I think he was saying I wasn't gonna catch any fish wearing that. I didn't pay any attention to him and went about my business. Idk why people feel they need to concern themselves with others business!! 
J_R_365 #327

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

Date Posted:09/27/2017 04:11:01Copy HTML

 The other day I was waking along the beach in my Dubio net Wolverine, as a M/F couple arrived. She glanced at me up and down, and said, "I like this beach".
Grabeach #328

Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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There is a very attractive older lady who I sun with at one of the pools I visit about once a fortnight. After leaving her the other day, I had a shower and was getting dressed in the change room. The change room is near the pool entry and has high windows for ventilation, but this also means you can hear people talking as they leave the pool. I heard a male voice say, "I'm surprised they allow a guy to wear a g-string here." A female voice then replied, "He's okay." The male then mumbled something I couldn't understand. The female then laughed and said , "No chance. His girlfriend's son is the main lifeguard".
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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 A few years ago at Osterman we had a problem with the beach being vandalized with broken glass. This was after Labor Day, so the beach was not crowded, and I was there in a blue mesh Dubio Mini Pouch slider [ http://www.dubiobikinis.com/Mini-Pouch-See-Through-Bikini ]

I have this suit in Lycra, mesh, and net. They all can be worn VERY close fitting, but the mesh more so, due to the thinness, transparency, and less stretch of the fabric. Since the beach was sparse and the kids were back in school, I had it fitted about as close as possible.

I always made an effort to pick up as much glass as I could, so I walked around looking for shards. There was a group of about five [gay] guys in their mid-late twenties across the beach, and I could hear them discussing my suit. They seemed to not know what to make of it, for the most part. After a while, I saw that one of them was approaching me; it seemed his duty was to check me out at close range. When he got near, he scoped things out, and said, "How ya doin' Wiener? Er, um, Guy?"

I smiled and waved. In fun and without malice; I took it as an overall positive.
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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 I've never heard any comments as such. Though one time, while I was sunning at the beach by myself, a woman in her early to mid 20s (also in a thong) asked me if some other dude was my partner lol. I said no, and went about my business. That was the only "incident" I've had so far. Mind you, I've only been openly thonging at the beach very recently.

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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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Recently, while thonging at my local community pool, I had the chance to chat up another resident.  She is a teacher and she has weekdays off every once in a while. "Teacher prep days" they call them.  She does her prep in the sun if she can.  As I arrived, we made small talk and then I asked her if she was OK if I strip down to my thong, for tanning.  She asked "why do you think you need to ask?"  I said that it's a community pool and some people aren't as comfortable with what I wear as others.  She replied with the best comment I could ask for.  "Had I known, i would have worn my thong-back.  Then, "wait a minute, let me go get mine and I'll be back in a few."  So she did and we sunned together and it was amazing.  Later in the week, when I ran into her at the grocery store with my wife, it was super funny when my wife stated, let me guess...thong buddy? I could not tell a lie.  
"Had I known, I would have worn my thong-back" is something I would like to hear more often.  What she said later was that seeing me in a thong gave her the confidence to wear something more skimpy without thinking I would just be checking her out the entire time.  It was just normal attire in a normal situation.  
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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I have been wearing thong swimsuits since I was a teenager. I really can’t think of very many comments I received over all these years other than typical ones like “nice bathing suit” (said both sincerely and sarcastically), “that bathing doesn’t leave much to the imagination “ (sometimes a compliment, sometimes not), or “would you take a selfie with me?” etc. 

The best comments I can remember are:  from a lady taking photos on the beach - “may I take your picture? You are what an in-shape guy on the beach should look like.” 

From another lady on the beach - “ I think more men should wear bathing suits like yours. Men expect women to show off their bodies in skimpy bikinis, but never show us what THEY’VE got.” 

A couple joined me in a hot tub at a hotel a few years ago. They didn’t realize I was wearing a thong until he timer ran out and the bubbles stopped. Without hesitation I stepped out to re-set it and returned to the hot tub as they suppressed their giggles. Then The woman said - “Would you stand up and turn around? That’s the kind of bathing suit I’d like my husband to wear.” The man said - “No fuckin’way!” 

Another woman once started up a conversation with me after I came out of the water. I was wearing an unlined light blue thong and I was somewhat aroused. Here comment was “Is it legal for you to wear that in public with an er?(+ion?” She had a huge grin on her face.

A man on the beach saw my thong and said - “Your bathing suit looks great. Don’t take it the wrong way, but it just looks so comfortable. It must feel great. I’ve always wanted to wear a thong or speedo but I’d be too embarrassed.” I told him he should go for it and and where to buy one near by. The next day I saw him on the beach in a thong.

Last one. I was at a pool unbuttoning my cover up shorts and just about to lay down on a lounge chair, when a female friend of mine (who was unaware I wore thongs) along with another woman I didn’t know appeared out of nowhere. Just as she said hello, my shorts literally dropped to the ground. I was standing there in a tiny thong and she blurted out - “OH MY GOD! Look at your cute little ASS in your tiny little ‘SPEEDO!’ Wow!” I spent the afternoon sunbathing and swimming with the two of them. About every 15 minutes she would say “OH MY GOD! Look at your cute little ASS in your tiny little ‘SPEEDO!’ Wow!” 
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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 Recently my wife joined me on a business trip. While I went to meetings during the day she hung out by the pool with a few other wives. Initially she wore a conservative thong but after she was more comfortable around the other ladies. A few of them were wearing very cheeky bottoms so for the remaining days my wife changed into her regular micros. Aa few of the others also switched down to more minimal suits as well.

I really didn’t have an opportunity to enjoy the sun until Friday afternoon. The ladies decided on going to the beach. I said I would wear regular shorts around the other couples but my wife said the ladies had already discussed my preference in swimwear. She picked out a micro for me to wear under my shorts, which I could remove once I felt comfortable.

Once we were at the beach the ladies were very interested in what I was going to be wearing and asked if I could show them. So I removed my shorts to expose my micro. One lady commented that she “could see why my wife married me “. Another ask if I realized that she could see EVERYTHING,  my wife smiled and said YES, that’s why she had picked this one for me to wear.
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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I was sunning my buns at the lake in an almost thong. A Brazilian back that tugs up my butt and is pretty much a thong, with tiny strings on the sides. Two 20ish girls set up right next to me, like 15 feet away and they were just chatting away. My bag was probably slightly blocking my butt from their view so they couldn't see what I was wearing unless I stood up but I heard one of them ask, "Is that guy even wearing anything?" and her friend replied, "Yeah, he has something on." and their conversation continued...
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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Walking along the beach shoreline in my sling v-string. Looking ahead came nearby group of four. Seen them earlier when I was laying on my blanket about 100 yards away. The one woman laying on her front hiked her cheeky string bikini into thong she looked great. So when I was strolling along waters edge  one of the woman in the group said to the cute one what you think of him, meaning me or my sling v-string (posted in my nude beach albums). The other woman answered, not bad. Guess i’ll take it as compliment not being categorized as bad, awful etc... Comment and judgement was made while only seeing the front side with my c-rings. Suppose her standards are high seeing she was with a body builder boyfriend in dork shorts. 
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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Was cycling to work in mid afternoon wearing my green cargo shorts thinner material then I usually wear. It about 80 degrees sunny and humid in hurry not to be late all  sweaty. Was told I needed a bicycle pass to enter the grounds. So I locked my bike near public area. As I was locking my bike I was projecting my ass out almost touching the ground with my hands removing and packing my pannier bag off my bike rack. As people were passing by heard a woman in her 30s with a group of others, husband few friends same age..She was distinctly observing only me saying out loud in calm tone. Thong, huh, how interesting,  as I heard those words I had to look around only seeing the group behind me. Then snarl by the husband afterwards as they passed me directly behind. I then thought my shorts were soaked leaving a thong outline when bent over. Squeezing my cargo shorts tight along my buttocks. I never thought anyone could notice seeing I wore long shirt yet bent over the shirt didn’t cover any thong outline perspiration. Always wear thongs but first time I ever thought someone would notice. Had to laugh what the woman inpassing observed noticing my thong. Guess she was bored with the group and decided to speak out yet everyone kept quite except for the hubbies chuckle even that was benign lacked any energy. 

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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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"Kids" say the darndest things. I had a nice end-of-season summer day at the local State Park on Thursday. I headed to the big sandy area to lay out and noticed two women walking to the same area. I set my stuff down and they laid out about 40 feet past me. The older lady was having a coughing spell. I walked over and gave the lady a stick of gum to help with her coughing. I went back to my towel and after a while her coughing was much less frequent. After a while, I walked toward the speed lanes to see if many boats were out. As I returned, I noticed the younger lady had made her bottoms more cheeky. Good for her, I thought. She walked toward the water and just got her feet wet. The tan lines that were now showing were about three inches tall. They only stayed about an hour. As they were walking toward me, I asked them if they had a pen. No luck, so I told the younger "cheeky" lady (who must have been the older lady's daughter) about skinzwear.com and their selection of all kinds of suits. The daughter typed the web address into her phone as I told her I had noticed she had made her suit cheekier, so she might find a nice cheeky suit on sale this time of year. Then I told them what got me started were the tan lines that thongs gave me, as I pulled the string down an inch to show them how they looked in the back. The daughter -- all of 18 years if her young face was an accurate indicator -- said, "You've got a really tan ass!" That made my day because I didn't expect someone so young to be so blunt. I appreciated that she said "ass" instead of "butt". It made the compliment even stronger. Then the mom said they were going to Florida pretty soon. I said they could probably wear anything down there. What a cool mom and daughter. The mom didn't freak out when her daughter gave me the compliment. They seem like they would be fun to hang around with. I hope they find some good suits on that website for their Florida trip. Maybe I'll run into them next year and get to hear some good Florida stories. And maybe they'll be wearing some cheeky suits, or even skimpier ones.
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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http://halfacreheaven.com/to-the-twenty-something-in-a-thong-bikini/ Not a comment of me, but I like the perspective adopted by the writer.
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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@bluie - that's a great piece: http://halfacreheaven.com/to-the-twenty-something-in-a-thong-bikini/ Probably sums up what many girls actually feel about themselves and their responses.
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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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We were in Mexico at the Grand Palladium resort Riviera Maya and I had been walking around the resort in my bikini brief swimwear with no issues. Most people there seemed to be from Europe or South America so it was fine to wear that around he pool and walking the beach. While laying out each day at the beach I would would take my bikini cover off and I would have a JS thong on or a Skinz thong to get a great tan. No body said a word or even seemed to notice as there were plenty of ladies in thongs and a few topless. I believe I was the only thong male but there were a number of square cuts, and speedos. Everything was great until one day I was laying on my stomach and just looking out at about 5 American college girls out taking Instagram selfies in water and having a good time. When they finished they started walking my way to go back to their chairs. Apparently they hadn’t noticed me in my thong before and when they got up on me I heard one giggle (she was wearing a very cheeky bottom) but the chubbiest  girl of the group wearing a one piece suit, flatbill hat that said Diva on it just blurted our  OMG that is traumatizing looking at me. They kept walking by but that was the only negative comment I’ve had while wearing a thong. BTW.. my bum looked way better than hers so I just shrugged it off.. I was enjoying myself. Everyone else didn’t seem to care.. the whole week there maybe only a couple double takes and a giggle or 2 happened but that’s pretty normal. 

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Re:What comments have YOU heard? Here are a few that I have heard ...

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A few weeks ago I was staying at a hotel for work and since I install equipment I was working nights getting back to the room around 3AM.  So everyday around 10AM I would get up and go relax by the pool wearing one of my sheer G-strings allowing room service to clean my room.  

One afternoon while coming out of the pool there were two ladies walking around the grounds with one of the staff members and I wasn't sure if they would say anything about my choice of swimwear or just ignore it and walk on by like the staff normally did. As I was walking to my lounger one of the ladies looked directly at me and said "I wish my ass was that smooth", commenting on my shaved ass. The other one said "I can see why he wears that G-string, and from the looks of it the front is just as smooth." 

I didn't think anything of the comments until about 30 minutes later both women came back down to the pool area only this time they were wearing bikini's with cover-ups over top. They both got chairs a few down from mine and removed their cover-ups. One had on a cheeky bottom and bikini top, the other had on a very tiny almost G-string in a sheer pink color. After cooling off she removed her top and came over to me and said "I hope you don't minde, but the lady who walked us around said I could as long as nobody complained." 

I told her I was fine with her laying out topless if she wanted, then added she could go nude if she liked, I wouldn't care. I said "I can see from your tan it wouldn't be your first time going nude." 

I got up and went into the pool to cool off. As I was getting out of the pool and walking back to my lounger the topless lady said "I wouldn't mind if you went naked either". Then she said "If you want you can join us." 

After a few minutes of conversation they ask if I would like to join them in the water to cool off since it was a very hot day. As we stood up to walk too the pool the topless lady removed her bottoms and said "I guess I will be the only skinny dipper!" as she dove into the pool.  So I decided to remove my G-string as well. We swam for about 30 minutes and then laid out and swam on and off for another hour.

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