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Date Posted:05/19/2016 02:29:40Copy HTML

For those of you with families, what style swimsuits do your kids wear and have their preferences changed over time?
Both of my kids swam nude until about age 5-6.

My daughter wore a one piece until about age 9, when she switched to bikinis. In the last year she's started to prefer skimpier swimsuits and occasionally wears a thong.

My son wore a speedo brief until about age 10. He started wearing shorts like his friends, but still wears the brief underneath. If none of his peers are around, he'll still swim in the speedo.

We have a pool and hot tub at home. If it's just the family, we swim and soak in the nude.
rock1212 #1

Re:What do you kids wear?

Date Posted:04/13/2018 08:54:39Copy HTML

 So what do you and your husband wear? I'm sure that can impact how your kids dress in the pool! 
JM_Runs #2

Re:What do you kids wear?

Date Posted:04/13/2018 11:20:58Copy HTML

Teens and tweens are keen to fit in with the crowd. 
They also like challenges, especially if it seems exciting or adult, so if other kids are skinny dipping, they are too. 

One way to overcome their shyness is to bet them that they cannot do something.  Not eating tide pods, but wearing a speedo or thong all day and acting like it was totally normal. 

Another way is by making it a right of passage.  I remember my mother denying things, but then promising I could when I turned xx years old. These sort of stuck in the brain and become goals.  

If one boy turns up to a pool party in a speedo and a hot mother or popular girl compliments him the other boys take notice. 

In reverse I have warned boys not to make comments about a girl brave enough to wear a thong.  Tell her she looks good, or looks brave, but don't make yourself a pest otherwise she won't wear it again. 

If girls might go topless boys can lose their minds. So prior admonishments not to be juvenile, to act like adults and like everything is cool, help. "Don't stare at the nipples, look in their eyes, smile and be cool."  Good advice for all boys in most cases. 

If a boy makes a comment about another's suit being gay I am all over that:  I tell him the small suit does not mean he is gay, just braver than you are. That usually puts a quick end to it.  Same for girls who make catty comments about another's suit. 

Teens seem more likely to go nude, skinny-dipping, which is a fast adrenaline rush, than braving out a small suit with everyone watching.  But bravery, like manners, can be taught: By encouragement and example. 

Learning to be brave in public leads to self confidence when presenting in front of the class, running for office, or acting on the stage.
It is all about overcoming the butterflies in the tummy and thoughts of "What if they don't love me?"  
leo40 #3

Re:What do you kids wear?

Date Posted:04/14/2018 07:59:04Copy HTML

I swim laps at a YMCA pool with a Sporti brand Euro cut brief (the least that will fly at the family Y') and I am usually the only speedo.  From time to time this teen will show up, swim laps in board shorts (practically painter's coveralls), and then not even take them off in the locker room.  He will hog the hair drier for the long time needed to dry the boardies enough to then pull on jeans over them.  My nudist club has an annual open house.  I'm not expecting that character.
LoveMyThongs #4

Re:What do you kids wear?

Date Posted:08/19/2018 04:14:05Copy HTML

I’ve posted on this but both our kids wear thongs at the beach and as underwear. It’s no different than wearing shorts of different types.
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