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Date Posted:03/02/2015 09:59:12Copy HTML

What does everyone wear when they work out? Personally I love my Lycra! Skinz and Under Armour are my brands of choice, as you'll see in my pics. What about you? Of course always wearing a thong underneath!! :)
John Howard #1

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/02/2015 11:44:58Copy HTML

 Otomix bodybuilder's runners, Skins a400 or a200 compression pants and tops , a thong underneath and a metal c*ck ring to provide extra support on heavy deadlift and squat days;  nike skull cap to stop sweat getting into my eyes......i tried Under Armour once and that was enough for me:  no compression, ugly looks, over priced.    Not pretending to be bias as Skins is Aussie brand, but they are the best.  I also wear a lifting belt, wrist wraps and lifting straps.
mack_back #2

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/02/2015 06:21:25Copy HTML

 Super tight Lycra materials exactly what woman wear appearing in it better, just as a second skin. Enjoying  it as seeing, overhearing their stunned reactions and envious comments. 
J_R_365 #3

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/02/2015 09:19:57Copy HTML

 Sometimes Reebok compression tights, which I bought because they have the least obtrusive logo - I don't want to be a walking billboard.

But usually, I wear my Skinzwear (USA) super-low powernet tights with a Gregg Homme Baller string. I don't do anything strenuous enough to really need compression, and as does Mack, like the way it looks and feels.
Poimbeach #4

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/03/2015 01:03:07Copy HTML

I almost always wear compression shorts. UA, dry star, or Academy brand with same type of shirt short sleeve. Running tights on really cold days. Rio or bikini swimwear in the pool and spa.
HotBuns #5

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/03/2015 07:56:33Copy HTML

I always wear one mf my N2N Galaxy wrestlers.  They are great for a hard workout.
SlidingG #6

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/04/2015 01:36:33Copy HTML

An old pair of DeSoto tri shorts and a tank top.  Most comfortable for spinning, and anything else.
Poimbeach #7

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/04/2015 02:09:31Copy HTML

 Compression shorts and shirt. UA or dry star. Tights on cold days. Swim in rio or bikini swimwear,
Ex_Member #8

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/04/2015 02:39:12Copy HTML

 BOA men's running shorts with 1" inseam and matching BOA sleeveless shirt.  Incredibly lightweight.  Shorter than anybody else wears but nobody stares since I wear subdued colors like navy blue and I just look like a runner.
AVBW21 #9

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/05/2015 07:43:16Copy HTML

 UNIQLO or H&M round neck or V neck tight short sleeves top, Skinzwear (USA) A18 super low waist crop tights in grey, blue, turquoise, silver and white. Also own Rufskin and N2N running tights. Without doubt, always wearing thong underneath: HOM, iSwim, ergowear, gregg homme,  joe snyder and body art , showing thong outline most of the time.  
Happy_Thonger #10

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/07/2015 10:01:30Copy HTML

 Thanks for all the feedback guys. Looks like the compression gear is popular. Some of you have mentioned a few brands I'm not familiar with here in Oz so' I'll look into them, particularly the short shorts as I'd like to get a better selection than I currently own. For my fellow Aussies, I agree that the Aussie Skins A400 series (http://www.skins.net/au/mens-compression/a400-range)  its about the best you can get. Under Armour whilst popular offers almost no compression in comparison but hey, personal I like the style and feel, hence it gets a tick from me. Happy training ya'll :) 
iluvthongs582 #11

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/07/2015 03:55:25Copy HTML

 adidas shorts and a t-shirt. under it is a vs pink yoga thong most times
John Howard #12

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/08/2015 03:09:22Copy HTML

 @ Happy Thonger....
I would say that compression gear could be popular here on this board, but it has not yet fully taken off in the gyms.

I have tried other brands other than Skins, but none of them have matched the quality.For example, one of my A400 pants is already more than 6 years old, and I struggle to distinguish it from a late A400 I bought late last year.They seem to last forever!
I also own BSC Kompressorz, CWX and Sugoi.   BSC is an Aussie brand,  very strong material, the pants fit even better than Skins,  they have a string to tie up the waist, but the quality of the product is not as high.CWX is an American brand, I tried the Performax, Pro and Revolution tights;  good quality but don't last very long.  I had an accident with one Perfomaxx, which was close to its expiry date, but I kept wearing it, one day at the gym training inclined chest I felt a 'zip' in the back of my leg, finished the set and look at the mirror it was ripped from the back of my knee all the way up to my glutes, all my skin for everyone to see,  I decided to continue my 2 last sets and yes some people noticed it and it all became a cool experience to remember as people praised me for training hard to even rip my clothes....  had to walk all the way from where I was to the changing room, half gym saw it and nobody did care.....
Sugoi is a good brand,  but 2 of my compression shirts already ripped badly,  Im expecting the same to happen with the pants so I take a spare compression pants in my gym bag all the time.
I owned in the past 2XU,  I was disappointed because the top didnt compress much, and the pants lost the compression after a while..... almost as disappointing as UA.

I couldn't be happier with Skins,  perhaps the only weak point is that the A400 tend to be a bit short at the waist and I need to keep pulling them up;  this is solved by wearing a lifting belt.

I love the pouch they have in the front,  with enough room for your equipment,  it feels very comfy, ( almost as comfy as a Muscleskins Poser,  which is the way a thong should be with enough room for the boys but without flamboyance,  that's why an opaque colour Poser is the way to go for me,  and if people don't like to see "that", they always can look away,  'oh, nooooooo,  look at that!!!  so oooooutrageoussss!!!!   and rude!!!!!   he looks like a.......  "man"!!!!!!!!!!!   disssssgusting!!!!!!!  ... but this is another topic.)

I tried the A200 as well, and they are cheaper and so far they are as good as the A400,  I wonder if they would last the same, probably not.
Wearing a good compression pants and top is vital for my workout.   Won't forget the time I started to see veins popping up underneath the spandex;  especially on the thighs,  initially I thought it was the shade of the light, when I realised it was my veins, it felt like a rush of testosterone that pushed me to convert a normal workout into a brutal one.... almost like seeing your blood when you are involved in a fight....  

I think the Skins line for girls is as good, but not many girls wear them at the gym..... the few who do, damn they look soooo hot!!    unfortunately they prefer to wear Lululemon,  which in my opinion is quite unflattering because it's not spandex but more cotton blend with some spandex.  But as you know, some girls are more influenced by what is in fashion, rather than what really looks good on them.Another reason why Skins for women has not taken off, is I think because Skins is more recognised as a "men's" brand...   So many sport codes here in Australia wear Skins,  and girls instinctively don't want to wear a brand of compression garments that feels too masculine to them.

Compression garments for me have become more than just clothing, it's actually equipment I use to maximise the results I want to achieve.I keep improving all my lifts,  it's true I have also undergone a big change in my diet thanks to a professional dietitian advise,  now I am below 10% body fat and can still afford small increments in weight,   but I also think that the clothing you wear has a lot to do.
I found an online retailer that sells Skins at very good prices,   much cheaper than bloody Rebel Sport,  I have bought from them over the last 2 years, and they provide a great service.   Not like REbel Sport, the last pants I bought from them were in lay bay (they are so dear)  and they were faulty!!      let me know if you are interested.

Ex_Member #13

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/08/2015 03:40:47Copy HTML

 For me the primary consideration is freedom. If I had my choice of what to wear, I would wear just Speedos and footwear, nothing else.

That's not permitted these days in gyms (it used to be!), so I wear the shortest shorts I can. A couple of times I have been warned by staff that my shorts were too short and my nuts were visible, so by now I know what I can get away with.

Normally I wear a thong underneath. On the odd occasion it will be speedo style swim briefs instead, mainly on days when I intend to visit the pool and/or sauna afterwards. I'm not confident that a thong would be accepted there.

Sleeveless tank top on the upper body.
lovemythong #14

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/08/2015 12:36:42Copy HTML

 I wear a leotard with lightweight short shorts with the inner lining cut out of them.  This makes for excellent freedom of movement and non intrusive clothing.  I have about 20 different coloured leotards in two leg heights, and about 6 different coloured pair of shorts, so I can therefore mix and match outfits as I please.  I used to wear the leotards on there own which was great, but unfortunately someone complained and I covered up by putting shorts on whilst still wearing my leotard.  I dare say that the person who originally complained years ago, has long since gone from my gym, but I'm still happy to wear my attire and enjoy working out to achieve the goal of looking good in my thongs on holiday and in my backyard.
Pantyhoseboi #15

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/08/2015 02:35:10Copy HTML

 I have been wanting to wear my running tights to the gym for a very long time, but could never manage the courage to do so. However, last night I threw caution to the wind and wore a pair of Lululemon black tights to Lifetime Athletics. 
I was beyond excited walking around with tights on and barely anyone gave me a second look. I also wore an Under Armour long sleeve top which sort of covered my bulge, but again no one seemed to notice me and I'm sure that had my bulge been more noticeable, nobody would have cared. 
This experience pretty much convinces me that men wearing tights at the gym is perfectly acceptable, as long as you focus on your training and don't act like a fool. 
As far as jogging outdoors with tights, that's completely normal ! You should not worry even one bit. 
njbob1949 #16

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/08/2015 02:48:53Copy HTML

 Most days, I wear spandex shorts with a thong underneath and a t-shirt. On the coldest days, when the temperature in the aerobic room is in the low 60's, I wear spandex leggings over the thong and a short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirt. The gym is co-ed. Almost all of the women wear spandex and about half of the men. Now that the weather is getting warmer (I hope), I will be moving outside where I will wear either spandex leggings or shorts, depending on the temperature.
thong_jock #17

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/08/2015 04:18:48Copy HTML

 Usually spandex tights with a spandex thong under, tshirt,  baseball hat and sneakers. Yesterday bi wore hi top chucks with my tights for leg day and I liked the look. Tights are definitely growing in popularity with men here in seattle but most guys wear loose shorts over them. I just wear the tights.
mack_back #18

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/08/2015 08:45:59Copy HTML

Glad you could wear what you wanted without any anxiety or feelings of awkwardness. Lululemon, no doubt.. huh?
As for feelings of others criticizing your appearance many woman enjoy seeing guys wearing tights. Some woman may differ and say so openly gross, eww, yuk. Ninety percent of the time when woman are exclusively grouped in the locker rooms talking about a guy, in tights, on the gym floor they admittedly love it, wishing more guys wear them. They also like seeing guys bulges in tights. If you feel not noticed wearing running tights at a gym believe me many do watch subtly, all while acting nonchalant.  
Pantyhoseboi #19

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/09/2015 11:06:31Copy HTML

  Thanks mack_back ! I will continue to wear my running tights at the gym ! Maybe one day I'll even get a compliment from one of the female members ! 
J_R_365 #20

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/09/2015 02:05:36Copy HTML

 Sometimes it can make a difference WHEN you wear them. I usually go to the gym mid-days, because it's less crowded then, and my semi-sheer tights get hardly any notice. One day, I was heading back to the locker room when the after-work crowd started arriving. So many seemed absolutely startled to see what I was wearing.

They should see me at the beach . . .
mack_back #21

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/09/2015 03:34:24Copy HTML

Pantyhoseboi your welcome. If you keep wearing Lululemon tights woman will notice but don't expect compliments all to often. Woman don't want to give impression of a crush of a stranger because the tight clothes he is wearing.  It sends a wrong message to the male and other females appears finding you normal guy that they hardly know. 

Compliments for me are mostly that, nothing more nothing less. Don't read into what someone says about me but sometimes it's a motivator for other males to take it as a hint making into a compliment as something more.. So when woman i have known or seen for awhile compliment me but soon after disappear never to be seen again. Only then afterwards i understand what that particular woman wanted from me, guess i'm dense that way..

Impressions on how you appear to others can be found by overhearing chatter amongst other members about you. You will figure out peoples opinions, body language about you quickly. You then will be educated on how to gauge peoples impressions about your clothes.. You can notice peoples long gazes, the stoic utter avoidance from divas wearing Lululemon and looking very hot, keeping you out of sight and out of mind. 
Today had couple hot perfectly fit blondes dressed in black tights laughing upon me being shocked at my unique attire at the gym. Grant it they were young early twenty's and very nice bodies, not fit, but model thin with really nice legs and butt. Anytime some young hot females workout together their will be some comments about my appearance. Would find it strange maybe more offensive when a woman ignores me almost going out of their way avoid looking at me. 

ShadowT #22

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/09/2015 06:32:44Copy HTML

I've been wearing 2XU bottoms for quite a while now, and found that they run big.  The first pair of leggings I bought were too big, but had more compression than my UA leggings.  I thought they were fine.  Going down a size made a HUGE difference though.  Almost everything else I buy is size Medium, but I've been wearing 2XU shorts and leggings in size Small.  Some are men's, some women's.  I'm not a fan of the underwear looking front on the men's bottoms, and the women's are slightly lower cut.  And they otherwise look the same; i.e. thin waist band, not a wide comfort band, no women's specific branding, etc...

2XU stuff has lasted forever for me.  I had one part of 2XU compression shorts that I wore nearly daily for a year, and they still have good compression; very comparable to the new pair I bought recently.  I only bought a 2nd pair due to the print/branding starting to wear off.  I have a 2XU tri-top that I love as well.  It fits me perfectly (well, it did in November), and it's not so long that it's a dress.  I would like to try Skins, but I'm not a fan of the underwear waistband on the A200, and I don't know about the backside on the A400.

I live in a VERY conservative area, and I have had zero problems.  I do generally wear fitted shirts, not compression, and my shirts cover my backside at least when I'm upright.  I've done a lot of running, cycling, and strength training, with no comments or odd looks.  I've spend nearly every minute of the last 3-4 months in the free weight area, where the testosterone runs highest; no problems at all.

FWIW, the only comment I have had was from one of the regulars I talk to.  He saw me come in from a run on a cold day, where I was wearing 2XU leggings, a long sleeve thermal compression top and a 2XU beanie.  He said I "...looked like some kind of super hero or something in that get up."
T_for_2 #23

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/09/2015 11:26:55Copy HTML

When I began going to gyms way back when, a lot of guys regularly wore compression shorts as did I. Over the years I purchased many such shorts, most but not all that were Nike and Rebok. I still have quite a few of these shorts that are in almost new condition and this is what I wear today. For shirts, I wear somewhat loose fitting tank tops in the warmer months and then transition to short and long sleeve T-shirts during the winter. I do have full length tights that I have worn for cycling and cross-country skiing, but I do not wear them in the gym.

I have found it interesting that a number of people have asked me where I got the Nike shorts and, of course, I have to tell them that they are very old and are no longer made. When questioned like this, I can't help but wonder that if brand name compression shorts were still available and commonly displayed in sporting goods stores, would more men wear them. Probably not, but who knows?

By the way, I have NEVER heard one negative comment or received any strange looks due to what I have worn (and still wear) to the gym.
pikeman #24

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/10/2015 12:05:08Copy HTML

 I wear only black spandex volleyball shorts and running shoes. Or Soffee nylon shorts. I usually wear a c-ring and frequently a thong as well. I exercise at 5AM, in our company facility  so am usually alone. Recently a couple of unfamiliar  younger Vietnamese guys have been showing up and although I think they were surprised at the brevity of my dress, they now exercise shirtless and don't even notice me. That is just fine with me.In the  8 years since I've been coming in early there have been very few people who arrive that early and none who have stuck with the early start time. It's like having my own private facility, but not not private enough to wear less. I've run on the treadmill in just my thong a few times, but it was over a holiday and I knew I'd be alone. Pete
Happy_Thonger #25

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/10/2015 01:28:49Copy HTML

Thanks everyone for sharing. Great to see everyone working out and looking after themselves. I must say that I have never had ANY issue with wearing compression gear to any gym, ever. Lots of other people wear it and those that dont, dont care about those that do. Get your sweat on and have a good time. Cheers! 
Chantelle4both #26

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/12/2015 02:28:51Copy HTML

 I love the variety of clothing I wear at the gym. It depends on the time of year, what gym I work out at, what mood I am in, and the type of workout I am doing that day. On some of the days that I am doing a weight routine, I'll just wear a pair of baggy running shorts or board shorts and a floppy t-shirt. If I am doing core or cardio, or feeling "frisky" - I'll wear a pair of Puma or Adidas, or Pearl Izumi 3/4 length tights with a running shirt. Outside, I really like the Roxy tights or the Lululemon Run Inspire crop. 
J_R_365 #27

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/13/2015 12:12:31Copy HTML

How do you convert the sizes? I was in a Luluemon store today, and the salespeople were quite clueless about what size women's tights would fit a 32 inch waist.
Pantyhoseboi #28

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/13/2015 10:51:21Copy HTML

 I have several Lululemon tights and Medium fits me perfect. I think they call it size 8. By the way, I'm 5'9" tall and weigh 175 pounds. But Lululemon also sells compression tights for men if you're too shy to buy the women's tights. 
Chantelle4both #29

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/13/2015 02:24:31Copy HTML

Good info P.H. Boi. Lulu just recently started selling men's 3/4 length tights. I hope that they will eventually get some interesting colours. Heck even a grey would be a start. I am 5'10" and 158 and the size 8 fits very well. When I am down to 150 for race season, I can size down to 6.
iloveum #30

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/15/2015 08:20:59Copy HTML

 Hi I am looking for some yoga pants, does anyone one know where i can buy cheek relief' pants( ot the tight fitting yoga pant around your butt.). My GF want some for working out.
Pantyhoseboi #31

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/15/2015 02:35:41Copy HTML

 Try Under Armour for that style. I have a pair that are tight around the butt however they are very loose around the legs
iloveum #32

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/16/2015 11:59:08Copy HTML

 Thanks for the reply. But i am looking from this type of pants that are tighter. Maybe I should be looking for the lycra legins.They really show off the butt..
Ex_Member #33

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/19/2015 09:58:10Copy HTML

Generally a N2N, Muscleskins or JS thong under tight footy shorts. Gets some good looks in the locker rooms. I actually know a few guys off spandexguys.com who train at my gym and they always train in lycra and are bulging.
Just recently bought some Skinz A200 Power Shorts in White and Black and train with them with a thong underneath.
RapidBlue #34

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/28/2015 09:47:14Copy HTML

 Yesterday I wore a pair of bright blue leopard print yoga pants in the gym for the first time. The response I got was amazing. I had five women tell me how great they wear and how good I looked in them. Two of them wanted to feel the material (I liked that one). Several other women smiled at me and afew just stared. I wore an enhancement pouch thong underneath, the effect was noticeable. Not one complaint, negative comment or disapproving look. I was there for two hours doing my thing. 
Pantyhoseboi #35

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:03/29/2015 03:03:02Copy HTML

 Well done Rapidblue !! 
mack_back #36

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:04/03/2015 07:40:57Copy HTML

Rapidblue i'm jealous, Lol, but it feels good doesn't it, with all these woman interested in what your wearing?
Wearing tights at the gym and finding woman responding favourably makes it much harder to maintain the high level of attention you receive at the gym.Was wearing for two straight weeks different style and new colored crop tights. Knew many members noticed what i had on each day, most notably the regulars who seen me often before.

While some days i gotten fun favorable reactions and long stares from woman what surprised me was from a male bodybuilder member. As i finished my workout walking in the locker room passing a few isles towards my cubicle locker. Two members sitting along the bench talking to one across another as i passed in-between them. Once i walked into my locker isle passing them both the one male suddenly called out OMG!, OMG!, while his friend asked whats wrong as they both seen me before in various tights. He exclaimed to the other that seeing me wear different colored leggings everyday and was blown away how many i own and wear to the gym.   
At that point i just stayed quite ignoring him as if he said something negative no point to address his opinion which many may share as well. Felt i had overdone wearing different leggings to the gym. Being only criticism is that i own to many and dress differently each visit to the gym. Often i hear wonder what he gonna wear today, as i get prepared to get dressed in the locker room.

What i see in the gym as far as woman dress in workout gear isn't that impressive. Saying that did notice one female wearing a superb unique style and color in leggings and tank top with very nice sneakers. Almost got jealous to my surprise and she didn't look all to bad, body symmetry wise. Than as i was looking over at her direction while i sat pausing she was wiping off her cardio equipment and turning her head staring back at me.
  Think this might be a stretch but the way she stared upon me, i thought she wanted approval what she had on. Only reason i say that many woman know what i wear to the gym and find it very nice, respecting me for my taste of style always looking back at approval response  if they wear something new. 
Yet both of us afraid to say or nod to give approval encouraging one another what we are wearing. I know if i say something to a female in incredible tights or wearing nice colored sneakers she will believe i'm hitting on her instead of being genuine, in love with her appearance. So to woman understand i like wearing their clothes and complimenting me may turn awkward maybe feeling they slighted me or find it wrong for guy to wear that. Suppose woman feel talking to a guy about clothes she wears and likes to wear also maybe embarrassing or emasculating for me only because others can overhear. Even when some woman goes overboard complimenting my body directly to me, others laugh, or roll their eyes saying ugh, overhearing.
Can you imagine having a conversation with a female discussing what thong underwear is best and comfortable to wear. Suppose woman aren't ready to say hey, i love your clothes it looks so cute on you, where did you get it? Somehow or someway woman find it to feminizing or emasculating if those are the right words to discuss likes or dislikes, trends in fashion or what i'm wearing as a male.  Yet i see the gleeful smiles woman talking to each other about me having one passing along questions to the other later to be discussed with me. 

Such as where does he buy his clothes? Does he have some special source i can tap into? What does he do for a living affording to buy all those workout crop leggings? What store did he find what he's wearing? Where can i buy a top like that for my husband, what sizes does it come in? If he ever wants to sell his clothes let me know i will buy it? So did you talk to him figure out his deal? What does he wear under those tights, some sort of thong leotard or a jock, hee hee..?
RapidBlue #37

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:04/03/2015 08:40:00Copy HTML

 I have been going to this gym for years. They all know me. And I am friendly to everyone, saying hi, smiling, talking a little, etc.they have seen me in clothing that no other man wears to the gym, a bit fashion forward. The result is I get asked by the women where did I buy this or that, How did I find this item or that piece, and where can I get that or something like that. The new women in the gym even come up to me and I have made some great friends. I have had some discussions about what I wear under my yoga pants. Mostly the comments are positive, fun and flirty. Of course it probably helps that I am a big flirt. More than anything though it is the smile and being friendly that helps. If I see someone staring I smile and nod or go and talk. And yes there are times I know exactly where the eyes are falling. No big deal, it is only a problem if I make it one. 
SixDelta #38

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:04/04/2015 07:09:44Copy HTML

 They seem to be discontinued now but if you can find them, I highly recommend Under Armour Women's Ultra 2" compression shorts. I hate men's compression shorts, the inseam is always way too long and no rear seam which is an unflattering look on the backside imo. The Ultra 2" have a great inseam length to let you show off some thigh, a rear seam that hugs and flatters your ass, and no front seam to split your package. Looks like the closest thing they've got to that on their website now is the Women's React 3" Volleyball shorts. Looks about the same except with a wider waistband and the inseam of course is 1" longer.
AVBW21 #39

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:04/08/2015 06:50:43Copy HTML

I've been going to the same yoga studio for many years. Skinzwear A18 tights are all my favourite, one day a girl around 30 (I'm 36 btw) talked to me while waiting for the elevator and discussed about other classmates doing tremendous moves and the conversation moved on. She asked my name and noticed my colourful tights choices for a long time, and actually I really did not recognise her face. We talked about colours of the gym wear and how I dislike black. It felt great and we chat for about 5 minutes as we were leaving the building. It just felt very normal and she had no negative comments about that. And while I was talking and walking with her, I was wearing a tight black top and Rufskin blue shiny running tights. If seeing from behind, my thong outline was probably showing. So this confirms that, just wear what u like, and screw them !
mack_back #40

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:04/11/2015 04:35:59Copy HTML

 My recent reactions from a female seeing me wear tights always kept staring upon me asking her boyfriend.  He gave his opinion or assumptions while she commented should I ask him, (meaning me).While I worked out I focused on my exercises ignoring her intrigued about my bulge. While I got frustrated hearing her and boyfriend talk about me it motivated to workout faster and get out of their. 
Suppose that's the price to pay wearing tights woman want to see evidence or intrigued all to much about a guys bulge. While I know woman notice any male wearing tights at the gym most try to ignore me as or mind their business. Just sometimes woman can't ignore a certain body part no matter how many times they see me. Luckily I don't get asked about my bulge only overhear some curious talking about it. Never do I make eye contact and initiate the topic when comments are made of me. Seems woman are afraid to walk up to me and discuss my bulge suddenly. Rather than talk out loud to another hoping I overhear and react so they can breach the topic of my bulge. 
Good grief, will some woman just become more mature or are some just like that?

Another question I'm curious is, anyone find what you wore in the gym recognized some place else? 
Happens to me from time to time. People I don't know or recognize start to comment that they recognize me from the gym. Often I hear, "it's him!", while they explain to someone other then me about my unique style of clothes I wear. Funny to overhear someone being shocked seeing me ,other then inside the gym wearing leggings. Most times I can't recognize the person only hearing and watching their expressions of surprise. Even better when I'm at church someone comments to another about me. Lol.....

iluvthongs582 #41

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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 i usually wear victoria's secret pink yoga thongs to the gym. they usually keep everything in place while i work out. don't know for sure if people have seen my whaletail nor do i care really.
iluvthongs582 #42

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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 oops. meant to say i wear them under a pair of red sox gym shorts and a workout shirt. while it'd be fine with me to just workout in just a thong, pretty sure id get kicked out. lol
mack_back #43

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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Difficult to show my whale tail when wearing a thong at the gym. Everything fits so perfectly always never had I shown my thong. Although do notice sometimes when wearing thinner Lycra material leggings the outline of the seamless thong can be recognized. After stretching out and my shirt or tank top rides up, I went to wipe off some gym equipment ripping off some paper. My thong  outline was evident  seen through my thin tight material and standing working out behind me was a woman doing some cardio on elliptical machine. Although I could see slightly in my periferal vision she hummed and Hodd while looking upon it. Didn't notice it until later that my thong outline can be deserned from the back. 
Although do see a woman wear seamless leggings which are semi sheer. She wears a long top covering her entire hip but times I noticed she ain't wearing a single thong or panty underneath. Oh ya! Like that look, brave woman.
Only worried that someone may recognize my waistband rear logo of lululemon while trying to cover it up. So it's difficult to ever come close showing any whaletail. Now I don't care to coverup the waistband logo because woman seeing me assume their lululemon crops tights anyway. So yah, sometimes it might happen showing off my whaletail. Although some tights I wear become slightly sheer from the stretch at the crotch. I can see the color of my thong through some thin tights I worn. Do see woman look and notice if it's other then black on black, while at times wearing a hot pink colored thong. 
Chantelle4both #44

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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 Not alll that long ago (2.5 years) a copany that makes men's underwear C1N2 made a great thin lycra tight in blue and in orange - I bought them both. They now have revised the products and a similar tight is being sold as their "GRIP baseball pant" something for you to Google. Don't get too distracted by the models, however.
Seam_Stress #45

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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 I stopped going to the gym, my workouts now are cycling on the road, or running on the treadmill and handweights in my building's fitness room.  It serves well enough and is much cheaper.  I still go to the pool sometimes.

For what I wear, winter is over, which sucks here in Taiwan.  It means no more catsuits for riding and running, it's too warm anymore.  I wore catsuits to the gym when I went, but some uptight types couldn't deal with it - tights and a loose shirt they say nothing, but some stick their noses in where they're unwelcome (and then they get cut off...).

As it gets warmer, I stick to tights on the bottom half and compression shirts for the top half.  For all intents and purposes, it still looks like a catsuit but is much lighter.  While running, it's always tights with a thong underneath, not often when riding.  My choices of prints is getting louder (more zebras/animal, louder colours) as I come out more and started transitioning.

I saw a comment somewhere (here? another site?) about wearing a "borat" style slingshot underwear beneath tights.  I'm looking into buying one or two.  Thong briefs feel great, but I'm always willing to try new things.
mack_back #46

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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Chantelle4both don't see how anyone can wear them alone at the gym being their meant as base layer underwear.  They may keep everything covered like Under Armour or Nike men's base layers, the fabric is to flimsy and thin to fit well. What i mean to say, they loosen up not keeping their shape in areas where fitted fabric needs to be taught.

Don't think anyone would care if you wore those or other similar brand of base layer tights in a gym or out running as outer layer. Anytime i see someone wearing such base layer tights or shorts alone it looks strange to me. 

Suppose their is enough brands and styles of tights out their that base layers not needed to be worn as outer layers. Although many my nike compression tops are meant as base layer clothes but i wear them as outer layer as others do as well.  

My opinion is never wear base layers as a rule for myself. Even the 2XU tights for men with the double seam front at the crotch looks to familiar to base layer clothing so i bought the woman's style with center seam up front and lower rise. Don't need people talking or commenting that i'm a guy that wears his underwear to the gym, being i have the female manager keeping a close eye what i wear if it looks suitable as she works out near me.

Quick story, recently at the gym seen many females watching me all to carefully or unusually closely what i was wearing, female colorful snakeskin skin crop tights. Although i wore these crop tights before hearing some female associates yell out, Oh WOW! 
 These two woman seen me before, always beginning to comment what i wear or appear. As i setup on a bench with my towel and weights beside them i heard one say, "we look gay compared to him, (giggling both agreeing, i know)". These woman attired had on tight leggings one in cranberry red other in light heather grey and  racerback tank tops. I just thought to myself, gezz why can't these woman shut up and mind their business, always making a sly remark or opinions about my gym clothes. Past comments i heard from these females, my clothes are so bright them needing sunglasses, or asking themselves he sure likes wearing bright colors. 

Funniest part is many females seeing me beginning to copy my gym gear choice and color pallete, even wearing same brand color leggings i've worn before. Maybe because it's spring and coincidence woman buying more colorful clothes to wear then drab black that is often seen..  Particularly these two females which have the close ear of the female gym manager, seeing me wear cranberry/bumble berry colored Lululemon wunder under leggings have gone off buying the same in crop form. Suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

 Yet many just watch me saying nothing almost having tunnel vision, startling stares, glancing, pausing noticing me from a far, even though they seen me often for years wearing similar tights and compression tops. Just get a kick out of one particular female angered-jealous what i wear in the gym but always stunned noticing me in something new or she never seen wearing ever before. Amusing how she discusses with her husband getting worked up of my particular crops i wear. Even though her husband doesn't care or want to hear it, to me it's seems she gets upset because she is envious and wanting to be the center of attention in the gym.  

When i got off the stationary bike wearing my under armour crop heather grey crop tights and mellow yellow tank top seen a female trainer and her female client watching me, taking a break between exercises behind me. As i was taking the time to wipe off the bike with the gyms paper towels they two were discussing me. Didn't hear them but the way they stared i knew it had to be about me. While i had my crop light grey tights waistband folded up giving me exceptional wedgie and tank top barely covered my assets, i knew something about me had to be discussed by the two ladies. Be it about my tights, sweat soaked thong outline, separated glutes wedgie, bulge, or my entire lean body. When sitting on the bike for half hour it gave me a perspiration stain glutes and thong outline to go along with the extreme wedgie. With the female trainers slight smile watching me walk in light heather grey crop tights, to and fro the paper towel dispenser and bike i knew what they must of been talking about, all awhile staring back at them all along. The client seemed to be talking while the trainer smiling nodding in agreement.  

Even some woman ignore me seemingly not interested what i'm wearing or care. Then days or weeks ahead  see one incredibly fit honey wear some cheap ebay new biege snake skin leggings. She tries to hide her emotions as i notice what she has on, but she has a slight satisfaction expressed by her demeanour. Almost wanted to complement her attempt for being so bold and looking superb.  Noticed her apparently ignoring me like someone who maybe angry.  While i closely observing her workout regime she followed some exercises and equipment i was using immediately after i was done. Yet throughout it looked she didn't look concerned noticing me or care but she really hides things well.

Poimbeach #47

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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 Has anyone tried the mesh Capri yoga/jogging pants from Alliexpress? I ordered some in hopes to wear the the gym. I am pretty sure I will have to wear my thong under or more because they look to be pretty see thru. Should make for interesting work out tights. They look to be pretty cool. Should be great for jogging.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #48

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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 Are you referring to these?

I got two pair delivered last week.  I got the gray with orange, and the navy with  red.  I was thinking of wearing them to Bikram yoga.  They are single layer and pretty thin.  At first you can't tell but you can definitely see butt crack through them.  They also sit real low.  I've got a medium and they are skin tight.  I tried them on with a low rise thong and you can see everything.   I think I'm going to have to wear the Joe Snyder bulge thong with them because the top of the thong meets the top of the pants.  Also since they are tight and then the bulge in the thong looks great in them.  As far as wearing them to the gym, I don't know.  I got told not to wear my JS Kini at the pool so those pants may get me thrown out of the gym.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #49

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

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 I just ordered the light blue , yellow and purple.  For $10 each they are cheaper than thongs.
Chantelle4both #50

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:05/31/2015 03:07:58Copy HTML

 Those look pretty cool, just wish they were a bit longer.
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