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Beached_Santa_Cruz #51

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:05/31/2015 07:14:46Copy HTML

 I've uploaded 3 pictures, first two I have a Joe Snyder thong on.   The last a thong/rio.  You can see how thin they are.  There is a contrast panel in the front so the idea is you go commando in these.  There isn't any elastic on the front panel so if you're on the large size it may fall out from behind the panel.
Poimbeach #52

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:05/31/2015 07:46:25Copy HTML

 I saw the photos that you uploaded. They do look pretty thin. I may have to rethink wearing them to the gym but we will see. They look like they would be pretty comfortable for running. I don't think you would break much of a sweat
Beached_Santa_Cruz #53

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/01/2015 03:19:43Copy HTML

 I wore the gray pair hiking today. If you don't have anything on under them they do not appear the thin. 

Update 7/19.   I've worn the navy blue and the gray pair to bikram yoga.  They work great.  I don't wear anything under them but the contrast front panel which is pretty small does show through so it doesn't look like my genitals are uncovered.  
iowaboi65 #54

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/01/2015 01:21:37Copy HTML

 just started gettin in shape and our community ceter has a med size gym treadmills and the spinning bikes , have been wearing my sweats over my spandex shorts not wanting immediate attention.went in this weekend did my stretching then a lil cardio on a treadmil there was a few people there by the time i got ready to hit the weight machines had a lady who is kinda chunky but really cute couple housewives who was just showing off .i got a machine behind the girls nothing like jiggling asses to help the motivation i decided today i would lose the sweat pants and see if they would notice my thong under those skintight shorts.
Must have worked the bigger gal almost mistepped and fell on the stair climber the others were looking under thier arms watching me bend over getting weights set for lat pulldows thier tempo had slowed and were just staring no.i finished and moved over to another for butter flys and benching by now my @@@@@@ has swelled some pointing upwards due to the positioning in my thong.one gal left to use the bath room when she returned she stopped by her bacg for a bit i noticeed she ha rolled the waist band down ?Didnt take long to figure out why, as they got down on the yoga mats her pants were totally see thru fuck i was gettin pretty hard watching her spread her legs , then out of no where the chunky gal came over and tried doing the lat machine , struggling she leaned over and asked if i could help her sheb said i looked well versed in using the equipment so i said sure had her stand up and grab the bar staning behind herand then she backed the crack of her ass against my harding @@@@@@.she said mmmyou feel so strong well the others left and she and i exersised the rest of the day.when we were getting ready to leave she gave me a hug and ground her pubic bone into my @@@@@@ saying she wants to work the muscle in her ass next time i grinned and said ifinnd it quite appealing to both the eye and touch and would be honored to help her work that muscle in her ass she grinned and said im holding you to it!
mack_back #55

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/01/2015 05:59:51Copy HTML

 Ioaboi65 hear your experience and kuddos to you to brave wearing spandex. True woman respond seeing a man wrapped in lycra intrigued seeing our bulge. Have similar stories seeing hot red head in gray tights often showing her ass busy on her phone to standby me until i recognize her presence. Now she comes alone without her boyfriend to the gym. Yet i try not flirting unlike you at the gym. Although i do see how woman stare and notice me as well.

 Often i change the tables using the cardio equipment steper to show my butt. Unlike some woman i show off  without covering my assets. Do feel i need to be careful with lustful woman focused on specific body part of mine. Keep doing what you do looks like your having fun as well woman with you. Hope i never get arroused like you at the gym because it will be impossible to hide it. Although i talked to woman that not just want to grind upon my bulge while i spot them doing weights. Some just want to grab it and put their lips around it. While tey bent over or on their knees as i stand over watching their big grinning smiles tapping their hand along my thigh or lower pelvis as they stand up. 
Often their is a sexual nature and positioning in working out with the ladies. When a woman bent over has her ass out and looked terrific luckily she had on loose baggy pants otherwise my mind was racing with sexual thoughts. Doubt i could contro myself of what i was imagining doing to her. Yet i knew she recognized what i was thinking at her positioning and me behind her very closely.Fun to watch females uneasness and awkwardness looking directly upon my bulge. Even under the very nose of their boyfriends looking at my bulge in tight leggings. Nobody says anything but i'm sure the womans minds are racing observing me workout. Recently the female manager of the gym worked out beside and behind me with none around. While i acted preoccupied i noticed her tunnel vision stares sitting on equipment just gazing upon my entire body. If any complaints about me what i wear or look she had up close front seat having a opportunity voicing an opinion seeing me in all splendour my tights could ever show, if you know what i mean. While she finished before me leaving i know some way she liked how my body looks. The manager may not like my female gender clothes suitable for a male to wrar but primitive desires of me have to tingle her  bit if she admitts it or not.  
AVBW21 #56

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/02/2015 03:08:23Copy HTML

I regularly wear Skinz crop tights to gym with light colours. Tops I wear are not long, bulge could be seen from the front and thong line from the back. I cannot confirm if women would check my presence of thong line, they won't  even imagine there is a man who is wearing thong underneath just walking pass them, except my yoga teachers that have been meeting me for long. Some of them will come around frequently to my back to have a look. But one I can say is that girl do really check my bulge. They will directly look my crotch area for half a second, then they will look into my eyes to see if I know she's looking. Usually when they catch my look, they will look away immediately. And I really enjoy this.Please take a look at my photos wearing Skinz A18 tights. Apart from going to the gym, I also wear those when I travel by plane. They are very comfy and I really understand when girls like wearing yoga pants to wander around. 
iowaboi65 #57

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/02/2015 12:13:26Copy HTML

 luckily i have built a good relationship with this woman we have had a few chats about the others who come there like the one she is a huge tease.guess she gets off wearing the sheer yoga pants and removing her panties then comes back in and does yoga moves because her pants are so sheer you can see everything fairly clearl,my friend just has one of those asses you cant but look  at and like i said she is a little bit bigger but relly cute and very sweet i let her make the first move.Last night i wore a pair that is cotton spandex a lot cooler but the nylon spandex feels as if it holds you better like a jock strap .and doesnt loose shape or strech out like the cotton blend,butthe most comfortable ones i have are string side micro fiber ones from under gear and i will check out your pics can check out my profile if you like send a friend request! 
mack_back #58

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/02/2015 03:00:19Copy HTML

What I could tell you is woman sometimes tease us guys wearing tights. One woman who like your friend has a big butt that likes to show it off. Guys make comments such as, it's her she likes wearing those pants knowing every guy is looking at her ass. She overheard the comments and began to smile enjoying it. One day I noticed she wore dark toned tights, starting very navy blue along the ankles, shins and lighter around the knees and thighs. Once along the hips and ass they look sheer but it's only illusion of the color tone, but it is very striking and purposeful to walk in the gym getting the attention. 

Recently had a young couple walking passed me the girl wearing tight short shorts. She never noticed me saying, oh no, is there any underwear that can hide it. While the boyfriend answered I don't know. She was referring to my bulge guessing didn't like me showing it off. Get a lot of it people thinking or trying to figure out what I'm wearing underneath my tights. Like this girl she couldn't possibly believe I could be wearing a seamless thong holding everything neat and tidy. Some woman want to ask what I wear underneath but to shy to confront me. Only guys in the looker room seeing me in a thong tell the woman what I wear. Now that she knows she stays further away and less intrigued. 
ozarkG #59

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/05/2015 04:41:39Copy HTML

 I always start with a thong, then some sort of compression short, and then either a short loose fitting t-shirt material short or a short loose pair of swim trunks. Ill hit the pool afterwards and ditch the compression shorts then into the water with a thong and the shortest swim trunks i can find in the smallest size i can fit in to keep them a short as possible. My gym is in a community center so the} dont allow thongs i, the pool becàuse of all the kids. I<e checked the centers pool regs but havent found any{ing regarding swim wear.
Baphomet1003 #60

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/07/2015 04:35:01Copy HTML

I usually wear g-strings under my uniform in the gym (dojo) and it does show on the side as shown on this picture. https://www.flickr.com/gp/44155604@N07/SZ6E02
britneyr #61

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/09/2015 09:52:40Copy HTML

 I usually wear yoga pants or shorts and some sort of a tight tank too.  For undies it's always a thong and usually a sports bra.
Ex_Member #62

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/11/2015 02:57:34Copy HTML

Spandex pants and thong. Usually a sports thong..women's.
aunaturel #63

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:06/11/2015 11:04:41Copy HTML

 Gym??  Yuck!
bbjuk #64

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:09/26/2015 04:01:58Copy HTML

 Usually 3/4 length running tights (full length in colder months) and a wicking top. Always wear a thong underneath to avoid a panty line. Tights v common with women at my gym, less so men but never any issues.For yoga I wear full length nike baselayer compression tights and a longsleeve top - the tights are probably meant to be worn under something but never had any complaints. When I bend over in these you can tell I'm wearing a thong.And to swim? The skimpiest briefs I think I can get away with!
shaved4ts #65

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:05/18/2016 10:01:39Copy HTML

Forgot my gym clothes today.  I got a call from my workout partner (my daughter) to let me know she was going to have to change the workout time since her shift ended later than she thought.  I told her of my problem and that unless she could go by my apt to get my clothes, I wouldn't be able to go.  To my dismay, she said she wouldn't have time to go that far and we could just go tomorrow.  About 4 hours later, I got a call and she was at my place and standing in my closet.  She asked what I needed and I listed out the usual:  gym shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, etc.  We made small talk while she was getting them together for me.  She knows I go commando a lot of the time but I don't like working out that way.  She also knows my preferred type of underwear to workout in is a thong.  So, just as "a matter of fact" as she could, she paused mid small talk conversation and asked, "Did you wear underwear today?  Do you need me to bring you some too?"  (I'm normally not embarrassed about my choice ... or lack of... underwear when it comes to her but for some reason I was speechless. We've talked openly about each other's similar preference to be commando and followed second by thongs.  When she lived at home, she saw her mother and I both in thongs from time to time.)  My response was more of, "Ummmm, errr...."  She picked back up with her though process and I could hear my chest of drawers open in the background and I knew she was looking through my uw drawer.  I imagined her holding the phone between her ear and shoulder as she sifted through the different pairs waiting on a response from me- still talking.  Story pause - my drawer has everything from boxers, to boxer briefs, bikinis, string bikinis, and thongs.  Back to story - I replied with, "yeah, I need some please."  Before I answer further she said, "Okay.  I only see boxe...never mind, I found a pair of thongs.  Are the blue ones okay?  Or do you want these striped ones?  Or these black ones?"  Sensing she was now just pulling thong after thong out I said, "the striped ones are fine."  She came back with, "better not.  I grabbed your silver mesh basketball shorts so the stripes will show through and that won't be good.  I'm going to bring the light orange ones. Need anything else?"  and with that I heard the drawer shut.   "Nope, that's it."  She met me after work and I changed before we headed to the gym.  No other words were spoken about it.  Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary.  Just like talking about the weather outside.  LOL
johny_b #66

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:05/18/2016 10:35:37Copy HTML

 i usually wear short spandex shorts with a spandex tank top
JM_Runs #67

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:05/19/2016 12:01:36Copy HTML

 I always wear spandex. Usually tights and a tank top. I can't stand loose clothes on me when I'm working out and sweating. In yoga I wear short spandex yoga shorts...nothing else. 
HappyThonger #68

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:05/24/2016 07:35:29Copy HTML

 I wear a pair of N2N Tritech Split Shorts, They are cut high on the sides to reveal plenty of Leg, and can be worn with a thong or nothing at all.
RapidBlue #69

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:05/24/2016 08:57:35Copy HTML

 Spandex yoga pants that cling to my body with a thong under and a c-ring is my most common look in the gym. Usually I have a compression shirt or something that hugs my frame on top. I have had plenty of positive comments and several long stares  and smiles while in the gym.
VegasThong702 #70

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:07/12/2018 06:32:07Copy HTML

Check out my video. This is what I wear to the gym.
tobias5711 #71

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:07/12/2018 08:42:26Copy HTML

You are a very handsome man with a great  body, ass and legs. Your videos are hot, you should never wear more than a thong or g-string
ThingThong #72

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:10/09/2018 02:50:28Copy HTML

I wear black leggings and a black sleeved leotard to the gym.
Like in this picture but all black:

Sometimes I worry that I am pushing the envelope a bit too far with this outfit. I do not want to make others at the gym feel uncomfortable by my presence. I am not acting creepy or anything, I behave normal. So it is just my outfit not my actions that may be creeping people out. But I hope not.

minimalist75 #73

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:10/14/2018 12:33:32Copy HTML

Moderate length gym shorts, open side tank top, shoes, socks, no underwear.
pikeman #74

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:10/22/2018 02:16:18Copy HTML

Running shorts; 2 inch inseam, lightweight trainers and tank top. Essentially hot weather running gear. And I appear to be an outlier! For the most part, the men, who are younger and in apparently better shape, are overdressed. Dork (board) shorts, long-sleeved shirts, trousers even! WTF?? So now I'm the "short shorts guy". I do not understand. It's not cold - constant 68f. Exercise for me is an effort that results in heavy perspiration. I work at it and get sweaty and need the lighter clothing to be comfortable. All I can come up with is that they're just not really into it. Nor serious. I spend 90 minutes and am gone. No time or interest in prolonging it.
Mary0826 #75

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:10/23/2018 10:28:12Copy HTML

PIKEMAN -- For me, 68f is the start of thonging temperatures. I do go out sometimes in cooler weather, but only if it is sunny and not windy. There is a guy who goes to the gym I sometimes go to and he is into calf-length running tights (usually thin and made of light-weight material and somewhat see-thru). He wears this with a T-shirt often cut down into an open-side tank. He wears his tights everywhere in the gym, but sheds his top when he can get away with less. When he uses the pool, he just wears his tights in. They show quite a lot when they get wet. He has a nice looking bulge and keeps it laying straight up the front. He keeps his shirts short enough that he is always "on display". I have only seen him a few times in true swimwear. Never board shorts, but Japanese style bikinis and twice thongs. He treats all clothing he wears swimming the same -- as swimwear and I have never seen him get any flack for his selections. I have tried to encourage him to wear his thongs more, but he seems to only want to wear them outside, where it is hot, he suns his buns and seems to get a lot of attention from the girls.
Martylouie #76

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:10/23/2018 12:30:07Copy HTML

Mary, Did you invite him to join this board? It can be a good icebreaker.
ThingThong #77

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:02/21/2019 01:39:19Copy HTML

I wear black leggings and a black sleeved leotard to the gym.
Like in this picture but all black:
Sometimes I worry that I am pushing the envelope a bit too far with this outfit. I do not want to make others at the gym feel uncomfortable by my presence. I am not acting creepy or anything, I behave normal. So it is just my outfit not my actions that may be creeping people out. But I hope not.

I have been wearing this outfit for a while now and it has been no problem.
Guys tend to look at my face and up. Women tend to look at my face and down, they also tend to sneak peek at me when they think that I am not looking. Guys don’t do that.
So, for me I would say that this outfit is working very well, I like it. It is comfortable and make the workout a lot more fun.
If the album feature start working, I will post some photos of me at the gym.

thonguk #78

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:02/22/2019 09:57:25Copy HTML

ThingThong: when at the gym, do you wear the thong leotard over the leggings like in the link, or do you put the thong leotard on under the leggings?
ThingThong #79

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:02/22/2019 02:26:13Copy HTML

I wear the thong leotard over the leggings just like in the link. But my leggings are black so the contrast are much less then in the link.
mark777 #80

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:02/23/2019 01:41:53Copy HTML

I wear a variety of shorts at the gym. I have pair of tights that go above the knee and no underwear. I love how it outlines my bulge. I also have worn 2 in inseam black shorts that are fairly loose. I have to make sure I don't open my legs too wide or it may show my junk a little. Sure I get looks. It is interesting to see how many guys take a double look. The females of course are more subtle about looking.
mack_back #81

Re:What do you wear in the gym?

Date Posted:02/23/2019 07:11:05Copy HTML

Mark777: Know what you mean about spreading your legs when wearing short inseam short shorts. Had mishap once never happened to me before. Was stretching one leg in front bent while the other back allawhile holding my balance with my hands on the gym floor. Was hot humid day while the AC in the gym wasn't turned on enough making it hotter. Being all sweaty afer my workout i felt my bulge begin to move while stretching. Thought nothing of it seeing the short shorts had inner lining and i was wearing tight fitted thong. Not a chance that my boys would attempt to move out of the shorts or thong, wrong! Before i realized my entire package came flopping out. Seen this attractive young female trainer take glances as i was nearby. Once my package was out i quickly stuffed it into my shorts and thong and sat down looking if anyone noticed. Had couple walking behnd me and the husband laughed to his wife about something but she seemed not to happy for whatever reason. Few woman further away didn't seem to look my direction all concerntrating on there own thing, While the female trainer was intense concentrating on her client never glanced my way once, which seemed paculiar, didn't know if she seen it or not. 

About a week later the same attractive female trainer had to stop me to chat telling me i had nice body, she liked very much, with cheeky smile. Suddenly i thought man she had to see my mishap for sure, but didn't want to stare me noticing..

Often i observe a older mid age couple, asian wife always wartching me with sly smile when i stretch in short shorts. She makes comments to her husband when i'm close by telling him, look what he is doing, flaunting his bulge to unsuspecting young ladies around him. Seing some females lay there mats near me to stretch. While my legs are spread apart sometimes some of my shorter inseam short shorts 1.5" tends to gap and show my testicle from one side. Believe the asian lady notices my gap in shorts shorts between my legs  looking in the mirror while i stretch enjoying females surprised reactions or obvious stares upon me. Often woman packing away leaving take a last glimse upon the gap between my legs showing either the colour of my thong or partial testicle looking all wide eyed. The  asian married woman smiles to herself thinking i enjoy it having woman looking at it being such exhibitionist. 

Once had married female friend of mine help stretch the asian married woman legs apart while i came passing by. My female friend began to laugh telling me i should help out but the image of them looked all to sexual for male like me to lend helping hand. She was laying on her back legs high above and apart while my friend was leaning her entire body on inner leg while holding the other apart.  Yet from the reaction of the married asian woman she wouldn't mind at all, we all began to laugh together. Hearing that the asian woman was her first attempt wearing leggings to the gym feeling her legs tighten up needing assistance. Only thing i could say was to my female friend make a wish, yet i knew both told me  i should help. At the same time seen the husband of the asian woman leaving telling them both he should be doing that to her. Reply from them was he can't do it anymore, gets tired easily, doesn't have enough stamina we need young guy like you, both laughing at the sexual innuedo it sounded for both.

 Notably wearing leggings over a seamless thong my bulge is evident in shape size and outline not surprising some woman like to chat about nothing so they can enjoy the view up close and personal. 

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