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Date Posted:08/16/2003 11:08:06Copy HTML

Just wondering what everyone here wears to work? Do you thong at work as well? Do you wear something that will not be obvious and let others know, or do you purposefully try to let them know?I like to know that if I have to be a little more conservative/casual at work that I can be myself underneath, a little more wild! Nothing like wearing a nice tight velvet or see through mesh or a y-back jock style under the shirt, pants, and sometimes tie!
ukthonger #1

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/16/2003 11:59:22Copy HTML

Reply to : tight-thong

You'll always find me in a thong or g-string or some other equally minimal underwear at work.  I'm work in the City of London where sober suits are worn pretty much everywhere in most banks and institutions including the bank i work for.  Wearing a tiny hom fredy thong, or a 2xist y-back or even sometimes a g-string gives me a nice thrill.  The contrast between very sexy underwear and sober traditional outerwear is quite thrilling!

I just wish more guys wore nice skimpy gear!


nicthong #2

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/17/2003 01:47:59Copy HTML

Well, I'm always wearing a thong anyway so naturally I wear one to the office. However, as one of only a select few (and one of two owners of the business), there are times I'm the only one in the office and on occasion I've just worn a Dore VLC! I'm sure there have been times with others around that either a thong line has been seen or the thong itself has been seen above my waistband (we have a casual clothing policy so I'm often in low-rise jeans). Do I purposefully show my thong? No. I'm aware that it might be seen but I don't wear them to show them off - I wear them for comfort... primarily!
showoffmark #3

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/18/2003 12:58:20Copy HTML

I almost always wear a thong. I started wearing them regularly last January and now I have to really need to do laundry before I will wear even bikini briefs again. I love the feeling of my trousers moving against my cheeks. I never liked boxers as they don't hold my package in place but I always liked the free flowingness of the fabric. Now I get that feeling from wearing a thong. Plus, some of the thongs almost feel as if someone is holding onto me. Truly a nice helping hand. My favorite thongs are the micro fibre ones from Luk. soft, stretchy and sleek looking.
kgagne #4

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/19/2003 02:01:54Copy HTML

I've worn them exclusivley for years now. However there are times that i'll double bag with a boxer brief to  prevent chaffy'ing.  I do a lot of walking at my job and sometime work 11 hour days.  I have to wear slacks instead of jeans.
Kolbesthongs #5

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/23/2003 04:04:57Copy HTML

Reply to : ukthonger

thanks to all the guys on my soccer team in college, they got me addicted to Thong underwear and g-strings.  That's all I really ever wear.  At the gym, in the locker room, work, to the bars, just about anyware.  Co-workers, friends and fam all know I wear them -especially at the pool at my condo and under my low-rise jeans.  Compliments  keep coming. 
tight-thong #6

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/23/2003 08:33:54Copy HTML

Wow kolbesthongs, you seemed to have lucked out in getting comfortable in public in thongs early on!  Lots of good experiences under your belt, or should I say thong!  That's great that you can tan in a thong at your condo.  And who would have though that a bunch of soccer players would be in  thongs....pretty cool.  I bet you lots of sports guys really wear them but won't admit it, claiming to wear them just for games or workouts.  Maybe I should have taken up soccer just for that!!!
Ex_Member #7

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/28/2003 11:44:58Copy HTML

I wear thongs all the time so i definitely wear them to work.some people know i wear thongs but they bever give me a problem. others have no idea and i just go on with my work. occasionally i try to ware a long shirt so that no one can see my thong peeking out from my pants but i try not to show them to anyone anyway except when i'm off work or it slips out from my pants in front of a close friend

thongerfr #8

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/17/2003 06:25:08Copy HTML

I'm new to th board ,& happy to find such a board !  

I'm wearing thongs at work because i'm wearing nothing else than thongs. I'm wearing  suit & tie: i like the idea of wearing such sexy uw under such sober clothes ! I don't think i show or hide my thong especially but fridays are friday wear in my company & those days i wear slacks or jeans with a T-shirt that are a bit low cut: i think that sometimes ( when i kneele for example) my thong appear. Never heard any comments.

Nice to be a member of this board !   

Thong_Jeeper #9

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/23/2003 12:24:12Copy HTML

Thongs and nothing but, no matter where I go <except the beach>.

I'm not a big beach goer, so that's not an issue. I *personally* don't feel that thongs are a viable beach decision for me even if I was built like Schwarzenegger. I'm more of a "safari short" sorta guy as far as outerwear goes <no, not dork shorts or board shorts-- the kind like the Crocodile hunter fellow wears>.

Anywho: I am lucky enough not to _have_ to wear dress clothes to work- I wear jeans mostly. If you've ever worn jeans commando, you know it's no fun. Abrasion, anyone? But in the heat of the South, even bikinis are a little too much, making your nether regions more than a bit humid after a short while. Thongs are perfect!
sebastianspencer #10

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/28/2003 05:54:32Copy HTML

I always wear thongs, no matter where I'm going, so I thong to work too.  Our attire is casual.  We can dress up or wear jeans.  Our GM and our President have even worn shorts on days they have golf.  I usually wear jeans or khakis, since I occasionally have to go to our warehouse to unload/load trucks.
nick12341234 #11

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/29/2003 01:29:58Copy HTML

    I have been wearing my 2xist Y back everyday for months.  So yes, to work, to the gym, basically anywhere.  Normally at the beach I wear my yellow pocket thong from International Male and sometimes a G-string.  It's great.
Ex_Member #12

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:10/19/2003 09:13:14Copy HTML

I wear thongs to work every day as I am a 24/7 thong wearer (yes, even to the doctor/physio/chiropractor etc)

I wear Target black microfibre stretch thongs that are just soo comfy and the material feels great

I have a lot of different types to wear depending on my mood and the occasion

showoffmark #13

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:10/20/2003 11:10:16Copy HTML

Reply to : Thongmad

I have a straight doctor who surprised me when he had me strip to my underwear and did not offer me a gown. I think HE was surprised when I was only wearing a black microfibre thong by jm. Nothing unprofessional happened but I definitely got a second glance.   
notherbigr #14

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:10/21/2003 12:09:55Copy HTML

I'm an everday cotton boxers kind of guy, just like grandpa used to wear.  Wal-Mart was selling the Catalina brand for a while and they are totally awesome.  I've been in boxers since I was in high school and now just can't wear anything constricting all day long.  We're business casual at work, so it's boxers under some type of khaki or dress pant.  Very comfortable.  Thongs only come into the picture when I'm working out or if I get up the courage on the beach.
dbear333 #15

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:10/21/2003 09:27:25Copy HTML

I also exclusivley wear thong underwear because it makes me feel sexy. I usually wear a white N2N Bodywear thong to work. I enjoy wearing light chinos or trousers so that my thong is visible to folks who might notice, although unfortunately I have never recieved any comments. Also, if I wear lowrise jeans, I like to wear an Undergear Extreme thong, which sits much higher than the top of my jeans, making it visible if I crouch or bend over. I guess I'm just an exhibitionist!
Ex_Member #16

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:10/21/2003 06:02:19Copy HTML

Hi Showoffmark

The doctor or chiropractor or whatever usually do a bit of a double-take or a second glance sort of thing, but are usually professional enough not to make anything of it. I've never usually been offered a gown, but I go there wearing thongs even when I know I have to strip off.

They've never said anything about the shaving either, but they'd see a bit of that with swimmers and cyclists I'd imagine. Probably not many bikini line jobs on guys, or fully shaved that often. 

showoffmark #17

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:10/21/2003 10:10:37Copy HTML

Reply to : Thongmad

You are absolutely right about the professionalism. I would not go to a doctor who could not keep himself under control. I do know this can be a challenge as a close friend is a doctor and about fell over with one patient when he saw how HUGE the man's @@@@@@ was. He had to do an exam for testicular cancer but was happy to finish as it was a bit distracting. He never saw thongs in the exam rooms but saw plenty of guys buck naked. I think no underwear is less of a surprise than thongs.    
deltaman51 #18

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:10/22/2003 08:28:00Copy HTML

It should not be such a big deal to wear a thong when visiting the doctor. After all they see all sorts of people from the very young to the very old, fat people, thin people, different skin colours, even different sexes. However, I would wear a plain thong and not one that was adorned with sequins (remember Liberace, the entertainer?) or anything like that. 
pierre_da_man #19

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/19/2003 02:00:59Copy HTML

I always wear thongs to work.  MOst of the time I am wearing a suit.

Thongs are much more common here in Montreal, for men and women.  Just about every store carries them, and we even have a men's underwear store that is in every mall "Calecons Vos Gouts", which carries a large selection.

I would say almost every guy I know owns at least one pair, and it isn't uncommon for me to see at least one guy wearing one at the gym.

showoffmark #20

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/19/2003 10:16:23Copy HTML

Reply to : pierre_da_man:    I have never heard of Calecons Vos Gouts. Are they an underwear store for men? Tell me , do men talk about underwear more in Canada in general? Styles etc.? I enjoy my thongs every day at work but would never speak about them. Do you speak about them to other fellows?  
solargod #21

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/20/2003 11:07:26Copy HTML

I wear thongs all the time.  I enjoy knowing that I have a thong under my business attire.  I often wonder what my co-workers would think if they knew what was under my clothes.

I was living in Europe at the time I went to my doctor in Texas for a physical.  The time came when I had to drop my drawers (a navy blue bikini) and my doctor noticed my thong tanline.  He asked what kind of swimsuits they wear in Europe and I simply replied "very skimpy".  That was the end of the discussion but I enjoyed that fact that he did notice and he did comment.  All part of the thrill!




Thonged4Life #22

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/20/2003 11:45:37Copy HTML

I wear the same thing to work I'm wearing right now, a thong of course. I switch out between witch one I'm wearing , Internation Male Contour (Microfiber) or ( Cotton) , Jockey Microfiber, or Speedo.  Looking to add a few more to my collection very soon. Just found a new place that sells Unico, 2Xist, Rips, Jock, CK ...  www.skiviez.com   
Ex_Member #23

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/22/2003 11:19:36Copy HTML

Another 24/7 thonger here, lately switched from 2xist to N2N.  The N2N has a stretchier fabric, and looks and feels more like the swimwear thongs I wear than does the 2xist, which looks more like underwear finally.  Also a better look if it appears above jeans, which it sometimes does.  It seems like choosing low-rise jeans is another commonality among thongers.  No one at the office has mentioned anything, but they have to know if they choose to cast a glance.  Depends on the pants style of course, but with many styles, it's not that hard to tell there is nothing but a triangle at the base of the spine, and no other lines anywhere else.

northernlights_se #24

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/23/2003 06:40:13Copy HTML

I'm almost always using thongs or G-strings for work. I have used thongs for about 12 years. Latest years I have almost exclusively used thongs. I find thongs comfortable. They also look good, on women but also on men.
kevin1178 #25

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:12/19/2003 11:52:14Copy HTML

I wear a thong to work.  That? what I wear every day why would I not wear it to work?  Just cause someone else might see?  Well that did happen today and went really well actually.fficeffice" />

Where I work at I? contently having to either bend over or reach above my head.  Well today at work I was wearing some jeans that are low cut jeans and had a sweatshirt on.  Well I had bent over to get something for the customer and you could see my thong hanging outside my jeans because my sweatshirt came up some.  Could see the entire triangle thong back and all.  Well I also had to bend over again for the lady and the same thing happened but this time I had realized she could see the thong really well and could tell she and her 16 year old daughter got a nice view.  While bent over I reached around to feel how much was showing (which was a lot) grabbed the back of my sweatshirt pulled it down and got back up.  Was like whoops sorry.  Could hear the girl laugh a bit and the mom was like oh don? worry about it with a big smile on her face.  After helping the customer out a bit more I was like can? believe my thong was showing I? kind of embarrassed.  She again was like oh don? worry that just means I? going to have good luck today.  (never heard that one before) Told her if there was every anything else I could do to help her out to let me know.  She asked me my name which I gave her and I was like I? sure I won? forget you.  The lady that saw more then she probably ever wanted to.  She just smiled really big again and said I was crazy.  lol maybe I am.

Though overall was a good experience.  She didn? complain once about being able to see my thong or saying something like pull your pants up or I can? believe you wear something like that.  Which I thought she might since her daughter was with her there.  So guess the point of all this is wear what you like.  Nobody cares what type of underwear you have on.  This lady actually smiled when she saw my thong.



Rover109 #26

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:12/21/2003 10:23:19Copy HTML

I wear thongs to work about half the time, regular string bikinis (regular!) the rest of the time. It depends which pants I am wearing. Some of them are a little too snug and obvious for work to wear a thong. I otherwise wear thongs generally about half the time, no matter what else I am wearing, if I am wearing anything at all.

My favorite is still the thong that Target sells, all cotton, brand unknown. Jockey and the like are all too expensive for me. I also like the silk thongs and g-strings from Frederick's. I have actually worn them on the beach but they are a little flimsy for practical swimwear. I prefer to buy in a store rather than through the mail.

I miss the days when cut-offs were popular. I tried to wear them shorter and tighter than anyone, sometimes without underwear. Nylon running shorts are a nice alternative.

clean_n_smooth #27

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:02/20/2004 02:29:32Copy HTML

Reply to : tight-thong

Well I've been wearing thongs since I was 14 or 15 can't remember which, and I'm 24 now. I always wear them except for a 4 month stretch which I joined the army, but now that I'm done with training it's back to thongs. Hope this helps feel free to e-mail me anyone in Germany that knows of good places to shop.

sheluvsmythong #28

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:02/21/2004 04:07:52Copy HTML

I started wearing thongs a couple of years ago and it's the best for support.  I'm a sales manager and our office has a lot of ex-jocks and the office banter gets pretty hilarious.  If these guys knew I wore thongs under my slacks and hawaiian shirts they would probably freak.  Luckily for me my shirt is tucked in most of the time so my thong doesn't show through the slacks.  Although almost every woman in town wears thongs and you can see the panty line through their pants or skirts.
JM_Runs #29

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:02/28/2004 07:03:19Copy HTML


I wear thongs all the time, at work and at home, every day, and I have done so for years. Since I discovered Dore thongs on the internet a few years ago I wear her thongs (you know what I mean, her products) almost exclusively. I live in the UK, and before I was on the internet I used to get thongs from HOM and InterSparta, and had no idea so many other men wore thongs. I do not mind if I show my thong out of the top of my jeans, in fact sometimes encourage a glimpse. If women can show their underwear, why not men? It is common to see half of a boxer short out of the top of mens jeans, and frequently girls show a thong top, but I have never seen a thong top on a man, except for me!


elp_gr #30

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:03/03/2004 09:48:31Copy HTML

I usually wear a thong or a g-string. Sometimes, I even use my thong and g-string swimsuits as underwear.

mike1931 #31

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/09/2004 12:23:58Copy HTML

I always wanted to thong while working but didn't think it would be very comfortable. I work with EMS and I have to do a lot of bending and lifting so I always figured that wearing one would be uncomfortable. Anybody else have similar thoughts and if so how do you handle it?

JM_Runs #32

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/09/2004 12:39:19Copy HTML

Mike 1931

If the thong fits correctly, you shoudn't have a problem. Try a light cotton or lycra for the first few days.

Nickl #33

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/13/2004 02:14:35Copy HTML

I too wear thongs to work, and have never had a problem.


Once I had a sore back and a lady from work  was busy rubbing it for me, and she caught sight of my thong.

At first she didn't say anything, but later that night she texted me on my mobile, letting me know that she had seen my thong, and thought it was great.

modelnude4u #34

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/14/2004 03:21:38Copy HTML

I have no underware other than thongs at this point, so whether work or play, I'm in a thong if anything at all.  I do see signs of some of the women at work in thongs, thin pants or peeking over the top, but I try not to send any signs of that here.

While not at work however, I am more than happy to share my thongs with the world.  I ride a motorcycle when the weather permits, and love to keep the pants or shorts bit low so as to let the thong show over the top.  Had a few honks and hollars from the girls but never anything negative.


Jemm_in_Eye #35

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/18/2004 11:25:03Copy HTML

Cotton thongs for work and sports activities.

Usually g-strings for nightlife and more personal type activities.

JM_Runs #36

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/18/2004 11:56:20Copy HTML

Reply to : Jemm_in_Eye

Cotton thongs for work and sports activities.Usually g-strings for nightlife and more personal type activities.

Although not exactly on topic, I have a question.  How old is too old to wear a thong?  I'm 60, stay in pretty good shape.  At work I wear fairly conservtive clothes so, wearing a thong wouldn't matter, noone would ever notice.  But, when I go to the gym or something I wonder if folks would think it was odd for a guy my age to wear one.  I do get pubic hair waxed, get a male equivalent of a Brazilian, have had some looks but never negative comments.  Just wondering what women and men might have to say.


BigEasy #37

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/18/2004 06:31:34Copy HTML

I do thong at work, saying that I thong 100% of the time so the first one that I pick out of the drawers would be the easiest answer to this question on my behalf
gsj #38

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/18/2004 10:42:46Copy HTML

Reply to : rudderless37

I am similar vintage and in similar shape. I find the older I get the more I am inclined to wear what I want - which isn't much - and to worry less & less about what others think. You are only on this planet once


Reply to : Jemm_in_EyeCotton thongs for work and sports activities.Usually g-strings for nightlife and more personal type activities.Although not exactly on topic, I have a question. How old is too old to wear a thong? I'm 60, stay in pretty good shape. At work I wear fairly conservtive clothes so, wearing a thong wouldn't matter, noone would ever notice. But, when I go to the gym or something I wonder if folks would think it was odd for a guy my age to wear one. I do get pubic hair waxed, get a male equivalent of a Brazilian, have had some looks but never negative comments. Just wondering what women and men might have to say.Thanks
KathrynG #39

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/19/2004 12:03:51Copy HTML

I wear only thongs/g-strings I dont own anything else for underwear/swimwear are all thongs
JM_Runs #40

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/27/2004 02:26:26Copy HTML

Reply to rudderless37:
I, too, am 60, and fit, a g-stringer at the beach, and wear a small jock under my lycra shorts at the gym, with the straps pinned up in back making it into a thong. Good support, and a gentle, smooth bulge. But at work, and in general, I've been a boxer guy, liking to hang loose, also wearing briefs under jeans for better placement of the goods. Recently, I ordered a variety of underwear thongs from Undergear, thinking to give that a try. Most haven't worked out, and are in the stack of clothes to give away to charity. But the back-ordered JM Skinz microfiber thong arrived yesterday, I've got it on now at work, and it's great! And it looks sharp. Put it on at the gym, few people around, but I've decided I'm not going to try to hide it, though I won't walk all around in the locker room as I do naked or in boxers. Just dress in a normal fashion. As they say, it's just another choice in underwear!
JM_Runs #41

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/28/2004 03:42:56Copy HTML

I always wear a Wintersilk thong. You guys gotta try one! Wintersilks.com


mike1931 #42

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/31/2004 01:47:50Copy HTML

This is the first time I have ever worn a thong at work. My favorite cotton Contour thong. I work with EMS so I do a lot of lifting and moving. Usually I do a bunch 8 or 12 hour shifts and I didn't want to thong that long for comfort reasons. I figure I'm volunteering today for like 5 hours and I wanted to see how comfortable it was. So far no complaints and I am definitely going to do it again.
solargod #43

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:07/31/2004 05:21:28Copy HTML

I wear thongs almost all the time, for work, for play, to sleep, or an evening out.  Don't see any reason to wear something else just because I am at work.  Trust me, this is the time I want to be the most comfortable.  It is hard enough to deal with all the stress when my underwear is making me uncomfortable.
KathrynG #44

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/01/2004 10:58:50Copy HTML

I've recently had to get a job due to money struggles going through collage. The job I finally got after being declined by so many applications by other places was a job in a hairdressers just doing duties like cleaning up, seeing to customers etc.

The uniform for the hairdressers is a white dress sort of thing with buttons at the front. The outfit is quite see through but I have no problems in wearing a thong underneath it.

Some of the other workers there wear big knickers or wear what they call a petty coat underneath to have double the material to stop their underwear showing through.

tangamen #45

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/19/2004 08:17:30Copy HTML

I use to wear thongs at the beach and polls for almost 10 years (now I? 32) but never at work until 2 years ago. I was afraid of be discover for my companiers. I work in a hospital as a medicine doctor and I usually dress in white pyjama so thong lines are seeing thru.  We share the room when you are on duty and get undressed in front of someone. This made me shy to wear in thong at work.

At the begging of my residency I got surprise with patients in thongs, much more with men because is not so often. Sometimes I ask them wear they bought it or how well is the look. Later on I get used to see it but with jealousy for not be so brave to be a thonger all the time

But one day in a duty at the emergency room I found a companion that works in thong. It was a hot summer night and he took all the staff except a dark blue tiny thong. He looks great to me!!. He was very confourtable with it and moves around without any problem. I told him I use to wear thongs but never at work. We talk for hours about people that don? understand thonging and the pleasure to wear it at work. Now we are very good friends and I have lost my shame to be a thonger also at work. It? very excited.

I? looking for a thong with big room in the front, soft and very elastic. All my thongs are quite big if you want enough front or too tiny if you want to have everything in place. Do you now styles and direccions?. Thanks a lot!!!

trapking #46

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/19/2004 09:20:58Copy HTML

For the past year and a half I only wear thongs to work or anywhere.  They have become just underwear to me.  I wear dress pants so it is possible that my coworkers noticed when I am bending over I have no lines but I am not sure.  I think if it was obvious my wife would have said somthing as she is not a big thong fan, although it is growing on her.  If I change clothes at work it is in my office so no one notices.  My shirt is tucked in so I do not show my thong when I am bending over like many women like to do.

I have yet to use the very public showers at work that the customers use as I have a private shower in our office building.  Not brave enough to have the customers I see everyday looking at me.  However at the health club or pool I change in front of others and love that nervous energy I get as I know others are looking.  I also shave all my pubic hair so that adds to the excitment.  Although I run into people I know (some customers) at the pool or health club it is different than my customers seeing me dressing where I work. 

motocross97 #47

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/22/2004 05:10:20Copy HTML

I wear thongs all the time,far as work I wear my Calvin Klein mirco thongs

mike1931 #48

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/26/2004 12:23:00Copy HTML

I think I'm going to attempt to wear the micro thong I got from Heswimwear tomorrow. I never went eight hours working in a thong.
koordje #49

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/28/2004 09:27:30Copy HTML


I work for a Belgian bank in the centre of brussels at the IT-devision (a rather male world). Most of the people are wearing nice suits or at least a nice vest and some black trousers. Only a minority comes to work in a T-shirt and a jeans. Because of my function (team-leader) I am supposed to dress up a little more than the rest, so : suit.
What I wear under the suit is my concern, I find. Regularly I'm wearing a thong under it. Why not. I like wearing thongs and wear them 75% of the time.
Don't know if it is noticable and frankly don't care. Untill now haven't had any comment on it coming from co-workers, so...
solargod #50

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/29/2004 04:40:43Copy HTML


After living in Brussels a number of years and shopping in the Belgian stores, I would think that thongs are quite popular.  I remember huge underwear departments in stores like Inno and S&A (I think that is the one I remember)  thongs were quite plentiful along with the bikinis.  Seeing the magnitude of the thong selections I gathered that alot of Belgian men worn thongs.  I know that bikinis were very common among the men.  Did I read the situation correctly in that thongs are also very popular?   

BTW, I miss Belgium and I wish I was back there!


Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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