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wackymac #51

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/31/2004 11:01:52Copy HTML

The Very  Sexy G-String from Body Aware, every day.
Thonging Tyler #52

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/31/2004 12:21:16Copy HTML

Today I'm wearing a Black Thong by GO Soft I also have thongs by 2Xist, Jos Boxer, Jockey, Tactics

I wear thongs every day.


Thong_Unno #53

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/02/2004 10:28:43Copy HTML


I often wear thong at work, and I wear suit all the time so it makes my butt really sexy and I've gathered some (really good) remarks from my female friends. I'm obliged to wear suit on the outside but on the inside I wear what I want and what makes me feel good.


BOB1 #54

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/10/2004 01:29:43Copy HTML

I wear thongs at work all the time.

Today i had to leave early to go to a funeral. I was getting changed "out of the way" as i work in a engineering workshop and the toilets were being cleaned by the lady cleaners.

One of my mates saw i was changing and came to have a laugh at my expense turning the nearby light on and generaly joking around as i had no trousers on.

Little did he know i was wearing a white Calvin Klein Mesh String. I don't think he saw as i think he would have made a comment if he had.

tremendimouse #55

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/30/2004 12:03:46Copy HTML

Although I do have a few pairs of bikini/tanga style underwear I find that I mostly wear thing or g-string under my work clothes.  A few people there know that I wear that style underwear and swimwear but they do not say anything about it.  I think it feels great to have the freedom and no underwear lines visible through the trousers (Pants for USA guys).  If you have never done it you should really try it.


rastus #56

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:10/07/2004 09:40:02Copy HTML

For the past three years, I have always worn a thong to work (UnderGear).  They are almost as comfortable as my swimsuits which I also sometimes wear.
JM_Runs #57

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:12/12/2004 09:16:10Copy HTML

I wear thongs all the time except while sleeping. While I was in the army, for 6 months, I did not wear thongs because the others wuld not undesrstand me and they would think and say I am a gay. While I was a guide I had a room-mate, who did not wear any underwear, so did I for a while. After that I had another room-mate, who was very confused seeing me in a thong with a naked ass. And when I was movin through the room completely naked, he sometimes closed his eyes. Now I work as a teacher. I mostly wear a suit, but I feel very comfortable to wear a thong. I walk about 10 killometers a day and if I wear shorts or briefs I would be trying to remove the material from my ass all the time. I have already expirienced it.
Ryan Booth #58

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:12/13/2004 01:34:00Copy HTML

I have to wear a suit to work and find it's really comfortable if your wearing a g-string or thong. I tend to go for something like the HOM Plume string which is in between a thong and a g-string. Most of my fellow thong wearing co-workers agree that this style is really comfortable under office clothes.
Aedktjhoaeto #59

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:12/16/2004 07:25:18Copy HTML

my soccer team would probubly freak out i f they knew i wore thongs, the only people that know are my girlfirned, and one of my friends i told him once online and he never responded about it...i wear boxers to school, but plan to thong at work when i get a job at publix, ill probubly wear a joe boxer thong
JM_Runs #60

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:12/16/2004 07:43:09Copy HTML

Dear Aedktjhoaeto,
I thought my spelling and punctuation was bad, until I read your posts. You give us hope that in this land of opportunity, even an idiot can aspire to be a Publex bag boy.
redraider55 #61

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:12/18/2004 04:08:57Copy HTML

I've been wearing only g-strings for underwear for 4 years now. Very comfortable.  I find thongs are even too constricting now, under my work clothes.
mirco #62

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:01/07/2005 10:09:33Copy HTML

I like to wear the CK miro thong,wear I work I do alot of walking and I use to wear brief  or boxer but they allways rubbed leg raw so I started wearing thongs and It has saved me much touble.

KathrynG #63

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:01/11/2005 06:34:39Copy HTML

I've recently quit collage and my part time job and have got my handicap low enough to become a trainee golf professional and enrol on the PGA course (before you say it, so what if I'm a girl lol). because of this I have to work in a golf shop so I found a job at my local golf club.

the point that I'm getting to is that I still wear thongs to work lol I'm just chuffed that I finally got the job I've wanted for years and thought that I'd involve it in one of my posts

nicthong #64

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:01/12/2005 07:45:21Copy HTML

Off topic I know but I just wanted to say congratulations to Kat on the job, golf handicap and PGA course... I wish you all the best... Perhaps you could become the first female golfer to promote the sport through thongs? (I'm thinking similar to Vicky Botwright and her work to elevate the profile of Squash some years back for anyone that thinks I've lost the plot!).
ffllyyboy #65

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:01/29/2005 03:08:49Copy HTML

I usually wear bikinis with 1/4 inch sides.  I'm a frequent shopper of www.oboy.de , www.tendenze.com, www.koalaswim.com, www.deejay.com.au, www.macadi.de, and www.ergowear.com .  During the summer, I'll occasionally wear thongs under an expensive suit.  I get a bit of a thrill when I'm attending a high level meeting wearing only a thong underneath my suit.  At the gay beach here in Chicago, I'll usually wear a thong.

Nude Hawaii #66

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:01/30/2005 01:12:29Copy HTML

I usually just go commando unless I am at the beach then I may wear a net G-string as a cover up.
andy101 #67

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:01/31/2005 04:26:47Copy HTML

I nearly always wear a thong these days. DIM strings are what I am wearing at the moment
clean_n_smooth #68

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:02/01/2005 05:27:35Copy HTML

Today I have to wear dress cloths to work so its a special occasion. I'm wearing a purple mesh thong with side straps that are like bra straps and can be adjusted. It's so cute. No one but me will know how sexy I look or feel under my uniform today
B0ardr84 #69

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/01/2005 07:17:56Copy HTML

Since I got back from NJ on sunday, I've only worn thongs.. Been to all sorts of department stores looking for different designs and colors and finally made my way to kmart today. Saw they had a great selection of thongs there, but there were far to many people that I knew there so I decided to goto the kmart in CT.. Awesome buy.. 4 thongs for 9.99, I bought two packages. I got black, navy, white, and grey, then in the other pack, I got a RGB dots on a tan like color, a blue tiger like one, off white and a lighter blue.. I'm very pleased with them. They are the Joe Boxer brand, I wouldn't mind trying the Fruit of the Looms, but not enough money anymore this week ^^.. Maybe I'll pick up a 5 pack next week. Would really like to get all sorts of colors so I have a thong for every occasion ^^..
mike1931 #70

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/06/2005 08:06:07Copy HTML

unfortunately, since i got into the police academy, I cant wear thongs anymore. I just dont feel comfortable with what i know everybody would say. Unfortunately, it seems like the police are hiring immature kids. Once i graduate, I'll continue wearing them.
luv2thong #71

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/18/2005 02:34:12Copy HTML

I wear either a regular thong or a g-string 99% of the time.  The thongs are cotton, nylon or lycra while the g-strings are a fine mesh and see-through.  I work in an office environment and no one knows about what I wear under my work clothes.

njbeachboy1949 #72

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/18/2005 08:58:24Copy HTML

I just got dressed for work.  I am wearing a Jockey "Next to Nothing" Thong
sailhoopsbare #73

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/18/2005 10:42:53Copy HTML

I work in an office also.  For the past three months I have worn nothing but thongs or g strings.  I am an older guy, 61, and dress fairly conservatively, on the outside.  So, for some reason, I get a kick out of knowing I am wearing what I'm sure everyone here would consider scandalous, silly, gay, or ridiculous.  Right now, I'm wearing a Body Aware, blue thong, that I like a lot. Yesterday, had on a bright red Winter Silk thong.  I have 4 Hom Plume thongs that I like alot also.
JM_Runs #74

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/19/2005 06:52:10Copy HTML

Thongs everyday, I too am a shirt and tie guy, so it would probably surprise many folks, but thongs are the only way to go.
JM_Runs #75

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/20/2005 12:21:02Copy HTML

Sailhoopsbare, I'm 61, too, conservatively dressed in chinos and knit shirt as I sit here at my work computer, sneaking a moment's diversion on this site, and very comfortable in my JM Skinz  microfiber thong.  Most of my workmates know nothing of my underwear -- why would they? -- but I find it interesting that I no longer care if they did.  It has become just so ordinary for me.  Got dressed at the gym before heading to my office, so some of my colleagues have seen my choice of underwear. No comments, and again, I really don't care whether they know or not, for I've really gotten to the point where for me it's just another style. Curious though, I felt much more self conscious the few times I donned a g-string after my workout.  The stripper image?!! 


MarcoUSA #76

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/20/2005 01:35:54Copy HTML

Close to the subject, but slightly off.....

Has anyone noticed more waitresses tend to be wearing thongs. Weather under skirts, dresses or peeking out from pants/shorts Especialy when bending over to pick up somehting off the floors. There is the all wonderfull "WhaleTail" saying hello to the world. i have seen them quit a bit more. Is it a comfort thing or are they looking for bigger tips??

Any thoughts?

NoVAThonger #77

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/21/2005 06:14:47Copy HTML

As often as laundry permits, I wear a thong under work clothes.  My preferred style is Jockey Next-to-Nothing, or my recently purchased HOM plume strings.  Unfortunately, the shirt tails on most of my dress shirts typically prevent a thong line from showing under khakis or dress pants.  My girlfriend, on the other hand, rarely has a tucked in shirt as part of her professional attire.. so the occasional bend at the waist shows off an exposed thong or thong line underneath.  Lucky lucky!

lovestbacks #78

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:04/24/2005 01:22:37Copy HTML

this is an area that I have to be very cautious about since I work for a service co. and am down on my knees a lot of the time and am in a uniform and I can't do anything that might embaress my co. but I did do this twice just couldn't help myself  but I did enjoy the heck out it the last time wore a pair of mesh string thongs but I do enjoy working in the yard,garden or around the house guess I'm a weekender thonger
tom77 #79

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:05/13/2005 06:43:05Copy HTML

I wear a thong or nothing at my work


wackymac #80

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:05/13/2005 11:43:42Copy HTML

A week ago last Monday I started a new job.  My first day I wore a Jockey "No panty line promise" thong in hot pink.
Invisible T #81

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:06/10/2005 04:51:07Copy HTML

I only wear Gs, J-straps & thongs cause thats all I own!
packiest #82

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:06/10/2005 03:12:45Copy HTML

I work in a kitchen, and I pretty much always wear a thong. I try to make sure nobody sees it- don't think anybody has thus far. One of the guys- a homosexual, is usually talking about the one he's wearing. I never join in the conversation.

There's quite a homosexual population at work, and I'm a bit concerned about the reaction I'd get if those certain individuals would find out. Not sure why I really care. I'm looking to make a move to a new kitchen at the first offer.

I dunno, not really anybody knows about me wearing thongs, and I guess I'm just not ready to tell people that don't really need to know.
616 #83

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:06/11/2005 06:11:15Copy HTML

I Work in the mining Industry in management and was wondering, Is wearing a thong at work an acceptable risk?

I  believe it is relevent because we all live and work together, and equal oppoturnity  will apply but the sheer intensity of comments would make life hard. Your comments?

JM_Runs #84

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:06/12/2005 03:25:50Copy HTML

If you make other people uncomfortable by showing your underwear,
then you can jeapordise your income. You have to decide whether
your freedom to wear whatever, when ever is greater then your
whether you have income.

I'm not sure about Austrailia, but in the US, it can easily be
considered sexual harassment if you make other people uncomfortable
by showing undergarments. I've known women at work who have been
written up for having their under wear showing. So it goes both ways.

Unless you are a stripper/dancer, you have NO business having your
underwear show. You asked, so "IMHO".
JM_Runs #85

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:06/12/2005 09:45:05Copy HTML

Well, since That is what I wear most of the time, I don;t see why I wouldn't wear them at work as well. Seeing as I work in a retail store ( target, to be exact) I have to move around a lot of the day. Thongs provide comfor and support. I really wouldn't care if peopl;e that work there or guests saw or knew that I wore thongs. In fact, some of my fellow team members know that I do. I like them, so I wear them.
Thong Kong #86

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:06/15/2005 04:49:09Copy HTML

Work? What work?

Right now I'm working on my personal website, wearing a low-waist swimsuit.

When the sun comes out later this week I'll be working on my tan.

When I get a real job again I'll wear thong underwear everyday under my suit.
ozthong #87

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/25/2005 03:41:48Copy HTML

When the weather is cold, I wear string bikinis / tanga briefs, but when it warms up, I wear just thongs and g-strings
JM_Runs #88

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:08/26/2005 08:34:17Copy HTML

Right now a black cotton FOTL thong
cehilo #89

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/12/2005 06:54:19Copy HTML

i wear boxer briefs and cotton thongs. "pat primo" cotton thongs are really confortable and i find them the best choice for underwear at work.

No body at work notices what im wearing for underwear since i have to wear long sleeves shirts inside my pants. and i have my own bathroom inside my office.

i would not like my coworkers to find out that i wear thongs because as the shop engineer i have to inspire respect on workers. and here in this country wearing thongs wouldnt be socially acceptable for the lower working classes (i have lots of welders and fitters on my shop).

Hola #90

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/12/2005 07:15:55Copy HTML

I wear a thong to work everyday. I'm an automotive technician. The only thing I have to be careful of is I get changed at work, so I am sure to not have my back to everyone when taking off my shorts and putting on my pants. With tighty whities I was picking like a 1000 wedgies a day with all of  my bending and squating down, now I don't have to worry about that.
korky71 #91

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/16/2005 12:02:41Copy HTML

I always wear a thong to work, Today I have a new Red thong from Maximum exposure, its called Double bit (or something like that) Very sexy, has metal clasps at the side. It took about three weeks to get to the uk from USA, but worth the wait. check out their web site www.maximumexposure.com


dayne #92

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/17/2005 03:10:08Copy HTML


Just remember you don't want to be wearing that particular thong if flying or going to court.  Or give them a surprise if wearing one that has double clips;  unclip it , slip it off and hand it to the guard.

korky71 #93

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/19/2005 01:01:16Copy HTML



Too right! can you imagine the guy's face at the security desk!

JM_Runs #94

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/25/2005 12:46:34Copy HTML

Today, I am working wearing a black FOTL thong....

JM_Runs #95

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/30/2005 12:39:40Copy HTML

I wore a blue Greg Parry mesh sock to work today. With no back strap, it offered very gentle support. Just an experiment. Nonchalantly undressed and dressed at my health club mid-day. No comments, but I definitely didn't feel the comfort level I do now with my everyday thongs, which feel so normal that I pay no heed to who may observe me dressing. Something to work on, as the sock is even more like there's nothing there than, say, a HOM Fredy String. Must try to find some more, especially in cotton. Any suggestions, anyone?
JM_Runs #96

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:09/30/2005 10:17:23Copy HTML

While on duty, I wore a green cotton FOH thong.  I wish they were still selling mens thongs, I really like their cotton thongs.
tommiethong #97

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/08/2005 11:37:00Copy HTML

I usually wear a thong underneath my scrubs. Have worn one of my many g-strings under them also. Past few weeks have worn a g-string.

Matter of fact, yesterday I noticed my g-string was showing a lil bit whenever I went to pull my srub bottoms up to keep them from falling.

packiest #98

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/09/2005 12:12:49Copy HTML

Well, i wear anything that I would normally wear elsewhere. Today I wore a HOM Fredy string. I will most likely not wear my HOM 3001 Tentation Strings to work when I get those in.
thonguk #99

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/10/2005 07:24:52Copy HTML

I normally wear a thong as it is alot more comfy wearing a thong all day than boxers. Today i was just wearing a black thong but that was just because it was the first 1 i came across, I don't have thongs especially for work, i just wear any.
showoffmark #100

Re:What do you wear to work?

Date Posted:11/13/2005 01:40:31Copy HTML

Today is going to be a bear at work so I made sure to pick a very comfortable and sexy thong to give myself a boost. Nude, Gregg thong in a stretch material.
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