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Date Posted:07/16/2004 06:01:52Copy HTML

 What if I am fat ?
JM_Runs #1

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:07/16/2004 10:32:48Copy HTML

The key is to find a place you feel comfortable.

Fat bodies are often accepted with out comment at nudist resorts. I suggest you book a nudist vacation package as your fist step.

You should think about starting an exercise program.  That is something you can do in most towns.  You will feel better about your body when you are fitter.

Ryan Booth #2

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:07/19/2004 12:37:27Copy HTML

My advice would be to start off with a conservative thong and a quiet beach and work your way up slowly. Building your confidence before you thong in more public areas. Although if you have little confidence, JM's idea of starting at a nudist area is a great confidence builder.
Thong Kong #3

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:05/08/2005 09:30:19Copy HTML

If you want to get in better shape (and I'm not assuming that you do - you might be perfectly comfortable as you are), thonging might just be the thing for you.

It's next to impossible to get me on an exercise program and stick to a diet. But if there's anything that's going to motivate me to work hard at looking better, it will be the idea of looking better in a thong on the beach. I've started with my tan (I've never maintained a tan in my entire life). And I've started eating less. I've also started swimming for fitness (never did that before, either) and I'll start running again. As I lose weight, I'll eat more carbs and work on the weights a little. I hope that by the end of the summer I'll be in pretty good shape.

Maybe after you get into thonging in public, and find out how much you enjoy it, you'll be motivated to work at it, too.

But as a larger figure, depending on how large you are, you might feel more comfortable at traditionally nude or partially nude beaches.
thongt2 #4

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:07/19/2005 07:03:13Copy HTML

First of all, I've been wearing thongs for over 10 years.  I'm 40 and have pretty good body accourding to my wife.  I thong in my backyard (floating in the pool).  Also, I've thonged in hotel hot-tubs on my business travels.  Today I was in Tampa on business and had half a day to myself.  From the directions on this board I visited Ft. Desoto Beach.  I had Dore low cut thong under my shorts.  After finding a nice spot, I took off my shorts and set my towel up.  The temp. was in the low 90's with humidity. 

At first I was the only one in a thong.  Shortly after visiting the warm ocean, I say a guy about 20 yards down the beach strip down to his Skinz g-string.  After a while a couple of girls set up camp 30 yards on the other side of me.  One was wearing a conservative thong and the other had a g-string.  A little while later a guy sets up camp near me in a really low cut bikini.  Everytime he went into the ocean he came out naked.

The feeling of the warm Florida sun and wearing a thong on it's beach was such an incredible feeling.  There were several couples that passed by and even heard a comment from a girl walking with her friend say look at that guy ass.  I looked up and they were looking at me.

I don't know why I had a hard time getting the courage to wear a thong to a beach.  In college we used to go to nude beaches.  I guess it was a stigma of what a thong represents on a male.  After today, who cares.  I had a great time and a wonderful time expressing what I like.  That is wearing thongs.

beachmom #5

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:09/18/2005 10:39:12Copy HTML

I was 17 the first time I wore a thong on the beach. I had just graduated high school and was on vacation with my parents in Florida. I wasn't totally new to thonging, I purchased the thong the previous summer, but had only worn it at our pool at home and then only in front of my parents and a few female friends. I also had worn a thong leotard to an all female ballet class several times. I hadn't intended to wear a thong but after I saw a few other women wear them I really wanted to try it. Of couse people looked but that is to be expected. My dad prpbably was less than thrilled, but what was he going to say? My mom, on the other hand was rather supportive. When I told her I was gong to wear it she said, " You might as well, you won't have the bottom for it forever." Well it is 16 years later and I am still wearing thongs to the beach! When reminded of her comment a year or so ago she relented and said, " So I was wrong you will have the bottom for it forever." What a great mom.
ThongTastic #6

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:01/03/2006 04:56:13Copy HTML

I've bought a swim thong (Olaf Benz Beechees) at the end of last summer. Thonged in my back yard in it. Hopefully next summer I have enough courage to wear it in public on the beach. Here in the Netherlands you hardly see men in thong swimwear so I'm not sure what the reactions will be like once I muster the nerve. I'll probably wear them somewhere abroad first. Can hardly wait to do so, but I am also a bit terrified.

I admire your courage. Did you get any reactions (positive or negative)? Have you thonged on the beach more often since?
wr1944 #7

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:01/03/2006 06:28:54Copy HTML

I know exactly how you feel. From my teener years, I have always tried to have swimming-gear as small as possible. In the 80's I walked the beaches of St Tropez in strings when more men did the same. But a few years ago, I started in earnest. I bought a lot of thongs and strings from Dore and I went to North-West France, near the Belgium border. Very nice beaches. There I was for the first time in a low cut thong on the beach in public. I started at a quite deserted spot but with sweating hands and soft knees I moved in the direction of the public. Well, nobody payed any attention whatsoever. In a way, this was a little disappointing but it boosted my confidence. Now I walk in low cut thong, very low cut thong and low cut string, in France as well as in Holland. The only negative reaction I had in Holland, two times from a group of teeners in, of course, long boxers.
In your case, start on a quiet part of the beach, walk a little (try to show confidence), go not too close to people at first and watch the reactions of the people. Your Beachees are a little bigger then my normal suits and I still live, so do not worry. Try to avoid kids and teeners at first and build up your confidence. After all, you will see it is not terrifying at all.
Happy thonging, if you go South of The Hague this Summer, we might meet.
DavyJ #8

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:03/20/2006 01:27:17Copy HTML

Amen to that, Jazz Skirt.  You said it better than I could.
spark2100 #9

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:08/11/2006 08:33:44Copy HTML

Last summer was the first time I wore a Thong to teh beach.I have been wearing small bikini's for about 10 years now(I prefer suits you swimwear rio cut suits).The spring before we were in St Martin and I saw quite a few guys in thongs and felt I would like to try it.

 This past summer my wife and her 17 year old daughter had been spending most of their time at camp topless in thongs or G strings.We had taken a weeks holidays to spend out at camp.The one day we were heading over to the public beach to relax in the sand.As usual the girls had on their G strings(No tops were packed) and I put on a thong I had.Because It was mid week the beach wasn't busy.We relaxed on the beach and played with the other kids in the water and had a great time.What a different feeling it was to be in the water in a thong.I can't describe how good it felt.I would prefer to be nude but sometime that just can't happen.Before we left another boat pulled up beside us and set up.They looked but what we were wearing didn't seem to matter.

 This summer I have been wearing a thong around the yard at home regularly,Washing the cars,doing yard work etc.Going back to a full backed bikini feels weird now.I have wore a thong at our camp too but we haven't been back to the beach yet this year. 

bikinicouple #10

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/22/2011 02:54:03Copy HTML

My first time wearing a thong on the beach was quite a memorable experience.  I was in high school and on vacation in the Carolinas.  The only thongs I had when I first started wearing were Victoria's Secret Thongs.  So I slipped on a black satin thong panty, put a pair of soccer shorts overtop, threw on a t-shirt and got on the bike and headed to the beach.  I headed South along the beach and passed a number of groups of people to find a secluded spot.  At one point a noticed a pair of girls around my age.  Anyway, I rode down about half a mile, checked to make sure no one was around (this was my first time you know - didn't want to wear a thong in front of anyone at that point)and slipped down to the Black Satin Thong. Right away, I headed into the water and truly enjoyed the experience of swimming.  In short time, I see to figures riding on bikes from the direction I had come.  No big deal I though, I'm in the water, they can't see anything, I'll just watch them ride on by.  But they didn't.  They set up a beach blanket not 50 yards from my bike and beach gear.  I looked closely, it was those two girls I had just passed.  I guess they wanted to flirt with and/or talk to me.  But here I was, in the ocean, wearing a thong, a GIRLS thong at that!  Anyway, I tried to wait them out but they wouldn't budge, I I kind of noticed them looking at me a lot.  After what felt like an eternity, one of them laid on her stomach.  I decided this was the time to make my move out of the water.  As I left the waters edge and was walking to my towel, I noticed the other girl tapping her other friend to get a look at me!  I went back to my spot, dried off in the sun a bit, put my clothes back on and got on my bike.  As I rode by I gave the girls a little wave and they both waved back with big grins on their face!  Overall, a fun story for a first time wearing a thong!
thong_jock #11

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/22/2011 03:03:18Copy HTML

 My first time wearing a thong on the beach was in Hawaii. My BF and I had gone for a run. I was in spandex shorts with a spandex swim thong on under them. We along the park in Waikiki to the alternative beach at the foot of Diamond Head. When we got there I wanted to get some sun. Although I was very familiar with wearing really skimpy male bikini swimwear, I had never worn a thong.
There were only a couple people on the beach so I thought 'what the hell'. I slowly peeled of my shiny royal blue shorts to reveal my skimpy navy swim thong. The minute the cool ocean wind hit my body I knew I was in heaven! I proceeded to walk the beach in just my thong and baseball hat. We ended up coming back later that day and I tanned and swam in my thongs for the rest of the trip.
Now I wear skimpy swim thongs to the beach 90% of the time, the rest I wear speedos or posing bikinis to more family beaches. I much prefer more secluded beaches, as I've found the attention while thonging on crowded beaches a little overwhelming, unless somewhere like South Beach, where it's much more common to see other guys in thong swimwear.
ShadowT #12

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/22/2011 03:34:53Copy HTML

My first time wasn't anything too interesting.  I simply went to a nearby beach on Lake Michigan and selected a somewhat secluded spot nested in some dune grass.  When there weren't too many people wandering nearby, I'd occasionally go for a quick swim to cool off.
sailor25 #13

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/22/2011 07:19:24Copy HTML

What beach did you go to on Lake Michigan, always looking for beach options to thong at.
ShadowT #14

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/22/2011 08:18:21Copy HTML

That would have been Hoffmaster State Park.  I haven't worn a thong on Lake Michigan in a few years though.
JM_Runs #15

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/22/2011 08:56:31Copy HTML

Like Thong_jock, my first thonging experiance was in Hawaii at the foot of Diamond Head. I was stationed out there and found this great less crowded beach. After seeing a few guys in g-strings I asked where they bought them at. Found a little shop not far from there and it's been g-strings at the beach ever since! If not sunning there, Barbers Point Naval Air Station was even better, only military could enter. G-stringed there all the time and even converted a few of the Speedo wearers!
stanpuppy #16

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/22/2011 09:04:16Copy HTML

My first time wearing a thong on the beach was in St. Martin in 1986.  Since we were at Orient beach, and the vast majority of people were nude...it was really not a big deal.  My first time wearing a thong in the US was at Riis Park (which was nude at the time)...again, not a big deal.  My first time really sort of breaking the norm and wearing a thong when most other people were not was at Margate beach in NJ back in the late 80's.  Thongs were fairly popular with women at the time, and a number of females had them on.  In fact, Margate beach was known as "Thong Beach" because it was the one place at the NJ shore where thongs were fairly common (on women).  The first time I was there, there were probably about 15 women in thongs.  There were two other guys in addition to me wearing one.  Thongs were very uncommon for men at the time, but as i recall...I really didnt get hassled at all.  There were a group of girls who were sort of giggling, but nothing really bothersome
flthongbutt #17

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/26/2011 02:32:45Copy HTML

yeah, my first time was in Galveston , TX.... not the most beautiful spot in the universe, but a great place to thong. I remember going down to the west end, and laying out beside my car on the beach. Nothing at all happened for several trips, i'm pretty subtle, but the first event was an older lady that used to walk her dog on the beach, she started talking to me, and would comment on my suit.... she was the first person that ever talked to me about what i was wearing, and it was pretty fun.... later, i got more brazen, and found out that people were very cool about guys wearing thongs, as long as you remain well behaved, and dont flaunt it.....many, many stories along the way... all good.
SlidingG #18

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:12/26/2011 03:05:03Copy HTML

Hey fithongbutt, really enjoy reading those positive assessments, showing how most john's and jane's are pretty tolerant.  I've found pretty much the same over the years.  Showing self-confidence and a casual non-chalance goes a long way telling folks you've very normal, just prefer briefer swim gear than most, and you're not afraid to say so.   In your case, judging by your photos, it's hard to see why any ladies would complain!
thongwearer1 #19

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:01/23/2012 07:00:34Copy HTML

My first time was today on Venice I walked about way down layed out swam in the water and then part way down the boardwalk so excited and walked back the whole in my thong it was awesome
32189 #20

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:10/14/2012 09:43:53Copy HTML

The first time i thonged on the beach was at a nude beach.  That does not really count to me since i could have been nude and nobody would have cared.  My first time thonging at a regular beach was at balboa beach in socal.  It was pretty exhilirating the first time I did it and i was super concerned that i would get in trouble or somebody would say something.  It all went well fortunately. 
JM_Runs #21

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:07/06/2013 05:12:26Copy HTML

Easy question, which was your first thong (or gstring) you've ever worn in public (beach, public pool, park, etc.)?
Mine was the JS black bulge thong. 
Grabeach #22

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:07/06/2013 10:58:29Copy HTML

So long ago I'd almost forgotten ......
I had been sunning nude a few times on a deserted (winter) small non-nude Sydney Harbour beach. Moving into spring, a few people turned up, but they didn't seem to mind when I asked them if it was okay. Come summer the beach became crowded, but as no one had complained I stayed nude.
Eventually one day the police turned up, but fortunately they arrived when I had gone to get something from my car. I spoke to the them as I returned and they were leaving. They told me that they had received a complaint from the owner of a house overlooking the beach (the owner must have been using binoculars), and because it wasn't a nude beach they had to act on the complaint. I'm pretty sure they knew it was me. Having seen a woman in one previously, I asked if g-strings were okay. They said, "As long as the person wasn't nude it's nothing to do with us". The next time I was at that beach, in my new g-string, the only reaction was a few people querying why I wasn't nude.
I concluded, what proved to be correctly, that the police comment was applicable to all beaches and haven't sunned in anything more since.
JM_Runs #23

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:07/07/2013 04:14:43Copy HTML

Good story Grabeach
undercover20 #24

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:06/27/2017 03:00:50Copy HTML

 I haven't let my size stop me from wearing thongs to the beach or a pool. Some days I'm okay with my size, other days, not so much. But either way, I'm fat, and I like my booty hanging out of my swimwear. 
wellfed #25

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:10/20/2018 04:40:13Copy HTML

A guy in a thong is a guy in a thong, doesn't matter if you're fat or not people are gonna look at you different when you wear one. Wearing a thong is not about what you look like it's what you feel like. I'm fat and I like to wear a thong when I can, I think I look better than many thinner guys.
bmicro #26

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:10/20/2018 05:16:49Copy HTML

being overweight or even obese and swimwear choice should be independent issues. There are plenty of wellness issues associated with being overweight and plenty of issues with wearing thongs in some locales. In locations where thongs are not specifically prohibited, I would encourage anyone who wants to wear one to "just do it"!
Ocinn #27

Re:What if I am fat ?

Date Posted:10/28/2018 01:52:18Copy HTML

I'm fat and I like to wear a thong when I can. What the people say now I don't care anymore. It's 2018. Last time I was in Tenerife and wear thongs on the beach and the swimmingpools and nobody say anything. I'm so happy now.
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