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Date Posted:07/10/2018 03:05:51Copy HTML

My most bold thonging experience would be seeing a woman by a busy street laying out in a thong, which turned into a g-string I guess. This was in a fairly conservative suburb in what the county considers a family beach. To say there was tension in the air among the housewives would be an understatement! Her laying buns out spread to the people driving by was quite daring to say the least!!
Thong_wearer #1

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:07/10/2018 04:53:52Copy HTML

 Sometimes while visiting my daughter at college we stay at an aloft hotel in Chapel Hill, NC. It borders a fairly busy street and only has an indoor pool. There is however an outdoor sundeck that is right beside the street and sidewalk. I take advantage of it whenever I can and lay out in my thong. On a few occasions I know I’ve been noticed my cars driving by as well as people walking by on the sidewalk. I don’t know how daring it is, but it’s definitely not a place one would expect to see someone in a thong bathing suit!
flthongbutt #2

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:07/11/2018 11:53:10Copy HTML

That sounds like something I would do
kiyoothong #3

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:07/11/2018 01:52:34Copy HTML

 Thonging on a public beach in Dubai. This was actually a bold thing to do, and I could have gotten into trouble. Even though Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, it is still in the Middle East and the locals are very religious.
I was lucky, though. I went to the beach around 6pm, and the sun was about to set. There weren't  a lot of people on the beach, and I was able to find a secluded spot.

I don't think I'd have the balls to do this again.
wallygr40 #4

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:07/11/2018 02:30:26Copy HTML

 Roughly a month ago I was traveling for work and staying at a Courtyard with an indoor pool. I went down around 9pm and the pool was still fairly crowded, maybe 10 people or so but no kids. I had a neon green desmiit thong on under trunks but was hoping to wear the thong.

Everyone looked mature and classy so I decided to go for it. I got a couple looks as I walked from the chair to the pool but nothing crazy. They were only seeing the front so they would have known it was a thong. I swam for a bit, a few people left, then I wanted to get in the hot tub to relax. It was a large hot tub and 6 people were in it that seemed to know each other. I decided to go ahead and join them because what is the worst that could happen?
The group ended up working together and were very friendly. We chatted for an hour or so and none of them seemed to care about my suit in any way. I even got out to turn the jets back on and sat up on the ledge when I got hot.

I repeated the next night and spent some time with two girls in their early 30s in the hot tub. Same deal, no concerns with my suit and were very friendly. I felt very comfortable with them so I even asked if they minded the suit before they left. They both said they actually liked it and wished it were more common.
So, overall a great experience all around. Not super bold for this board or group but it was for me. I've thonged at public beaches, outdoor pools, on my boat at a lake, etc. but being at an indoor pool was uncharted territory for me.
greatname #5

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:07/12/2018 03:19:24Copy HTML

 @kiyo, you madman haha, thonging in Dubai could of got you imprisoned
barefootthong #6

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:10/31/2018 06:12:02Copy HTML

I think it was when I went to a crowded beach and had a long shirt over my thong. I was not sure how far I would have to walk before I would take my shirt off. Just as I entered the beach I saw a girl in a one piece thong all by herself. As I walked by I said hello and said I liked her suit! She smiled and thanked me. I told her I also wear thongs. She said that was great! I said I had one on under my shirt and asked her if she wanted any company in a thong. She said yes, please join her. I put my towel down and pulled my shirt off. There I was in a thong in the middle of a crowded beach. After a while I asked her if she wanted to take a walk. Then we both walked a mile or so down the beach in our thongs past maybe a hundred or more people. At one point we got to the 4 wheel drive area and walked past dozens of fishermen, some with their wives and family. I guess I was only that bold because I was away from home and walking with a girl who also was wearing a thong.
NudeNArizona #7

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/01/2018 09:54:39Copy HTML

barefootthong, I had one experiance when I was in my younger years where I had met a girl who was laying out on the beach alone wearing a thong and topless as I walked by she smiled at me and said hello.  So I stopped and started chatting with her, when she said she had seem me here a few times, and she invited me to sit with her.  As I was laying my towel out I warned her that I was wearing a G-string under my shorts so I wasn't wanting to scare her off.  She just laughed and said she had seen me before in my thong, so I removed my shirt then shorts.

We sat and chatted for a while before she suggested we take a walk down the beach to a little beach bar for drinks, so as I was getting up I grabbed my shorts to slip on for the walk to the bar when she said "lets go just in our thongs" so I figured if she was going to go topless I could leave my shorts.  As we walked down the beach from where were the crowd got thicker so we did get a few looks but nothing to bad even though she was the only girl topless and I was the only guy wearing a G-string. So as we walked up to the bar the bartender rang a bell announcing our arrival. Everyone turned to look at us and the bartender told us he was buying our drinks.

We hung out for about 30 minutes before heading back to our towels. She suggested we take a dip to cool off.  When I came out of the water she noticed my red G-string was almost completely sheer and she commented "we should have gone for a dip before going to the bar, if I had known your suit was so sheer. She ask if I would like to go to her apartment complex and layout by the pool, so I agreed. So when we arrived at her complex there were a few other girls laying out by the pool topless and in G-strings. She knew them so we placed our towels next to them. Then she said she needed to run into her apartment for a few minutes to change.  About 10 minutes later she came walking out to the pool wearing a tiny white G-string and heels which definitely caught my attention, to the point I needed to either roll over or go in the pool to cool off before my man parts came out of my G-string. So I opted for the pool. A few of the other girls joined me but the girl who brought me decided to layout face-up facing us.

A few of the other girls started laughing and making comments, and one girl dared the other to remove her G-string.  Then the girl who was dared said she would remove hers if I removed mine. Just them the girl who I was with walked back to her apartment and a few minutes later came walking out with a camera and said "ok lets see what you all have!" then she removed her G-string and stood by the pool with her camera. Next thing I know all three girls were naked and daring me to remove mine which I did, but should have been more careful because as I set it on the side of the pool one of the girls picked it up and took it over by the towels. I noticed none of the girls had any tan lines and as I mentioned this they explained that they usually only tanned nude but had seen me last weekend in my thong on the beach and they dared Carri to come down and convince me to come back here with her.

I found out that Carri was in the Navy but her friends were both strippers at a local club and that most of the people who lived in the building were either strippers or single Navy people. Nobody cared if the girls laid out nude. They hadn't had any guys lay out with them so far but they didn't think there would be an issue. Also, since it was a Saturday most of the residents were out and about doing their weekend things and rarely used the pool since the beach was so close. After hearing this info it made me a little more comfortable so I decided to come out of the pool and work on my tan.

Continued >>

NudeNArizona #8

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/01/2018 12:00:01Copy HTML

As I walked up the steps coming out of the pool all three girls were very interested in getting a better look at my naked body, and a little surprised to see that I was also shaved and one commented "it's about time a guy knows what it's like to shave everything to look good" Then Carri commented "I need to get a picture of that" as she pulled her camera off of the table next to her. Then I told her that "I think you should be in the picture with me!" and one of her friends offered to take the picture for her. Carri made no hesitation and handed her friend the camera, and also was not shy about posing for the camera either. We continued our little photo shoot making sure everyone had their turn or turns, then as we were all having fun a few other girls from the building came down to the pool and offered to help take shots of us. Then as it got later we decided to all go to the club where the two girls worked. 

The next morning I woke up and Carri was already awake when I walked into her kitchen and she was talking with a co-worker who lived in her building. As I walked out of the bedroom she said "Well hello there handsome!" Then Carri said "I hope you don't mind but since you didn't have anything clean to wear I washed you clothes with mine, I usually do laundry on Sunday mornings because the washers aren't being used". Her friend said "I don't mind" I said "I hope not because I'm kinda left out here hanging" to which Carri said "Yes I can see all of it hanging!" Then Carri removed her t-shirt she had on and said "it's only fair since I took his clothes I should at least join him being naked" Carri's friends Lisa said "I thought you invited me over to sunbathe and use the pool, how long is it going to take for his clothes to be dry?" Carri said "I am still waiting for a washer so it might be a few hours, but that doesn't stop us from using the pool." Lisa said "I'm not going naked with you so you can forget that happening, but if you exhibitionist want to do your thing have at it." Carri said "You do your thing, but we're going naked I don't care who is out by the pool today, they might as well be prepared to see me in all my naked glory!" I wasn't sure what to take of that statement, until we actually got to the pool. Carri also didn't tell me she had only previously went nude with the strippers and only during the week, because they rarely make it out to the pool on the weekends. 

Sunday morning poolside was met with 2 strippers in G-strings and tiny tops and 3 Navy dudes in board shorts trying to impress the strippers. When Carri, Lisa and I walked out from Carri's apartment Lisa immediately noticed one of the guys and said "he's in my department."  Carri said "So what, do you think they are going to run and tell their CO they say a naked chick laying out by the pool?" Then Carri said "the other guys are on my ship" as she walked toward the loungers. We started out sunbathing and Carri made sure I was well covered with sunblock. By this time the strippers noticed Carri nude and the attention she was attracting and decided they should remove their tops as well, and a few minutes later their bottoms, which left Lisa the only covered female at the pool. 

Kinderlou #9

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/03/2018 12:31:22Copy HTML

This summer at Warren Dunes in Michigan wore my thong to the claypits on a busy Sunday afternoon. Lots of people there including several cute girls in cheeky bik inis getting their mud on. No negative comments and overall a friendly and cool experience.
CDNThongLover #10

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/03/2018 05:21:33Copy HTML

At one of the gyms that I used to go to, I usually sat in the steam room wearing nothing but a thong or gstring after working out. Got the odd strange look from the guys but nobody ever said anything. About my third time going there, I was in steam room wearing nothing but a black JS pouch thong. Just one guy came in and asked me about it. We talked for about 20 minutes about thongs and men. He was super interested and I got him talked into getting some for himself. Super cool guy! We have kept in touch lots.
116213 #11

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/13/2018 10:24:17Copy HTML

Probably for me it's just wearing my skinz g string or thong every time I'm at the beach no matter how crowded. Sometimes there's hundreds of people at my local beach and I thong all day just like I have boardshorts on. I did go for a 3km walk multiple times at  a waterfront park near my house in just my g string and running shoes, I passed a bunch of people even the city staff and had no issue at all. I'm on Instagram at thongnsunluvr there's a few beach pics.

Cloydene #12

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/14/2018 08:05:14Copy HTML

I wore a Prevail Sport white thong at the Adult only pool on the Big Island at the resort hotel I was staying at in the mid-90s when I looked great. Loving the attention it was giving me, I boldly decided to get sun in the public lounging area of the hotel the following day wearing my turquoise G-string from Undergear. There weren't many people around since it was an off-peak time of year, but I knew many hotel guests were able to gaze at me from their hotel rooms! The hottest couple I'd ever seen were two fit joggers on Black's Beach wearing matching black thongs. They were both gym rats. She looked naturally curvy, and he looked large - everywhere ; )
Blackthong23 #13

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/15/2018 06:42:16Copy HTML

I’ve worn a thong to the beach many times but usually we are kind of away from everyone so nothing too bold there. But the last few times to the beach we have been sitting closer to crowds but not too many. One time we had people pretty close to us in all directions and I decided to keep the JS thong on and not cover up with a speedo. I have to say it felt very nerve racking at first because they were close enough to see that it was a thong. It was very positive with not much reaction. It was bold to me because it was the real first time of public thonging. 

The second one was probably when we went to the Hot Sulpher springs in Colorado. It wasn’t overly crowded but I wore my Desmitt thong and walked from pool to pool. Layed out in the thong with people walking by. That day I just said the heck with it and went for it. I don’t know any of these people. I enjoyed it very much and I’ve got to say.. I never seem to realize that most people are cool with it and no reaction. 

Beached_Santa_Cruz #14

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/20/2018 06:06:25Copy HTML

So far wearing a pretty tiny SwirlFashion thong at the $100 a lounge chair pool at the Luxor in Vegas this last July.
Thongmad #15

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/20/2018 11:55:27Copy HTML

I think plenty of my public thonging has been fairly bold. From walking many miles down crowded beaches, to walking in to beachside shops to buy drinks etc, and going from my car to the beach in just a thong all count as pretty bold. I’ve swam laps in public pools, surfed at crowded beaches, walked a few blocks from the car to the beach, washed my car, collected my mail and taken the garbage bins out. I have worn them so many places where swimwear is acceptable, but no other male dares wear a thong. My favourite place these days is at Bondi Beach. So many females wear them all over the place there, and it’s one place you’ll see plenty of guys in Speedos. I love being able to walk anywhere in my thong there. It is a bit risqué I guess, but after walking in front of several police and never being questioned, I have to assume all is ok! All I know is that my good friends all accept me as a thong wearer, so that’s ok by me. I’ll be wearing them whenever and wherever I can for a long time yet!
BaldGuy #16

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/25/2018 01:46:11Copy HTML

Poolside at a gay resort in pink thong and 5" pink heels, this past summer! I felt luscious!
tbck1000 #17

Re:What is the most bold thonging experience?

Date Posted:11/27/2018 03:44:05Copy HTML

I have thoroughly enjoyed following this thread and all the great experiences shared so far. I hope this thread will keep going and everyone on the board will post. To me, this is the most enjoyable aspect of thonging. I thrive on ever more bold thonging experiences and it’s difficult to choose a “most bold” experience.  I have always enjoyed challenging myself with thong-related dares such as going places only wearing a thong, sandals, hat and maybe a tank top or small T-shirt.

Years ago, an old GF and I “invented” the “Drop-off Dare.” While on a beach vacation, my GF had a women’s only spa and shopping day planned. So, she dropped me off at a beach about four miles from the hotel. All I had was a small backpack with a bottle of water, sunscreen, bandanna and a few dollars. I was wearing a black Skinzwear thong, sandals, hat and sunglasses. 

I spent the morning walking the beach and swimming. Later, I walked down the street to a food truck for a snack and more water, then walked leisurely back to the hotel. I stopped in a small park along the way. Eventually I got within a mile or so, and flagged down the hotel shuttle on its way back from the airport with about 5 or 6 passengers. The feeling of freedom and a relaxing day spent only wearing a thong (and all the curious and exciting reactions from people) is something I’ve been addicted to ever since. 

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