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Date Posted:08/17/2003 01:59:21Copy HTML

What made you start tonging?   How and why did you start?

sarasotajt #1

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/05/2003 12:46:15Copy HTML

Read it if you want... It's long and nobody's twisting your arm.

I first started thonging when I was entering college. I probably would have started earlier in high school but didn't know about them and didn't have access to that type of underwear. We lived on a 100+ acre farm in rural western North Carolina and I used to hike around the property by myself in just my shoes. I found it to be a rush and fortunately was never discovered.

At one point after entering college, I returned to my boyhood beach town in Florida. While there, I found a thong swimsuit made for men in a beach shop and bought it, keeping it a secret from everyone. I didn't wear it much until my senior year since I was in a fraternity and the "house" was an old military dorm with community showers. Thong tan lines would not have gone over well on a fraternity brother. During my senior year, my roommate (a fraternity brother) and I went on a long spring break tour of beaches. We began at North Carolina's outer banks (too cold in March) and drove down to Ft. Lauderdale and then to St. Pete, staying at the homes of other fraternity brothers along the way. On the long drive south to Lauderdale, we had a deep, reveal all conversation about our personal wants, desires, and fantasies. I had to reveal that I enjoyed wearing thong swimwear. He didn't share this desire on his own, but being open minded he wanted to try it out too. The first day on the beach we just wore board shorts but were treated to the sight of a sexy young coed laying out in front of us in her thong bikini. We both really liked this. I handn't brought my thong suit because, traveling with guys, I hadn't suspected that I would have an opportunity to wear it. The next day we went to a bikini shop and each bought a thong suit. One was white and the other metallic gold. Today, I'd consider these choices really cheezy but that's what we bought at the time. We only wore them once, when we stopped at a remote beach near St. Augustine and we hid in the dunes from embarrassment and uncertainty about our swimwear. Basically, we both got our asses fried and that was the end of that experience.

After graduating, I went to Louisiana for a masters degree. This separation from friends and family gave me the freedom to start tanning regularly in my thong. At first, I would go to the corner of a cow pasture near my apartment complex that was hidden from view. Soon, I began making the 2 hour drive to the Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches on Saturdays. These were the times I enjoyed the most. At first I would visit the remote beaches but, as my tan darkened and my confidence grew, I wanted to go to the more populated beach areas where I had a greater chance of seeing (and hopefully meeting) young ladies wearing thongs. I was among a crowd of strangers - including other thongers, both women and men. You all know that this area is "the redneck riviera" and I did get heckled by a number of guys, but never threatened and at the time thong bikinis were fairly popular among the girls. I did get to meet a couple of girls during those summers and we'd walk the beach together but, since I lived out-of-town the chance meetings never went anywhere. I bought more thong swimsuits from bathing suit shops and from mail-order catalogs.

My pursuit of a master's degree got extended beyond it's intended 3-year time frame for a number of reasons. Most of the friends and roommates I had made had graduated and moved away. I moved into an apartment with a friend's x-girlfriend (no, there was nothing going on between us) and this complex had a decent swimming pool which was well hidden from the parking lot by a wooden fence. Since I didn't know any of these people, I started laying out there in my thongs. I even laid out there with she and her friends a couple of times. There was no on-site management and no signs posted regarding swimwear so I continued visiting this pool for about three years - even after I had moved to a different apartment complex. Generally, each summer there would be one girl in the complex who would wear a thong bikini regularly and I got to date one of them. We even went to the Mississippi beaches together one time. She was a "Jersey-girl" who had an increadibly muscular body but she smoked cigarettes and cussed too much for my tastes. I prefer softer, more feminine "southern belles". I don't deny lusting after her, but regrettably, nothing sexual ever took place between us.

During these graduate school years, I got to visit the Florida Keys on two occasions. My roommate and I went down with his family on one occasion (free room and board) and we went a second time with one of my old elementary-school friends who was a FL resident, boat owner, and avid lobster fisherman. On both occasions, I snuck away from the guys for an afternoon and went thonging on the beaches there. I enjoyed the freedom of sunning, swimming, and walking down the beach in just my thong. The bad part about the keys is their comparatively poor quality man-made beaches and all of the coral/rock in the water.

Another favorite beach trip I made occasionally was to Mississippi's Gulf Islands National Seashore. I would take the ferry from Gulfport out to the barrier island and walk well away from the crowd. Eventually, I discovered that the eastern tip of this island is [was?] frequented by nudists and I tried that too. Most of the time I found it boring because I was so isolated from anyone else on the beach and most of the widely scattered naturists there were male. It was a rush to walk past a young lady and return to my towel while in the buff - I guess I'm an exibitionist.

One summer I made plans to again join my old friend for a week of lobstering in the Florida Keys. My girlfriend (now my wife) took a trip of her own to France and Corsica where she stayed with friends. One of her guy friends from high school traveled with her (since I was intent on going lobstering) and she was exposed to topless beaches for the first time in Corsica. She felt awkard and wouldn't remove her top, but the other ladies she was staying with did - regardless of their age. These friends had a shapely young daughter with whom my wife's travel companion was smitten so my wife basically felt like a third wheel for much of the trip. I, on the other hand, had left two days early to spend time at Miami's South Beach. I had a great time - thonging in various locations along the beach. I even went to Haulover and went nude in a crowd for the first time in my life. I enjoyed it, but returned to the Lumus Park area the next day because there were more beautiful women there than at the nude beach.

Back at my college town, I eventually set my priorities straight, completed my thesis and earned my degree. I progressed from one good job to another but was frustrated because I was loosing my treasured thonging spots. The pool at my old apartment complex had fallen into disrepair and even turned green one summer. (Eventually, the complex was taken over by new management who renovated the place. Unfortunately, this included replacing the wooden privacy fence around the pool with a wrought iron fence which essentially put all of the sunbathers on display to the parking lot and the apartment windows facing the pool.) I tried other pools with some degree of success, but was eventually asked to leave one of them by the management. By this time, swim fashion was changing and I was seeing fewer and fewer girls wearing thong bikinis. I tried laying out at a public beach park next to a lake (not swimable) but this got unbearably hot during the summers. I think a couple of acquaintances saw me out there too and that my friends and roommates had learned that I wore thong swimsuits and underwear. One or two suspected that I was gay and couldn't understand that there is another category - heterosexual male nudist/naturist. Fortunately, I eventually married my southern belle wife and soon after we moved to Sarasota Florida where I reside today with she and our son.

I enjoy living here because I have close access to beautiful beaches where thong swimwear is not against the law. The prevalence of thong wearers on these beaches varies widely with the season and with the day of the week, but you will generally see at least a couple of ladies and/or men wearing thongs if you walk the length of the shoreline. They are more prevalent on the weekends when more people (more locals) go to the beach.

Unfortunately, I'm among the group of you who's wife doesn't wear thongs and really would prefer if I didn't either. She tolerates it when we go to the beach together and we always go to the less populated sections. Occasionally, I get to go by myself and I can lay out closer to the crowd. I'm wary of this, though, as I don't want to be "discovered" by our new friends here. I'm afraid that they wouldn't understand my passtime either. Many of them attend the church where we are members and I suspect my beach attire wouldn't go over well. It seems to me that male thongers are presumed to be perverted gay pediphiles while ladies are praised for wearing them - particularly if they've got a nice figure. It also seems to me that there's a breakpoint of modesty for women too. I think that typical "thongs" are well accepted and that g-strings with full front coverage are tolerated on those with "goddess" figures, but that really tiny suites such as wicked weasels would get a scowl from most everyone on a crowded "family" beach because they just reveal too much. (Ok, ok, the guys on the prowl would love these too. I know. But the women and the fathers don't go for it.) These are just my rambling thoughts - I welcome your insights as well.

I did get my wife to wear a thong bikini once when we were on our honeymoon in Mexico. I loved it there and I wore a thong to the beach every time. She, however, would only wear hers if we walked well away from the crowd. At least she would remove her top there. She probably didn't appreciate the "competition" from the other ladies on the beach who wore only their thong bottoms directly in front of the resort and even around the swimming pool. I got really turned on watching several other young couples shooting pictures of each other in front of a rock outcropping - the girls doing sexy, revealing poses. My wife wasn't interested in any of this. Now that she's borne our son I doubt that she'll ever recover the body-confidence to wear her thong again.

I'll persevere though - at least until my son reaches an age when he realizes that daddy wears a swimsuit different from all of the other men on the beach. I'm afraid that I'll have to go thonging by myself after that but that these opportunities will become less and less frequent.


beachfolks #2

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/05/2003 05:37:25Copy HTML

Sarasotajt- You should take your wife and son to one of the nude resorts north of Tampa. Your wife may not regain the confidence to wear thongs on a public beach, but may accept nude and nude recreation is even better, and a great lifestyle to raise your son. We're older, 60's, regularly go to Cap D'Agde for nude beach time, wife became modest, now wears mostly small "Brazilian" swimsuits at DeSoto for tanning, I wear micro-suits, smaller the better, for an all-over tan. Our greatest complaint is lack of fully nude sea beaches in western Florida. Thonging is just an alternative to nude which is acceptable on many Florida beaches.
1Monte #3

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/05/2003 10:07:34Copy HTML


Thanks for the great story!

I think Beachfolks is right about going to the nude beaches with your wife.  My wife has only worn a thong once, while alone on our boat.  But we went to a nudist park a couple of times, and she loved it.  Also went to Hedonism II in Jamaica, and SHE was the one to suggest moving our room from the "prudie" side to the "nudie" side to make it more convenient to not have to wear clothes. 

My wife also is also not tolerant of my wearing thongs (she used to be, but her attitude seemed to change after she started putting on some weight and started wearing 1 piece suits).  She doesn't mind if I thong early in the day before the crowds arrive, or if I leave where we are set up to thong farther down the beach away from her and the kids.(I only do this for an hour or so each day).

My kids were tolerant of my swimwear until around age 12--then they and my wife really started ganging up on me.  That's when I tried the "move down the beach".  The first time I did it, I set myself down between the Lifeguard and the Beach Patrol office.  They couldn't believe that I didn't get into trouble, and that tempered a lot of their arguments.  Darn teenagers and their conformist attitudes!


Dennis at Thong Beach #4

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/16/2003 03:33:54Copy HTML

Thanks sarasotajt for a very interesting and honest narrative about your getting into thonging.  It brought back a lot of my own memories of when I bought my first bikini swimsuit (the first thong story is less interesting and I'll leave that for another time).  I remember it like it was just yesterday.

I graduated from high school at the end of the 60's when Speedo suits were gaining popularity, but I never had the guts to buy one.  Then in college, I commuted to a nearby state college and lived at home, so again not much chance.  However, I remember trying on some Speedos, liked the fit, but never bought one.  Then I went to Graduate School at Northwestern University, which is on the shore of Lake Michigan in Illinois.  We even had our own beach!  One day I was browsing through a local department store, and saw these incredibly lowcut swimsuits.  Remember, this was toward the end of low cut jeans and hiphuggers the first time round!  These suits were the lowest cut swimsuit I had ever tried on and I could not believe the fit.  They were awesome!  I didn't buy one the first day I saw them, but could not get them out of my mind.  I remember the day I went back to buy one.  I was so nervous and excited my stomach was in my throat and I was shaking like a leaf!  The manufacturer's label said they were made by Brentwood Sportswear, which I never heard of then, or ever.  They were made of 100% nylon, but were not thin like Speedos.  They were woven into a fabric type feel, about the thickness of a shirt.  Being nylon, they hardly stretched at all.  They had no elastic in either the leg openings or the waist.  However, the leg openings were just the right size so they fit snugly.  The waist, however, was another story.  It was very large for ease of getting on and could only be held in place by pulling the drawstring very tight.  Without the drawstring tight, they would not stay up and covered virtually nothing.  They were cut so low, that it was necessary to spend some time adjusting them to minimize either cheek hanging out the bottom or top of the butt crack showing.  With the draw string pulled very tight you could hold most of your butt in them, with only a tiny bit of cheek hangout and/or butt crack showing.  I loved this suit, because it was such a challenge to keep everything covered!  The front was equally as low, and they had a small key pocket built inside the suit.  Because it was so low cut, there was not room for the key pocket on the side, so it was placed in the front just to the right of center.  Therefore, whenever you put a key in there, or retrieved it, you had to hold on to the top of the suit to keep it from dropping too low.  Since it was basically in the pouch area, I always did it quickly so as to avoid questions as to what I was doing with my hand in there.  With a tight drawstring and snug leg openings, I never lost a key!

I still have this suit!  While it looks a little dated, as most bikini swimwear has become higher cut on the side leg openings since then, I tried it on again the other day and all the great memories of wearing it to the beach came flooding back.  I may just go for a swim in it again!

I've graduated to thongs and g-strings, but still love that old suit.  And like you, sarasotajt, still am hesitant to let ALL my acquaintances knos about my love of skimpy swimsuits.  I am very active in my church, and don't even want to think what some of the members would think of such things.

Ex_Member #5

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/17/2003 07:31:59Copy HTML


I started wearing thong underwear before I attempted tanning in a thong.  It all started when I walked into Frederick's of Hollywood to buy some lingerie for my girlfriend at the time.  I noticed that they had a section for men and took a looked around.  I started with the 100% cotton ones they offered at the time.  I wasn't really into wearing them all the time like I do now, I would be somethng that I would wear on the weekends.  This happend while I was in my first year or two in college.  During the days of living in the dorms and eating dorm food, I gained about 10 pounds, but as I was getting closer to graduating I started to change my eating and exercising habbits.  The 10 punds dropped off and I was back at my original wieght from when I started at school.

To celebrate my achievement i wend out and bought a regualr 2.5 inch side Speedo bikini and started going to the beach.  I had a lot of fun.  I started falling in love with the tan I would get by laing out in the sun and then catching looks of myself in the mirror when I would change in the morning.  Even though I was naked, it still looked like I had a bikini on and I liked the golden brown skin/pale white skin contrast on my body.

Over the winter I was browing ebay and noticed that there was someone selling the 1" side "Solar" Speedo Bikinis brand new with tags.  I thought they looked neat and wanted to try them out.  I ended up winning the auction for a two of them (red and purple).  When I put them on, I loved the skimpy sides and the seam that went up the bottom of the seat.  Needless to say, it was a long winter until the usmmer came around.  During this time, my collection of thong underwear started growing as a new lingerie shop opend up on the other side of town and had a complete wall of thongs for men.  Although I liked the thongs, I wasn't crazy looking at myself in the mirror to see my thong accented with a pale white butt.  It just didn't look right.  Around this time I started checking out the two thong wearers websites that have went down recently.  It was comforting to know that other straight guys like myself would wear them.  Reading comments on both sites was informative and fun.

Summer finally hit and I started wearing the solar suits.  I made a trip to the Speedo outlet in the mall so I could buy a few more.  I liked the tan that the suit had given me and was pleased with them.  About half way through the summer I noticed a couple of guys who wore thongs to the beach.  I thought that was kinda cool and brave.  I started wondering if I could do it.  During my visit to the Speedo shop the following week, I noticed that they had some mens thongs in stock.  I bought a blue and a black one.  I loved how they fit and slowly found enough courage to wear them to the beach.  Once I was home after a day of sunning, I loved  lan lines they left on my body.  I was hooked.  I had to spend another three days tanning to slowly remove the tan lines left by the solar bikini, but it was well worth it. 

When I tan in a thong, I try to keep well away from the majority of the people on the beach. 




Beachlover492000 #6

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/18/2003 06:13:59Copy HTML

I have wanted to wear minimal clothing for as long as I can remember. As a child I had a toy figure of an Indian in a loincloth, and I devised similar costumes for myself out of belts, leather shoe thongs and strips and rectangles of cloth. As a teenager I devised various homemade beach garments, but none of them were attractive enough to wear in public, and I would not have the guts to wear them anyway.

 fficeffice" />

Finally when I was college I located my first bikini of a sort. It was the size of your basic Speedo with about 2 inches over my hips. It was not very daring by today? standards, raised some eyebrows when I wore it back then.


When I took my first job out of college one of the men in the office where I worked gave me an old copy of a theatrical magazine. In the back there was an ad from Parr of Arizona, and I started ordering from. Around 1975 Parr introduced their string bikini. I loved the suit, and I was especially proud and pleased when I could tan the sides of my body with only two white triangles showing front and rear. A few years later Parr introduced the Nada, which was an even smaller string bikini. I wore that absolutely smallest Nada suits that Parr made and got a great tan every summer.


In the late ?0s I read in the newspaper that it was legal to wear thongs at a beach that was some distance from where I lived. After I confirmed that, I became fully committed to g-strings at the beach. Over the years I have worn thongs and g-strings by Greg Perry, Fredrick? of Hollywood, the ?ocket Thong?by Undergear and the ?atch?and the ?ini Sumo Deluxe?by Parr of Arizona.


Then one summer day in the late ?0s I spotted a man who was wearing a wonderfully narrow suit that made my g-string look large by comparison. I asked him where he had purchased it, and he gave me a Koala catalog. Since then I have become dedicated, totally committed Koala customer.


One could say in a way that the crazy designers at Koala own a piece me, and I consider myself to be somewhat of a ?oala fashion slave.?I? proud to wear suits like ?ine Tune?and ?eline?at thong friendly public beaches and the tan that I get with those suits is a source of pride and wonder. I guess you would say that I have achieved a sense of self-actualization.

JM_Runs #7

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/21/2003 12:59:17Copy HTML

In response to "When did I start wearing thongs ?"

Grew up in England so what the Americans call Speedo, we teens in an English swimming pool called normal. Always preferred being out in the Sun. You would two if you lived in rainy SE England. Went to live in Jamaica in 1977, when only 19, and soon after sowed my first thong.  (Sowing was not a sissy thing in my house, if you wanted your jeans or sail fixed you got out the machien and learnt to fix it your self.)

When I moved to the Virgin Islands, 1979, I made thongs out of one half of the top of a women? string bikini.  When turned one brest cup up side down it was shaped more or less correctly.  I just used the old chest string as the waist band and the sholder strap made the back string.

At that time in the islands it was not uncommon to find a boat of nude sailors, so a thong was not too outrageous. I made my own tongs but only used them when out on the boat or on less populated beaches.  When around other people, on shore, or out with charter guests, I would wear a HOM or YSL swim suites. The best ones came from the french stores on the island of St Bart?. HOM had with small front, narrow 1\2" strap waist band, and a sort of rio back.  Also the waists were lower then.

Graduated to pro made thongs after I moved to Fort Lauderdale FL (About 1983).  On the boat I would feel comfortable but it took a while before I would wear them in public or at the beach. It was always a bit of a hunt to find ones that fit my skinny frame. A lot of the early ones were a little cartoon like.

Over time altitudes in the US have loosened up. I now wear very small thongs to the main public beach in Fort Lauderdale.  Out on the beach three days a week.  I run 5 to 8 miles in a thong, on the sand.  I? not gay but I? sure that 90% of the tourists and 75% of the locals assume I am.

There is a road running up part of the beach front. Once in a while there will be a negative comment from some one in a passing truck. Some plumbers mate will shout "Put some cloths on". But 95% of the response is positive, thumbs up, friendly good mornings and lots of positive comments.  I think people actually look forward to seeing me on the beach.  When I went away for a few weeks I found people had been asking after me and at least five people said "Welcome back".

I have discovered that less people had negative opinions than I thought. Their negative opinions were actually incorrect assumptions in my head.  There are still a few people who have negative reactions but over the years I have become less affected by other peoples opinions.  I have figured out that I would not ask a plumber what stocks to purchase and so I am not going to take his advice on swim suites !

nicthong #8

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/22/2003 09:19:27Copy HTML

Like FastFlare I started wearing thongs as underwear before tanning or swimming in them. I'd seen adverts for thong underwear in the weekend newspaper for a couple of years and had always been curious. When I was 17 I decided to send off for a catalogue and then ordered my first thong. I rationalised this by telling myself it was to avoid the lines under my lycra shorts when I was rowing but in retrospect I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity. I got a few more thongs during my first year at university and then, when on an exchange year in Vancouver, where there are a couple of underwear stores for guys, I pretty much converted to thongs entirely. Why did it take me so long? I guess I just hadn't found a style that was totally comfortable or a source that was easy to get them from.

I was about 19 or 20 when I first wore a thong in public. I'd tanned a couple of times in my parent's back garden (when they weren't around... until one day - but that's another story!) and then took my first vacation to hot, sunny climes without my family. I guess I just had to take the opportunity, so despite the nerves I stripped down to a VLC thong while out on a pedalo and returned to the beach that way. All my vacations are to hot, sunny climes (and who can blame me, living in the UK?!) and to resorts I know thongs are legal at. Now I'm just waiting to find my thonging companion (aka girlfriend) to make the vacations a little more enjoyable...

kernow34 #9

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/23/2003 09:33:19Copy HTML

I had a fairly brief swim bikini, with lace-up sides, bought at a menswear shop in Bristol about the time that I left school. I made it a little briefer at the sides by doing away with the laces, and made metal clips instead, so the sides were more open. Then I wanted something briefer, so, as I was the one who set-up, adjusted and maintained mother's sewing machine, I decded to make myself a "suit". In fact, with just 1" elastic sides, and a tiny salmon-pink(!) shiny front and back triangle, it really WAS brief. I wore it on the beach at Brighton for a whole day with a group of friends, none of whom commented on it. The day was overcast, so I didn't realise the strength of the light, and ended up a matching salmon-pink colour all over, to the extent that my girlfriend thought that I wasn't wearing a costume at all!

That was a near microkini, and it fitted me like a glove, as I 'd made a paper pattern - "from life"!

With the current shape of "me", it would probably just about go round my leg, rather than my hips........


azcraig #10

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/24/2003 05:36:56Copy HTML

Many years ago a friend of my wife called over to confirm we were coming over that weekend to the BBQ they were having. When Ann called to talk to Jean I jokingly (she is a very good sport) asked her what she wanted and she told my she just wanted to know what Jean was wearing this weekend. Kidding with her I told her I was wearing one of my wifes bikinis and wasn't sure yet what Jean was wearing. Ann quickly told me she would hold me to that (wearing a bikini). When Jean got home I laughingly told her of my conversation with Ann and told her to call her. Jean told me you ought to do it, she would just die if you showed up wearing one of my bikinis. As the weekend approached Jean continued to encourage me to wear a bikini over there to get Ann. As I thougt about it I knew Ann and Larry would not be offended because Ann always wore real short shorts, (often with her cheeks showing) tank tops and very small bikinis, and it would be a funy joke. So I worked on my tan on Saturday and Sunday wearing one of my wifes bikini bottoms. It was a blue brazil cut rear low cut front. Although I was very self conscious about it I would do it just to get Ann. I remember as we showed up and Ann answered the door she stuck out her hand palm facing me like a traffic cop saying stop asking "do you have on that bikini?" I said sure and walked in. behind me I heard her ask Jean "did he really wear it?" and Jean told her you'll see. As we went out onto the patio. Larry was sitting on the patio enjoying a beer, I grabbed a soda form the cooler and sat down to BS for a while. Ann came out about one minute later wearing a very small rio cut bikin and said lets get in the water. I knew this was more about her wanting to call my bluff than getting in the pool. I got up and pulled my shirt off then my shorts to reveal the blue bikini bottom. Saucer eyed with her chin dropping to the floor she shrieked "He really wore it"!!!!!!. She then said oh you look good, reallllllyyy gooood! It was actually about 15 minutes before I got in the water, (nobody else was in) to cool off. Larry got in and we were just shooting the bull when another couple I had never met showed up. My first thought was oh crap, now what am I going to do?. Ann introduced everybody and I stayed in the water, No more than a 3 minutes later another couple shows up and then another. Ok now I am in deep trouble, here I am in this bikini around a bunch of people I have never met before. What will they think?. This was about 1978 and men in Bikinis was not something you saw much. I stayed in the pool while others got in and out and Larry cooked burgers on the grille. Ann calls out everybody out of the pool the burgers are ready!!. As I looked on the patio here are most of the women looking at me waiting for me to get out of the pool. Right then I figured out I had been had and Ann was thoroughly enjoying the spot she had me in. In a quick snap decision I decided not to let her get the upper hand and I got out of the pool and walked over the the patio like nothing was wrong and got in the food line. Jean asked if I wanted a towell and I said no I'm fine. A few comments were made by the gals and one of the guys whislted as I got out but I just ignored it and went on. I could see this really took the wind out of Anns sails that I was not embarressed about it (or so she thought). As the day went on and we played volleyball in the pool and I moved around I began to realize how comfortible the bikini was and the freedom of movement that it allowed. It was much more comfortable than shorts ever were. The day came to an end and we were on our way home and I asked Jean if she knew others were coming over and she told me she did. I asked her why she didn't tell me and she said if I would have told you would you have worn my bikini to which responded Noooo. She said that why.  Since that day I have seldom worn shorts into the water. I found the freedom of comfort that minimal swimear offers and over the years the cuts have become smaller and smaller.  Ann and Larry still vist and we laugh at how it all started with that dare from Ann. She deserves the credit or blame, depending on how you look at it, for me now only wearing very small swimear.
tantricthonger #11

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/27/2003 02:36:32Copy HTML

I first started wearing thongs in order to have more support under my skinsuit while cycling,because,without enormous discomfort,you can't wear briefs or a traditional jockstrap while riding a bike.This,of course,also had the added benefit of eliminating visible underwear lines.That was about four years ago,and now you could'nt pay me to wear any other type of undergarment/swimwear,either for sports,as daily wear,or of course,while swimming/sunbathing.I believe that the thong is the most practical,comfortable,and elegant article of clothing ever invented,and I look forward to the day when wearing thongs,as both underwear and outerwear,becomes not only more socially acceptable,but is also seen as a wonderful means for celebrating the most beautiful work of art imaginable,the human body,or,as one of my favorite poets,William Blake,would say,"The Human Form Divine".                                   

Kind Regards,


Ex_Member #12

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I was 13 when i first got into thongs. The first time i really remember seeing a thong was on the inrto to the movie speed. I thought it was the coolest underwear i ever saw. After school one day i went to find one of my very own. At the time no stores where i lived sold thongs for men, the most minimal underwear they had were string bikinis, so iwent for a ladies thong. I don't remember what happened after that but everyday after school i would look for a new one and i was hooked because they felt so comfortable to me. My mom eventually caught me wearing one but has been fine with it ever since. Now there are a few places to go where they have thongs for men so i don't wear women's thongs anymore even fter i tried to last month. love my thongs that i have now and am a 24/7 thong wearer.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Reply to : thong247

I was 13 when i first got into thongs. The first time i really remember seeing a thong was on the inrto to the movie speed. I thought it was the coolest underwear i ever saw. After school one day i went to find one of my very own. At the time no stores where i lived sold thongs for men, the most minimal underwear they had were string bikinis, so iwent for a ladies thong. I don't remember what happened after that but everyday after school i would look for a new one and i was hooked because they felt so comfortable to me. My mom eventually caught me wearing one but has been fine with it ever since. Now there are a few places to go where they have thongs for men so i don't wear women's thongs anymore even fter i tried to last month. love my thongs that i have now and am a 24/7 thong wearer.

I first got turned onto thongs back in the '70's on my first trip to Club Med. What an eye opener for a guy in his 20's just out college! I noticed I was first attracted to the skimpy bikinis everyone wore. Over that decade I went to about 9 different Club Meds and my suits got skimpier and skimpier.  I just moved to Florida (semi-retired) and am wearing thongs around the house all the time. (people knocking at the door must wonder why it takes me so long to answer the door!) Haven't ventured out to the beaches yet. I just received my orders of a few Alphamoda and Dore suits to add to my collection of Koala's. 

Thank you for this board, I really enjoy it and look forward to all the good info!



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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I was about 15 years old <literally half a lifetime ago> when I happened across Jockey briefs at the local KMart. At first I was rather embarassed to be buying them, as it seemed like every one of the clerks was either a girl I went to school with, or mother of a friend. Usually, I'd just wait until I wanted to buy a lot of gear- tools, jeans, etc- and throw a pack or two in. I wore these pretty much all the time for the next 9 years- even while I was in the Army.

Forward a few years to 95. I got involved with a progressively-minded young lady and while going to one of the local adult toy stores, she snuck in the purchase of a pair of thongs <one hawaiian print and one black with slashes of color> to surprise me with. At first I laughed it off, but secretly was intrigued about wearing them. At the time, this was not a norm for a straight male, but they weren't exactly bought for daily wear- rather for something different for our interludes <hey, if it gets my lady going, so be it!>. After a few times of wearing them throughout a day, I realized how very comfortable they were. This started it all.. I still wore bikinis every day, but occasionally would wear a thong as underwear throughout a normal day

That relationship only lasted about a year, for reasons of theological differences. At this time, I'd gathered about 6 pair of thongs for underwear, but none of them were really durable-- I only have one pair remaining in decent shape, and that's after having taken a protracted break from them. In 96, I met the lady who would become my wife. Ours was a long distance relationship and she came to visit in Charleston in 97. While she was here I still had to work during the day, and she took it upon herslef to do my laundry and other odd tasks while I was at work. Evidently while she was stowing my laundry she came across my underwear drawer and found the thongs in it. Oh she had a lot of fun teasing me about them <she'd already been teasing me at length about my bikinis>- especially given that my roommate was a gay male friend of mine. Rather embarassed, I came very close to throwing them out, but she actually stopped me, saying she was only having some fun at my expense and it didn't make her think anything negative about me.

Still- wasn't wearing thongs for my usual underwear until about 9 months ago. I started wearing them as often as I could- I am sure the wife must have seen them showing up in the wash. I wanted to buy more in differnt materials <the ones I had were lycra/spandex by "Parks for Recreation/ San Fransisco" <never have been able to find them since-- anyone know?>> but had no idea where to do so. I really can't say why it might be that I decided to make the switch completely to thongs. Maybe it was talking with a friend of mine and his jokingly posting a link to the undergear.com pocket thong. I saw it and within minutes was digging out my bank card for an order of 6. As comfortable as the old lycra models were, these cotton lined contour jobs from IM are even more so- and I am now hooked.

I'm not in the shape to wear thongs on the beach, and honestly don't think I would even if I was. I intend to be in the shape to do so shortly, but it's just not my thing to parade around in public with my ass hanging out, personally. I'm most comfortable in a pair of safari shorts or UDT shorts <the kind of cut the SEALS wear during their training>. However, this is just a personal choice. Now-- what I wear under those shorts is another matter altogether....
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I've seen alot of people posting about their insecurities as to what other people think, especially girls so i'll post my story, its kinda backwards.

I was 16 i think, and i was going out with this girl.  She was one of those has to try and see and experience everything different type girls.  Well one week, men's thongs some how got into her mind, and she ended up buying me 2 from fredricks.  They were pretty cheesy (both nylon, one zebra print and the other just black and semi see through) but that aside I was a good sport and put em on.  They drove her nuts and at the same time I myself was quite suprised at how comfy they were.  From then on I would suprise her or get things started wearing them, or every once in awhile i'd wear one just as regular underwear, although they were very cheap so they didn't really cut it outside the bedroom.

that relationship ended and pretty early on into my involvement with this other girl it some how came up.  it was me, her, and her best friend in my car and we were just talking about all the weird stuff we've done with other people and yea, they eventually got it out of me and i told them about the thongs.  My girlfriend though it was cool and the other girl freaked out, the idea alone drove her insane heh.  I had my credit card by then and was strongly encouraged to get some good cotton ones or something better in general, which i did.  I got em in, and gave them a show, and to my surpise they both pounced on me.  It was very interesting to say the least.  Slowly i bought more, and started wearing them regularly, and after awhile they became unexiting to my girl, she's not phased at all now, its just like a regular thing to her, which is good, i guess.  as to the other girl, she got a boyfriend at some point, i still show her the waistband every now and then to make her flip out, but thats all.

so don't be ashamed about breaking out the thong, it would be one of the best things you could do.  i would also like to note however that if everyone at school then had known, it wouldn't have been a good thing.  On an individual basis, the girls loved it.  But adolescent highschool mob justice is brutal, if the population had found out i would have had some tough years.  I'm in college now though, everyone is really chill and you'd be suprised how many guys are open about it, how regular of a thing its becoming.

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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This is my first post so I thought it would be appropriate if I started by telling everyone how I came about wearing thongs.

It was the summer of 1997 I was 16 years old. And I was on holiday with a friend and his mother and father. We were staying in a private villa (Medditerean Coast) which had its own pool. Anyway after a few days I had noticed that my friends father was wearing very minimal swim wear (thongs and g-strings). I didn't take much notice to be honest and thought nothing of it. About 6 days into the holiday me and my friend were having a swim in the pool to cool down. His father came over to us and said we could try on some of his swimwear as it would be much easier to swim in than the baggy shorts we were wearing. We both decided to go for it. So we went from baggy shorts to small thongs. As soon as a tried them on I immediately liked the look and feel of them. I was converted and we have both never looked back since. My baggy shorts never saw sunlight again for the rest of the holiday as I much prefered wearing thongs.

As soon as we got back off holiday me and my friend ordered some thongs for ourselves and have been wearing thongs now for 6 years. I have never been embarassed to admit to wearing thongs. As I started off at quite a young age and was in the company of people who just saw it as a piece of clothing which at the end of the day that is all it is. My family, girlfriend and friends know I wear thongs and no one has any sort of problem with it.



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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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For me wearing a thong and the a g-string on the beach was an evolutionary process. I got my first speedo style suit in 1970, provided about 2 inches of coverage over my hips. From there I started ordering suits from Parr of Arizona. My first Parr suit was called "the racer" which provided about a quarter inch of hip coverage. Then I started wearing string bikinis which had only a cord at the sides.

In the late '70s I started wearing thongs when I went to the Caribbean islands on vacation. Finally in 1989 I found a beach where it was legal to wear thongs that was a driveable distance from my home.  Then I built up the mind set to "face the music" on very selective U.S. beaches. Since then I have worn a g-string to the beach whenever it was legal. I don't care what people might say about it (most all now say nothing or are complimentary), I just love the tan and feel of the sun, breeze and water on my entire body.

I also enjoy the sensation of the strap in the cleft of my butt. At the very first I found it uncomfortable, but then I quickly "bonded" to it. Now I feel "naked" when I can't wear my micro g-string at the beach!

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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There's not much here from other girls but I'm sure I can't be the only one to feel the same way. My sun worship days go back to my late teens when bikinis with tie sides were going right out of fashion, but I stuck with them and to going topless whenever possible even though this wasn't the 'done thing'. 

I'd looked at skimpy knickers but they were always frilly things and not beach friendly at all, so I'd just tuck my bikini bottoms in as far as possible. Trouble was this didn't stay put - especially when walking - so a boyfriend of mine suggested making my own. The first was a very simple black lycra strap held up with a band of narrow elastic around the waist. This then progressed to one with a 'string back' and I made it with a 'curtain rail' front so I could draw it in just to cover the bare necessities.

I've never been in to going nude. As a single female it just doesn't feel comfortable and in my g-strings I have never had any adverse comments - only compliments.

Since the net came along its been much easier to buy minimal bikinis, and last summer I progressed to a Wicked Weasel Microminimus. Its 2cm wide at the top and just 7cm long. The original straps were nice as they matched and were very functional, but they were a little wide and still left tan lines at my hips and bum. They also tended to strech the bikini before they stretched themselves, so I replaced them with ultra fine elastic and have even changed the string at the back for the narrower version     


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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I got into thongs at 16 and from there onwards I was hooked. I just prefer the feel of them and they are more comfortable than baggy boxer shorts underneath trousers. As for thonging in public unfortunately living in the UK does not allow for much chance to thong on the beach. I always thong when on holiday abroad and in the garden whenever the weather here is good. Which isn't very often.

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I got into thonging when a couple local department stores here in the midwest carried them for awhile back in the '80s. They eventually stopped carrying thongs, but I continued wearing them. In the early years I wore thongs mostly for sunning in the relative seclusion of my backyard deck. But now I have graduated to g-strings, which I wear in public where they're legal, such as Ohio's state parks and Florida's beaches.

I love the feeling of freedom and the great tan I get from wearing g-strings. I also wear g-strings for underwear because they're so comfortable and they work well under my low-rise jeans.

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Reading this thread has brought back some good memories that I thought I would share here for the first time I wore a thong.

I was 15 in 1984 when I first got into thongs. I was on holiday in Ibiza with my family and I noticed that a quite lot of people, men and women, were wearing thongs. Back then most kids of my age wore Speedo? and a few wore shorts. I was a Speedo guy for years before that holiday, I guess I always had a thing about minimal swimwear, and that? probably why I noticed so many people in thongs and G? during my holiday.

Anyway, I was more than curious and while out walking along the beach I spotted a market stall selling thongs for men and women. My parents gave my older brother and myself an allowance to spend during the holiday and one afternoon I blew most of mine when I plucked up courage to go back to the thong stall and buy one.

My parents were out on a day excursion and my brother, who 17 and was supposed to be keeping an eye out for me, was off playing football with some guys he? made friends with at the hotel. He asked me if I wanted to play and I told him that all I fancied doing was going down to the beach. He was cool with that but reminded me that if our mum or dad asked I had to tell them that I was with him all afternoon.

I went back to the stall scared but buzzing, I wasn? even sure if they would sell them to me as maybe I was too young or something. I started looking at what they had on display and the woman who owned the stall asked if I needed any help. She was English, probably in her twenties, tanned and topless, I nearly ran away. She pointed out the men? thongs to me, but then said that they? probably be too big for me, I was tall for my age but very skinny at the time. I asked her if she had any that might fit me and she showed me a black g-string. It was made from the same type of material as my Speedos, kind of a stretchy pre lycra fabric. I bought it and almost ran back to my hotel room to try it on.

It was only slightly big for me, it fitted okay on the waist, but the string underneath was too loose and didn? quite go up my butt like it should. I could have pulled the waistband higher but that didn? look right. Also the pouch was a bit big for me. But all in all I loved it. After hanging around the hotel room for a while I decided that I wanted to go out in my new swimwear. I pulled on a pair of beach shorts, just in case I bottled it and went off to find a lounger on the beach. I remember my heart beating ten to a dozen as I laid my towel down and stripped my shorts off, but as I could see that I wasn? the only one on the beach wearing a thong I figured that no one would pay much attention. Even so I made sure that I didn? make eye contact with anyone.

I relaxed enough to fall asleep and was probably out for an hour or so until I felt cold water being poured over my stomach, I woke up with a start to see my brother standing over me thinking that his prank was the funniest thing ever. I called him some names while he carried on laughing. He calmed down enough to ask ?hat the !@*! Do you think you?e wearing??

I must have gone red all over, and not because of my afternoon tanning session. Up till that moment I had forgotten that I? just been caught by my brother wearing just a G-string. I stammered out words that probably made no sense and made a grab for my shorts and ran for it.

I was so embarrassed I went straight back to the hotel room. I pulled my G off, and went straight for a shower to get rid of the sand and oil from me and spent the rest of the afternoon towel wrapped round me, laying on my bed, just staring up at the ceiling.

Some time later my brother came back and told me that our parents were in their room and ready to go off to dinner. I ignored him, just carried on staring up. He asked if I was all right, but again I didn? reply. He went off to the bath room and I heard the shower go and some while later he was back in the room saying ?hat do you think??/P>

I slowly moved my eyes from the ceiling to see him standing there wearing my G-string. He apologised for freaking me out earlier and then went on to tell me that he? been thinking about getting one since we arrived to the resort. He couldn? believe that I? beaten him to it or had the guts to wear it on the beach. He was seriously impressed.

That was the thing about my brother, sure we had our fights, but most of the time he was very protective of me and also encouraged me in doing whatever it was that I was doing. Still is for that matter.

We talked for a while both saying how cool G? and thongs were and chatted about the topless girls that we? seen round the resort wearing them and also how it was cool that a lot of guys were wearing them too. He asked me where I got them from and I told him that I would show him the next day. He told me that we shouldn? let our folks know as they probably wouldn? approve and I totally agreed.

He then asked me if I minded if he borrowed mine that night as he wanted to wear it out to the bars. As he was almost 18 our parents didn? mind that he went out in the evenings as long as he was back at a reasonable time. Me? I had to stay put and endure the hotel family evening entertainment with the olds.

The next day he bought his own, which was exactly the same as mine and as our parents were often out on excursions during the day they weren? around, so we spent the rest of the holiday in them. We hung out at the beach together and also sometimes with a bunch of people that we? made friends with. They were all around his age and I was the youngest. This turned out to be good because the girls in the group thought I was cute. When you?e 15 and have no experience of girls, trust me, that? good. The girls mostly wore bikinis or thongs and even a couple of the other guys started wearing them, probably after seeing my brother and I looking cool in them.

When we got back home I found it really annoying to have to go back to M&S briefs for school and occasionally, on days when I didn? have P.E I wore my G. I looked around our local town for a shop that sold thongs but I could never find any.

Anyway, about a year or so later my brother who had just gone off to university came back for the weekend of my birthday. He gave me a present but told me not to open it in front of our parents so we went off to our (or after he went off to uni, my) room and I opened it. Inside were ten new thongs that he bought from a shop he told me about that sold them. He told me that now he more or less exclusively wore thongs and that he knew that I wanted to wear them as well. From then on I wore them whenever I got the chance.

Now, 20 years later thongs and G? make up most of my underwear and swimwear. My wife thinks I am obsessed, but still thinks that I look hot in them. My brother, his wife and kids join us every year for our summer holiday, we all rent out a villa in Spain for two weeks. His kids and ours are around the same ages and my eldest and his eldest are now the same ages that my brother and I were when we first discovered thongs. Some how I can? see our kids going down the same route though. They?e both embarrassed to be seen in anything less than knee length shorts. And so do not want to be around their parents when we?e sunning ourselves, all wearing thongs.

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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To DaemonDrew regarding "Teens and long shorts".

Try taking your teens to see or to volunteer at a Triathlon. Preferably some where HOT while on holiday.  Better if  it has a good contingent of "Elites" or young people.   Not an Ironman distance, too long and boring.  At the tri they will notice the fit looking girls in spandex tri suits and guys running in Speedos. 

Unlike football or most other sports, Tri's let you get close to the action and participants.  If you are helping around the transition, you end up very close. 

Your teens will probably notice the cool guys wear the short outfits and the old guys ware the long shorts. You don't have to say anything to them. Let them figure it out for them selves. They my not turn into thongers but they my seriously reconsider the long shorts.

If it's a short race, often called a sprint-tri, they may see kids of their own ages. Most teens think they are at least as capable as other kids. Seeing people of their own age, they will switch from thinking, how mad, to thinking, if they can do it I can too.

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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DaemonDrew...That may be your first post on this Board, but it is one of the most interesting, encouraging on the entire Board.  Welcome!!
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Great Topic

I began wearing them around 17yo. Australian kids started their lives in Speedo swimwear when I was young, and I grew increasingly frustrated when the kids around me expected you to wear shorts when we reached the fashion-consious age. Others started to think board shorts were the only option, but I still loved the free feeling of Speedo's.

I can always remember how good the older girls looked in their bikinis, and that made me want to wear bikinis as well - why should they have all the fun? At things like school swimming carnivals, I'd wear board shorts all day, but go in some races occasionally so I could strip down to the Speedos and have a swim! When our school crowd started going to the beach, all us guys wore boardshorts as we had all just got into surfing. I always had a speedo on underneath, and would swim and tan in them when my mates weren't around. Surfing in them was just the best!  Around then,in the mid-eighties, Thongs and G's it Aus big-time! I seen girls in them, and I wanted one!

The beach beside the one we most frequented was a nudist beach (a legal one since 1974) and it aruosed the interest of most from time to time for various reasons. I remember one guy winning a $5.oo bet to walk the whole length nude one day! I wanted to see what the swimming tanning would be like! That came later when I got my license at 17. I would drive to the beach myself most times so I could find my own spot to wear my bikinis (by this stage becoming smaller) or go to the nude beach.

Having the freedom of a car also got me into the habit of doing my own shopping for things like swimwear and underwear. That's when I discovered they sold Thongs and G's for men! I bought one straight away, and wore it to the beach when it was VERY quiet! I was hooked! Finally I had found the ultimate in swim/underwear! My collection grew quickly.

I introduced my girlfriend (now Wife ) to them by buying her Lingerie in thong bottoms, and these days she wears them as underwear 24/7 like me. She is a bit more apprehensive about the beach, however (the body image thing mostly) no matter how hard I try. Some times she will when it's us, no kids, and a REALLY quite beach!

I'm now 24/7 in the underwear dept. (yes, to the doctor and everything!) and Thongs at the beach when I can (mostly), and minimal bikinis at all other times (any time I don't think a Thong is appropriate, it's a minimal Bikini). Some of my friends know, most don't - most other people don't know - my family, except for my Mother, don't  (well, she did the washing!) - but I'm toying with the idea of just going for it full-on. That is - IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT< YOU DON'T LIKE ME FOR WHO I AM!!!!!

We'll see..........


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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Said a friend of mine when we noticed a man for the very first time wearing a thong. It was summer, about 1986 or so, Redondo Beach California. At first I was stunned. First by the boldness of this man and second by my friend's reaction, and my reaction. I was caught off guard, I was young and the sexes were supposed to behave in predetermined ways. This man did not conformed to my and my friend's notion as to what a "real" man wears; therefore he must be something else. I didn't question it further, I didn't really care. I didn't really feel any one way towards him but I did think it odd that he had chosen to wear what he had where he had--although people did take notice of him no one really made a fuzz to the lifeguards of beach police patrols. A few years later I began to question why my friends and I too were so quick to label people. I was by then off to college. Santa Cruz is a great place to challenge your ideas. All my ideas were questioned and many were replaced my more sound, logical and tolerant ideas, views and beliefs.
OK so my local friends didn't really change much during those four years and one day over drinks somehow the label of "fag" came up again. This time I challenged it: "How do you now he's a fag?" To which my friend replied: "Well, just look at him!" and, "Why are you defending him?" To which I answered: "Why are you attacking him?!"
The argument went back and forth but I couldn't persuade him. "He is what he is. How you are is how you behave... and dress." Said my friend. So I said, "IF I wear what he wears I too am a fag?!"
"You wouldn't 'cause you aren't....are you?"
"Of course I am not"
"OK, so if you aren't, you won't"
"I will"
"You won't"
"Why wouldn't I?"
"Cause, you're straight, I least I think you are, but I'm beginning to wonder!"
"And if I was?" (and I am not)
"Well, I don't know..."
"Would we still be friends?"
"Things would change."
"But I am not gay!"
"Phew! I glad that's settled!"
"But if I do?" (wear a thong, publicly, which bytheway I wasn't too kin on doing)
"You won't!"
"I will!"
"But why!!!"
"To prove you wrong! The world isn't as you see it. Try to see it for what it is. It's better that way."

I began to wonder just how many people have these ideas, I had them but I was challenged and began to view the world with a little more openness. Afterall, what difference does it make that someone with no connection to me is this way or another way? Worse yet, I assume that he is this way when he maybe just the opposite!

So I bought one and wore it.
It seemed that everyone was looking at me when in fact I am almost sure that no one knew I was wearing a thong.
I told Doug. He didn't believe it.
"Does it mean that I am now a fag?" I asked him
"No," he replied, "But most everyone else probably is!"
At least he said "probably".

I learned to like thongs. The support is very good, the discomfort is unnoticeable with the right suit, the elastic of regular briefs tends to dig in to my upper leg when I am sitting down, I tan better more evenly, and I like how I feel and look in it.
I am still friends with Doug. We go surfing from time to time and although he has seen me wearing thongs he isn't too comfortable with the idea (of me wearing them in his company).
But at least he is more tolerant.
Maybe he's just older now (early 30's) but he doesn't label people anymore. This I have been told by others who also knew the old Doug.
Like him, most of my friends know. It isn't a secret. I don't try to hide it or bring out the topic. However when we speak of the beach, summer, etc. it is usually Doug or another friend who makes it known to the others!
Funny, isn't it?
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Aloha, my first time writing on this board.  Just wanted to share my experiences.

I was groggy and sleeping nude with my wife when I woke up to pee.  For some reason, I pulled on a pair of underwear I had seen through blurry eyes and because I wore bikinis then, I thought they were mine but instead pulled on my wife's black thong.  She wakes up after I return back to bed and sees me in them and proceeds to wake me up and tell me that I'm wearing it.  Damn I look good is what we both exclaim and the next day I'm on the internet looking for men's thongs.  That was three years ago and I'm hooked.  We both wear thongs almost exclusively and a few of my female friends and her female friends know that I wear them.

We just returned from a vacation where I wore a black rio-back bikini on the beach for the first time.  The experience was so liberating to wear so little in public.  In Hawaii, while women love to wear skimpy things, guys are the totally opposite and if you wear anything a woman wears, you are labeled gay.  So not true for me...I'm all man and love to wear skimpy little things under my clothes.

Love the board and can't wait to post new experiences soon.  If you live in Hawaii and want to discuss more, come join me on the board!


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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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The first model of thong underwear I bought for myeslf was from Gregg pour Homme.  It was a grey thong.  The cut on it was really nice, but it was a "one size fits all".  I actually put it on just after leaving the store and I was going out with my girlfriend that night.  For about the first half hour, it was awesome!  Felt great and it was exciting wearing a thong under clothing.  My g/f had no idea either.  She was an avid thong wearer though.  After about 1/2 hour to an hour, it started getting uncomfortable.  I kept trying to adjust it or whatever, but it kept giving me a horrendous wedgie.  Anyhow, I made it through the evening, and my girlfriend loved seeing it in me later.  THis was about 11 years ago.  I rarely, if ever wear that thong now though.  Although the cut is really nice, I've learned my lesson on "one size fits all".  And I am not that big - 175 lb, 5'10", 34" waist...

Anyhow, I'm amazed I continued to try thongs after that, because it was not a positive experience, but the fact that my g/f loved them helped!  Subsequent thongs after that were much more comfortable after I learned what to look for and I eventually went from once in a while to exclusively wearing them.  No longer with the same girlfriend either, but every girlfriend since has loved them.


nadathing #28

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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How did I get started? Wow! That? a long story and I don? know if I?e ever thought it through before.

It goes back to when I was a kid in elementary school. This was in the early days of the bikini itself. (Dating myself here.) Esther Williams wouldn? even wear one in her movies. Thongs (g-strings) were something that strippers would wear. They had no other use.

I would scavenge cloth from my mother? leftovers from sewing projects and make myself a brief suit. These might have a triangle shape front and back like the first bikinis or they might have some low rise sides like a regular speedo today. These had no elastic and had to fit just perfectly. Too small and they would be too tight. Too large, and they would be too loose. They weren? very good and I drifted away from it. I never wore these in anybody else? view.

I had a swimsuit or two that my folks bought for me that were perhaps a size too small and thus fit similar to a modern speedo style. (This was before lycra.) I don? think my folks had that in mind, but I liked them. This was also before bikinis in general had really caught on for men or women in the US. As they started to become popular for women in the US, men started gravitating towards the boxer styles more (dork shorts) and we started to see men avoid this sort of thing because it implied they were gay. (Still there!)

As I got old enough to be on my own when getting around town and have some money to buy things, I did buy the speedo style swimsuits (which were still acceptable and speedo was still not a term used to describe them.) These tended to have sides that were high, up to the navel or close to it. I even recall while in high school cannibalizing a couple of swimsuits and cutting down the height of one and attaching the elastic style waist element of the other to make a suit that had a lower rise. It was on the edge of the acceptable range of the day. I wore this in public without any hesitation at a local swimming spot. One friend started to make a comment once, but thought better of it. I ignored it.

About this time some bikini style men? underwear became available and I bought and wore some. These I kept hidden from my mom and would wash them by hand myself. I wore them enough that I sometimes had to add what was really clean underwear to the laundry to cover for it.

As I got into college, Jockey started offering bikini styles in underwear and these became my preference in underwear and guys in the dorm would see them, but I didn? parade around in them. Speedo style suits were also available in nylon and early pre-lycra stretch fabrics. I wore these for swimming. (I?e never gone back to any boxer styles for swimming. The culture of the day still viewed this as an option for men, but it wasn? common practice to see them on many guys.

For a while it was hard for me to find underwear and swimsuits styles in this direction at all, but then Jockey came out with a line of low-rise cotton briefs in colors and I went with them. These were not usable as swimwear because the looked like underwear.

Slightly later, Jockey developed a line in what I would call a lycra fabric in a triangle cut front and back that would come to a point at the sides. I wore these as underwear and for swimming though they were not sold as swimwear. I felt ?hat? the difference?? By this time I had a family of my own.

I then started to find suppliers available through mail order that I would discover in magazines and get their catalog. The offerings and service varied. At first these were just retailers, but some did manufacture some of their offerings. I guess it was at that time that I first bought a g-suit (thong.) I only used these as underwear on occasion, and more for bed than day use. I never considered the idea of wearing them for swimming or for public. I thought of them more as a sex thing. Also, the styles were crude and the elastic generally was not covered with fabric, but I liked the freedom I got when wearing them.

Then I started to find suppliers that were more into creating styles. Parr of Arizona (now Parr International and sever owners later) was for a while pretty much my exclusive supplier. Their racer style (a 1?speedo style with a draw string) was my preference for swimming and later I learned that I was the talk at the pool I used, but I never received any comments. When Parr developed the Nada and No-Tie Nada (a triangle front and back with a little shape and a side strap of about 3/8?width) I quickly accumulated many and started wearing these as swimwear as well as underwear. I also stared to be selective about what I wore where. At first I stayed away from the briefer styles in some situations. I would tend to stick to the Parr racer at the local pool and go with briefer styles at the beach.

In this interval I also discovered Intersparta in England. They offered the first suits I had with string sides. They made some designs and retailed other lines, mostly European manufacturers. I preferred a style with a string type side, sometimes with small buckles on one side or both.

Intersparta is still out there but I no longer buy from them. It seemed like they became less interested in promoting their products and making their catalog available. I guess it just got to be more trouble that it was worth.

I also kept seeking retail stores where I lived and would travel. At times I would find a local store for a while that had items I would like. This would include Frederick?. The others would be the small specialty shops that today seem to evolved into the sex toy shops. Quality and style were ?cceptable?at best and I tended to patronize the catalog outfits more.

My wife started to object more to my preferences, especially for in public and I started finding situations where I could wear the briefer suits not in her presence. I did gradually switch to the No-Tie Nada for swimming laps as well as underwear.

I also stared to get more interested in thongs. The Parr Mini-Sumo at first and really the Mini-Sumo deluxe, which had/has the elastic covered on the waist and crotch straps were my primary choices. After a while I stated wearing them as ?eachwear?but only in private situations. Women in thongs at the beach started to happen and I stared to consider the possibilities too.

For a while, I pursued going to smaller and smaller side straps, but I found that straps that are so small you can? see them aren? what I want. Some of the others here are going that way. Some like clear straps or ones literally the size of dental floss, but I think a suit looks better with a small, but visible strap that is part of the design of the suit. My preference.

Parr stared undergoing a series of ownership changes, some of which nearly wrecked the business and then the internet happened and we stared having this better way to find vendors. I considered places like Koala, but I?e always viewed their offerings more in the sex toy category. They weren? what I was looking for. (If you like them, then that? your choice. It? just not mine.) I also don? prefer the sort of item with wide waist elastic and larger pouches that Jockey and other main line brands started to offer.

I found Skinz and from the start I liked the quality of their work and the colors and patterns they offered. I prefer some of their suits for my more conservative suits, including where I do laps at a local indoor pool. These are speedo styles with an inch or two at the sides when worn, some with drawstrings, some without. I prefer the cutaway front construction. I go with their Rio and Competion Racer styles. I also like their Skinny Side Rio style with string sides, but I more go with styles I discuss below for that.

But Skinz seems to be stuck on styles with larger pouches and limited shape. I was interested in something with a briefer pouch and with more shape, but I couldn? find that anywhere. I don? care for their thongs much for the same reason. Their prices are high too, though I do agree that they make very high quality products. Skinz also is not a good outfit for custom work. They want a large fee for developing a pattern. It? not practical, so I haven? pursued it with them. They do seem to be responding to customer desires and requests as they develop new styles, but they are not getting to where I have been interested in going.

I started to consider places on the web that talked about custom designs and contacted one or two, but never got to the point of conducting business with them. Then, a little while back, I found Dore? I immediately was interested because her styles were along the lines I was seeking: smaller cut pouches and more pouch shape. I?e become a regular and get both thongs and bikinis. I prefer bikinis with smaller (narrower) backs too, and as she has come out with the push-up and torpedo styles I?e gone in that direction. I pretty much buy Dore?exclusively with a little from Skinz these days. I really like the micro torpedo style she recently developed.

The range of her line has grown and seems to continue to grow, with more variations in style. Some more recent styles seem more like the sex toy sort of thing. The Missile seems like that to me and that 12:00 O?lock High suit must be, though I can? be sure what that would be like when worn. Now she has a couple of styles with cutouts at the end of the shaft. That definitely looks like a sex toy sort of thing to me. But as long as she makes the sort of suit I prefer, it? fine with me what she sells to others.

Dore?(in my humble opinion) makes a very high quality product; they?e well tailored and generally of quality fabrics; her prices are very reasonable (especially for custom work), and her service in terms of speed of response is about the fastest there is. Put that together with the fact that I like her styles, and that? why I buy from her so much these days. (Now if you prefer Koala or Frederick? or whoever, that? your choice. I don? wish to argue who is better, as has happened on this site. Each to his own and isn? a free market grand?)

I have now worn these very small bikinis and thongs on the beach in places that are more accepting of such things and I look for chances to get there. I wear thongs most days as underwear because I find this sort of thing very comfortable and I enjoy knowing what I have on under my other clothes.
string #29

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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My father is originally from Walloon area of Belgium, as he work on the field of tourism as a chef he decided to immigrate to Tunisia known for its amazing beach and fantastic and mild weather that make it to be listed between the best Mediterranean destination which attract a lot of tourist.

In Tunisia he meet my mother -of course Tunisien- and he settled in. My mother wear thongs to the beach at that time and until now (she is actually 46) despite her muslim religion. As my mother was a thong addict we always spend our summer holidays in Djerba (Tunisien island in the south) hotels which are in general thong friendly and attract many thong wearers.

So I grown up surrounded by free butts with the idea that thong is just what the majority leaded by my mother wear ,not a swimwear with sexual significations which attract the attention of the opposite sexes , but at the same time I allow myself to be seduced by this bit of fabric.

At the age of 10 I began to wear ones of my mom's thong on the sly without her knowing and I spent hours to admire my smooth thonged butt in a mirror. Each time on beach I make my bikini briefer and briefer to look like a thong and I spent all the day lying near my mother to get a tan instead playing with other children who are my age, because I liked the lovely tan-lines left on my body.

Fortunately unlike some  member on this board I have an open-minded mother in spite of her muslim religion who bought for me my first swim thong at the age of 15 when she noticed my interest for minimal swimwear. In a word I inherited my great passion for thongs from my mother.

Since the age of 15 I have worn thong for 4 years spent in Tunisia before going to Belgium to continue my academic studies, in anywhere and anytime despite of living in a muslim arab and conservative society.

rock1212 #30

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Hey String, how did your mom notice you were interested in thongs?  Did she catch you wearing one of her thongs?

Your mother sounds like a woman who is just very confident and comfortable wearing almost nothing which is very commendable, considering the fact that she is from the Islamic world!  However, Tunisia sounds rather liberal compared to oh....Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan!  As far as you referring to her being a thong addict, it could be that she likes to dress for contemporary western style, and comfort!  Especially since she wears weasels(Wicked Weasel) on the beach!


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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Wearing thongs has been a logical development for me. I have been into minimal swimwear at least since my teens and have always been on the lookout for something special. Then HOM came out with their tanga, a triangle at the back and at the front with just straps at the sides, very daring at the time! I think I bought my first thong in Marseilles while on holiday on the Cote Bleu with my girlfriend partly as a last ditch attempt at saving our relationship. It gave me a teriffic feeling of freedom, but regrettably it didn't have the desired effect on her. At some point around 1985, I had bought a tanga that did not fit properly and since it had absolutely no redeeming features, I decided to experiment and modify it before throwing it away. I cut the cloth out of the triangle at the back and lo, the prototype of the deltastring was born! I replaced the now hollow triangle with thinner elastic cord and tried out different widths and heights of triangle (delta) and side strap lengths until it looked right. The result was good, so I decided to go the extra mile and also improve the pouch (which did not deserve the name) by opening the middle seam part of the way from the bottom, cutting away a bit and sewing it back together with the elastics end to end and a strap through the crotch sewn on at right angles. I liked it not only because of the perfect anatomical fit but also because of the at that time novel design and I soon wore it with pride every time for swimming. My next project when I get around to it will be a 2-part thong, one part supporting and being worn over the other…fficeffice" />


I still always wear a thong for swimming as it is so comfortable and practical, it does not flap around and does not retain vast quantities of water when you get out of the pool. I also like the effect it has on others who see it, though their reactions seem a little illogical to me really. Why should you hide your bum? Everybody has one. I cannot help thinking that because of their advantages, thongs should soon become as popular for swimming as they are for underwear. But while they are officially acceptable as swimwear, they seem to be so controversial that most people have strong inhibitions about wearing them themselves. But we have to be grateful for that really, as otherwise thongs would no longer be something special and we would not have this forum.

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Do you wear mostly string backs or do you wear the classic thongs with a triangle at the rear?

Have you tried the pouch type micro-suits? -just a small sack to contain the male equipment and tied on with elastic or as I prefer, a drawstring. No visible straps or strings. An example is the Koala "Ultra-Extreme". You flop around a bit when walking, but get the maximum tan.
deltaman51 #33

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Basically, I wear anything in which I can feel comfortable in public, so for me that rather excludes pouch-type micro suits. If I want to wear less than a thong, I go naked. Thanks to the German Freik?perkultur tradition, there are a number of places where that is possible.  fficeffice" />

I need to feel that my swimwear fulfills a certain aesthetic standard, the more so if it is daring  - it's got to look good on me. I do get a kick out of causing a bit of a stir, but I always hope that people who see me in a thong are stirred but not shaken (to borrow a phrase from Ian Fleming), though you can't please 'em all. There are absolutely no laws or regulations forbidding thongs here in Germany and I have never had any problems apart from the odd wolf-whistle etc. from adolescents in dork shorts. Pool personnel often actually appear to be appreciative of my attire, perhaps they are glad to see something different. Nevertheless, it is still very seldom that one sees another thonger here. Thus I can get my kicks by being just a little more daring than the rest, without having to go to extremes.    

I have 3 thongs for swimming, though I tend to wear only the newest one. I have another that I bought through the internet that was not what I had expected from the picture. I tried to dye it black but it came out a muddy sort of blue so it looks worse than before and I only wear it at night. And then of course there is the delta-string which has gone a bit saggy at the front since I washed it with too much washing powder, but I am hoping to replace it soon. 

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I started way back in 1965 (I think). I was 22 at the time and living with my mother and sisters in Belgium, in Liege, and working in Brussels, commuting every day (a distance of 100km, one hour by train). Every day on my way from the office to the railway station i used to walk past a menswear shop, and I never paid much attention to it, except one day in the window I saw a tiger print g-string, a little triangle of cloth with string sides and a string back. That stopped me on my track, and for a few days I kept looking at that g-string, until one day I took a deep breath and walked into the shop. I must have been very nervous, don't even remember who served me, I don't think I was even able to talk, I think I just pointed to it and put some money on the counter. Anyway I bought it and put it in my briefcase. At the station I was still so nervous I had a couple of beers at the buffet to steady myself beforte boarding the train. Being peak hour the train was always full till the next station, Leuven, where most of the people got off.

As soon as I was able to, I went to the toilet, took off my (very conservative) underpants, and put on the g-string. What a sensation! I kept it on all the way home, and put my underpants in the dirty clothes basket. I kept that g-string on all evening, slept in it that night, and wore it to work the next day, with my underpants in my brielcase. That day I went back to the same shop, where I bought the rest of the stock (I think only three).

Since that day I have never worn anything else. I am now 61 and still wear g-strings most of the time. None of the lady friens I have had over the years have objected to them. Some of them wore g-strings themselves, others did not.

That would probably make me the person on this board who has worn g-strings ot thongs the longest. Can anyone beat the record?

wr1944 #35

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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In the first posting of this topic, I said that my inspiration to thonging was a 3rd rate German movie called Liane jungle goddess. I thought it was in the early 60's when I saw this movie and the movie was rated for 18 year. I remember being two years under age so I was very nervous.
I have done some research and it appeared that the movie was released in 1956 and was rated at 14 year. I was 12 year then so that fits exactly.
At that time strings and thong were not available, so I made my own. I used different fabrics but I was not quite satisfied. I don't think I would have walked the beaches in a string in those days.
I just modified a few old swimming trunks to models like the present day tanga's and speedo's. With that I walked the beaches and draw a lot of attention.
After a few years, my interest was focussed on study and after that my profession.
In the early 80's I went to St Tropez and saw people in strings. That revived my interest and I bought a couple of strings. My wife detested small swimwear so I did very little with stringing in public.
A few years ago, I discovered the strings and thongs of Dore. I have been a fanatic wearer of small swimwear since.
Because of my wife I have to go to the beach under false pretences and I have managed to go alone on a two weeks holiday with my bicycle or motor bicycle.
This year I hope to go to the French beaches between Boulogne and Le Havre.
Conclusively I don't think I can beat you on wearing thongs and strings over such a long period of time but I can beat you on posessing (home-made) strings at an early age. I was 12 years when I made my first strings.
capethong #36

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I first got into a thong by chance. I was running alot one summer and my cotton boxer briefs would get wet and and cause chaffing and get wedgies with a t-shirts worth of material. I went to department stores looking for a boxer made with spandex to help with my problems. Then I saw the THONG FOR MEN! I had always heard girls say how comfortable they were, so I bought it. The first thong purchase of my life made my heart beat really fast. I was soo excited that I had to change into it when I got to my car. since that moment I've been hooked on the comfort and practicality ofmens thongs.

terry99 #37

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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HI, new member-spent part of my time as a kid in the Med. wore a v cut banded red or blue very minimal suit. swimming my favorite sport always wore minimal speedos. now wear the red solar speedo to swim at the pool.  when I came to Florida several years ago saw others wearing thongs and g-strings, tried them very comfortable to wear at beach. 
Nixon42 #38

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I had always seen thongs in movies and what not and thought they looked really comfortable.  But up until couple years ago I was still under the impression that "Only Gay Men" wear thongs.  So eventually once I got past my impression I really wanted to try one.  I bought a few women's thongs, which were the only thing available to me at the time, and found that even though they didn't fit quite so nicely they were really comfortable and I found myself looking for Men's thongs everytime I went to a department store or the mall.  Eventually I found some and I can't stop wearing them now. 
packiest #39

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I got into them for comfort. I'd heard girls say how comfortable they were, so I gave them a try. And to believe that last summer, when I discovered that KMart sold thongs for men, I laughed at the idea and vowed that I would never buy anything from kmart again. The irony that a couple of weeks ago, I went to kmart specifically to buy those joe boxer thongs!!!
tb182436 #40

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I realized I was an exhibitionist at an early age.  Junior high school, I guess.  I was and still am a shy person, so that probably explains the basis for my exhibitionism.  I got aroused by wearing short, tight, or revealing clothing in public.  Of course, for boys these were only acceptable to everyone around me when worn during athletics.  I loved sports anyway, but I participated in swimming, track, cross-country, cycling, etc, as much for an excuse to wear revealing clothes as for athletic pursuit. 
I remember going to summer basketball camp one year in high school.  Two weeks. The camp was held on a college campus and we all stayed in the dorms that were not in use. After hard days or practicing basketball, I would go running around campus at night.  I wore very short, split side running shorts and no shirt.  I run around to the girls dorms, library, sorority houses, and other places, where I would be seen by the summer co-eds.  I remember being so aroused when I would run past a couple of girls walking along, knowing that they could catch a glimpse of my ass cheeks as I ran in front of them.  To this day, I run, work out ,and exercise as much for that as anything.  Exhibitionism has motivated me to stay in great shape, and being in great shape has made me want to show off more.....
By the time I got to college, I was ordering "posing suits" by mail out of weight lifting magazines.  They were essentially thongs and 1/2 back bikinis.  I had them in all colors, but I especially loved the white or light colored ones because of how they looked when wet.  Sheer.  Only long baggy swim trunks were accepted on guys around campus, so I used to go by myself to off campus apartment swimming pools, parks, lakes, etc, where I could tan and swim in my tiny swimwear, or go skiny dipping.  During the week days at the apartment pools, I would lay out by the pool with all these older ( 20's!) women who were either newly weds, or worked at night, maybe as waitresses or whatever.  I loved the looks they gave me when they thought I wasn't looking.  I remember climbing out of the pool in a sheer-when-wet thong, and getting a woodie by the time I layed back on my lounge chair.
Eventually, I even got a job with the apartment maintenance department cleaning and taking care of the pool. I used to do my job wearing a bikini or thong in front of the people (90% women) laying out by the pool. I never talked to any of them for weeks, but eventually I got to know some of them.  I learned that they all thought I was a male stripper, since I was always wearing thongs.  They rumor was that I was putting myself through college by taking care of the pool and stripping.  I let them believe that, and two women I had made friends with finally asked me what club I stripped in.  I told them I stripped for private parties, not in a club.  Believe it or not, I was hired to strip at a couple of bachelorette parties!
I used to take my thongs on spring break trips, and sneak away from my friends.  I would find some nearby beach where nobody knew me and strip down to my thong.  I had even started wearing g-string bikinis.  And I had discovered a few official and unofficial nude beaches.  One of my best memories of college were the various reactions I got from girlfriends when they saw me nude fo the first time with my thong tan lines!  Or when they would unfasten my jeans and discover I was wearing a g-string!
After college, I got a job that required a great deal of travel all over the U.S.  It was a great job for me, and there was a lot of free time during the trips.  I would look for any place I could find to go nude, and I found dozens of them.  When I was away on those trips, nobody knew me, so I would wear thong swim suits to any pool, beach, or lake that I visited. 
maximusthongman #41

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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i made friends with my best friend's girlfriend's best friend on the internet. (i'll give you a second to work tha one out)... before i got to know her, i had never considered wearing thongs, another one of my female friends told me that she used to have to wear thongs when performing her dance stuff and that they were the more uncomfortable thing in the world. anyway, we got to know each other pretty well, it seems to be a lot easier to get personal on the internet, and somehow, oneday, the conversation turned to her underwear (i think i asked her wha tshe wore in bed, and she said t-shirt and a thong), it turned out that she only ever wore thongs, she really loves them. she suggested that she buy me some mens thongs late last year (for christmas, as it were), i took it as a joke really.

i told my friend who claims that thongs are uncomfortable about my other friend completely disagreeing with her, but she still said they were uncomfortable. the only way i could solve the problem was by trying them for myself. i went to the local shopping mall, unfortunately, nowhere was selling mens thongs, so i decided to take my friend up on her offer to buy me some men's thongs.

she gave them to me last week and i love them. i intend on getting more and wearing them every day. i also intend to getting some thong swimware for the next time i go to a beach or pool (although, i don't do those things very often), the idea of showing off my thong-wearing publicly appeals to me because it shows that i am not affraid to challenge the male stereotype.

Bobbill #42

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I have always worn what the US call Speedos - if you wear shorts for swimming they fill with air which is uncomfortable.  In the 80s was able to buy tanga style in British Home Stores and other dept stores.  About 4 years ago bought first thong from C and A - now shut in UK and finally bought thong swimwear last year from Kiniki and used them away from public and liked the freedom in water.  Not so keen on thong underwear but recently wore them for a week and found them v comfortable.  Finally wore thong swimwear in public on holiday in Antigua.  My wife does not like them and would prefer dork shorts but am not prepared to for swimming - she has now accepted them for swimming.  As I expected it is no big deal with the rest of the world - it is only a question of having the courage.  Bobbill

By the way Kiniki do comfortable thongs for swimming

lf1 #43

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/30/2004 01:05:59Copy HTML


I thought I'd introduce myself to the board since I'm new and I guess this post is as good as any to put it. I posted a question about thonging in France a while ago (thanks for all the replies) but haven't had much chance to join in on the board since then.

My interest in thongs first started when I saw a James Bond movie. I think it was 'A View to a Kill' and in it, Grace Jones is doing some karate sparring in a thong-leotard. I was only about ten at the time, and I remember commenting to my mum next to me in the cinema that it looked painful! She just smiled and said 'no they're not'. Afterwards, I remember trying to pull my underwear up my crack to see what it felt like! (imagine the author going bright red while writing this!)

For some reason - not sure why - I also liked the idea of getting my bum tanned and now I think the reason I want to tan it, is because I'd look silly in my thong underwear if my back-side was glowing white while the rest of me was tanned.

I bought my first thong when I was 17 (now 30), and have since had an on/off relationship with them as for several years I kind of felt ashamed for liking to wear them, and threw them away, only to buy some more a year later. Anyone else felt like that?!

Now, I realise there's nothing to be ashamed of, and my girlfirend likes me in them, although at first she was quite shocked when I told her I wanted to wear them when we went night clubbing for extra support and no VPL.

I have a mixture of boxers and thongs,and still get incredibly embarressed if I look at thongs in the shops, and even worse if I actually buy some. Wasn't so bad last time as my girlie was with me though.

I have worn a thong on holiday a few times, but still don't feel entirely comfortable with it. I hope that if I get to go to France this year, or anywhere else for that matter, I see another guy wearing one so I feel abit more at ease, instead of the odd one out. I think I'm a shy exhibitionist - if that makes any sense!

Well, this is longer than it meant to be, but there you go...


Stiven #44

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/21/2004 05:55:43Copy HTML

I started interesting about thongs when I saw one photo in website (I don't remeber now what a website was it) a man wearing a thong. Damn, his butt in thongs looked hot as hell! Since that day I love thongs.

Thanks God for men thongs!

thongs_thongs #45

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/21/2004 12:03:19Copy HTML

started wearing thongs and g-strings when i got into wearing women lingerie.  brought a couple of male thongs when they became more widely available in shops.  now wear thongs and g-strngs almost every day (CK; HOM and 2Xist)
BigEasy #46

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/21/2004 04:56:41Copy HTML

I started thonging when my ex girlfriend bought me one as a joke and I found it very comfortable. When we split up the thongs went away and I thought nothing of it as in my mind I was only wearing them for her. a few months later I was clearing out all of my old clothes and stumbled across my thongs and thought they were actually really comfortable, so started wearing them again. As I kept wearing them I started buying more and more and eventually started wearing them to the beach on holidays. The thonging snowball for me has carried on and now thongs are the only underwear/swimwear I own.

luvmyrio #47

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:07/27/2004 01:19:13Copy HTML

It seems like forever that I have been reading people's bikini/thong experiences on this message board and I have enjoyed them tremendously.  For as long as I've been reading your interesting accounts, I've been wanting to write and tell you all about mine.  However, it seems like I've always been to busy and never really found (or made) the time to write.  Well, I've finally motivated and am fully ready to tell you about my story.  Before I start, just a little note...As much as I love wearing bikinis and thongs, I like the "stories" behind them just as much.  What I mean by this is that when I see a couple or family on the beach and at least one person in the group is wearing minimal swimwear I like to ask myself what was it that prompted that person to put on that skimpy swimsuit that day.  Was it another person in that group who convinced him or her?  Was it a prior experience?  etc....  During the course of my beach-going and vacationing years I've seen (and experienced) many bikini and thong "scenes" that have made good fodder for these stories which I referred to above.  And, in some instances, after a little "investigating," I've come up with even better better stories than originally thought.  I hope to convey to all of you -- at some point in the future -- all of these stories.  But without further ado, here's my story.....enjoy!

About six months ago a Belgian guy with a Tunisian mother told us all how his mom helped get him into thongs....my story is not all this different.  First, let me give a little background.  I was the middle child (a sister 1 year older and another sister 2 years younger) from a pretty well-to-do and CONSERVATIVE New York suburb.  My mom, who was young relative to all the other moms) got a one hell of a settlement from my father when they divorced and spent all her time playing tennis and going to aerobics classes and was therefore in great shape.  In addition, she was a product of the sexual revolution of the late 60's and early 70's and was thus very liberal when it came to certain issues.  Because my town was so conservative, my mom and my sisters would wear at the skimpiest and standard bikini (and in some cases a regular one piece at the town pool).  As for me, I was your typical teenage guy who was a great high school athlete and pretty popular.  I was also publicly vehemently "anti-Speedo" and wouldn't even join the swim team (despite the fact that I was one of the fastest swimmers in my class) because I thought I was too cool to wear a Speedo.  But, privately, I was so intrigued at the thought of wearing a bikini and wished I had the balls (and right opportunity) to wear one (as a side note, this was the late 80's when bikinis on guys were actually somewhat popular -- remember the photos of Tommy Lee -- with Heather Locklear!! -- and JFK Jr. in them?).  Little did I know my chance was coming.....

In December of '89, my mom decided to take my sisters and me on a vacation to an extremely posh resort in Margarita Island (spelling?) in the south Caribbean.  It was kind of a last minute decision and we didn't have a lot of time to plan for this vacation.  However, I do distinctly remember my mom one night telling my sister that she had bought something called a "Brazilian bikini" at this boutique in New York City and was very excited to wear it.

I'll never forgot when we finally got poolside at this posh resort.  It was mostly an older and international crowd.  Looking around I saw plenty of men and women of all ages is skimpy string bikinis.  Suddenly, I REALLY wanted to wear a bikini.  I then looked over at my mom and she was in this absolutely tiny black bikini.  It's hard to describe the suit -- it was black with string sides and a very narrow triangle bottom.  It was also low cut -- so low cut that when my mom sat down for the first time there was some serious butt cleavage.  I know this is gonna sound weird, but I was kind of turned on at the sight of my mom in something so skimpy.  In fact, I positioned myself right next to her when it was time to apply the suntan lotion and "adjust" the back of this tiny bikini.  I was soooo jealous of my mom and all of the other people by this pool who were wearing such revealing swimwear -- why couldn't I be like them.  And to make matters worse, my mom had bought my 14-year-old sister, Dana (I was 16 at the time) an identical suit as her own.  At this point, I had to think of how to get myself into a bikini.

A couple of hours later all four of us were sitting in this outdoor hot tub (it was getting kind of late and most of the hotel guests had gone in for dinner) and my mom and younger sister were still fixated on their tiny bikinis.  They were also picking on my older sister Michelle who had been too shy to wear the same type of suit (at the time Michelle was a little chubby).  Finally, they had convinced her to wear a skimpier suit the next day, which they had to buy in the hotel boutique.

Right before going to dinner, we went into this boutique and I had never seen so many swimsuits in my life.  Initially, my mom bought Michelle a string bikini (can't recall the color).  Then my mom and Dana started trying on some swimsuits (which I would soon find out turned out to be thongs, but that's a story for another day).  While they were doing this, I ventured off to wear mens bikinis lay on the racks and started browsing -- man, how badly I wanted to wear one.....but, if I did I thought I would be feminine and thus not cool....but there was no one here who knew me......but.....suddenly my mom appeared and caught me red-handed.  "You want one Sweetie, don't you?" she asked.  All I could do was nod my head.  My mom, who had actually been trying to get me to wear a bikini for years (back when she and my dad were still together she always bought him bikinis), eagerly started looking through the rack for suits my size.  I'll never forget how when the saleslady suggested a Speedo-like suit my Mom responded "Nah, if he's going to wear a bikini let's get him something skimpier"  I thought I was gonna die.  No joke.  I'll never forget the first suit my mom picked for me to try on.  It was a brown bikini which literally had string sides and a very skimpy back.  Changing into it in the dressing room I thought of myself as a sissy and almost decided to abondon everything.  But something prevented my from doing so and when the suit was finally on I felt amazing.  It was extremely snug and fit like a glove.  When I finally got out of the dressing room and appeared in front of my mom and sisters they were totally supportive.  They all kept telling me how good I looked.  The best was when my mom was like "Turn around so I can see what your tush looks like."  When I did she responded with a "Sexy!"  I was ready...

The night before I made my "bikini debut," I was so excited I couldn't even sleep.  In addition to the bikini I described above I also got the same style, but in several additional colors -- red, yellow, black, flowered and, of course leopard (remember, this was the 80's!!).  I also, according to my mom, had to wear a "cover-up."  This was in the form of high-riding cut-off jean shorts (it wouldn't be a stretch to call these shorts Daisy Dukes -- again I stress, this was the 80's!) as well as spandex shorts in different colors which matched my new bikinis and shirts which only went as far down as my belly button. 

For the next week or so I had the best time wearing these bikinis.  I felt so liberated, so free.  I didn't have to try and be macho anymore -- I could just be myself.  I'm not going to lie, a feminine side of me that had never come out started to show and instead of fighting it, I embraced it.  Instead of going to play with the other boys I just wanted to hang out with my mom and sisters and feel sexy in my bikini along with them.  I loved it when my mom and sisters (still obsessed with their new, sexy swimsuits much like I was) would compare their tanlines and how each suit fit them and would include me.  The funniest part of the trip occurred the first morning in which I wore a bikini.  The previous day my sisters and I had made friends with these two sisters (around our age) from Canada.  That morning when we got outside to our loungechairs, these girls came over to say hello.  Keeping in mind my total dork shorts from the day before, these Canadian girls were totally shocked when I pulled down my "Daisy Dukes" to reveal a red string bikini.  "Nice Bikini!" was one reply.  "Looks like someone did some serious shopping!" was the other.

My final highlight of the trip occurred when when I got a thong.  Like I alluded to earlier, my mom and sisters and been wearing them (along with about 30-50% of the other women at this resort and even some of the men) throughout the vacation and at one point I asked her how it felt to have a permanent wedgie.  All she responded was "Great, but I'll let you see for yourself."  By the next day I was clad in a hot thong and you know what?......Mother definitely knows best. 

And I've never looked back.......

pedalpower50 #48

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:07/31/2004 10:17:15Copy HTML

Reply to luvmyrio

Great story! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure we'd love to hear more about your experiences.

I'll never forget the day -- back in the late 70s -- I first saw tiny men's micro bikini swimsuits at a local department store. The suits had a narrow pouch, narrow side straps and about a half back. I had worn some Speedo-style suits before, but these took the swimsuit experience to a whole new level. I remember the exhiliration I felt when trying on that suit. The first time I wore it around my family, my mother commented on it. I told her it was my sunning bikini and that was the last anyone said about it. I loved that bikini!

I discovered Parr of Arizona not too long after that and for a long time mostly wore their nada swimsuit -- for sunning in the backyard and swimming at the beach. This was the 80s, so I recall very few comments -- except from my mother-in-law, who loudly expressed her surprise in a good-natured way but never gave me a hard time about my choice in swimwear.

It was the late 80s before I first wore a thong -- again after finding them at a local department store. I was hooked. I eventually graduated to g-strings, and now that's all I wear for underwear and for beachwear wherever legal.

One benefit to wearing such skimpy swimwear is that it has encouraged me to stay in shape. I was overweight when I bought that first skimpy swimsuit back in the 70s (had to buy an XL). I immediately went on a diet and eventually lost 30 pounds. Now I wear mostly size medium and have a 33-inch wait. So g-strings have certainly been a good influence on me!

rock1212 #49

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/03/2004 08:16:22Copy HTML

Reply to : luvmyrio

Since I can't think of anything else to say, that was a really hot story!  It sounds like your mother certainly did know best!  She enabled you to have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the benefits of wearing a bikini instead of shorts.  Like you, I have found that whenever I've laid out at the pool in a bikini, I NEVER have trouble finding a woman to chat with!

So besides laying out with your mom, did you ever go and hang out with the guys?  I have hung out with the guys at the pool in a bikini, and it is fun!  I act like I am also wearing shorts, and they know that I am very sure of myself and they have nothing to worry about!

When your mom and your sisters included you in their chats about how their bikinis fit and their tan lines, you were lucky because you had their respect!  When you laid out with your mom and sisters, you were just happy and content to just lay out with them, and you didn't have to do anything or be anyone you didn't want except just being yourself!  While you are no girl, you got to be "one of the girls" and got to be included in their "girl talk" conversations!  Almost no guys ever have that opportunity!  But then again, most guys don't want to be included for whatever reason, but since you were in a bikini, you got to be included!  Of course, you were clad in a bikini, and had tan lines!

In the bikini boutique, your mom could tell that you wanted to wear a bikini, and she was certainly a good influence as far as pushing the issue at that time!  She knew you wouldn't lay out by yourself, but she knew she could help you with that!  Due to your giving up your modesty and still having your manhood, you got to experience a world of adventures you would have missed out on in shorts!  One thing I find is that if a good-looking guy is clad in a bikini at a pool, he usually gets the respect of all the women who are around!  I have been out at pools in a bikini before with other women around, and usually, I feel like I am more of a man than the guys in shorts and they know I have an edge on them!  I have seen many a guy that was thinking " man, I wish I had the guts to wear what he's wearing!"  I always enjoy being able to talk with whoever I want and having the kind of respect from the women that no other guys can have!

As far as your mom turning you on while she was laying out in her bikini, does she know about that?  This may sound weird, but she may take it as a compliment!  As far as you thinking it is weird that you were turned on, I think you had a reaction which any normal 16-year old boy would have!  You were with a very beautiful woman and no 16 year-old boys hormones don't care if his mom is the beautiful woman!  Your mom probably enjoyed your adjusting her bikini and having sunscreen rubbed on her and being pampered while out there!

So did you get to hang out at all with either or both of the two Canadian sisters? 

When I lay out clad in a bikini, I find I experience sensations that only in a bikini can you experience.  I can never have the same sensations in shorts!  On the beach, bikinis are great, because they have leg bands which prevent sand from getting up inside the suit.  I also enjoy the feeling of freedom and lack of weight from shorts.  To me, it is worth throwing my modesty to the wind!

One other thing that you had going for you was that you had a mom, and 2 sisters who were VERY supportive of your laying out in a bikini!  So many children don't have that, and they miss out!  My mom was cool, though she didn't "encourage" me like yours did!  Of course, your mom could easily tell you wanted to wear a bikini while you were in the bikini boutique.  For you, that vacation was obviously a self-confidence booster!  Of course, your mom was encouraging you the whole way from the first visit to the boutique, to the time that you laid out in a thong.

Yes, and mother DEFINATELY knows best!  Your mom proved to you that she knows best!

JM_Runs #50

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/11/2004 01:43:43Copy HTML


Love to hear your experience wearing your first thong.  My first experience wearing a thong was also with my sister a few years back and it was a pretty sexy experience for me but probably more-so for my sister.

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