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ian-r #51

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/08/2005 01:33:51Copy HTML

How did you get into wearing thongs?

For me I think its because I have always had a bit of an exhibitionists streak.  Back in senior school I used to wear speedos which were very low at the front (just over the pubes) and showing quite a bit of cleavage at the back.  But it wasn't considered gay to wear speedos and I wasn't the only one with low-cut (nowadays referred to as Japanese style) speedos as I recall at least 4 others wore similarly low swimwear, including one I might add who was even more daringly lower than I was!  Oh and I'm not gay.

Well that was the beginning and on holiday I used to go to the beach similarly attired - once again this was normal wear for male and female teens in those days and used to be a common sight around the med.  Not any longer since dork shorts took over!!  I have fond recollections of lying on a crowded beach with a luscious Italian babe standing near me drying off with her skimpy bottoms sat at the apex of her buttocks and showing well over 2 inches af ass-crack!!  Those were the days...

In the late 80s I remember ording my first 'more revealing' suits from Intersparta.  These were still mainly speedos full/3 quarter back styles although I had progressed to a couple of string-sided suits still with at least half/rio coverage at the rear.  I wore these to busy family beaches a few times and even to a gym pool regularly (where to the gym I regularly wore the tightest and I suspect as a result semi-transparent lycra shorts with nothing underneath).  But odd though it seems now I remember still being mortified when I inadvertently ordered a thong back suit - can't remember what happened to it  - it went back or was thrown away! 

Then I plucked up courage to order my first true thongs - a silvery/white thong and a green triangle back string both which I wore many times to more liberal (ie nude) med beaches.  At this time I also  took the plunge and went nude.

This was probably the turning point as once nude why wear something that covers too much.  The Internet has also been key to this as once I discovered this message board (is it called lurking?) and hearing about Dore there's been no stopping me.  Now I knew I was not alone and the net now gave me the means to order really exciting gear.

So now thanks to Dore and this board I've discovered true stringy g-strings and transparent mesh thongs, gone to the beach pointing up and even worn c-rings for the first time.  I'm seeing just how skimpy and daring I can go on the more liberal beaches - after all I can always whip it off!!

PS I suppose I like to match anything I see or hear hence my progress to more daring suits from mere cleavage showing ones.


JM_Runs #52

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/08/2005 12:42:08Copy HTML

For me it was kind of an awkword experience.  I was at a friends house after practice one night and I was talking about how I wanted to go in the pool.  He said that was a good idea and told me that I didnt have to go home to get into a suit.  He came back and handed me a thong.  Up till then I thought thongs were gay and swore I would never wear one.  afer alot of convincing I said I would try it on... I  havent worn anything since..
KathrynG #53

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/10/2005 07:50:19Copy HTML

As I've stated in other posts, my introduction to thongs was just an evolutionary process from the age of about 11/12 when starting higher education I asked my mother to buy me thongs instead of what are now called granny pants as I thought that this would make me feel older and more womanly its gradually progressed from there to me starting to wear thong bikinis to the beach/pool when I was 13/14ish to now wearing minimal micro swimwear or nothing at all for maximum tan.
niceandtight #54

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/10/2005 08:28:16Copy HTML

I just loved skimpy underwear since the age of 14 but only able to buy it from about aged 17. I regularly renew my collection of thongs and love to hang out on the north east uk beaches >My wife likes me to wear at home but not in public . Difficult to explain what is so attractive about them , maybe its just the sense of daring .
Pete01 #55

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/10/2005 10:05:52Copy HTML

Like most of us here, I think it evolves over the years. As a teenager, I got into getting a tan on the beaches of the south coast of England - I lived in Brighton then, and there used to be a lot of foreign language students on the beaches there in the summers - this was back in the 1970's, when tiny tie side string bikinis were common. Low slung speedo trunks were common on men then, so I started out wearing small speedos, with about one inch sides, and very low on the hips. Into my 20's, I experimented with smaller swimwear, but this was before the days of the internet, so you had to go with whatever you could find in the shops.   I was working in London then, and stores like Lillywhites and Selfridges used to stock some fairly brief 'continental' swim wear - including some string side Hom designs, but not really thongs . It is only when I happened upon an advert for Intersparta in the late 1980's, that I got into seriously small swimwear - I think my first true thong was a 'kra' design from them. By that time, I was holidaying in Greek islands where you could usually find somewhere to go nude,  but I enjoyed wearing the thongs/g-strings in areas where perhaps total nudity was not common or accepted. 


tommiethong #56

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/17/2005 07:36:36Copy HTML

I got into thongs about 1 1/2 years ago.

I think what got me hooked was that I found out that my sis-n-law wore them. One day while shopping for some replacement undies & undershirts I came across thongs for men. I bought a 6 pack & decided I would try out of couriosity.

I wore one the next day & must say it took awhile to get use to it. After about a week I got use to the feel of the strap between my asscheeks.

I've worn thongs since & own about 30 thongs from a few silk but mostly cotton, ranging from solid colors to prints.

A couple years ago one day at work I had overheard a few gals talking about wearing thongs. One claimed that she started wearing them & one of the others commented that "once you wear a thong, you'll never go back".

How true that statement is!

backstrap357 #57

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/06/2005 03:17:39Copy HTML

Thongfreak I think you correct and this topic is somewhere else as well. But I couldn't find it either.

As an adolescent I was always intrigued by minimalist clothing such as loin clothes. This was amplified by the fact that in no imaginable way was I allowed to own or wear a bikini cut swimsuit. I was always told, "It just doesn't look right" So I started making my own. I would never wear these creations in public but I did have fun. Even if I tried to make something with a seat it always rode up my butt anyway so I just adopted the thong design.

Then I moved away to college. By then I had such a poor body image that the idea of wearing a speedo was out of the question but I found my first copy of International Male. When I saw the thong underwear I completely couldn't help myself I bought a half dozen immediately and been wearing thong underwear ever since.

nakedsurfer39 #58

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/07/2005 05:35:32Copy HTML

I started wearing them for pure comfort. I wear thongs everyday. I was always curious and liked the way they looked and one day I went into a Jockey outlet and purchased three of them. Now I own about 40 thongs. I do not wear thongs to the beach though. I either go to a nude beach or a family beach. I wear board shorts with nothing underneath because I surf whenever possible.
quinto10141 #59

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/07/2005 03:39:12Copy HTML

When in my preteens I wore boxer swim trunks like most boys in my area.  At about age 13, I was visiting a friends house and he invited me to swim in his pool.  I did not have my suit with me and he said, you can wear one of mine.  He gave me a bright red bikini.  I was a bit shocked and did not want to wear it but it was hot and I did want to go for a swim.  So, I went to get changed.  My firend went to change into his suit too.

I stripped down and held the bikini up to me and thought it was very small.  But, I began to pull it up my legs.  I was very supprised how tight it was as I worked to get the suit up over my cheeks.  It was much tighter than the jockey underware briefs I always wore.   Finally everything was in place.  I stood and looked at myself in the mirror and thought  that maybe the suit looked good on me.  Like I said earlier, the suit was bright red in color and was what today would be considered conservative with two inch sides.  I wrapped a towel around me and went out to the pool.

My firend came out just after me but he was not even covered with a towel.  He just came out of the house to the pool wearing a bright yellow string bikini.  Along with my friend came his sister who was fifteen.  She looked at me and said that she thought my suit looked good.  I told her that it was here brother's suit, that he lent it to me so I could go swimming.  So, the three of us jumped in the pool and spent the rest of the day having a great time. 

By the end of the day, I was totally used to the tightness of the bikini and was very comfortable jumping in and out of the pool in front of the other two.  I also was hooked on wearing that style suit and went home to ask my parents to get me one of my own.  This was the first time I ever wore a bikini but was not to be the last.

My parents listened to my story of the day and my request to get a bikini of my own.  My mother said she would look for one but several weeks would go by before she would even begin to look for one.  This time being summer, I was always over my firends house.  But, I would purposly not bring my own trunks with me so I could borrow his bikini again and again.  About the fourth time we went swimming.   I said that I wanted to try his yellow striing bikini instead of the red one I usually wore.  He thought about it and said OK.  So, he through the string bikini to me and I went to get changed. 

This time the experience was very different for me as I changed into the bikini.  I felt very funny as I did not know why I was excited.  But, I pulled the suit up my legs and over my cheeks and found that it was very tight and tiny in the back.  Today this would be a rio back suit.  I knew that it was different when my friend was wearing it but did not realize how high cut it was till I put it on.  I went out to the pool with my towel and met my friend who was already there wearing a blue rio bikini just like mine.  My friend said, you have a bikini tan line.  I can see the tan on you butt.  I didn't notice inside how high this suit was on my butt and how much more cheek was showing.

He asked me if I liked his new bikini and if I like the one I was wearing.  I guess he knew I did as I always wanted to wear one of his from that first time.  I told him that I did like his suits and asked him why he started wearing them instead of the boxers we all wore.  He said that his mom bought his sister and him new bathing suits for the pool season last year and for a change she bought him a bikini to be funny.  But I fooled her when I put it on and liked it , kept wearing it and asked for more different ones.  This year I even picked out these string bikinis.  And now you are converted too.  Have you asked your mom to get you one yet? 

Well, finally my mom bought me my own bikini.  It was very conservative and dark blue.  I was happy to get it and wore it to the beach and pool when we went.  But, I still always left it home when I went to my friends house so I could pick one of his rio suits to wear.

This is a long story but I fell in love with bikinis that year and the next year I was old enough to buy my own siwmsuits.  The whole thing turned into a contest between my friend and me to see who could find the smallest bikini.  I finally thought I could win this contest the following year when the department store in my area began to sell men's thongs.  This was in the mid eighties when you could find them along with lots of bikinis for men.  The thongs were made by Sun Blocks and they matched the fabric of the bikinis that were on the rack too.  So, I decided to go all the way.  I picked out a thong and matching bikini in lime green.  I took them to the dressing room to try them on and was hooked with the feeling and the look of the thong.  I even tried the bikini on and decided to buy both.  Then the idea hit me.  I picked out a second thong and bikini in bright orange and took all of them home.

Well, the next day I went to my friends house for our usual swim and this time I took my purchases with me.  My friend asked me which bikini I wanted to pick today and I said I don't need one of yours today.  I brought my own for a change.  He only said OH?  I told him that I was going to change and I wanted him to wait to tell me what he thought.  I went into the bedroom and quickly stripped down and first put on the lime green thong and then pulled up the bikini over it and opend the door and went out. 

My friend smiled and said, that's a great suit but it's not real small in the back.  I said, Oh, I can fix that and pulled down my bikini to reveal my matching thong.  He did not say anything but just looked.  I pulled my bikini back on and said, you go change now.  But don't wear one of your suits.  Get one out of the bag on the bed and try it on.  He smiled and slowly walked past me and closed the door.

One minute later, the door opened and he came out wearing the orange bikini.  We both went out to the pool and when we got to the water.  I pulled my bikini off and jumped in.  He stood by the pool for a few seconds thinking and then I said, Well?  So, he untied the waist string and stripped off the bikini to show the bright orange thong.  He stood there and looked at himself in the water then jumped in and said.  Guess you win.  But why did you buy me this thong?  I said, you converted me to bikinis, now I converted you to thongs.

It is now almost twenty five years since I first wore a bikini and then a thong.  I never went back to wearing boxer suits even at home and I even began to wear my smaller rio suits around my mom.  She at first thought them too small and said I should wear the bikini she bought me.  I did once or twice but soon even tried my thong. 

My friend and I both continue to thong.  We both have pools and wives and his wife will come to the pool in her thong.  My wife likes my thong but she has not worn a thong out of our backyard pool yet.  Maybe this season will be the one. 


pedalpower50 #60

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/08/2005 10:39:41Copy HTML

Great story, quinto10141. It brings back fond memories. I first got into minimum swimwear in the late 70s when I saw tiny string bikinis at a local department store. It was love at first sight. I was overweight then, so I had to buy an XL. But I went on a diet/excercise program and soon was into a medium. I loved those suits, and sunned/swam in them constantly.

Later on I found out about Parr of Arizona and became very fond of their no-tie nada suits, which I wore for the better part of 10 years.

I graduated to thongs in the mid-80s when the Sun Blocks showed up at another local department store. I was very excited when I first tried them on and knew I had to buy 'em. I only wore them sunning in the backyard, though. The first time I wore a thong in public was at a hotel in Las Vegas in 1989. An older couple walked by and the woman was rather startled, but the exhiliration was worth dealing with any negative reaction.

I eventually found out about Skinz and began wearing their g-strings in the mid-90s. Now, I wear Skinz g-strings almost exclusively when sunning in the backyard or on vacation in Florida. I also have a few Dore and Koala suits, but have only worn them when sunning.
Beachlover492000 #61

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/08/2005 09:07:58Copy HTML

It was an evolutionary process for me also. I have had a strong exhibitionist streak for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenage and even before young I devised a number of bief outfits from strings and stips of cloth. It's a amzaing how similar some of the creations were to the suits that I would eventually wear. I never worn these homemade suits in public, but it was a fantasy that I wanted to fulfull.

Once I got away home I started to wear Speedo style suits. Then I saw an ad for Parr of Arizonia and discovered their Nada string bikini. The Nada was (is) a two triangle style suit with completely open sides. I worn that style of suit exclusively. Finally two factors came together. I got up the courage to wear a thong, and I discovered a beach where it was legal to wear thongs. That got me totally hooked, and I've been a thong and then g-string guy ever since. I can't wear my g-strings to every beach or pool, but that's my suit of choice 95%+ of the time.

ButtStrap #62

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/09/2005 12:53:58Copy HTML

Like Beachlover, I've always had a strong exhibitionistic streak. My first really brief swimwear were the posing suits that bodybuilders wore, which I would order from the muscle magazines of the period. While those styles would be considered somewhat conservative today, I liked the relatively narrow sides and the way they accentuated the glutes.

Still, I wanted something even more revealing than those suits, so I somehow got the idea of making my own thong, even though it was unknown at the time. I would remove the side straps from a traditional jockstrap, sew one of them back on to the center of the waistband, and attach it to the pouch. Then I would dye it black or midnight blue. It sounds kind of primitive, but I loved the look of it. When the first mainstream, commercially available thongs for men (made by a designer named Rudi Gernreich) arrived in the mid 1970s, I was thrilled. I've been hooked on them ever since. To me, there's nothing like the freedom and exposure of wearing a thong at the beach.
mirco #63

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/09/2005 05:01:57Copy HTML

I run alot an boxer just suck when your running and breif are not much bettter,so I tryed thongs and that was it,if you work out or run,its the only way to go.I still wear boxer but I think thongs are more partical for my lifestyle,and the feel better


JM_Runs #64

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/11/2005 08:23:46Copy HTML

I ended up buying some thongs because I was getting waxxed at the time and I thought the esthenticial (how ever you spell it) would appreciate me not being naked...

I ended up liking the fact that it actually gave me support vs. boxes that do nothing buy give you massive wedges. I say that commando is more functional that wearing boxers...

Then I met a chick that kind of weirded me out because she was ***REALLY*** into guys wearing thongs. I ended up wearing them full time when I was around her and havent stopped since because they are so much more comfortable.
magnus67t #65

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/13/2005 12:23:01Copy HTML

  For me I also had a very strong exhibitionist streak, plus it was an evolutionary process.  Some of my earliest memories are of a desire to wear a  Speedo.  I remember when I was about eight years old and my mom bought me my first Speedo.  My wish finally came true, it seemed all my life I wanted to wear a Speedo but was too shy to ask for one.  Since my mom would only buy us one swimsuit a year I got to wear my new suit everywhere.  I poudly wore it to the beach and around the neighborhood.  On one hot day when I was wearing my Speedo in the neighborhood my freind's mom saw me and gave me the biggest smile a smile that was saying how cute I looked.  I felt so good inside, It seems like I have wanted to re-create that same feeling ever since.   When thongs came along it was like manna from heaven.

gsj #66

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/13/2005 05:06:08Copy HTML

Well here's a subject!

I have always been into "smaller" swimwear and realised this, very many years ago at school, when the standard issue "cozzie" had 4" lace up sides. This was very "revealing" compared with previous woolly offerings and by doing the laces up tight the side could be reduced to 3".

Subsequently on a camping expedition to the French Riviera I managed to buy a 2" side brief & considered this very daring. At that time I also started experimenting by rolling the waistband down.

I then discovered the HOM string about 25 years ago when first introduced. Despite the full back the front pouch - by standards then, was very revealing. I well remember first wearing this suit to a public pool in Guernsey and feeling very brave.

I also discovered Intersparta about the same time and started to wear their designs, gradually increasing the brevity - or should I say decreasing the cover?

The rest is, as they say, history. I now only have string suits. I keep the fuller backed suits for public swimming and for the beach or away sailing out comes the G-string.

I have never considered myself an exhibitionist. I simply enjoy the freedom & pleasure from being scantily attired when sunning & swimming.

newthongboy #67

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/12/2005 03:26:37Copy HTML

i don't know. i saw it last year and i like it. so i bought a pack home last week (although the sales lady was giggling). it's made by RAW bodywear (3 in a pack. 1 black, 1 white, 1 bright orange) i wore it to school last week and it feels great.

but i have some explaination to do when my mum discovered the thongs in the laundry yesterday...

i bet i'm the only one in school who wear thongs to school. (guess my age, anyone?) =p what worries me is that my school uniform pants are white in colour...hmmmmm...im worried if it rains and if my pants are wet, other people can see through my pants.

i gonna get more next week. i love thongs!!!
nadathing #68

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/21/2005 08:11:18Copy HTML

The earlier topic or thread on this subject is entitled "What made you start thonging ?" and it is in this same category. At this writing, it can be found in the middile of page 2 of the listing of topics.

It has about 50 entries. Perhhaps our moderator will chose to lock it up for no additional entries and let this one be the continuation of the subject.

At any rate, those of you who haven't seen the older entries, should be able to find it.
Oz_Thong_Boi #69

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/29/2005 06:21:20Copy HTML

I'm a 22yr old male, i first Tried thongs when i was 13.


I saw a CK thong in a department store and was too embarresed to buy it so i stole it, then i wore it everyday for a week, then would wash it when my parents where out. I then got scared and so i "secretly"dropped it in the boy's locker room at school to see what the other boys though. They all threw it around between each other and where calling out wondering as to which "faggot:  would wear it


Over the years i bought more and more and more undies, and by the time i was 16 i wore thong underwear and swimwear exclusivly

JM_Runs #70

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/07/2005 06:58:05Copy HTML

I used to wear briefs, then boxer shorts. I got into a thong for the first time when I was 19 while in the University and since then I have worn only thongs, except for the time I was in the army. I was very curious how I would look in a thong. I first saw a thong in a catalogue of Neckermann when I was 11 and since that time until I bought my first thong I was looking for a way to get into a thong. Actually I did not like my first thong, because it had too much of fabric.

Gymbuff #71

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/28/2005 04:55:33Copy HTML

I think the first g-string I saw was when I was about 10 or 11 years old ( coping a peek at the stripper at an uncle's birthday party). It was a a year of so later (12 going on 13yrs old) when I came across the photos from the party again, and being at that age of sexual curiosity and experimentation I guess I began to develop a bit of a fettish for smaller more revealing underwear. My first thong was one I made. I was 17 when I bought my first real g-string, (is it just me or was it a real rush for others, buying their first thong?). So from my first experience at 12yrs, i've been thonging for 14 years now, and adding to the collection ever since.
Sarah_Thomas #72

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/28/2005 05:12:01Copy HTML

MMM...How did I get into thongs?

Well first I put my left leg through the left hole and then my right leg through the right hole and pulled them up into place...lol ;-)


Sorry guys, I couldn't resist that, hang me if you must.

Luv Sarah xxx

thong_on #73

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/30/2005 01:24:10Copy HTML

My mother wears gstrings almost exclusively, come to think of it I haven't seen a normal pair of panties in the wash that belong to her (I hang the washing on the line).  I have just noticed that my dad also owns a few thongs (through doing the washing every now and then) however unlike my mother this is not something he is open about.  So I'm nineteen and male (strait) and I wear thongs though I doubt anyone in my family knows and i prefer to keep it that way until I can work up some courage. it just depends what underwear i grab in the morning.  i just think that thongs and gstrings are more appropriate and comfortable some of the time.fficeffice" />

If anyone has any experiences on how they got into thonging through their family let me know as I think that it's weird that I started this way?.  Or alternatively maybe your in my parents situation and you have influenced your kids? Do you have open families? 


 For all of you Americans, in Australia Speedos or Board Shorts are the norm on the beach.  Most people wear both as they surf in shorts but swim and train in Speedos.  Almost everyone wears briefs though thongs are becoming more popular. I have never thonged at the beach.

bobo2112 #74

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/30/2005 01:42:16Copy HTML

(Sarah, bloody funny reply!!!)

It's hard to say how I got started in wearing thongs.  Neither my parents nor my sister ever had thongs while I was growing up.  I know I always liked to steal a pair of my sister's silk underwear to try on.  It just always felt so much more comfortable than our traditional tighty whitey briefs.  After I moved out, I started trashing the old, large briefs and bought bikini briefs.  Then on one business trip many years ago, I went shopping one weekend and found some silk thongs in the men's section!  I was stunned and picked up a pair.  I tried to play it cool at the sales counter.  After purchasing them, I couldn't wait to get back to my hotel room to strip down and try them on!  They felt so good and comfortable (and I admit, sexy), I slept in one that night.  Thongs are definitely my preferred underwear!!!


616 #75

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/30/2005 04:42:17Copy HTML

When I was 11-12 I was compeditively swimming (speedo's) and that didn't faze me at all, Then the movie "Under seige" with stephen Segal and the blonde stripper jups out of the cake. When I watched this I thought ' that looks really sexy" and I also watched "My Father My Hero" or something like that starring that french actor and the girl in that was about my age and also it appealed to me "sexy". I ended making my own but was uncomfortable so I went to the supermarket and bought a Bonds and said it was for my mum. It was one of the best ones i had but i think one of my faimly found it and threw it out.

I then bought a G-string body suit  from a surf shop and a YSL Thong from myers, only wore the thong a few times I grew a bit bigger and was too small. I went  away from thongs for a couple of years after convincing my self there was no need to wear them. But i realised that they are a part of me so I couldn't fight it and bought some after chucking out many of them.  Then I got int WW in 99 and now Alphamoda. I think for some of us it's destiny

12 wheels #76

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:07/04/2005 03:57:03Copy HTML

During my early teen years, I started developing a strong desire to want to try nudism - I had seen a couple of things on tv about nude beaches, and something in me really connected with it. Unfortunately, coming from a family with very conservative parents, it would be a while before I could try it. However, my desire to try nudism eventually extended to a desire to also want to try minimal swimwear.

Now this was the early 80's, and the swimwear styles were becoming a bit skimpier. I can remember watching TV and movies, and seeing all of the images of women in sexy leotards & tiny swimwear. By the time I was 15, I was dating my first serious girlfriend - I can remember the swimsuits she used to wear. She wore one-piece suits (that was popular at the time) - and one in particular - that were cut pretty small. She had this blue one-piece that was pretty narrow in front, and had a 3/4 back - and the best part was that the suit was cut pretty high in the hips - I always loved how those suits in the 80's would show off that crease on womens' hips, where the top of the legs meet the hip. As with most things, I was a typical 15 year old kid who was too worried about what my parents & others would think - so as much as I wanted to, I never actually wore a speedo/bikini.
I did have one other girlfriend in my teens who was a self-proclaimed nudist - we did talk about someday wanting to go to a nude beach or resort where we could sunbathe nude. She also liked skimpy swimwear, but alas, we broke up before the summer - so we never got the chance to experience either together.
There were two movies at the time that really made me aware of thongs. Seeing Linda Koslowski sporting that great one-piece thong in "Crocodile Dundee"; and also seeing Grace Jones wearing a similar one-piece thong in "View To A Kill" - to me, the thong was the sexiest thing ever invented, and how much fun it must've been to wear one. From that point on, I started seeing thongs more frequently - sadly enough, thongs were only available for women for the first few years.As thongs became a lot more common in the late 80's, I kept wanting to try one. I figured that if it was perfectly fine for women to wear something so small and show off their bodies, then why couldn't guys wear them too and show off our bodies to the girls? Unfortunately I always seemed to be a victim of never having an opportunity to wear one to a beach, since I didn't live near the ocean - and most of the time I went on trips with the guys, so I wasn't going to wear a thong when hanging out with the guys. 
Actually, the first thong I ever tried on was a womens' thong that I bought from one of the local lingerie shops. It was a little strange to buy women's clothing, but I had to see what it felt like. Still couldn't find mens' thongs in the stores yet. I remember how exciting it was standing naked in my room, about to pull up that thong and feel that strap between my butt cheeks for the first time. Once it was on, it felt so amazingly sexy - now I knew why so many girls wore them. From that point, I was hooked, and thankfully over time, more places began making/selling thongs for men.It took me a long time before having the opportunity to wear a thong on a beach. My wife & I were in Florida, and found a beach that wasn't very crowded & set up away from everyone else. We were so excited as we stripped down to only our thongs - we both felt so sexy, and it was the greatest feeling walking the beach wearing almost nothing! Of course, we are both nudists and prefer nude beaches - but now thonging is another fun aspect of our lives.
Like many others, I keep thinking about wearing smaller & smaller suits. Trying to get my wife into a g-string teardrop suit one of these days - think if I promise to wear a tiny g-string too, she may do it on the right beach.
kevinb959 #77

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:07/04/2005 05:12:31Copy HTML

I started getting into thongs while watching MTV Spring Break in the mid-eigthies. Both the girls and guys looked great in them, and I had to have one.. One day, I saw a guy in the gym, who hurriedly try to cover up his thong while dressing. I probably was the only guy who saw him, but he was nice enough to tell me where he bought it at a very exclusive store that dealt specifically in lingerie. I went there and spent an outrageously high amount for a Ritchie orange thong. It was great! It was the most exhilirating feeling I've ever had. I wore it to the beach almost as soon as I bougth it. I never thought I could be surrounded by more women in my entire life. Most were giggling, but I was definitely the attentiion-getter. Unfortunately I wasn't going to pay the outrageous prices they asked for. That following winter, I went to Ft. Lauderdale to watch the Pats play, and while browsing through the shops I struck thong heaven. I ended up buying three, blue , pink and white. The sales girl, who was super attractive, suggested I try them on. I went into the booth and change, and she told me to come out to check the fit. Here I am in a swimsuit store with afew customers millling about and she's telling to spin around, and saying they looked great on me. I swear at that point I just wanted to uproot myself, and spend the rest of my life walking around Ft Lauderdale Beach. a la JM Runs. I didn't though. I stayed up in the Northeast, and I do my thonging over the short summer we have up here. I wore the pink one mostly. It was a sad day when I had to throw it away because the waistband gave way.

I do remember all the big clothing chains start to sell thong underwear recently after the onslaught. But nothing could beat those first thongs swimsuits I bought.

undercover20 #78

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:07/28/2005 09:30:33Copy HTML

I got into thongs because of my mom, honestly. I dunno, one day, I must have came home from school, or been playing video games or somthing, and went upstairs and my mom was walking around in a thong, and from there on, i was intrigued by them, and then I also found out that my dad has a few himself. My mom tried her hardest to keep me away from them, but it didn't work.

I wouldn't really know, but I'm willing to guess that I probably have more thongs than she does.

Hola #79

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:07/28/2005 11:18:02Copy HTML

My wifes parents are divorced, so back when we were dating (like 9 years ago) she lived with her mom a while. One day her and her mom were looking through a Fredricks of Hollywood catalog. They came upon the male thongs, and her mom asked her if she thought that I would wear something like that for her. She showed me the ad, and I was like why not. So I bought a 3 pack of thongs, and once I got used to them, I couldn't wear any thing else. They are much more comfortable, and hold things more secure than regular underwear.
billthong #80

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/05/2005 05:37:27Copy HTML

My girlfriend does not like me in high cut/tanga briefs and I do not like boxer shorts - so when we were in Next (UK clothing store) she saw some thongs amongst the mens briefs and insisted that I get them. I was a bit unsure - usual concerns ie what went between or up your bum. Having worn them since January would not now wear anything else. The main difference to briefs is that a thong starts off between your cheeks and does not move but briefs end up there with lots of material making them uncomfortable.

jojo03 #81

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/09/2005 11:08:49Copy HTML

I started out because of athletic interest.. Ive always had to wear Jocks with sports to support my package... I finally tried thongs which I thought would do the job of jocks... they did and after a while from just just wearing them for sports and weights I started wearing all the time.  I found they felt great and I REALLY liked the way I looked in them.  I guess thongs for me are the reward of having a good body... feeling good and sexy about myself.  I figure since im well endowed and they look great on my ass... why the hell not?
JM_Runs #82

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/10/2005 10:41:55Copy HTML

Much like jojo03, I started wearing thongs under my form fitting athelitic wear (lycra shorts and tights) years ago since I felt the lines made by 'normal' underwear under such garb looked absolutely ridiculous. 

Once on a fluke, I laid out in my backyard under the warm summer sun in my thong underwear after a long morning run while living out in California.  Wow!  What a great feeling!  I suspect many reading this forum have experieced the same memorable feeling.  From that point forward I was hooked on sunning in a thong whether at home, in the tanning salon or on the beach. 

I prefer the feeling of being in a thong vs. going nude when I'm soaking up the rays.  Besides, I like the tan lines a thong leaves behind (no pun intended).  I thihk they are sexy and have been told as much by both men and women.  I now wear thong underwear and thong swimwear almost exclusively, day and night, having become quite accustomed to the feeling.  I can't remember the last time I needed to deal with bunched up underwear or the undesireable shifting of cargo.  Wearing such clothing provides me with the motivation I need to keep my body in shape.  Yes, I do arrange my mirrors occassionally to get a good view of myself from behind wearing a thong.  Don't you?  I like what I see.  God bless the inventor of the thong!  A well shaped, toned and tanned human bee-hind is indeed a work of art.  Hats off (or should I say 'bottoms off') to those out there willing to share.   Thank you.

At the end of the day, wearing thongs is all about feeling sexy.  And, what is wrong with that?  Some people pay thousands of dollars to achieve the feeling of happiness and sexyness we obtain from wearing a pair of $15 thongs (A bit more for the ladies.  Sorry.).  Wearing a thong to the beach can be a real boost to your self confidence.  Splurge!  Go on-line today and order an new thong!  It is a lot cheaper than going to the shrink.  Want to feel even sexier?  Go ahead and get those nipple rings and lower back tattoo.   All of these visuals can be a great motivators for staying happy, getting healthy and keeping in shape for yourself and a special somone if you've got one.

I encourge those who have not yet had the pleasure of wearing a thong to give it a try whether in the privacy of your home or out on the beach.  You will never go back to the land of boring, unsexy and uncomfortable, I can assure you.  Spread the word.

Anyway, that's how I got to the point of wearing thongs...  Enjoy, everyone.

tjjones #83

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:09/29/2005 03:22:23Copy HTML

I was a 11 year old boy and was sleeping over my friends house(12 year old girl). We were gonna swim in her jacuzzie but my mom didnt pack me my swimsuit. My friends mom didnt have any kids shorts that would fit me, so the only thing I could wear was my friends one-piece girls swimsuit. When I first put it on, it felt really great. We played around for an hour(me wearing just her one-piece) then went in the jacuzzie. And I had such a good time just wearing it. Now I like sexy swimwear, like thongs and rio bikinis


Byfordgstring #84

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/01/2005 06:59:17Copy HTML

How I got into wearing g-strings and thongs is a really wierd story. It happened about 2 years ago when I was at my ex-girlfriends dorm, which is a massive apartment style co-ed dorm. We were both not going home for christmas (both from same place) vacations so I decided to spend my entire 2-3 weeks with her instead of living in my almost deserted dorm. A couple of days passed living there checking out the gym facilities, game room etc. and meeting a few people there.
By the way, all my life I have worn bikini underwear or "brief" as many other people call it. I have even had a collection of tanga style but never thongs.
One fine day (a memorable one) I made my way to the laundry room with a big pile of clothes, and the room is massive with tons of washers and dryers, but it seemed I was the only one coming in to do laundry, no one was there and no sound of any washer working. So I have a look around and then I randomly selected and loaded my clothes in a washer, this would take about 30 minutes so I decided to go hang out with my girl in the mean time, then come back and do the drying. As I was about to leave, on the right corner near what was an out of order washer I saw some articles of clothing, these looked like bits of clothing really. I went closer to observe and before I knew it I was holding a Gloria Vanhuessen Lingerie spandex thong. MAN! it was sooo tiny, it felt so erotic really just holding it, although this wasnt the first time I've held a womans thong as my ex-girlfriend would occasionally wear them. But holding them just by myself, observing them like I was an ape carefully stretching and gawking at those triangles.
As the name suggested these were female thong panties, but were navy blue solid in color with no lacy designs and didnt look at all female type. I went to the closest washroom and undressed my self while still holding the thong. And finally I put it on, it was a size slightly smaller to mine, but the frontal coverage was perfect but the bum string rode up instantly and felt very uncomfortable.
I started looking at my self in the mirror, constantly trying to pick out the hind string when I realized hey! This is a thong, its supposed to ride up.
What I saw and felt was great! I just felt sexy with how my body looked in it.
Ever since then I've decided on spandex, nylon g-strings or thongs. The only problem is that its hard to get anything besides cotton at the local departmental store which is boring beacause I like the stringy style ones, more stretchy. So I even tried my girlfriends, the best thing about slovakian and most european girls is that they dont care about what underwear you put on, it really isnt an issue for them. So I even tried my girlfriends St.Eves g-strings, PLATINUM lingerie nylon g-strings and many others and came to a conclusion that they were actually cheaper and most importantly more comfortable than thongs for men. They fit well since I have a small frame, and they look great. I currently own around 26 pairs of thongs and g-strings, out of which only 8 are thongs for men, the rest are non-lacy, non-girly type, solid color g-strings of nylon, spandex material which I buy from the little lingerie department in the departmental store.
My ex-girlfriend and I would spend the whole day in her dorm cuddled up, just watching movies in our g-strings. I think thats the sexiest thing a guy can do with his girlfriend (Besides engaging in sexual activity of course).

I still have the "stolen" Gloria V. thong, and hardly wear to make it last as long as possible.
shaved4ts #85

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/04/2005 12:03:28Copy HTML

Even though my sis doesn't know it, she is the reason I started wearing thongs.  She is 5 yrs younger than me and has worn them ever since she started high school.  Now that she has graduated college she says that is all she wears.  Must be true b/c over thanksgiving I saw her at my parents house and when I walked in she was on the floor playing with her dog.  Her thong was sticking out of the back of her pants and my father walked by and snapped it and said, "Nice view there!  (sarcastically of course) you might want to cover that up!" 

Wonder what he would say if he knew that I was wearing them too??  HAHA!  I purposely let them hang out that day in front of ONLY my sis but she never noticed.  Figured if anyone would be accepting it would be her right??

gstring_swimmer #86

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/04/2005 03:53:03Copy HTML

Just wanted to know if anyones parents wear thongs?

My mum wears them daily, and she is the reason I started wearing them.  Started at 16  now 21.. Im male and we were out shopping one day. We went thru the guys underwear section and I picked up a g-string and asked if I could buy it.  She said "Sure, its your choice."

ever since then i was hooked.  me and my mum have worn thongs infront of each other everywhere beach,home in our pool,sunbakin etc.. we always went shopping together for our thongs and g-strings which made our bond even closer.

did anyone elses mum or dad feel the same way about wearing thongs?

sebastianspencer #87

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/08/2006 04:53:03Copy HTML

Underwear is an obsession with me.  My friends know it, and it frequently becomes a topic of conversation.  No, I take that back; it usually becomes a tangent of a conversation.


I wore tighty-whiteys as a kid growing up in the 1970s, although they were baggy on my skinny body.  Only "old men" wore boxers; my dad wore tighty-whiteys, and that's what Mom bought me.  Each night, when I prepared for bed, I'd spend time in just my Hanes or Fruit of the Loom white briefs, rolling the waistband over several times, doing the same with the leg openings.  I liked the tighter fit that rolling up the excess material gave me.  I would eventually undress completely, and put on my pajamas to sleep in.


We camped several times every summer when I was a kid.  I was about 10 years old when I discovered another type of underwear.  At camp one night I went to take a shower before bed, and even though the shower room had individual shower stalls, the curtain separating mine from the next one kept flapping.  I caught a peek at the guy in the next stall drying off, and then watched in fascination as he slipped on a pair of blue bikini underwear.  I had never seen bikinis for guys!  I mean, that's the kind of underwear my sister wore, and I was jealous of her for it.  I knew right then I wanted colored underwear, and lay awake that night thinking of those blue bikinis.  I just knew I wanted that kind of underwear.  I was too old for "Underoos" when I discovered them, but I did change to bikinis as a teenager, when I started buying my own underwear.  About age 14, with money earned from odd jobs, I headed out on my bike to a store in the area that I learned carried men's bikinis.  It was a discount closeout store, and I ended up with quite a few pairs of bikinis over time.  Within only a few years, I managed to have a large collection of bikinis, thanks to that and other stores, but mainly that store.  I hated to see that store close, having lots of fond memories of bikini shopping.


Going away to college, I had to pack only what I would wear regularly.  That meant some of my bikinis had to be left at home for holidays and semester breaks.  My first roommate wore tighty-whiteys, and I expected him to tease me about my bikinis, but he didn't.  A lot of the guys in my dorm wore tighty-whiteys, but quite a few wore bikinis like me.  Also by this time, I'd had my own car a couple of years, and always scoured every clothing store I could find for their underwear selection.  I got my first thongs in college, but wore them only occasionally.  In those days, K-Mart sold 3-packs of g-strings for men, so I had a few packs of those, as well as a blue lycra thong from Frederick's of Hollywood I got my junior year.  I never told any of my college roommates about wearing thongs and g-strings, but they frequently saw my bikinis.  Having shrugged off pajamas as a teen, I slept only in my underwear and walked to and from the dorm bathrooms in just my bikinis.


Now, finally, I wear thongs almost every day except for a couple days here and there.  The manager at Frederick's of Hollywood in the mall near me knew me by name, since I bought so many of their thongs.  My preference was their cotton thong (although I had a few silk ones and even some g-strings.)  The cotton thongs were comfortable for wearing all day, unlike so many of the novelty thongs and g-strings the other stores carried at the time. I have only a couple FOH cotton thongs left, and even dread the day that they're so threadbare I have to throw them out.  FOH has closed all their stores around me, but I have found other thongs that are just as comfortable.  I have refused to throw away my FOH g-strings, even though they've seen better days.


Even with a collection of thongs large enough to build a levee around New Orleans, I still check out the underwear selection at every clothing store I go into, just to see if they sell men's thongs.  That includes not only my city, but also everywhere I travel.  Thanks to the World Wide Web, I can shop to my heart's content for thongs of all types and styles.  I've bought thongs for nearly every man and woman I've dated, including my current boyfriend of almost 6 years.  He prefers long-leg boxer-briefs for comfort at work, but I still get a charge whenever I discover he's wearing one of the thongs I've bought him.

BigEasy #88

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/09/2006 04:32:33Copy HTML

Hey guys, I've been working away recently and was actually working very near to a place my parents took me on holidays when I was younger and it actually brought back a memory that I had previously forgotten about until now which may have been my introduction to thongs. I was just wondering if you guys had any similar experiences that you had forgotten about that may had been your introduction to thongs without you actually knowing it.

When I was younger I went on holidays to a hotel in southern Spain with my parents and one night I was sitting on the balcony while my parents were in the bedroom getting changed to go out for food. We were staying on the 7th floor of the hotel and while I was looking down I noticed a guy on the 3rd floor standing against his balcony railings having popped out for a cigarette but all he was wearing was a black thong. I was young at the time but still thought that (as most prudes think) thongs were only for women and homosexuals, and shouted a few things (not malitious but what I thought was funny) down and hid as this seemed to be funny at the time for a young lad.

Now years later its turned out to be that I am the bloke standing on the balcony having the cigarette while maybe other people are looking down on me thinking the same.

Like I said I had forgotten about this episode until a visit back to the same place jogged my memory but I was just wondering if any of you, if you think about it, have had the same, or similar experiences.


cottong #89

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/10/2006 08:23:07Copy HTML

My first experience with a real-life g-string (probably called a thong by many) was during a LAN party in 2001. We decided to go to a nearby shopping centre for some supplies and we wandered into "Silly Sollys" which was one of those shops that sold all kinds of crap, generally cheap confectionery and cheap toys. Anyway they had boxes of "Jockey International G-strings" for only $1. The guys laughed at that idea, but I snuck back the next day and bought one.

My first time was an interesting feeling, but quite comfortable, and made of 100% cotton so didn't cause me problems like polycotton blends do. A while later I returned to get some more but they had sold out, and I haven't been able to even find it existed anywhere on the net or elsewhere.
John Howard #90

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/11/2006 04:50:05Copy HTML

Hey cottong,

were those "Jockey International G-strings" sold at a shop somewhere in Balaclava - St Kilda?   I found them there at that low price maybe 9 or 10 years ago,  remember I bought several because this product happened to be in my opinion, the best ever pair of jocks I've ever bought.   This shop might have sold them at that low price because they didn't sell well.

I remember they initially sold at Myer Melbourne at 10 or 11 dollars, used to come in a little box, and as I say they were the best of the best.   Most of mine are starting to die (after so many years of wearing and washing), and I reckon Jockey have never manufactured them again.  A real pity, to watch how these silly boxers take over, with this trend pushed in TV by that woosy tennis player Pat Rafter.

The Jockey gees were so well manufactured, that you could even wear them on the beach (a dark colour) and get away with it, they looked like bathers.

John Howard

Microron #91

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/20/2009 07:43:05Copy HTML

I was probably in my 40's when I started wearing thongs. I wore them mostly on my little cruiser on Georgian Bay. I would wear them occasionally at beaches that wrer only visited by other boaters.
stanpuppy #92

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/20/2009 08:50:41Copy HTML

I was in my middle 20's  (mid 1980's) when my girlfriend and i (now wife) went to St. Martin on a vacation.  I had a purple and black checked thong that I wore at the hotel pool (i went nude on the beaches).  I wore one just because i thought they were sexier (and my girlfriend concured) than the speedos or other swimwear options that were available at the time.  Interestingly enough, my wife (who now wear g-strings almost exclusively) did not wear a thong bottom.  She wore a bikini bottom and went topless the whole time.
adware1977 #93

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/20/2009 09:53:12Copy HTML

Well it was about 8 years ago, after a weight loss of 35lbs, as we were in a hospital setting tending to my sick father, cafeteria food, that I felt, and some ladies concurred, that I had a nice butt.
JM_Runs #94

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/20/2009 11:31:19Copy HTML

It's been about 20 years now. I was stationed in Hawaii, what better place to hit the beaches. Saw a few g-strings and thongs. Asked where someone had bought theirs. It's pretty much all I ever wear now! Not bad for a very shy guy from the midwest.
JM_Runs #95

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/20/2009 11:45:31Copy HTML

 As a kid I wore whitey tighties. Then you get to that age as a kid where other kids start making fun of you for wearing whitey tighties instead of boxers. So I tried boxers, but just didn't work for me. Don't want to go into detail but it didn't support what needed to be supported, I had to have the support. So I went back to whitey tighties. After a while you got use to the jokes and then I got to the point it is just underwear who cares what others think, I need the support and these work. Well after moving out of my parents to go to college, I started exploring other options for underwear, because I really didn't like how WTs felt and they were just plain boring now. So I found some string bikinis to wear. Those worked for a while but still not quit it. So I looked around for something better. My girlfriend at the time suggested Thongs. I didn't know which to buy so she suggest wearing one of hers for a day and see if I liked it. So, I wore one, I like the movement but not comfortable at all in the front (of course because they weren't made for something up there). So the next day I looked for mens I figured since I liked it would be worth buyting to try out. A bought a few pairs of Doc Johsnson Bragger G-String. They were nice and supported very well. Well the string itself was made of elastic and really chaffed my butt. So I would wear a few days then go back to string bikini to let heal and kept the rotation, I thought this is retarded I shouldn't have to do this. I loved the thongs but not if I couldn't wear everyday. This is when I came across bodyaware.com. I got there cinco string (P#Q022) which are made of nylon and spandex. I wore those for a few days and they didn't chaff me at all. I have purchased there cinco, V-Sting back (Q309R), and there T-back (J132) I have been wearing there thongs everyday for years now and have not got chaffed. So when starting be careful of which product you get. Every since then I have worn thongs and loved it. I get the support and the movement I like without being suffocated by material.

I have always worn a speedo since I was kid Now that I am into thongs I would love to wear one when out at beaches or lakes. But there is no place around here that allows for it, so I have to stick with speedos in public (exposed buttocks is considered indescent exposure here). I came to this message board because my fiancee and I are looking into going to Bora Bora for our honeymoon and wanted to know if others had worn thongs there and where it was ok to. I have had few post in that forum.

Age when started was 18, but would have sooner if I knew they were out there.
Morena123 #96

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/21/2009 10:40:00Copy HTML

I started wearing them, because when I went to South Beach for the first time, I would see young girls (teens, and 20's) wear them, and it made me want to leave the beach and go to a shop and buy one. But I didn't, cuz I didn't know where they sold brazilian thong bikinis, and thats the type of thong bikini i wanted to wear if I was to get one, not just any thong. And then when I moved to North Florida, some, but not many women would wear them there, too. So, again, I started to wish i could wear one.. i just didnt have the courage to, and didn't even know if was legal in jacksonville even tho people wore them (i just thought they were getting away with it), and then I knew my boyfriend wouldn't like the idea, and then i thought many guys would go crazy or harrass me if I wore one (they already did that anyway, without me even wearing a thong) so I stayed with the small brazilian cut bikinis.

But this year I really wanted to badly, So I started ordering bikinis early like in Jan/February lol. And its been great wearing them, they are actually more comfortable, I used to get wedgies from the waves with the small brazilian cuts, but with the thongs you don't have to worry about fixing your swimsuit after the waves crash onto you, and I like the fact that you can get a tan on your butt, and then you get a sexy tan line. I wear my straps high so that when i go out at night and wear low-cut jeans, I can show the tan lines off. Those tan lines are really in style in Brazil so I am trying to get tan likes that too!! They are Hott
But i love wearing thongs now!! It wasn't really a hard transition from regular bikinis to thongs, seeing that i wear thong panties everyday, and then small brazilian cuts to the beach, so it wasn't that bad. I felt sort of naked at first but I got used to it.
bajaflyer #97

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/25/2009 02:18:10Copy HTML

  I started wearing thongs on a dare from my wife. We were at Target about 8 years ago and i was looking for socks when we came upon the mens thongs. She dared me to buy a pack and wear them. i said what the hell. Since then I have switched entirely to thongs 24/7. For tanning and swimming as well. Little by little I have become more comfortable with wearing them and i dont care who knows or sees.  i have not yet gotten a chance to get to any area lakes, but as soon as I do i will thong.
thongexpert #98

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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We all love girls in thongs, and then one day a male stripper at my apartment complex wore thongs tanning, and I immediately wanted to try them, and got my first thong.  It took many beach outings sitting in sun chair until I started laying out on beach towel, and stayed on towel, as people walked by.  Couple years passed, then I got hooked on thong tan lines because this beautiful jogger girl had sexy thong tan lines....looks way better than white butt cheeks.....and I had them too playing tennis in the sun a lot, until I "erased" them with thong tanning.

As people on this board has seen from my collection of postings on voyeurweb.com, I definitely evolved to a little exhibitionist.  I am still shy at times starting out the day on a beach when others are there before me, but people that deliberately setup near me makes the situation more comfortable.

Go thonging !!!
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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While I was in High School and then in college I was on the swim team and wore speedos exclusively, in the pool and on the beach. Even after I graduated and moved back south, I never gained a liking (probably should say that I retained my extreme dislike) for dork shorts. During that time I enjoyed the admiration that I got from many for having the nerve to wear small bikinis and endured the (mostly good natured) ribbing from others.
When there was a nude area on Virginia Key (since moved to Haulover), a girlfriend of mine suggested we take the boat there and I tried nude beaching for the first time. I loved it and we started hanging out there and, when we were thrown out from that location and Haulover was established, we would go to Haulover. I got into thongs and g-strings realizing that I had to wear something on the other beaches in the area but didn't want to get back a bikini tan line. That's when I developed my philosophy of "wear as little as is appropriate (and comfortable)".

Now I prefer South Beach and minimal swimear. I must admit that the positive comments that I get regularly further motivate me to stay in shape and to wear minimal swimwear.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Evolution!As a child, I wore the tightie whities that my mother bought me. When I grew older, I started wearing bikini style u/w that gradually got smaller and smaller. Finally, I tried a thong that I bought from a department store and loved it. It was a very conservative style back then, and over the years, they have gotten smaller and smaller until now when I mainly wear micro style thongs and g-strings. Following the evolution, I eventually went naked on nude beaches and loved the free and natural feeling of being naked in front of so many other naked people.I did try one pair of boxers in my life and I absolutely hated it. There was just so much material bunched up inside my pants. Never again. 
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