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Navel Nine #101

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:03/28/2009 07:56:51Copy HTML

You're very lucky G-String Swimmer with your mother in g-strings.  Also her idea that your choice could evolve over time.
My mum ran a very strict house - her response would have been :      That's Woman's Wear         That's Obscene          That isn't what she liked -  My choice and preferences were irrelevant.       My mother didn't wear such items herself - she set the standard and YOU followed - or you got yelled at - until you DID agree.
       Beach holidays weren't HER idea of a holiday.

My late father had the same bullying treatment  - now she's gone, I've got the freedom of Choice.

JM_Runs #102

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/13/2009 06:05:49Copy HTML

I started to wear thongs when I was 11. At 11, I started to get interested in sex and stuff. I was surfing on the internet to look at naked women, and whilst I was surfing on the internet, I saw this female model in a thong. She was so hot, and the thong made her hotter. Then at school, my maths teacher, who was hot, flashed her thong as she was bending down to pick something. I really wanted to try out thongs, so I bought some thongs and tried them on. I immediately fell in love with thongs.
Dr S #103

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/14/2009 09:50:32Copy HTML

 Also was an evolutionary process with me. When I was at high school the trend was towards smaller and smaller underwear (mirroring womens fashions - this was the early 1980's), and by this time many girls were wearing bikini briefs, occasionally string sided (tanga) styles. Boys underwear was a bit behind; mostly bikini briefs, fairly wide at the sides. My girlfriend at the time wore the skimpiest briefs I'd ever seen, and I thought something similar would look good on me. However it was a couple of years later (1985: I was about18) before I saw any tanga style underwear for men. I saw someone wearing this style whilst getting changed for sports, and it didn't take me long to find them on sale in Debenhams. The trend in mens underwear had started to go the opposite way - towards boxers, but some stores started selling briefer styles. As well as Debenhams, M&S, C&A and Top Man started to sell skimpy bikinis and tangas. These became my chosen style throughout my college years, and I even started to wear the same styles as swimwear for beach holidays, which took a little nerve as these were usually trips with college friends! I found my underwear choice to be particularly appreciated by girlfriends, who often by this point wore even briefer styles including thongs. A few stores were starting to stock these for men and it didn't take much persuading to give them a try! I think I bought my first one in 1989, and I haven't looked back since. I started to trim & shave limited areas of my body, and tried out my first beach thong in Tenerife, about 1993. My then girlfriend (now my wife), egged me on somewhat, but it was still quite a leap even from the skimpy rio type bikini briefs I'd been wearing. When we went on honeymoon two years later we both wore thongs to the beach throughout our stay.
JM_Runs #104

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/20/2009 12:38:40Copy HTML

i was 15 when i wore my first thong.  My brother and i, we are both gay, would scour the stores for underwear and to look at the hot pics of the guys on the cover.  we never tired of doing this.  well we saved up some money one weekend and we went shopping with our mother for back to school clothes.  as alwasy we looked though the underwear section the longest.  they had some g-strings, really skimpy things in little plastic cubes.  well we bought 2 of them.  when we got home we couldnt believe that we both were wearing such sexy underwear.  we made out some and kept the strings under the floor so our mother wouldnt find out.  what a memory.

i prob have 300 pairs now and i still keep looking in stores and online for the latest and sexiest pairs i can find.  the bf is really into thongs and panties.  he looks amazing :)
stanpuppy #105

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/20/2009 12:47:15Copy HTML

pretty much the same reason i wear them today.  I think they are a little risque and challange alot of "normal" beachgoers, plus, i think they are sexy.  I happen to think i look pretty good in mine (and my wife agrees), so why not show off the hard work in the gym.   I wore my first swimsuit thong in 1990 in St. Martin. I last wore one yesterday on Gunnison beach in Sandy hook, nj.
tnline #106

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/21/2009 12:51:10Copy HTML

I first wore a thong swim suit to the beach in 1983.  I liked the look and feel of my first thong from a company called Gazelle that I purchased from a shop in Provincetown, MA.  I was the only person that I can recall wearing a thong at the beach that summer.  I wanted to be more exposed than wearing a typical shorts style swim suit. I liked the freedom and feeling of wearing a thong as well as the tanline.
rickl454 #107

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/21/2009 01:32:17Copy HTML

Around 1975, we both purchased our first thongs in P-Town at a shop called Liverpool on the southern end of Commercial Street.  At that point just trying them on in the shop was a thrill.  Later on Herring Cove Beach a ranger hassled me, "you've got to wear more than that!!!" but couldn't give me a ticked because it met the letter of the law as posted at the entrance of the beach.  He said nothing to my wife, in spite of the fact that she was wearing a thong backed bikini.  The only others in thongs that day was the male half of a couple from Quebec - he was not hassled either.

Ever since then, we have worn thongs or g-strings when we had to, nothing when we can.
7423080 #108

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/21/2009 10:48:32Copy HTML

I was about 12 or 13 and worked part time in the summer at the country club snack bar.  in the mornings i had to scrub the edges of the pool to get off the scum build up.  i saw a guy wearing a suit that looked like what Tonto on the lone ranger.  it was kinda similar to a tarzan suit but had front and rear flaps that overlaped on both sides.  it was quite heavy material but when in the pool the front and rear floated up to exposed what can only be described as a thong front and about a 3 inch wide stip in the back.  the suit was multicolored but the thong liner was black mesh that was fairly see thru but not unacceptable.  i somehow found the same style suit at frougs department store and bought it with my own money on my bicycle. i sure wish i still had that old suit.
aregularjoe #109

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:07/30/2009 06:09:31Copy HTML

 Ryan Booth
The same thing happened to me except i was 14 at the time. one year for christmas we bought my dad a purple pair of underwear as a joke because it matched his favorite team colors. Well i was fasinated by this pair and not so much the color but the design. So one day i took a couple and kept them for myself. One day my mom asked if i had been taking them and i said no, so to this day they dont know but they wouldnt have a problem with it.
eosinthesun #110

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/04/2009 07:48:56Copy HTML

My motive was exhibitionism. When I was 15, my family visited Barzil and there I bought a brazilian swimsuit that I used during my entire vacation. When we got back home, I visited the sauna and everybody (especially older men) commented very highly of my tanline and how sexy it was. I really liked the attention and the looks on their face, so I decided to get a smaller tanline. So I bought a skinny side bikini at first, few months later a tanga (triangle back) and finally  a tiny g-string  with only a small pouch up front. I visited regularly a tanning sallon where I worked on my tanline. Later I shaved my pubic hair in V-shape and this came to complete my transformation into a g-string boy. Ever since I wear g-strings and have an intense g-string tanline on my body which shows from miles away. I have a really nice body, I work out at least 2 hours each day, and I love to show it off. I really enjoy the attention and the nice comments I get a when I go naked on the beach or in the sauna. A g-string tanline is very inviting and arousing and makes it a lot easier for me to make new friends and even find sex partners. My phone is full with phone numbers of friends that I met in the sauna beacuse of my tanline. I love the lust in their eyes when they see me walking around naked with a g-string tanline on :). If this is called exhibitionism I love to be an exhibitionist!
The Swan #111

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/04/2009 02:31:40Copy HTML

I received a couple of thongs as a joke back in the late 70's from a girlfriend of mine. I used to wear bikinis to swim in and tan in. She said she thought I needed less coverage.  They sat in my drawer unused until the mid-80's when I began working out at a gym. I wore them under lycra tights to smooth out the bulges. In the late 90's I began to develop arthiritis so I quit working out (I now do yoga and pilates). And so the thongs sat unused in the drawer. By this time I had added a few more as I had wore out the original ones.

Sometime during all this I saw a guy wearing one at an Ohio park and thought tanning in a thong would give me an all over tan. I'm guessing around the early 90's and started tanning in them.

In 1999 I was doing a motorcycle endurance ride and realized about 150miles into the ride that my boxer briefs were too tight. I walked into an interstate restroom and rather than remove all my riding gear, cut off the offending garment and threw it in the trash. No big deal as I had gone commado on and off for years.

During that endurance ride I began thinking of a solution and the idea of wearing one of my tanning thongs occured to me. I tested it a couple a few weeks later. First a 250mile day, then the following weekend, a 450 mile day spent riding my motorcycle. It was great! I could sit all day on a motorcycle seat without my boys being squished together by the excess fabric of boxer briefs. At the time I was working in an office all day. So I thought I would wear them to the office as I spent hours sitting at my desk. Yup! Sure enough, they were super comfortable. Within two months of the first wearing of the thongs to the office, I had trashed my old boxer briefs and was wearing thongs.

So that's how it all started and how it is now.
bob4429 #112

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/05/2009 06:34:55Copy HTML

some years ago my sister bought me a couple of pairs of bikini briefs as a birthday present (purple). I didn`t think much of it at the time but they were very sexy to wear. Then a local shop started to sell briefs from International Male, full back but with a brief pouch, an equal turn on, but they then started to stock HOM underwear and swimwear. My first purchase was a pair of HOM seethrough briefs, they were horrible and to this day I don`t know why I got them. Later I progressed to thongs and havn`t looked back since. The shop is still selling HOM thongs and I recently got a couple of plumes from them.

gog5150 #113

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/09/2009 03:00:18Copy HTML

I am 44 years old, straight male, twice divorced, two duaghters, retired U.S. Navy Chief. I do not regularly wear thongs or G's. I almost exclusively wear the Skinz M27 skinny side rio, unlined. My tanlines are sharp. I started becuase since I was about 13-14 I have always loved bikinis. Who ever invented them was a genius! They are the sexiest swimwear on the planet. My weakness......a woman wearing a thong. I wore them for years. I used to go to the beach when I first move to California, Long Beach, Both of my ex wives did not approve although my second ex wife's sister did. So I would go tan alone. About 3 years ago I stopped caring what anyone thought and now I waer what I want. I used to trade emails with Tracy (ithongit) and she is a very insightful person. Anyways...during my Navy career I would wear speedos becuase that's pretty much what was around. All my friends knew, most did the same (early 80's). Halfway through my career I went into Naval Special Warfare....everyone knew. Sometimes I would get grief for it but we gave each other grief for anything anyways. Today I pretty much only wear the rio's from skinz. I have always felt very sensual while wearing one. I like the feeling of very little clothing and love swimming in them. I feel and look sexy in them so I like them, I like my body. My close friends know and accept it..that's why they are friends. My friend Jen(33 yr old) and I lay out together...she says I have a rockin hot body...I take care of myself. My friends wife Samantha (25 yr old) says my tanlines are hot! So....I guess that is acceptance. My other friends wife Sam (33 yr old) wants to lay out with me. My ex girlfriend liked it, she was 27. Since I got divorced 4 years ago all of the women I have been with have thouht it was sexy. None of them have thonged though. My ex girfriend Chantal (Italian, 44 yr old) loved to wear one of my suits. Now for the other news....when I go to the pool or beach I never get hassled, but you can tell that some do not approve. Our society is so uptight it is pathetic!! There is and older couple (55 yr old) that I lay out with at the pool. They wear conservitive suits, him in boardshorts, and they do not mind at all. I even wear my rios around my 12 year old duaghter when we go to the pool / beach. She does not mind. It's just swimwear. I also want her to grow up confident and not ashamed of the human body. She wears boardshorts and a bikini top...her choice. Good for her! I have a few thongs and g's from Skinz but have not wore them in public...only to tan on my patio or at my friend Sandy's pool when I come over to get waxed. One thing I do not like is negative people and those that ridicule...simple minds. Anyways...that's all for now.
thong_jock #114

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/09/2009 12:12:46Copy HTML

I am 45 now and started wearing speedos when I was 8 for swim team. I remember always wanting skimpier and skimpier cut swim suits. No idea why. I got my first pair of stretchy men's bikini brief underwear at age 12 and wanted even skimpier. Then at about 19 or so I got my first 1/2" bikini swim suit like a posing suit. I would sneak off to wear them to the beach by myself as I didn't want my friends to tease me. It was  huge rush to wear these skimpy spandex bikini suits. In my early 20's I started wearing almost string bikini suits for men. I wore string bikini underwear exclusively and would get to the beach to tan in my skimpy bikinis whenever I could.

I loved the looks I got, especially form other guys. In my early 30s I finally realized I was gay and enjoyed gay beaches in my skimpy male bikinis. I found them to be a great way to meet guys, since they enhanced everything. I was always far more attracted to other men if they were also wearing skimpy bikini swimwear or thongs but never really had the desire to wear thongs myself - I was content with the skimpy bikini suits.

Then this last year I wore a thong to the beach for the first time while vacationing in Hawaii. I LOVED IT.

I have now worn thongs to the beach many many times and recently even to hotel pools. I am pretty much committed to wearing thong swimwear exclusively to the beach and even to some pools but for underware still like skimpy bikini the best, except under my spandex running tights where I always wear spandex thongs.  My favorite thong for wearing under tights is the Muscleskins 1/2" poser.
Microron #115

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/09/2009 12:51:09Copy HTML

As much fun as it was wearing skimpy bikinis, a thong was far more erotic. My wife always enjoyed my skimpy swimwear... it had set me apart in her mind as someone who wasn't simply running with the bulls. When she saw me wearing thongs... our personal life took on a whole new level of pleasure....

I now own about fourty odd thongs... one for every day of the month with a few changes to suit the mood. I keep adding to my treasure chest to keep both of our spirits fresh and active....

That's my story and I am sticking to it !
n2thongsngs #116

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/09/2009 01:55:56Copy HTML

 Well, I hope that I don't bore you with my history of fascination of bikinis and thongs.  

Then at age 12, I remember seeing a guy in gym class in a pair of Black Bikinis.  I was immediately smitten. And went home and had a conversation with my Mom.  I explained that in Gym class, I needed something tighter to keep my stuff in place.  She took me to town and bought me a Jock.  While this was exciting, it was not the desired goal.   

Then at 16, I got my first job.  With my first pay check, I went to the department and started browsing the underwear section.  I worked in a mall and made countless trips before having the courage to actually touch the package.  I know this sounds weird, but I grew up in a very conservative family.  Anyway, I chose a pair of Yellow Jockey Elance Bikinis.  I took them to the counter and told the cashier that they were a "Gag" gift.  You have to realize that, at the time, this was so foreign to me. I chose yellow because I had a pair of yellow parachute pants (early 80's), and thought that if my mom saw them that I could explain that I did not want anyone to see my underwear.

At 17, I went on the most dysfunctional family vacation ever.  Me and my parents, packed up the truck and drove to visit family in Florida (a 17 hour drive).  That's another story.  We went to the beach and there was guy there (about 18), who was wearing a purple, pink and green bikini.  He and his friends were singing "Sweet Dreams" and frolicking in the shallow tide.  I was captivated.  On that trip, we drove by an "All Male Camp-ground" that had a sign that said "Clothing Optional".  I remember, not wanting to stare, but I just had to see the sign again.  My father, who was driving, caught me and we made eye contact, but never spoke to my intrigue.

Then I went to College, and had some spending money and went to Department Stores and started purchasing the smallest bikinis available.  Thongs, were not an option, as they were not available.

At 24, I went to Mexico.  I went with my College Room-mate and we decided that we wear speedos.  Nothing sexual between us - we were like brothers.  We get there and he wears a Black 3" speedo, and me? I wear a 1" Rattle Snake Speedo. 

At 26, I am out of the house, graduated from college and checking the mail box everyday for my latest Thong from International Male. My first thong, which I am wearing now, is a Black and Silver Thong.  I love it.  I first wore a thong in public on Hauloaver Beach in Miami.  Literally, I stumbled upon the "Nude" section by accident.  I was there on business and took the courage and pulled off my shorts and sported that thong.  I lay on my back for hours.  I had the best time and went home with a Thong Tan-Line.

Now I wear thongs all the time and could care less who sees me.  I prefer the skimpiest possible and have a collection of over 100.  Sheer, Tiny, Shiny, Mesh, Tight & Loose - I love thongs.  I love being seen in them, but I do have one issue, I want to "know" that they are accepted before wearing them.  I am trying to get over this.

solargod #117

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/10/2009 09:47:38Copy HTML

My story is like many of the other stories on this thread.  I think I can honestly say I am obsessed with skimpy bikinis and thongs, both as swimsuits and underwear.  No doubt, it is a fetish with me, and I enjoy thongs and bikinis, both on me and on others.

My first memory of underwear going from underwear to obsession was when I was about 12 or 13.  I remember rolling the waist band down a couple times of the tighty whities I wore to become a low rise hip brief.  I recall seeing my sisters Teen magazine with Peter Moon, the lead singer of the Herman Hermits (popular singer group of the 60's) photographed in London in a low rise swim brief, and I was hooked.  I wanted to be him so I could wear such a swimsuit.  The lifeguards at the public pool I went to during these times worn black low rise speedo briefs, and I wanted a suit just like they worn.  I found one at the local store and talked my dad in buying it for me.  He didn't quite understand why I wanted to wear something that would "show off" what I had.  Anyway, I got it and I worn it that summer.

Fast forward a few years to the early 70’s and me getting my first job, with my first paychecks.  Of course, I started searching for stores with a large selection of underwear.  Jockey introduced the “Life” Y-front briefs, a low rise quasi-bikini with white waistbands and leg openings.  The main fabric was in many bright colors.  I bought many pairs of those and started wearing those until Jockey introduced the “Micro” and “Elance” series that came three to a tube.  I loved the thin nylon fabric and the narrow sides, a true bikini style.  I couldn’t wait until I got paid so I could rush to the store and buy more.   In the mid-70’s, I went away to finish my last three years of college and I bought my first bikini-style swimsuit.  The college town I lived in had a spring fed pool where I used to skip class and go lay out and tan.  There were always a lot of guys there in their bikinis, so no one thought twice in wearing a skimpy swimsuit. 

By the early 80’s, my underwear went to skimpy bikinis, usually one inch-wide, to sometimes string bikinis.  I was always looking for something skimpier, same with swimwear.  One day by the apartment pool, I was wearing my new purple and white striped one-inch bikini when I struck up a conversation with my next door neighbor who introduced me to a friend of hers and his girlfriend.  That girlfriend of his and I later started dating.  We often would go to the spring fed pool and I would always wear a skimpy bikini which she always liked me to wear.  That girlfriend later became my wife.  While she never worn anything other than a one-piece, she liked me in my skimpy bikinis and always encouraged me to wear them.  The few time I considered wearing a more modest suit, she vetoed the decision and told me to wear a bikini. 

Fast forward to the early 90’s and on my wedding day, I wore an Undergear black nylon string bikini under my wedding suit.  On the honeymoon, I found two HOM half inch side bikinis with a 2/3 back, and I bought them both and worn them on the beach.  During these years, I favored string bikinis for underwear, sometimes thongs.  I always started foreplay in a thong…the wife thought I had a “cute little butt”.  Within a few years, I was wearing thongs on a daily basis, rarely a bikini.  Swimwear was still skimpy bikinis with one-inch or less sides.  HOM was still my favorite, but I did enjoy shopping through Undergear and Prevail catalogs for skimpier suits.  When we put in a hottub, I usually wore a thong, sometimes naked. In 1998, we moved to Italy, and it was there I worn my first thong on an out of the way beach. It was such a rush to feel the warm sun on my ass, knowing that I was almost naked and exposed to the world.  I remember a boat coming close to the shore just so the boaters could get a better look.  Thongs were not popular on Italian beaches; not macho enough for those Italian “studs”, although their bikinis were very skimpy, low in the front and low in the back often with a butt crack exposed.

These days, I still wear the HOM bikinis and sometimes Skinz half-inch side bikinis or their rio cut suits. Today, it is only thong underwear for me.  My favorites are Olaf Benz and ManStore ministrings, tower strings, or strip strings which have buckles on the sides for easy exits.  I have worn thongs on the beach a few times in Florida and Hawaii, but usually it is still bikinis, some with half inch sides.  I have a couple of male friends that I do beach vacations with since the wife no longer likes the beach and no longer even wears a swimsuit thanks to a 30-40 pound weight gain.  Since I still love the beach and do not consider a vacation a “vacation” without a beach present, so I rather travel with friends who both enjoy wearing bikini swimsuits.  One of the friends is a thonging buddy who is as obsessed with thongs as I am, and we have enjoyed thonging at Fort Desoto.  Hope to get back there one day.

I do not expect to give up thongs anytime soon although I am 55 now.  Can’t imagine life without the joys I have experienced from skimpy bikinis and thongs; feel I’ve been blessed with this insane obsession of mine.

Sharon73 #118

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/10/2009 04:12:41Copy HTML

I started to show off my body to others.  I love doing that - it's a thrill for me. 

Also because I was bi curious - it was a step toward determing that I am.
jonamo #119

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/16/2009 06:00:16Copy HTML

I was 17 and was on holiday up at Noosa on Qeensland sunshinecoast, Australia.

In Noosa Junction and back then there was a really good swimwear shop there that sold men's and woman's swimwear in every style you can think of.
 I always wanted to try a thong a was a little hesitant about it but I went into the shop. There was an attractive woman in her twenties who was very helpful.  She told me that all the guys and girls around our age were wearing them and that she and her and her boyfriend wear them all the time.

 I bought a black mens thong and was amazed how sexy and comfortable it was. The next day I went down the beach to work on my tan and I finally got the tan I always wanted.
I  went back to the shop and bought another 3 thongs and the girl said "Itold you will like them."
From that day on I only wear thong swimwear and underwear 24/7
JM_Runs #120

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/16/2009 06:46:23Copy HTML

 I never had tried thongs, but I saw that women could be super sexy in them and immediately thought why can't guys look hot in them? So around age 14 I tried on a few and immediately loved them, but the sex appeal and skimpy feeling and hot look made me wear continue to try and buy more adding to my collection
288988 #121

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/16/2009 11:27:22Copy HTML

A suggestion from a a female lifeguard.
At that time I had a dark tan and always wore silk running shorts. Her comment was, you have a nice tush, why not wear a thong.
jack72 #122

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/18/2009 04:53:06Copy HTML

I love wearing thongs, tried my first thong at the age of twelve by cutting up a brief into a thong. As I went
through my teens I wore bikini briefs but still wanted a thong.
At fifteen using money from a Saturday job I bought my first proper thong from Debenhams, a hom string.  I was hooked instantly!
Over time bought more and more and would wear them to school. They would end up in the family washing and be cleaned and ignored and put in my draw ignored by my mum.
As time progressed I started to tan in thongs and fell for the tan line instantly. Now, nearly twenty years later, it is g-string underwear for me and thongs for tanning,  love a thong tanline.

I just got back from holiday and got my partner wear thongs too! Wearing half inch thong gives nice lines, but I think I want something smaller next year.  Maybe a tiny thong or even a g string.
mikeled #123

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/03/2009 07:58:58Copy HTML

My girlfriend came home from the mall the other day with some new undies for me. When she opened the bag up to show me what she bought they were all thongs at first I thought they were hers, but she told me that she wanted play a little game and see if I can wear them for 7 days. So today it's day 3 and I am getting used the strap at this point. 

I think that I might make a switch to thongs from my briefs. They are way more supportive and comfortable to run in then briefs. Who knows, maybe she has converted me.

It is kinda funny when we are getting dressed in the morning  and the both of us are wearing thongs.
I will up date you guys at the end of the week.  Have any of you guys ever done anything else like this?
JM_Runs #124

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/04/2009 02:45:15Copy HTML

I've always preferred being nude.  Sometimes I just can't find a place to go totally nude so I always have a thong just in case.
DarkThong #125

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/05/2009 05:56:29Copy HTML

I also always wear a thong when possible... Started when i was 19 and bought a first one but then stopped again..

My previous girl got me hooked again and liked it a lot, she bought them for me again. So we wore thong toghetter :)

My current girlfriend loves it also and we get dressed toghetter in a thong looking at eachothers butts :) I even told her i would like to tan in a thong and she suggested i'd just do it so my previous holiday i wore a thong on the beach.. She loved it every minute and now i wouldn't want to wear anything else anywhere.
swflaguy #126

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/05/2009 08:16:49Copy HTML

 I grew up in a very poor family. I was the youngest and all my clothes were hand-me-downs. By the time an article a clothing got to me it was well worn. I was glad when tattered blue jeans became popular because all of mine were. However most all of my underwear had holes. Those with holes in the front, I threw away. Those with holes on the back side I kept. Some of those holes were pretty big and little did I know it that my tattered jockey shorts were turning in to thongs.
JM_Runs #127

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I grew up with Speedos, and while my school buddies progressed to board shorts, I was for ever looking for a smaller suit. On occasions I would wear a tanga underwear as swimwear dependent on location and the group that I was with, generally girls were okay with it.

Bought my first thong underwear in the early 1990's for special sexy occasions; soon I could not wear normal bikinis and and only thongs.  On a business trip to Johannesburg I bought my first Speedo thong about 1992. Slipping it on was exciting, put my standard 1" Speedo on over the top and walking through the hotel to the pool I felt like an excited teenager again.
The pool was almost deserted as I sat down, bar two young women and a couple further along. I returned their glances of the women. It was decision time, crunch time, still had doubts and I dived in and swam a few lengths. Thought what the hell, got out with my back to them, and slowly took off my Speedo. The feeling of excitement of stripping in public was awesome. I sat down facing them and the reaction was favorable, with noticeable glances to my lower body. Awesome.

My thongs have since progressed to JS Rios, which just contains me and keeps my non approving wife relatively happy, although I must wear a larger pouch in her company when with other people. Thongs are just so comfortable to wear and I could not imaging slipping into standard underwear or board shorts after all these years.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Unfortunately I don't have much time to come onto the board to make comments but have been very interested by everyone's experiences in this thread.
For my part I think my interest in skimpy or tiny swimwear goes back to when I was a child growing up in my homeland, Brasil. In fact my early memories of skimpy suits are the opposite- I didn't want to wear one just becuase it was too small!! despite best efforts of my aunts at whose house i was holidaying in the north of Brazil!

At school we wore speedos and I loved the tight feeling and how revealing they were. I recall going to holiday in Germany when I was about 14 with a friend from my boarding school and on one day his mum was taking us to a local leisure center in Dusseldorf where we were staying. As luck would have it I had forgotten my speedos but his mum offered me a swim suit belonging to his brother who was more my size in waist. When she handed it to me I looked in disbelief at how tiny it was! It was royal blue in colour with very narrow sides, about 1/2 inch and made of like a spandex type material with elastic that made the suit scrunch up. she asked what was wrong and I expressed surprise at how small the suit was but inside my heart was racing with excitement to wear it. She laughed and said that in Germany no-one was conservative like the UK. This was in the mid 70's and skimpy bikinis were all the rage around the world.

I took my time in the changing cubicle admiring my new swim bikini and how comfortable it was. It felt like there was nothing there compared to my usual speedos.  When I went into the pool area there were a few people there mainly women of different ages and varying minimal bikinis. My friends mum though was in a one piece and gave me positive comments about the bikini. She had a friend with her who also did likewise. So I felt really good in this tiny swim bikini which she let me keep and I wore for year after.

When I returned to the UK I always kept a look out for shops selling skimpy suits.  A couple of years later I happened to be in kiltmaker's shop where they were selling a range of incredibly tiny underwear made of a nylon type fabric. I started to pick up the boxes and try to look inside them when I was aware of a lady assistant standing beside me asking if I needed a hand. She obviously saw how nervous and embarrassed I was that she asked me what size I was with a smile and selected a few colours to show me.

She was in her 50's I guess but so understanding. She laid out a few of the bikinis on the counter and commented how tiny they were  (1/2 inch sides) but they were gorgeous and were quite popular with men wearing them beneath their kilts. She said that although they were underwear they could just as easily be used for swimming because of the material. I was becoming more at ease until she asked if I wanted to try one. Luckily the shop was very quite and no one else was in so I accepted and went into a changing room. I tried on a yellow pair and they felt great. Plenty room but a nice tight fit also. The back was 3/4 and the front narrower than I had in my other bikini but awesome.

As stood admiring myself, I heard the lady asking if she could see the fit. I was a bit unsure as the excitement was showing slightly at the front but I said it was OK and turned around when she came. She was very complimentary and said that they were a perfect fit. With a smile and her eyes firmly planted at the front said they would offer enough room for expansion. She said that they would great for the beach also. I bought four pairs; the yellow, red green and blue. While wrapping them she said how much she liked to see men in this type of underwear or swimwear. I thanked her for putting me at such ease and said I would definitely be back! I returned several times thereafter!

I had shown another friend my original blue bikini. He said he wished to have one like it but said his parents were very conservative and he just got stuck wearing normal speedos.  One scorching day during that summer I found myself in my friend's back garden and was telling him about the new bikinis I had found.  He asked if he could try a pair so I went back to my grans house which was nearby to get them. When I returned he said that his mum had gone out and wouldn't be back for hours so we could lie in the sun in the bikinis for a while.

By now I was comfortable in wearing them though only in private and to be honest desperately wanted to return to Germany to wear one of my new bikinis at that leisure centre. My friend chose the red bikini and I opted for my favourite yellow one. After about an hour lying in the sun I started to drift off but was suddenly woken by hearing my friends mum speaking to me. Calling my name then paused and exclaimed how tiny my 'bathing costume' was. Instead of being anoyed she expressed her admiration for such a tiny garment. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and just remained silent with astonishment.

My friend had gone inside the house for something had realised his mum was back and returned to meet her but had put on his regular speedos. His mum commented to him how cute my bikini was and how he should wear one. Like me he was gobsmacked and instantly peeled of his speedo to reveal the tiny red bikini beneath! His mum shrieked with delight and said how good he looked. She then rushed inside to get her camera and spent the rest of the afternoon with us taking photos and discussing skimpy swimwear.

The following week-end the three of us went to a liitle village north of our city where they rented a holiday cottage and we spent the whole time in our bikinis, sunning in the garden and a one of the secluded beaches.
His mum loved my yellow suit and would wash it out after I took it off  for the day so that it would be ready the next. We enjoyed great days a in our bikinis both in their garden and cottage. Thos were good years, the 70s and 80s when everyone wore skimpy bikinis. I wish we could return to them.

I've had many more great bikini experiences which I haven't time to share just now but I guess getting back to the subject, the wearing of tiny bikinis graduated to thongs. My favourite vendor is still Dore, who has made me some fabulous little ones.

My ex-wife didn't like thongs or bikinis for she has the usual conservative Scottish approach. Boring!  
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Roninho, yours is a terrific story.  I too miss the 80's and wish skimpy swimwear was back being the norm.  Also miss the music!
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I was in Fort Meyers beach in 1981 and saw several other men in thongs. I liked the look so I purchased one in a beach side shop and have worn beach thongs ever since.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 I wanted a more extensive tan 
I tried with adjusting a speedo suit to match.  I couldn't buy a thong myself - Too much comment at home if I had . . . 
Then I took another Beach holiday - after the first day at the Hotel Pool the Tour Guide tapped my shoulder - There have been complaints - didn't I have a pair of boxers rather than the revealing thong . .     No - so she pointed out a better choice .  . .  . . Not wanting a public argument I yielded. . 
Throughout the remainder of the singles holiday - lots of comments that 'Weren't these better - I do think they look good on you. . . . . 
The next time, it'll be alone on the beach with my choice . . .
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I started thonging in the mid 80's (right around the time thongs were coming into vogue).  I saw them on a couple of new shows about how some "radical" girls were starting to wear them out in calif and fla.  I had just graduated from grad school.  Me and my girlfriend at the time were planning a trip to St. Martin.  I was in a local shop near school that sold lingerie, and "sexy" clothes and I saw a purple and black racing check thong.  I bought it.  Just before the trip I came into the bedroom with it on to show my gf.  She said "oh my god...your not going to wear that...are you?".   I did.   She went topless the entire trip, but wore full bottom bikini bottoms.

I wore the thong the entire trip.  Nobody said a word about it the entire time, and I figured...hey...this is cool, so I guess i never stopped.  Fortunately I found a wife who is not only supportive, but also a fellow partaker in the pasttime.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I first started thonging with my GF in 1986 we were both 19 and Speedo's were as normal on the beach as dork shorts are now.  My gf had a wild side and she bought herself a White Venus G-string before we went on a beach trip to  Ocean City, Md. SHe wore it out on the beach the first day while I wore a Speedo and there were a few others in thongs and G-string at the time, so that evening after we cleaned up we went shopping for a thong for me.  The thong we found was a white International Male.  The only dilemma we noticed was that her pubic hair had shown thru her suit when wet and mine wouldn't all fit under my G-string. We decided then and there to shave our pubes for the next days beach trip.So day two of the trip we both wore our G-string on the beach and we had a great time.  I was hooked ever since.  I have had many gf's since come and go and have had a wife come and go and am currently on wife number two, but I still wear my G-strings.My wife and I now have our own pool, and the only swimwear we own is G-strings, but we are usually nude but the G-string are for the occasional time we have pool visitors, or we are traveling.  And even now when the in-laws came to visit our new home we both wore our G-strings while they were here when we went swimming in our pool, at first my mother in law was a little shocked, but she laughed and said it didn't surprise her since all my wife has had for panties since she was 14 were G-strings.   
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Am I here the youngest one? I wish I was born in mid 60´s...
I don´t even know, when thongs became my obsession. I know, when I was in high school, I didn´t care what I wear, or what other people wear. Then I got to college (I was 19 or 20), and honestly - I don´t know what made me ask my aunt from Germany (in Poland there was no thongs for men I guess - I didn´t even search, but I guess:) to bring me some  men thongs. I told her that as joke, but I really wanted to try them on.
She brought me 3pack of red and black cotton things (Carlo Comnerti or somethin), and the double pack of nice shiny, black and dark blue thongs (p2p). They weren´t very skimpy, at that point, I didn´t know, what this industry has to offer;)
Till now day, I still have 2 thongs. Wear them rare, but keep them out of sentiment.

Not long after, I met my girl friend and future wife, so I had to tell  her... but that´s in other thread.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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mako's story makes me nostalgic.  I remember being able to wear a speedo to the beach and nobody would even bat an eye.  They were so common, that men wore them all over the place.  I also remember Venus swimwear.  I think they are still around, but they are so conservative, my wife would never ever consider wearing one..LoL
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I think I may have you beat Sunson, am I the youngest? I don't know what it is that got me interested in thongs when I was younger, but it's always been an obsession. When I was 17, my gf and I both bought thongs to wear to the beach; it wasn't very crowded beach but it was still fun. Fast forward a few years... When I started dating my current gf I was a little reserved about telling her, but once I did, she loved them! It's been nice to find someone so supportive and she even bought a few for the beach. Now if we could only find more places to wear them out.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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most of the time i am nude in my backyard but when i have to go around in the front yard i wear a thong to wash the car i wear a thong no problems with the people next door
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 well, another first, I don't think I've heard so many people use "evolution"  in such a way before, to explain their choices..heh..heh..I guess I could say..hmm..yes..it was my natural selection, or even better, it's in my genes (pun intended)..but NAWW!..with me?!!..It's a Fetish!..If ya got it flaunt it!
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 I started wearing them when i was in sixth grade as underwear.  I knew some high school girls that told me they were cool and popular and grown up  so i begged my mom and she bought me my first.  Been wearing them as undies ever since.

First and only time on the beach was in miami for my seinor trip.  Me and several friends went and we all ended up wearing one.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 I saw them on a few people growing up.
Actually my friends  dad wore thongs to bed when we would stay at the cabin in summer so we would see him walking around in a thong and i mean the string g. I remember the mom being very fond of it or so it seemed. I guess seeing athletic man in thong with his wife at this age normanlized thong wearing for me?!

 She would always wear some pretty small bikinis and he would wear speedo bikini style briefs on the boat and dock and this was all fine its odd I never thought it was that weird. So I guess thats how I evolved to thong wearing?
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 I started by wearing speedos/bikinis (always really small ones, 1" sides, etc...) under unlined board shorts...I hated my stuff flying around under the loose shorts. Moved on to finding secluded places to take the board shorts off and get smaller tan lines. I was 17-18 or so at the time. Then started rolling the 1"ers into smaller bikinis, rolling the back into a thong, etc...then moved on to speedo thongs and JS ones. I still want a real g-string (I have worn a girls one to tan in before in a pinch) but just want to make sure it will fit right (My JS one is really too small for me to fit in, but I still wear it :))
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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It was in the 90s when I got my first job in a gym working the front desk, changing towels, setting the machines and assisting with cardio classes. I was competing in sport aerobics so I was used to wearing leotards, but they were very expensive at the time. Working in the gym gave me big discount on workout clothes and a bigger choice than at the local sports store. So I bought a few leotards.

At that time, thong leotards were the norm rather than the exception and it wasn't unusual to see 80% of a cardio class wearing thong leotards, so I wore my first thong leotard when assisting with a cardio class. I was very shy at first and chose a dark grey leotard and the same colour short lycra tights. By the end of the class, the lead instructor made some nice comments about the new outfit (she was wearing a thong leotard and flesh coloured tights - that was the style at the time!!!) and a few weeks later I was comfortable enough to wear thong leotards over different coloured lycra shorts.

That year my sport aerobics team wore thong leotards with flesh coloured tights at all our competitions so it was difficult to be shy after that. A year later thong leotards were banned from competitions.

Thong underwear was more available after that but it would be another nearly ten years before I wore my first Wicked Weasel g-string bikini on a public beach. 
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I always hated wearing the tighty whitey undies so I wore bikinis all through high school. Was on the school swim team for 2 yrs and of course we wore the speedo trunks and I always wore them to the pool too. When I first saw they made thong underwear for guys I started wearing them and even had a couple pair that I kept just to wear to the beach at the lake. When I met my wife she saw them and loved the way they looked and fit and she wore them sometimes as underwear because she didn't like the panty lines. We would go to the beach and find the less populated places so we could lay out in the tiniest thong or g to minimize the tan lines. As they became more popular a few yrs back we were living in TX so we'd head to Galveston every weekend and always wore a thong. We knew of some more remote places to go and most everybody was either in a thong or bikini. The first time I saw the Wicked Weasel web site I knew my wife had to have some of those tiny little things. There are times we'll hit the beach in a bikini but we always have a thong with us too that we can change in to if the atmosphere is right.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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         I can relate to your post about wearing thong leotards in the 80's aerobic fitness craze. that how I got my start in wearing thongs bottoms and thong leotards over my spandex shorts when I taught aerobics classes. I also competed in aerobic contests. this later progressed to thong swimsuits and underwear.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 I was intrigued by men and women wearing nothing but g strings or thongs when I went to Goa for the first time circa 1990. I looked and looked in the city of Bangalore where i was living and studying at the time  for a shop that would sell these but to no avail. The smallest thing that I could find were standard bikini underwear by an Indian company called VIP and the bikini was called the "frenchie". It was a horrible design, not comfy at all and quite restrictive.
 Anyway the next time I came home to L.A. on vacation I was at the mall and stumbled on the Jockey "Elance" thong. I couldn't believe it, I just HAD to have it. But alas I was too shy to buy it and poor as well(heck I was still a student). So I shoplifted it. Boy that was a rush.  Looking back on it I do have shoplifters remorse but I loved wearing it. I wore that thong on future trips to Goa and Kerala and to this day it was one of my favorites! Too bad Jockey doesn't make that particular style anymore.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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    A bit more of a backstory to my aerobics days post.  As a teenager and an athlete back in the day.  I giving my age away here now.  I just wore jocks and gym shorts.  The shorts then just covered my backside like track running gear of the times.  I wore the Fruit of Loom tidy whities until my freshman year of high school, that is when I discovered bikini underwear for guys.  I was hooked from that point on.  I enjoyed the support and snug fit that bikini briefs gave. me.  I played football in college and I still was wearing Jockstaps for games and practices.  Until I noticed a fellow teamate wearing a speedo swimsuit in place of a jock.  I asked him about his choice gear under his football pants.  He told me he used to be a swimmer before his football career.  The speedo felt better, less binding and offer the same if not better support as a jock.  My college was also a big school for swimming and diving, so I went to the bookstore and got a few pairs of speedos and and never looked back.  I used to wear swim trunks as a kid, but as I got older I was attracted to skimpy bikini bottoms.   I happen to come across a GQ magazine as a young adult and saw a guy and girl both wearing matching one piece unisex thong swimsuits.  I got a rush of excitment from seeing that picture.  Thongs became a nature progression for me.  I was always in good shape and liked to flaunt my body.  It was not always easy to be the only one of the guys wearing a bikini/speedo, when my buddies would wear cut-offs or baggy swim trunks to the pool or beach.  But they accepted me as a friend who was a little eccentric with my choice of swimwear.  I did however, have to take a bit of razzing from them.  After college in the early 80's I was all about the  spandex unitards, leotards, tights and bike shorts for workout gear.   This was about the time the movie "Perfect" came out.  It was about the gym workout scene based on a Rolling Stone article.  It was a good look for me and I had a slim muscular body.  I taught Aerobics and competed in many aerobic contests.  My female aerobics partners would shop for matching outfits to compete in.  They always wore thong leotards over their shorts and I glady complied to wearing the same outfit for contests.  The unitards and thong leotards are unisex and more like someting dancers wear, so it was no big deal to me.  After my aerobic and weight training workouts, I would hit the coed steamroom, sauna, whirlpool and pool  in just my thong.  I got alot of positive attention from the ladies at Bally's and created quite a commotion  with the management.  I like being a bit of an exhibitionsit 
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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When I was in my early 30s and was in a mall in Boulder, Colorado. I had been wearing bikinis for quite a few years for swimming and sunbathing and was regularly on the lookout for ever smaller suits even though my 3" side bikinis were the smallest I could find at the time.

One day I walked past the display window of a lingerie shop and happened to see a quite skimpy swimsuit.  Since it was a lingerie shop I first assumed it was for a woman. But as the gears turned in my head, I realized that that the mannequin that the suit was displayed on did not have a bikini top and was the torso of a male.

I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around, and walked back to the display window. The suit had an elastic band joining the front and rear triangle panels with only about 4" of elastic along the side; pretty bare even by today's standards.
I built up my courage and went in the lingerie shop. I asked one of the female salespeople if the suit in the window was for a male and she said yes. I tried on a few for size and bought a couple.

A few days later I wore one at a huge outdoor spring-fed pool in Glenwood Springs Colorado. I never felt so exposed in public and it was exhilarating.  While not a thong, it was a major station along my suit-minimal journey.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I am an only farm girl with what some call liberal parents, although they don't usually vote that way.  Growing up as a little girl, I rarely wore a shirt in summers but instead ran around shirtless.  I didn't stop this even as I got older, and my folks didn't see anything wrong with this, but they did want me to wear tops when I was out in public.  Farm kids spend lots of time, both playing and doing chores at home without visitors from outside the family being around, so I had a killer tan year after year. 

We did hear that there were the the occational thong and topfree women at the local state park beach, and I decided that a thong was a better way to cover what was necessary than the bikini bottom or short shorts I usually wore when hanging around at home at home.  When the parents didn't say anything, I wore my thongs more and more, and also started to just go nude when sunbathing in the side yard.  They didn't have issues with this either and I got smaller and smaller thongs until my thongs barely covered anything.  To be honset, I got sort o fturned on by how little I was wearing, and I wanted to wear less and less in public.  Even when my boyfriends came over, they didn't see any reason for me to cover up, but my boyfriends were too chicken to wear thongs or go nude at my house while visiting me, even when I was thonginng or going buff. 

Eventually, I talked my parents into letting me go to the beach and wear only a thong, but they said they had to see someone else dressed that way.  Eventually, we were there and a man was thonging, not extreme like a g-string or anything, but it was enough for my parents to let me spend the rest of the day laying out with him, talking, swimming, and wearing just my skimpiest thong and going topfree.  He was a gentleman and didn't do anything inappropriate or anything, just was friendly and nice.  After this, I started going back dressed the same way with my boyfriend, but on advice of people on this thong messeage board I told him to thong it or loose my interests.  After we got him a thong, he started doing the same (after a couple of weeks thonging at my house to get his tan on his ass up to speed.)
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I bought my first Speedo at JC Penney’s (yeah, they used to sell them at Penney’s) in 1975 when I was a freshman in college.  I can remember how nervous I was.  The saleswoman asked me if I was on a swim team.  I said yes.  It was a royal blue brief with a white pattern.  I rarely wore it.  I was an out-of-shape stringbean and terribly shy about my body, but I really wanted that swimsuit.  (Now that I look back on it, the swimsuit was a very modest Speedo product.  Although it was clingy nylon the sides were 3 or 4 inches.) About five years later I was still out-of-shape and usually wearing more slightly more voluminous swimwear (normal stuff for that era though), but in the underwear department I augmented the tighty-whities with some bikini brief underwear.  I had my own apartment so I could finally have some privacy. I took swimming lessons while I was in grad school in 1978/1979 and finally had a reason to buy Speedos for practical use.   I still wasn’t in good shape, but now I had a good reason to wear a swim brief:  I started swimming laps at the university pool and the city YMCA. I landed a corporate job in 1980 and two years later I was hanging out regularly with a co-worker and his friends.  They were all very athletic (volleyball players, weightlifters, wrestlers, etc.) and were very comfortable with their bodies.  My wearing a Speedo to our occasional visits to a state park or pool party didn’t elicit any comment.  That was encouraging for me. I lost that job in 1986 but that’s the summer I decided to try nudism at a local resort.  That was an epiphany for me.  Most other naked people aren’t concerned what you look like (and I realized that I was in much better shape than most of the other nudists anyway).  So, after that, really brief swimwear wasn’t as much as a block for me as it had been before. Sometime in the late 1980s I ordered several very small swim briefs and some g-strings from Lynn’s Lines.  She advertised in the ASA (American Sunbathing Assoc., now the AANR) bulletin.  I didn’t wear the swimwear – except for a trip to Europe – but I wore the g-strings around the house regularly.  I still have a tiny black bikini with Rio back that she made for me.   Anyway, I augmented my g-string collection in the 1990s with purchases from Outerskin (a cool sex shop in Homestead, PA, in the Pittsburgh area) and some other sources.  Most of the g-strings I bought were from sex shops and I’ve also purchased string-side bikinis from Solar TanThru (when they made them) and other minimal swimwear from International Male/Undergear, Prevail, and other sources. When the Internet finally got going I occasionally bought g-strings on eBay and also directly from a variety of manufacturers.  Thanks to this board I now have some excellent products from Muscleskins and Skinz.  Thanks!
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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  When I was in grade school and would go to the beach on vacation, I always wore board shorts because that's all my parents would buy me.  I always wanted to wear a speedo or bikini, but was told they were inappropriate.  At 15, we went the to the beach for a couple of weeks on vacation.  In the condo next door to us was a family from Germany.  The mother and father both wore tiny string bikinis out to the pool and on the beach.  I became friends with their son, Derek, who was the same age as me.  He wore a tiny bikini suit too - had a different one every day.  My parents needed to return home to take care of something for a couple of days and they let me stay with Derek and his family. Leaving in a hurry, I got everything I needed, but I forgot to get my swim shorts from our condo.  When Derek and I started to go out to the pool, he asked if I wanted to wear on of his suits, having no other choice and frankly excited about the opportunity, I said sure!  I picked one of the tiniest suits he had with a rio back.  I loved the second I put it on.  I wore it out to the pool and beach without a cover up.  It was the first time I felt "at home" in the sun.  We spent most of the morning around the resort, wearing just our bikinis.  We even went biking in just our bikini around the island.  That afternoon, we went out to the beach to see his parents.  His Dad was in a black g-string.  I was amazed and wanted to try one.  That night, I went to eat with him and his parents, and then when we got back to the condo Derek and I decided to go for a swim.  Being almost dark and not anyone in the pool, Derek gave me a g-string and told me to try that on for size.  It fit perfect!  He had another one too, so we had a late night swim in our g-strings.  It was an awesome feeling having water wash over your skin.  The next morning, Derek and I decided to have "G-string Day."  We spent the entire day in our g-strings, along with his Dad.
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