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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/12/2010 03:47:28Copy HTML

I started when my gf bought a thong for me.
ems1981 #152

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:09/16/2010 05:34:21Copy HTML

I got my first thong bikini when I was 16.  My Mum got it for me from a shop in London before we went to Gran Canaria on a family holiday.  On the first day at the beach, I was a bit nervous at first, but my Mum and older sister were both in thong bottoms on the beach near our hotel in Playa del Ingles and they were encouraging me along.  I actually really enjoyed it eventually, and then spent virtually all two weeks just in my thong, tanning, swimming and generally showing off!  Great fun!  It's just a shame that I don't still have the figure I had back then after all these years! 
JM_Runs #153

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:09/21/2010 03:02:58Copy HTML

Started in my early teens.  Bought my first exciting swimsuit from NuParr ... the no tie nada.  I could barely stand it ... it was so hot.  I have been downsizing coverage ever since and enjoy being seen in nothing or almost nothing.  If I have the choice, I wear something very revealing and skimpy versus nudity.  It is so hot.
iluvmm2 #154

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/09/2010 05:49:48Copy HTML

I have worn underwear bikinis since Mom bought me my first pair when I was 12... that was so revealing... I couldnt stop JO. At 17 I wore my first self-made thong. I've been thonging for 20 years now.
JM_Runs #155

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/13/2010 12:15:03Copy HTML

I wanted to try one for the support while jogging/working out so I went and grabbed one from a department store and tried it on. After a little while getting used to it, they became the most comfortable underwear I had. I ended up mentioning it to a female friend I went to high school with via email (suppose a lot easier that way...) and she ended up sending me 3 more pairs discreetly as a 'Christmas present' as she divulged it happened to be a bit of a turn on for her. That was about 2 years ago...
JM_Runs #156

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/13/2010 10:20:49Copy HTML

For me, it must have started in my early 20s. During my teens I wore conventional white briefs, and my first 'rebellion' was to purchase two pairs of blue Jockey Skants briefs, which I thought were really sexy. This concentrated my attention on how I felt about underwear, so the next stage was to order a 3-pack of G-strings advertised in a Sunday newspaper.

I didn't find them particularly comnfortable to wear as underwear, and I remember converting one to a jock-style pouch with a second elastic strap at the back. When I saw my first thong I realised that it would be much more comfortable to wear, so had to have it. I have bought thong underwear and swimwear over the years and must now have a collection of over 130 pairs (160 if you count G-strings as  well).
navythong #157

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/13/2010 03:44:28Copy HTML

 I'm 49 now and I startted thonging obout 10 years ago. From about 16 years old I always searched for minimal swimming wear. I always tried to find the smallest bikini briefs at the local shops. The smallest bikini briefs I could find at that time had a rio back and 1" sides.
At the time internet came I started searching the www for minimal swimwear. As soon as I discoverd DORE's swimwear I had the guts to order a lined thong with 1/2" sides and a moderate front. My wife wasn't very happy with my choice for thongs so I also ordered a few rio briefs with moderate front and 1/2" sides.
But I always liked the thongs more.
At first I only thonged in my own backyard. It took about 8 years before I had the guts to thong at the beach.
The first time I thonged at the beach was on a summer holiday in France.
Since that first DORE thong I bought several push-up thongs from DORE. These are smaller in the front then the moderates and I ordered them unlined. There is only one disadvantage wearing these push-ups. When you take a dip when the water is cold, they don't fit tight anymore.
A few years ago I discovered Muscleskins and I tried a MP thong with thong back, narrow pouch and 1/2" sides. This is the smallest suit I have, and I like the fit very much. It has not a mm too much fabric and the pouch is perfecty filled. The tan-lines are perfect. I think I stay with Muscleskins when it comes to thongs.
thong_jock #158

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/14/2010 08:30:27Copy HTML

 I started with speedos at age 8 and always craved briefer cuts. By 18 I was sneaking off to the beach by myself to wear skimpy posing suits. I didn't start wearing thongs until a couple years ago and love it, especially in public.
bmicro #159

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/14/2010 05:22:02Copy HTML

 <revealing his age>  My father wore bikini swimwear and I grew up wearing them. They were normal wear for men, as were much shorter shorts. In HS I was on the swim team and wore small Speedos to compete. Never could make the transition to dork shorts. I found that I got more compliments that complaints as I grew older and stuck with my brief bikinis. In the late 80's, a girlfriend who wore thongs challenged me to wear one. The rest is history.
I have always worn the least that I believe is appropriate (due to a hot climate together with receiving compliments) and this made me realize that thongs and g-strings for men are appropriate in a large number of locations.
JM_Runs #160

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/25/2010 01:11:56Copy HTML

Lycrathong's mention of Jockey Skants reminds of how I was 18 and for the first time plucked up the courage to go into the menswear shop and ask for three pairs red white and blue .I remember they came to a point at the hip before broadening out , rather like 2 triangles front and back . Since then I have always loved a selection of sexy swim and underwear . I  must have bought hundreds over the years but tend to change my preferences pretty regularly . I am pretty lucky because my wife likes me in them indoors ! But I think she would regard me as a bit cooky if I had more than about 1o pairs of strings/swimslips .
JM_Runs #161

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/26/2010 03:43:15Copy HTML

I remember as a child, I saw a movie that had a scene in it, showing a woman wearing a thong.  That is what started my obsession with thongs.  Hopefully, come tomorrow, when FedEx delivers my order from Skiviez, I will know what it's like to own some 'real' thong underwear.
hotbunz1969 #162

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/27/2010 02:30:46Copy HTML

It was back in the late 80's, I was a county swimmer and used to train in the local pool, we were over looked by the gym and the classes they held, I got to know and started to date this girl from one of the classes, she always wore a thong leotard over leggings, which I found really hot. We dated for a while and deceided to go to Tenirefe together, as we unpacked ready to hit the pool she put on a red one piece thong suit, not quite a slingshot but very close, and handed me a very small black thong saying "you wear speedos all the time, this isn't that much smaller" Oh boy it was, but I slipped it on to which she complemented me highly, and together we hit the pool. We both got a few positave comments, that and the sun on your bum I've never looked back. She also with the style of that suit gave me my love of a slingshot in the female form! Regards Paul 
stanpuppy #163

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/02/2010 08:07:48Copy HTML

My story is almost identical to bmicro's.  When i was in HS/College speedos were far more common than they are now.  In graduate school, i used to lay out (with my girlfriend) on the school quad in a small red bikini.  The girls loved it.  I went to public pools in a speedo all the time.  In the late 80's, my girlfriend and I planned a vacation to St. Martin.  I went to a store in Pittsburgh (where i was in grad school at the time) that sold "sexy" clothes, toys, etc. (sort of like a sexier Spencer's Gifts).  The sales clerk there ( a middle aged woman), talked me into buying  a thong suit. It was purple and black racing checks.  I wore it the entire time on St. martin. (my gf wore a full bottom bikini, but went topless the entire week).  When we got back, she went nuts over my tanline.  The rest....as they say...is history.  This is why, even on CO beaches, I wear a thong.  I love the tanlines.  Fortunately, the woman i married is totally comfortable (when we are on vacation) to wear a G-string bottom and go toplesss (when allowed), so now we both get to enjoy each others tanlines.
bryger #164

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/11/2010 12:21:25Copy HTML

This is easy for me. I can recall easily. I am from New York and was visiting England. My mom and I were in Harrods shopping. A must for Americans visiting the UK.
We'd split up so she could go to the ladies department. I do not like to shop but was walking though the men's department and saw a thong on a mannequin. The brand was POUR HOMME, I believe. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Just what I'd always wanted to wear. (Next to nothing)
I bought several pairs. We got back to the hotel and I waited until my mother went out on her own so I could try them on. I was hooked and haven't looked back since. That was the 80's. I've worn nothing since but thongs or nothing. I probably have over one hundred pairs of all sorts from all over the world. Love them.
ShadowT #165

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/11/2010 07:58:21Copy HTML

I think my personality has always destined me to prefer thongs.  I also developed fairly early, reaching 5' 10' and 125lbs by the time I was 12 and started shaving that same year.  It seemed that when other boys were still simply interested in snapping bras because it was funny, I had much more going on in my mind when I viewed girls.  I began to have some exhibitionist tenancies, but growing up in conservative West Michigan, I certainly didn't let it show.  I can remember as early as 7 or 8 (definitive, as it was before I moved into the basement) having not so Christian thoughts about my sister's friends.  One of them jumped into bed with me wearing a silky and frilly nighty one night, which I found extremely exciting.

Since we didn't have the internet back then, I was exposed to g-strings and thongs via movies.  I watched "Zapped" more times than any person should, let alone kid.  A scene with a stripper in Dragnet (1987) sealed the thong obsession a while later.  I don't remember when I found my dad's Playboy magazines, but that too contributed. 

One year, while camping with family and friends when I was 12, there were some young kids from out of town (probably 18-20, with no parents.)  One of the girls wore the sexiest and smallest bikinis I had ever seen in person to that day.  She seemed to alternate swimwear, but she wore a frilly thong swimsuit several times that weekend.  While the others seemed bewildered, and wondered why anybody would want a strap up the butt cheeks, I couldn't get enough of it.  And I've never seen another thong (swimsuit) in MI since.  Interestingly enough, nobody thought much about it, even if it was a bit unprecedented.  Today, at the same campground, I'm sure enough bold parents would complain about the twisting of their childrens minds that she would have been asked to leave or cover up.

Whenever I saw someone in brief swimwear or underwear, I was always jealous.  This happened a lot at the Y.  I liked speedos and thongs, and especially liked silky and clingy spandex.  Whenever at stores, I'd see the mens thongs and bikinis and dream of the day I could afford buying some.  When we passed an adult store, I dreamt of the day I could enter one.  Imagine my disappointment when I finally reached such an age and found these things were so uncommon, both in stores and among people.

Although much of my interest in thongs is tied to my interest in women, I never developed an interest in wearing women's clothes.  That has made it more difficult to satiate my thonging needs.  At this point, over 2 decades later, thongs are deeply ingrained in my mind.  Even when not entirely practical (e.g. winter), I find them attractive and comfortable, so I don't see myself giving them up any time soon.

I've also always been a bit shy, and expressing myself physically is often easier than verbally.
JM_Runs #166

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/23/2011 06:40:08Copy HTML

For me, it goes back to my mother.  She died about 10 years ago, when I was 15.  Even though we grew up in a conservative area and conservative values, she never wore a one piece out back in the pool.  Always bikinis; nothing like todays sexy little things, but always bikinis.  The point is that she was proud of her body. 

About 15 years before she was overweight, mostly from having me and my two older brothers.  She worked off the weight and was very proud of the continual workouts and commitment to being fit and healthy.  And she showed her body, where tops that exposed her stomach and never shying away from a chance to don a bikini.  She never exposed her breasts, but would often unhook her top to avoid tan lines.  She loved to tan.

A few years after she passed, my gf, now my wife, bought me a pack of thongs from Target.  I liked them but not as underwear.  This is when I discovered the world of thong and other minimal swimwear options for men.  I was immediately comfortable wearing them at my appts. indoor pool.  Looking back, my comfort with my body (which is average in every way) came from her.  She was proud of what she had, and comfortable with wearing what made her feel good.
thong_jock #167

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/19/2011 07:16:44Copy HTML

 My first time thonging in public was at a beach in Hawaii. I had worn really skimpy bikini swimwear whenever possible since my late teens, but never ventured to thongs until I was about 40. The minute I walked the beach in my skimpy spandex thong I was hooked. Now I like to wear Muscleskins 1/2" or 3/8" thongs whenever I can - even wearing to hotel pools, when I can. There is nothing more erotic to me than wearing a thong in public and seeing other fit, masculine men wearing thongs in public.
stanpuppy #168

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/21/2011 01:31:37Copy HTML

For me...i think it was an evolutionary thing.  I grew up in the 70's when speedos for men were pretty common.  I wore bikinis through high school and college.  When I got to grad school, a women who owned a lingerie store asked me if I had ever worn a thong (I was in the store buying them for my girlfriend).  I said no.  She said they had some male thongs in the store.  I was heading out for a spring break trip to the carribean (with said girlfriend), so I bought one.   I wore it...i liked it.....girlfriend liked it.....end of story.  I have been thonging ever since
kawasaki #169

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/21/2011 01:59:48Copy HTML

For me it was otherwise. My wife had some very nice thongs. I tried one on to investigate the feeling.............. WOW, what an experience!!! That happened about 10 years ago. I went to the store to by some men strings and never stopped wearing them eversince. I have lots of them now and also swim thongs that I wear at hotelpools and the beach when we are on holiday. My wife is perfectly ok with them. Strangely enough, about at the same time, my neighbour and good friend started also wearing thongs and we didn't know that from each other for a while ;-)
thong_patrick #170

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/07/2012 10:18:48Copy HTML

It shouldn't have been a huge progression for me to move into thongs, but it took me far too long as I look back on it. 

I grew up wearing speedos since it was what I had always seen my dad wearing, since he grew up in England, where they seem to be the norm.  He wore 1" and poser style suits everytime he entered a pool. so I just got used to doing the same. I swam a lot through high school on the swim team, so I continued to wear speedos everyday, even in normal gym class when I tended to be the only one.  The boys would tease me a bit, but the girls made compliments all the time.

I started to get into smaller suits during university.  I had bought some thong underwear at a Bay store, and I will never forget how nervous I was standing in line to buy it.  The older lady clerk looked at them, and said that she figured I would look pretty good in them.  It was a boost to my confidence and helped inspire me to get bold.  From this point on, my underwear became thongs and g-strings, as I progressed to smaller clothes.

In second year was the first of the really small swimsuits.  My aunt had a backyard pool, and she had invited our family over for a swim and a barbeque.  My cousins had always worn bikinis and I had never had an issue with my Speedos there, but had always worn between 1" and 2 1/2" competition suits.  But I wanted to get a great tan.  After spring classes the day before the barbeque, I took the bus across the river to a downtown mall, and proceeded to walk into a swimsuit shop.  I walked over to the rack with men's speedos, and a clerk came over to help me, and offered help.  I told her that I was looking for a speedo with a thin waist for great tanning.  She pulled out a yellow suit that had maybe 1/4" string sides and a 3/4 back.  She said how about this bold?  Ii loved it at first sight.  I said I think I will take that, just need to make sure it fit.  Before she directed me to the fitting room,  she reached to the end of the rack and grabbed an aqua Speedo thong and an even skimpier red thong.  She said I should try those on as well.  I ended up walking out of that store with all 3 suits.  The next day, I packed the yellow suit and went with my parents to my aunt and uncle's house, not quite having the guts to show off my butt.  My cousins did however love the look of me in the yellow suit.  It was lined, but went a little see-through once I jumped in.  What a exciting feeling of being practically naked!!  From that moment on, my skimpy swimsuit obsession was in full swing.

By the time I was done university, I must have owned almost 100 thongs and g-strings, but I had never thonged on a beach or public pool.  I had tanned in the back yard, and in very secluded places by lakes, I was still too nervous.  However, right after university, I had a chance to work in Paris, and then travel around the rest of Europe.  My backpack and train pass took me to Alicante on the coast of Spain.  I found a room at a pensione and went to the laundry area to do a small load.  There were some girls from Winnipeg that I started to talk to as I washing, since they noticed my Canada flag tattoo on my shoulder.  We arranged to go the beach together that afternoon, but I was a bit nervous to see their reactions, since the most conservative suit I had packed for swimming was a 1" aqua Solar Speedo and then the yellow rio, the 2 first thongs, and a bunch of other thongs.  From their laundry, all I could see were bikinis.  I put on the yellow suit under my shorts, met them in the lobby and walked to the beach.  As soon as we were there, they pulled off their shirts and shorts, and proceeded to remove their bikini tops, leaving them only in skimpy thongs.  At that moment, I realized I could wear a thong as well without offending them, so I quickly slipped everything off under a towel and put on the red thong from the swimsuit store.  It ended up being a crazy week in Spain, with me progressing at the urging of the girls to wearing less and less and eventually nothing at a natural beach with them.

Two years it took me to bare my butt in that red suit, but I haven't looked back since.  Luckily I found a wife that supports and enjoys my habits as well.

navythong #171

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/08/2012 10:08:12Copy HTML

Nice story thong_patrick!
You are so lucky with a wife that supports and enjoys your thonging habit!

JM_Runs #172

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/15/2012 05:52:23Copy HTML

 I started to wear thongs after watching a Bra and Panties match on WWE.  I thought that the WWE Divas looked very sexy in their thongs,so I wanted to know how they would feel like. Since I was only eleven, I was too young to buy my own thongs. Furthermore, none of my family members wore thongs. Therefore, I made my own thongs by cutting the backside of my briefs into a shape of a thong. The hand made thongs were not so comfortable, but I had no choice but to wear them. I started to buy my own thongs when I turned thirteen. I first started off with women's thongs because I didn't know that thongs were made for men. Then, when I turned sixteen, I found a black Calvin Klein thong at Debenhams department store, and from that point onwards, I have been wearing only men's thongs as my underwear. 
Chantelle4both #173

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/15/2012 06:14:09Copy HTML

Evolution - me too - much more than a revolution. Had only boxers until mid 20s and once when I was on a road trip, I ran out of underwear, so I used a speedo (I'm a triathlete). Wearing that for the rest of the day got my body thinking, "this feels pretty darn good," so the next day I went to a Jockey Factory Outlet and bought a few pair of "speedo-like" briefs. Those felt amazing as well. About a month after that the same Factory Outlet intoduced thongs to their line up... and it went from there!
thereal_matt #174

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/16/2012 02:48:41Copy HTML

 My girlfriend, now wife, and I were shopping at Target back when we were both in college about 10 years ago.  Target no longer carries thongs but they had a pretty generic 5-pack back then (maybe Jockey or Joe Boxer).  We bought a pack and I loved wearing something other than boxers.  She is middle of the road, doesn't really care for them  but doesn't mind that I do.

The greatest day was the first time I wore only a thong and tshirt at her apartment.  We were goofing around and eventually landed on the couch in just our undies and shirts.  It was freedom.
Sharon73 #175

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/16/2012 08:25:17Copy HTML

Simple, I started because I wanted to be looked at!!  I enjoy that a lot
steampowered #176

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/22/2012 10:25:45Copy HTML

like many, a fairly natural progression. Wore lose boxers as a kid, moved to boxer briefs later in school, then almost solely briefs by the time I finished school. Then got a bit curious when a party at university lead to a shiny novelty string being worn by about 5 different people in a row including myself.

I wouldn't have minded trying one on sober, so to push myself over the edge I promised my girlfriend if she wore one, I would too. initially she said no, then a long time later, got some "cheeky" underwear then eventually got thongs. she started buying more and more then jokingly reminded me of our "deal" that we had never agreed on. I decided to bite the bullet and buy a few online. slowly got more and more, then got some joe snyders to wear at the beach (and underwear).
solargod #177

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/22/2012 03:43:20Copy HTML

For me, it was also a natural progression.  In the early to mid-1970's, I went from tighty whities to Jockey Life low-rise briefs.  After I got bored with the novelity of those, I started wearing Jockey bikinis, which really wasn't a big deal because most young men were wearing bikinis of some sort and style.  In the 80's, I discovered string bikinis with 3/4 seats and I carried those through the early 90's when I wanted something going skimpier, hense, the thong.  Eventually, I was thonging on a daily basis and rarely wearing anything else.  I converted my wife to thongs too, and that is were we are today. It is only thongs for both of us.  Granted, my thongs are even smaller today with Manstore Tower strings as my favorite.  My history is that I am always searching for skimpier and skimpier but I think I have found the pentacle. No where to go from here without going naked.
mo_thong #178

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/22/2012 07:15:34Copy HTML

For me it all started because of a girl.  In college I wore briefs or bikini briefs.  My gf wore bikinis and one time when we we fooling around I realized she was wearing a thong.  It sent me over the edge.  From that point on that was all I would buy her.  Then for Valentine's day she got me two silk thongs from Victoria's Secret - they used to make them for guys.  I think the label was London One.  I loved wearing them for her and soon it turned into me wearing them for me.  Then I started picking up more thongs and suits.  Then tanning my buns was something new.  Haven't turned back since.
JM_Runs #179

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/23/2012 06:55:57Copy HTML

My Ex-GF always used to wear thongs and she got into wearing thong bikini's at the beach and going topfree. She started buying thongs for me and eventually I started wearing them to the beach too. We were both wearing very "extreme" swimwear, with her in WW micro thong bottoms and I would wear a JS bulge thong.
newlynymphos #180

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/15/2012 10:25:00Copy HTML

 I was 15 when my mom bought me my first swim brief. It had large 3" sides, and full coverage rear, but was unlined, and showed every detail! It was the 3rd best thing from being naked! I quickly rolled up the sides and butt, and made my own impromptu thong. I did this only amongst friends and strangers, not my parents.

As I got older, I went nude more than anything, and just bought the smallest lightest weight shorts I could when I did have to wear something.

But, after meeting my now, wife, she enjoys me in small coverage swimwear, so I bought us both G-strings, as well as a few other minimal coverage suits.

I wear the 4" side tan thru shorts to family functions, and my string side semi-transparent Rio (it is completely see thru when wet!) literally every where else! My tan thru 1" side swim briefs don't get much wear time at all!
JM_Runs #181

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/15/2012 11:50:36Copy HTML

Our apartment is underserved in terms of electrical power because the building is so old, we can't run two A/C units at the same time. I let me wife have the A/C in whatever room she's in and I take a high powered fan in mine. For practical purposes, I started to wear less and less to compensate for the heat and just started to go nude.  Although I enjoy nudity very much now, I felt it was better that I wore something so I don't have to carry a towel around everywhere. Bought a few jockstraps and thongs but slowly I gravitated to more risque thongwear as I started to feel a bit more sexual charged with the skimpy clothing and my body. Soon after I started to tan on my rooftop since no one really goes up there and I got hooked instantly to tanlines.

I love the feeling of the warm sun on my upper thighs and ass. Thongs and g-strings are pretty liberating and sometimes helped me understand the sexual feelings it brings. Not to stay that I get horny all the time when I wear thongs, but I have to say when my skin is a nice tan, covered in oil with a swimwear it's such a fantastic feeling and I think the thong culture will be part of my routine for a long time to come.

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/16/2012 09:42:05Copy HTML

As a rather young boy I read a couple of books about a team of guys that had all sort of adventures while diving. When not wearing diving suits they would be depicted as wearing rather skimpy swimwear, at least by those days' standards. I felt that was exactly what I wanted. Of course, since then I bought tanga's, bikini slips etc. if I could find them, but felt they would still cover way too much. So I was always pushing up the back into my cleavage & rolling down the front and the sides, ending up with an impromptu thonglike thing.

When I was 20 was the first time I saw an advertisement for a thong and realized this was exactly what I had had in mind for years! Couldn't wait for the shop to open. I was excited as hell! Can you imagine the cashier asking me very politely whether I realized this was a very very small piece of swimmingwear indeed, while I stood there steaming away for that very reason and hoping to keep things a bit under contol till I got home. I told her I was fully aware of its size and that this made it so attractive to me. She wished me good luck wearing it, adding it was such a pity most men were far to shy to wear stuff like that.

From there I moved on to wear strings as well, both thongs and strings getting ever skimpier over the years. Where not allowed to wear these I will usually wear tanga's with 1/2 or 1/4 backs, preferably with backs that have a tendency to ride up and disappear. If tackled for being dressed too skimpily I can then pretend to be surprised, reach to my butt and pull out some coverage, knowing it will disappear spontaneously within the shortest of times.
Zamwell #183

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I was given my first thong as a joke gift from a girl in my English class when I was about 15 and expected it to be hugely uncomfortable, following the common fallacy that it would be like having a permanent wedgie. This turned out not to be the case and I found it easily more comfortable than any other underwear I had ever worn, even though it was only one of those cheap novelty ones you get from department stores. I kind of forget about it for eighteen months or so until I was in a Debenhams store and saw a pack of proper fitted mens' thongs for a cheap price and thought I'd give them a proper go. That was the start and now nearly four years later I wear thongs almost exclusively.
I have yet to go "thonging" as it were, not because of lack of confidence but because I'm not a huge fan of lying around on beaches. 
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Growing up, I was always the short guy, and I went through a chubby phase in my early teens.  This left me feeling pretty self-concious about my appearance.  Around the same time, I began to realize that there was a world outside of the FTL white briefs my mom had bought me for years.  I became extremely intrigued by skimpy underwear in colors and prints.  One day I saw a copy of the International Male catalog at a newsstand and cautiously looked through it, completely blown away from seeing the variety of sexy swimsuits out there. I knew that when I got older and in better shape, i was going to wear sexy swimsuits.  I bought a couple of brief style suits to wear to Cancun my senior year of high school, where I saw men wearing thongs for the first time in my life, and it seemed like the next logical step. 

For me, thonging is about freedom.  I work in a conservative career and am pretty straight-laced about most things, so stripping down to a tiny thong on the beach seems very out of character for me but is so very liberating! 
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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<For me, thonging is about freedom.  I work in a conservative career and am pretty straight-laced about most things, so stripping down to a tiny thong on the beach seems very out of character for me but is so very liberating! >

Yes that sums it up for me. Most other aspects of my life have been quite conservative, including my career and my upbringing. Wearing a very tiny g-string in public combined with the fact that I now shave my body completely smooth when I wear my tiny suits represents a statement of rebellion from the ordinary for me.

Like many others I started out with a Speedo type suit, and my suits kept getting smaller and smaller. I will admit before that when I was teenage I experimented alot with strings, belts and small strips of cloth in designing my own suits. I never wore them in public, but I vowed that I would if I could ever find a "bikini for men." That happened so here I am! 
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I am 32 years old now and I think I remember starting when I was 19.  It started purely out of curiousity.  I don't know how I came across it but I found skinzwear and looked at their online catalog mostly for the pictures of the women models.  However, I noticed that they had a men's section so I clicked there and looked, not realizing that so many swimwear styles were available for men.
I did not buy a thong that time, I bought what was called an 'international brief' it was just slightly more conservative than a bikini brief.  When it arrived, I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror and didn't like what I saw.  I was pretty hairy so I got out the electric razor and did some cleaning up.  This was also how I got into trimming and shaving and such.  I then remembered that I had seen men's thongs on skinzwear and wanted to see how it felt. I took this suit that I had and tried to modify it into a thong but failed miserably and had to throw it away.  I then got back on skinzwear and ordered just a basic black men's thong and tried it out.  I enjoyed the feeling of having my butt bare and exposed without having to be fully nude.
This was also when I started to explore my sexuality and exhibitionist side, which is why I am glad I found this board.  Trying to keep it as simple as I can, I like women and have had girlfriends and such but have been known to to peek at pictures or videos of men from time to time in skimpy swimwear and such.  I also began chatting online with men and sharing pictures and such, enjoying being seen and told how good I look in my thongs and such.  Yes, I will post more in other forums and will get some pictures up on my profile soon.  Anyway, just wanted to chip in my two cents on how I got started.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I sort of started as a dare to myself realizing that women can do it but not really seeing a man do it.  I went to the beach in thong underwear and disrobed.  I was at a quiet part of the beach where I could feel safe and not have anyone come up on me without me seeing them.  I was so concerned about getting in trouble so I kept a towel handy to cover up.  A few peopel passed by and nobody said anything.  I eventually built up more courage along the way and moved to more populous areas and did not worry about covering up when people came by.  I have only been thonging a few months but I really enjoy it.  I look forward to it each chance that I get.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I nearly always wore bikini suits growing up, it was the suit of choice.  Naturally this is what I wore to the beach, the lake, and pools.  I spent a lot of time outside during those summers and always laid in the sun to warm up after swimming in the cool (cold) water.  Lake Michigan was rarely warm.  Of coarse I got very tan those summers.  I swam competitive in high school for tow years and liked the swim bikinis.  By then casual swimwear for men was quickly shifting.  I started swimming for fitness and stress relief in college and decided to wear a bikini.  I had swum in long short for fun swims, but for lap swimming they just would not do.  In college I found I really liked tanning and laying in the warm sun.  I like the look and feel of bikini swim wear and the small tan lines that came with.  I started with bikinis with smaller and smaller sides and finally ordered my first thong.  I liked to tan in bikinis and a thong was not big of a change compared to long shorts.  I don't remember the first time I laid on the beach wearing a thong, but I remember the awesome feeling of the sun on my butt and the sexy tan line.  I haven't looked back since.  I wear thongs to the beach often and love the sexy look on women and men.

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I began long ago with improvised stringless tanning pouches similar to those now sold by Dore and ebaybee, and always in a non-public venue.  As thongs became more or less acceptable locally I began wearing those for a wider choice of places to go.  As for the places I wore the stringless pouches, I now wear nothing at all.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 The first thongs I purchased were worn under some bike shorts that I bought in the early 1980's. When I purchased the shorts, the bike store owner suggested that I should wear nothing underneath. The first few times I tried that, my package was not too comfortable, so I began wearing a jock underneath, but the rear of the shorts clearly showed the straps. One day, I was shopping for underwear and I saw some "fashion" underwear that were thongs. I purchased two pair and they were comfortable while riding my bike. By the mid-1980's, I purchased some spandex shorts and tights for other types of workouts, and more thongs to wear underneath. With the 1990's and the internet, the options have increased many fold, and I now have an extensive collection to thongs and spandex work-out gear. Pictures of my thong collection are in the images of my profile. 
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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For me, thonging started with swimwear not underwear.  I always had fairly skinny legs and never liked the way they looked in trunks, so i always gravitated towards speedos and other style bikini's.  It was the 80's and those style suits were much more accepted back then.  I wore them on the college cut sunning with my friends, at local wave pools and at all of the health club pools I trained at...no big deal.   One day I was looking for a new swimsuit to wear on a getaway trip to St. Martin and the owner of the off campus lingerie/clothing store I was shopping at suggested I try "one of these" (a purple and black racing check thong).  She told me they were becomming very popular and lots of women were wearing them as everyday underwear (this was 1987).  I bought it for $12 and wore it at the hotel pool on the trip (I went nude on the beaches).  I felt very comfortable in it, and thought it was sexier and more unusual than my bikinis...so I stuck with it.  It is coming up on 25 years now and I am still wearing them
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 I started out in the late 80's with an old girlfriend who wanted a G-string to wear to the beach, and instead of starting off slow with a bikini we both lept in from the get-go with G-string and both were white and sheer when wet for our first minimal swimwear. And we didn't start off in the boonies we started off on Pensacola beach right in the middle of the crowd.  Back in those days we were not the only couple on the beach baring our bums and we had no issues, that first evening after our first day on the beach we both decided to shave it all off so the hair wouldn't show thru the fabric. We were young and carefree!!
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 An old girlfriend turned me on to men's thongs. Have been waring them ever sense. that from the 90s Befor that, I was in musical theater, I always wore the dance equivlent to the men's thong.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I've intermittantly made posts on this sight, mostly talking about my own stories. But as I've stated in the past I've always been enamored by other people's thong/bikini stories as well. In particular, when I see someone wearing a thong or skimpy bikini who you wouldn't expect I always ask myself "why is that person wearing that? Is he/she doing so on his/her own initiative or is there someone (a spouse, girl/boyfriend, etc) behind the decision making process as well." In many cases, the story behind the skimpy swimwear is just as sexy as the actual suit. Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to have witnessed or been part of many stories and I'd like to share some of these with you....

This story in some ways is the sexiest and represents "actors" you wouldn't really expect -- acouple in their late forties with a daughter in her late teens.

My girlfriend and I travelled to St Barths several years ago. As I'm sure most of you know, it's a pretty upscale place with a lot of wealth. We got there in time for dinner the first day. I'm a very detail-oriented person and notice everything, so a middle age couple caught my eye. They were very wealthy French Canadians. The wife was more attractive than her husband, who was completely bald (save for the black "horseshoe") and a little overweight. They were both very well dressed, if not even a bit ostentatious. The husband had on a pair of fancy black slacks, with a crisp white shift open at the collar (showing a lot of chest hair). He also had a designer "man bag" that he was carryig as well as several gaudy bracelets around his wrist. His nails were also manicured. I made a mental note.

So, the next morning my girlfriend and eye were out at the beach and low and behold this couple was right near us. They seemed overdressed, with the main in a dark shirt and white linen long pants and the wife in a long white linen-like dress. They both also had on designer sunglasses. She took off her dress to reveal a very suggestive black one-piece (pretty high cut yet very elegant -- she had obviously paid a lot for this suit). In the meantime her husband had removed his shirt to reveal a large, hairy upper torso (Clearly at one time he had been in shape but this was no longer the case). At that point he basically hesitated and seemed almost unsure of what to do next. I was about to turn away until I heard the wife say in French in a voice that almost sounded like a command "give me your pants, Sweetie." I didn't turn around and my curiously was rewarded when he proceeded to remove the white linen pants and show the tight, microscopic, black designer rio bikini he was wearing. This thing fit like a glove, almost like it was tailored. The back was especially tight and somewhat low cut. To say I was surprised would be a major understatement....

I closely twatched my new "friend" the rest of the day and was convinced he was a "rookie" bikini wearer for several reasons. First, his tanlines reflected the fact that he had been wearing boyshorts and gave no indication of prior bikini wearing. Second, and more interestingly, was just the way he handled himself. He seemed a little uncomfortable and a little vulnerable. Like he wasn't in his own skin. For example when he sat upright on his lounge chair, he kept his legs very close together as opposed to spreading them. Also, at one point, he, his, wife, and his daughter were about to go for a walk on the beach and as he went for his linen pants (I assume to put them on over his bikini) his wife was like "no way." They satyed in the beachbag. The plot was thickening.

The next day was just as interesting, except this time he was wearing a blue rio bikini with just the exact cut (I had made sure we would be sitting in the same exact spot, hoping this couple would be near us and I was not disappointed when they put their stuff down right next to us). He still seemed a little uncomfortable. Later on during that second day he was laying on his stomach when his wife began to re-apply suntan oil. As she got down to his buttocks area she "adjusted" the back of bikini (I always found this move incredibly sexy -- I don't know the exact verb for it. "Tugged?") and said somethig to the effect "I love the way you look in these beautiful bikinis.) Hmmmm....

Later, he made his way into the water. At that point, his wife turned to their daughter (both were wearing this skimpy black bikinis with a gold chain dangling from the front...very sexy) and said, "Doesn't he look sexy?" to which the daughter responded "Yes, he does, what should we put him in for tomorrow?" The wife, with a matter-of-fact tone to her voice said "how about that pretty black thong." I almost died.

So the next day, as "promised" here was our friend in his "pretty" black thong bikini. Unfortunately the family sat further away from us, so I couldn't hear any of their conversation. But at one point I did notice as he was laying on his stomach his wife touching either his thong or his butt and smiling and talking to their daughter who was also smiling.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more interesting they did when on the fourth day he showed up wearing a pink thong bikini. Again, they sat further away from us so I couldn't hear anything they said. But by this time both I and my girlfriend (who loves skimpy swimwear on guys more than any woman in North America) were so intrigued. We just had to find out more....

So, that night we hung out in the lobby of our hotel "stalking." Finally the husband, wife and daughter sat down near us and greeted us very pleasantly. Luckily, both girlfriend and I speak good French (my girlfriend better than me) and when we addressed them in French, they were very impressed and happy to talk to us. Before long, my girlfriend, who's a very friendly and outgoing person had steered the conversation towards fashion -- shoes, handbags (of course she complemented him on his), and before long we were on swimwear. For whatever reason, maybe because we were talking in French, maybe because we seemed very friendly, or maybe because my girlfriend was there (or maybe because they had seen me wearing extremely skimpy swimwear as well!) and I therefore didn't appear like a creep, the couple and their daughter really opened up to us and were very forthcoming. I don't know how exactly we got to the topic of bikinis and thongs but once we did it was a deluge...

The couple was very well off (I forgot what he did) and was from a posh section of Montreal. She was a bored housewife who wanted to spice things up and before the trip took her husband to her personal lingerie store and had the lady there measure and custom make the swimwear for her husband. She claimed her husband loved to shop and dress well but was apprehensive (to say the least) about wearing bikinis and thongs. So she and her daughter essentially hid all of his other bathing suits right before the trip. My girlfriend asked the husband how he felt about wearing the bikinis and thongs and he said at first he didn't enjoy it but was really starting to like it. He said it made him feel vulnerable and even feminine. I was stunned that he had said such a thing and immediately turned to their daughter to see how she felt about her dad admitting to that and her answer was just as shocking. She said she really liked it smiled and said that the pink thong was even her idea and she had bought her boyfriend two bikinis to wear while they went away on a vacation of their own.

The wife/mother's take was that she was glad her husband felt this way and that she had always had a thing for metrosexuals. In addition -- and I'll preface this by saying I was shocked she was so open around her daughter....AND US -- she said that they haad done a lot of sexual experimentation on that trip and that she was sure that her husband wearing the bikinis/thongs was what brought it on. I won't be "indecent" and describe what exactly the lady explained they had done, but in a nutshell she explained that she felt taht their marriage was getting boring and that what had gone on during the vacation had definitely enhanced their marriage.

So, chalk another one up to minimal swimwear....
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I first started with thong underwear when I was young and (like many) dumb enough to go along with anything to get sex from a girlfriend.  I wore thongs at first because some women asked me to wear them.  I also started to wear thong swimsuits, but not much due to local attitudes.
A few years ago, I moved to Asia.  The humidity here is nearly always 75% or higher, so a person can end up feeling funky all day. Switching to thong and g-string underwear full time was a necessity for health and cleanliness.  Now that I've worn them so long, I wouldn't go back to briefs even if I were back in Canada.
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 I got into thong underwear in my senior year of high school.  I found thongs at target and just had to try them.  I instantly fell in love.  They were very comfortable.  I wore thongs then for the rest of the year and that summer.  Then she. I went off to college and had a roommate I went back to boxers. I did this so as not to be different. I was stuck on boxer briefs for a few years until one day I decided to get some thongs again.  My girlfriend who I lived with was not so excited but I ordered a couple from mensunderwearstore.com.  Soon I started building my collection of thong and bikini underwear.  Over this past winter I got my first swim bikini and swim thong.  I now am working up the courage to wear them to the beach.  I doubt my mrs will be joining me when I do thong on the beach but I'm still excited and nervous for when I do.  Now I'm trying to do d a thong friendly beach.  I would feel more secure if I was not the only one in a thong.  I wear thong underwear at the gym and the lockerroom is not a big deal but there your exposure is only for a few seconds not hours like on a beach.  It's great to read the stories of everyone and see there confidence. 
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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 I had worn skimpy posing bikinis since late teens and wore them to the beach too. I was about 41 I think and on vacation in Hawaii and went for a run. I had on spandex shorts with a thong under and stopped at a beach. I didn't have a swimsuit with me so I stripped to my thong. The feeling was like nothing else and I was instantly hooked. No idea why it took me so long to adopt thongs as my swimwear of choice but now I wear them 95% when going to the beach. The only time I don't wear them is when I'm with my kids or swimming laps. Then I wear a speedo bikini. For any guys looking to thong in public for the first time - JUST DO IT! Life it too short to say..."if I only..."
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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I just started today as all my underwears are used and not able to laundry as my machine became fault .. so checked for online breifs.. thought this time will buy thongs.. placed order yesterday .. the pack arrived in the morning.. it was amazing experience.. felt very liberated.. the whole day i was in thong and even after reading the various post went out in backyard which has excellent view from the neighboring house and had a smoke in the sun. 
It provided a great support to the package and felt kinky myself.. very nice experience and will use regularly...
Thanks everyone for various post and encouraging me to wear this awesome piece of suit
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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When I was about 9 or so I was literally forced to take ballet by my aunt whom I spent summers with.  As a football player, wrestler, and baseball player this obviously did not fit in with my early MO.  A strange thing happened though and I really started loving it and excelled at it.  I practiced on my own at home in privacy and looked very forward to going back to my aunt's each summer.  I did a pretty fair job all through high school covering up my love of dance.  I longed to dance and it was agonizing practicing on my own.  Once I got to college I saw my opportunity to get back to dance classes and did so in earnest.  The dance classes were an easy fun way to get elective credit hours not to mention 'that the classes had tons of beautiful girls in them.  As some of you may know part of the dance attire for ballet is that men wear a dance belt and tights so wearing a thong quickly became "not a big deal at all".  Once you learn partnering you will quickly see why a guy wears a dance belt.  After college I got a great job and still danced at private studios but I was not good enough to get a fulltime dance job.  One 2 day stretch I went with a bunch of my friends to New Orleans for a bachelors party getaway.  Not surprisingly, we got hammered and hit every strip club in the quarter. One place we went to featured male and female strippers dancing together.  They called the performances "love acts".  In my drunken stupor I noticed that most of the male dancers were skinny heroin addicts with no butt or chest or anything else to highlight.  I went back to the club by myself later on and talked with one of the female dancers and inquired about a dance job.  She got excited and called the manager over.  He had me take my shirt off and saw that I was in darn good shape and asked me "to come back tomorrow night at 6".  I sobered up pretty fast at this and despite no sleep managed to get back there the next night.  My friends had long since gone home and I drove back by myself.  Anyways the manager told me "who I would be dancing with and advised me to "buy a G-string with some sort of easy slip off pants or shorts".  I did so and went back to the club.  The girl I would be dancing with was the girl I met and she showed up about 10 minutes after I returned.  As it turned out she also took a lot of ballet and was really excited to work with me.  We choreographed some basic lifts and movements in the back of the club.  The evening was early so at that time there were only female dancers working.  Soon enough we got called to the stage.  You had to dance two numbers.  The first one being a faster beat that essentially resembled a jumbled dirty dance.  The second one was done to slow jazz or anything else slow whereby you and the other dancer strip each other.  The club was already filling with lots of older tourist couples, lots of them Asian.  Geez I was nervous.  We did the number though and the manager loved it!  He was thrilled to get a couple that had some dance experience and could actually dance.  I really enjoyed it and the next day took a lot of time off from my regular job 3 hours away and stayed there.  We made a lot of tips and that money enabled me to eat.  About 2 weeks later a girl that danced there "asked me if I wanted to dance with her and I readily accepted".  She worked at the gold club some of the time and had even done a shoot for Penthouse.  She liked the way I did the couples dances and wanted to try it with me.  We worked on some moves and she and I even went out and got me a matching black spandex leather G-string outfit with black boots.  We really sold it up there and dang, I had a great time dancing with her.  The manager loved it and had our picture up front and center on outside board.  Both of us were very well built and it was great advertisement with the club.  After 3 and a half weeks though I had to return to the drudgery of life and left town quietly.  I really miss dancing there though.  I miss the girls and the attention we got from patrons.  People liked those dance numbers if you could make them look good.  Who would have thought that my ballet dreams would take me there? Later on (much later) I went back to New Orleans and the place went way down hill.  The girls for the most part, are not too good looking at all and the only couples dance acts are girl on girl.  I guess that's what sells these days or so it seems? Later on I got married to a fitness Barbie doll who loved south beach.  We would go there on vacation.  We both loved working out and with me being an ex-dancer "thonging it" on the beach was absolutely no big deal at all.  She would go topless and occasionally, I would catch older men literally walking right up to our beach chairs and trying to take a picture of her.  We did not enjoy that at all.  In those days lots of women went topless there and we always found ourselves surrounded by dozens of them.  I sure didn't mind!  We gots lots of compliments on our thongs and the fact we looked great in them together.  Many of the folks were latino or European and so perhaps there were different attitudes here?  Occassionally, there would be a redneck or two there or bands of troublesome boys but I noticed that they aren't near as apt to say anything about me when they see a great looking female with me.  Unfortunately, years later my wife and I divorced.  I still go back to south beach on occasion by myself.  I still do wear a thong and one thing that struck me was that I get way more attention from women in a thong do I do wearing just shorts.  Maybe its just my good luck? On at least two occasions I have had women actually come up to me ask for "a light" and then end up laying their towels out next to me.  They also wear thongs so maybe they feel safe?  In any case I got picked up. As far as men in thongs women either absolutely love it or hate it no matter how good you may look.  There seems to be no middle ground.  I say "if you have a body you are truly proud of then wear a thong on south beach".  I am proud and have no inhibitions about thonging it.   
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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

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Basically it was a combination of curiosity and luck!
I've been curious about thongs and how they could feel but I had never tried them...
Until Jan 2012 when in a trip to Buenos Aires I visited a shop where they used to sell a brand of shirts I really like.
It turned out that the shop was completely on sale because it was going out of business and all the nice shirts were already sold, so I turned and walked to the front door...
I passed near a rack of hangers of Narciso (a local man underwear brand) and they were selling all the stock in groups of 4 items at a ridiculous low price. (I never tried the brand before because I considered it was too expensive)
So I found a couple of printed small briefs I liked, tried them and decided to buy them...
But I needed to buy 2 extra items!
After a lot of searching and having not found anything else, I saw the thongs...
I didn't like the printed ones, but I grabbed a black and a red one and I paid the purchase.
I thought that even if I didn't like and never wear them, the other 2 briefs would make worth the purchase...
The result? I love thongs after I tried them!
Oh! And I never wore the 2 printed briefs! LOL
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