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Sybok #201

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/20/2013 02:40:11Copy HTML

 It all started out of a conversation I was having with a friend of mine. We started talking about underwear styles and I mentioned I wore tightie whities at the time. She started laughing until I asked her "well what do you wear then?". Then she said "thongs 95% of the time." Eventually the conversation boiled down to men wearing them and she dared me to try them guaranteeing me that I'd be walking with a smile on my face wherever I'd go. So I got a pack of Joe Boxer thongs for $9, and the rest is history. Thinking back on what she said, 6 years ago, she was right. I can't wear anything else anymore. 
mrmartini1999 #202

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/20/2013 04:44:32Copy HTML

 I had started wearing bikini briefs as a teen then discovered thongs. Gave them a try and just loved the look, feel, and support. I ditched the rest and stayed with thongs. About 10 yrs ago I started using an insulin pump for my diabetes. Basically it's like a small portable IV that gives me insulin 24x7. It's connected to the side of my upper thigh. As it turns out wearing thongs has been perfect because thongs don't have the extra fabric and bulk that could interfere with where my pump is connected to my thigh. 
gsj #203

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/20/2013 05:46:01Copy HTML

With me it has been gradual evolution. At school we had 4" tie sided lace up swim briefs that at the time seemed very "itsy". I have never been a swim shorts wearer. I recall I got my first HOM string bikini over 30 years ago. It seemed very daring at the time though by my standards today it had a full back & ample pouch. These days as long as back & front have minimal cover I consider it mainstream wear suitable for any occasion. I have long since stopped being concerned about what others may think - that's their problem!
Grabeach #204

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/20/2013 10:55:42Copy HTML

This is testing the memory. I'm surprised I hadn't answered this thread before.

As an early to mid teen and not that into water sports, I wore what my mum bought me. Probably best described as short legged boardshorts. When I obtained my driver's licence, Sydney's Eastern Suburbs surfing beaches seemed a good place to go. I became hooked on bodysurfing. The old shorts were a drag (literally) so I bought some Speedos. In these pre-thong times, some of the girls were rolling their bikini bottoms down, showing a few inches of bum crack. A fewer number of guys were doing the same with their Speedos. I followed suit. As tends to happen in these situations, eventually a few of us rolled them down so far they were on the top of our thighs.

At about this time I also frequented a small almost private harbour beach not far from where I worked. I recall being encouraged to wear one by an older g-string wearing beach buddy. She gave me the address of a guy who made g's for both female and male strippers. She never said, but I suspect she was a stripper herself. This technically would have been the first time I wore a g-string, though one could hardly call it in public.

Back to the coastal beaches, and the first thong like bottoms appeared on South Bondi. They too were pure g-strings. These women already had all over back tans, so a more conservative thong would have been a step backwards. As I had always found it a bit annoying continually repositioning my Speedos to avoid what would be rather strange tan lines, and as I now had one, a g-string seemed the obvious way to go. I could possibly have been the first guy in Sydney to wear one on a popular beach.
JM_Runs #205

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/21/2013 01:12:50Copy HTML

 When I was around 7 or 8 I remember seeing my first Tarzan movie. The Loincloth on Tarzan and on the younger boy got me excited. Then I saw some westerns with Indians in loincloths and I knew I wanted to wear one. When I  was 12 yrs old I joined the boy scouts. They had the order of the Arrow. Some of the older guys dressed as Indians in Loincloths one night for an award ceremony . One guy had a fantastic body and wore just a g-string with very small leather flaps in the from and back instead of the traditional one long cloth like the other guys were wearing. The wind was blowing that night and his bare ass was exposed the entire time. Many of our dads were there. He was very confident and comfortable being almost nude in front of everyone. Still to this day I compare men's asses against his perfect ass. He became my instant hero.That summer I was coming back from the beach with friends and the police had pulled over a young man of college age. He was wearing a loincloth. Then in high school, my Art teacher wore one at a city event. I wanted one so bad at that time.Did I mention my dad was into body building, and had many of the old small magazines with guys in posing straps and g-strings.One night I was watching PM magazine. They featured a new trend of men and women wearing thongs. They showed a really hot male model wearing a thong- showing both the front and back. It was then I decided I was going to buy a thong. It was another 5 years before I saw one.Before the internet.  I purchased 2 right away.The first time I wore one my heart was pounding so hard that I thought I would die, but I was in heaven. I gradually started wearing thongs at the lake where anyone could see me. I have rarely worn anything more since that day. I have worn g-strings on occasion, but usually revert to my JS thongs. Over the years I have purchased around 40 thongs and 25 g-strings.When I lived in Israel, I wore thongs and g-strings on the beaches of Tel Aviv and Ashdod 3 or 4 times a week for almost 3 years, walking the lengths of the beaches without any problem. When I returned, I wore my thongs to the apt pool, the manager and her staff, all women, would take breaks and would watch me. 

mrever_ready #206

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/21/2013 06:35:33Copy HTML

This certainly tests my memory as well, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Many, and I mean many years ago whenever I went to the beach, I would wear a red speedo.   I still remember it, it had about a 2 inch white strip at each side, with the front and back in red.    Pretty provocative, I thought.    Especially when it got wet !    Then I thought about one of my favorite pair of underwear and wanted to try that at the beach.    It was black, quite sheer and had half inch sides.    I wore that for a year or two, then somehow noticed that thongs sure looked good on guys.   I can't remember where I saw those images, probably porn, lol.    Or a male strip joint that my wife and I went to.    And so I ordered a thong from a men's exercise magazine, I remember the company was from Atlanta, Georgia.    Remember, this is definitely before the age of the internet.    So I went to the bank, got a US $ bank draft, mailed it to the company and anxiously waited and waited and waited.   Finally it arrived and from that moment I was hooked on thongs.   

Now ... why do I enjoy wearing thongs ?    I guess first and foremost, it satisfies my exhibitionist tendencies.    I'm genetically lucky, I've got the butt to wear a thong, so I know I look good wearing a thong.    Not trying to sound full of myself.   I also seem to choose the opposite of normal.   In that, I mean that I smoke, I'm bi and enjoy showing off.    I'm definitely not saying I've chosen correctly in society's eyes, but for myself, I'm happy.    As I'm aging, I am finding that happiness is a pretty big deal.    Life is way too short to live it according to other's standards.    I just wish more people would be as understanding and accepting as I try to be.   

So to sum it up, I'm a thong-wearing, bisexual smoker ....  Merry Christmas to all ! 
itanng #207

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/22/2013 01:08:24Copy HTML

When I was in college in the mid-70s, I looked out my dorm room one day onto a volleyball court at a frat house and a guy was wearing a thong (I believe it was called something else, some gimmick that had been introduced).  And I thought, I'd like to wear one of those.

Still into my mid-40s, I still didn't have a tan.  I decided to "do it" and to "do it right".  So, I purchased a Speedo® brand suit and started going to a lake near where I worked in Arkansas.

About a year later, I found myself at a different job, and now the nearby lake was in Texas.  About my second visit to the beach, I saw another guy wearing a thong.  I asked him about it, he said he wore one all the time.  I checked with the authorities and found that thongs were legal there, even g-strings.  So, I switched!

Now, I won't plan a vacation unless it's to a location where thongs and g-strings are legal.

I like the g-string because I can move around the string and work an (almost) all-over tan the same day in the same suit.
leo40 #208

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/22/2013 02:15:15Copy HTML

I have always wanted to have at least one of the scantiest thing on the market and to wear it wherever possible, even if that isn't a public beach.   So what began as Speedo suits and quickly descended to thongs and then G-strings, has now gone on to Dore's missiles, baggies, and no-ballroom suits, Good Devil things comprised only of thin pieces of string, and finally Tangaland's shaft jewelry.  The first is the least coverage allowed at my lap-swimming pool, and the last I always wear at my nudist club.  Very occasional kid remarks about my (one inch) Speedo are met with "Michael Phelps disguise --- trick or treat" and compliments on my shaft ring get the story of how my first one sent from Germany was miss-delivered to the IRS --- who kept it.  My other things get occasional wear on privately owned boats.
ioannis #209

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/22/2013 05:15:26Copy HTML

  Hallo, the previus days i read bbyrne78 blog --- i recomend you all to have a look at her blog, it is a very good one with beautiful thoughts and experiences- a lot of posts in here and around the intrnet and , of course, the threat here under the title " What make you start thonging". In all these posts, there was something common. the big and important role of women -gf/wifes- for men , especially those who start thonging. the big big majority of them , say that they start thonging after wife or gf bought them some thongs underwear or swimwear or encouraged them to try thongs or even dare them to try.if you read the customer reviews of man thongs customer , you will realise that this influence is even bigger and the most common theme.
   as from myself, yes my then gf-wife-ex wife ( yes all three together), was a very strong factor for me not to start thonging exactly but to keep thonging and to accept more easily my underwear-swimwear choice. even now, my new gf, is the factor that makes feel absolutely comfortable , cool and secure about my choice. thats way i feel so cool, as you probably read in another post of mine, wearing my thong in front of unknown people at the gym or anywhere else.
   so i want to ask if you agree with my thoughts and say your own experience of how your then or present gf/wife, got you into thonging, or the ways she encouraged your choice against social stigma and all things that we are talking here from time to time.
   for me is importand to change the attitude of women opposite men who are wearing thongs. because they aprroval or dare acting a very importand role for social acceptance of men wearing thongs, or even among men themselves.
  it will be very intresting to tell us the dialogues or the situation with your other half that got you into thonging or to give them a try.the way that she dare/propose/encourages this choice. i think that it will have "fun" for all to read that kind of " stories".
   and of course, if there are any responces, i will tell my "stories"
Timalbert #210

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/23/2013 08:39:32Copy HTML

 For me, it was my girlfriend at the time who bought a thong for me. Actually, just for the fun of it. Maybe because I liked her to see in thongs, she bought one for me. And, I loved it so much. Such a great feeling. I was so happy as well, that my girlfriend was happy with it. So, quickly I bought a few more and probably got some how addicted to them.When my gf and split up, my new girlfriend has to get used it. Actually did not like it in the beginning. I just started to wear them sometimes while doing sports. She accepted that. Soon after, she started to like it. I am wearing them all the time now... :-) 
nicksthong #211

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/24/2013 08:04:16Copy HTML

The problem with really old threads is that I am never sure anymore whether I have contributed to them yet...I think the the thing that made me start thonging is the same thing that makes me reach for a thong every morning.  As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to wear thongs.  I actually remember being a kid, and learning about thongs, and thinking that thats what I always wanted.  From an early age, I was fascinated with skimpy underwear.  My dad had always worn skimpy briefs, and as kids, my mom would buy us (my brother and I) jockey bikinis along with our briefs.  Every now and then I would talk her into buying some that were nylon, or that were in wild colors and prints.  I would have to say though, that that has never changed, I am still constantly on the look out for new exciting underwear, and I imagine I always will be. 
stanpuppy #212

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/25/2013 01:52:30Copy HTML

 When I was in high school in the 1970's, colored bikini briefs were all the rage. Almost everybody wore them.  In our wrestling team locker room, almost every guy on the team wore colored bikinis, and those that played football said all the football guys wore them as well.  When you start out from such a skimpy base, moving on to a thong was not that big of a stretch.  By the time I got to college, girls were starting to wear thong underwear pretty regularly.  It was a natural evolution for me...most probably based on the timing
bmicro #213

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/25/2013 08:45:56Copy HTML

Similar story. When I was growing up, men wore bikinis at the beach regularly. My father wore one and so did I. When on the HS swim team, we didn't have the new style suits made out of super slick cloth, so we believed that the less cloth that we wore, the faster we could go. We all tried to find the smallest suit that we would be permitted to wear. I guess that this attitude has stuck with me over the years. I have never worn board shorts at any time except when surfing.
skerbeach64 #214

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/25/2013 09:55:00Copy HTML

 Whilst in later years at school and following peer pressure changed from large baggy swimwear to a Speedo style brief with 4” sides. Didn’t swim but wore these under my running shorts for cross country running and training. Training runs in the summer often led to a swimming hole and the speedo was put to use then to cool off in the shallow water.

Early 70’s and I found a mail order company supplying the more "exotic trade" and purchased a range of cotton briefs with ¼ inch sides and low front, ¾ back. Wore these to sunbathe when at our holiday home in west Wales. Still wearing cotton briefs as underwear but these at least were a bikini style. Realised that I wanted to wear something a little briefer and get a better tan.

Mid 70’s found a local store stocking Jockey Skants, purchased a range of different colours and wore these as both underwear and to sunbathe in discrete locations.

Late 70’s local major department store sold nylon mixture tangas. These tangas were stretchy nylon but did have an inner liner to the low front with a full rear. These I wore on a few occasions to the beach both at home and abroad.

1980 – Married and spent summers holidays in Europe wearing the tangas, also purchased several brief tangas, small pouches and a half back style popular at the time from beachside stores in Mallorca, persuaded my wife to wear string sided bikinis as most of the younger women wore these, many were topless. Bought matching tangas for me and bikinis for her. Wife would not go topless at this stage, more gentle persuasion needed!

Mid 80’s - The same local store sold the first thongs I had seen, cotton with a front seam, low pouch and half inch sides, I bought several and started to wear thongs as underwear, my wife approved and though I didn’t wear them to the beach this was a move closer.

Early 90’s - With the introduction of a computer into our home and once the Internet became more available I found Kiniki and bought many briefs, thongs and g-strings.Late 90’s and started wearing thongs to the beach, not to the very popular local beach but to those beach locations with a degree of seclusion.

Whilst sunning on my favourite secluded beach I noticed a few individual walkers passing, some of whom were nude and, being curious I walked further along the beach and located the naturist section. Realised then that this particular beach had a reputation locally for naturism, and since the turn of the millennium I’ve also been a naturist.

I wear my thong when necessary at the beach but if the situation allows then it‘s nude. My wife didn’t always accompany me as with advancing years she had developed more interest in shopping! On a few occasions though she would join me on my ventures into naturism at this secluded beach and if the situation appeared suitable she would wear a brief bikini, and sometimes go topless. After a few visits she became more at ease and would even change into a g-string, but never nude.
sxmthonger #215

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/26/2013 07:32:29Copy HTML

As I've shared in other threads, I became very intrigued by minimal male swimwear and underwear in my early teens.  Coming of age in the late 80s and early 90s, lots of guys wore bikini underwear.  I was a short, chubby, late bloomer, but I so wanted to be one of those mature, muscular guys in the tiny underwear, instead of the tighty whities my mom bought me and that my dad had always worn.  As I got a bit older and lost weight, I bought my first bikini underwear, and the fascination grew to more exotic items as I discovered the International Male catalog.  I bought my first thong underwear in college, those terribly uncomfortable Brut thongs sold at discount stores at the time, and wore my first thong swimwear (Joe Snyder) in Cancun in the late 90s.  I've been a fanatic ever since.
DesertThong #216

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/26/2013 07:41:44Copy HTML

 I liked being nude and this was a way to be almost there, but still be able to tan in (some) public places.
JM_Runs #217

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/20/2014 06:22:14Copy HTML

not sure when I started my love for thongs but I think my love for thong bodysuits came when Linda Kozlowski wore that black thong bodysuit in Crocodile Dundee. loved them from there on in. Now wear women's thong bodysuits from Skinzwear and Wicked temptations.
johny_b #218

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/23/2014 02:09:11Copy HTML

i started at 15, i was getting tired on boxers and brief cuz i was constantly pulling them out of my bum, id take 3 steps and have to pick, then my sister told me about thongs, my mom let her wear them when she was 10, my sister was telling me how much better it is when you don't have to pick. so i asked if i could try one of hers to see how it felt while walking. i noticed that within 3 steps, they didn't move cuz they were already up there.
lets just say that day 20 years ago changed everthing for my underwear and bathing suit style, to this day i thank my sis and we go thonging together at the beach sometimes.
johny_b #219

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/23/2014 02:16:31Copy HTML

i started at 15, i was getting tired on boxers and brief cuz i was constantly pulling them out of my bum, id take 3 steps and have to pick, then my sister told me about thongs, my mom let her wear them when she was 10, my sister was telling me how much better it is when you don't have to pick. so i asked if i could try one of hers to see how it felt while walking. i noticed that within 3 steps, they didn't move cuz they were already up there.
lets just say that day 20 years ago changed everthing for my underwear and bathing suit style, to this day i thank my sis and we go thonging together at the beach sometimes.
JM_Runs #220

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/23/2014 03:26:18Copy HTML

 I started because I saw other males wearing them at the beach an I liked the way they looked in them
DoreFan #221

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/23/2014 07:57:14Copy HTML

@johny_b: Nice that you have such a cool sister! 
a_lex #222

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/18/2014 12:38:02Copy HTML

It's quite a long story, but hey, we're here to read about thongs, right?

I'm a 26 year old European male, and I've long been fascinated by thong wearing. I clearly remember manufacturing my own thongs and g-strings in high school. It's always been a very private thing, though, because I didn't want my parents (and then my roommates) to discover this interest of mine.I was lucky to have a friend of mine donating a couple of her plain white and black thongs to me. She wasn't supportive of me wearing them "normally" (I tried to bring it up into conversation), but she thought it funny to make me wear them due to a lost bet. As you can imagine, I was hooked on wearing those two little pieces of underwear, so I kept them and even wore them from time to time. Somehow, I never had the nerve to buy my own. I live in Italy at the moment, and it's not common for men to wear thongs or strings here (but you see lots of speedos at the beach, even if the younger generations seem to favour dork shorts).

A couple of summers ago my then-girlfriend convinced me to get a "preliminary tan" on a sunbed before going on vacation to decrease the risk of sunburn (my skin isn't that pale, but I didn't get a decent tan for a long time). She told me she didn't like these big tanlines I was getting at the tanning salon. I didn't like them either, so first I turned my briefs into thongs by rolling them up, then even bought my first man thong. A cheap one from cheap manufacturer, still it was my first one. My then-girlfriend didn't really like it, but I loved wearing it. Truth be told, I was just sort of "waiting" for an excuse to wear thongs. At the same time, I started wearing speedos at the beach. Quite a change, and a welcome one. Oh, and I still have a trace of thong tanlines from the sunbed.

Since then, I split up with that girl. Now the "unbelievable" part: my current girlfriend is as much into thongs as I am, and she actively encourages me to wear them. She even got me some Olaf Benz thongs, which have since become my favourite brand of thong underwear. They're not cheap, and they're really well made. We plan to thong together on a beach this summer. It's great, really. I feel, well, more free to be myself: sometimes I think it says a lot about us, you know. Some of us don't like it: some of us would prefer to have the will and determination to always be themselves regardless of other people. In the end though, I think that the presence of the Other can make us discover things about ourselves we wouldn't have been able to reach on our own in the first place.

And that's more or less everything for now. I'm wearing thongs more and more at the moment, as much as I can. And I'm positively looking for a thong swimsuit right now...  :D
JM_Runs #223

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:02/18/2014 02:14:11Copy HTML

 I consider my self lucky growing up in the 1980's which were the early days of thonging, I started wearing thongs at 18 with the request of a girlfriend at the time, who wanted to wear one but didn't want to be the only one.  So my first thong, actually G-string experience was on Pensacola beach Florida in May, before the high summer crowd, but a good size crowd.
RapidBlue #224

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/04/2014 01:03:00Copy HTML

 I grew up on one of the Great Lakes beaches. I never liked the swim shorts that everyone was wearing. I would find the smallest suit I could. It started with the standard Speedo when I was a teen. I didn't know anything about thongs until I was 20, then it was for women only. I thought they was sexy as hell. I wondered why there were no men thongs. Two years later I found thongs for men. I wasn't ready to wear one on a Great Lakes beach. I had enough negative comments in my small bikini style suits. Then I went to South Beach and saw other men wearing thongs. That gave me the courage to wear one while there. I progressed to wearing one more and more on beaches around the country. I began wearing thongs as underwear daily by the time I was 25. It took a few more years to wear thongs on the beaches of the Great Lakes. I still am very cautious when I am on one of the Great Lakes, but in Miami or the Tropics I am very comfortable.
jglgmp #225

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/23/2014 07:59:47Copy HTML

I first began in the middle 1980s when my then girlfriend lived in a condo with a private patio. I began wearing one of her tie side thong bikini bottoms with her approval and it was she who found a mens thong for me while we were on vacation in Key West. I had no reservations about wearing it whenever and wherever possible including in front of her sisters. The more I wore it the more I disliked any other suit. The problem was that then it was before the internet and before it was easy to find thongs for men. 
My first wife fell into the category of many women of disapproval........SAD. My new wife wears them herself both as undergarments and on the beach, on our boat and by the pool..... when allowable and appropriate. She also not only supports and approves of me wearing them but has "ditched" all my traditional underware and challenges me to find smaller and smaller swimwear. Thongs to us are a way of life. 
Their is absolutely an incredible feeling of walking down a beach wearing next to nothing. As good or better than naked, which we enjoy as well. 
Baphomet1003 #226

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/26/2014 03:27:25Copy HTML

 Late teen years when I practiced Tae Kwon Do. The instructor suggested, every after training, to wear something loose, no jeans, and if possible no underwear so then I started to order several thongs, the one that has about 1 inch waistband and the back is about 1/2 inch. The material I think it was sometimes called dry-fit? It came to the point when I wear it even during training even though the pants can be sometimes see-thru, the upper garment is long enough to cover the butt. Besides practicing the splits wearing a thong, I easily became comfortable and my then girlfriend, also a practitioner, thought I should wear them more often which is weird considering our culture. From there I shift to g-strings with those really thin strings around and under. Luckily, the new girlfriend, now my wife, seem to be "proud" that I wear those (again, weird in our culture).
thongboyuk #227

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/29/2014 03:33:16Copy HTML

 I have my dad to thank for my love of thongs. He'd been trying to spark my interest for a while during my teens, but when he got me one for my 15th birthday that's what changed it all. Love them!
ioannis #228

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/29/2014 06:02:46Copy HTML

   As I have said already you are a lucky boy ! in which ways he tried to spark your interest? I believe that your experience will be very helpful to all future dads of this forum. And, of course, how have you reacted in those dad's efforts?
thongboyuk #229

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/30/2014 01:13:51Copy HTML

 He just kept trying to persuade me that they were so much better than boxers and briefs, looks and feel, and that if I ever wanted to try his to see what they are like I could. Although I was used to seeing his thongs every day, I wasn't sure for a while, but when he got me the thong for my 15th, I couldn't believe what I had been missing. If there are other dads on here then I would def recommend encouraging your sons to follow your footsteps into the thong world!
Eyowell1968 #230

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:05/24/2014 01:40:05Copy HTML

I've always interested in thonging since I was 4 years old I think, the moment I saw for the first time a picture of a woman in a thong. Since then every picture of a woman in thong calls my attention, in media almost the only images of a man in a thong is that of a caveman or an indian in loinclothes. In fact I've always wondered why only women had the right to wear thongs in public and what did they feel. Almost since I could find them I began to use them as underwear. I also bought a couple of swimwear thongs, not having the idea that they could be worn in public. In my country the most daring attire a man could use is a speedo (we call it "sunga"), and of course I wore them. When I bought my new home it came with a very secluded pool and my gf of that time was very open to see me wearing my thongs; since then I have my beloved tan lines. Anyway, the last step is still waiting for me: a public thonging, but that... will be another story.
a_lex #231

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/10/2014 08:59:26Copy HTML

On my first post here (about two summers ago), I described how I'd like to wear a thong swimsuit at the beach. This summer, I actually did it!
A couple of things have changed. The most important one is that my current partner is way, way more openminded than my girlfriend at that time. I won't write much about her, I'd end up writing all kinds of compliments, let's just say she's marvelous and that we share actually all of our "adult" interests. Anyway, I don't think wearing thongs to the beach is related to sex; thongs are just a kind of underwear / swimsuit, but you know... I think there's a correlation. If someone is more open minded about sex, then s/he is more likely to be open minded about wearing thongs at the beach too. Not saying it's always true, mind you.
Back to our story. Not long after knowing each other, my gf discovered I wear thong underwear. She was enthusiastic about it; since that time, she's always insisted I wear thongs only as underwear, we both love it. And, we also discussed wearing them at the beach. I was used to wearing speedo / briefs at the beach; she used to wear skimpy brazilian bikinis, sort of halfway between regular bottoms and thongs.In the end, we decided we'd start thonging together at the beach this summer. I was excited as hell! We both started by "thonging up" our swimsuits when sunbathing - tucking them and folding them so they look like thongs. My gf went topless as well. In the meantime, we looked for swimsuits to buy. We had to settle for online stores, as you can imagine. The swim thongs I ordered are just perfect! They're Abel from Halcyon Blue. I published a couple of pictures. Incredibly comfortable and even a bit skimpier than I thought, but perfect. My favourite swimsuits ever. My gf was a little less lucky; she's between sizes, so she has a hard time finding a perfect fit. But what matters most is that we started wearing thongs at the beach.
 The first times felt just incredible. It still does, but now we're getting addicted. Thonging and topless is our way to enjoy the beach now.The first times I was sort of apprehensive that I might meet someone I know. My hometown isn't that big. But now I'm starting to care less and less about it. It feels so liberating! We have sort of found our perfect spot on our favourite beach, we get there early and enjoy the sun and sea. We got a few curious gazes and stares (which we maybe like), but no problems so far. Yesterday we were surrounded by families, but hey, what can we do? We got there first. We're not going to cover up. And actually, since we behave like we normally do on the beach (sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, chatting, reading...) I think most people end up not paying much attention to what we wear . A couple of times people ended up chatting with us; a group of old people who shared their food with us, a couple who brought their dog for the first time at the beach and so on.
In the end, thonging at the beach is really becoming part of me. I still have to get used to it to do it everywhere all the time; I don't do it in front of all of my friends, or of my family. But when I can't do it I really miss it. Even a brief type swimsuit feels too much fabric now. And to all the curious people who want to try thonging: I was in the same situation. Do it, it's great!
32189 #232

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/10/2014 03:45:46Copy HTML

I started wearing thongs when I was a teenager because I thought they were sexy.  I did not know anybody that wore thongs at that time.  I went to the beach a lot as a kid and I do not recall seeing any thong wearers nor can I actually remember any women in swimsuits.  Apparently I just did not pay attention to that sort of thing as a child.  So I liked the way thongs made me feel and so I started to wear them more.  Now as an adult I do not perceive my thong wearing as anything sexual.  I do it because there is a little exhibitionist in me and I like the feeling of the warm sun on my buns.  I also like the tan lines or lack thereof.  
navythong #233

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/10/2014 04:15:13Copy HTML

Nice story a_lex!
I think that's what every thonger would like; a partner who is also into thonging.
I'm quite jealous! Have fun at the beach in your thong.
pikeman #234

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/11/2014 05:42:46Copy HTML

 As some other posts mentioned, I also enjoy the beach nude. I had a wonderful "coming of age" in northern California during the late 60's and the tribe I ran with were all hippies. So any time spent at the beach was always nude. It came to be an experience that I treasure. As I matured I came to accept nudism as part of a larger spiritual relationship with the natural world. And despite the delightful "excesses of youth", sex plays little to do with nudity now.For me, wearing a thong is a distinctly different experience despite being so close to nude. It's sensual when I run - I have one that I'd compare to a "whisper" as far as comfort is concerned. And if I am on a beach it's sexual in that there is a bit of me that is still private, but I am willing to share the rest. It's sort of silly in that what is covered is hardly unknown, yet still forbidden. The first time I wore one it got me hard real quick! It took a while to be able to wear one and remain "calm".
If you are into wearing clothes, think a thong is the ultimate garment. It preserves the minimum of modesty and allows the maximum exposure and sexuality.
mack_back #235

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/11/2014 09:46:23Copy HTML

Memories are only what you make of them. Sometimes documenting them can br painful for me to watch. Like the movie The Hangover i could do some regretable stuff. Something benign of a simple photograph in my thong recently has me infected with self loathing on my appearance. Someway or somehow just looking at myself in a photo unnerves me. Self doubting my thonging and nudist experiences. All the laughter,  snikering comments of me in a thong is justified and who could blame them not to react to my horrifying body. How could i be so clueless that i'm hardly anything special as i once convinced myself being.

Ever hear actors or actresses going on saying, they can't watch themselves on the big screen horrified about it. So to i can't look at myself from photos taken of me in a thong on the beach. While others taking the pictures compliment me and believe the opposite to me. I used to be a guy who kissed himself on my biceps looking in the mirror going to sleep. While seeing myself in a picture i sutter winching ashamed to look. Indeed i need to see a shrink, or keep my head under a rock for time, whatever is cheaper.
Can now totally relate with people going overboard with cosmetic surgery procedures or extreme body tattoos and piercings. We hate our bodies and never satisfied for what we have. We want to manipulate, morf it to whats not in unrealistic ways. 
JM_Runs #236

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/12/2014 01:01:50Copy HTML

As far back as I can remember, I've been sexually aware and my interest in minimal swimwear and lingerie has been part of that awareness.  When I was a teenager I saw a guy wearing a thong in a porn (ahh, the 80's) and that's where my quest to find one began. Fortunately, Victoria's Secret actually sold mens items back then.  So it was only a matter of a (nerve wracking) trip to the mall.
The second I slipped that black silk thong on, I was hooked for life!
seohioguy #237

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/12/2014 07:39:20Copy HTML

 I have worn thong underwear ever since I was a freshman in high school, mainly for comfort. In my early twenty's I went to the beach in a bikini only a couple of times. After a dry spell of 10+years sunbathing I purchased a new bikini, a rio, and a couple of thongs (rio and thongs were for the purpose of underwear). I sunbathed  a couple of times in the bikini, then one day while laying on the beach I rolled the back up. Needless to say I enjoyed it; a lot! Afew days passed, I tried the rio but was conservative and wrapped the towel around my waist. Even wearing the bikini I was nervous, but almost scared in the thong.A month later I was more bold and walked to the beach (in the rio), and there were comments, and comments... all negative. The following mid week I went with the thong, and I still appreciate the comfort of it as swimwear/beachwear. One day last week I took the dog to the beach to swim (only for a few minutes) but I wore a thong then.
leo40 #238

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/15/2014 11:57:51Copy HTML

My first store-bought thong was a G-string from Frederick's of Hollywood long ago.  I had previously developed some ways to improvise what we now call the 'baggie' style, that can now be purchased from several makers, but under a confusing array of names.
JM_Runs #239

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/16/2014 03:37:25Copy HTML

Well after getting the courage I finally decided to join this forum and I am so glad I did, you guys are awesome.
I wanted to share my experiences into my personal introduction to thongs. It all began with curiously as all teenagers do and ended with 2 of my girly friends buying me one as a joke. I was always quite popular and apparently a certain charm to my character. Thongs became something of an oddity to me. Something which I wanted to try yet lacked the means of getting and also felt guilty for owning. On occasions I would ask my girly friends at school to get me on. And I ended up with a few via various means yet always ended chucking them away. And after a fall out with these friends it became so,ethnic that was a very odd side of me which I repressed (factor them being girls thongs too was quite against who I was).
Fast forward 3 years later and all was about to change chatting with a friend we decided to go thong shopping. And after 2 trips and £50 down the pan I have 4 pairs yet they will still didn't have that right feeling and so they were soon chucked away. And that's when I discovered the man thong which from there i never looked back. 
Thought out this period I was constantly trying to figure out why I wanted to wear thongs. Constantly trying to route the evil person within me that wanted this. It was only that I figured it that it was something that was a normal part of me and wasn't something odd. I guess as we'll it always felt better owning a proper man thong (which I actually wear for daily use) than these women thongs which in truth I only owned because it was that pr nothing (although I am glad these times have ended and with relative ease with having been bought most from these jokes)
I think there is a lack of information available. As teenagers and young adults we are expected to act a certain way and want certain things and it's only coming to a site like this that we realise that we aren't alone. 
Thank you all. !!!
chuckpond #240

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/27/2014 12:07:06Copy HTML

I started wearing thongs recently. I live in a tropical climate, so it gets really hot and I like to be as comfortable as possible. I went from boxers to briefs, but I wasn't satisfied. I searched for different underwear with optimal fabric for the conditions but found nothing. I was then watching orphan black and I saw one of the male characters wearing a thong and I thought "hmm." Afterwards I recalled that when I was younger and was into watching "wrestling", one of the wrestlers had his singlet pulled down and he was exposed in a thong, so I thought to myself, why not? so I searched and searched and based on some reviews on amazon, I purchased a JM Skinz thong. When it arrive I immediately took off my briefs off, and then put one leg in one hole and then the other leg in the other whole, lifted the thong up into place. I loved it it! It felt like wearing nothing at all. Just yesterday, I worked up enough courage to wear the thong as my choice underwear while going out to the movies with a friend, and I definitely was pleased. I would purchase more thongs soon. Sorry if my story was as enthralling as others.
JM_Runs #241

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/27/2014 02:56:08Copy HTML

 Chuckpond,just wait until you wear a thong to a public beach - you will never wear anything else.
sprockettooth #242

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/29/2014 05:13:24Copy HTML

I find that wearing a thong on a public beach is a joy because of the initial anxiety I feel from not knowing what reaction I'll receive.  This anxiety, makes me feel very aware and "in the moment."  Does anyone else on this board enjoy that uneasy feeling, or are all of you just way more confident then me?
The fact that so many of the Thongboard photos are selfies taken in a closed bathroom makes me feel that I'm part of a smaller crowd, in so far as I like to show off in public.  I find public thong wearing exciting both emotionally and sexually.  I hope that some of you feel the same.
tanlines2thin #243

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:08/29/2014 10:36:30Copy HTML

without question, going 98% dare-2-bare on a beach or at a pool is a total adrenaline trip that wraps the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your individuality in the simplest social statement that 99.9% of humanity denies to themselves.........the sexuality of going almost dare-2-bare for others to witness is a irresistible exhibitionist desire to display our unique physical & thoughtful identity........it's a little bit of telling society to go take a dive, but it is also more of simply being true with our own space on the planet...........when society looks honestly at itself, most of humanity has a handful of geniuses to thank for their gravy train ride.........consequently, society's attempt to outlaw, restrict, ridicule or mock how we express ourselves is unintelligible noise to me..........
JM_Runs #244

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:09/11/2014 01:24:03Copy HTML

I have enjoyed being a member of this board and reading different members stories and experiences of thonging. A lot of you wear your thongs proudly in public settings, which I think is great, but I think I will always exclusively be a thong underwear wearer. One way I can express myself is through my underwear choices. I have always enjoyed skimpy underwear for men. When I was younger my uncle lived with my family temporarily and he and I shared a room. I would see him in his underwear and he would wear bikini briefs and string bikinis and I thought he was so cool and I wanted to be like him and wore what he wore. In high school I wore boxers because that was the "in" thing to do but once I got to college I began to shop for myself and began trying different types of underwear to include boxer briefs, bikinis, string bikinis and eventually the men's thong. I really enjoyed wearing thongs but didn't do it so often of fear if anyone found out they would think I was weird because I was a straight guy who liked a string up my butt. But it's so much more than that, thongs are functional, they provide support, are minimal under clothes and they make me feel sexy. Being in my day to day life I work in a professional setting and one way I can express myself daily and make myself feel sexy (yes men want to feel sexy too) is through my underwear. I usually match my thong underwear with my shirt or tie. From the outside people would be surprised to know what's under my clothes. I don't thong exclusively yet but I'm getting close as I have worn a thong to work everyday this week and have been doing so for a few weeks now. Just curious do any of the other board members feel like I do or have a same thong journey as me? Have a great thong day!
arogers1031 #245

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:09/17/2014 03:00:19Copy HTML

 I too have always enjoyed somewhat skimpy underwear for men. I always wore briefs as a kid, so naturally I continued that into adulthood. My butt has always been on the larger side, so underwear that fit me in the waist was naturally somewhat skimpy on me and as I began to buy my own underwear as a adult I found that nicer underwear mostly ran small anyway.

I think I probably would haven ended up wearing thongs on my own, but the catalyst in my case was my first girlfriend. I always liked thongs and so I was always bugging her to wear one. She did some of the time, but it was always a struggle. One day she said something like "fine, I'm going to get you a thong and see how you like it." I said "sure", not expecting her to actually buy one. Well, she did so of course I had to wear it for her. I was actually somewhat neutral on the thong when I started wearing it (it was definitely different), but she LOVED it when I wore it so I began to do it semi-regularly. After a while it became the norm and I liked it a lot. The only issue was that the selection of men's thongs was pretty limited. We ended up breaking up, but she definitely got me started with thongs.

I don't wear thongs everyday as I'm still self conscious about it, but it's definitely fun when I do it.
JM_Runs #246

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/22/2014 05:11:52Copy HTML

 I'm proud of my body. It is ironically that you can show off your house, your car, your house, your iphone, your lover, but not your body, specially if you are a men.I wear a thong because I want to show my body. I know it is not perfect, there is a lot to improve. But I like how it looks and how it performs in sports.At the age of 52 I wear a thong in front of younger guys and still  I feel OK.
jazzyfay #247

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/23/2014 03:44:53Copy HTML

 I started wearing a thong because I was always after my wife to wear them, as both underwear and swimwear.  After getting a hot tub and always trying to get her to wear her Wicked Weasels and Malibu Strings, she would make remarks that she was going to make me wear a thong.  I laughed it off, but decided I'd buy one just for the hell of it and surprise her.  After getting my first one, a Cocksox swim thong, and the way she reacted, which was a mix of disbelief and intrigue, I began to enjoy it.  Before long, I got hooked and have tried all types of brands, and have been wearing them almost exclusively for a few weeks.  Even climbing a mountain in New Hampshire, it felt much better, as I didn't have to deal with the chafing from normal boxers. No one except the wife knows, and I haven't thonged in public, but it does add a little something.  Now instead of me just asking which ones she's got on, its her that is just as intrigued.
thonglife #248

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/26/2014 04:12:39Copy HTML

Over the years, I've graduated to wearing smaller and smaller swimwear at the beach and pool. 10 years ago, I was content to wear short running shorts for tanning and swimming. I then started wearing traditional Speedos to expose more leg but keep my buns and package covered. I eventually moved onto briefer men's bikini style suits thinking there was no way I could publicly wear any less. A new girlfriend, now my wife, then suggested she would wear a thong bikini and go topless for me if I would wear a thong bikini as well. So on our first vacation to Miami Beach, I wore a couple thongs I had bought prior. I wasn't hooked yet but I enjoyed the increased exposure. As the summers passed, I was buying more and more swimwear, often thongs and even a couple g-strings. Over the past 3 years, I've become the fittest of my life and more confident in my body. With that, I wear tinier workout gear and g-string or thong swimwear with bulge enhancement designs, that are sometimes sheer. I love the feeling of being almost nude in public and showing off my body. I've considered even sexier suits for the future that reveal my shaft and head however I don't think I can wear them publicly. My wife wears sheer g-strings that show her lips though so maybe I just will!.
Sharon73 #249

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:10/28/2014 11:44:00Copy HTML

 I wear a thong to show off my body on the beach. I love it when guys look at my ass.  I wear a thong other times as I want to feel sexy
thongexpert #250

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/01/2014 12:28:53Copy HTML

Pure and simple, thongs are just sexy, and leaves a nice mark after sunning.  Wearing boardshorts is almost the same as wearing pants to swim in, feels terrible.  Yes, it feels great to show off and have people look at your body and buns.
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