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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/04/2014 01:19:26Copy HTML

 Thongexpert I like your answer.  It is short and concise; to the point.  I can relate with you about showing off body and buns.  
Happy_Thonger #252

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:11/04/2014 10:12:47Copy HTML

Working a a model (fashion) it was required. I also had a hot girlfriend who really dug them and thought they were sexy, kinky and therefore desirable. I didnt need much more of a prompt than that! is was SOLD from the start... lol ;-)Since then most girlfriends have dug them. Some haven't but they didn't last, probably for a bunch of reasons. And now my wife is 100% supportive and cool with them. She thinks they are sexy and supports me being 100% me. Thongs are just one of the things that go into that mix.
Darkgroove #253

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:05/14/2015 05:06:21Copy HTML

 was dating a lady from Chili and she have told me that I should go minimal and wear a tiny bikini. After that,  I have try a little tong and since this day,  I only wear the skimpiest swimsuit.  I feel powerful,  masculine and so sexy in microswimsuits.  Love the feeling of a tiny suit, love the look in it.
sailor250 #254

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:06/13/2016 11:49:57Copy HTML

 Here's a news story about Khloe K's first thong!! http://www.etonline.com/news/189622_khloe_kardashian_reveals_the_bizarre_way_she_got_her_first_thong_at_age_13/
yipkya62 #255

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:12/14/2016 06:34:54Copy HTML

 I've been coming to this site for several years and have read a lot of posts. I've only made one contribution a few years back about how I preferred being naked but wore a thong just to cover the parts of me I didn't want to burn. Until today I haven't had a whole lot to say until I found this thread and wow, I've got stories going back to being 12 or 13.

From that age I remember always liking how it felt to be naked and outside. It was also about this time I started getting an interest in girls and their bodies. I used to fantasize about how it must feel to have a female body that was developing into a young woman. My brain, being as it is, had no problem experiencing what they felt. When I was around girls that were wearing bikinis I always felt jealous that they could get away with wearing so little. So it was about this time that I started having an interest in minimal underwear and swimwear.

There wasn't much I could do about it except rolling down the old jockeys. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's in the 70's that I could actually buy a bikini, mostly underwear but it doubled as swimwear. I recall ordering things from catalogues through the mail, that were a little more exotic. The way they felt was fantastic. The backs were mostly full coverage but the front held my package in place and I remember thinking that this is kinda like what a girl must feel with her breasts in a bikini top, feeling the slight bounce and wiggle while walking. When wet just intensifies the sensation.

With the development of the internet I can now get just about anything I want and have settled on Skins adjustable G-string. Now, most of my free time I spend wearing little more than a G-string and a T-shirt cut off at belly button level. I live in a pretty secluded area so I can spend time on most any part of my property dressed this way and In the summer I stay wet most of the day.

Now that I don't have to work anymore I'm planning on a trip where I can continue my lifestyle but in a more public way. Visiting nudist resorts, beaches or anywhere that it's ok to be naked or wear a thong. I'll always keep in mind that i feel like a 17 year old girl feels inside when she is wearing something that reveals most of her body for the world to see without shame. Enjoying all the delights of being alive and feeling all the sensations our bodies let us feel. It doesn't matter what we might look like, it's all in the mind. Stay 17 for as long as your mind will let you.
athletehot #256

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:01/09/2017 10:34:04Copy HTML

 I was returning from an isolated beach with 2 friends, and as I was walking in 1st position, seeing my butt in my speedo, they suggested me to wear a thong.Then, I spent some time to find a brand providing nice cut, perfect fit and bright colors.I finally discovered Andreas Cahling thongs, perfect for the beach, best look and feel. 
Da6772 #257

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:09/28/2018 04:56:54Copy HTML

This will be somewhat lengthy:

I didn't find out about thongs until 1991, when I saw two teen-aged girls wearing them. They were the wildest suits I had ever seen. (That beach has a mainly conservative crowd which explains why it took so long to see someone wearing a thong.) I saw a few more young women wearing them, specifically one young lady whose lounge chair I had laid next to when she was away from it. I was quite happy to see what she was wearing when she returned!

The next weekend I saw a young lady who was wearing a similar suit and recognized her. So I walked over and I asked her if she had a green/blue suit like the one she was wearing. She said yes. I asked her where she got her suits. She said she bought them in Florida. So, I got to thinking that maybe there were thongs for men somewhere.

I only had a few options, mainly the Frederick's of Hollywood store at the mall. At Frederick's of Hollywood I bought a nice bikini type of underwear/swimsuit that was black with a very narrow red stripe down the front. A couple of thirty-something women from the jewelry store saw me sitting with the Frederick's bag and asked if they could see what I had bought. I showed them and they thought it looked good, so I didn't feel awkward about wearing the suit later at the beach.

The next year I finally bought a thong from Frederick's, but wasn't sure if I could wear it at the beach because I couldn't get a straight answer from the lifeguard as to the legality (despite the fact that they paid no attention to the women who were wearing them).

The next spring I tried the thongs in a tanning bed and couldn't believe how great the tan lines looked. They were THE perfect tan lines to me because they followed the natural lines of my body. That May, I took a guy from work to show him around Cleveland. He was in a punk rock band in San Francisco and liked all kinds of music. We ended up at Edgewater Park and just talked about music for a while. I was surprised at how big the beach was and though I should check it out once summer arrived.

I went the first time on a Saturday and saw several women sunbathing in thongs. One lady was face-down and the ranger was parked by the concession stand, about 50 feet away. I wondered if he would notice her and tell her she couldn't wear that suit. Five minutes became 15 and the ranger hadn't moved from his car. I decided to wear a thong there the next day.

I got there after church and found a fairly empty space in which to lay out. I was nervous. If anyone within 100 feet of me was approaching, I waited until they passed before removing the shorts. Finally I did it and was amazed that I had nerve endings in the back. I could even feel the changing intensity of the sun's rays as very thin clouds barely weakened the sun's rays. Plus, the lightest breeze could be felt, even if my arms or neck didn't notice it. I must have gotten used to it because the next time I just set down my towels and other stuff, took off my socks and shoes and clothes and started reading my car magazine. Fifteen minutes later, I realized I hadn't even looked around to see if anyone were approaching when I took off the shorts.

Later that summer, I met Maria -- pretty much by accident. If those young girls hadn't kicked sand on me, I wouldn't have had to walk to the water (past Maria) to rinse the sand off. (I guess they didn't like the suit!) Maria and I started laying out together and I finally found the type of woman I wanted to marry. Unfortunately, she had been with her boyfriend for 10 years, so unless something drastic happened, I would be out of luck with anything romantic. But as I got to know her personality, I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything. She was so much fun to be around that I didn't even feel badly about not being able to date her.

Maria eventually started wearing a thong, so I had someone who was wearing the same type of suit as I. She helped me be less nervous around women and gave me some compliments that really got to me. It's as if she knew exactly what to say to have the greatest effect on me.

We had some fun adventures to be sure. An R-rated one with the cute mesh robe I had bought for her (mainly to use after taking a shower at home) because it just looked perfect for her. Very see-through and she walked to the concession stand with me without her swimsuit top and just that mesh robe "covering" her. A 16-year-old girl with her younger sister gave me the biggest grin when she noticed that Maria was bare-breasted under that see-through robe. As if I were "da man" to be with such a bold woman.

Maria and her boyfriend moved away from Cleveland, so I haven't seen her if quite a few years. I've also not met any woman who had a personality that affected me like Maria did. She really is one in a million. It was effortless being with her, as if she thought she had to make the man she was with as comfortable as possible. I guess that's the best way I can describe being around her.
Thongs4All #258

Re:What made you start thonging? How did you start?

Date Posted:04/08/2019 07:57:29Copy HTML

When I was 16 my sister came home for spring break and my parents were on a trip. Her boyfriend was there and we hit the pool she was in a thong and so was he. I had tried one when I was 12 because hers got stuck in my laundry and I loved it and I obsessed over pictures of them in magazines. He was the first guy I’d seen in one and I was so turned on. I asked if I could try one so he gave me one and I loved it. I had tan lines in couple of days. In the house they both were in thongs and I asked if they made men’s thongs too. The next day we went up to West Hollywood and bought a bunch. At that point I never wore anything else. It was funny because I used to fantasize about wearing a thong and having tan lines like women and t didn’t disappoint.
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