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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:05/06/2013 01:52:01Copy HTML

The last several days the forum page looks really different, with a white background instead of the usual aqua color. Also I can't open my mailbox giving me a 404-error "file or directory not found". However I can read and post normally. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
JM_Runs #1

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/06/2013 03:30:09Copy HTML

Aimoo is having another melt down.  Aimoo.com hosts this message board offshore.

Now and again they go off line, sometimes they have a complete melt down.
This is one of them and it has lasted several days.
Nothing I can do about it.

Most users cannot even access the forum unless they stored a shortcut starting with "forum1.aimmo.com"
For users of other shortcuts Aimoo.com is completely off line.

I am told that when they fix it our colors and features will be restored.
The worst outage they had a few years ago lasted several months, and trashed the messages.

This one was promised to be over in 6 hours, and that was several days ago.
thonger2005 #2

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/06/2013 04:50:45Copy HTML

 yeah and the in box and profile dont work either.
luvnmythong #3

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/07/2013 04:47:45Copy HTML

JM.....is it time for us to start a Facebook page?   We could all join and then post messages, as well as respond to messages.   I'm really feeling uneasy about Aimoo and what is going on right now.  
2xist #4

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/07/2013 04:47:50Copy HTML

 I thought it was me!!? When are they fixting the issue!!??
SlidingG #5

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/07/2013 06:58:10Copy HTML

Worst of all, PM's no longer work, and I've got several I'd like to send, including images (finally figured out how to embed them in the text).

Luvnmythong, if you read this, just be patient, I think you'll like the drawing I finished in my figure drawing class of Scott-the-model.  I've decided it's good enough to frame and hang, albeit in an out-of-the-way place, given the wife's concern that it shows the model in all his masculine glory. That's part of why I like it, just wish it were me, I've given up being shy! 
JM_Runs #6

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/07/2013 08:44:03Copy HTML

 I understand the issue.  No I don't think a Facebook page is a good idea. The point of the forum is to gather information about beaches where you can thong, makes of thongs, and opinions about thong related issues, and gather this OVER TIME. 

Right now you can go to the forum and find thread that date back for years, with all sorts of information gathered by users - over time.  It is also useful that the forum is broken down into categories and threads.  This way if you don't want to read about someone laughing at someone, you can read some other thread.

In contrast a FB page does not break things out by category and thread, everything just jumbles in together. People start new posts and there is no way to merge them with prior posts on exactly the same subject.  There is no way to select only posts about one subject. For example our forum has around 5000 original messages and 40,000 replies.  That makes around 45,000 total posts. If you are interested in Venice Beach FL, and all our posts were on FB you would have to scroll back through 45,000 posts, 10 years of history, to find all of them. 

On FB that is not very practical. FB is very good for real time, what has happened today, or even this week.  It is not a good way to organize your thoughts, over time, into subject categories. Stuff just gets lumped in together then scrolls off the bottom of the page lost to history. Most people don't go back more than a page or two.  No one is going to scroll back through 45,000 posts to pick the pepper from the fly shit.

Over the years all the other forums on thongs have vanished.  Primarily because they devolved into chat about the most recent posts and were NOT well organized by subject or interested in preserving prior posts on the topic in one easy to find thread. What makes this forum work, over and above all the other forums on thongs, is the organization by subject and thread. If you want to know about Sun Splash 2013 in Fort Lauderdale you can find ONE thread on the subject, and everything about it is in that thread. 

Also on our forum you can word search in thread topics, and get threads on that topic going back 10 years. This is powerful. The point of this forum is to provide information. Information is only useful if you have the ability to find what you need, and when found it is filtered to just the subject in question.  Could it be better, yes.  I wish we had full word search on the board, but we are indexed by Google so if you know how to do a Google site specific search you can use Google for full text searching.

Managing and moderating active FB pages can be a full time job. There are a lot of other issues with running a thong board on FB.  One of which is people like the anonymity this forum provides.  On FB all their friends and co-workers see what they post. Prospective employers my well check out the FB page before hiring them. There are many thongers who don't exactly want to tell the hole world they are wearing a thong.  - There are also some other very serious privacy issues with FB, which I will explain to you off line when I see you in person, if you remember to ask.

I know what their problem is. Their DNS / internal name pointers are messed up.  I don't know how long it is going to take for them to figure it out, and fix it, either by restoring or by rebuilding/recreating the pointer tables. Maybe they don't have the right skill set, so they will have to bring someone in who knows how to fix it. I don't know.  I do know you are addicted to reading the 'today' posts, so just sit tight they will fix it eventually. 

Yes it is a pain in the buttocks, but this has happened in the past, and they were able to recover.  So I think they will probably fix it soon and then everything is going to be back to normal.

odie77301 #7

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/08/2013 01:30:08Copy HTML

 I do not agree on a face book account either. 
JM_Runs #8

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/08/2013 03:03:02Copy HTML

 We are back.  Took them about 4 days to fully restore service.
Camloser #9

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/08/2013 04:58:36Copy HTML

 I would rather have a dedicated website with better forum software than move to Facebook. Ever thought about that JM?
JM_Runs #10

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/08/2013 05:59:32Copy HTML

Yes, the problem is I don't have time to figure out how to scrape the existing site, and populate a new site with the messages, users etc.  There are logistical problems, like I don't have access to the users emails, and it would be possible to assign all the messages to user ID's but very complex to then give out user ID's and passwords to the right people.

Honestly, I have so much on my plate these days that I would rather they run the servers and software, and I will look after the moderation. 

Camloser #11

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/08/2013 03:14:23Copy HTML

 Understood. I have run multiple forums and there isn't any "converters" for Aimoo that I know of. (The converters take all the messages and usernames and populate a new forum with the old posts)
No worries, just thought I would ask...
Bulgewear #12

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:05/31/2015 09:20:13Copy HTML

 I was having problems searching for "Kemil", a beach in northwest Indiana.  I thought there used to be a thread about it, but could not find it.  I know we don't like to start new threads if we don't need to, so I posted my "Kemil" visit under the title of "Indiana thonging".  It seems there is an old history of messages not available to us; is that correct?  Only 3 pages of messages for "Inland places in the US and Canada to thong, away from the costal beaches." after more than 10 years!?

JM_Runs #13

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:06/01/2015 01:46:37Copy HTML

I think you were looking for the thread on Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore:

The banner at the bottom of the boards home page says we have 5341 threads and 56540 replies.  
I have no idea if this is correct,
but I do know to figure the total number of current posts,
you have to add the two together because the first post in a thread is not counted as a reply. 

So we currently have somewhere north of 61,000 total posts. 
J_R_365 #14

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:06/01/2015 02:32:06Copy HTML

 Why is Indiana listed under "Coastal" rather than "Inland"?
JM_Runs #15

Re:What's up with the forum page?

Date Posted:06/01/2015 06:51:58Copy HTML

 Good question.  I will fix that.
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