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Date Posted:07/29/2008 11:01:42Copy HTML

There are people on this board who like to strip down to their thongs before they leave the parking lot while others wait for the beach.  Some like to go gradually -- wear some shorts then a speedo then their thong, others jump from fully clothed to fully undressed.  I like to get out of my street cloths as quickly as possible.  I also prefer to not take along or wear speedo's or other intermediate clothing.  For me, a typical beach experience would be to shed my shirt at the car, walk down to the beach in my jeans (not shorts) then slide them off to sun my buns.  There is no way to back-up, except all the way to my jeans.  There also is no way to go swimming without wearing the thong (who wants to swim in jeans) and I am not giving others the chance to have an intermediate swimsuit on if they dont want to see my bare ass.  There also is something pretty cool about stripping fulll length pants off to show so much in the thong -- the girls do watch!

Does anybody else like to shed their cloths in one big jump?
ithongit #1

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:07/30/2008 11:37:52Copy HTML

It makes a difference where we thong and what the situation is.  All thonging, and many other things we do in life, after all, are based on decisions.  If the place we are going is an old thonging standby -- a place we have thonged at often and know we will be accepted, then we usually hit the beach with a "no backing up" attitude.  At very familiar places where we know we might turn a few heads, but not get into any real trouble, we often shed all our street cloths in the car.  Who want's to carry extra stuff to the beach, especially if it is a wonderfull day.  If thongs are okay, they are okay and there is no reason to coverup.  If the area has a traditional thonging area we visit -- requiring passing a traditionally less tollerent area -- then we will wear cover up clothing until we get to the thong friendly area.  This is especially true if we hear of current anti-thonging sentiment.  While we would prefer that the whole beach -- actually the whole world -- was thong tollerant, we can live with covering up for a few minutes to help keep the peace and to minimize the emotions of those we pass.  However once we get to the traditionally thong friendly area -- especially if other thongers are already there -- it's shuck off all the cloths.  The same basic rules apply to me and Nikki when we decide to explore our topfree feelings.  Nikki is a little more up-front and will often shuck her top off at the car, using the "it's legal" argument if someone does complain.  I would just as soon avoid the conflict, but certainly don't go through a series of lesser and lesser tops like a few women I have seen.  Nikki is so into topfreedom that she also will go topfree into stores and pumping gas, etc. -- places where men traditionally feel free to go without a shirt.  The local hardware store, auto parts store, do-it-yourself car wash and Taco Bell are getting pretty used to seeing her this way and don't even bother with objecting or trying to stop her.  Of course these are male dominated businesses and most guys like seeing a women go topfree.

Getting back to swimwear, the gradual uncovering we occationally use we do in places we know we will be visiting again and again or places we will be staying at (for example a boat rental place we might plan to visit again and agian over the summer or a motel pool when we are on an extended vacation).  We start out with swimwear on the skimpy side, but still with a conservative look, then if we get no negatives, take it a little skimpier the next time we visit.  But we don't take back-up cloths as we come back again and again.  If someone complains about a rio to thong tradition for example, we will try to talk it out and use the "I wore something last evening which was almost this small" argument.  Usually they will back down and say, "Well I guess that's okay." This has worked in many places where we didn't want to come out upfront and ask if thongs were okay since we didn't want to ruin our sunning/thonging activities for a whole visit.  Where we start depends (again) on the circumstances.  Some places we start with skimpy styles of traditional swimwear.  Others we have started with conservative thongs and worked our way to Wicked Weasel and Koala type swimwear.

The story about stripping off the jeans reminds me of the day I meet Randy.  I wound up go going to the beach alone and a good-looking young man (Randy) in long jeans and carrying a towel walked by, obviously checking out my bare buns (I was thonging and laying on my stomach when he came by.)  He sets up nearby and just as nonchalauntly as you could immagine peels his jeans off and is wearing a flag-motif thong.  Within 10 minutes I had moved over to sit with him and that was the start of a friendship and love affair which has gone on now for 12 years.
Ex_Member #2

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:07/30/2008 04:55:39Copy HTML

I agree with OhioThonger - there is something about stripping out of long pants (jeans) right down to a thong when people are watching.  I love it
ithongit #3

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:07/31/2008 03:04:45Copy HTML

SlidingG --Well Randy and I don't have any kids (yet) but plan to start a family soon.  We did have an influence on the two girls who live next door.  They were 13 and 15 when we first moved in, and when their mom said she didn't mind seeing us (especially Randy and Mark) running around in our thongs, we started to wear them even more around out yard.  Within a year, the girls were thonging too, with the approval of their mom (and disapproval of their dad who was divorced from the mom).  Now they take occational trips to the beach with one or more of us and are not only devoted thong wearers, but both are into topfreedom even more than I am.  Their mom even says Randy is like the good dad they never had since he helps them and gives them advice, etc.  Today, this fall they will both be back in college on scolarships.  I don't think them seeing us in our thongs, or later emulating us, has hurt these kids at all.
gnoht #4

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:07/31/2008 05:02:21Copy HTML

Eh, how does wearing a thong hurt kids? Of course it looks sexy, revealing but logically speaking it's just another garment style.

IMO it's more hurting for kids to see smokers and violence on TV.
alex1234 #5

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:07/07/2010 01:10:59Copy HTML

thong/gstring A.S.A.P.!!
JM_Runs #6

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:08/31/2010 04:10:48Copy HTML

The shirt is always the first to be shed as soon as the car is in park.  Most of the time, I like to wear lightweight workout pants out to the beach, then shed those with just the thong/g-string underneath.  If it's really hot, I'll shed all clothing at the car and just wear lowcut speedo or string bikini out to the beach, then change into a thong (under the towel) on the beach.  However, one time I was brave and thonged it all the way back to the car, including a stop off at the shower.  That turned several heads of the female persuasion. 
Sipper #7

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:08/31/2010 03:24:38Copy HTML

 I just strip down to my g-string when I get out of the car and walk down to the beach wearing  only that.  I don't want to carry more than I have to.
DavyJ #8

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:06/14/2011 01:27:52Copy HTML

I usually try to judge the environment and plan accordingly.  At Caesars Creek in Ohio I will change into my thong and then put my shorts back on to walk out to where I plan to set up, usually away from the most crowded area.  Then I take off my shorts.  At SoBe or a Carribean resort I will usually walk from my room to the beach in just a tee and thong and shed the tee at the beach.  After being at a resort for a day or 2 and determining that my thong is a total non issue I often walk from my room to the pool or beach in just my thong, dispensing with any coverup.  At an ok but less tolerant beach like Ocean City, MD, I always wear shorts until I reach my "spot" and often avoid taking walks without shorts, although I will, of course, go in the water and out.  Every area is different and I always try to judge what is and is not appreciated and appropriate.
32189 #9

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:12/31/2012 07:44:12Copy HTML

at the beaches in socal i shed my clothes in one big jump.  i usually shed where i am going to layout although the last time i did shed at my car and walked over to the beach in my thong.  for me it really depends on the situation. 
thonger2005 #10

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:12/31/2012 02:23:13Copy HTML

Pretty much all the time, when heading to my thongin spot (Alum Creek) I will strip right down to my thong at the car and walk to the thonging area.

Sometimes if it's a little busy, I will wear something a little long, like a long tank top, or muscle shirt and no shorts. Other times I have worn see thru beach cover up pants or shorts.
32189 #11

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:01/12/2013 05:22:20Copy HTML

my only thing about wearing a shirt over my thong is makes it look it am not wearing bottoms.  obviously that is okay because that is how it looks when girls wear bikinis with a shirt on.  besides, i know that i am wearing something and if anybody were to question it i could just show them.  it is just something for me to get over.
JM_Runs #12

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:01/19/2013 06:58:32Copy HTML

 Depending on where I am going I either strip down and lock everything in the car and wrap a towel around me or in more secure location I will strip down where I plan to sunbath
tnline #13

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:01/21/2013 04:14:55Copy HTML

I agree with several others that it depends on the beach and situation. At some beaches it's easy to go straight from the parking lot to your favorite place to lay out in a thong. Most places that I go there is an area where thong wearers congregate so I will usually wear shorts and a shirt and strip down once I have gone past the main beach / family area and walk the last stretch of beach in a thong.
JM_Runs #14

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:04/08/2014 12:20:55Copy HTML

 After spending nearly two weeks in Florida and getting too much sun last saturday April 5th in Ft Lauderdale, I'm back in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) and am eagerly awaiting the warmer spring weather. Today it was a balmy 50 farenheit (10 centigrade)... Fortunately when the sun shines it feels much warmer.As an avid X-Country skier, I was pleased to learn many of my local ski trails are still covered in snow.So, what better think to do then go for a thong ski...

JM_Runs #15

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:10/06/2014 09:18:15Copy HTML

I was building a roof structure over our second floor master bedrooms balcony, last Friday and couldn't resist wearing a thong for all the non ladder work.The weather was mild (for Ontario in October) and the sun was just too nice to waste...
Here is a link to me in my construction 'attire' - noting florscent orange is a requirement for the well undressed handyman.Only the latest three photos are relevant:
RapidBlue #16

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:10/07/2014 06:14:59Copy HTML

 98% of the time I strip down to my thong only after I have set up on the beach. Being a slight exhibitionist, I usually make a small production out of it. I stand slowly remove my shirt then shorts. I take a moment to adjust the side straps of my thong before sitting or lying down. I like the show. When others undress at the beach I enjoy watching what they have on under their street clothes. It was great fun last week on the beach with several women stopping to watch, walking very close for a better view, and several trying to hide their photo taking. Now I am back in the cold north where it will be many weeks before I am on a beach again.
J_R_365 #17

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:10/07/2014 09:31:12Copy HTML

 I usually walk from my home to the beach, about two miles on city streets, so I arrive fully covered, and strip down after laying out my towel. I'd love to make the walk just thonging, but I'm not quite that bold [yet].
7423080 #18

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:10/07/2014 11:06:29Copy HTML

 When on vacation I wear my G string, possibly some footwear, and a Tee shirt that hangs down just enough that I show around 3" of skinbetween my swim attire and the tee shirt while on the way to the beach or pool.  I want people to know that I am wearing something but theycan see the waist band in back and tiny mesh pouch in front.  I like to watch people look at me while walking as they approach.  With me wearing sun glasses, its easy to follow their eyes...usually straight to my package.  This is the best time to show yourself as just leaving your room everything is in place and looking good.   At times, I take 1/2 of a viagra to help me keep somewhat larger on average while laying out as it helps fill out my tiny pouch.  I admit, more than once falling asleep on the beach and wakeing up with a boner.  Makes me wonder how long and how many people saw me with a hard on.  In my suits, a hard on means that very little is covered and quite obvious
JM_Runs #19

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:04/05/2015 08:43:44Copy HTML

 It was simply beautiful here in Canada's national capital a few days ago. Fifteen centigrade or 59 Fahrenheit. Tons of snow left in the forests north of the city, and many of the x-country ski trails in the area are still -somewhat- ski-able.Unfortunately the lakes are still frozen over so its a little too early for sunning on the beach here, so it was time for my annual swimsuit ski.And the only suit worth wearing is  a thong - of course! Nice thing about the snow was that it reflects the sun well, so skiing at this temperature is really quite pleasant - at least in the sun. I have added some pictures to my account. Video to come later.
JM_Runs #20

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:04/06/2015 06:30:29Copy HTML

Snow skiing in my Canada themed thong - April 3rd: https://youtu.be/exVknCW6w1w
And also April 7th last year: https://youtu.be/Le_vs-LnZq8
Nothing like water, sun and a thong... beaches are optional!(OK, the later video is a little too long, and shaky - but you get the idea... 
(And no it wasn't cold... for a Canadian who is doing a little more then sitting on a beach towel).
Finally, to miss-quote a famous saying "Make (everyone say) 'Hey!' (what is that man wearing?,) while the sun shines."...

b21 #21

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:06/16/2015 11:24:50Copy HTML

Funny story - Just come back from a trip with the mrs and were staying at a friends house with a pool. The worst thing happened - one of our luggage cases went missing on the flight. We spoke to the people at the airport and they assured us they would have it back to us the following morning.

Anyway, this turns out to be the case with all our swimwear in! FFS! We were there with friends on the hottest day of the year, with a pool and nothing to do. We were left with two choices - sit in the sun in the clothes we'd came in or sit in the sun in our underwear!

I think I made a good choice - https://www.flickr.com/photos/114665133@N05/18857503955/in/dateposted/

I caught a tiny bit of flack from our friends but my TxM swim thongs were back by the following morning so all was good!
ozarkG #22

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:06/19/2015 07:55:58Copy HTML

 B21, great job making the best of a crappy situation. But was that a womens thing in the pick, or just what you choose to be wearing?
LoveMyThongs #23

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:10/13/2018 02:17:28Copy HTML

The nude beach we hit the most has a lengthy trail to it and there we will be in just our thongs from the car down. At the regular beaches it’s when we set up. My wife is quick to get to it and I’m not far behind. We both love being outdoors in just our thongs so as long as there aren’t little kids around it’s not long
NudeNArizona #24

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:11/28/2018 04:11:17Copy HTML

I think it all depends on the situation, I have been to some places where we have not stripped down until after completely checking out the scene after we were completely set-up and took a short walk to get more familiar with our surroundings and when we have lived in places close to the beach that we frequented regularly we have left the house and drove to the beach in just our most minimal of swimwear, to the point of me wearing a baggie and my wife wearing an adhesive pastie walking 1/4 mile from where we parked to our secluded beach usually passing others we recognized along the way.
ithongit #25

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:12/11/2018 02:29:57Copy HTML

We often see people hesitate when they want to thong. Some I think are nebies. Some perhaps had some negative reactions. What happens is they come to the beach, and the whole time look nervous. They don't strip right away, the spend a lot (and I mean a LOT) of time checking things out before showing off in their thongs. I have seen people take an hour or more to get down to their thong. The whole time, they spend looking around - perhaps for other thongers, perhaps to try to guess how people will react, perhaps to see what those people who seem to live in the water are wearing when they get out. The looking around is different than someone simply looking for a friend but more nervous and sometimes almost like they are ashamed to look at other, as if they don't want to call attention to themselves. I am not saying that they are right or wrong. I am not saying the perceptions of other is either. But it seems like often these thongers actually inadvertently call attention to themselves by acting so suspicious. My suggestion is to find some way to check things out and look more natural than simply standing in one place for many minutes and looking around. Take a walk along the water's edge. Lots of people do this. Get back from the beach, sit down someplace, and look at the boats. You can also observe the people on the beach, but most people will not catch on if you turn your head back and forth as the boats go by. Visit the restrooms. "Forget" something in the car and go back to get it. Carrying a book or drink back will give your trip a purpose. Visit the consession stand. Stop to talk to people if you can -- ask the lady at the consession stand about how business is or talk to a fisherman about his luck or a boat owner about his rig. The whole time you are doing these things, you can check out the scene. If you are athletic, you can jog, use roller blades, or even a bike and get around without incident. If there is a cop or ranger, be sure to talk to them if you can. Ask them about the weather, the water level, the water quality or whateve. Then as casually as possible, ask them point-blank "I sometimes wear thong swimwear. Would it be legal here?" If you get a positive answer ask "I don't want to cause trouble. Are their any places I should avoid?" Most rangers will actually be pleased that you would ask before doing, regardless of what the rules are. You might even get a smile, freindly "hi" or "nice to see you again" or even a true compliment. Where I am going is simple. Standing around the beach and appearing to be the lookout for some 1930's gangster film will call attention to yourself and might actually make you less accepted than if you simply did as you please. On the other hand, finding other things to do while you are scouting out the beach or simply wearing just your thong swimwear early probably will make you seem more comfortable and will not give the unintended message that something about what you are doing is "wrong".
tbck1000 #26

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:12/11/2018 05:19:24Copy HTML

I was walking up to a beach on a trail and saw a man sit down in a foot or so of water and take off his shorts while sitting in the water with waves hitting him. I could not tell what if anything he was wearing under the shorts. I walked up to him in my thong and said hello. I could see he was wearing a thong as I stood over him. I said I was glad to see a fellow thonger and he finally stood up and said hello. 

imathonglover #27

Re:When to strip down to my thong

Date Posted:12/15/2018 09:57:18Copy HTML

While thongs are legal in Texas, actually wearing one on certain beaches are not widely acceptable, but I have worn one in Galveston many times. I like going to what is now known as "Beach Town". In earlier years, I had known this area near East Beach as the "Speedo Beach" because it was not uncommon to see guys wearing the bikini/brief style swim suits. In later years, square cuts became popular and occasionally a thong would be sighted. It is now rare to see any thongs due to the family groups that now visit that same area, but I still wear mine and a few others still do as well.

After arriving at the parking area, I will walk the trail to the beach wearing a tank top and loose shorts over my swim thong. Once I am set up on the beach, I will almost immediately strip down to nothing but my thong and apply sunblock. I am usually early enough that I can find an area away from most everyone, but as the day goes on, others will set up near by. Any time I have gone there, no one has ever complained to my knowledge. Beach patrol will sometimes wave as they drive by, but has never stopped and said anything. At the end of the day when I am ready to leave, if the beach isn't crowded, I will sometimes return to the parking lot wearing only a tank top over my thong. Again, no one has ever said anything except for my last visit when a guy said "nice thong". I know this has been said many times before, but if you just act normal and don't do anything crazy, people will most likely leave you alone.

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