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Date Posted:03/22/2015 09:38:58Copy HTML

Now I think this is a very interesting question.
It's not a matter of wanting to chat up the women.
I'm actually wondering why most of the posters here are Men
When the vast majority of thong wearers are Women.
I realize of course that there are some women who post here but I would say less than 10% ?
Do the women come here and see mostly male posts and go away ?
Or do they not think thong wearing is anything sufficiently special to even search about it ?
Or what ??

Hotrachel #1

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/22/2015 12:51:22Copy HTML

 The women are right here !!! Lol  ...     Hubby and I both wear thongs to the beach and more couples should !  ;) 
JM_Runs #2

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/22/2015 02:32:48Copy HTML

Men just need more emotional support and encouragement before wearing a thong swimsuit in public. 
Women just put on a thong and the vast majority of the opposite sex approves, Heartily. 

Women can find thong swimsuits in their local stores, or just about any swimsuit store in a beach town. 
Men have to look far harder to find thongs that fit, and in which they feel comfortable.

Because of a man's anatomy, finding a thong that fits well and looks good can be a bit of a search.
This is more complicated when thongs are not available to try on in the local store.
This makes sharing information on brands an fit a lot more important. 

A women in a thong swimsuit can walk out on just about any beach anywhere, and the most she will get is a few disproving looks or sarcastic comments from some of the other women,
A man may get homophobic insults, told to cover up, or in some places a ticket or threatened with arrest, depending on the level of local or official intolerance on that beach. 

It is just a lot more daring for men to wear a thong than for women.
Most men are terrified that someone might think he might possibly gay.  
Ex_Member #3

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/23/2015 03:59:13Copy HTML

 ^^ JM_Runs has it right.

Regarding "Most men are terrified that someone might think he might possibly gay." it should be added though that in my experience even gay men like myself who are happy to be labeled as such don't find all that much acceptance in the general gay community. Perhaps people see male strippers stripping to a thong, or thongs in the pride parade, and assume that it's far more common than it is.

The sort of gay social groups that I tend to be part of are those where the men don't make a big display about being gay, the only thing that makes us different is that we like other men. I've often been a bit surprised at the reaction when I let slip the fact that I like wearing thongs. I won't say I get nasty or negative comments, but I have got a lot of sniggering and awkward giggling. It's surprising how conservative many gay men are in matters of dress; very often they won't even wear speedos for swimming, they'll be in baggy shorts like all the straight guys.
Happy_Thonger #4

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/23/2015 02:31:54Copy HTML

JM and Sweaty both make very interesting and no doubt very valid observations. And bless Rache for being in the group and one of the gals who participates, supports and digs guys in thongs and Gee's :) 
I wonder if we could get more women to participate on this forum? Hmmm... I think I'm going to engage with the next thong wearing girls I meet at the beach whilst in my thong, let them know about this forum and what they think. I tend to find that being out in my thong tends to attract like minded people. Anyone else found that and want to give it a go? How about the girls out there inviting others to participate?
Ex_Member #5

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/24/2015 03:49:28Copy HTML

 We don't get nearly the same negative reaction for thonging that men do.
AussieExPoser #6

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/25/2015 10:49:59Copy HTML

 Well it's interesting to see that the point has been made that men "require more emotional suport" "can't as readily purchase" "are afraid of been seen as Gay" and "it's generally not as acceptable as for Women"
But the question that raises is WHY ? are those things so ?
mack_back #7

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/26/2015 04:33:48Copy HTML

Doubt their are any support forums of the topic, male boxer brief underwear, out their. Woman forum for thongs is too mundane to discuss probably general topics include lingerie or maybe swimwear and other fashion clothing but specific to thongs doubtful.

Only reason we as guys are bit hesitant or shy showing off  or recognized wearing thongs is not only the label of gay but also being a crossdresser. People assume seeing in western society that males wear certain traditional type of underwear and swimwear. While thongs is assumed by society in the category of female lingerie and maybe a rare brave sole wearing sexy beach attire. Man being seen in a thong is over the top and unusual attire to wear in public and not considered the norm thus this forum. 

My opinion is when a woman is attracted to a guy which she suspects wears a thong maybe more interested finding out information about the topic. That is it true what they say about men wearing thongs? This forum can be used as a vehicle to figure out, do straight guys wear them too. Unfortunately woman read some messages of certain males who post and assume majority guys wearing them are positively gay. Then woman don't bother to discuss or participate anymore.  Or frustrate them to leave being less tolerant reading mundane boring experiences of myself or of others. Even though this message board is far better as inclusive of everyone rather then some other forums who recognize themselves as strictly gay dating service hookups, with brief swimwear fashion brands.

My suggestion is have a topic where woman participate only, thus giving the forum more females reason to visit for other topics like vacation spot recommendations as well thong swimwear brands for woman. Not having ten of our forum members justifying or bashing the lone female. Then just maybe, some woman would be more educated and tolerate guys wearing thongs. Have a lock-out mechanism that only females can post in the topic, no male forum members.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/29/2015 03:59:40Copy HTML

There're a few women around this forum that are usually in a shared profile with there like minded thong using husband. Some are easily to spot on how they share their experiences, stories and opinions others are neutral and maybe confused with other guys that are here.
The usual female members of this forum do a great contribution first because of there acceptance and support of male thongers, second most of there posts are very informative and seen by there personal experience and their thronging husband (as I mentioned before most women in here share profile with there like minded thronging husband) and third the women in here give amazing and very useful advice when dealing or understanding when other women bash on male thongers.
I for one take off my hat, and put on my thong, for all our female members. They may not but a lot but they are enough to support, accept and advise us on anything that they can with there very wanted female point of view.
JM_Runs #9

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/30/2015 01:18:19Copy HTML

When women comes on this board and expresses a female 'opinion', a few men feel the need to correct her, often in no uncertain terms. 

When they are not arguing with the women publicly, they are stalking her privately.

Asking 'innocent' questions like what beach do you go to and when do you go?
Or asking the women to take a look at his personal profile and comment on his dick pictures.
(If your face is not in the picture but the outline of your dick is, it is a dick picture.)

It sure would help if more men treated the women with respect,
and did not act creepy by attempting to sidle up to them on the internet.

wearsthongs #10

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/30/2015 04:42:04Copy HTML

 Its like when a girl shows up to a party with 50 people and is the only girl, doesn't know anyone, and drinking is involved.  I think what worsens the situation is that yes, most of us guys here would love to find a significant other that's also into thongs, but this is not the place!  Trying to find women here, although it might seem like an obvious idea, is probably about the worst thing you could do.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/30/2015 06:51:57Copy HTML

 Personally, I think the constant reference to male members of the board trying to "stalk" or "chat up" the women runs the danger of making it a self-fulfilling prophesy. It's like being told to not think about a pink elephant. I'd rather just get on with discussing thongs and places to wear them, and let any problematic actions by members be dealt with as they occur.
John Howard #12

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/30/2015 10:33:25Copy HTML

 We used to have bbyrne78 with us, she used to have the best posts of any lady i remember on this board, unfortunately she left.
I miss Bren
JM_Runs #13

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/30/2015 03:34:45Copy HTML

That's a fine example. 

Some guy was trying to tell Bren how to bicycle, when she was a triathlete and a CAT 1 cyclist.  (For thoes who don't know what that means, look it up.)
When his error was pointed out, he continued trying to argue he was right.

As the Moderator I have received messages from women who have been surprised, annoyed and harassed by personal messages from members.
Many say they can handle the attention, in the same way they handle the creeps and peepers in real life, but they should not have too.

Others just stop posting.
Some men just don't understand how expressing an opinion in a public forum is NOT an invitation for personal contact.

Any women who has the courrge to wear a thong on her local beach probably has the skills to attract any local men that interest her. 
She does not need to hear from you just because you have a thong fetish.
BorisVI #14

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:03/31/2015 05:58:29Copy HTML

I ran afoul of the discrimination police when I suggested an alternate venue for couples on the board during Sunsplash. I wonder how involved any woman can be on this board where so many of the posts involve encounters and comments posted by male thong wearers, often about the reactions of females to seeing them. Before the torch-carrying villagers could stone me, several people had quickly expressed an interest in an alternative to a gay resort for couples where they might feel more comfortable when meeting a large group of strangers for the first time.

I don't think taming the discussions or posts on the board is feasible, but we could adopt a make room for everyone approach. There are couples here not looking for any hook ups. A single woman may worry that members think she's on the prowl when her sole interest is sun worship in as little as possible. It would be helpful (more inclusive) if everyone assumed members fall into one of these two categories.
Ex_Member #15

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/01/2015 12:29:28Copy HTML

I agree with Boris.  It is not surprising at all that women might be put off by "dick pictures" and "peepers and creepers" here.  I used to look at profile photos or members' Flickr accounts to get an idea of what a particular suit looks like.  Unfortunately a lot of them are filled with *$^%  "dick pictures" that you won't discover until you click on them.  I am straight and I don't want to see your dick.  NOBODY wants to see your dick on a thong web site.  Not even gay men want to see your dick.  Well, maybe they do but for sure not on a thong web site.  Now I feel like I don't even want to see my fellow members or post my own photos.  It makes me feel creepy to be associated with creepy people.  It makes me feel "wrong" in wearing a thong, like maybe the general public is right, maybe I should wear dork shorts after all.  Well, no, I don't really think that for more than a second, but still ... sheesh.  I know the majority here are not creepy, but those who are -- keep it in your suit.
Ex_Member #16

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/01/2015 03:19:22Copy HTML

While most of us just want to attract more women to be interested in participating in this board some guys just have to creep them away. I remember Brien her stories and experiences with her husband were all very interesting, informative and simply awesome. I did approach her privately to show my appreciation to her for her stories she responded positively and that was it. I kept it simply and didn't cross the line.Its not difficult. If you do want to find a significant other online use online dating sites. There's a time and place for everything.
I'm not surprised she left but I don't blame her. Sad to hear she did.
pkthong #17

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/01/2015 11:46:01Copy HTML

 Like Novice, I too sent Bren a simple message of appreciation and thanks for her posts. She did mention that she was going to Med School soon so she is probably REALLY busy with studies. I hope that she is doing well in life and studies and look forward to some good posts from her in the future.
 I do however miss Ithongit's insightful posts; hope you are also well!
bikinicouple #18

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 10:47:35Copy HTML

Faceleessdrone you nailed it.  There is a BIG difference between wearing a thong and showing your d**k. Oftentimes the few people who feel compelled to let it all hang out ruin it for the thong wearers.  For instance, my wife and I have been invited to go to Thongers Weekend/Sunsplash many times and we seriously considered it until we were looking at pictures from a couple years back and mentioned  the fact that there were naked bottomless men letting it all hang out amongst all the thongers and that it  was "not our scene".  My wife DOES NOT want to see any of that.  When I casually mentioned that it was not our scene because of the nudity (and not directing any blame or harsh criticism at anyone in particular), we were inundated with accusatory responses to the thread and hateful private messages - ranging from people accusing me of being a closet homosexual who to personal attacks on my wife's figure. Guess what - my wife hasn't visited this site/ accessed our account since.  Also, that completely ruined the chance that'd we'd ever consider attending that event (b/c I wouldnt go without her), AND people at the event who are otherwise cool (which I am sure the VAST majority are) miss out on an amazingly beautiful wicked weasel contributor/microminumus model attending the event.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 02:27:48Copy HTML

Women are far more sensitive to what they perceive as personal criticism, especially in regard to personal appearance and what they wear. 
Have you noticed how many women have issues with their behinds, when most men would say you look good and could rock a thong?

In real life have you had a women take offense at something you did not even realize you said? Got shot that look? Had to back peddle to even figure out your transgression?

Well on the internet you don't get the social clues, and there is no 'tone of voice', and it does not take more than a few men who are insensitive to make things very uncomfortable.

Today's face book meme said:  "How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you." 
Take this to hart and think before replying to a women on this board.

Never send a PM to a women on this board. Let them contact you. 
If they don't reach out to you personally please respect their privacy and don't send a message to them.
Ex_Member #20

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 04:37:40Copy HTML

"Never send a PM to a women on this board. Let them contact you. "

What??? Saying "Be polite and respectful when messaging" is one thing, but a ban on sending any message at all is ridiculous. If that's the case, why have a PM facility at all? Or are you suggesting that a man can be sent a PM, but a woman can't? If so, that's gender discrimination.

For the record, I have been sent several PM's since I joined, from both men and women, and I have appreciated them and responded in kind. I'm disturbed that if I had sent a similar message to a female member, I would be breaking your rules. And remember, this is coming from a gay man who has no sexual interest in women, so it's not as though I have an axe to grind in this matter.

Also, you say "Women are far more sensitive to what they perceive as personal criticism, especially in regard to personal appearance and what they wear.  " Maybe so, but men have feelings too, What's good for the goose is good for the gander, as one might say.

mack_back #21

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 04:44:28Copy HTML

Jm_Runs makes good points. 
While all that is true i have been offended by woman at my workplace, giving me snide comments what i wear or glaring disapproval looks. Woman have outcasted me finding out through gossip i'm a nudist trying to avoid me at every turn, while before the news they were very friendly even admiring me of sorts.
Yet i feel you need a thicker skin even though some people are persistant not agreeing with my appearance because they feel it's weird, wrong or funny.
While i try to ignore them as best as i can forgetting, then suddenly reminded from a recent comment, i overheard why ignored them in the first place.
So true of JM-runs quote How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.

Only time i sent out a PM is to apologize if they felt slighted. Again they have to accept forgiven, unless online they may feel it's not worth their time wasted or participate anymore because they don't share a viewpoint as many as us.
Just surprising to me their are even a woman that join and participate in this group. 
As for the couples who join participating and having different viewpoint to discuss may educate us all. Sad to hear but not surprising that some males become indecent replying to some opinions that someone may share. Only to add that males in different settings beach, pool, gym maybe unnerving or creepy for woman to be involved in a discussion or conversation. 
'In this world you get all kinds of characters exposing themselves to woman and sometimes they feel afraid or unnerved because a male isn't a gentleman. See this once in awhile at the beach or pool males being drunk pulling on woman's pigtails (figuratively) as though their in elementary school, not knowing how to act properly. All these men want is to get the woman's attention and when they are ignored not getting the hint they stoop to even lower levels. Just wish some woman in my workplace can understand i don't want to hear her judgemental views or snide commentary to others about me. Yet i know some people can't help themselves always in others business being the fashion police nothing ever satisfies them. So ya! i can relate to some females finding some people or most are intolerant with others. 

Camloser #22

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 05:46:05Copy HTML

 I don't think there is a need to PM women to say "thanks for contributing"...agree with JM. Just thank them in the thread. Or ask your question in the thread. I can only imagine how many PM's/Friend requests/requests for pics they get. Way more than anyone thinks, I would imagine.
JM_Runs #23

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 06:09:56Copy HTML

I agree with Camloser on this one.

I have a bit of a unique perspective because as the Moderator I sometimes get requests from women on how to deal with this issue. 
It is now somewhat less of a problem now that Aimoo.com added an Ignore List function to the PM system.

Still, there is almost never a good reason for a man to PM a women on this board, with a comment that could not be expressed just as well in a public thread. When posting publicly most people put a little more taught into what they say.

If you want to attract women then say something publicly that interests them, other than other women are shocked and surprised at the size of my tackle, OR wear something that suits you, on the beach or elsewhere, in real life.

If a women wants to strike up an internet conversation with you they can contact you.  If they wanted to strike up an internet conversation they would probably use something like Match.com and carefully read your profile first.

Some people on this board come over as happy, well adjusted people who have a fun life and good friends. Being the person other people like to meet is a better course of action than sending unsolicited PM's, however well intentioned.
Ex_Member #24

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 06:15:23Copy HTML


So... what's the answer to my question? Is a woman allowed to PM a man? What about if a man wishes to PM a man? What is the purpose of the private messaging facility?
Ex_Member #25

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 06:56:17Copy HTML

I think JM is suggesting to leave women alone and not PM them. I for one am guilty of sending some women well intended PM just to say thank you for your information, and until now that JM pointed it out I didn't notice its an unwanted message too, since she didn't ask for appreciation. I'm sorry guys I didn't mean wrong and it was all well intended.
JM_Runs #26

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 07:53:25Copy HTML

I have no problem with men sending other men respectful PM's, but with women it is a little different.   We have far more men here than women. Most people would like more women to participate, and to stick around for more than a season or two.

Sometimes women on this forum just stop coming back and I have no idea why. Maybe it is now winter where they live, or they now have children or other time consuming pursuits in life.

However some do take the time to contact me, as the Moderator, and let me know they had issues with users on this board.
The two big issues are an inbox full of unsolicited messages, and the lack of respect, by some, for their points of view in public threads.

We can do something about the first by NOT sending unsolicited PM's to women on this board.  That way more may stick around and not feel like hormone target of the day.
Just run the numbers:  If only one in fifty of the men on this board sent an email to a women, it would still be more than 600 new unsolicited messages in her inbox. While you might find this volume of random fandom thrilling, most women find it pretty creepy.  
After more than a dozen years with this board I can tell you this a real an issue for women members.

If they wanted to make personal contact with other members of this board they would announce it in the Contacts section of the board.

In regard to the second problem, the general common sense and fairness, shared by most of the users on this board, helps spank any guy who gets out of line if they start telling women their opinions are wrong or invalid.  I see a good number of you actively work to restore common decency, be the poster male or female.

Sometimes I get a PM from one of you letting me know there is an issue. Sometimes I need to step in as moderator, sometimes I just let the community directly address the issue in followup posts. 

I almost never ban uses, but I do take a few aside and say "I have had reports of you harassing members, just stop or you will be banned."  Then explain that although their PM's are, from there point of view polite and well intended, they are still unsolicited. 


Let's say someone has put a post in the CONTACTS section of the board, saying I would like to meet other thongs at xxxx beach or yyyy town. Then a PM is an appropriate personal followup to that public invitation. 


Often I send a PM to say, "Your new thread was deleted, please repost your question in one of the existing threads on the subject."

Sometimes, I find it appropriate to say, "Thank you for saying that."  Normally to one of the men who have stepped in to calm a storm in a teacup.

Sometimes, as moderator, I contact a user to let someone know they may want to edit a post, or I edited it, because it might attract trolls or a flame war. 

I try to follow my own guidance by NOT sending a PM to a women, unless necessary as part of board moderation. 
Grabeach #27

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/03/2015 11:39:41Copy HTML

Getting back to the original question of, "I'm actually wondering why most of the posters here are men". While I have no doubt some women have left because of harrassment, be it either threatening or a nuisance, and some would not join because of the male dominance, I suspect that from the start the forum members would have mostly been male.

If I examine the forum I use concerning another 'hobby' of mine, this comes as no surprise. Participation by gender in this other hobby is about even.  Despite this as best as I can work out participation in the forum is over 90% males. Harrassment is not an issue there. It does seem, however, that the guys on average are a lot keener about this hobby than the gals. I believe this translates to a desire to document their views in greater detail. This traditionally has been more suited to specialist forums than say a Facebook entry, though the latter does appear to have broadened its coverage in recent times.

I suggest this reasoning can also be applied to the TWMB. Guys just react differently to hobbies. Perhaps a similarity is the way mothers react to their children, and hence dominate forums on that subject.
Ex_Member #28

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/04/2015 12:59:26Copy HTML

 ^^ What's a TWMB?

Edit: Oh, never mind. I just realised what it is. I never think of this site with its full name, I just call it the Thongboard.
jprob50 #29

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/05/2015 05:36:57Copy HTML

I think there are not many women in the forum for a few reasons. 1) Thongs and g-strings are so common as underwear for women that they don't give them a second thought or need advice about them. To them it's just normal to wear them daily. 2) On the beach, the women who wear thongs are usually younger. If you spend any time around younger women ( late teens to early 30's), you will notice that they tend to be quite self-absorbed, as indicated by the overabundance of selfies on Facebook.  If those young females spot a man in a thong or g-string, they will take a look and maybe react, but they certainly are not going to seek out a forum on the topic. The thought simply would not occur to them. They would rather spend their time looking for ways to improve their appearance. 3) Since women have so much freedom when it comes to fashion, they don't seek others for encouragement, like men do. Men wearing thongs and g-strings is still quite uncommon. If the sight of a man wearing a thong ever becomes the norm, the need for this forum with cease to exist.
Hence, the lack of female membership. 
Happy_Thonger #30

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/06/2015 09:49:15Copy HTML

I think JM_Runs has it spot on in respect to how to interact with women on this forum but so does jprob50 above, namely, that women dont care! Thongs are as common as mud for them so why be on a forum that is basically to share stories and give support to thong wearers? They don't need the support this group provides as its already 100% social acceptable. Perhaps not the extreme minimalist swimwear, but thongs and very cheeky bikinis, most definitely. We are trying to promote and spread that cultural acceptability to apply to men as well. So natural we are a male dominated forum. Happy thonging my thong-forum-friends! :)    
mack_back #31

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:04/06/2015 03:46:34Copy HTML

What i noticed is females find forums not something they participate rather only using Twitter or Facebook. Instant gratification and responses are easier to find then obscure forum that needs to be searched and registered. Almost every young female is registered with Twitter and easily can text another friend to her recent post or topic. Such as look what I've seen at the beach today, posting a photo of a male in a thong. Reactions are faster and can be less convoluted to find then a thong message forum for others. This forum is kind of old technology for many younger woman they go what others are in the cusp of doing. So if they want answers on men in thongs they don't bother registering here. Twitter or Facebook are the means of their ways to use online tools not a specific forum. 

Also they get same type of people are interested in their opinions, roommates, classmates, friends, relatives, etc.. So whenever a female wants opinion on what their wearing only close friends can help. Not some message board that they don't trust or a stranger they don't know. 
Would a Hetro female go on a gay male forum talking discussing underwear that guys wear? Doubtfull and I'm not saying this forum is for gay males but you can understand why a female may consider it one in general. 

So if indeed a female seeks out a forum she will look for various topics to discuss rather then thongs like here. So if a woman decides to wear a thong from her parked car walking along a boardwalk to a pool she will get better reaction at another forum then here. Meaning we may say right on and support her but that's boring reply. In another forum the outrageous act is much more sensationalized and that is exactly what the woman wanted to show she is crazy, bold woman liking the rush. Although she can discuss other things like skydiving other sporting conquest with broader amount of people then some males obsessed wearing thongs. 

How many posts have I replied too about personal experiences and people gave me flack for it. This forum isn't a vehicle to voice what happened to me today about topic x or y and z. None cares, so too woman are self involved and rather post their views somewhere else about the makeup their wearing or some lune in a thong walking the beach. Topics vary everyday to woman and thus they can't help themselves but want responses of today's going ons..

Don't get me wrong this forum helped me find muscle skins thongs, skinzwear, jovana,  dore beach wear that would never found or heard of. Also tips on travel places to thong or avoid without getting in trouble. I'm thankful of that this forum exist being knowledge of thongs very educational. People being helpful encouraging to relax and attempt to thong in public. To the point getting advice from my many early posts about reactions of people of my minimal swimwear and going to friendlier location. Becoming now a exhibitionist nudist not afraid to show or walk in a thong is yawn, boring at times or not a big deal. 
JM_Runs #32

Re:Where are the women

Date Posted:05/07/2015 09:50:46Copy HTML

 Azcreig, while posting about something else, also said:

"I know that Ann knows about this site but when she tried to participate all she got was several requests from guys for photos and she received unwanted photos she did not ask for. The whole thing kind of creeped her out so she pulled up stakes."

Unfortunately this is the hart of the problem.

Too many guys think it is ok to send messages and friends requests to women, WHO DO NOT COME HERE LOOKING FOR A DATE, or for that matter to make any direct contact with men.

Any women brave enough to wear a thong on the beach has the cojones to talk to men in real life,
and the last thing they want to see is a picture of yours.

So enjoy the few posts by the few women who do post, but please don't contact them personally. While you think your polite approch is harmless, when echoed, multiplied and amplified by others it becomes very creepy.
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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