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Date Posted:03/03/2012 02:38:59Copy HTML

Anyone know where I can buy a men's thong like this one? Tiny side straps with a conservative triangle back...


thong_jock #1

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:03/03/2012 04:10:24Copy HTML

wedgieme #2

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:03/04/2012 12:07:11Copy HTML

hom plumb string
NewThong #3

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:03/10/2012 09:51:43Copy HTML

 Does anyone know what mens thong most closely matches the women's Under Armour Active Thong.  Description: "Seamless and abrasion free active thong. Moisture wicking Ultra-Stretch fabric for maximum support. 93% nylon/6% elastane/1% polyefin."

Go to this web site and click on the "Views" button to get a couple of better images:

I am not interested in wearing women's underwear.  I like that it has a wider moisture wicking stretchy middle strap and is seamless.  I think something like this would be much better for yoga and more gentle on the "freckle" than some of the thongs I'm wearing now.  Thanks

NewThong #4

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:04/10/2012 10:30:42Copy HTML

Is there a mens thong like this?:


I like the back design and wide center strap with the narrow waist band.

Sipper #5

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:04/11/2012 04:20:39Copy HTML

 These FLINGS are just like the women's Vasserette thong underwear that Walmart used to carry.  I haven't seen them lately.  However, all Walmarts don't carry the same merchandise due to the purchasing habits of the area that they are in.  I have about 20 of the Vasserettes, but they aren't brief enough for me on the beach.
NewThong #6

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:10/13/2012 06:34:47Copy HTML

I am looking for the perfect yoga thong (and for all day wear) that allows for very deep stretches without cutting in (such as the Jockey Seamfree thong).  Does anyone know of a thong that meets the following criteria?

1. Must be a mens thong -- I don't wear women's clothing.
2. Similar material as the Jockey Seamfree thong, but with a non-rolling waistband.  I love the waistband on the Andrew Christian Show-It thong in particular and their stitched fabric at the bottom of the band that outlines the rest of the thong -- very comfortable without a rolling waistband.
3. I like a more minimal look to the thong back, such as a diamond back g-string or the nicely trimmed contours around the top of the butt cheeks as with the Gregg Homme Wonder Thong or HOM Freddy.
4. Very stretchy bum strap -- again, to allow for deep yoga stretching without discomfort or cutting in on the backside.  Strap can be wide as found on most microfiber thongs (like the Jockey Seamfree), or a very stretchy string.  The problem I've found with the one inch microfiber material on the bum strap is that the strap tends to roll in on itself from both sides into your butt.  It almost defeats the purpose of stretchy comfort where I want it the most.
5. I prefer more pouch room -- I don't like the "crammed in" feeling.  One of the things I like about the Jockey Seamfree thong is that it's roomy, yet secures my junk during exercise.

So, I'm looking for a thong with the comfort of moisture wicking material without a waistband that constantly rolls down, and has a very very stretchy bum strap or string and a roomy enough pouch (such as Andrew Christian Show-It or Calvin Klein Body Thong).  Seamfree would be nice for under my yoga pants, but is secondary compared to "barely noticeable" in comfort for yoga stretching and all day wear.

I have a 34" waist.  Do I need to size up on your recommendation?  Thanks...your feedback is more than appreciated.
Ex_Member #7

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:10/14/2012 05:56:12Copy HTML

try a Manstore bungee thong ;)
NewThong #8

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:10/14/2012 07:38:44Copy HTML

Strip1974, that looks like a nice thong.  Where did you buy yours from?  Are they true to size or do I need to go up one?  Thanks
ShadowT #9

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:10/14/2012 08:16:07Copy HTML

 I've always wanted to try a Manstore or Olaf Benz thong, but they're so expensive and hard to find in the US.

The N2N BT G-String (a thong, vs. the BT String that what most would classify as an actual g-string) has worked out well for me.  I hear these nearly everyday, all day long.  I also wear them for everything form doing squats to biking 30 miles.  I do find that sizing up helps.  I believe that leaves enough elasticity in reserve for the thong to move with you and not bind.  I don't have any complaints about moisture wicking either, but you have to understand that the material is fairly thin and a single layer, so there is only so much they can do.  They dry out quickly though.  There is plenty of room up front, but (just FYI) they're designed for you to point downward.  They're also not cheap the cheapest option out there, but they often go on sale around December.  They're cheaper than Manstore/Olaf Benz though.
NewThong #10

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:10/14/2012 09:18:42Copy HTML

Getting some good responses!  I've was looking at the JM Skinz Thong online today - 86% Microfiber / 14% Lycra.  The reviews are favorable.  For those who have worn them, what's your experience with these?  Are Skinz true to size or should I go up one form 34 (my waist) to 36?.
JM_Runs #11

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:10/15/2012 03:48:58Copy HTML

 If you want to find Manstore or Olaf Benz thongs there are quite a few of them for sale on the German Ebay site, and some go for not too much money.  If you have a US ebay account you can log in on the German site and shop.  To sort by price and shipping you will need to enter your US location.  Some products may then disappear, because they are listed for German or Europe sales only. 

It helps to speak german or be familiar with the layout of the US eBay site so you can navigate the German one with confidence. Two other tips, in Germany a thong is a STRING, and  you will want to size up at least one size. You may also want to figure out the translation from the German 1,2,3,4,5 sizes to the US xs,s,m,l,xl  etc. Transatlantic shipping can be a bitch, depending on the seller.
sailor250 #12

Re:Where can I get a thong like this?

Date Posted:05/12/2018 02:43:55Copy HTML

 Never seen this-- "thermal" underwear for men- like a one piece thong??  I think I'd freeze my ass off in winter-literally https://www.etsy.com/listing/260013154/thermal-mens-underwear-sleeveless-top?ref=related-7
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