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Date Posted:07/17/2017 03:49:06Copy HTML

Over the last week or so, it has rained a lot, and we have been watching a lot of TV.  One of the shows we watched was "20 Rock" with Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey.  In one of the early episodes, there is a young women -- almost too young to have an important job at a TV network -- who dresses in very casual clothing.  Maybe I should say they are way too casual or show way too much.  On the show, they don't show that much (it was on over-the-air TV), but the other characters ogle her and talk about the way she dresses.  She wears super short-shorts, opened front shirts, etc.  Many of the men in the office love the looks, while Tina Fey's character must deal with telling her to cover more.  I think the casual dresser is called Zoie or something like that.  Anyway, she doesn't seem to have a clue that her dress is inappropriate for an New York office where others women wear pants suits and me wear ties.  Or maybe she simply doesn't care who sees what.

Randy and I watched the show and both got a laugh whenever this character was shown.  But when the show was over, he said something like "I've seen women who dress that way and act the exact same -- they simply don't seem to care what people can see or don't realize the are showing off too much.

Later we watched a show I think is called "Larry" or something.  I think it was a HBO show, but is available on Amazon Prime right now.   It has one of the Seinfeld writers as a character -- the one who played Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live.  Anyway, in one of the shows, he is at a movie house and some lady is sitting on the aisle.  The Larry character needs to get past her to sit with a friend and he asks "can you let me though" and stuff like that, but the lady refuses to give him much room.  As they argue about her moving, he glances down at her (she is sitting, he is standing).  The lady starts accusing him of looking at her breasts.  Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't, but the issue is that she got upset when she thought he was looking.  She is wearing a very low cut blouse, and is otherwise very smartly dressed -- not slutty like Zoie in the other series, but almost like she was going to some sort of classy thing.  Again, Randy says "I've seen women who act that way too."

So this got me to thinking.  I have seen both extremes on the beach from time to time.  At one extreme, a person who is so at-ease that he or she can and does dress very provocatively (slutty) but either does not realize how much they are showing, or does not care who sees them.  At the other extreme is the person (often a woman) who dressed classy, but still show off a bit more than people might expect, and snaps at them if there is even the slightest hint that they might be glancing at something the person is exposing.

From one to ten, where are you on this scale when you go to the beach.  One is Zoie who is barely conscious of what she is wearing and doesn't care who sees it.  Ten is the Larry Lady, who thinks everyone (or maybe a specific type person) is checking them out and is so sure that the looking is inappropriate that they go ballistic if someone even glances their way.

For me, I am probably a two or three at the beach.  I do try not to push the limit of total respectability too hard, and am aware of what I am showing, but if I choose to wear something that exposes more skin than most people are comfortable showing, and they look or even stare (or take pictures) I really don't mind.  I am the one who chooses to dress this way, and how can I expect others not to notice.  In fact, part of the reason I like dressing provocatively is to let them look and see what their reactions are.  This can really turn me on.  But at the office or in a dressy social environment, I am a bit more careful.  I still don't mind people looking or even taking pictures, but I try to dress so nothing inappropriate shows and anything I do show, I figure can be legitimately evaluated by others.


Mineralguy #1

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/17/2017 07:58:12Copy HTML

cmp304 #2

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/18/2017 11:38:49Copy HTML

 2 - The purpose of being at the beach is to wear very little.  Since I am careful to make sure that I maintain a minimum coverage I don't think I can claim to be a 1.
Thonict #3

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/18/2017 03:33:45Copy HTML

 It depends on the situation. at the beach or pool fine, getting changed in a locker room fine, wearing one as underwear I try to hide it as much as possible. 
bmicro #4

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/18/2017 04:17:34Copy HTML

 I don't think that you have a true continuum. You don't have to be barely conscious of what you are wearing to not care who sees you.My dress code is to "wear the least that is appropriate", probably like ithongit. On a beach where suits exposing a LOT of skin are appropriate, I will wear them and not care what some people think. On other beaches, I will not. I never get upset at who stares at what, but I am always aware of the relationship between my suit and the vibe of the beach.In business environments, I will wear a jacket or even a suit. It is only when I get very comfortable with a client and know that casual dress is acceptable that I will forgo the jacket. 
Mineralguy #5

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/19/2017 12:53:43Copy HTML

 I wear thong underwear. Got some nice pairs from Ikinsgy. I even fot some g-string underwear. When I am in lockeroom I just change into my turbo bathing suit or back into my clothes and lots of people seen me. No one has ever said anything to me. What they when I am not there is of no matter
ohiothonger #6

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/19/2017 09:46:34Copy HTML

 At the beach I am a 1 or 2.  Unlike ten to twenty years ago, acceptance of thong wearers is generally so common at Ohio beaches, that nobody seems to care.  I always know what I am showing, and have no regrets.  Even when people take pictures, I am perfectly comfortable.  I am the one who chooses to wear only a few square inches of fabric in a public venue, so how can I complain if people stare.  From here, I ramp up as the situation warrants.  Going to the home improvement store for some lumber or Walmart I wear more than I would on the beach, but I still am most comfortable when wearing the least.  A "nice" family restaurant where people go after church on Sunday deserves even more conservative clothing.  The occasional trip to a really fancy restaurant -- the type place where business men go when they want a fancy dinner or kids going to the prom might visit deserves a sport coat, if not more.  But even at these places, I generally resist being focused on my wardrobe since I believe I dress perfectly acceptable for the location.

A person who is at the 10 level must have some issues.  How could you put something on that might attract attention and then get mad when someone gives you the attention your outfit is screaming it wants.  Some topfree women at the beach are like this.  They take their tops off then go ballistic if someone goes by and glances their way.  They are on a public beach, not in their back yard, and should not expect to not be looked at.

Women who go to the beach with a proud male partner seem to be even more confused on how they should be viewed.  Some wear tiny swimsuits to please their partners, but get mad if some other man stares.  Others have male partners who insist on minimal swimwear so they can show off their woman.  Here passing people are almost expected to look at the woman and how little she is wearing, but not too much.  The men's attitude quickly changes from "Look at the woman I caught" to "How dare you look at my lady friend!  She's mine and only I can stare at her body for any length of time"  Meanwhile, the lady is either hating or loving the attention she is getting, sometimes counter acting the wishes of her male partner.  Then there are the men who don't want their women to wear anything skimpy since they don't want people looking, and some women in this situation would prefer to wear a lot less than their male friends find acceptable.
The Swan #7

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/20/2017 11:24:58Copy HTML

 Back when I was working as an engineer it seemed that there were "Zoies" at all the firms. Nobody seemed to mind what the "Zoies" were wearing. They were however excepted to dress in business attire if leaving the office for a meeting or attending a meeting with outsiders in house. I know we had reviewer from the government who I am convinced had no skirt longer than mid-thigh while standing, definitely a Zoie.

The work I do now requires a fairly conservative dress code.

Myself I always dress appropriately what ever the situation, on the beach a 2 or 3.
modelnude4u #8

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/20/2017 06:17:59Copy HTML

 I remember thinking for a long time "if it was legal to wear only a thong and walk through the mall, I'd do it!"
Where I live, it IS technically legal to do so, even though the mall probably has some kind of policy, and they find a way to get you for disturbing the peace or something like that.  I still have that fantasy back there, but I'm not actively plotting a way to make it happen. 
I want to show off as much skin as I can get away with, but in a legal AND a social way.  As many have said, on Miami Beach, I'll wear a thong and walk for miles proudly showing off.  Walk up to Haulover and take the thong off too, no problem.  I'll wear soffee teeny tinies at the gym, sometimes with nothing under them.  Surely pushing it a bit for social norms, but it's the gym!  I walk every morning through a residential area, again in only the soffees, or something similarly small, but I'm not as likely to take that same walk at noon, when there's more traffic.  I think I care what people might think/say/do more than I want to admit most of the time.
JM_Runs #9

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/21/2017 05:31:31Copy HTML

Most shopping malls are private land. They can set their own rules. Which is different from streets and public land, in the US this is is controlled by local city, county and state laws. Additionally some activity  on private land is regulated when view-able from public streets, or when a business open to the public.
If you can legally dress like that in public, you should be able too on any public street, even in front of a church on Sunday. 
TennStud #10

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/21/2017 08:46:22Copy HTML

I have done a complete 180 regarding thongs and even nudity. If "naturism" were a norm we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. If people were accustomed people of all shapes and sizes naked,  nude body body would be blase, we would look at the character of the person and not what they look like . Nudity removes the imagination

I like thongs because it is acceptable at Osterman beach and I do not know anyone there so I can get my tan and be anonymous at the same time
Grabeach #11

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/21/2017 09:57:06Copy HTML

Not sure exactly where I fall on the 1 to 10 scale, though obviously at the lower end. It all depends on whether the person(s) seeing me will have any impact on whether officialdom allows me to continue wearing what I wear.

The vast majority of beaches I go to don’t have any form of direct supervision, so I only need to be sufficiently covered to avoid being arrested by the police. As a fully minimised Skinz M1R2 g-string achieves this aim, that’s what I wear. Don’t care at all who sees me.

Public swimming pools, however, typically have lifeguards and a manager, and have a flexible view of what can be worn that seems often to depend on whether there are complaints. Hence I may have to take others patrons’ views into consideration. How much will depend on the consequences.

If I’m at a pool and it would not bother me if I never went to that pool again, then I would wear the fully minimised MIR2. Similarly I would wear same if I was at a pool where I know the supervision will at worst ask me to ‘cover up’ for that occasion only. What others think does not matter.

On the other hand I may be at a pool that I wish to continue sunning at in a g-string in the future and feel that the supervision will likely make any ‘cover up’ request permanent. In these circumstances I would be concerned about whether other patrons will complain, albeit only to the point of not minimising the M1R2.
tobias5711 #12

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/22/2017 12:37:20Copy HTML

Ove the way you think.  Would absolutely love to walk through a crowded mall in just a tiny thong or sheer string. All eyes on me while in the minimum of clothing I find to be so sexy
32189 #13

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/23/2017 02:38:43Copy HTML

I'm about 3 I guess.  I have cared less and less about who sees me wearing a thong at the beach. I enjoy it and I think my confidence puts those around me at ease.  I still have some reservations about where I set up but it just a vibe I get when I choose my spot.  
NudeNArizona #14

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/23/2017 09:07:32Copy HTML

 For me it all depends on the situation because in the past at certain pools and beaches I have been a strong 1 especially if I had talked to the management and they allowed thongs I have walked through lobbies in a sheer G-string and have worn aBunn-G on non nude secluded beaches where others walked by with no issues 
Sybok #15

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/23/2017 09:43:44Copy HTML

 Ironically, in the Caribbean, there is a strong traditional macho mentality lingering around still towards men. This is the reason I still haven't worn my thong suit to the beach, even though I'm dying to. I have however switched to skimpier & form fitting suits with no apparent looks or comments (at least I haven't noticed). 
What I need is a lady friend willing to thong with me, that'll certainly turn the tables.
mack_back #16

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/24/2017 03:14:10Copy HTML

Depending on the people seeing me. If i'm pale without a good tan i want to bronze myself before i'm in public leaving no tan lines to show. Find it bit amusing seeing bikini brief outline tan lines when others are wearing a thong. So i don't want others seeing me in that same light giggling for odd reason. 
Having co-workers seeing me on a beach, male in particular who find thonging very feminine or gay isn't situation i want to be confronted upon, females not a problem but nope to any male colleagues...

Some relatives who have homophobic tendency i rather avoid seeing what i wear will completely make them believe in the wrong thong stereotype.  Also some relatives find male in speedo is odd and amusing, forbidden to wear making them uncomfortable around me. Heck i got called out by some female relatives for wearing only loose athletic running short, shorts telling me to put on some clothes appearing naked in my yard... 

Otherwise if i'm smoothly shaven blemish free, tanned well i have no qualms being seen in a thong. Only problem i have is figuring out if what i wear won't create a fuss. Usually it does being so brazen people particularly women watch too closely labeling me and laughing about it. So i rather be in environments are more tolerant mature people seeing thongs. 

So rather not want to wear my MS skinny strap poser thong in surroundings where families can see me in my element. Rather wear more conservative thong which minimizes my bulge. Suppose there is a time to strut my stuff when opportunities arise which often can be hit or miss. Which frustrates me trying to figure would people mind or would me in a thong blow their mind. 

Otherwise stick myself in my yard or pool that people that can handle seeing a male like myself in a thong. 

While i have new reservations having anyone see my body let alone in a thong. Find any faux compliments about my physique outright lies only because some female lusts after particular part of my anatomy.  Woman often they say nice things but don't mean it. Usually what i'm wearing doesn't matter because there focus is directed upon something they want.  By flaunting myself i should expect some feedback of lust and desire. So if i want to left alone either deal with the phonies or ignore everyone the bad and good. So i prefer just to be seen by only myself then others laughing, ogling, pointing cameras to what should be a benign relaxed form of swimwear, beachwear...

John Howard #17

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/24/2017 06:51:22Copy HTML

 For me it depends on the venue.
At the clothing optional beach:  by comparison I must be a 2 or 3.   I would give a 1 to those male and females who cheekily engage in open se*xual activities for everyone to see.   Wrong in my opinion because it may push the authorities to strip the beach of its c/o status.  

At the textile beach:  1.   I don't wear missiles or torpedoes nor see through thongs.  However I feel here at my best so I don't hesitate to move around walk and swim just wearing a thong;  I feel for those guys who sunbake on a g or thong and put on a pair of shorts to swim in the ocean.    99% of the time I am the guy who wears the skimpiest suit on the beach and I love it. 

At the public swimming pool:  4.   I don't feel 100% comfortable here, the presence of the pool guards puts me off, I'm just waiting for any prudish to complain about my suit.   A couple of months ago I wore a thong for the first time, encouraged by the stories of other fellow thongers here.  It was the outcome I expected;  too much attention from everyone.  No comments from anyone that I could hear, only a muscular heavily tattooed guy wearing a colourful square cut suit seemed to be intrigued to say the least;  I politely refused his invitation to 'play' when I bumped into this dude again in the showers.  I almost inevitably catch a cold after hitting the swimming pool.

At the changing rooms/showers (swimming pool or gym):   1.    I find it silly to see young men hiding under towels and jumping in the shower wearing underwear.   I prefer the communal showers without walls or curtains.  I don't parade, just do my thing get dry, moisturise the whole body (to avoid ingrown hair as advised by my waxer beautician)  and get changed.  You are supposed to be naked here and the lack of confidence of some guys by comparison  just gives me more confidence.

At the gym:  1.    Same as the beach, this is MY territory.  I lift decent weights and talk to everyone, have made a lot of friends;  I always wear compression pants and shirts, a thong underneath and I prefer if it doesn't show but if people can tell I'm wearing a thong, that's good too..   Again it puzzles me to see some guys wearing shorts on top of their compression pants.

At work:  7 or 8.   Different territory here.  100% professional and devoid of any personal connotation.  I wear fitted shirts and some maybe could tell that I workout.  I try to avoid the dreadful question 'how much do you lift'.  Friday's are casual days but I still wear my business 'uniform' shirt and tie.  If there is a work function where we have to stay at a hotel with swimming pool, I purposely do not take my bathers with me. (which by the way would have to be my budgy smugglers).  Don't have any work colleague as contact in FB.  A younger colleague who is a bodybuilder wears the tightest black t-shirt that he could find, muscles and veins popping out from his tribal tattooed guns.    Good on him, obviously everyone talks a lot about this young man..   Not my cup of tea.  I'm old for that.    
ARThongLover #18

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/24/2017 05:30:36Copy HTML

 Like many others, my level of comfort depends on the location.
Nude Beach:  1 - I will the most daring possible thong or g-string on the way to the nude beach and an almost transparent cover up if I feel the need. However, I get naked as soon as my beach bag hits the sand. 
Textile Beach: 3 - I have no qualms with the smallest possible back on my swimwear. The size of the front will vary depending on the location and the crowd. I have several adjustable front suits that wear that turn into basically a teardrop and will fix them that way shortly after I get there. I have some sheer suits (to help reduce tan lines) I will wear if not many are around and there are no kids and will go to the water and change if the situation changes. One morning I was by myself wearing until an older lady walking down the beach spied me on my back and made a beeline in my direction. I was worried when she was headed my way but all she wanted to do was chitchat and try to look while not being obvious that she was looking (she failed). 
My Pool: 0 - My backyard has a privacy fence and some landscaping for privacy but all three neighbors are in two story houses and can see some of the yard, albeit with moderate obstruction. I will wear anything there as long as I an wearing something - I can wear my smallest, most daring, sheer or even net suits here without a care in the world.
Hotel/Resort Pools: 5 - I will wear a moderate thong here as long as I am not exposed to those at street level off the hotel property. If the hotel has said that thongs are okay, I probably set at a 4. This is still higher than a beach as people are not suprised by minimal swimwear there but a hotel is most likely a different matter. 
Grabeach #19

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/26/2017 12:55:12Copy HTML

John; I can agree with your "At the public swimming pool: 4" rating. I probably would have given it the same when I started sunning in a g-string at public pools. I too thought everyone was looking at me. These days at pools where I'm a regular I assume people, including lifeguards, have just gotten used to me. Or perhaps I'm just less sensitive, as even at 'new' pools I don't notice anyone taking much notice. In your case, I suspect that your physique plays a part. Well muscled guys, whatever they are wearing, are going to attract attention. Probably more so at pools, as for whatever reason, my experience is that it is a lot more common to see bodybuilders at the beach than at pools. Interestingly, I've caught more colds swimming in the ocean or bays than pools. I put this down to what comes down the storm water drains.
elvis1977 #20

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/26/2017 04:44:48Copy HTML

 walking from the car to wreck beach in a thong do I have to wear a cover up if so what is the skimplest legal cover upI can wear
briankay #21

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/28/2017 05:36:18Copy HTML

I like the question but as with some others it doesn't quite fit my situation.
In my area there is so much cheek showing (most of it female, however) there just isn't any significant lack of acceptance. Although an occasional person is surprised there are no nasty looks etc.
I typically set up in an area just within the busy area. And if I"m there early it fills in around me. On multiple occasions groups of people who ten years ago might have been potential problems set up as close as ten feet away.
I've taken to walking onto the beach thonged. I still feel a little "funny" when I first get out of the car.
ThongsterLA #22

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:09/09/2017 04:58:19Copy HTML

I wear my thong and don't care who sees me. Let them look. If they're turned on or off is their concern, not mine :)
Thongmad #23

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:09/15/2017 09:52:30Copy HTML

 I think a 3 at the beach. Although I am very confident to wear a thong at nearly any beach, also to and from the car etc, it is never far from the front of my mind that everyone looks twice, whatever their opinion might be. I do feel judged, but if they have a problem, it's their problem. I'm doing nothing wrong or bad.

4-5 at the pool. I generally wear either Budgy Smugglers (which have pretty outrageous prints), or quite skimpy stuff like rio's and briefs with 1"or less sides (Wavelines for example). I always have the least coverage of any male which still gives you the same sense of being judged, but I know I am well within the bounds of any rules that may apply.

This may change slightly if I have company at the beach or wherever. I don't want to make my friends uncomfortable or embarrassed. If they happen upon me at the beach and I'm in a thong already, then I won't cover up, as they are free to choose if they stay around to be seen with me, or move on.
nadathing #24

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2017 03:11:11Copy HTML

A lot of people here talking about what they wear or would like to wear in various places.  In ithongit's original post, she also talked about people wearing revealing and/or provocative clothing or swimwear and then complaining when other's look.  
While there are limits (e.g. don't stand 1 foot away and stare directly at sombody's exposed skin), if you are wearring revealing and/or provocative stuff, you have no business getting mad or complaining when somebody looks.  If you don't want the attention, don't dress that way.
JM_Runs #25

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:09/17/2017 11:50:46Copy HTML

As most of you know I regularly thong on the beach. Truth be told, a thong or g-string is all I wear to the beach, unless going with others to a special function like a BBQ.  On the way to the beach I often wear a coverup sleeveless mesh t-shirt on the bike, but it does not cover the bum much at all.

However, in the past I tend to be a tad more conservative around my neibours. In the back yard and on the dock I will be in a thong or g-string, just like the beach, but if working in the front yard, the street side, I tended to wear something a tiny bit little more conservative than a g-string or thong. For just getting the mail or something, then what ever I was wearing, but for working out front I would often put on a pair of short shorts.

However lately I have been doing front yard work in a thong, including cutting the grass on the swale along side the road.  After the hurricane I have had a lot of stuff to do out in the front yard, driveway and street. Chopping up fallen trees and hauling stuff out to the street. These days I have been wearing just a small g-string for everything. There are neibours driving by, none of whom have stopped to say anything, other than the one who came to borrow a bicycle, and although we talked about bicycles, helicopters, hurricanes and more, the subject of what I was wearing did not come up.

The only reactions have been a few cheers from passing work vans or trucks. Most people on my street don't do stuff for themselves, they have yard crews, floor cleaners, maids, roof cleaners, driveway cleaners, and all sorts of other workman coming and going all day long. Then there are the people to clean and services their boats. Not to mention there are three houses under construction, one diagonally across from me. So during daylight hours there is a continuous flow of work vehicles.

I have gotten to the point where (a) I don't much care what they think, so long as they don't bother me with their thoughts. (b) From a mental point of view, I have developed a thick skin: If they do say something rude I just shrug and it rolls of like water from the back of a duck. 

I have even done "Thong Batman" on one of our group bicycle rides. The short cape covered a bit, but not much because it has to be short enough that it does not get caught in the rear wheel, and being cheep and light tends to blow out in the breeze. 

The more I thong, publicly, and nonchalantly, the less people mention it.  They want to look, fine. They want to take a discrete picture, no problem. Just so long as they are not jerks and shout rude things I am happy.  If they do say something rude I don't really care, so I am still happy.  
pikeman #26

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:10/16/2017 01:34:38Copy HTML

 I've become a little less cautious around my home. This last season I worked in front of my home in a thong. The neighborhood empties out after people go to work and I feel comfortable doing gardening chores, taking the trash out and other jobs. I avoid being out when school is over and kids are coming home, which is around 3PM. I was working in the garage the other day when a neighbor came over to ask for some gardening advice. I was initially apprehensive, but she thought it was great and offered a compliment. I've always been doing something, so it's not like I'm "on display". But I don't go down the block to the mail center or walk over to my neighbors without my shorts. I don't want to press my luck.
Mineralguy #27

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:10/16/2017 10:13:55Copy HTML

 Spoke to my neighbor yesterday and told her next Spring I would like to spend more time in my backyard tanning in a string and I was surprised she seemed really good about the idea. I live in a townhouse so it would be hard not to notice.. She is a single Mom with two children so I am going to try working around her kids schedule.
I guess she figured that since I haver never reported her barking dogs that this was an even trade. Lol
JM_Runs #28

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:10/16/2017 01:56:19Copy HTML

It has been my experience that mothers often want to expose their children to people of different colors, cultures, and that dress in different ways.

Just last month a friend of mine was very annoyed at her boyfriend who is making homophobic comments about what I was wearing.  
She's told me I have told my kids that being nude is not a bad thing, telling me she did not have a problem with what I was wearing, and she was very annoyed at him for telling the kids that it's a problem.

As a general rule, I find that single mothers with kids tend to be more supportive than almost any other segment of the population.

kiyoothong #29

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:10/16/2017 04:47:29Copy HTML

 Like others have said, it depends on the situation and the venue.
Nude Beach: I am a 3. I'd be a 1 if there were more male thongers out there. Sometimes, I feel isolated because I am the only male thonger on the beach. But, a lot of people are naked and there's that chill atmosphere, so I don't think I'm making people uncomfortable.
Textile Beach: 5. I just had a bad experience at a textile beach. I went to this textile beach on a weekday. And for some reason there were a lot of teenagers strolling around the beach. I was obviously the only male thonger on the beach, and I guess I was very noticeable. These kids wouldn't leave me alone. They would run by me, throw balls at my direction and giggle. So after that incident, I'm just wary of teenage groups. 
Gym: 1. People who frequent the gym have their own shit going on. They don't want to be bothered and they don't want to bother you. So, I expect no one at the gym to criticize my choice of underwear. 
Work: 7. I don't want to be a subject of discussion at work. So it's better to stay safe.
Low_Strap #30

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/27/2018 01:10:20Copy HTML

 I would say it is inadvisable to stand on people, irrespective of the location or the attire. 

Okay, that's where my mind went...I couldn't resist.
pkthong #31

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/27/2018 02:52:11Copy HTML

 @Lowstrap: I like the way you think ?!
kutag #32

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/27/2018 07:38:42Copy HTML

 As long as the people at the beach or around the pool are adults I don't care, of course I will not be in their face. I'm sure they have seen worst things than me in one of my small G Strings.
ThongFetish1 #33

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/28/2018 02:57:14Copy HTML

 I don't mind, In fact it's kind of a turn on for me .
Mary0826 #34

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/29/2018 04:51:43Copy HTML

 I take my lead more from what others are wearing or what I have seen others wearing the same place in the past.  I might push the limit a little (for example if I see a lady in a thong, I might wear a "G").  Also an influence is if there are no rules, or the rules actually imply thongs are okay, then I will not shy away from thonging as quickly as in other situations. 

With the cheeky swimsuit craze (which I hope continues) it seems that more and more women are less concerned about showing their buns. True-thongs are back and in general people seem indifferent in most situations. 

As far as reactions to what I wear, I am getting pretty thick skinned and find the few negative comments to be just a minor annoyance, like a single mosquito on an otherwise perfect evening.  I have not had anyone's complaints result in any true trouble, nor has my boyfriend.  We have found most complaints to be little more than hot air and those who do complain are looking more and more stupid. 

While men don't have a popular look involving minimal swimwear today, (like the cheeky swimwear women seem to freely wear), I do see a more general acceptance of men in thongs or other minimal swimsuits.  About the harshest comments I have heard about men in thongs recently are things like "well I guess it's okay for him to dress like that if he really wants to". More often than not a public comment often expresses general acceptance like "I don't see any reason a guy can't dress like that if a woman can", and often the response is positive like "I wish more men dressed like that" or "You've go a nice body and shouldn't be ashamed to show it off."
kiyoothong #35

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:02:42Copy HTML

 Here is what I do when I am on the beach. Before I lay down, I walk around and look for a female thonger. This may seem like a pervy move, but I feel comfortable when I am next to a female thonger. It's really a defence mechanism for me. If someone has a problem with me, I can just point at the female thonger next to me. Sounds petty I know, but it's just one way to go against bigotry and double standardness. Also, I have this expectation that a female thonger will stand up for me.
undercover20 #36

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:20:12Copy HTML

I don’t care who sees me in a thong. It’s a bathing suit, it’s legal where I live. It’s no different than anyone else wearing whatever bathing suit they decide to wear. The more it feels natural to you and the less you care about what other people think, the better you feel. 
Blackphantom5 #37

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/31/2018 03:55:16Copy HTML

 Don’t care. I notice the older I get the less I give a crap. I’m not doing anything wrong so I’m not obligated to validate myself nor apologize.  
sprockettooth #38

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/31/2018 04:26:48Copy HTML

 I want people to see it.  Don't we all?  Take a pic. Make a poster.  Babe, show it off.  As one wearing a thong on South Beach, am I not saying "SEE ME"  Enjoy it as you may... the look, the fantasy, the image, the statement.
Thongzo #39

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/31/2018 12:44:42Copy HTML

Neighbors - don't care.
Family - don't care, except for 13 year old daughter. Try not to flaunt in front of her.
Gym - don't care unless there are creepy guys watching me.
Beach - don't care but try not to prance too much and don't like to draw attention.
Internet - all can see!!!
RapidBlue #40

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:05/31/2018 01:10:44Copy HTML

 I wear thong swim and underwear. On the beach or at the pool I appreciate it if people take note and are positive. I’m not out there making a scene, but I will act like everyone else on the beach or at the pool, catching some sun or swimming. The women in my life all have known that I wear thongs. Most were very happy with it. Others at the gym or a change room at a pool will know I wear a thong if they see me getting dressed. It’s not a big deal.
a_lex #41

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:06/01/2018 06:42:51Copy HTML

I thought I was quite conscious of other people seeing me; I know I sometimes tend to look around when I'm on a beach, to see if somebody is looking at me. I don't particularly like this approach of mine and always wish I cared less. But something happened yesterday that made me think I'm less shy than when I started wearing thong swimwear.

Yesterday I went to the beach for the first time this year. I was alone and wore a plain black g-string. I placed myself far from the crowd, on a small pier, since I prefer the quieter aspect of beachgoing. A couple of 60 year old women decided to set up their towels near me, where the pier connects with the land, and ended up asking me whether they were trespassing on private property or not. 

Long story short, this led to one of those typical chats between neighbouring beachgoers, possibly the longest interaction I had with other strangers while wearing only a skimpy g-string (alone at least; with my gf it's different). There was nothing lewd or exciting going on; what struck me was the spontaneity of this episode. No comments were made about my swimsuit, I made no attempts to hide or cover and so on. 

When I told my gf about this, she correctly pointed out that many people don't care for what you're wearing, and what set "tone" to this interaction had probably been the way I acted, being friendly and polite and so on; not what I was (not) wearing. This goes in the same direction of what many fellow thongers here have been reporting for quite some time, of course.

Who knows, maybe in a couple of years I'll find myself thonging right in the middle of my hometown's most crowdy beach.
32189 #42

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:06/03/2018 03:20:41Copy HTML

I too care a lot less now than I used to.  Maybe part of it is getting older and another part may be the years of thonging I now have experienced that make me more confident.  I am not doing anything wrong so that helps the comfort.  

I feel most comfortable at the beach.  I live in a huge apartment complex and I do wear thongs at the pool and I feel pretty good about that; just have not done it a lot.  I sometimes take out the trash or do laundry wearing just a thong as well.  Neighbors have seen me and not said anything.  There have been times when I stopped and chatted with a neighbor while wearing only a thong.  The conversation is never about what I am wearing, just regular neighborly chit chat.  
NudeNArizona #43

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:07/03/2018 07:49:35Copy HTML

 Since owning a pool our thonging is only in public since we are nude at home, but having got used to being nude when we are in the sun on the occasion we are in public sometimes my wife forgets about being modest like most other beach goers. Recently at a nude beach I had just went for a swim and when I came back to our blanket there were two guys talking to her and after I got there they were on their way. I ask what they were talking about and she said nothing really, but what I had noticed was that both were standing near her feet as she was laying face up and her legs were bent at the knees and feet apart as she was tanning and both guys had a wide open view of her most intimate parts. I ask her if she realized what she was showing and she said “it’s a nude beach so who cares!”  As for thonging we both will wear the minimal our minimal G-strings and have found that no one cares if it’s a regular thong or minimal G-string if thongs are accepted. The only thing that does seem to matter is some of ours especially hers are very sheer dry and completely see thru wet. We were vacationing with friends who have been to our pool nude and when the wife saw my wife’s G she was a little surprised and after seeing it wet she commented “you look almost naked!” To which my wife replied “that’s why they call the fabric SUPER NAKED” but nobody else said a word but she did get a few looks especially from the others when coming out of the pool.
LoveMyThongs #44

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:08/19/2018 04:10:49Copy HTML

I’m a 1 for sure. I was surprised at how comfortable I was in public and around friends in them. I like skimpy but I couldn’t imagine not being in a thong in public or anywhere for that matter. I try to be in just a thong as much as possiblea
32189 #45

Re:Where do you stand on people seeing you in your thong?

Date Posted:08/19/2018 02:24:39Copy HTML

Over the years I have been much more comfortable with people seeing me in thongs. I just think if they stare or laugh, they will get used to it and get over it. Most do not laugh anymore. Some stare but most just mind their own business such that I cannot actually tell what they are thinking. But I have gotten more confident over the last year. It's ok if people see me and I actually prefer that someone be around when I am wearing my thong.
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