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Date Posted:02/15/2005 06:12:11Copy HTML

I've decided that this summer I really want to hit the ocean and beach in a thong as well as do the nude thing. I am wondering what recommendations you all would have for the best place in the US to do this? I really want a place where I am not going to feel like (or be) the only guy. I am single and just want to enjoy and all over tan maybe with thong tanlines or maybe not. The major point is to feel totally welcome to thong or go nude.This list always seems to have people in the know about this stuff, so thanks in advance. Any info is appreciated.
sebastianspencer #1

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:02/15/2005 06:59:22Copy HTML

I really like Haulover Beach north of Miami, Florida.  I will be going back with my b/f in May.  I wore a thong as well as went naked there.

I also just found a link: South Florida Free Beaches that has info.

clubthongs #2

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:02/16/2005 01:50:51Copy HTML

Black's Beach in San Diego is a very popular nude beach were you will also feel very comfortable in a thong!
dayne #3

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:03/14/2005 01:41:51Copy HTML

San Onofre Beach, just north of San Diego is a beautiful beach to visit-nude on north end-thong friendly even farther to the south.  This beach runs up to the marine base-Camp Pendleton.
sailor250 #4

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:05/29/2005 10:00:38Copy HTML

My vote would be Miami!  You have excellent urban topless and thong beaches at South Beach, and numerous beaches around the area where thongs with tops are common.  Then there's Haulover an urban nude beach where thongs are rare, but so are any clothes.
rodman2005 #5

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:01/16/2006 05:13:25Copy HTML

I like San Gregorio between San Francisco and Santa Cruz in northern California.

It is about a couple miles long and the sand is clean and a nude beach.

Also in Florida I like Key Biscayne (north side parkinglot area); they used to have nude beach and plenty of

sex going on back there but now you can thong... clean, white beaches, warm and feels good~




sailor250 #6

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:01/17/2006 07:26:39Copy HTML

So the Fla State Park Rangers are OK with thongs there?  I can remember being hassled at a state park a few years back, and I remember they officially banned them, a rule I don't remember hearing was reversed.
sol_y_mar #7

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:01/17/2006 09:06:58Copy HTML

Key Biscayne is a county park so thongs are not a problem. A great beach with plenty of room for privacy if thats what you want without the south beach crowds.
sundood #8

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:01/17/2006 10:21:52Copy HTML

No mention of The Fort?  I guess The Fort sits alone atop the list and goes without saying.   Anyway, I will be visiting The Fort for the first time this April.   I have heard so many good things about it that I must see it for myself.    I'm taking two weeks and will drive over from Austin.   I'll hit beaches all along the way and will make it down to Ft. Lauderdale, too.

JM, I'll be looking for you! 


redraider55 #9

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:01/18/2006 10:20:51Copy HTML


I hope you'll post a detailed trip reports of your beach thonging experiences along the way, and of your time at the Fort.
beachfolks #10

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:01/18/2006 11:27:04Copy HTML

While We're partiel to Ft DeSoto, Beaches are highly due to weather and the crowd which comes out every day. Does it really matter so long as your experience is good?
sundood #11

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:01/19/2006 07:24:39Copy HTML


I'll be taking notes the whole way...I may not take my laptop so a full report may not be posted until I return.  

I see you live in Austin.   You get to Padre or Galveston often?

Guns Up!  (for those who don't know it's a local thing...don't worry, I'm not advocating carrying weapons or anything)


bmicro #12

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:03/12/2006 03:06:02Copy HTML

Thongs are fine on most (if not all) beaches in South Florida. Even Bill Baggs state park at the end of Key Biscayne. I have walked past rangers in a thong frequently there and have had no reactions. No one cares.

Of course South Beach is the best place for anything, no matter how brief ,with great opportunities for people watching.  Haulover Beach is possibly the best nude beach in the country with official recognition and plenty of signs posted.

At Hollywood Beach you can even shop, have lunch, and enjoy a drink in nothing but your thong on the boardwalk along the beach.

JM_Runs #13

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:04/08/2018 02:16:58Copy HTML

A website had a review of Nude Beaches in the US.
Unfortunately they did it as a 16 page slide show, with lots of adds, very annoying.  So here is the information, edited a bit:

Baker Beach in San Francisco CA. Offers a glorious view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The north part of the beach is the clothing-optional area. Found under the Presidio and surrounded by rocky crags, the north end is below a steep bluff and includes a hidden area over some rocks. However, it is important to watch for rising tides, and because of unsafe rip currents, swimming in the northern part of the beach is not recommended.

Kehena Beach Hawaii. The only black-sand beach where you can strip down. Found near the eastern tip of Hawaii's Big Island.  The strip of sand is no more than 75 yards long, and the whole beach is enclosed by a 30-foot high rock cliff. On both sides are rocky peninsulas that create a cove. The waves are strong and unpredictable, but wildlife-lovers will appreciate watching the dolphins that frequently make an appearance.

Hippie Hollow, located in Austin TX, on Lake Travis, is more than just a place to get naked. It's a clothing-optional park, the only one in Texas. Nudity is not allowed in the parking lot, but once you're past the tree line, you're free to strip down and have some fun along the shores of the lake. Wide, flat rocks make great spots for sunbathing, but watch out for slippery rocks that might be below the water's surface, and keep in mind that lifeguards are not on duty.
About 85,000 people visit Hippie Hollow each year, including those who come for the annual Big Nude Day event. Hill Country Nudists hosts the celebration, which mostly attracts visitors in the 50-plus age group. The park, however, is open to anyone 18 and older. While nudity is perfectly acceptable at Hippie Hollow, lewd behavior is not tolerated, and those who engage in it will be prosecuted.

UFO Beach on South Padre Island in Texas is named after an emergency evacuation pod washed onto the shore that resembled a spaceship. The other-worldly looking pod is still at the beach, decorated in large letters with the words "Nude Beach" and "No Tan Lines.”
UFO beach, while popular among a variety of visitors, is especially popular during spring break, when college students are out of school. If you're hoping to have a quiet, relaxing stay at the beach, it's best not to go when partying college kids are around. Keep in mind that to get to the beach, you'll need a four-wheel drive vehicle, as it is located 10 to 12 miles north of beach access #6 and requires driving on wet sand.

Kauapea Beach, Kauai, Hawaii. Locals in have unofficially given this north shore destination the more fanciful moniker of Secret Beach. At 3,000 feet long, it is accessed via a steep, unmarked trail, and the unofficial clothing-optional section is at the far east side.
While Secret Beach is Kauai's premier no-clothes beach, there is technically a nudity ban that’s occasionally enforced.  Choosing to sunbathe in the nude is not necessarily going to get you in trouble, but you should be aware that it's best to be as discreet as possible. Most of the people who frequent the area choose to stay clothed, but you will often find visitors who are topless.
The waves at Secret Beach are strong and rough, so it's not an ideal place to go swimming. However, there is a waterfall off the rocky coastline that has a small pool at the base. This is sometimes used as a place to sit and rinse off the sand.
Gunnison Beach New Jersey, located within the Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area. New Jersey's only legal nude beach (Signs indicate that clothing is optional). Accessible via a SeaStreak ferry ride, about a 45-minute trip from New York City. Once you get to the beach, you can enjoy great views of the New York City skyline as you work on that full body tan.

Apollo Beach Florida, at the north end of Canaveral National Seashore. About an hour east of Orlando, Fla.  Unofficial nude sunbathing area near parking lot #5.
When the national seashore was created in 1975, Apollo Beach was already an established nude beach. There have never been anti-nudity laws at the beach. Thanks to the Naturist Action Committee, an arrangement with park rangers was established in 2000: Visitors to Apollo Beach must keep their swimsuits on until they are 150 yards south of the parking area. This is to ensure that families and non-nude beachgoers will not encounter any uncomfortable moments.

Ballston Beach Cape Cod.  The Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts does have an anti-nudity regulation in effect. However, authorities often ignore it, and Ballston Beach has become a popular spot for au naturel sunning.
To access the clothing-optional area, you'll need to walk north from Longbook Beach for about 15 minutes. Hit the patch between the two beaches in the town of Truro and spread out on the secluded sand dunes. As long as you cover up when rangers approach, you should be able to enjoy your time.

Black's Beach, San Diego CA. Located next to Torrey Pines State Beach in the San Diego, just outside La Jolla. Black’s Beach is divided into two sections. Nudity bans are enforced on the south end of the beach, where nudity is illegal, but the northern end is owned by the state park, where clothing is optional. The nudity-friendly section has boundaries at the north end of Mussell Rocks and 100 yards south of the main access trail.
If you venture north from the main path for about 15 minutes, you'll reportedly reach the gay area of the beach. Just be careful, because stingrays can be found resting in this area just beneath the water's surface.

Haulover Beach Park in Miami, FL. Attracting as many as 7,000 visitors a day, Haulover Beach Park is one of south Florida's most frequented clothing-optional destinations. Though the clothing-optional area comprises only a small 0.4-mile stretch on the Northern section, it’s one of the most popular areas on the beach. With white sand, warm water and sunny climes, Haulover Beach is an ideal place to lounge on the sand, stroll along the shoreline or skinny dip the afternoon away.

Collins Beach, Sauvie Island, about 23 miles North of Portland, Oregon. Collins Beach has welcomed nude visitors since the 1970s. The clothing-optional area covers a one-mile stretch on the northeast side of the island, which is connected to the non-nude North Unit Beach. In addition to sunbathing, volleyball, Frisbee and football, or the World Naked Bike Ride.When the weekend weather is warm, Collins Beach attracts hundreds of visitors, many of whom choose to go nude.

Denny-Blaine Park in Seattle is an unofficial nude-friendly beach that has long been particularly popular among the LBGTQ community. It's a spot where you'll find women laying topless or men playing catch with their dogs. Hipsters also enjoy visiting the area, and you might come across a few who are meditating or doing yoga. The grassy beach is secluded and quiet, and since there is no law in Seattle against being nude in public, many people in the buff spend time here...despite complaints from neighbors in the nearby Madrona neighborhood.

Secret Harbor Beach: Along dazzling Lake Tahoe in Nevada is a stretch of golden sand that leads to Paradise Cove, aka Secret Cove. Starting at Chimney Beach, walk south for about 15 minutes and you'll find a staircase leading to the peaceful cove, where Secret Harbor Beach is located.
The beach is one of Lake Tahoe's most frequented, and many of the visitors ditch their clothing. In addition to tanning, visitors to the beach also grill, hike and play volleyball in the nude.

Moshup Beach, also known as Aquinnah Beach, located on the west side of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. It’s a half-mile stretch of remote coastline with the Gay Head Cliffs serving as scenic backdrop. The far end of the beach is frequented by nude sunbathers, but the other side typically caters to families, fully clothed — so it's important to cover up while walking between the two areas. Moshup Beach is known for having very warm water, soft sand and striking sunsets. Because it’s too small to draw a large crowd, it offers a peaceful, serene setting attractive to those who want to sunbathe or swim in the nude without disruption. It's also not uncommon for sunbathers to give themselves mud baths using mud from the cliffs.

Lighthouse Beach off the coast of Long Island, was once the most popular clothing-optional beach in New York, but after Hurricane Sandy, when part of Fire Island's dunes were destroyed, park officials banned clothing-optional use. The hurricane had essentially wiped out the curtain separating the lighthouse from the beach, exposing nudists to tourists just a few hundred feet away. No longer a nude beach, but women can still legally go topless at any beach in New York.

San Gregorio State Beach, CA. With two miles of soft sand, tide pools, caves and a lagoon, San Gregorio State Beach is a popular clothing-optional spot. The country's oldest clothing-optional beach. You'll find it just west of the intersection of California State Route 1 and State Route 84, south of Half Moon Bay.
Since 1967, the narrow, clothing-optional beach has been privately owned, and it charges an admission fee to park on the land. Visitors to the beach are mostly gay men, but you'll also find couples and families, both clothed and unclothed. It's been said that the rule is "gay to the north and straight to the south."

(Not my words, just text from the slideshow.)

thong_jock #14

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:04/08/2018 05:14:18Copy HTML

 Awesome info. Thanks for posting! 
Alfresco10 #15

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:04/08/2018 10:26:24Copy HTML

 Very nice description JM, thanks.  My personal preference is that if it is a nude beach, I will be nude.  I like thongs where they are accepted but nudity is not.  So my first choice in the US is Ft Lauderdale, followed by Venice Beach in CA.  I have fairly limited experience with beach thonging, I have this habit of seeking out naked spots.
csnipwb #16

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:08/04/2018 03:06:12Copy HTML

Like Alfresco10 said if I can be nude that is my first choice. Playalinda in Florida is my go to beach although if Hippy Hollow in Texas was closer I would be there more. Later
gw32 #17

Re:Where do you think is the best US Thong/Nude Beach

Date Posted:08/05/2018 08:45:31Copy HTML

Well, there are a lot of beaches I still need to visit to decide which is "best". But my favorite is Playalinda on the southern end of the Canaveral National Seashore. Similar to Apollo on the north end its unofficial. But the beach is very long and very lovely and closer to me than Apollo. Will definitely be visiting Haulover soon to try out a for-real, official, public nude beach. Haven't done that yet!
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