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Date Posted:02/09/2019 10:15:44Copy HTML

In my never ending attempts to get this winter behind me, I have been doing all sorts of new stuff.  In two weeks, we will be having a 1980's costume party at a motel pool in the area.  Many of our friends and co-workers want to come, and since this is a costume party and it is at a pool (even if indoor), swimwear will be the appropriate costumre.  I have looked on line and there are all sorts of real vintage swimwear for both men and women, but little of it is minimal.  I want to get one of those thong swimsuits for myself that has the flap in back, and preferably is sort of rough edge design.  Under the flap is a regular thong.  I like the idea that the flappy edge can be re-cut as narrow and short as desired too.  I am also looking for some more traditional thongs for my men to wear.  Scott has a real Speedo swimsuit thong in Red, and Frank insists on wearing some pretty minimal cut-off jeans, but Brad wants some other type suit. 

The swimwear should either be from or look very similar to what was popular in the mid 1980's.  A litte older would be fine since people do have older cloths, but newer would not be in keeping with the time period of our party.


JM_Runs #1

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/09/2019 11:36:28Copy HTML

In the 1980's I had leopard print thongs with tarzan like flaps front and back. May even have one today. However I think you should start from a slightly different direction.... 

Let's start with 1980's beachwear.  One BIG difference between T-shirts in the 1980's and today is back then they had a front pocket for a pack of cigarettes. Because of the sun around here many men kept the top half of the T-Shirt but cut off the bottom, revealing their abbs, and short shorts.   

Often the bottom edge of the cutt-off t-shirt was cut all around with vertical cuts, like the cuts on the bottom of a neighbourhood poster where you can tear off the phone numbers. This did several things: For Men it made them NOT like the women's cut off shirts, that were straight cut and hemmed to keep the boobs in.  For women it meant they could flash a little under boob, when they wanted. The tasseled bottom edge made them cooler to wear in the sun, and meant there was not a distinct tan line edge when you took the shirt off, so it did not look like you had been wearing a bra in the sun.  Many of us spent too much of our day in the sun, and the top half only shirts gave us as good a tan as we could, without burning our shoulders. 

This gives the two of you the 1980's look on top, with the ragged tasseled hem, cut high enough so abbs show. Another thing that was common in the 1980's was cutting the hem of shirts and skirts at something like a 45 degree angle.  Women often making it longer on one side, men more commonly having the down points and up points at the sides, and front and back. Women often cut out the necks to make big scooped necks. 

Now for the bottom. Men and Women who wore thongs tended to wear higher cuts than seen today. The Baywatch TV show came out in 1989, and while many people from central states thought the red one piece swimsuits on the women were daringly high cut on the leg, that was TV-tame in comparison to the very high cut one piece swimsuits we saw around here.  There again, lifeguards have rarely been allowed to be as daring as the more adventurous beach customer.  Think Flashdance (1993) for how high cut thongs and body suits were. 

If you have a big crowed a few women will probably do the Jane Fonda, Olivia Newton-John look with neon high cut leotard, headband and legwamers. Probably none of the men will be brave enough to pull off a Richard Simmons. 

In the 1980's the bolder men often wore brief 1" side speedo bikinis or briefer when on the beach. When around town they often wore the very short OP corduroy shorts. My manager did every day.  I did too sometimes, but because I biked a long way to work, tended to wear short nylon running. If you want to look very VERY 1980s, the very short nylon running shorts in vertical red and white stripes is 100% on target, for both men and women.

A speedo brand thong is very 1980's as is any period thong or micro binini by HOM or YSL.  (The old European cuts by HOM and YSL are not at all like their current offerings.)

For pool parties or social gatherings you may want to think about layers.  A wicked swimsuit with a somewhat transparent cover up, or one that gets a bit transparent when damp works well. I had a girlfriend who would turn up to casual social events in a very light cotton kaftan, with nothing but a thong or mini-bikini underneath. After a quick dip in the water, and while she was still soking wet,  she would put it on for mingling, or going to the restaurant. Naturally it would go transparent where ever it touched wet parts. Fun for her, because she often went topless underneath and had a purt bum. She totally pulled of the innocent act, like she did not know her kaftan went transparent when wet. 

Kaftans, now there is another 1970s/1980's look. With wide open necks in white, or cream. Could be long or short.  The long ones made it look like you just got back from India, and the short ones just looked good, on both men or women. I had short ones in white and blue, and probably still have one or two.  You might find some very lightweight ones made of rayon or thin cotton on ebay or AliExpress, but I don't think at only two weeks you have the lead time to order from China.  Might even still find some on the International Male website, or your local thrift shop. 

I recently did a long white robe, with rope belt for a costume bike ride. (Not the superhero ride). I knew in normal light there was nothing unsual. I also suspected the white flashing lights on the front of bicycles would refect back from the rather reflective thong I was wearing under the tunic. I was right. After the ride a couple of people mentioned they could tell I was wearing a thong. 

So I would do 1970's /1980's hippy kaftans, (International Male style), but in a very light weight fabric, over something skimpy and very high cut, thong or body suit.  You might want to both do similar or matching bodysuits, a la, Olivia Newton-John. If it were not for co-workers comming, at a private party you could go with low cost ones that were not intended to be swimsuits, that get intresting when wet.  

Below that sandles, topsiders, or bare feet.

Having said all that, one has to remember that unless the party guests are as old as me, they were not young adults in the 80's so they won't know if you have the period costume just right...  AND a good over the top spoof is fun too: 
So I think you should go as Richard Simons and he should go as Jane Fonda. But remember to BRING the disco music, AND the workout music, or even some early punk. It ain't an 80's party if there is rap.  

hotbunz1969 #2

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/10/2019 12:02:27Copy HTML

Mary it sounds like Scott has the PERFECT suit for this party..... a true ‘’Speedo’ thong is soooooo mid 1980’s. Frank won’t be far behind either in his short cut off jean shorts!!!! The mid 80’s was all about high hiped thongs so just make sure to dress Brad in something like that! As for yourself, don’t forget, there was another iconic suit made popular for the girls in the mid 80’s......... The ‘Slingshot Bikini’!!!! Have a great party.
ithongit #3

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/10/2019 09:09:22Copy HTML

To see other fashion looks from the period, go to the "pool" scenes in Love Boat, watch Bay Watch episodes, or any of the T & A movies like Bikini Carwash, Great Bikini 4-Wheel Adventure, or even more family oriented movies like Bad New Bears. I like the idea of a sling-shot suit for a woman, but also like the flapped thong bottom mentioned in the original post.
ithongit #4

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/10/2019 08:57:53Copy HTML

I have looked and looked for a flap bottom thong. I thought that they were somewhat popular at one time, but I find none on ebay or in big retro clothing online services. Also nothing new. I have not even seen a picture of one online! This is all with one exception -- the Tarzan/Jane swimsuits and costumes often had the flappy rears covering a thong or abreviated swimsuit bottom. If you have a good connection with someone who makes swimwear, adding a fringe/flap back should not be a big deal. If someplace near you makes swimwear they can add some additional material to a suit to make such a back. I would love to see this style someplace. However, you might want to find the tiniest suspendors suit you can find for the ladies. From reading your posts over the years, I think you would love having the top always moving around showing various breast features on an ongoing basis. I have never had any success with keeping these suits in position, and the narrower the straps the more likely they are to slide off. Of course, you could always put this over a cropped off T-shirt and keep things a little more legal if modesty is required. Let's help Mary find the type swimsuit she is looking for -- something with a thong bottom and a flap in the rear covering the bottom. Wind and exercise move the flap around and give the viewers little shows all the time. I don't know if the original intent was to make the suit more modest or actually sexier because of the varied ways the buns were shown, making the men have to watch all the time. I remember one of my first thongs was this style. Mom wanted me to have it for times when a regular thong was pushing the limits. It had snaps that held the panel in place (and felt crummy) but this let you detatch the flap and use the suit as a normal thong, or put it on to provide more coverage. Today's suits either show buns or not, and the amount can not be changed (except by stuffing the back into the crack). The flap-thong added a bit of the unknown since control of the flap was impossible and exposure could be minimum, showing one-side only in a strong wind (or laying on one's side), etc. Traci
LanaLanaUK #5

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/10/2019 09:36:26Copy HTML

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly you're all referring to here with the 'flap' at the back. Is it like a thong / skirt but just the back half of the skirt? A bit like the Princess Leia look, but with much shorter material?

Or is it anything similar to these? 




Realised that you've said you can't find any photos of what you're talking about so it might be hard to illustrate...

xxx Lana

koenig3456 #6

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/11/2019 02:09:10Copy HTML

Mary0826 #7

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/11/2019 03:22:43Copy HTML

Thank you everyone for looking. We are getting very close. Here is a male version close to what I am looking for: https://www.mensuas.com/underwear/tulio-ft01-tarzan-thong-with-matching-wrap-leopard As you can see, the back is a mostly solid piece of cloth, with some fringy stuff here and there. Anyone can take a pair of scissors to this back panel to make it narrower, shorter, more fringy or whatever. At one time, they were available as regular swimwear (not just animal skin but solid colors, etc.) In this case, the ragged covering seems to be a seperate garment which can be removed to show more. I like the idea of removal to just a matching thong!. The pictures of this suit make it look a bit conservatively cut (is this possible?) but as stated earlier about the back, the front can probably simply be cut as narrow and short as desired -- perhaps with a bit of angle from the bottom to the top. This type bottom should let me show a bit of flesh for a second or two, then the flesh hides itself again. Of course, I can give it a yank every so often when people are watching and let them think I am showing more than I wanted, then be shocked later when the wrap garmet is removed and now I am letting everyone see me in my thong. Mary
ithongit #8

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/13/2019 04:24:44Copy HTML

Is this more like what you want? It says it is a costume, so I don't know how long it would last as a swimsuit, but I am sure it would survive long enough for your party. https://bathsheba69.com/shopping/sexy-halloween-costumes/56-cavegirl-jungle-girl-costume.html
mhdavisjr #9

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/22/2019 12:40:46Copy HTML

Sorry, just now seeing this thread, so this is probably too late to be of influence, but depending upon what you're going to show, it would not have been the 80s style for the pubic region to be completely shaved. Trimmed up, perhaps, but certainly full. This style persisted into the 90s as well.
Mary0826 #10

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:02/24/2019 10:34:00Copy HTML

Everyone -- Thanks for the good ideas. The pool party was a big hit, and we plan to make it a monthly thing. In March, we will have an all thong and G-string theme. I couldn't find what I was looking for, but did have a suspender swimsuit which did not have the mid-body ties like some of the modern ones. The straps over the shoulders are very narrow and do not widen at the breasts, so that even when everything was adjusted right, I was still showing some areola. Another girl who was there wore just a thin T-shirt and not a stitch more. She spent a lot of time going into and out of the water, and addressing what MHDAVISJR mentioned. she had a full bush and it showed whenever she got wet. I was surprised but most of the guys liked the look. She won the contest for best women's swimsuit. Scott wore his real Speedo thong in red as expected. Frank, who planned to wear minimal cutoffs instead wore a pair of white linen pants. These were loose and semi-sheer even when dry, so when he got wet, it showed everything nicely. Brad, who lives to show off, wore skimpiest, shortest, cutoffs with exposed front pockets, non symetrical legs and open side seams. I had never seen this type of Levi's before, but a single thread could be pulled out and the seam opened up. All the Levi's I have have multiple threads and do not split so easy. Anyway, after everyone was there, and just before the judging, he took his shorts off and told people he was skinny dipping -- something he said they did a lot back then. Surprisingly, Frank in his linen pants won after he showed the judges a catalog he got on E-bay that showed similar pants as swimwear. The only difference between what he wore and the catalog description was that his pants were more like pajamas and had no liner, but the catalog mentioned that there was a liner. It will be interesting how many people will thong it when the March event happens. Everyone said they would -- even people who I don't think have ever worn a thong before. I think they were encouraged by the thongs and similar skimpy swimwear we had at this party. Mary
Thonglover377 #11

Re:Where to get mid-1980's style thongs for both men and women

Date Posted:03/22/2019 03:17:20Copy HTML

That sounds like an amazing party! There should be more people like you making thongs fun and accepted!! A thong g string party sounds like the best party ever!!
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