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Date Posted:07/22/2005 03:22:36Copy HTML

I'm gonna be visiting my friend in orlando and would like to know what the shortest ride is to some good beaches.  I probably wont thong but I have some nice bikinis from skinzwear that I am gonna wear.  My friend says its so touristy that it probably wont matter anywhere, people will just think I'm european.  I'm planning on wearing their men's hotpants and if i feel comfortable the fitted rio...  Any suggestions? I'll have alot of time to burn during the day so day trips are cool, but I need free or cheap because I wont have too much money.
ctmonline #1

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:07/22/2005 05:17:18Copy HTML

The best spot to go is Fort Desoto, it's about ninety minutes west of Orlando, plus it has very cheap admission prices. I can tell you from personal experience and you can also read other posts on this board about Fort Desoto, it is very thong friendly, you shouldn't pass on the opportunity to wear a thong there. I'll be there on vacation August 12-13...in my gstring of course.

follow_the_sun #2

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:07/24/2005 05:50:40Copy HTML

The closest beach to you where you will not get bothered about wearing a thong is Playalinda beach in the Canaveral National Seashore. I am also new to the Orlando area, and after spending time searching for a beach that is tolerent of those who want to wear a thong, or rio swimsuit, I found that this is the nearest beach (55 miles from the Orlando Airport). If you find one closer, I would like to know about it.
sailor250 #3

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:07/24/2005 08:00:05Copy HTML

The geography I know says that Ft. Desoto and Tampa is way more than an hour from Orlando in a car! 

Look at a map Orlando is a lot closer to the east coast than west coast, and last time I drove from Orl. to Cocoa Beach took longer than an hour.

barebunz #4

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:07/24/2005 11:47:47Copy HTML

From the north side of Orlando, I usually get to New Smyrna and Apollo Beach in just under an hour, and if you luck into a parking space at lot #5, even the thong is optional.
orldick #5

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:07/26/2005 10:39:36Copy HTML

It takes me over two hours to get to DeSoto from Orlando and only an hour and 10 to Apollo. I always go south of parking lot #4, every body is in a thong or nude. 


thongbutt1 #6

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:07/31/2005 11:32:39Copy HTML

any other places to go in orlando? hotels, apartments, lakes. any places to buy swimwear there? thanks.
jimjim7 #7

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:10/05/2007 08:29:25Copy HTML


Yes, I know Orlando is inland but this is the biggest turist destination in Florida for Europeans and they (me included) still like wearing thongs, possibly on beaches. Where can we go? I prefer a prevalence of men thongers around me....Let me know, Floridians! Jim

beachfolks #8

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:10/06/2007 11:41:47Copy HTML

Jim-In the US, driving distances are greater than in UK. You can visit Disney and thong at several beaches near Titusville on the east, or St Petersburg on the west. The coastal beaches are each less than 2hr away by motorway.
Baguio #9

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:08/09/2018 11:49:47Copy HTML

Headed to Orlando next week. These beaches still good for thonging? Any others close by?

sailor250 #10

Re:Where to go from orlando?

Date Posted:11/11/2018 08:39:40Copy HTML

The decision to head east or west may depend on where in the Orlando area you're starting from. From the international airport, located beside the Beachline expressway you're less than an hour from the east coast, about 90 min from dropping your thong on Playalinda! From the west end you gain about 30 min toward the West coast. I hope the Red Tide outbreak leaves the West Coast soon.
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