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Date Posted:01/19/2017 04:53:30Copy HTML

As thongers we wear a lot less fabric than many at the beach.  Many of us wear even less than a thong, or go topfree if we are women.  These outfits expose a lot more skin than most people show, and this skin needs lotion just as much (if not more) than the skin normally exposed by more conservative swimwear.  From time to time, we probably have had others apply suntan lotion or similar products (bug spray a few places I have been) and the question I have is who do you let do this and how far do you let them go.  For example, I know women who let men apply lotion to their tushes, but not their breasts.  Is it ever appropriate for a male to let someone else apply lotion to his private parts if he is skinny dipping?

With me, I have one basic rule.  A guy who wants to apply lotion for me MUST (and I very rarely make exceptions) be wearing a Speedo type suit or less.  When I say Speedo, I mean a racing style or 'men's bikini'.  A guy who wears a Speedo or less can apply lotion to any exposed part of my body.  I don't care if I know him well or not, or if he is a boyfriend or not.  The rules are the same for all males.  I have never ask, nor have I ever been offered to have lotion applied by a woman who I did not know well, but I think I would let any women apply lotion to any exposed part of my body.

I figure if I am showing something off by wearing little or nothing, that I don't have any secrets and drawing a stopping line would just make things complicated and not really accomplish anything.  Besides, guys just love applying lotion to the traditionally covered places.  (I also apply the Speedo or less rule to any guy who wants to lay out 'with' me.  Speedos are common and required at the high schools and YMCA for swimming classes in our area, so guys don't think they are 'gay' like men in some areas do.  This also means that younger men usually have a Speedo available to them, and the  local sporting goods stores sell racing suits off-the-rack.  Some guys even wear smaller swimwear, but that is a different story.) 

My best female thonging buddy, who also frequently goes topfree, does not care what the guy wears, but limits lotion applications to above her waist on the back.  No legs, no front, no arms.  She is always having to tell guys to STOP when they push the limits.  She only lets guys she came to the beach with apply the lotion.

Most guys I have met who are brave enough to skinny dip don't have any problems with suntan lotion applications to all parts of their bodies, including their manhoods.  Often they will say not to miss anything or feel free to apply the lotion to any place you are comfortable with.
gw32 #1

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/19/2017 05:21:01Copy HTML

Well Mary0826, you sound like a lot of fun at the beach ;-)Since its pretty easy to get your entire body, on your own, with the exception of the mid-upper back area, the question is how much is one into that sort of teasing/playing?  I like your "rules" too! 
Grabeach #2

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/19/2017 09:55:18Copy HTML

It really annoys me that there is part of my back I can’t reach.

Maybe 75% of the time my wife is still at home when I head off to the beach or pool, so I get her to do my back. She doesn’t like the greasiness of the cream I use, so does the minimum area. Not that often, maybe 10% because I go to lots of different places, there will be someone (male or female) I sort of know when I get there and they will do the same area as my wife with a similar business like demeanour. I have in the past asked complete strangers to do same, but regardless of what I was wearing, I invariably received a negative response, sometimes aggressively so. Somewhat surprising, as most consider me a polite, friendly guy. I don’t bother any more.

There have been a few women who I have got to know quite well, albeit confined to the beach and lay out with on a semi-regular basis, maybe averaging 5% over the long term. They were always topless and/or thong clad, I guess it requiring a certain amount of confidence to lay out with a g-string clad guy. I would ask them to do my back and add, “You can do the rest if you like”. With one exception they would be happy to do my back, but that was it. They all were flexible enough to do their own backs, so my rubbing cream on them was not contemplated. The exception is a lady who, though I only see her a couple of times a year, loves to do my back, legs and bum and takes an overly long time about it. I'm sure she would do my front as well if I asked. Unfortunately, for me anyway, she has dark skin and doesn’t like creams, so the reverse situation doesn't occur.

The other 10% of the time? I’d spend significantly less time laying face down and leave the beach or pool early.

Generally, I would be happy for any female, regardless of what they were wearing, to rub cream anywhere on me they wanted to, including when skinny dipping. It just practically never happens! I guess once someone starts rubbing cream on places that you can easily reach yourself it becomes more a situation of giving pleasure, rather than a practical one of preventing sunburn. For that reason, my heterosexual orientation would make it difficult for me to enjoy having a guy rub cream on my bum.
Mary0826 #3

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/19/2017 10:08:37Copy HTML

 Without the 'rules' I have all sorts of men I am not interested in lining up to be near me.  It takes guts for a man to wear a Speedo or less, even when Speedos are used in the local schools.  Even just laying out, when I have a thong and top on, I still insist on boys/men abiding by the rules.  While  most guys would love to lay out next to a girl in a thong and topfree, most are not comfortable with their own bodies to wear something other guys would consider skimpy.

You are of course right, most of the body is accessible to the body's owner's reach.  However, if someone is doing your back does it really make sense that he or she has to stop at your waist and not do your buns too?  I have seen other women in thongs getting their bottoms oiled up by their beach mates. I think most guys live for such an experience.  Traci (ITHONGIT) wrote a long time ago that guys put so much oil on her buns that she would almost slide off the toilet!  In reality, I should have somehow also included that I am assuming a sparsely populated beach -- not one where a lot of people might be around to get offended.  Unless it is a nude or clothing-optional beach, you would have to be a place that is pretty deserted if you chose to layout totally nude, like the guys I wrote about were.  Having very limited experiences at a true nude beach, I don't know if lotion on the buns or other more personal areas would be crossing the line of what's acceptable.
ThingThong #4

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/20/2017 09:51:40Copy HTML

A few years ago I used to go over to a friends house and use her swimming pool and lay out in the sun.
Usually I would come to her in the morning before she had come out to the pool and I would put oil on myself as best as I could.
One time though she was already laying out in the sun when I came and I started to put oil on my front. She looked at me and asked if I wanted help with the back. I smiled and said yes and she put the oil on my back and on the buns and on my legs.
It felt great, almost like getting an oil massage.
We were friends so this was no stranger putting oil on me. If someone came up to me by the pool or at the beach and asked to put oil on me I think I would think twice before answering yes or no.
Still I go and get oil massages from strangers so I would not say no without thinking it through first.
Nuwalket #5

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/20/2017 03:57:55Copy HTML

 Not long ago we had a discussion with a niece about rules and boundaries as it pertained to dating and such. Her father often defers to us as her mother is no help in these situations and we've raised a daughter. Much the same as unwanted attention from males her age I applaud Mary for setting those boundaries only in a different setting. As we once told the niece when she wanted naked time at home it's her dad's house his rules; I like to tell her also' "your body, your rules!". 
I must admit that the only offer I ever had was "let me do your back" which consisted of shoulders to the bottom of the rib cage. Once after a day in the sun an ex-girlfriend and I ave each other all over aloe rubdowns in the hotel room but that's a story for another forum.
Ex_Member #6

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/20/2017 06:23:20Copy HTML

If I'm at the beach with my wife, she'll do it for me.  When I go to Venice Beach, I'm alone because she goes shopping with her friends.  I would not be comfortable asking strangers on the beach to apply lotion to my back.  I stapled an old sock onto an 18" paint stirring stick; I can apply the lotion to that and reach everywhere.  It's not sexy or cool but it gets the job done.
RapidBlue #7

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/20/2017 06:48:45Copy HTML

 I have had a few women offer to apply lotion to the places I could not reach. That then turned into applying lotion to other places, legs, butt, chest. I don't mind having others touching me, especially if they are wearing swimwear as minimal as mine. This is never out of the blue, it comes after talking and spending time with that person. Then the application of lotion is usually mutual and I apply lotion to her. The only limit that has ever been expressed is no lotion where cloth covers.
TangadeLuna #8

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/20/2017 07:40:35Copy HTML

 If I trusted someone enough I wouldn't mind where they applied sun lotion to me, but this is rare for me. I'm not likely to let someone I don't know touch me, and I'm usually too shy to offer to rub lotion on someone I don't know. I usually combine suntan lotion on paler areas wth sunblock on parts of me that tan quicker; for the back I mainly use spray sunscreen liberally and frequently and hopefor the best (does not always work sometimes I miss spots). After my last burn last summer, I'm definitely switching to better rub on sunblock if I'm going to be at the beach for any stretch of time; the burns are not worth it.
One time I went thonging with an older guy (he was in his 70s I think) and he asked me to put lotion on his back, which I was fine with, and then asked me to rub lotion on his butt. I did so (against what my gut was telling me which was no that's weird) but immediately regretted it, felt like I was being creeped on. So, if you have reasonable boundaries, don't be afraid to enforce them!
The Swan #9

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/21/2017 06:17:27Copy HTML

 I don't think anyone as ever offered to put sun screen on me unless I was married to them or dating them.
Due to my yoga practice I can reach everywhere on my body, although the mid upper area between my shoulders require that put sun screen on the back of my hand instead of my palm to apply the sun screen.
Grabeach #10

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/21/2017 08:28:48Copy HTML

When I was in my early 20s I could just cover everywhere by reaching over my shoulders and round the sides with my palm and using the back of my hand in the hammerlock position. I don't come anywhere near it now. I found flexibility deteriorated far faster than strength and aerobic fitness with age.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/22/2017 04:42:34Copy HTML

I think the rule might be, "If I can't reach it, will you get it for me?"  Still, I have found that the spray-on sunscreens, even the oils, allow me to get almost every piece of skin that sees sun.  Even that difficult section of the back between the shoulder blades.  If I'm with a friend or just an acquaintance, it's still easier to ask them to spray my back than to get that angle and get it myself.  They almost always continue to spray the entire backside and sometimes say, Ok, turn around, now time for the front.  My experience at a nude beach is that even though I'm showing it, I would not have someone else put lotion on "it".  I'll take care of that part.
visa0061 #12

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/23/2017 04:21:48Copy HTML

I think as a woman, asking a man to apply sunscreen to you in any fashion is undoubtedly being misconstrued as an "invite." This is irregardless of whether you wanted it to be taken that way or not. Just being honest. I'm sure the "Well I can't reach my back" argument is valid. I know as a guy I can't apply sunscreen to my mid back. Most of the time when I was single I had a friend (guy or girl) use the spray. Simply give me a quick spray on my back and no harm no foul. I always brought that in addition to regular cream sunscreen. Skin cancer runs heavily in my family so if this is important to anyone, it's definitely me. If a girl was to physically apply sunscreen to my body with her hands, then i considered her more than a friend or at least wanted her to be lol. Now with my girlfriend, I have her help me with my back and shoulders. I don't wear a thong. I usually wear the euro style swim shorts (really short, not dork shorts). So no need to apply lotion to my butt. My girlfriend always asks me to put some on her butt (she is almost always in a thong) and her breasts when she goes topless. Is this necessary? No not really. She enjoys it and it turns her on. I'm not complaining either. However, we are in fact together. So in short, if you aren't with the person and ask them to apply sunscreen physically to you...don't expect them to not take it the wrong way depending what your intentions are. 
Beached_Santa_Cruz #13

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/24/2017 03:59:12Copy HTML

 I probably posted a while ago about going to a conference in Orlando and knew a woman from another company who was also there.  There was an afternoon off for doing tourist stuff and she opted to hang out by the pool and asked if I wanted to join her.   As I was looking for her around the main pool I saw her in a very tiny bikini.  The bottom was almost a thong.   I told her I was going to change and suggested she meet me at another pool on the complex that had a lot less  people and kids.  I showed up in a Skinzwear thong and when I removed my shorts she got a huge smile on her face and said that she loved my suit.  She had been at the pool the day before with her boyfriend who had gone back to CA that morning and had gotten quite red.   I told her she should probably put some heavier sunscreen on so as not to burn any worse than she already was.  She was lying on her stomach with about 7/8 of her gorgeous butt showing.  She is a rock climber and had a rock hard body.  I told her I had lotion and spray and asked what she would prefer.  She said "You choose".   So being married I didn't have to think long about it and was a good husband and used the spray on her.  If I would have rubbed lotion on her butt there's no telling where that might have led to.   I asked her to spray my back too which she said wasn't much fun.  The whole week was a blast and when I showed up in a Skinzwear banded thong she said she liked it more than the regular thong I had on previously.
NudeNArizona #14

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/30/2018 08:16:41Copy HTML

 That all really depends on where I am at and who I am with.  if with my wife she will usually apply sunscreen to my body either back or front whether I'm wearing a G-string or less.  Normally she will ask me to apply sunscreen to her first then when I finish her she will apply sunscreen to me without hesitation whether I'm laying face-up or face-down.

When I have gone places without my wife or before her. I have asked different ladies who were laying out near where i was laying, usually when I see them applying sunscreen to them selves I might ask if they could put some on my back.  About 90% were more than willing to help out, most will only do what i ask which is the upper middle of my back, but a few have done my whole back, ass and legs. Usually commenting that they needed to rub in the rest of the lotion.  More often than not they will have noticed I was at the beach alone and after our initial conversation they will either join me or ask me to join then or their group for the remainder of the day. I met a group of girls who used to frequent a certain beach in Hawaii when i was single who I would hang out with regularly if I saw them on the beach.  Initially when i met them they all wore Rio cut bikini's and I would wear one of my Opaque Lycra G-strings, then as we got more familiar with one another I started wearing smaller more revealing G-strings.  Within a few weeks 2 of the girls had started wearing thongs that they had but didn't normally wear to the beach and the third girl actually bought a WW G-string after I told her about them.  Over the course of a few months we all reduced our coverage, We would wear a minimal sheer G-strings if the beach was more crowded and go nude if we were the only ones their usually during the week. Regardless we still applied sunscreen to one another.
Sarah_Thong #15

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:01/31/2018 03:06:36Copy HTML

Hi guys, 
Just to add my 2 pence worth :), 
Whenever I go on holiday now I'm with my husband or my friends so I get them to apply my sun lotion. 
When I was single I had a good group of friends and we'd all seen each other in all our glory so whenever we went away, whether I was in my WW's or on a nude beach I'd let them apply my sun cream all over me. We were a close bunch and it wasn't seen as a sexual act (for those with naughty minds LOL). 
I personally hate the feeling of any grease on my hands so hate getting tanning cream or oil on my hands and getting sand or dirt on greasy hands or anywhere (YUK!!!). So they'd get their hands all over whatever was exposed to the sun. 
There have only been a couple of instances where I've been on the beach on my own (friends in bed with hangovers LOL). In both these circumstances I was wearing my little WW  used common sense. I wouldn't ask groups of lads for obvious reasons. On one occasion I asked a middle aged guy close buy and in fairness he seen what I was wearing and said his wife would be back from the shop shortly if  could wait, he explained that his wife wouldn't be to pleased seeing him oiling up a mostly naked girl on her return LOL.
The other time I remember was a stroke of genius I think lol.  I got approached by one of the Chinese ladies doing the massages, I opted to have a massage which cost 15 euros however asked her to massage me with my sun oil :) I got an hours massage and my tanning lotion done at the same time
Thongmad #16

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:02/01/2018 12:27:08Copy HTML

 That’s a perfect option Sarah! Massages in tanning oil then lay on the beach...my idea of heaven if someone was there to serve cold beers as well ;)
My wife is like you in that she hates the oil on her hands, so I do her entire body for her, and my own as well. Stretching before I swim every day has left my shoulders flexible enough to reach between my shoulder blades to apply my own. Same applies when by myself. Nobody offers, and I never ask.
When I’m somewhere like Bondi, I just stand beside my car in my thong and put my oil on, that way I avoid getting sand stuck all over me.
Sarah_Thong #17

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:02/01/2018 11:18:21Copy HTML

It was perfect, and bliss, I'd taken a bottle of wine in a cool bag with me so had a drinky poo on the table next to me :)
The mere mention of Bondi has now made me jealous lol, it's probably 2 degrees here today and I've had to make do with a sunbed :(
Sharon73 #18

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:02/01/2018 07:05:42Copy HTML

 I've asked guys to apply lotion to me while in my thong and topless.  I don't mind at all that they seem to concentrate on my butt (it feels good to me really).  I do then turn over and apply lotion to my breasts and front with him there watching, which is fun to do)
NudeNArizona #19

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:02/01/2018 07:22:53Copy HTML

 On a different note,  I have had complete strangers who while I have been applying sunscreen to myself come over and offer to help me out with reaching the difficult areas to reach.
Grabeach #20

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:02/01/2018 09:33:16Copy HTML

NudeNArizona; If I could rely on this it would solve my problem. Unfortunately I think I would invariably just end up with half my back sunburnt.
sailor250 #21

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:03/17/2018 09:58:47Copy HTML

 I have some info to pass along on sunscreen.  I noticed we don't talk about it but it's what we wear over most of our bodies while wearing our thongs.  I'm partial to the "lotion" type rub on types.  The spray on types I've found seem to get everywhere and I hate the fumes.So I'm in Cali recently staying at a private home with a private pool .  I'm staying there on a business trip not a visit and hostess knowing I'm going to head out to the pool in virtually nothing said " there's  some new sunscreen in the bathroom out there I know you'll use a lot"  So I found a bottle of Hawaiian   Tropic  Sheer 15 lotion.  I put it on and it seemed to spread OK but it was pretty thin and a little gritty.   So I'm out in the sun and apply some more and I look at my skin and it's sparkling.  I looked at my hand and found out why- I looked at the bottle and it contains  "mica" which is mineral that's in some makeup but also in some premium automobile paint finishes.  I checked the bottle and there was no warning about eating the stuff but I washed my hands before eating or drinking.  I  know at home we put on sunscreen and at the pool or on the boat end up licking skin with sunscreen and I don't think I'd want to eat this stuff!!  I don't think it would affect the taste of the stuff- most of them now taste terrible!Anyway check your sunscreen for mica if you're going to be getting any in your mouth!
JM_Runs #22

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:03/18/2018 07:51:28Copy HTML

The old sunscreens with sparkles were fun, but TERRIBLE for the environment. Unfortunately the old sparkles were from bits of reflective plastic. 

The new shimmer sunscreens from Hawaiian Tropic use mica powder. Apparently 10-100um in size.
Small enough you should not be able to feel any grit.

As a mineral the mica I guess it is more friendly to the environment than plastic flakes.
In solution probably not a problem at all. However I think one would need to avoid if in the form of a dust.
Someone with more knowledge of mica might want to weigh in.

Getting kids and especially teens to wear appropriate levels of sunscreen, and to re-apply, can be tough -
Until you introduce glitter or shimmer and then the girls can't get enough !

pikeman #23

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:03/05/2019 08:03:34Copy HTML

I'm more liberal about this, but at Hippie Hollow, Lake Travis. TX, you will be cited by a deputy if observed touching breasts, buttocks, or genitals. So it's a dicey proposition unless you are applying a spray. That's the safe choice. But even at more liberal venues, I'm not going to rub on some woman even if she asks for it just out of respect for my wife. I've not had a man ever ask me for help, I wouldn't mind, but would behave respectfully if I did so.
stringueur #24

Re:Who do you let apply suntan stuff and how far do you let them go?

Date Posted:03/06/2019 09:35:22Copy HTML

As it is very difficult to apply suntan oneself in the back, i think it is normal to ask someone to apply suntant on the back. For this, i ask first to my wife. If she is not with me, so a friend, or someone i know, no matter if a man or a woman. If i don't know anyone, i ask a woman. I prefer to ask a woman because a man could think i am gay and refuse to help me. And i prefer to ask an woman more about 40 y.o. because they are more helpful and without the husband because i don't want to have any troubles with the husband. Usually, i ask only for my back, because i can apply myself the legs and the front. However, recently, a friend (girl) had applied suntan on my back. I was applying myself suntan on my buns (i was in thong) and she proposed to help me. I have accepted her help and she applied suntan on my buns. So, i can say i let apply the lotion to any place there is no fabrics. If i am confident to wear a thong in front of female friends, i am confident that they put suntan on my exposed skin.
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