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Date Posted:07/10/2004 03:01:02Copy HTML

Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum so please bear with me.I;ve been trying to locate anyone who makes custom thong underwear for men. I don't really like the styles out there now simply because most of them has that ugly front seam and that they all seem to look too pouchy in the front. Please advise... Thank you!Sexy_Derrick
smootheddie #1

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:07/11/2004 03:01:07Copy HTML

Try Dore, she has many styles and will do custom orders.


She is very good value, but her web site is very confusing, I found it best to call her, then things work OK.




gagray1 #2

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:07/15/2004 01:57:00Copy HTML


Great custom made items and even some that extreme.

abadonmi #3

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:07/19/2004 06:10:45Copy HTML

Correct link to a new Dore's site is:

Besides this site she has around ten other. All the links I posted once in this forum.

txnudist #4

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:08/18/2004 11:13:44Copy HTML

I have had several custom thongs made by Nu-parr. http:// www.nu-parr.com.  Never had a problem. Always a good quality product.
customexoticwear #5

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:09/12/2004 12:36:42Copy HTML

Custom Made Exotic Wear Web Site

Custom made exotic dancewear for men and women.  Quality made

clothing--gowns, thongs, g-strings, leg garters etc.

Visit now and join the Thong of the Month Club.

See you there!

lovemythong #6

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:09/24/2008 02:37:31Copy HTML

Sinzwear in the U.S.A. have a range of different styles, and can make up an item in different materials, of which, they have loads to choose from.  I've ordered lots of swim thongs off them in the past 3 years and have found their products to be of excellent style, fit and comfort.  You can view items on their website, or, order a catalogue off them.  They are more expensive than Dore, but the quality is worth that extra bit of cash.
NuParr #7

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:09/27/2008 05:44:21Copy HTML

www.nu-parrswimwear.com makes custom thongs.

nice stuff.
skimpythong #8

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:10/25/2008 04:20:55Copy HTML

skinzwear will do custom designs.
In fact one of my custom requests actually made it into the catalog - the M41 side tie thong.
Unfortunately they have dropped it since.  On one hand, it would have been nice if it had caught on.  On the other, at least I don't have to worry about showing up to the beach and seeing another guy wearing my signature suit!
s.turner #9

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:10/27/2008 09:21:23Copy HTML

 i dont know exactly what your looking for... but i own two from this website. Very confortable.


hope it helps
JM_Runs #10

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:10/28/2008 12:16:56Copy HTML

For anyone interested, Heswimwear just announced a 30% off sale on its custom underwear:

Underwear Promotional Announcement:  Hello Valued Swimwear Customer. We are proud to announce a 30% discount off all our customized underwear products. Enter Promo Code PCT111302008 for Discount to apply!

Special Runs Until 11/30/2008      1-866-434-8424
bmicro #11

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:11/15/2008 01:43:31Copy HTML

 On Ebay, try the stores called Slinky Swimwear (great custom crochet thongs and g-strings), ebabee6464 (great variety) and a seller known as Pablosan69 (itsy bitsy g-strings)
elp_gr #12

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:12/27/2008 05:02:54Copy HTML

 Yes, Skinzwear (www.skinzwear.com) eagerly accommodates custom orders, and Colleen Kelly (www.sexyswimwear.com) will consider custom options. The same applies to Dore (of course - www.doreg.biz) and Alphamoda (www.alphamoda.com).
goodyrthonger #13

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:12/29/2008 01:08:37Copy HTML

I think Dore is the best buy, you can look at her clearance section and get some good deals.  Also,  NU Parr of AZ.  But better to go to the store and check out the clearance table.  Mostly $10 to $15 or buy two get 1 free.  Somethings she runs this special
sailor250 #14

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:03/22/2009 08:01:19Copy HTML

Recently was at Nu Parr in Phoenix and talking to Yvvone the seamstress there and she said she does custom work- just mail a drawing and she'll call you to discuss fabrics and prices.  They seemed to have a good variety of fabrics from cire to sheer to meshes.

I bought some of their standard suits- might give the custom route a try too-

Dore has done such a good job in the past for me- can't say enough about her work
stanpuppy #15

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:03/23/2009 08:13:26Copy HTML

muscleskins (www.muscleskins.com) has a website that basically allows you to construct your own suit.  I have 10.
JM_Runs #16

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:04/05/2009 11:30:20Copy HTML


Buffedbod #17

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:05/22/2010 07:22:36Copy HTML

Hi Guys:
Its Ron from Buffedbod.com.
I have a 35% discount on my site including thongs. Regular price thong is $25, so now they're $16.25. I just posted over 50 new prints from abstracts, geometrics, animal, and tropical and floral. With all these new prints, guys have been stocking up on thongs. So anyone who says thongs are out must be in an another world.  AND REMEMBER! Everything is custom made, so you can have the skimpiest thong you want. All you need is to select the cut. And for those who don't know it. I was the original owner and designer of HE Swimwear. But I've moved on . So if you liked my swimwear there, then you'll like what I have to offer at my new company buffedbod.com. Happy thonging!
JM_Runs #18

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:05/22/2010 05:09:22Copy HTML

All the suits you see on me were by HE back in like 2002. Good quality garments, great fit, and comfort. Haven't needed anything new because I haven't been able to travel much, but I'd recomend Ron's stuff.....
thongbiker #19

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:09/11/2010 03:59:02Copy HTML

 i begin to sell my own designed thong , have a look on http://thongbiker.free.fr   link my own product   or ebay http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/pnwk
surfguy #20

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:09/12/2010 02:15:22Copy HTML

 I have purchased a few thongs from Thongbiker and they are fantastic.  I have his XD style and I amvery pleased with the way they fit.
JM_Runs #21

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:10/28/2010 06:01:24Copy HTML

Please feel free to browse the store.
Sipper #22

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:10/28/2010 08:29:35Copy HTML

 Try buffedbod.com.  They just added a sheer print line.  They are sheer, but you have to study closely to determine that.  I find that sheer g-strings are the most comfortable.

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:10/31/2010 05:42:49Copy HTML

In Las Vegas String dose.
JM_Runs #24

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:11/27/2010 01:32:38Copy HTML


Somthing wild in california has move to PA. she still makes all the items by hand to custom order wonder products that last.
ricostring #25

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:01/13/2014 11:36:02Copy HTML

 I have used Robert Carey based in Uk. always happy to experiment and try new designs.www.robertcarey.co.uk
2xist #26

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:01/14/2014 02:14:32Copy HTML

 Muscleskinz and Thongbiker!  Both are excellent!;)
Navel Nine #27

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:06/11/2014 02:45:55Copy HTML

I don't know if Alphamoda is still here.  She's based in Greece - you get a wonderful range of styles.
johny_b #28

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:06/16/2014 01:02:30Copy HTML

there is a lady that makes custom bathing suits and sells them on ebay, i have bought quite a few from her and i am very pleased with what i bought. not sure her name but she makes everything from bikini to gstring, the price is alright also.
sexyskivvies #29

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:11/12/2014 10:19:45Copy HTML

 Send me an inquiry
pikeman #30

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:02/20/2015 01:02:24Copy HTML

 +1 on www.swicthongs.comHer stuff is great. She carefully chooses fabrics according to how they stretch, 2-way or 4-way and the work is very good.
JM_Runs #31

Re:Who makes custom thong?

Date Posted:02/20/2015 02:34:23Copy HTML

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