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Date Posted:11/09/2018 06:58:20Copy HTML

I have seen this for years.  Body Building magazines and TV shows often have the guys in Speedo type posing suits.  They also often feature the same guys in skimpy cut-offs and even thongs.  Often the shorts and thongs appear in a 'life style' type section where they profile the guys in non competitive situations like boating, at the beach, or just hanging around.  I saw a magazine at the airport where the guy had on a very skimpy G-string and in one shot was laying on his stomach and exposing his buns.

Why are minimal swimsuits okay for bodybuilding men but not for the average man?  I can't think it is all a gay thing, but it does seem unusual that a buff man is acceptable in very little and not criticised, but any other average guy seems to be criticised in some ways for choosing the minimal look.

Comfythong1 #1

Re:Why are body builders accepted with minimal clothing?

Date Posted:11/09/2018 08:14:52Copy HTML

As someone who was into bodybuilding in the past (I still lift and exercise regularly ) I think the magazines are showcasing the muscles, so perhaps that’s the reason. But I think people are more accepting of minimal swimwear and clothing if people are in shape and muscular. I have worn thong swimsuits and haven’t generally had any issues with them. But also I wear them just like I would any other swimsuit- I feel free and comfortable and don’t look like I’m hiding. May be it’s ‘ I’m wearing a thong swimsuit and don’t care ‘ attitude 😎
mack_back #2

Re:Why are body builders accepted with minimal clothing?

Date Posted:11/09/2018 08:51:32Copy HTML

Anytime someone has unique freakish physique lot of the attention goes to see as much skin as possible for the ladies and men. Peoples attention are focused immediately upon the shape, size of the muscles not the clothes there wearing, even though it's slimpy and small or tight fitting. For a man in cutoff shorts, some will react as if he is the incredible Hulk, concluding because of his muscular thighs he has a problem covering them up in average dork shorts or pants which often have trouble fitting. There is taboo reaction for men wearing thongs in bodybuilding. Compare woman fitness pageants to male physique competition you will find men in board shorts on stage showing their lean slightly muscular natural bodies off (non- steroid). The male heavyweight juiced pro bodybuilders are only allowed wearing a brief swimsuit, no thongs allowed. Puzzles me why women are dolled up everyone wearing fancy custom thong T-back bikinis, plexiglass high heels stiletto platform mules, while men are left barefoot in full back coverage swimsuit we have glutes also. 

If you see a bodybuilder type brawny male on the beach in a thong rarely seen it myself. Then people will think he just is tanning for a competition or trying to lose tan lines which is never the case. Almost every bodybuilder is spray tanning or using a tanning beds in private. Rarely see a male bodybuilder in a thong if so people are little hesitant to voice a negative comment thinking he is to strong and might beat me in a fight or get angry because of steroid rage. Meanwhile average males respecting his physique thinking that dude is jacked wishing to look similar. Guys joking to one another he started wearing dork shorts but they ripped across his butt and legs ending up being a thong can't blame him clothes don't fit a beast like him he's the Hulk. While skinny dude like myself will get chuckled up for wearing a deamed feminine attire a thong, string on the beach thoughts come to mind looking to much like a IFBB competitor then a bodybuilder.  Leaves lean guys to be expected to wear bermuda shorts rather anything skimpy for modesty sake. Yet when i walk on the beach in my thong i get stared upon with grin from the ladies. Yes they are shocked with disblief male is strutting confident along wearing less then they have ever wear in public. More they look the more they smile liking what they observe, yet difficult for them too admitt it to there peers or boyfriend. In fact i often overhear woman chatting saying if i had a butt like him i to be wearing a thong. Or mock there boyfreind telling him you should wear that looking good as him.

Had chat with a fellow in sauna as he was checking me out in my Desmitt thong swimsuit. Asking me if a was a model. Answering him no just blue collar working guy, he couldn't believe it telling me i had great body and well hung. As i ignored his lude commnet i kept talking about pro bodybuilder bodies comparing, mine to Arnolds 6 time Mr. Olympia name came to mind. While critiquing Arnolds body of being imperfect unbalanced bicep, lack of six pack abs, shoulders muscle belly not developed like cannonballs like some dudes have today yet i agrred far better then i appear. The man's remark was saying Yah, but Arnold wasn't as well hung like you...  Suppose that is my answer, when males physique looks fit, normal size muscles, not overly developed, eyeballs stray towards the thong or bikini swimwear and focusing on other part of my body the bulge size. That's reason many males cover up wearing more fabric rather thonging or in speedo swimwear, unless you have something substantial to show off that attracts lot of glances versus  big muscles.

Seen woman meet pro bodybuilders videos on Youtube Phil Heath to be exact posing for picture. She standing in front of him inches away and giving a scan upon his enormous muscles and body stopping to glance at his bulge. Her reaction like many have non sexual desire. Just like a male sees a woman bodybuilder your eyes are focused on her big muscles rather lust for her feminine attributes unlike fitness bikini pageant competitor.

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