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Date Posted:06/02/2005 04:58:28Copy HTML

I've posted this as a reply to one of the threads but thought it would be a suitable question to ask everyone on the board.

I know a number of you guys worry about thongs in public but whats the point? Why can't people do things for themselves and do what they want to do anymore instead of worrying what others opinions are of them?

I think I read somewhere else on this board that when you're buying a pair of shoes or a shirt would you worry what others thought of that? The answer is most definitely NO because you'd buy it and wear it because you wanted to. So why can't you guys do that with your swimwear?

You can't please everybody all of the time, and I'm sure if you went naked or wore speedos or "dork" shorts there'd be a small percentage of people who didn't like that.

So where do you draw the line? Do you wander around the beach for an hour before you settle down asking all those near what they would like you to wear? NO....WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK?

You've probably never even met half of the people around you and yet you're worrying what they might think of seeing a strip of material between your butt.

Just my opinion anyway, I'll get off my soap box now. Luv Sarah xxx
sarpedion #1

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/02/2005 06:03:41Copy HTML

I agree with you 100%,but you've got to remember that in this country,you can be arrested for wearing thongs on a beach.Some places are very hostile to anyone wearing a thong,especially a man.
nicthong #2

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/02/2005 06:30:01Copy HTML

This reminds me of a scene from Friends when Rachel found it embarrassing to run with Phoebe and Phoebe asks her why...

Rachel: Well, it's embarrassing. People were looking at us like we were crazy.
Phoebe: Why do you care?
Rachel: Because they're people.
Phoebe: But people that you don't know and will never see again.
Rachel: Yes, but still. They're people...with eyes.

Whenever I see this scene or think about it, it reminds me how foolish our mindset often is. The reality is that we DO get caught up with what other people think, even if we'll never see them again. And we make ridiculous excuses to justify our needless concern... "but still, they're people... with eyes."

YES we should be aware of the law (if thongs are illegal don't wear them) and YES we should be considerate of others (let's not be totally selfish about this) but NO we shouldn't worry too much about wearing thongs in public. Sure, it's easier in some places and some contexts than others... but there are MANY posts on this board about wearing a thong and either getting approving looks or comments or getting none. I've worn tiny thongs in several places, quite publicly, around older adults, around teenagers, and around families with children and it's never been a problem. Mostly, people just leave me to enjoy the sun and they get on with enjoying the sun themselves. That's the reality... most "people with eyes" really aren't all that bothered. So when and if you can, bite the bullet, go out there and enjoy the thonging experience!

abczyxabczyx #3

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/02/2005 10:47:23Copy HTML

I have never had a problem wearing thongs or g-strings to the beach.  It's about the attitude.

imathonglover #4

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/02/2005 10:48:02Copy HTML

Simply put, here in the US, it is considered sexy for a woman to wear a thong, but if a man wears one, he is generally considered to be a pervert. Quite the contrary, I was just down on Galveston Island with two other members of this board, each of us sunning in our thongs. The truth of the matter is that we are either married or have a girlfriend and were not interested in impressing one else, but rather enjoying a beautiful day on the beach with minimal, but legal beach attire. There are lots of areas here in the US that are governed by extreme conservatists, therefore laws and ordinances make it illegal to even show a glimpse of your buttocks.

There are also those guys that are afraid of labeling by wearing thongs. I have a friend that I work out with that asked me if I have ever been accused of being gay for wearing my thongs. Thinking back on the subject, much to my surprise, no one has really said anything to me in the locker room, but I have gotten a couple looks that could be considered as stares. Unlike SunBare, I don't have an athletic build, but I am in fairly descent shape and am beginning to have less reservations about being seen in my thongs. There comes a time in your life when you say the heck with what everyone thinks and do your own thing. As long as it is legal, who has the right to say anything different? I guess someone could say something, but can they really do anything?

Let me end with this ... if more guys (generally talking about those that are not members of this or any support board) would get over there fears of what others think, you could probably see a turn towards more male thong sightings on the beaches and other places. Therefore, if we would continue to support this move, it might become a more popular thought and not looked down so negatively.

BeachBum413 #5

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/03/2005 12:36:55Copy HTML

The problem here in the conservative Midwest is that it's conservative! So what you generally see in the stores and on the beach are dork shorts. I see more Speedos at the Y than anyplace else - but these folks are swimmers. At our cottage I can wear thongs/gstrings sometimes - it depends on who is around. When the kids are there and lots of other folks that I don't know are there, then it's the old Speedo. So I have a range of things from really small and revealing to the old Speedo and I pick the one that is appropriate for the day.  Like jace63 I'm older and not super athletic, although not in horrable shape. At this stage in my life I really don't care what others think and pretty much do what is comfortable for me. In general folks are to hung up on what they look like instead of what is comfortable and practical. I like the commercial that talks about the scratchy cloths - I'd rather not wear anything - but the thong/gstring is as close as I can generally get.
Endo_Rowe #6

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/05/2005 01:55:39Copy HTML

"Do you wander around the beach for an hour before you settle down...?"

That was the kicker. The general behavior of men is to find secluded spots to avoid other people and their attitudes. I know, because I tend to do it too, though I am trying to break it. The other day I didn't let myself settle into seclusion. Instead, I went for a walk, strutting right past everyone else and even to the parking lot. Normally, we fear other peoples' beliefs, but do nothing to change them. The only way to get people used to thongs is through exposure. When us men hide in thongs, we just cause people to think we're perverts. Wear a thong, walk around, talk to people, skip stones, play frisbee, drink a beer, and act normal.
Jazz Skirt #7

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/05/2005 11:28:48Copy HTML

Sarah, bless your heart, you are revealing that you are young, and not a part of the generation of females who set the new rules for themselves---and, simultaneously for males---years ago.  I've been there:  Permit me to clarify to you what's been going on while you were still just a lustful thought in your parents' minds.

In the fifties and sixties women said they only wanted equality with males.  Get that:  Equality with males!  As they marched in the streets and burned their bras and cornered their frightened congressmen, a lot happened overnight that caused new generations of females to be taught that they had the world by a string.  Today's females talk and dress and act as though they can be and do anything they set their minds to.  But in the meanwhile, men backed away and waited for the dust to clear in this new "femininity war" in the US, and what they soon discovered were that new generations of females wanted only to be in charge, not just to be equal with men.  Men heard a lot of ugly things said about men.  Men's penises became ugly and unwanted parts, and women and their congressmen pretty much saw that this new attitude was the new law.

Men have been backing off and backing away from this new feminine power---this new anti-male attitude---ever since, and so they have come to recognize that they (the men) were neither wanted nor respected anymore.  Not by women, not by senators, congressmen, not by cops and courts.  Every man knows (or if he's young, every man learns) that his position in our society is now secondary to women's.  A fascinating read about this is feminist Susan Faludi's book, Stiffed.  It's scary, and it's true.

So I'm amused to hear you---a new age woman---stepping forward and encouraging men to be more authoritative about themselves.  Let me be clear, that I agree entirely with you that men ought to call the shots about their own lives, just as women do about theirs.  But it's going to be difficult to retrain men who, these days, are used to getting their heads bashed for something they see women get away with.  (For example, appearing scantily clad in public.)  You're talking to guys who "don't want any trouble", and that means just wearing jeans and a baseball cap, and dork shorts on the beach, fitting in and being quiet and invisible.  If you would like men to be more sexually expressive (which will benefit women as well as men), you've got to be part of an army of women who let these feelings be known. 

Men don't feel equal to women these days, and until they do, they're not going to get very brave and expressive about their lives.  Shame...these are the only lives we guys have.  This is not a rehearsal.  Darned shame.



Ex_Member #8

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/05/2005 02:40:02Copy HTML

Wow. That last post about feminism was pretty strong. I dont think its because men are repressed by feminism. Its just that our current society says that women should be naked (or close to it) w/ big fake breasts, while men should be wearing as much to cover their legs. Its a trend that will eventually be reversed...

Also, I dont scream on the top of my lungs, "look at me, Im wearing a thong!" Mainly because some people will find it offensive (I feel that we should be considerate of other people at times, Im not going to listen to loud offensive music on the beach either) and counter to what our pop culture tells us. I also dont share that I wear thongs with a lot of friends, because for some, I don't think they are mature enough to get over the fact that its just comfortable underwear or that I like to get a tan without highly reflective white cheeks... Some people will make it an issue no matter what.

Who cares, its just underwear/swimwear. Wear what you want, where ever you want (as long as you are comfortable).
jn9195 #9

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/06/2005 04:45:57Copy HTML

I don't find a spot that is extremely secluded, but I won't set up in an area where people are packed in.

You will find out that if you lay out in your thong without "hiding" that many people will pick a spot very near you.  Most of them aren't offended if you act "normal".

Popeye1 #10

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/06/2005 07:17:38Copy HTML

Olive and I don't hide from anyone. certainly a woman in a thong is more accepted at (most) beaches, but as a man i'm not going to hide, i'm not going to look for another guy in a thong, if there's kids around they're not going to care, the only people that care are the uptight americans and  we both feel that's their problem not ours. I refuse to be responsible for someone elses little phobias. Now that i've ranted a little, I'll say that if I see a bunch of guys drinking bud light, with confederate flags flying, i'll perhaps be a little more discreet, lol. 

If youre a guy and you want to wear a thong to the beach, do it. You're probably going to be the only one and you'll get some looks, some giggles, some photos taken, and maybe even a rude comment. who cares? if you act relaxed and like you belong there, pretty soon every one will forget about you and you never know, the next time you go there might be another thonger. Popeye 

Ex_Member #11

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/06/2005 07:44:15Copy HTML

Amen, Popeye. It can sometimes take a little courage. If you believe in your right to individual choice and self-expression then you should exercise it.  Don't submit to the silent tyranny of the average conformists.
niceandtight #12

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/08/2005 09:34:46Copy HTML

Finding the right spot . I think some common sense is needed . No one wants a confronattion so there are going to be some issues . But I guess for most men and women being seen in a thong is part of the pleasure , the double take or the smile from someone is good and so a totally deserted beach is pointless . One particularly nice thing that happened last year was two 20yr old girls who had spotted me from a distance came over to check me out , pretending slowly to wander past when I was wearing a white tanga , they stopped turned and went back the way they came so intention was obvious ! Doesnt sound much I know but its all part of it . I think Sarah has it right in the main and didnt deserve the criticism but guys do have to be more careful
Thonglicious #13

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/09/2005 04:25:36Copy HTML

I agree wth Jazz Skirt in that we men have been, and continue to be, subjected to a double standard.  Partly because of the fiminist movement and partly beucause that's just the mentality of this Western Culture - but also, there's the very basic biological difference between men and women.  The visual effect simply means more to us guys.  If a man sees a provocatively dressed woman, repeated observation says that that occurance creates more of a reaction than if a woman notices a provocatively dressed man.  Not that women don't notice or appreciate a hot guy, it just means more to men.  And beucase of this society has a bent which lets women get away a little more........or less, as it were.

You're right Sarah.  Why should it matter what others think?!  But the unfortunate fact of the matter is it does.  The existance of this message board screams that very thing.


thong69 #14

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/09/2005 06:36:02Copy HTML

I have noticed that sometimes wearing a thong gets you more notice and comments than being nude.  When in Cancun at an adults only resort I wore a thong one day and heard a few comments from women walking by (all positive) and some people did double takes.  One late afternoon my wife and I were sitting on some chairs on the beach after dinner and there was a group of four couples, in their late twenties I guess, hanging out on the beach.  They all stood together and had someone take their picture and right when they took the picture one of the guys pulled down the shorts of the guy in front.  Everyone laughed then when they took another pic one of the other guys did it again. This time he just kicked them off and left them off for awhile, but they kept taking pictures.  No one walking by said anything or even acted any different.  On another night right after dark we went down to sit on the beach again and there was a couple in the ocean tossing a ball or something and they were'nt wearing anything.  When they came out of he water they just picked up their clothes and walked off.  Again no one stared or hardly even noticed.  So after they walked by I asked my wife if she wanted to go in and she said no so I said I am, striped and jumped in!  When I got out I did'nt have a towl so I just  threw my clothes over my shoulder and went back to our room.  I could'nt believe that wearing a thong got more attention!  
nhthongboy #15

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:06/12/2005 11:02:32Copy HTML

Personally, I don't thong because I would never hear the end of it from my friends.  And sure, I have my good friends to whom it would not matter.  But the problem is in the industry in which I work (music) I know alot of people.  Its all about who you know, my contact list has hundreds of people in it.  Running into people that know me is quite common, the case isn't always that they're people who will never see you again.

Also it would be different if some of my lady friends would thong with me.  As a guy alone or with other guys, your asking for it.  But with a pretty friend in similar attire right next to me its like the reverse.  It;s the supid typical male mentality.  If it somehow involves you and getting laid or something to do with "because she's hot" its cool but anything scarcely femine otherwise is mocked.  I think my generation is really closed minded, we like to laugh at things more than we accept. (early 20's)

Of course, once I've made my wealth and don't have to worry about money anymore, you'll see me with a thong on roller blading through disney land while singing and playing air guitar.  We go along with ideas set by society because we try to fit in with whatever is the norm to your employer.  People would care less if this wasn't the case I think.

Kinistretcher #16

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/13/2005 07:10:01Copy HTML


I think some of men's concerns have to do with their comfort level. I have been wearing skimpy swimwear a while now so I'm comfortable being out in public, even walking for miles along the beach in tiny suits. I actually forget about what I'm wearing. (I do avoid the more crowded areas so as not to offend people with children.) I used to go to Fort Desoto when I lived nearby. Great place. Now I go to Galveston (TX) beach. If you want to see me in my suit, I posted a pic of myself in a tiny tie side string at ratemybody.com, profile mrb1. Yes folks, I wear that little bit of nothing while walking the beach. 

underwater #17

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/13/2005 08:13:29Copy HTML

Sarah, when are you going to visit the USA?  We have a great nude beach in NJ.
backstrap357 #18

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/14/2005 02:34:57Copy HTML

To beat the point to death, Sarah, you absolutely correct in your statement but the difference is in the differences in the two societies.

At least to Americans, Brits appear to be uptight but they really aren't. Anybody that whatches british Sit-Coms can tell that and ultimately brits are accepting on personal differences.

Conversely, Americans would love the world to believe that we are not uptight when we really are. We vilify sex and the human body always under the pretense of  "Protecting the children" when the truth is so many are just terrified about having to explore what's in themselves. For instance, there are many people in this country that vehemently opposed to nudism/naturism. They oppose on the grounds that it victimizes women and that is traumatizes children. The arguments are almost cliche'. But the reality of the matter is these same people are just afraid that if social nudity becomes acceptable they might have to become more in touch with themselves.

America was founded on the premise of religious tolerance but it is my experience that religion is anything but tolerant.

beachfolks #19

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/14/2005 11:02:51Copy HTML

Correct, but unfortunately it's people who are intolerant. If we could just get rid of people-hm-hm-hm
JM_Runs #20

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/14/2005 09:02:49Copy HTML

As Bill Murray's character said in "Stripes", our (USA) ancestors were pretty much kicked out of every other decent country on earth. :-)
Travis001 #21

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/18/2005 01:52:15Copy HTML


Here are my thoughts on this topic. 

The whole issue of wearing a thong is always controversial.  Where I live, I hang out on a like and a woman wearing a thong is always a big deal.  She draws stares from both men and women and the women generally comment that she is either too fat to wear a thong or that they would never do it because its too promiscuous.  One woman commented she wanted to wear a thong but her husband wouldn't let her.  The notion of exposing one's buttocks is provocative. 

As far as men wearing thongs, I think we need to step back and think about the roles of the sexes.  I'm going to overly generalize here due to space limitiations but I think, in general, men pursue women and women are pursued by men.  Women wear clothing to draw attention to themselves and men wear clothing to detract attention from themselves.  We all look attractive but by way of example, do you ever see a man wearing a formal outfit that bares his chest.  No.

Also, keep in mind, that a woman dressed provocatively is not seen as a threat - she is simply "advertising".  A man who dresses provocatively is considering a threat AND perverted because he apparently doesn't understand the stereotypical gender roles.

I really love thongs but haven't had the courage to wear one publicly.  I agree that being nude is not as provocative as wearing a thong (for a man) because the thong is a positive expression of sexuality beyond nudity - in my opinion.  I fear wearing a thong publicly because I don't want to offend anyone.  I have scoured message boards on the Internet (other than this one) and, in general, the consensus is that people don't like men in thongs.  This run counter to my feelings about thongs - I would love nothing more than to wear a thong in public and draw admiring glances from women.

My worst fear would be to wear a thong in a public place and be labeled a pervert by an authority figure.  This consequence is great enough to have repressed this fantasy of mine.

So, Sarah, that's why not many guys wear thongs in public.  We have way too much to lose.  I agree with the comment that, if women want men to wear thongs, talk with your girlfriends about how much you like it.  If guys believe that women will like seeing them in thongs, more men will wear thongs.

Beachlover492000 #22

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/18/2005 02:22:51Copy HTML

I agree with your observations about the roles that society expects man and women to play, Travis001. Women are the pursued and men are the pursurers. Having said that, there are conditions and circumstances where you can wear a thong in public 

First, it's got to be legal in the locality where you go. Second, it has to be at a beach or other location when it is generally accepted. If you follow those two rules, you will be OK.

As for pleasing everyone, that's not possible, and you should not worry about it. Everyone has opinions, and some people go out of their way to be offended because they enjoy it or they think they are maintaining some kind of standard. If you give in to these poeple, they will take away your right to enjoy life.

Here's an example. Down here in Florida there is a fundamentalist county commissioner who would have most of the two piece womens' bathing suits that you could buy at Walmart banned from the beach. She's got standards for how far the suit comes down on the woman's hips and legs and how wide the sides are supposed to be. There is even a county here there are court cases pending on this. In other words this woman wants to turn the U.S. into a Christian Taliban state.

Like I said. You can't please everyone, and there is still enough space left on the earth for those of us who are different to do what we enjoy.

JM_Runs #23

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/18/2005 05:58:22Copy HTML

Reply to Beachlover492000,  It's a good thing that most of the fool hardy attempts to legislate the size of cloths go nowhere.  And when they do it tends to be in backward inland counties that dont have beaches !!
JM_Runs #24

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/18/2005 06:06:58Copy HTML

Reply to Travis001, You say "I really love thongs but haven't had the courage to wear one publicly."   That's a shame.  But he goes on to say "I fear wearing a thong publicly because I don't want to offend anyone."  That's a problem.  You seem very paranoid that some one might take offence. 

Understand that there is very little you do that will not cause offence to some one else.  It's difficult to enjoy life if you try never to offend any person. 

You could try spending every day in the church, kneeling in prayer. You could pray for your god to heal the sick, house the homeless and comfort the lonely. Unfortunately this will offend those of us who believe prayer is a waist of time, and that you should get up and go help the needy your self. 

I get offended by idiots in government or by any Christian zealot.  I even get offended when a church thinks it has the right to disturb my ?day of rest' on Sunday by waking me up with pre-recorded music booming from their steeple.  I am offended by big new sky scrapers built along the beach and sold of as million dollar condos.  I get bent out of shape by people taking Pro Wrestling as any thing other than a con game, and on the subject of con-games, the government should not be running lotteries or other gambling. 

To avoid offence I assume you have not selected a political party, don't vote,  don't drink,  only wear shades of gray and walk to work.  What was that movie called?   I think it was Pleasantville.

You say you have "scoured message boards on the Internet"  and "the consensus is that people don't like men in thongs."    I would point out the consensus is that the most popular flavor of ice-cream is vanilla.  So using you therm that you have to stay with the 'consensus'  I guess you eat nothing but vanilla?

If you branch out one day and try Rocky Road, or a sinful Double Dark Chocolate and Raspberry, will you do it in the privacy of your own home or will you have the courage to do it in pubic?

You say you would "love nothing more than to wear a thong in public and draw admiring glances from women."   Well we all like admiring glances.  In the real world, not EVERY one admires the same thing.  But if you have the courage to wear a thong in public, and you are some what fit, and more importantly the thong fits you, you will probably get those admiring glances you crave.  They may admire you, they may admire your suit, or they may admire your courage for wearing a thong. 

Your worst fear is being "labeled a pervert by an authority figure."   OK so go out to a beach where thonging is allowed and go for it.  take a vacation if you need to, but get over the phobia of disapproval. 

To be honest, many years ago I too worried about the reactions of 'authority figures', but as I matured, I got over that.  Nowadays I some times find myself working with the police, or members of the city council, and realize they are people just like you and me.  Being polite and respectful goes a long way.  Thong out in the open and not hidden away in the dunes like you were doing something secretive and wrong. 

I think your fear is more one of being labeled a homo than real fear of being seen in a thong.  For you said that you would "love nothing more than to wear a thong in public and draw admiring glances from women."   Try it.  I can't promises you that women will adore you, or that some read necks won't make crass remarks.  That's life.  You take the good with the bad.  It's what you chouse to keep, and what you ignore, that makes you who you are. 

Just like in gold mining,  there is a lot of dirt, but the nuggets make the dirt worth while.  And just like gold mining, selecting the right location for staking your claim affects the outcome, but failing to stake a claim means you only get to hear about it from others. 

Travis001 #25

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/18/2005 06:34:56Copy HTML

Reply to Beachlover - It's unbelievable that they are trying to restrict women's swimsuits that way but it doesn't surprise me.

Reply to JM - I really appreciate your comments because you are a person who lives the "thong lifestyle" for lack of better words.  I finally ordered my first thong swimsuits today.  All I need to do now (after receiving them) is find a reasonbly close place to thong and plan a time.

As far as the "offensiveness" topic goes - it's not so much about offending people in general - it's being offensive in a sexual way that would lead to being labeled pervert.  Being labeled gay doesn't worry me so much because that comment would typically come from a man who is fearful of thonging.  That's his problem.  I guess I have the usual fears of dropped jaws and law enforcement tossing me in the can and getting convicted as a sex offender (okay, I'm extrapolating to illustrate). 

Also, I share your feelings regarding "offensiveness", JM - that is, all the right wingers who want to put down and control people like us on the board.  We're just people - we're all naked underneath - who want to put the fabric of our clothes in places on our bodies that is different than many people.  Provocative?  I hope so.  If that offends someone, so what?  The "so what" is only important if there are consequences.

Thanks for the words of encouragement - I really appreciate it.


Pithecanthropus #26

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/18/2005 07:00:07Copy HTML

I don't think the repressive modesty conventions men adhere to are the result of feminism.   I'm more inclined to attribute it to homophobia and the overarching "fear of appearing gay", as has been expressed elsewhere.  
Pomegranates #27

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/18/2005 09:34:56Copy HTML

Travis001, I think JM makes some good points but didn't give you the credit you deserve for your excellent insights into male/female thonging differences.  I think you are right on the mark -- normal men aren't supposed to advertise their bodies in a way that indicates sexual availablity, while women are expected to.  The only body parts that men today are allowed to openly advertise is their pecs and their 'guns' , because these are perceived as indications of 'warrior capability', rather than sensuality.  Show any other body parts beyond that and you will, as you say, be considered perverted because you evidently don't understand the gender roles that others have agreed to.

There is one elaboration of your argument that I would like to make, and that I haven't seen made elsewhere but I think lies at the heart of  1.) the misgivings most  people have over men in thongs, and 2.) the widespread assumption that a man in a thong is probably gay: Thongs touch the anus; thus people assume that a thong-wearing man would likely welcome other forms of contact there, i.e., gay penetration.  Wrong, but common nonetheless. 


Beachlover492000 #28

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/18/2005 09:51:00Copy HTML

I should have added that this woman's name is Rhonda Storm. Remember that name because there is talk that she wants to move up in state government. She spearheaded an effort to pass an anti-gay law here that would ban any local government observations of Gay Pride Days. What got this bigot started was a display of books on gay subjects in a local library.

The mayor a Tampa has condemned her actions and those of her fellow county council members. It looks like Tampa might have to hire a PR firm to try to reduce the damage. Some are concerned that businesses might not want to locate in the Tampa area because of the bad press. Now this Christian bigot has cost us more money to repair the damage from her intolerance .

Rhonda Storm - Remember that name if you see it on Florida ballot. I'd vote for a snake or cockroach  before I'd cast a vote for her.

Ex_Member #29

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/19/2005 07:55:42Copy HTML

I'm sensing a massive backlash against Christians here, especially on this thread. As a Christian, I too am upset by some of the oppressive/intolerant members of my religion. I would actually argue that most of the people referred to in this thread are actually not Christian. Christianity very much preaches tolerance and non-violence, and many of the extreme Christians (both right and left) are intolerant. These people do not understand their faith, much like 90% of the world does not fully understand their faith (whatever religion you believe). Just like militant Islam, there exists sects of Christianity that would oppress people if given the choice. Please do not confuse them with normal Christians! For instance, Beachlover, you mentioned this Rhonda Storm (of who I do not know) as a Christian Bigot, which implies that Christianity is a.) negative and b.) linked to bigotry; neither of which are true. And JM, you mentioned that Christian Zealots offend you. A zealot is defined as someone who is fanatically committed. I would argue many people are zealots in reference to their wife, so why not in reference to God? Is you're beef actually with people who are deeply committed to their religion, or to people who want to control you via their religion? That is not truly the Christian way either. I guess I'm ranting a little because this thread has me feeling "profiled" - I'm Christian therefore I'm against anything of a sexual nature, most especially thongs, etc. This is obviously not true.
sherryrandy #30

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:11/22/2005 04:17:32Copy HTML

I'm a guy here posting through my wife's account.  She has been encouraging me to wear a thong on the beach, and reading this has given me some encouragement.  I already wear bikini briefs, and she loves it.  Now I want to go that extra mile and give her what she wants and take her swimming in my thong swimsuit.  We are just trying to find a good beach in Florida for this new adventure.  But to keep on topic here, I she is more into seeing me in a thong in public, and is exceptible of other's who are brave enough to do it, then to actually go to a strip club.  If anyone in Florida reads this, maybe we could all hit the beach sometime in our strings.  I know that would deffinately help my first time.


Danish thong #31

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:11/24/2005 06:16:01Copy HTML

Hello everyone!

I am a 35 year old man living in Denmark. I totally agree that wearing a thong on a beach is simply wonderfull. I am married, and my wife thinks it is ok. 

We love going on vacation to southern europe for sunbathing etc.  This autumn we visited Gran Canaria and had a wonderfull week in the sun - and of course in our thongs. 

In my experience most people don't worry about the seldom sight of a man in a thong.  Eventhough I think many women still don't find men in thongs sexy and attractive. 

I am just lucky that I have a wife who like to join me on the beach, and that we both wear thongs. I simply love the very nice tanlines from this piece of bathingsuit... I love my body, and i wear what I want on the beach, giving me the grat tanlines.

Navel Nine #32

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:11/29/2005 01:58:01Copy HTML

I was educated at a boy's school where the headmaster threatened to force you to wear a skirt if your hair was longer than he approved of. He preached at Assembly and set the tone for the class. One was afraid of the scorn and derision that quickly appeared if you were out of the group.

That has set the fear of one's peers into me - Ooh, that's a girly thing ! ! !

As Pete and Sarah will tell you, the time for thonging is limited - and Sarah has told us, a thong is a logical progression for a girl - not the exception.

I should have had more courage in the past and am hoping to change this. This forum has provided me with encouragement for the summer. JM's advice is a help.
John Howard #33

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:12/18/2012 10:45:52Copy HTML

 Sometimes I can't help to be puzzled on how some men worry so much on the opinion of others.
For instance, I have a FB account, which I mostly use to read posts of friends, very rarely I write down something myself.Every day, at any time, I can read posts of friends which are inappropriate, too intimate to share, full of ego (nothing wrong with that) but to change your profile photo every week, so desperately looking for approval and positive comments.I am amazed on how many of my friends are falling for this.
All this FB madness, I prefer a low profile and don't get involved.
However, sometimes these people, are so quick to criticize and put down men who are just themselves.
This reinforces my contempt on potential criticism on myself from others, at any level, wearing thongs publicly included.
People and especially men lately, are so worried about the approval of others.  If I'm not doing or wearing anything illegal, and what I'm wearing is still within the limits of not being a show off creep like wearing a torpedo or bright pink, orange or see through suit,  why should I worry for the approval of anyone.   If they don't like what they see, that's their problem.

mack_back #34

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:12/19/2012 02:21:29Copy HTML

John Howard agree with your statement of "contempt on potential criticism on myself from others".... I feel exactly the same and in the same boat as you...

Only difference in opinion is yes i worry about other peoples criticism of me. If you work with people you have to get along not be best friends but professional in doing my job. If i gather some females snub there noses at me for wearing what i do, i get disappointed that they have to be critical of me. Yet i look out for people who are uneventfully  bias or prejudice in my choice of clothing. Usually by seeing others  how they attire themselves, especially women, you can gauge roughly they will not accept me in there clique of friends. So i don't bother to get to know them better because there narrow mindedness or immaturity which they construe as being classy or average not slutty or seen as an embarrassment of disgust.
By being loner of sorts makes people look upon me as weird and strange but that saves me from ridicule or fingers being pointed anytime someone new approaches others as being a whipping boy for everyone's amusement.Most importantly you will never have any sort of common ground with people who criticize you for the clothing you wear be it at the beach, pool or gym and street...So why hold out the open hand or smile saying hello to people who dislike me for the only reason but what i'm wearing... 

nz_thong #35

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:12/20/2012 03:33:59Copy HTML

I learnt a long time ago that "what other people think of me is none of my business".
You can do your best at something and even if it benefits others, there is always someone there to nit pick or be critical of your efforts.  So why expend energy in caring what they think of your choice of swimwear.

osceola89 #36

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:12/20/2012 01:50:26Copy HTML

Actually I do not therewise I would not wear my G-string suit in public, I only care if people complain, kids around, etc.  I do not care.  There is a double standard,  I recently was at a beach bar in Hollywood Bar at the outdoor in only my G-string talking to the bartender with no off duty bartenders sitting in stools at the bar and a girl with her 2 male friends was there.  She had been drinking, when my friends left, the girl in sweats commented to me she had taken my picture,  She later ask if I was gay, I said I was not not, She then said I would not get any puss@@ dressed like that.  I said I was trying to get any.  I said she would not get any man dressed in sweats. her friends thought that was funny.  I actually hear all the time women do not like mens in g-strings, but if I had on shorts, women would not give me the time of day, but with my G-string on, I seem to do much better
mack_back #37

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:12/20/2012 03:41:40Copy HTML

Couldn't agree with you more.. Like the exchange of insults to the baggy sweats female. Like to do the same to many females I see as well. Only what's the point, getting the last word in, a losing war of words about clothing....Many females misconstrue what we wear that is suppose to impress someone else... Thus females giggles or laughter, thinking I'm doing a poor job of looking like an Adonis. Sometimes wearing what we do is nothing more then to feel comfortable not send a message to others. Wish more females could see it that way. Rather judge me for my attire thinking I'm trying to impress other females. While there trying to hide  smirks, thinking it is so wrong for me to wear whatever attire I chose. Even if i wear something mainstream they don't pay attention or focus in because they know i'm not there type. Unless someone points me out there reaction would be the same disgust or laughter towards me. Sometimes like to wipe there smiling judgemental smirk off there pasty freckled faces. Difficult to ignore but somehow got to live with it. 
Telling me to ignore others about what I wear is difficult task when someone makes wrong assumptions of me. Your asking us to ignore them like a pesky mosquito bitting me, really how can that be...?

nude2020 #38

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:07/12/2018 08:31:45Copy HTML

 I believe Sarah hit the nail on the head. Why should we care if people like what we wear when was the last time someone asked you if it was ok to wear that. 
JM_Runs #39

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:01/24/2019 11:21:47Copy HTML

“You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you, if you knew how seldom they do!” - Original quote is from Olin Miller
jn9195 #40

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:01/25/2019 06:44:52Copy HTML

I'm an average looking guy. And for my personality, I'm probably a little weird. Ok, maybe a lot; I definitely don't view everything the same was as most. I guess that's why I'm ok with anyone wearing a thong or g-string. Anyway, to get to the point... I've had a lot more ladies speak to me when I was wearing a thong or g-string than when I was wearing regular swimming trunk shorts. Nearly 0 with shorts, dozens over just the last few summers while in a thong suit.
bubblebuttt #41

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:01/25/2019 07:28:25Copy HTML

Same here, I love and enjoy wearing thongs, cheeky bikinis and rio on the pool. but what really turns me off is when I notice others giggling while looking at me; it really shoots my self-confidence. Now I'm about 6'3 235lbs I've been eating healthy and taking care of my weight to look good for the summer. And I try very hard to act normal when i'm tanning around others but I can't help it but know that everyone is looking at me, they probably can't say anything to me because i'm a big guy lol nevertheless, I just want to feel comfortable and without any judgements. The question is how can I accomplish that, and the answer I continue to give myself is if I continue to lose more weight and get back in my early 20's (I'm 30) shape then I guess it'll be more acceptable. The other argument that I seem to win (in my head) that why can't a guy wear what he wants without being ridiculed, without judgement, snapping pictures, etc. Ladies talk about equality and I know I'm REALLY stretching this lol but at the same time, I want to be able to wear leggings (they're so comfortable!!!) on a starbucks run, I want to be able to wear cute beach cover-ups to the beach, I want to be able to stand on the sand and put on sunscreen without worrying about who will take a picture of me. I'm a confident guy and have been but this is where I'm currently struggling. So far I have been eating healthy and taking care of my body, trying to shed more weight and tone up a little before hitting the pool. I just want to feel free without the judgement cloud hanging over my head. If I want to wear a thong then it shouldn't matter to anyone, the world isn't going to end.
mack_back #42

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:01/25/2019 09:34:35Copy HTML

bubblebutt: Don't let it get you down the assumed critism. Know matter how your physique appears people will giggle and take pictures regardless, it's all on how you handle it what matters.  Don't fall into the trap believing when i get into better shape, people will look upon me less. In my experience being fit often more attention is given and reactions are the same as you described. Majority of the populus can't accept male in perceived woman's attire such as legging, skimpy swimwear etc.. Have overanalyzed this question, when we will feel free from stares and less amusing to others to observe? Simply put, never! What you can count on is people opinions are predictable and them finding our ways of untraditional beach, pool, casual street  style to attract  more attention. 

 The best way to cope is preoccupy your mind on other thoughts, tasks then closely observing them haters. Yes it can be difficult when standing in a line up and sudden giggles are heard. Often i believe it's because what i'm wearing yet trying to mentally stay strong drowning out there noise, comments, discussions by  focusing on more important thoughts such as what coffee am i going to order. Stay confident that what your wearing can't be worn any better or how your styled in leggings none can compete with how you, display your physique at least anyone in close proximity. There will be others with better body then mine but often aware of my surrounding and people i often look better then anyone. That alone keeps me confident and any mocking criticism falls off my shoulders. Why bare someone insecurities or modest fashion sense when you feel comfortable in your own skin. Got to tell you feels free knowing others stare and look even smirk upon me wearing very vulnerable exposing attire. Yet standing confident knowing others have shortcomings physically more than me. Ask yourself, why  try to be ashamed hiding and feeling uncomfortable with other individuals pointing their plastic finger, giggling. Often i can do the exact same, to them. Only a long stare reaction from me will back them up feeling insignificant. There true colors of  self-consciousness and unhappiness upon there bodies come to light hidden from layers of fabric. Best advice wear what you enjoy start now not waiting for right time or when you reach a imaginary goal. More you wear it easier it becomes and same people adjust to your comfortable unique style. Only then you reach a utopia mindset where in the beginning feeling upset from negative reactions don't matter as  much.

Make them jealus and envious on what your wearing. Often you will see the difference in the reactions people give you. Envy is one way to get back at the monsters that hide in the shawdows giggling picture taking etc.. Give yourself more credit then you believe some may just love what your wearing, giggling nervously afraid  or nervous to pay you compliment or appraoch you in any manner happens to me often. Remember people like looking beautiful things yet feel ashamed by hiding there feelngs through reactions that don't make sense to us.  

LoveMyThongs #43

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 03:28:15Copy HTML

Thongs for men and women accentuate the body and private areas. The American public is ok with women but fear the bulge. It’s annoying to say the least but I don’t shy away as ya a style choice and I love how I look in them 

bmicro #44

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 02:59:14Copy HTML

When I am in a new location that I have little knowledge of, I am very concerned about the opinion of others (particularly the constabulary). I try to research the laws when I can. Once I am comfortable that I know the legal and social situation, I will wear whatever I want within the constraints (or lack thereof) for that location. i.e. wear as little as appropriate.
wr1944 #45

Re:Why can't you guys stop worrying about the opinions of others ?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 08:38:27Copy HTML

When I started to wear thongs and strings in public around 2000, I was a little concerned the two first years. I lived in Europe then so it was at least legal at the beaches. After two years I felt confident enough to wear skimpy swimgear at beaches without a second thought and made long beachwalks. Since 2010 I live in the USA and it is a different picture. My nearest beach is Sandy Hook, NJ, and I'm glad it has an easy going attitude. If not at Gunnison nude beach, I go to my "adopted" beach at the bayside at the north tip of the peninsula. It is not much of a beach but it is at least quiet. I like it also because it has the same orientation as my beach in Holland.
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