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tobias5711 #51

Re:Why can't you thong with friends? Real friends wouldn't mind.

Date Posted:07/22/2018 01:21:52Copy HTML

 Hi. So this is the second first which happened to me today at Lake Lanier (outside Atlanta). I have been wearing a thong since 1987 at the lake. I have never tried to hide and always knew one day I would probably run into one of my friends. Today was that day.

Shortly after the guy on jet ski left (who had a thong under his pants), another jet ski slowed down as they got close to me. There was a couple with their son on the jet ski and they were pulling a large float behind them with another couple on it. As normal I waved and said hello. I did not have on my glasses, but I thought I recognized the man on the jet ski. I took a big breath and yelled out - Hey, Don't I know you? He laughed and called me by name.

He was a old customer who I got to know extremely well. He would come in almost daily and we would always have long talks. He came up beside my float to shake my hand. He introduced me to his wife, son, his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend who just happened to have on a true thong. Lets just say J Lo has nothing on her. His wife had on a very small bikini bottom. 
I told him - oops I guess you caught me in my thong. He laughed and said he didn't care and pointed to his nephew's girlfriend and laughed again. The guys took turns riding the jet ski. They stayed in my cove for almost 2 hours. It was nice to catch up with him and talk. 

His nephew had been gone a long time and he asked if he could use my phone. I got out of lake very exposed but also very relaxed. I could tell he wasn't just being nice when he said he didn't care if I had on a thong. I told him he got to see all of me. We laughed. 

When it was time for them to leave, he came over shook my hand then pulled me into a hug. I compliment the girl on her thong and her boy friend smiled and gave me the thumbs up. We exchanged phone numbers. We hope to meet again very soon at the lake. 
Lycrafool #52

Re:Why can't you thong with friends? Real friends wouldn't mind.

Date Posted:08/19/2018 01:40:44Copy HTML

Wow, seems the situation is more different than I expected when comparing the attitudes to thongs on men in the US to Sweden. Or maybe the attitudes varies throughout the US. But thonging with friends from my perspective... Well, for starters, most of my friends make male thongs a laughing matter with comments like “aaah, my eyes!!” when seeing a picture of a guy in a thong. Doesn’t help me opening up. I have other friends who are extremely open minded though; liberal, arty weed-smoking friends with a way more chill approach. They are really an exception to the rule I believe. I could easily thong in front of them on like a crazy party night ending up in skinny dipping. The biggest issue though would be my wife, who generally is supportive and understanding (but still not understanding why I like thongs so much I think). She thinks I look like a German 80’s pornstar wearing a thong (despite my athletic body :) She is fine with me wearing them, but just not in front of her. I love her and respect that. I feel I don’t want to embarrass her in front of others, but still... maybe if we’re all drunk and I give them a heads up that they’re gonna have to see some ass if we’re going swimming... maybe there’s still a chance :) (The issue though rarely being the ass, but the junk, which is way more visible in a thong than in the conventional swim shorts.)
matchingthongs #53

Re:Why can't you thong with friends? Real friends wouldn't mind.

Date Posted:10/28/2018 07:21:04Copy HTML

I was in Portugal last week and while my wife and daughter went on a dolphin watch I took a friend to a favourite secluded beach. The weather was perfect, there were just the two of us at first and I was thrilled to be back. I'd only just put my bag down at the back of the beach when I said, "I know you're American but I need to get naked and swim in that sea now." He's very open minded and replied to my gentle tease with, "That's fine, I've lived in Germany long enough to be used to it."

I stripped and dived in straightaway. Once out, I decided to wear a thong around him for lying out and walking around. Some others turned up and although it's very secluded and known as a naturist beach, I decided that being in a thong was better in this instance. I never once discussed my choice of swimwear and decided that this is what I do.

Later, a Canadian family turned up with their teenage daughter. I had a good chat with them, hardly aware that I was wearing as little as possible. The daughter checked me out a bit and seemed a bit bemused, but the parents were chatty and natural with me. They may have been concealing their feelings well, but all seemed good.

The whole visit did my self confidence the world of good.

Later that week, we were at another beach with him and his wife. A very public and busy beach but plenty of female thong wearers. I decided to wear my cheeky briefs which practically turn into a thong. Nothing was ever said. No staring, no giggles, nothing. My wife was envious of my bravery. It seed to be the right approach: nothing extreme, just doing what I'd normally do at a beach without trying to draw attention to myself or fiddle with straps, pouches, etc. A great experience. 

j_wils11 #54

Re:Why can't you thong with friends? Real friends wouldn't mind.

Date Posted:10/29/2018 12:50:33Copy HTML

 Hi Matchingthongs,

I'm curious about where you were in Portugal.  I'm planning a trip there next year, and it would be nice to visit a thong-friendly beach.



matchingthongs #55

Re:Why can't you thong with friends? Real friends wouldn't mind.

Date Posted:10/29/2018 01:58:00Copy HTML

j_wils11 I was in Lagos and Sagres. Lots of thongs on women and girls and this was out of season. You are likely to be the only man in a thong of course, but I've never had any hassle or problems being the odd one out there. Enjoy.
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