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Date Posted:02/22/2017 07:25:19Copy HTML

This is something I have wondered for years.  If you go to an Ohio State park you can thong and women can go topfree.  If you stay at a lodge a the park, you are not allowed to wear thongs inside the public areas of the lodge building -- like at the indoor swimming pool.  Why is this permitted?  Is it because the park leases the lodges (or has some similar arrangement for it's management and staffing) and because of this, it is viewed as a private facility rather than a park asset.

ithongit #1

Re:Why is thonging not permitted inside Ohio State Park Lodges?

Date Posted:03/01/2017 10:07:02Copy HTML

 I wondered this myself and e-mailed the central reservation place and ask this question.  They responded that they operated the hotels on a lease basis and while they didn't own the properties, they do have the right to make up their own rules (which must be approved by the Chief Ranger at the park.)  They said the usual "family friendly" things, but did not explain why in their pool thongs were illegal, but on the adjacent lake, they were okay.

Nuwalket #2

Re:Why is thonging not permitted inside Ohio State Park Lodges?

Date Posted:03/06/2017 04:09:35Copy HTML

 Also, that's why alcohol can be sold in the lodges but not permitted in the park. Most rangers will look the other way as long as your not making a spectacle of yourself or excessive noise. There have been quite a few campers shown the gate for being rowdy after hours in the campground. ASS for much else (nudity for instance) they are not willing to hike into the forest just to check out a naked person unless there is lewd activity or children present. As much as it would be nice to stay at a lodge and use their facilities overall Ohio State Parks have the best attitude toward us minimalists!
Mary0826 #3

Re:Why is thonging not permitted inside Ohio State Park Lodges?

Date Posted:03/06/2019 08:33:23Copy HTML

I was invited to go to Hueston woods state park in Southern Ohio by Calvin, who was an old friend from high school who used to get into my pants. He and his wife now live in Cincinnati which is close to the park. She was going to an all night bachelorette party, so she agreed to let Calvin meet me for two nights at the lodge. Scott (my husband) was okay with the arrangement too. We have an open relationship and he has no issues with me being with other men as long as he liked them too. One plus was that Calvin was a fellow thonger as well. I had read on this post that thongs were not legal in state park lodges, so I took along a couple of cheeky swimsuits, but had a few thongs I always kept in a zipper compartment in my suitcase for travel. When we checked in, I ask the guy at the counter if I could use the swimming pool topless. He swallowed hard and gave me a good looking over -- not that there was much to see in my heavy winter cloths. He then said if it was up to him, it would be okay, but that there was no way he could give me permission to use the pool without a top since he didn't have the authority to give me permission. I then ask the desk guy if I could wear a thong swimsuit. He said that the official hotel policy was "no thongs" but since the hotel wasn't too busy and since there were no kids there since school was in session, it probably would be okay. "Just act like you always wear thongs and as long as nobody complains, you will be okay." He then added the warning "whatever you do, don't call it a thong, call it a cheeky swimsuit instead." The guy ask me to stop at the desk when I had my swimsuit on so he could make sure it was okay before going to the pool. "She doesn't have tops for all her swimsuits," Calvin said as if he somehow knew what I had packed. "Could she wear something like a T-shirt as a top?" "I guess that should be okay," the desk guy said. "Just be sure to let me check out what you are wearing before you go to the pool," he said. After looking around the hotel for a while we decided to take a dip. I wore a thong with about 1" sides and back, but was topfree except for an open side T-shirt. Cavlin wore a conservative thong. He had told his wife how we used to wear thongs at some of the lakes and rivers when we were younger, but she didn't like men in thongs so he had never worn a thong in front of her before. "Is that all you are planning to wear?" I ask. "I at the lodge once before so I think I can get away with it," he replied. The layout of the lodge forced us to venture past several public areas between the room and the pool, and we did need to stop at the desk so our swimwear could checked out. The desk guy glanced our way, and Calvin took this moment to reach under the front of his thong and adjusted things. "It looks like he can keep everything covered that needs to be." He then told us to have fun. We proceed to the pool area and even with about 10 other people there, nobody seemed to mind our swimwear, of the fact you could see my boobs from the sides of my shirt and it got see-thru when wet. Since we planned to eat dinner at the Golden Lamb we stopped by the desk to get directions. The was now a lady on duty who said she had seen us and our swimsuits. She said my suit was "nice", and covered enough to be "legal" in the hotel, but added that in the rest of the park I could wear anything as long as I covered my slit. She then ask Calvin to lift his shirt so she could see his swimsuit. She was surprised it was a thong, but she obviously loved it. "Your suit is really cute and you had nice buns too," she said. "we don't get many men brave enough to wear a thong in at the lodge pool," she added. "If my body was as nice as yours, I would want to wear a thong too." "its not a thong, just a cheeky swimsuit." Calvin said. That evening I went topfree and the desk girl came down and only ask if we needed more towels.
ohiothonger #4

Re:Why is thonging not permitted inside Ohio State Park Lodges?

Date Posted:03/07/2019 09:14:18Copy HTML

I'd say you were either lucky, and those on duty didn't want to bother to be swimwear police, or perhaps the management has decided to let thong wearers use the pool. This could be just a tolerance to those wearing thongs, or perhaps a new attitude. If the entire surrounding area is thong legal, it might be harder for them to object to thongs, especially in the cheeky swimsuit period we are now in. Park lodges and other concessions are operated under license or contract with the state. Unless the state dictates what is or is not permitted at the lodge, then the private firm that runs the lodge makes the decisions. From time to time, the contracts are re-evaluated, and the new vendor might not have an issue with thonging at the lodge as the previous one did. The current operator of all Ohio park lodges is Regency Hotel Management. They operate Ohio's lodges through Great Ohio Lodges. Both of these are private corporations. A few years back, another firm or firms ran the park lodges. Someone might want to contact the management of these companies or the state for terms of the contract with the state. This would establish if anti thong issues are a state matter, or just one of the contracting companies. Since the contracts are public, you should be able to get them without issues. Rules made by the private operators might be harder to locate. There is the possibility that the text of these rules are not generally available, however, they might be available since their rules would supplement state park rules. At the same time, the operators might have been given an almost free hand to make up whatever rules they find appropriate with little or no contractual obligations. These rules might be things like hours of operation, certain fees, or dress codes (which thongs might be considered a part of).
ithongit #5

Re:Why is thonging not permitted inside Ohio State Park Lodges?

Date Posted:04/28/2019 06:37:39Copy HTML

I have been told that in the summer of 2018, the management was pretty casual about thongs at the hotel's outdoor pool especially on women, but a few men have felt comfortable enough to sun their buns for long periods adjacent to this outdoor pool. The inside pool is another matter. It is not unusual for people who wear minimal swimwear here to be ask to change or leave. Swimwear around the hotel is generally not well received even when going to or from one of the pools. Another thing I have been told is that since thongs and topfree use is legal in the park as a whole, some hotel customers simply take a blanket or lounger outside the hotel building and sun to their heart's content. Even if the grass they use in technically part of the hotels leased property, there are no signage or other ways to know where one property starts and another stops, or what rules may apply and so the rangers at most will simply ask to have the person move off the hotel property, but also say that the park lands are thong and topfree tolerant.
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