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Date Posted:12/02/2004 08:53:02Copy HTML

Any guys in here able to fit in any WW items?
Military Thonger #1

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/02/2004 09:02:04Copy HTML

i haven't tried them, but i did email them asking if they planned on making any for guys.  currently they don't have any plans on making suits for guys.  its a shame, because i like look of their items and haven't heard anything bad about them.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/02/2004 09:30:02Copy HTML

I have trouble fitting everything into some men's thongs, I can't imagine being covered or comfortable in a WW. It would be interesting if they made some mens suits, for sure.

If it was possible, this looks like the best bet: http://www.wickedweasel.com/items.asp?cid=61&id=19

Wish they had a mens version of that!
Pete01 #3

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/02/2004 10:56:11Copy HTML

I do not think guys could wear WW's, unless you wanted to leave quite a bit of the 'equipment' showing  ! From the ones my GF has (405, 449 and 457), the triangle at the front is completely flat and very small - it stretches out a lot when put on and only then gives pretty minimal cover on women. This also means that they would squash everything pretty flat and be quite uncomfortable - I did quickly try on the 449 once, but it was way too small and everything spilled out the sides.   So, I do not recommend them - it would be great if they did start to make stuff for guys, as the quality and service is excellent.  


Ex_Member #4

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/02/2004 11:16:52Copy HTML

Let's all drop them a note about it, and see if that convinces them there's a market for mens' designs...
Ryan Booth #5

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/03/2004 12:44:30Copy HTML

I honestly don't think any man could fit in a Wicked Weasel. They just aren't designed that way. There's a slight chance you might fit in one of the larger ones but if your thinking about one of their small g-strings/thongs forget it. You could possibly do some damage to yourself trying to squeeze the family jewels in.
Ex_Member #6

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/03/2004 03:27:29Copy HTML

why bother trying women's thongs when there are so many excellent men's thongs to choose from, thongs that can be custom made to fit perfectly.
nadathing #7

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/03/2004 09:21:55Copy HTML

You can ask them to make suits for men, but they have made it clear in the past that they are not interested. And like it was said above, there are many good choices available for men, so why not get something designed for the male anatomy. If the styles available don't meet your desires, have Dore or somebody make one to meet your desires.
Spr String #8

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/04/2004 11:22:08Copy HTML

why should we? cause then i could buy all my thongs from one excellent place and have them within a day and a half.
sailor250 #9

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/05/2004 03:07:36Copy HTML

Yeah, I agree.  We wear thongs to highlight the anatomy differences between the boys and girls, and with such little clothing to cover the genitals we have different needs for coverage.

No guy has ever posted about their wife/GF trying on and wearing one of their pouch thongs or g's!---Yeah my wife looked great in my missile, her breasts got sunburned though.

Women don't wear inside-out condoms do they?

Ryan Booth #10

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/06/2004 01:07:03Copy HTML

I always say each to their own and it's down to the individual on what they want to wear. But I just couldn't see a Wicked Weasel being a comfortable design on a man. As guys have mentioned. Get the likes of Dore to make you a thong but in the style of a Wicked Weasel that way you'll have the best of both worlds.
Beachlover492000 #11

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/06/2004 09:26:04Copy HTML

The concept of wearing a Wicked Weasel g-string to the beach sounds exciting, but the reality of pulling it off could be intimidating unless one were minimally endowed. There are some regular production men's suits available that can satisfy this urge.

Koala introduced the concept of the compression suit back around 2000. The version of it that I wore was called the Mangina. The suit totally minimized one's manhood in a gender-bender sort of way, and provided amazingly minimal coverage. It was actually quite comfortable and fun to wear, but in a culture where many men are totally obsessed with size, the Mangina was never very popular. Koala has since dropped all versions of the suit from their product line.

Two Koala suits that do provide a Wicked Weasel style of coverage for men are Micro Proud and Micro Shock. Both suits are very tiny and provide the least amount of coverage while they cover the bare minimum to keep you legal on a thong friendly beach. If you are looking for suits that have people staring at you in a state of bemused amazement, these two will satisfy that desire.

cmdwxoutku #12

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/21/2005 06:03:38Copy HTML

Scott, I was travelling in Australia about 10 years ago now and it was here that I first wore a thong on the beach  - a speedo thong. I came across the wicked weasel shop, which at the time was incredible. Even thought they were women's thongs I was blown away by the designs and how brief they were. I went in just to admire the stuff and asked the girl there if they did a men's thong. They did and I bought one. It was for many years my favourite thong. Very brief at the front but providing enough coverage, butterfly clips on the side and a small triangle at the back.

This was 10 years ago though, and I to have e-mailed them to ask if they planned to do a male thong again. They don't. You'd think with the amount of people e-mailling them they' do one. So Wicked Weasel, for a very brief period did do a male thong and it was as well designed as the female thongs and equally as brief




616 #13

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/21/2005 06:33:41Copy HTML

I didn't know about thong freaks thread earlier, but ill share my experiences with you,

Fristly I have been wearing WW for 5 years and have many cuts and styles, my package when flacid is small and.. how do you say.... reasonably competent otherwise.  Anyway back WW, In General when you buy a WW it will stretch the more you wear it.

Now some styles are a complete no-no like micro 457 - whatever- havent tried, not bothered. Anything with a seam down the front is no-go because it is stitched to follow a womans front and will give you man-toe(camel toe).

 Not Recommend styles for men in my humble opinion are 405 403 451 454 455 456 457 475. Reccommended   any  446 sheer 449 sheer/(havent tried 446 matt).414  OK  462 tri tone (ok fit bit of tucking and stretching, a bit small, but liked the straps) NOT KNOWN 463 & 423 (haven't tried yet but i think 423 will be too small) 477 (looks ok but not my taste at the back)

Fabric helps alot, currently I wear sheer fabric which stretches. Colours also affect stretch, i.e. lighter colours stretch more than dark.   As far as ther Knickers go the Sheer Starlight 607 its pretty much all I wear(as underwear), sooo comfy.

Accessories, Towel is good, calanders very good, You can wear hot shorts if you like, Willing to give beach pants a go and t-shirts are really big, i swim in mine (large)

Well as WW brand goes if your tackle is +4' flacid probably not, but a sheer 446 may suit.  Trial and error is the way.  At the beach my 449 is the only thing to wear, or 414.  Im having trouble accepting the bigger alphamoda I recently ordered. Im proud to wear my WW at the beach on my WW towel less is best. 

Thong Kong #14

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/22/2005 03:00:10Copy HTML

I notice you don't mention size at all. Are you buying all L size? The only ww I've seen in person is the 414 I bought for my girlfriend, XS, and it can't even cover both my balls, let alone anything else.
616 #15

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/22/2005 12:48:51Copy HTML

Thong Kong, I do mean Large, I haven't been game to try anything smaller, I you are thinking about trying WW, get a pair of knickers as mentinoed above and 449sheer /414.

another option is to buy a large and get medium straps fitted. What this does is pulls the side seams of the front more and stretches the fabric over your package better,


616 #16

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/22/2005 12:56:01Copy HTML


Do you have any pictures of this WW mens thong?

Ex_Member #17

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/23/2005 08:37:38Copy HTML

Don't mean to be a smart-arse, sailor250, but oncee upon a time, an inside-out condom  WAS made for women. Yep, I've seen one! You can make the appropriate assumption as to their popularity, going buy the fact that you won't see them nowdays.

WW indeed used to make a g-string for men. I was in the shop three weeks ago and bought my wife a black bikini, and enquired if anyone in Byron made or sold g's for men. The woman serving me (I think it may have been Peter's partner?) said that Peter used to make a men's g, but due to lack of demand, dropped them from the range. She also said they get a few enquiries about them now that they don't have them anymore! Maybe a few enquiries may help persuade them!

Do you think we should all drop them a line, and perhaps let them know of this site? Their contributions here may be quite informative from somebody in the business.

cmdwxoutku #18

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/26/2005 06:46:30Copy HTML

No I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the WW thong


616 #19

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/28/2005 06:05:13Copy HTML

I just put it to WW about a mens suit and awaiting response
hempnot #20

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/29/2005 03:47:50Copy HTML

i asked WW about making mens suits about a year ago and they told me. They dont make mens suits, they make the suits for the men to enjoy on women
Shin_Kudo #21

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/29/2005 06:42:10Copy HTML

It could be said that anything designed for a woman can be worn by a man, provided a proper "tuck" is used. However, it may be pointless for some, especially those whose purpose in wearing a thong is based on the display of the "package", as a "tuck" makes it essentially invisible.
616 #22

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/29/2005 08:13:58Copy HTML

I don't have to "tuck" at all, sure it is a secure package, but not ight, they fit good, try one! try a 449 sheer

The letter i wrote and response

Thank you for your email and great feedback!

Wicked Weasel Pty. Ltd.
4/10 Brigantine Street
Byron Bay NSW 2481
Fax: 61 2 6685 5861
Please include previous messages in all replies
so everybody knows what is being discussed.
> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: RE: Making WW even better
> All, So many men love your products on women and alot of us would wear WW minimal swimwear. We
> don't ask to change the minimal approach just a slight accommodation, I own about 50 g-string
> bikini's/thong and would love to make them WW's
> Respectfully

hempnot #23

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/29/2005 11:21:29Copy HTML

which WW suit would you say has the most coverage for a guy?
im interested in trying it out and want the best opinion before i try it. i like the 449 but it looks like the 446 would fit a little better. whats your opinion
616 #24

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/29/2005 04:26:53Copy HTML


it depends how you like your package, pointing up get the 446, normal  down, sheer 449, I find the 446 a bit narrow to hold everything in underneath(testies), remember sheer is stretchy and matt is less, tomorrow im recieving a matt 449 and a new 463 I will report o them soon

cheers and good luck

abczyxabczyx #25

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/30/2005 05:25:45Copy HTML

I ordered the 446, 449 and 607 for myself and the only one that fits is the 446 (barely).  I would not recommend WW to any man because the pouch area is not large enough to hold the package.  You will be bursting out on the sides.
leo40 #26

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:08/30/2005 08:45:44Copy HTML

I don't have any WW suits, but I do have something equivalent to a super-narrow, woman's "chip" suit. It is a Dore Very Narrow front thong that came with too little room for everything. It fits like Koala's "Trunk" style, but much cheaper and with a big color choice.
616 #27

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:09/08/2005 10:44:27Copy HTML

abczyxabczyx, All i can say about getting WW to fit is wearing them for a while, have a shower in them and wear them for a couple of days to allow them to stretch, give to a go- you can't loose anything
Ex_Member #28

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:09/09/2005 06:41:51Copy HTML

I don't relly understand the need for a guy to wear a ww thong that is specifically designed for the female market. There are so many good thongs available for men and every bit as tiny as ww that the need for a mens ww is just not there. Or am I missing something?
dayne #29

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:09/10/2005 05:53:06Copy HTML

I personally have no desire to wear a woman's suit.

I can tell you a way to get a material stretched if you would like to.  Put shampoo on the fabric and let it dry over night.  I don't know how it works, but the next day the material will have give.  Enough to make room for a man's equiptment, I don't know.  But, there will be more room after the garment is washed.

616 #30

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:09/20/2005 08:59:59Copy HTML

The shampoo worked enough to fit into some previous g-strings an I was wondering if anyone has tried the Sheer Starlight 607 ?
Beachlover492000 #31

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:09/24/2005 03:13:38Copy HTML

<<I don't have any WW suits, but I do have something equivalent to a super-narrow, woman's "chip" suit. It is a Dore Very Narrow front thong that came with too little room for everything. It fits like Koala's "Trunk" style, but much cheaper and with a big color choice. >>

I've found the Koala "Trunk" intriguing but would never have the guts to wear it and therefore have never purchased one. Even for me too it's too over the top.

I met a guy at Ft. Desoto, which in the St. Pete area, who solved the problem of what to do with the bra part of the women's suits that he buys. He turned into bottoms for himself! He used elastic strings which he fit through the three corners of one side of the bra and got two suits out of it. It worked especially well for him because when the elastic strings wore out or got ruined by sun tan oil, he just replaced them. The result was rather small and did not quite cover everything, but if he could handle it, I certainly could.

616 #32

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:10/09/2005 07:01:26Copy HTML

All Here are some pics of me in a 449 Sea blue large,  Sorry about my lack of waxing im due in next week......it is possible.http://www.tangotime.com/rating/rate.php?c=1032&id=100240822

http://www.tangotime.com/rating/rate.php?c=1032&id=100240819     http://www.tangotime.com/rating/rate.php?c=1032&id=100240821

please comment if you like

Ex_Member #33

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:10/09/2005 11:13:27Copy HTML

couldn't access your pics 616
solargod #34

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:10/09/2005 11:39:21Copy HTML

I also couldn't access the pictures on tangotime.

616 #35

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:10/10/2005 07:57:00Copy HTML

I think there was a delay to get the pics approved, please try again, already got 1 comment, Cheers
Ex_Member #36

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:10/11/2005 02:54:20Copy HTML

good pics. Impressive stuff fitting it all into a weasel
Beachlover492000 #37

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:10/11/2005 10:41:39Copy HTML

If you are looking for a WW type of result from a suit that is made for men, you might consider the "Secret Wish" thong by Koala. The suit employes a c-ring and a very tight fitting fairly narrow strip of elastic swimsuit material that minimizes everything. The c-ring pulls everything down, and the elastic strip pulls it back between the legs. The result is the smallest pouch that I have ever seen on a suit for men. I thought that this suit would be uncomfortable, but it felt great when I have worn it on two of my all day trips to the beach.

This suit is strictly for hard core thongers. The suit ends where a c-ring normally begins so the coverage is very minimal. Shaving is a must, and I'm sure that the designers had men who shave everything below the neck in mind when they invented this suit. And it is definitley not for those guys who are concerned about shrinkage and "large packages.".

616 #38

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:10/27/2005 10:26:00Copy HTML

I had a look at secret wish and im not trying to hide my package please check out my  gallery http://www.tangotime.com/members/616616?photos to see alot of WW styles on me, most are large sizes
liverpoo1 #39

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:10/28/2005 01:42:35Copy HTML

WW are an aussie company they only make stuff for girls. In the late 80's to mid 90's thongs hit the major depratment stores in OZ big time. Brian Rochford went bust and his stuff for guys was quality, super comfortable nad sexy. WW probably a bit more over the top but almost unwerable due to narrow front.

Now that Thongs are almost non existent in OZ stores HMO at th airports and DJ's are about the only ones who make anything of quality, the rest is all cheap low grade lycra. There is a huge gap for quality thong for guys, I agree ww stuff would be awesome


howill #40

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:11/09/2005 10:26:11Copy HTML

ww thongs look ace, and I would imagine some of them are fantastic for males to try.


There is a new company doing men's stuff, from what looks the same address. See www.boy.cheekynature.com

JM_Runs #41

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:11/10/2005 12:01:48Copy HTML

While both WWW and cheekynature are made in Byron Bay NSW they have diffrent address and look like diffrent companies. Cheekynature have started with mens suits and it looks like they will probably put out a womens line soon. http://cheekynature.com/
While WWW are not doing micro suits for men it may be posible for some of you to encourage the newer vendor to make what you want.
616 #42

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:11/11/2005 10:51:13Copy HTML

JM  have  tried a number of times myself (unsuccessfully) but I encourage all to lobby Wicked Weasel

Guys can fit into WW

tstring18 #43

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:11/16/2005 10:06:49Copy HTML


I've been wearing Wicked Weasels for over a year now and like you have found them extremely comfortable. I particularly like the 607 starlight. My girlfriend has the 609 knickers and I find them quite comfortable too. Prior to that I had been wearing the Bonds Hipster G-strings and while they are quite a good fit for men, they are nowhere near as comfortable as the Wicked Weasels. I've also got the 446 but unfortunately the size is S and that is way to small.

Reading your other messages and looking at your photos, I am keen to try the 449. I think the yellow and black 449s look great on you. I might take drive down to Byron and do some shopping.

matchingthongs #44

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:11/16/2005 05:45:34Copy HTML


Don't bother. It could actually affect their market position by diversifying that way.

There are plenty of companies making great thongs for guys and if you want something close to the look and quality of WW then try alphamoda or similar.
Ex_Member #45

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:11/18/2005 03:54:10Copy HTML

Alright, so I'm pretty hyped about trying some of these ww thongs. Just one question..I know I should try the 449's by reading this thread. This seems to be what most other guys get that hold the package in alright. Here's the question...what to buy? The sheer, the mesh, the ?, the ?, the ?; should these be under the knicker section or the bikini or the seperate section ?  And also which other styes fit well. I have one real issue. My footballs are big. I got blessed with big footballs unfortunatly, and sometimes need a little more room to play.

If you can't go nekkid, just thongid!

Avid NC OBX thonger!

sundood #46

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/14/2005 11:55:02Copy HTML

Hey guys...go to alphamoda.com.   The Serifos suit is very similiar to 616's WW 449 style.  I've got 6 of these in different variations.  They will custom make them any way you'd like.  I have some without the rings, some with the rings only in front and some with rings in front and back. 

The lady's name is Irinni and all you do is email her after you get your order number and tell her what you'd like.  You can get the side straps any size  and even a different color than the front.   I order mine with about 1/2" side straps and the rear triangle about 1/2".   They may run a little large because I order a Medium when I'd normally wear a large but it fits perfectly.   They feel good and last a long time.  And believe me, I've had many compliments on them from the ladies. 

The customer service is excellent.  She always answers my email within 24 hours and usually ships within a couple of days.  I just ordered 3 more last Friday.  I emailed her with my custom specs and she prompltly confirmed the order and shipped it on Monday.   They come from Greece but you can get express mail for about 8 dollars.  Normal shipping is 5 dollars anyway.   Also, they are very reasonable in price...about $12 -$14. 

I can't say enough...I've been very pleased with the product and the service.   One thing...the picture of the suits on the website doesn't do them justice.  They look much better in person.

Good luck and Happy Thonging!





elp_gr #47

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/15/2005 05:01:52Copy HTML

WW outright says they're not going to make stuff for guys. Besides, a woman's bikini bottom is differently made compared to a man's, so what's the point?

I personally buy almost exclusively from Alphamoda. First of all, as you'll see, shipping costs are VERY reasonable compared to what Wicked Weasel, Wicked Temptations et al charge, because the Hellenic Postal service is one of the cheapest around. And they're quite fast; I usually receive my orders one or two days after they've been shipped. Second, she doesn't charge extra for custom options (I know WW used to charge almost 80% of a bikini bottom's price EXTRA for tie-sides; now it looks like they've dropped that option, because I simply couldn't find it anywhere), which she'll gladly consider. Oh, and third: her standard options list (backstyles, rings, side straps) is already more than enough for most people. It'd be good if she had other fabrics to choose from (mesh etc) and perhaps some prints, but things are already very good as it is.

I already have three "Anafi" suits, two "Skiathos" and two "Skopelos" from her and have been very satisfied.
roberto_tores #48

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/16/2005 08:17:40Copy HTML

Is it possible to have a custom back-strap in the Alphamoda? All the styles I saw had a thick strap. Would love a Serifos with a 1 CM G-string back!
Ex_Member #49

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/17/2005 12:24:21Copy HTML

I would just e-mail the lady that makes them. It looks like they make something similar to what you're talking about, it's the t-strap.
sundood #50

Re:Wicked Weasel for Guys?

Date Posted:12/17/2005 06:07:51Copy HTML

Roberto...I've had no problem customzing the back, front, or sides.   I usually just tell her to make the back triangle about 1/2 " and she does just that.   She'll make it any way you ask her to. 

The lady's name is Irini Ioannou.  Email her at info@alphamoda.com

Just tell her what you want or ask her any questions you might have.   She's very helpful.


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