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Date Posted:06/18/2005 07:00:11Copy HTML

Anyone know of any good beaches/places to thong at near Wilmington North Carolina?
ThongLoverOBX #1

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:09/06/2005 10:32:11Copy HTML

Wrightsville and Carolina Beach. According to NC law buttocks are not considered "private parts" thus anyone can thong along the NC shoreline without risk of an indecent exposure citation. I suppose if you are taking advantage of the law they could cite you for something (there's always something they can write you a ticket for), but if you are simply enjoying the beach and not being a nuisance then everything should be ok. So use common sense and avoid populated areas and everything should be fine.

Coming from prudish South Carolina where it is illegal to wear thongs in public I enjoy the freedom of the NC shoreline. So enjoy the freedom NC offers, but don't take advantage of it.

ThongLoverOBX #2

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:08/02/2006 10:28:12Copy HTML

Just wanted to update that according to Carolina Beach ordinance Art 1., sec. 10-2 [reference to S-8-69 (b) (3) & (4) as criteria] it is illegal to expose genitals, pubic region, and buttocks. So I assume that thongs would be illegal at CB, but I've never had a problem there. It would appear that the beaches South of Wrightsville have ordinances that would make wearing thongs illegal (i.e. Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle, etc.). So Wrightsville and anything North should be ok for thongs (although some north have ordinances against females topless).

In 1997 the NC Court of Appeals concluded that under NCGS 14-190.0 the term "private parts" includes only genital organs, therefore exposure of the buttocks is not prohibited by the statute (see: State vs. Fly). However, some places seem to reference NCGS 14-202.10 and 14-190.13 (which concern adult establishments and offenses concerning minors) in order pass laws banning thongs.

Have fun!


thonglife #3

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:08/30/2006 11:43:13Copy HTML

I spent a couple days in the Wilmington area last weekend. The weather and water was beautiful. One day at Wrightsville Beach and one day at Kure Beach. Wore a thong each day, all day for tanning and swimming. I chose discreet, less populated areas of the beaches that were still at the waters edge and within view of others walking by. Both days, I saw no other thongers but felt quite comfortable and often had others of either sex sit or lay near me. At Kure Beach, I was more comfortable to stand, walk around and swim than at WB but overall it was two great days of beaching it in a thong.
ThongLoverOBX #4

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:08/31/2006 10:43:36Copy HTML

Cool. I've been planning to go to Wrightsville Beach to do some thong bodyboarding, but haven't had the time lately. There's a beach just north of WB that I've been meaning to check out (you can see it across the water at the N. tip of WB) but I'm not exactly sure how to get there. Looks like lots of privacy and no lifeguards. 
painter567 #5

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:09/02/2006 05:47:48Copy HTML

The island just north of WB is Masonboro Island.  It is accessible only by boat, kayak etc.  It is completely uninhabited and undeveloped.  There is always a lot of privacy, particularly as you move toward the middle of the island.  I have been there many times and have always enjoyed it.
thonglife #6

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:09/07/2006 10:41:31Copy HTML

Just to clarify, Masonboro Island is south of Wrightsville Beach - only accessible by boat, jetski, surfboard etc. Lots of surfers go for the waves on the oceanside. In the summertime, its a popular spot for camping and partying. I would guess thonging or nudity would also be easy to get away with. The beach and island north of WB is Figure 8 Island which is a private residential island that is accessible by a secure bridge or by boat but its not open to the public. I would recommend sticking to Wrightsville Beach where the girls and thongs are or heading south to Carolina or Kure Beach. Thats what we do.
Peck34 #7

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:07/14/2016 04:05:45Copy HTML

I'll be in the area this weekend.  Any recommendations? 
painter567 #8

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:07/14/2016 08:28:34Copy HTML

Masonboro Island if you can swing it.   It's only accessible by boat or kayak, but there are shuttles that leave from Blockade Runner in WB that will drop you off and pick you up at the end of the day.  If you are looking for privacy and solitude, it can't be beat.  Once you arrive walk over to the ocean side and head south.   A 5-10 minute walk and you will be a ways away from the few people that are there.  There are no facilities on the island so bring everything you need.  I have been there many times and it is awesome.  
I would stay away from CB and thongs are illegal in Kure Beach.  Fort Fisher may be another alternative, but have never been.  You might see women in thongs at WB, but highly doubt any men.
Hope this helps.  PM me if you need more info.
Martylouie #9

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:07/15/2016 02:34:31Copy HTML

About 1hr south of Wilmington is Bird Island Coastal Reserve.   It is at the Little River Inlet.  To get there from Wilm. take 17 south through Brunswick County.  Turn left at 904 and go about 2 miles into Sunset Beach.  Go over the bridge to Sunset Beach Island.  On Main st. hang a right to go west as far as you can and still find a parking space.  That's the hard part.  Cross over onto the beach and head to your right.   From the 40th street crossover it is @ 3/4 of a mile till you get to the large coastal reserve sign.  From that point west to the Stone jetty (Which is technically South Carolina) thongs are legal, but not common. You may also see some in the nude.  Most of that occurs past the Kindred Spirit mailbox which is @ 2 miles from the 40th crossover untill the jetty.Lester
Martylouie #10

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:09/28/2016 09:14:12Copy HTML

 1 hr south of Wilmington is Sunset Beach,  Go to the beach and turn right. Walk or ride a bike 2 miles west and you are on Bird Island Coastal Reserve.  Spent a lovely day there yesterday.   I even met a nice couple, him in a thong, her in a G.   We had the beach to ourselves for many hours if you don't count the flies.  I had some Repel natural which I was happy to share.  PM me for more info 
thonglife #11

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:09/29/2016 01:07:33Copy HTML

Fort Fisher is fairly remote once you get away from the main lifeguarded areas so no issues with thongs. Actually no real issues even around the lifeguarded area. Same for Wrightsville Beach. Just depends on how you carry yourself around others. But late October is highly unlikely going to be warm enough for thonging/tanning. 
Jaspersmith #12

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:04/22/2017 04:27:48Copy HTML

 Hey I'm new to the area, I was thinking of paddle boarding from wrightsville to masonboro but I'm a little worried about currents and sharks, should I be?
painter567 #13

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:04/23/2017 11:46:14Copy HTML

I would be more concerned with the boat traffic and then the sizeable walk you would have to get to a less crowded area.  You may want to consider paddle boarding from trails end boat ramp.  I see many doing that.
thonglife #14

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:06/14/2017 01:24:50Copy HTML

Was out at Wrightsville Beach the other day for most of the day just about 5 blocks south of Mercer pier. Beautiful sunny weather with a gentle breeze. I showed up with plans to wear a skimpier AC black bikini suit that covered my buns all day. Once I setup and went for a swim, I noticed girls were predominantly wearing a lot more cheeky bikinis then I have ever seen in NC and several were wearing true thongs, one which was white and sheer when wet!
No one batted an eye at me - a guy in a bikini and people were arriving and setting up near me which gave me all the confidence I needed. So instead of rolling over to end up with a bikini tanline, I walked back to my car and changed into a black MS thong. I returned to my towel and thonged all day in full view of everyone including lifeguards! 
The sexy girl in a white thong went for a walk with her guy down the beach and she returned separately by walking away from the water right by me within inches. I guess she wanted a closer look and to give me one of her :) 
Another young college girl wearing a cheeky side string bottom near me seemed to leave her suit just loose enough that when she laid back, it allowed for me to see right down it from behind when I walked by. 
I get the feeling a lot of ladies enjoy being exhibitionists at the beach and a fit, confident guy in a thong makes a nice target.
thonglife #15

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:06/12/2018 07:07:20Copy HTML

Made it back to Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington for a day of sun earlier this month. This time I was joined by my girlfriend (who supports my thong bikini wearing). She was wearing a new very cheeky bottom I helped her pick out and I wore a Skinz g-string under a N2N bikini. We spent the entire day surrounded by other couples and groups of young adults. 
I would wear the bikini to swim in the water and immediately remove it once we were back to our chairs and towels to tan in my g-string (which is a sheer thinskiz fabric). Lifeguards on ATVs and police in SUVs drove by throughout the day with my bare g-stringed butt in sight and no one said a word. 

We saw lots of college age girls in true thong bikinis which is a drastic change from my days living in the area. Thongs are definitely going mainstream for ladies, which I think makes them less taboo for men to wear. 

When I went to and from my parked car to get more snacks/beer from our large cooler, I wore just my g with a tank top coverup. Again, no issues. WB is definitely now thong friendly. 
NCThonger #16

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:06/13/2018 06:52:27Copy HTML

 I was at Hilton Head last week on vacation with my family. Sadly I wasn't able to wear my thongs or bikinis on the beach or by the pool. I did see several cheeky bikinis on some younger girls but didn't see any true thongs. While the size of bikinis is shrinking on women's suits, I think it has a way to go before they get to actual thongs. Sadly I didn't see any guys in anything but board shorts the entire week. Most all were knee length. I wore the shortest shorts that I own and they had a 2" inseam. My shorts were the shortest of any I saw all week.
hunnger #17

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:07/24/2018 04:55:43Copy HTML

Spent the late afternoon at Wrightsville beach in my purple Dore thong. It was cloudy & windy, but still warm, so not a ton of beachgoers. ALL men had board shorts on, only a few cheeky bikinis on the women, but one girl did walk by with a thong or G wearing a longish t-shirt and her "assets" showing. I got a few double-takes and some whispers between walkers, but most simply didn't care.
painter567 #18

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:07/24/2018 04:32:58Copy HTML

 Not surprised to hear about females wearing thongs at WB, I see at least a handful at Masonboro when I am there.  It is surprising to hear that WB is accepting or indifferent to men wearing thongs.  It’s a very conservative beach town.
12 wheels #19

Re:Wilmington NC

Date Posted:09/03/2018 07:52:09Copy HTML

Just came back from a week trip to Topsail Beach (not far from Wilmington). As it is primarily a family beach, conservative swimsuits were the rule on both guys & girls. However, I did see 3 thongs on women during that time. Not many cheeky bikinis though. All the guys were in dork shorts - not even a Speedo on any of the guys (including me, since I was on a family trip). Pretty much what you'd expect at most beaches these days.
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