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Date Posted:11/28/2012 03:17:55Copy HTML

I am looking for places in and around Winnipeg where people wear thongs.  Beaches parks, etc.  Anybody have any experiences here in Winnipeg?
ithongit #1

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:11/29/2012 11:04:56Copy HTML

About a year ago Randy and I went to Ste Boniface, and a local recomended the Transcona Centennial Swim Center at 1101 Wahasha Street in Transcona (a Winnipeg suburb).  This is a pretty old facility but they are trying to keep it up.  When we went in the first day, we ask the guy at the desk that took your money about thongs.  Randy even tossed his thong (Speedo) on the counter with the Speedo emblem showing, then ask "is this swimsuit okay?  The person ask "why wouldn't it be okay?"  Randy then picked the suit up, showing that it was a thong and the person said "It's a swimsuit isn't it?"  We both swam that day without any trouble.  We checked out the rules and they said "Proper swim attire is required", so we thought thongs were considered "proper".  The next day we returned with our friends during an "open" swim time.  Randy and I both put on our thongs and proceeded to the pool.  After about 45 minutes, one of the lifeguards (a guy) came over and ask us to the edge of the pool, saying "we got a complaint about your swimsuits from one of the other people.  They have left now, but I must ask that you not wear thongs on your next visit."  We stayed about another 30 minutes, used the Sauna (in our thongs) etc., and then left.  We didn't have time to go back and probably would not have tried wearing thongs again at least right away. 

spark2100 #2

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:12/01/2012 08:14:38Copy HTML

Patricia Beach is north of Winnipeg,I think about 20 minutes away.It has an unofficial nude section to the right.The last time were were there,there was a mix of nudists and a couple of guys in thongs.I was nude but wore a thong for the walk back to the car.I think it is a nice spot.it has been 4 years since I was there.Also near there is the Naturist Legacy naturist resort.If thats your thing,you won't find a nicer group of people.
thongerman #3

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:08/29/2013 06:34:29Copy HTML

 Hi guys a good place to thong is Assiniboine Park, You can thong and g string anywhere in the park and you wont encounter any problems from park Police or Park workers. One day i came across 3 other thongers doing it.
ThongerKev85 #4

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:01/09/2016 09:22:53Copy HTML

 Hey all, I am new to the area and just wanted to bump this thread.  I know it's cold out now but am already looking forward to me and my wife rocking out thongs this summer.  Any other thong wearers around and where do you usually go?
thongerman #5

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:02/13/2016 03:43:23Copy HTML

 hi Kev the southeast corner of assiniboine park is good its where all the pine trees are you could find a nice spot there,another spot is where the soccer field is its a large space plenty of spots to choose. i usually go to the park on a sunday afternoon around 3 pm.
dg1969 #6

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:02/13/2016 08:48:39Copy HTML

 I have seen people in thongs at Assiniboine Park. If anyone knows of anywhere else in Winnipeg I'd like to hear about it. Also, thongs and nude at Beaconia Beach and Patricia Beach. 
LakeLife #7

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:05/13/2016 12:49:36Copy HTML

Does anyone know anything about lilac resort south of Winnipeg? 
LakeLife #8

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:05/13/2016 12:52:35Copy HTML

The website only says regular swimsuits and trunks only
dg1969 #9

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:05/13/2017 05:45:46Copy HTML

 Looking forward to a good summer - 2017. Anxious to get out and tan in a thong. There seems to be construction going on in Assiniboine Park near where you see thongers usually. Hope there will still be good spots for suntanning.
CDNThongLover #10

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:08/23/2018 02:58:27Copy HTML

I will be in Winnipeg from Oct 1-5 for work and was wondering anybody wants to hang out. I will have the evenings and nights available. Would love to hang out with a fellow thonger. Let me know.
Zeromile #11

Re:Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Date Posted:10/25/2018 04:14:27Copy HTML

Is Winnipeg the closest I could get to thong zones? I live near Brandon, Manitoba and it’s a bit Far for me to get there. Any ideas or places less than 2 hours away from that general area? Also looking for local thongers to get to know in this area as well!
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