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Date Posted:12/31/2003 04:31:28Copy HTML

Is that guy really wearing a thong? Peter Gatt sprints from the water at Willows Beach after winter polar bear swim.

Is that guy really wearing a thong? Peter Gatt sprints from the water at Willows Beach, looking like he'd be more at home on the Copa Cabana. The Oak Bay High Grade 11 student, who was taking part in the school's annual Polar Bear swim on the last day of classes (Dec. 19) attracts a crowd while he towels off (above right). He is joined by dozens of his peers (top), who also indulge in a quick, but frigid, dip.http://www.oakbaynews.com
Maxtlatl #1

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:12/31/2003 05:56:45Copy HTML

Cool story. But my question is more of a
"Is that guy really wearing a bow tie?"

That is, thong: normal; bow tie: weird.
nakedotter #2

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:12/31/2003 06:22:53Copy HTML

Hey, as a regular bow tie wearer who's signature attire is in fact his bow ties, I think bow ties are quite normal, but I would conceed that bow ties with thongs are a little odd unless you are dancing with the Chippendales.

HNY to all

naked otter
BaltoBob #3

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:01/25/2009 04:28:01Copy HTML

Polar bear plunge was this weekend. It's a fund raiser for Special Olympics If I ever hit the Megamillions, I'll offer double if you wear a thong and triple for nude. If anyone was wearing a thong, TV didn't show it.  Anyone going in should wear LESS, not more. Even a wet thong is bad when it is this cold. Should any thonger want to go next year, please post.
tanandtaut #4

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:01/26/2009 02:30:33Copy HTML

 The Washington Post showed a picture of a girl in a small bikini.  The rest were, as you say, pretty well covered up.  I thought the same thing - wet clothing will accelerate heat loss.  Air is a good insulator, even when it's cold aid.  Well, there's always next year and a chance to push the envelope.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:01/26/2009 02:48:25Copy HTML

At my polar bear plunge this year in CT, one guy stripped to his thong, a rather thin one, at that.  If I'd had my red Speedo thong on under my red Speedo Solar, as I'd thought about doing, just in case!, I'd have joined him on the spot.  With white beard and Santa's hat, I felt great as Santa Speedo Man.  Next year my simple wardrobe change will be to wear just the red thong under my track pants, prior to the strip for that last 1/4 mile dash.  Should be fun, and hope to lead the pack and get my photo on the front page of the local rag.  

Definitely wear less, for comfort exiting the water.  The damn Santa's hat held cold water next to my head -- ouch!  Next year a red silicone swim cap under it will help a lot.  Compared to that frigid head pain, standing barefoot in the snow toweling off was a breeze, even at 20 MPH and 20 degrees! 

Our local Starbucks barristas are doing a Special Olympics plunge nearby in February.  I contributed, and advised them on the merits of wearing just their bikinis.  I plan to go watch, and I hope they heed my advice, both for their comfort and for my viewing pleasure.  Love these win-win charity events.
BaltoBob #6

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:01/26/2009 02:59:17Copy HTML

I understand they do a plunge at Gunnison. There even the thong is optional. Pretty low key event from what I hear. The plunge here in MD is covered by most Baltimore/DC media.
underwater #7

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:01/27/2009 03:16:49Copy HTML

I did my fourth annual polar bare swim at Gunnison the first Sunday of January and wore a thong to the beach before losing it to go in the water.

A little chilly!!!
JM_Runs #8

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:01/28/2009 03:11:23Copy HTML

Underwater, when you say you wore a thong to the beach, was that like strolling around for awhile in nothing but?  My plunge was a 5-mile 'run and plunge', the run being important for keeping the core body temperature up until the last 1/4 mile dash to the beach and into the water.  Hanging around on January 1st in just a thong gets the core temperature dropping fast, so you're shivering even before going in the water.  I couldn't do that I'm sure.  A buff or thonged run up and down the beach would be a good precursor to the plunge, even better with sweats on, then strip at the last moment.  Hanging around toweling off in all your glory would be fine, but got to get those sweats back on soon after.

Never been to Gunnison and look forward to it, but I'll take summer time, and save the cheeky good fun for Jan.1 in a thong among my more-clothed fellows. 
underwater #9

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:01/30/2009 01:29:26Copy HTML

I wore the thong on the last part of the walk from the parking lot to the water's edge (it's a very long walk). Then the thong came off and I stood around in a bathrobe until it was time for the group pictures and the plunge.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:02/01/2009 10:40:34Copy HTML

From Twincities.com

About 1,000 people were happy that the mercury rose well above freezing for the 12th annual Polar Bear Plunge in White Bear Lake Saturday. The event raised more than $85,000 last year for Special Olympics and this year they are expected to exceed that amount.

One person that took the plunge was St. Paul resident Scott Drain, who was dressed in a speedo, yellow wig, and a lime-green thong "mankini" much like the one that Borat wore in the movie of the same name. "The fewer clothes, the warmer you are," he said as he posed for photographs after emerging from the lake.

Video on the link >> http://www.twincities.com/allheadlines/ci_11596041

Hopefully some one will put it on Youtube and preserve it there.

JM_Runs #11

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:01/02/2010 10:40:28Copy HTML


Lake Ontario:
The veteran "polar bear" said he switched things up a little this year by wearing a red thong -- as opposed to his usual preference for black. In total, Nurmi said, he has 236 thongs. "My motto in life is: I cover everybody's ass but my own."  >> http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/697570

North Sea:
"I did the Boxing Day dip and that was really cold, just sheet ice. This wasn’t as bad but still chilly on the toes. We all thought it would be fun to get dressed up, so I was wearing a silver thong and ginger wig, while one of my pals had a Marge Simpson wig on and a woman’s swimming costume.”  http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-evening-chronicle/2010/01/02/brave-fundraisers-plunge-into-north-sea-for-annual-dip-72703-25509735/
Mary0826 #12

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:03/04/2019 05:54:11Copy HTML

We are having a very cold snap in the Middle of the country, and I have been told that there will be another Polar Bear swim this week. The "official" swim is in the beginning of January, but since the weather was sort of warm, and because some wanted to do it again (are they crazy?) there will be another swim. This is not as well organized as some, but at least 10-20 brave people are expected to participate with perhaps 20-30 more spectators. Two EMT volunteers have agreed to be there on their off hours, with an equal number of Fire/Rescue people. These are there only if an issue develops. Since this one is unofficial and there will be no public announcements (and no news media), it will be a clothing-optional dip. They have a large tent with heating for before and after the event, and for changing, and hot drinks for everyone. I will not be able to go to this one, and I would not be able to plunk more than my foot maybe in the cold water, but for those who want to do this type thing, it looks like it can be fun. But do make sure to have back-up help (Rescue/EMT's) and others there just in case help is needed.
ithongit #13

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:03/10/2019 07:23:55Copy HTML

Randy is a licensed lifeguard and also licensed to train lifeguards. He does these swims several times each winter. As a lifeguard he has been in a position to help someone if they do get into trouble. So far, there has never been an issue. Most people just take a short plunge -- a few second to maybe a minute in the water. A few seconds may hardly be noticed, but a minute will be the point where the cold will really set in. The smart ones will also take their cloths off as late as they can to preserve body heat. Standing around for 5 minutes in the cold weather and then trying the dip will be a lot harder for these people. I have always been amazed at how kids -- those maybe under 10 -- are able to almost stay in the water for ever. When their parents or others tell them to get out after two minutes, they ask "why". Randy says they don't have the same sense of the cold that adults do and that they have a higher metabolism and generally eat more which gives them more energy when their body calls for it.
Martylouie #14

Re:Winter polar bear swim.

Date Posted:03/11/2019 01:08:32Copy HTML

I don’t know if they still do it with the new station at the South Pole, but there used to be the 300 degree club. When the outside temperature dropped to -100, they would kick the sauna to 200 degrees. People would warm up in the sauna and then run outside buck naked around the ceremonial pole and back into the sauna. They did wear boots to protect their feet and the environment.
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