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Date Posted:03/06/2019 05:29:22Copy HTML

I have two stories that relate to this question.  First was the next door neighbor girls who were 15 and 17 (I think) when we moved into our house.  The mom saw nothing wrong with the girls in thongs, and also didn't mind if their male friends wore them too.  The girl's dad however hated his daughters wearing them, although he said something like he really couldn't stop the boys from wearing them if their parents were okay with it.

The second time was when I chaperoned a canoe trip.  One girl stripped down to her thong the minute we got out of sight of the canoe lauching place, and wore nothing else the rest of the 8-mile trip until we got near civilization again.  Neither parent bothered to get involved in the trip, other than to drop the daughter off and pick her up.  None of the chaperones had seen her in a thong before, but she and her friends talked like they wore them all the time, although only this one teen wore one on this trip.  Her suit had a top, but there was no way anyone could miss that it was a thong.  We all assumed that she was a thong wearer but were surprised when the parents caught wind of what she had worn, and told us she had "never wore a thong swimming before" and we shouldn't have let her do it.  (My daughter complicated the issue later when she showed me pictures of the girl in a thong at a local, crowded beach.) 

So what is the appropriate action.  Should people ask parent first, out of the blue, if thongs are acceptable on their older children or should the chaparones simply take the kids at their word.  I would assume that with the cheeky swimwear being popular, this might be less of a challenge than in the past for the girls, but perhaps more for a boy brave enough to wear minimal swimwear.


stringueur #1

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/06/2019 09:45:02Copy HTML

I am the father of 3 children. From my point of view, each parent is responsible of what their own children are wearing. So, it is not my problems what the others children are wearing, even if i'm the chaperon or if it is in my pool. If a parent don't want their girl wear a thong, they have to speak with their girl and they have to check the suitcase. A chaperon have to check the safety, not to do the clothing police.
Martylouie #2

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/06/2019 03:32:52Copy HTML

There are two separate issues. The first is that It is not your business to get between parents on the proper attire for their children at your pool. If thongs or nude is the uniform of the day, then it is up to the parent to allow the child to come over or not AS Long As they are informed! The chaperone issue is a bit different. What group was it? Church?School? Scouts? Also the age group makes a difference, are the kids middle school age or high school seniors? Huge difference in maturity levels and independence. Were any of the other kids wearing skimpy suits? One way to tell if this kid was lying about wearing a thong would have been to check her tan lines. If she just brought out the thong for the trip, she would probably be sporting a cottontail.
JM_Runs #3

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/06/2019 04:46:46Copy HTML

If a parent thinks their kid can't operate on their own they may give instructions, before the event, like "My kid can't eat peanuts." The point of sending kids of on adventures, expeditions, school trips etc. is not just to see more of the world, but to develop a little independence. In the days before cell phones and helicopter parents, I worked summer sailing camps in the caribbean, where I had boatloads of 14,15 & 16 year old teens, for three or six weeks at a time. I dealt with torn off toenails, cut feet, banged heads, runaway kids, kids caught stealing, sunburn, and kids caught fucking. Parents were generally grateful when we returned kids with all their limbs, no communicable diseases and no pregnancy. Once in a while one would have a limb in a cast. They are teens. We had kids from 13 to 18, so varied in maturity, but most were 14 to 16. I let them wear whatever they wanted, or nothing at all, with the need to use appropriate sunscreen and respect the local morals and dress code when going ashore or into a town. We had bigger issues to deal with than being the clothing police, like the fact that in those days there really was no drinking age in that part of the caribbean, and local drug dealers could smell rich kids from five miles. Generally teens figure things out among themselves, and with a little help create self regulating communities, on their own terms. A bit like adults do. For teens on a trip experimentation is normal. In clothing, drinking, kissing, and friendships. The key is to allow experimentation and exploration without serious risk, like learning to check the depth of the water before jumping from a high place, or learning how to cook dinner for the crew without burning down the boat. Parents should be less controlling in general. Teens are smarter than we think. If we want them to become independent responsible adults before they move away to college at 18, younger teens must be given the opportunity to develop independently, without over control. They will figure it out. Teens are programed to quickly learn from their experiences and in that way are smarter than we think.
NudeNArizona #4

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/06/2019 07:12:42Copy HTML

I know growing up in the 1980's prior to cell phones with camera's and social media, we all would skinny dip at friends pools, lakes, ponds, etc. This was also around the time I first discovered thongs and I had a gf who was 16 and I was 17 and I remember going on a canoeing trip with a youth group where she wore a thong bikini to start the trip and we were both nude 1/4 down the river about 1/2 through the trip the canoe rolled over dumping our clothes in the water and she lost her bikini. It was quite embarrassing for her to ride the whole way home in just a t-shirt and explain why she didn't have her bikini on underneath. But nothing else was really made of the situation since skinny dipping was the norm for us back in those days.
brocker36 #5

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/06/2019 08:32:15Copy HTML

If the parents cared about what she wore then the should have made sure she was wearing something else when they dropped her off, and didn't have a thong on underneath.
NudeNArizona #6

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/06/2019 09:26:38Copy HTML

brocker36, Her parents didn't care she wore a thong under her shirt, actually her mother was the one who would buy them for her, and around her house and pool that was the only thing she would wear if anything during the summer. I don't know if others remember it wasn't uncommon for girls to run around wearing only a bikini during the summer without cover-ups walking to a from friends pools. It was the fact she lost her bikini on the canoe ride and came home wearing just a t-shirt
johny_b #7

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/07/2019 09:52:13Copy HTML

i say its only a bathing suit, people these days are way to uptight on all kinds of shit these day, born free, i got that tattooed for a reason, everyone is born free to do what they want, the girl obviously made it home safe so why worry, to many ppl worrying about what other ppl do then theirselves.
brocker36 #8

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/07/2019 09:59:41Copy HTML

oops, sorry for the confusion! My prior comment was in response to ithongit's canoe trip story.
ithongit #9

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/10/2019 08:09:53Copy HTML

When I started this thread, I was thinking from my side or at least what I would have wanted when I was that age. Thongs should be permitted, kids can get away with them when they want, parents should not make decisions, etc. Now I have thought about it from the other side. The parents who object to thongs probably are thinking they are helping or protecting the kid. Many also believe that a kid seeing others in thongs or a women topfree will mess up kids and must be stopped. As pointed out by JM, an appropriate reaction would be that kids need to grow up and can not be coddled until they move out, but at the same time adults can not simply desert them because they want to or get caught doing something different as long as it is not dangerous. In the first case, the mother and her ex need to get things together. If they have not done so, they need to know who is going to be responsible for the kid and when. Arguing over what the kid does in front of the kid probably drives a bigger wedge between kids of divorced parents than other things. I will go back to a movie analogy. In the movie "My Father the Hero", a girl is left with a parent she hardly knows for the summer(?) and he has a significantly different set of morals and rules than she does. He blows his top when she casually walks around the hotel pool in a thong swimsuit. He tells her she can not have a local boy as a friend. This makes the daughter like her father less and less, and causes her to sneak around a bit. I would think that since apparently the mom is the major parent in the first case, the father had no right to come down on the kid. I don't mean that the parents should not talk about issues and how to resolve them (what should they do if one of the parents find out she is having sex for example). But minor things -- mom doesn't make me eat breakfast. Mom has no issues with my friends. Mom lets me wear thong swimwear and buys it for or with me. These are little things that should not present an issue to the father in this case. In the chaperone case, the kids were local kids who were from a church group. I am not a member of the church, but they wanted a lifeguard on the trip and Randy filled the bill. In reality, about half the kids knew Randy already from swimming and diving classes at the "Y". In any case, this was one of the few times I did not thong because I didn't want to upset the church members. The other kids in the group were in the 14-19 range, with the older ones going along to help with canoeing and preventing too boat flips and dumping, along with being able to make rapid or strenuous paddling when needed. None of the other kids seemed to care what she was wearing at all except a few boys who stared at her and said things like "Look, Mary is wearing a thong!" but that was about the extent of their interest and soon they were more interested in the trip and getting each other wet than what a specific girl was wearing. What got me was that the girl appeared to be sneaky -- why else would she only thong when she was out of view of her parents? She then said the stuff about thonging all the time -- which seemed unlikely to me since I had never seen her thong before, but had seen her swimming many other places with and without her parents. Still, I took the attitude that parents need to be responsible for their kids and what they do as long as it is not illegal and not wrong. Her parents apparently were acting like ostriches and not looking at what was really going on or having honest discussions. They assumed that the girl never wore thongs, but pictures later proved they were wrong. Another thing that got me a little suspicious was the girl saying that she wore thongs "all the time" and yet I had never seen her in one before, even though I had been many places where she had gone swimming or seen her sunning many times before. "All the time" can be 100% honest or can mean "I've done it once before".
JM_Runs #10

Re:Without knowing the parent's opinions, should you let teens wear thongs at your pool or on trips you chaperons

Date Posted:03/11/2019 12:42:17Copy HTML

"These are little things that should not  present an issue" - Me thinks you have not been around many separated or divorced couples who have children in common.  These are the 'little things' that become catalysts to pent up frustrations. 

You don't need to be separated or divorced for teens to play one parent off against the other, or even their parent. Teachers and everyone else get that too, "But Mr. X lets us leave early if we have finished the test." 

"The girl appeared to be sneaky" because she was only thonging when her parents were not around? Well over half the population of this board is uncomfortable wearing a thong if their parents, family or coworkers are around. 

Also teens do that: A LOT of teen girls take a change of clothes or a different shirt with them in their bag, and change when beyond the parents view. That's pretty normal teen behavior, especially for one trying out something a little more daring than usual. 

I think you should have applauded her courage, complemented her on her suit, and shown that sensible adults are not shocked by a thong. 

Years ago I was managed groups of co-ed teens on sailing summer camp in the tropics.  They were with us for three or six weeks. It was not unusual to have teen girls ask if they could go topless. I told them it was up to them, but suggested they first tell the boys, and say they will only take their tops off if the boys don't make fun of them. 
I then told the boys some of the girls were thinking about aging topless, and if they thought that was a good thing it would be wise not to make fun of them, or oggle, or take pictures - just act like it was a perfectly normal thing and they were not at all phased. As a general rule, when the girls whet topless it is a group thing, several do or none do. 

Although sailing vacations provide many opportunities to go nude or skinny dip the teens did not do so very often, but most groups did it at least once or twice just for the novelty. Not on the beaches but when swimming of the back of the boat. 

On St Martin and St Barts there were a few nude beaches. The kids did not normally go nude on the public beachs. On a beach where people were nude I noticed it was the boys werenormally a little shy. Maybe they were practicing not be ing phased. This contrsted with the groups of giggling girls who marched off to see the sights. I don't remember any of the teens going fully nude on the public beaches, but they could have if they wished. This was back in the early 1980's. No cell phones and no pictures ending up on social media, so young people had more room to try on different personalities. 

Afluent teens tend to have more experence with travel and often expect to be treated as adults sooner than the adverage teen. I distinctly remember one 15 year old who, on the first day, let me know she absoultly did not want to be there because she had just turned fifteen the week before: And for her birthday got both a driving permit and a brand new little red corvet. She would have rather be driving her new car than on a boat.  

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